Heidi and Miles: Miles
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Cheating,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Miles finds out his wife is cheating. He tells his story and works through the pain of deciding whether to take her back. He does divorce her, but---

There are labels for men that find out their wives are cheating and then accept it by taking them back into their lives. I did and this is how it all happened. So label me if you must.

God must have a plan, but I don't know what it could be. Anyway, right at the present my world has been torn apart. I honestly don't know if there is any fix to it either. You see, I just found out that my wife of twenty-two years has apparently been screwing around on me. I know, because the evidence is right here before me. I have her damp semen-stained panties in my hand and we haven't had sex in more than a week.

Why would I have her panties in my hand you ask? Well it goes back to earlier today. I work in a factory and my wife, Heidi, works as a buyer for a clothing store. She had been away on a two-day buying trip and returned today. Shortly after lunch, my daughter Glenna called, anxious, but not too concerned. "Daddy, Mom has had an auto accident. She has been shaken up, but I don't think seriously injured. We are at the hospital and she is going to stay overnight for observation. Her car is damaged and was towed. Would you go down to the Ford dealership and get her personal stuff out of the car? Her overnight bag and briefcase are in it."

"You sure your mother is okay? Can I talk to her?"

"The doctor said you can come in later to see her. They gave her a sedative and she is sleeping. I never saw Mom so upset about something like this before. I'm going to stay until she is awake. Make sure you empty her car. I was supposed to do it, but I want to stay here with her."

"Okay, I'll get her stuff and see her this evening. Tell her I love her if she wakes up before I get there."

I thought it strange that Heidi called Glenna instead of me. I left the factory where I was a systems manager and went down to where they had towed her car. It was a mess. Another car had hit it a glancing blow and took off the right front fender, the wheel and the spindle. I think she was going to need a new vehicle as this one was four years old. I walked around it again and I could see that the grill had been crumpled and the bumper was torn partly loose.

Heidi's briefcase was on the floor in front and her overnight case was half open on the back seat. When I picked the bag up to close it, the smell of sex was overpowering in the hot and shut up vehicle. I felt like I had been kicked in the belly and thought I was going to barf.

I opened it fully to find the teal-colored teddy that I had given Heidi for Christmas seven months ago. The matching panties were still wet when I picked them up. The thought flashed through my mind that it was always the unexpected that brought a crime out into the open. This time the crime happened to be the unfaithfulness of my wife.

How was I going to handle this? I loved my wife and I thought she loved me. I had been faithful for twenty-two years. I had never even flirted with others when she was around, for to me that was being disrespectful. Heidi was more outgoing and sometimes it did bother me when she flirted so outrageously. Up until now, though, I would have bet money that she had never cheated on me. I knew differently for the panties I held in my hand told me she had.

I cleaned out the car and headed home. When I got there I stored my wife's briefcase where she always kept it and took the now closed overnight bag upstairs and put it down inside the door. I went back down and got a brew from the bottom of the refrigerator, cracking it open as I sat down in the living room. I sat thinking of all kinds of ways to get revenge. I then thought of Glenna. She and her mother were close. If I attacked one, I would be attacking the other and I didn't want to do that to my daughter.

Could I still be the faithful appearing and loving husband when I faced her in the hospital tonight? I thought I could. I could carry on until I decided what my best course of action was going to be. In one way this was a license to steal if I wanted to. There was the widow down at the end of the street who was always friendly at the neighborhood gatherings. And of course there was Mitzy who lived across the street. She was a divorcée. Maybe I could just walk across and right into her bed. I had never been invited, but she was very friendly.

Maybe I should find out who my wife was screwing and maybe the reason why. Could it be she didn't love me anymore? Did he have a bigger cock than me? Maybe he spent more money on her than I did. I thought I gave her everything she needed. I couldn't think of once when I denied her anything. The phone rang.

"Hi Daddy, Mom is awake. She wants to know if you got her briefcase and things. She says she has some important orders in there."

"I have them and brought them home okay. I put her briefcase where it goes and left her overnight bag upstairs. She is going to have a new car out of this. I think the car has been totaled. How is she feeling?"

I could hear Glenna telling her mother everything I had said. "Mom is feeling fine after her nap. She wants to come home, but will settle for staying here if you come in and tell her you love her."

"I'll be there in a couple of hours. That will give her a chance to eat. In the meantime, tell her I love her and I'm glad she wasn't hurt." Why wasn't I having this conversation with my wife instead of with Glenna? Was Heidi trying to suppress her guilt by not talking to me before she had to? We would see. The thought gave me confidence I could face her without revealing what I knew.

I called a private investigator. Patrick Sears and I had gone to school together. After college I went into the factory and he went onto the police force. Taking a bullet in one knee, he took the next best thing when he was terminated and went on disability. The injury had made him unfit for more service on the force.

I explained what I knew and what I wanted from him. We settled on a plan. I knew that Heidi would not be going out on a buying trip again for two weeks. I did want to know if she was calling anyone, so Patrick was going to bug our phones. That done and with a cold meat sandwich under my belt, I headed for the hospital to face my wife.

It was easier than I thought. I kissed her when I came in and kissed my daughter too. I could feel Heidi watching me to see if I was acting differently. I inquired for her condition, and told her how much I missed her for the two days she had been away. I hinted that now I had almost lost her through the auto accident, I was going to be all over her like bees on honey. She relaxed after I said this. Maybe I should have gone into the theater.

I stayed until visiting hours were over, sitting on the edge of the bed holding Heidi's hand, and every once in awhile leaning down to kiss her. I even copped a feel when my daughter wasn't looking. Glenna, twenty, had her own apartment which she shared with another girl her own age. Leaving so very reluctantly, I said I was going home and go to bed. "Is there anything you want me to do? Unpack or anything?"

"No!" That exploded from Heidi. "Miles Compton, I'll take care of that tomorrow." I hoped my wife would have an uneasy night wondering if I had opened her bag.

I picked Heidi up in the morning. The neighbors had heard about the accident and the house was full of well-wishers when I brought Heidi home. She excused herself finally, and said she just had to get her travel clothes in the washer.

It was hot on this July day. Thank God it was a Saturday. There was going to be a barbecue in the evening at one of the neighbors and we had agreed to go when it was proposed earlier in the week. Heidi was in rare form, flitting and flirting around the men. Not enough to make the women jealous, but enough to make the men wish they could see her alone sometime.

I watched her. I don't know what my face showed, but Audrey, the widow from down the street, picked up on the fact that I was different somehow. I was sitting in the shadows over on the edge of the patio when she sat down beside me. "You want to tell me about it?"

Sadly, I answered her. "No, but I will. Heidi is having an affair. I found out about it yesterday. I feel as if I have been kicked in the stomach."

Audrey was older than me by five years. You know that there is always someone you feel comfortable with and can bare your soul to. That is the way I felt about Audrey. She had lost her husband way too soon. I knew they must have had a wonderful life together as long as it lasted. I wish I could have met him. I think we would have been friends.

She was silent after I told her the information about Heidi. Then, "It hurts I know. Harold had an affair and it just about crushed me. He was so contrite and apologetic, I forgave him. It paid off for me for we went on to have a wonderful life together. Don't blame Heidi altogether, for it takes two. What are you going to do?"

"I don't know yet. I'm going to find out who he is if I can. Why?"

"Does she know that you know?"

"No she doesn't. I also have found out that I can act. I feel as if I would like to slap her or at the most go out and do the same thing as she has done to me. Neither one is an option, for that is not me. You can see I am trying to act just the same as always. You are the only one that noticed something different about me."

"You are saying you still love her, aren't you?"

"I suppose. How do you turn away from someone that you have loved and cherished for more than twenty years? Apparently she has turned away, but I can't. Look at her out there with the guys. Everyone of them would like to get into her panties and she acts as if she would let them. Up until now I thought it was just me, but what about the others? At least one has, and that is what hurts."

"I think you are wise to act as normal as possible until you find out more. Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances. I'm glad you haven't tossed her out, or worse yet, beat on her. As you say, that isn't you. Also remember, if things don't work out for you, you will find that there are women that would love to take her place."

"Would you be one of them?"

"I don't want to answer that. It wouldn't be right. I do like talking to you. You are a lot like my Harold and I loved him."

I reached across and held her hand just for a moment and received a pensive smile in return as she withdrew her fingers from mine. I jumped when from behind me I heard, "You two over here in the semi-dark holding hands. You aren't trying to steal my husband are you Audrey?"

"No, Heidi, I'm not trying to steal him from you. Just be careful you don't give him away though. He is someone who has a lot of value." She turned back to me. "Miles, it was so nice talking to you. As I said, you remind me of Harold so much. Now I think I will go home and dream of how things used to be. Goodnight Heidi." I watched Audrey walk away. I wondered what tonight would be like if I was going with her.

"What was that all about?"

"I think Audrey is lonely. I was sitting here alone, so she just stopped by to talk. I was commiserating with her in her loneliness. You shouldn't mind. I can see you have the usual bunch of horny neighbors paying court to you."


"Not ever. You find someone better than I have been to you, he can have you."

"You mean you wouldn't fight for me? You are my husband and you are supposed to fight to keep me."

"It would depend when it came time to fight if I felt you were worth it. You were at one time, but watching you tonight, I wonder if I could be wrong."

"Miles, lighten up, this is a party. Everyone but you is flirting. I'm just getting my batteries charged to go home and fuck your brains out. You'll see." With that Heidi whirled away and rejoined the men. One neighbor dared to put his hand on her butt. She removed the hand, but only after she wiggled her ass a few times.

My ego was given another boost an hour later. Mitzy, the divorcée from across the street, came over and sat next to me in the corner I had staked out and held all night. "Hi Miles, care to talk to a lonely girl?"

"I would love to. You are looking beautiful tonight."

"Miles, thank you. That is the nicest thing said to me tonight. Other people have said the same thing, but coming from you, I know it is meant as a compliment and not just to flirt with me. It is funny, I know I have a reputation, but I'm no worse than most of the people here that are so upright. Believe it or not, I have been seriously propositioned by all but two of the men here and two women have hinted they would not be adverse to jumping into bed with me either. What was the name of that book that was so popular fifty years ago? It was about some little place where all the people were screwing each other."

"I think you mean Peyton Place. It was about some little town in New Hampshire."

"That's it. How come you haven't propositioned me?"


"Because. That's no answer."

"Yes it is. Because if I propositioned you, I have a feeling you would take me up on it. I don't want to complicate my life. Yours either. You don't want your reputation to grow by adding a married man to it. It would if we got together, for those things you can't keep secret. Look, I know you only date single men. If you dated me you wouldn't be able to hold your head up. I know you divorced your husband for his cheating. No way would you want to be the person to break up a home because you caused someone to cheat. Mitzy, keep to your standards. They are worth holding onto. Someday someone is going to come along and see what a gem you really are."

"I think I would risk my reputation for just one night with you. The trouble is I'd probably fall in love with you. God, I wish I had married someone like you instead of that asshole that cheated on me. Miles you are one in a million."

About that time two more wives joined us and in the next fifteen minutes the rest of the wives had pulled chairs around in a circle with me sitting on the far side still in the shadows. It took the men and my wife a half hour to realize that there were two distinct groups. My wife in one with the men and me in the other with all the women. Did this make me a wuss or pussy? I didn't feel like I was. In fact just as I finished telling a joke, I looked up at Heidi standing across the circle with a look of jealousy on her face. It made my day.

I was feeling a little mean. "Heidi, are you ready to go home? You must have your batteries charged by now." I stood and explained to the wives what I meant as I was walking around the circle towards my wife. Heidi wouldn't speak to me as we walked up the street to our home, for what I said made her mad. When we got in bed she turned away from me. I did the same and presented my back to her and went to sleep. Evidently she didn't sleep as well as I did for she looked pretty haggard when she got up in the morning.

Over coffee I got the question from her. "Is our marriage in trouble?"

I answered with another. "What makes you say that?"

"The way you treated me last night. You said something nasty to me in front of my friends."

"I apologize."

"That's it? No explanation?"

"What's to explain? We went down there to the party and after we ate you made sure you entertained the men the same as you always do. That is okay, I don't mind. We came home together the same as we always do. All the wives there know that you like to flirt and they let you. What I did was just bring the facts out into the open and verbalize them. Nothing is changed."

"What about you holding hands with Audrey? That didn't look so innocent to me."

"Give me your hand." Heidi reached across the table and I held her hand as I said, "I'm sorry I hurt your feelings. There, that is about what happened between me and Audrey last night. I reached over and said I was sorry she missed her husband. For one minute she and I shared something together and it made her feel better. There was nothing sexual about it. I told you I commiserated with her. I did and that was it."

"Well maybe, but it looked different to me. What about you and Mitzy? You two had your heads awful close."

"Mitzy divorced a cheating husband. She is lonely just as Audrey is. She was trying to tell me how I would feel if I found out you were cheating on me. Last night I was just someone they could pour out their loneliness to. The other women congregated where I was because you were monopolizing their men. We talked about our families. They were interested in what Glenna's plans are, now that she is out of school. And yes we told the latest jokes that were making the rounds."

"How would you feel if you found out I was cheating on you? Just for instance, of course."

"I don't know. It is impossible to think about. I guess I would have to find out first and then decide what was the best thing to do."

"Would you divorce me?"

"I said I don't know and I hope I never have to know. Is this conversation leading anywhere? I don't want to think about this ever happening. Remember you are my wife and I love you." That ended our discussion. Heidi said she was tired and not feeling well and went to lie down. Glenna came in to see her mother. She was concerned at first, but I explained that her mother had come home from the hospital and had insisted on going to the party last night so she was tired out.

Monday I left for work at my usual time as I had the seven to three shift. Heidi goes to work at nine. At ten I came home and let Patrick in to bug the phones. We searched for credit card records and looked at the phone bill. There was nothing on the phone bill records, but once a month there was a motel charge in Boston for one night. This puzzled me, for Heidi went to Boston every two weeks.

Patrick came up with the possibility that Heidi's lover would pay one time and she would pay the next time. We would see, for we now had the name of the motel and it would be easy to check. It would be two weeks before the next trip. This gave Patrick time to make arrangements to tail her.

For some reason Heidi demanded more sex in the ensuing two weeks. I was willing to give her what she wanted. I assumed it was safe enough, although I did go for tests at the clinic. I surmised that Heidi had one lover who was married and that their adultery was restricted to each other.

I saw Mitzy most days to wave to and always received a big smile in return. One afternoon I ran into Audrey at the grocery store. "Hi Miles, still with Heidi?"

"Yes, but I don't know much more than I did when I last talked to you. I will have a report in a couple of days. I'm sick about the whole situation. I think I have a decision coming up that I will have to make and I hate it."

"I know, life is hell sometimes. And when you make a decision, you won't know for a long time if it was the right one."

"Audrey, thank you for caring. You are one of the few people I consider a friend. It would be nice if we could sit down and talk like we did that night at the party. Maybe the chance will present itself again."

"I think of you sometimes too. Good luck anyway. You deserve it."

I watched as she left me for the next aisle. I wish I could have followed her. It would have been nice if we could have gone up and down the aisles picking up groceries together. Audrey wasn't the beauty that Heidi was and certainly not up to what Mitzy presented, but she had something indefinably nice.

Heidi left on her usual trip to the big city on Wednesday and would return on Friday after lunch. This was the same day she had her auto accident two weeks previously. I expected I would have Patrick's report Saturday morning and I did. I called Glenna to come over for lunch and asked Heidi to prepare something light for us. Mystified she asked why. I said I just wanted to talk about family matters.

Glenna kissed both of us when she came in all bubbly and upbeat. "I have news. I'm going to community college this fall. I didn't want to leave town so I'm taking classes in the evening. This way I can still work and go to school. Aren't you proud of me?"

We were and said so. She could have gone to the university on our tab, but Glenna had an independent streak and this was how it showed.

After we finished our dessert, I said, "Glenna, this may be a little unusual to include you in this discussion, but you are family and it concerns you as well as me and your mother."

"You aren't sick are you Daddy?"

"Not deathly, but what I have to tell you is sickening." I paused. "I have a report here that tells me your mother has been cheating on me and has been for several years. I know with who and where. I just don't know why. Would you like to explain that part, Heidi?"

Glenna sat there with a look of shock on her face. This was her mother I was accusing. Her ideal and the model that she had patterned her life after. She waited for Heidi to deny it and call me a liar.

No denial from my wife. "How did you find out, Miles?"

With this, Glenna wracked with sobs, slumped in her chair and put her head on the table.

Heidi was pissed that I had brought Glenna in on this. "You didn't have to break it to Glenna this way. That is so cruel and mean." Then she said, "You haven't told me how you found out yet."

"You shouldn't leave your semen-encrusted underwear where I could find it. You know me, I never poke around in your things. When I got your stuff out of your smashed-up car, your overnight bag was open on the back seat. Your filthy panties were right in my face."

"So you caught me. What are you going to do now?"

"I haven't thought that far ahead. It looks as if I have two choices. I can keep you or I can kick you out. I would like to know why you have been cheating on me though."

Glenna brought her head up and looked at her mother. "I would like to know too. Daddy has always treated you as you should be treated. Why did you cheat on him?"

"It doesn't really matter whether you know or not. I can tell you the man is someone I knew before I met your father. When we met a few years after Miles and I were married, we just continued something that had been broken off earlier."

"Is Daddy my biological father? I mean if I have a whore for a mother, it could be possible he isn't my father."

"Don't be absurd Glenna, he is your father. I was faithful for a full year before we were married and it was several years after you were born before I cheated on him. I have been a good wife even when I was unfaithful. He can't deny that. Once or twice a month with someone else doesn't take that much from him."

"What about your lover's wife? How is she going to feel about this?"

"Probably about the same as you do. The odd thing about this is yesterday I broke this off and wasn't going to see him anymore. I didn't know you had found any evidence, but the possibility existed and it worried me. I don't suppose that makes any difference now, does it?"

"Not much. I couldn't trust you not to go back to him or take up with someone else."

"Even if I swore to be true to you for the rest of my life?"

"You swore to be true when we were married and it apparently didn't count for much." Heidi looked at me and had nothing to say.

Glenna had some things to say. "Mom, I've always thought you and Dad had the best marriage that could ever be and I supposed if anyone ever strayed it was the man of the family. Maybe I have Dad's values because when I find someone to spend my life with, I'm never going to do what you have done. I suppose you are my mom and I have to love you, but I'm terribly disappointed in you. I'm leaving to think this through. I'll call you sometime soon."

I got a kiss, but Heidi did not. There were tears in my wife's eyes as our daughter left the house. "Miles, do you think I have lost Glenna forever? If I have I'm going to put some of the blame on you. We could have settled this before we discussed it with her."

"For a minute, think about who caused this anyway. No, you are her mother. She will come around. Give her time."

"What about us? What are you planning for revenge?"

"Don't be so dramatic. Men have lost their wives to someone else before. I'll just have to accept that. It does hurt my ego to think I couldn't keep you, but then this was your doing and not mine. If we were just getting married now, there wouldn't be anything different I would do to make our marriage stronger."

"So what is your next move?"

"I'm going to see an attorney and probably someone to give me some advice that deals with these things."

"Like who?"

"Probably a shrink."

"You aren't asking me to leave? You have every right to."

"Not at the present. If I decide it is in my interest to try and make a go of our marriage, it would mean you would have to move back if I kick you out."

"Thank you for that. I don't suppose we will be sleeping in the same bed anymore?"

"No, I'll move into Glenna's old room."

"I'll move, after all it should be me under the circumstances."

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