Kings and Queens
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young man finds himself at a loss for words

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Talk about being in the wrong place at the right time, or the right place at the wrong time, however you wanted to look at it. But ... there I was!

It started out as a very typical Friday night. My parents would once again be playing cards with their best friends and neighbors at our place this week. I had a date with a girl I'd been going steady with for ages, though lately we'd been going through a pretty rough spot. I was hoping that tonight's date would smooth things out in our relationship again, especially since I had a late curfew on the weekend, meaning I didn't have to be home until 1:00 a.m, and always, always took advantage of it.

It was also a very important evening for me all the way around, Jayleen, my girlfriend had just recently turned eighteen, and had told me a while back on my eighteenth birthday, that once she had ... she'd give me a very special gift when she did. Without saying it specifically, I had a pretty good idea of what she had meant. So far, all I'd done with her was a little booby fondling which had left me somewhat frustrated, and more than anxious to see how much further she was willing to go.

What had started out as a very promising evening soon turned to shit as I drove up in front of her house in preparation of picking her up. Her father met me out in front of the house and proceeded to inform me I was never again to step foot on their property. Confused, I barely managed to ask why, my eyes glued to his balled up fists, though thankfully, he kept them close to his side.

"You want to know why? I'll tell you why!" He screamed at me. "Because Jayleen's mother found the condoms in her purse that she bought for tonight ... that's why!" He said continuing to glare at me. "Now ... get your mother-loving, fucking ass off of my property!"

Technically, I wasn't on his property. I was still in my car sitting next to the curb. But it was a moot point nevertheless. All I could do was drive away and hope that somehow Jayleen and I would still be able to see one another. For the moment at least, the evening was totally shot.

It had been my intention to stop and get gas after picking her up as the station I preferred going to was just around the corner from where she lived. After the incident with her father, I forgot all about needing gas until my car started coughing a block and a half away from the house.

"Shit ... Shit! Shit! Shit!" I said chastising myself, even pounding the steering wheel of my car in frustration as I let it coast out of gas over to the curb. I got out, locked it up, and then proceeded on foot back to my house with the intention of getting the spare gas can out of the garage. I planned on doing so quietly as I knew I'd catch even more shit from my father for being so stupid, and I wasn't about to let him pull an "I told you so," upon me seeing me return for the gas can.

I crept up alongside the house intending to cut back by the fence and then enter through the backdoor into the house, and from there into the garage, since I knew it would be locked on the outside. With luck, I'd be in and out without anyone the wiser, though I wasn't looking forward to the thirty minute walk to the nearest service station, and then back carrying a gallon of gas with me. But at least it would give me time to think about the shitty way the evening was now going.

I silently eased the backdoor open, stepping in as quietly as I could manage. Only a short distance away in the adjoining family room, I could hear my parents and their friends laughing and carrying on, all the while playing cards as they quite normally did. What wasn't normal was what I then heard as I took several steps towards the door leading into the garage. For a moment, I swore I hadn't heard right and froze in place listening.

"My straight beats your three of a kind Cindy," I heard my father say. "That means your bra!"

"Maybe he said draw," I told myself, though that really didn't make much sense. If he'd said what I thought I'd heard him say..." I mused, no longer quite so anxious to head into the garage. But ... what to do? As I stood for a moment more thinking about it, I knew there was one other option. A bit risky, but a hell of a lot safer than standing here. And it wouldn't be the first time I'd done that to spy on my parents either, but even then, it was because I was secretly waiting to see what they'd gotten me for Christmas. It was nothing like the reasons I was planning for now.

It just so happened that the adjacent room next to mine, which included a shared bathroom, was a spare bedroom that was hardly ever used. As such, the door to it always remained open. The side window latch had been broken years ago, and I had used it before to sneak in and out of the house late at night without being discovered. During those days, I'd run around with my buddies in the middle of the night doing the sort of things most guys do during the summer after school was over. This however was again something else entirely.

It had been a while since I'd needed to use it, pleased to see that dad still hadn't discovered it was actually broken as I eased the window open and then slid in, stepping down onto the spare bed well out of sight and away from the door. Once inside, I then scooted along the wall until finally reaching my vantage point where I could safely see things, without being seen.

Several years ago my father had mirrored one entire wall of the rec-room. It had had the effect of making it appear much larger than it really was, which had been his intent. What he and mom didn't know, or hopefully at least didn't realize, was from the bedroom I was in, I could clearly see them where they were sitting at in the room, though they of course couldn't see me sitting there in the darkness. What I saw both surprised and shocked me initially, but it most certainly confirmed my earlier suspicions. They were playing what appeared to be strip poker with their friends and neighbors, as well as another couple who I was only vaguely familiar with.

Cindy, the neighbor had already taken off her bra, and was now sitting there topless, as was my mom. Dad still had everything on but his dress shirt, though Bob, Cindy's husband was already down to his boxers. Obviously, he'd had the worst of it so far.

"Same rules as last time?" Bob then asked as the good looking brunette whose name currently escaped me dealt the cards. But I wasn't really listening, too distracted as I could easily see Cindy's bare breasts, and a portion of my own mothers, though Dad's back was currently blocking me from seeing her more clearly.

"What do you say girls?" Dad asked. "Same rules as before?"

I heard a smattering of giggles, and then mom responding openly. "I'm certainly game if Cindy and Laurel are," she said. I didn't hear their individual answers to that, but there seemed to be mutual agreement all around as Laurel began dealing out the cards for the next hand.

I sat there in the dark mesmerized as I watched mom and dad sitting there playing strip poker with their friends. Hell, I hadn't even done that myself, though there'd been countless times that a few of my friends and I had tried getting our girlfriends to play. And only once had we even done so, the game ending at the first threat of a girl's bra coming off.

"Your bet," Dad told Cindy as she sat there looking at her cards. There was a momentary pause, and then she spoke.

"All in!"

"Damn!" John said, as I only then remembered hearing his name, and remembering his wife Laurel. "There goes my boxers!" he said jokingly, and then called. Everyone else folded. A second later there was a groan as John quickly realized he had lost once again.

"Well ladies ... look's like John's the first one to achieve slave status for the rest of you," he laughed almost sounding like he was sorry for the guy, though excited too. I couldn't help but wonder what that meant, though I had something else to think about now too as I sat there in the dark with my cock suddenly tenting the front of my pants. Cindy had great looking tits. I'd secretly admired them before from afar, or whenever she'd come over to visit with mom over coffee, quite often stealing glances down the front of her blouse whenever she wasn't looking. And as nice as that very often was, this was jerk off material, and I was storing megabytes of it inside my head. Especially as Cindy began dealing the next round, her luscious tits with the twin pointed pink tips wobbling erotically in front of her as she did so.

I sat watching, listening for quite a while as more and more clothes came off, before long, everyone was down to only one or two items, and then John stayed in the game losing the next hand.

"You folded at the river John," Laurel teased her husband, which means ... you have two slave acts to perform for Cindy and JoAnn."

I found myself holding my breath ... wondering.

"Well let's see, I have a titty here that needs some sucking," Cindy announced.

"And I'll be the one to slap his ass while he does that," my own mother proclaimed, which frankly disturbed me a little, though I found it oddly arousing at the same time.

Obediently, I saw John stand up, his prick enormously hard when he did, as he uninhibitedly crawled over to where Cindy was sitting, and then stood between her legs, leaning over, drawing one of her beautiful tits between his lips as he began sucking it. My own mother had also stood, wearing nothing more than a simple black thong, which once again even I had to admit, looked damn fucking good on her. She stood behind John and with her hand, slapped his left cheek, and none too softly either, leaving a red mark on his behind as she soon after left one on his other cheek before retaking her seat.

"Damn!" I thought silently as I sat there, surprised at my own boldness as I reached down unzipping my fly in order to relieve some of the stress on my own turgid member.

The very next hand, everyone stayed in to the end, though I was beginning to see that losing wasn't nearly as bad as one might think, which I now knew was just part of the game, and a good excuse to continue playing. Laurel won, laughing as everyone, including my own parents finally stood and removed the last remnants of their clothing.

"Before we continue," Cindy stated as she stood. "I need a pee break, and maybe something else to drink before things get any crazier here, sound like a plan?" She then asked. There was immediate agreement all around as things momentarily broke up with everyone else heading out to the kitchen. Which was when I realized of course that Cindy would soon be heading my way in order to use the shared bathroom. I scooted a bit further back into the darkened room, well away from the door as she passed. I was certain she would have no idea I was even in there, but even so, the thought of her going into the bathroom next to me was a little unnerving. Especially when I heard her enter, sit down on the toilet, and begin peeing.

Why is it that in a situation like this, that the first thing that you think about, or worry about, like coughing, or sneezing becomes such a fear? I think for good reason, maybe about the time you start thinking about it, it's because it's about to happen, and you then realize that it is. I could feel a sneeze coming on, even as I heard the toilet flush I sat there fighting it, trying to hold it in.

Now, for anyone that's ever held a sneeze, it can be done. It's not pleasant necessarily, or very easy to do, but ... I'd done it before, and knew without any doubt whatsoever, this was now one of those times. I now heard Cindy wash her hands, then the door to the bathroom opening just as I felt the sneeze. I snuffed it up, giving myself an internal head sneeze, effectively muffling the sound. But ... what I didn't expect nor anticipate when I did that, was the sudden expulsion of air elsewhere. I farted. It wasn't like it was a loud fart, or a long one. Just a simple "burp-fart" but a fart nevertheless. Cindy walked from the bathroom past the doorway where I was sitting back in the darkness, and actually paused for a moment. For me at least an eternity passed as I sat there praying to the gods that be, that I wouldn't sneeze, cough, or fart again! It was only a second or so that she had, and then continued on back to the kitchen area just as everyone else was returning. I almost decided it was time to slip back outside the window in the event Cindy mentioned anything about what she thought she may have heard to my parents, but to my relief, I saw her simply sit down accepting a drink from my father without saying anything. I nearly left anyway until I heard mom speak, stopping me in my tracks.

"What's say we go straight to Kings and Queens?" she asked.

"Sounds good to me!" Dad agreed, though I wondered if they hadn't already decided to do so while they'd been in the kitchen.

"Too bad Mike and Doris couldn't be here tonight too!" Cindy exclaimed, then we'd have all four suits. As it is ... guess we'll just have to play with the three," she finished saying, though everyone was obviously likewise in agreement that it was time to switch games. Though I'd never heard of a card game called Kings and Queens before.

"Ok, first round, five minutes, then ten, and so on?" Mom asked everyone, with everyone once again in agreement. "No matter who?" she added. There was a moment of obvious indecision as she said that.

"Come on John, you know the rules," Laurel reminded him. "If we play Queens and Queens, then it's only fair we get to see Kings and Kings," she stated. "So ... what's it going to be tonight. Kings and Queens only? You know, we agreed in the beginning, it has to be a unanimous decision, otherwise we just keep it straight, nothing else."

Sheepishly he finally relented. "Ok, Queens and Queens," he said.


"Kings and Kings too," he then added a bit more softly, though I heard my father laugh at him when he did so.

"Don't worry John, maybe whoever it is that's the joker that round won't make you do something you'd feel too squeamish doing," he chuckled once again as I sat there listening, now even more curious than before.

Cindy had obviously pulled out all the appropriate cards, including as I then saw, one of the two jokers from the boxes where the cards were normally kept, adding those to the very small deck of cards. "Ok everyone, draw!"

I guess it really didn't matter which card you drew, whether it was a King or a Queen, it was the suits that really mattered. Though I now understood the reference to the other part as they all did, moments later holding up and revealing their cards to one another. Mom was the first to let out a laugh, showing she held the joker, and then drawing the last remaining card, which hadn't been drawn, showing it to be the Queen of Hearts. John was showing the King of hearts and looked obviously relieved.

Dad held the King of Spades, Cindy the Queen, which then paired off Laurel and Bob together. After taking a look at all the various pairings, mom stood as though trying to decide something.

"Ok, for the next five minutes then, Steven?" Mom said addressing my father, "You're to lick Cindy's pussy, and Cindy? You suck Steven's cock in a side by side "69" together here on the floor," she told them both. "Laurel? I want Bob to fuck you doggy style." I saw Laurel grin from ear to ear, obviously she had a preference for that particular position as she blew mom a kiss in appreciation of that. "And as for you John..." mom leered at him suggestively. I just want you to sit on the table here while I suck that big fucking dick of yours!"

Now ... if I might digress just a little here. If anyone where to run into my mother and father on the street, or come over to the house on Sunday for dinner, they would never, ever hear a single cuss word, or swear word come out of my mother's mouth, aside from the occasional "shit, damn, or hell," but that was about it. Never before in my entire life had I ever heard my own mother speak the way she was. It was like seeing someone else, especially since she was naked, and hearing her talk like this. I was both confused, as well as aroused, just hearing her, let alone seeing all this. But I knew now, there was no fucking way I was going out that window ... not yet anyway.

I only then realized that mom had brought out the kitchen egg timer with her when she'd come back into the room. Setting it for ten minutes, everyone proceeded to get into the positions that she'd previously instructed them to be in. I sat there, horny as hell, still in a little state of shock, but not about to go anywhere as I sat there playing with myself, watching the weirdly erotic spectacle taking place there in my very own home.

All thoughts of Jayleen and I gone, for the moment anyway.

I hadn't seen many dicks, well hard ones anyway, so it's not like I had a lot of experience in that particular area, but even I had to admit, John had one of the biggest cocks I'd ever seen before in my life, it was monstrous, and almost twice the size of my own, which up until now, I hadn't thought of as being all that small in size. And as weird as it was to think about, it was in fact a bit larger than my own father's though I'd only briefly checked him out in comparison of that. I had trouble enough not looking at my own mother, even though I did on occasion, forcing my look away whenever I found myself staring at her. And besides, there was plenty more to look at between Cindy and Laurel.

Cindy's boobs were about the same size and shape of my own mother's, something I'd obviously have to deal with when thinking about later. Laurel however had considerably larger tits, and I found them at the moment the focus of my attention as she knelt down on all fours as Bob knelt behind her, fucking her sweet bare pussy. Her tits however were doing gyrations, the likes of which I'd never seen before, even in porn movies. Her tits were obviously real, very large, and free swinging at the moment. It was damn exciting just sitting there watching them, hearing the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh as Bob drove his cock in and out of her with a rapidity that I also had never imagined before. For a guy in his forties, he had amazing stamina to keep up that pace.

I couldn't help going back and forth between them and my own mother as she attempted, but never quite succeeded in taking John's entire cock into her mouth. He didn't seem to mind it however, leaning back on the table, supporting himself by his elbows, feet dangling, and (balls too for that matter) as mom mouthed his prick, stroking it and playing with it.

Meanwhile down on the floor, though it was much harder to see anything really, dad and Cindy seemed to be enjoying themselves too, the sounds of more sucking, slurping, and the occasional moans and groans of pleasure they were each giving one another were heard throughout, right along with everyone else's.

I actually jumped when the egg timer went off. Luckily for me, I was too far away to be heard when I did, not to mention the fact everyone else was still busy at the time. With a few moans of disappointment, everyone soon stood and took a moment to refresh themselves as dad once again began shuffling the small deck of cards.

As for myself, I was leaking like a sieve, so much precum fuck juice was pouring out the end of my own dick, that I was worried I'd be shooting off here before too much longer. And I wanted to see at least one or two more rounds of King and Queens before slipping back out the window. I still had a car to attend to, though there was still plenty of time before the gas station closed.

But now ... I found myself almost as anxious and excited as everyone else seemed to be as dad stood there grinning like a Cheshire cat as he continued shuffling the cards. "Ok everyone, ready for round two? Ten minutes?" He purposely glanced over towards where John was sitting, but even John after being given that fabulous blowjob my mother had just given him, appeared to be ready for just about anything. I wondered briefly if I would be had I been in his shoes, and then once again reminded that I was sitting here jerking myself off, watching my own parents even though they were both busy fooling around with other people. Still ... I now knew I'd never think of them in the same light as I once had either.

Dad dealt out the cards, everyone keeping them secret for a moment longer, adding to the suspense. "Ok everyone ... reveal," he said grinning. Much to John's relief, he had in fact drawn the Joker, so he would obviously be the one to decide who did what to whom. He then drew the remaining card, which was the King of Diamonds. I noticed then, Dad was holding the Queen.

Mom had the Queen of Spades, and Cindy the King, they both laughed, giggling with excitement, though John too was smiling even though it was dad who was holding his paired card. I could only imagine he was at least happy to have pulled the Joker even then. That put Laurel and Bob together again, though she didn't seem to mind too much as John took a moment trying to decide things, one of which was obvious.

"Ok, Bob and Laurel?" This time Laurel, you suck Bob's prick over here while he sits in the chair. Cindy and JoAnn? You two make yourselves comfy over there on the couch, I want to see the two of you go down on one another," he told them.

"What a surprise," Mom laughed, though she looked genuinely excited as she led Cindy by the hand over towards the couch. What took me by surprise however was her next comment. "Weren't we just here earlier this morning?" she asked laughing.

"What? You mean you too have already been at each other today, and you didn't even tell me?" Dad asked in mocked anger, though he was in fact surprised to only now be learning about it.

"Honey ... I don't tell you everything Cindy and I do together while you're at work, no more than you tell me when you and Laurel go out to lunch together, now do you?" She said looking over towards Laurel, winking at her as she said that, which Laurel in return laughed at, winking back. Dad was about to say something, but then decided against it, turning back to face John.

"Ok sport ... so what is it you want me to do to you?" Dad asked.

John had obviously already come to a decision about that after first learning who he'd been paired with. "You can jerk me off while I stand beside these two, watching them," he informed my father.

"What a surprise," dad said rolling his eyes, though he too looked pleased enough to at least stand there watching mom and Cindy as they curled up on the couch together and immediately began licking one another's cunts, even before John was reminded to set the timer.

"If you decide to cum while I'm doing this, at least tell me so I can point it in their direction," dad said as he stood next to John, reaching over and then wrapping his fist around the man's enormously hard cock. I was still amazed at the size of it, especially with dad standing next to him, equally hard yes ... but almost half as big again as either one of us was.

"I don't know that I'm gonna make ten minutes," Bob warned everyone, receiving an expected laugh in return. "Laurel's so damn good at giving head," he announced quite unnecessarily, as even dad nodded his head in agreement to that.

"Yeah, I remember last week, I damn near didn't make it to the third round myself!" he stated almost apologetically.

"I'll go easy on you," Laurel grinned already mouthing his prick. "But even if you do, just warn me first so I can deep throat you just before you squirt down my throat, makes it easier to take it all that way."

Bob groaned, as did I, just sitting there imagining that.

Fifteen minutes later I had almost come twice myself, both times stopping just short of releasing what I knew would be an enormous load. I had watched my own mother and her best friend go down on one another, had seen my old man jerking off another man's cock, and a rather large one to say the least. I'd then seen dad slip his prick between Laurel's legs, fucking her right there on the family room table, while mom took it from Bob from behind as she leaned over the arm of the couch. On and on it had gone, and I was seriously about ready to pop my nut when mom announced it was the last round and time to dump one of the suits.

"Ok, we're adding the Jack of Hearts and the Jack of Spades to this round," she told everyone. "It's threesome time!"

I damn near shot one off then. "Fuck!" I said silently to myself, now anxious more than ever to see how the next round ended up. Once again the cards were dealt, and this time, dad was the one ending up with the Joker.

"Ok, let's see what I've got to work with here," he asked as everyone finally revealed their cards. "Ok, that puts me, Bob and Cindy together. Which means that it's John, Joann, and Laurel as the other threesome. I think I'll have the two of you work on John's cock until he cums, which he should easily be able to do in thirty minutes if I know you two," he said smiling. As for myself Bob and Cindy? Well, I think I'll treat my prick to that nice sweet tight little cunt of hers while Bob fucks her face. How's that sound everyone?"

They quickly placed themselves in the positions my dad had told them to get in, John having made a place on the floor, laying back relaxing, his hands behind his head as mom and Laurel took up positions on either side of his dick, though they smiled at one another even as they began taking turns sucking and licking him. Right next to them, Cindy knelt, taking Bob's dick in her mouth as dad mounted her from behind, slipping his rock hard cock into her pussy, and set the timer for thirty minutes.

"Have fun everyone, not that we'll all make it that far," he laughed, and then proceeded to fuck the shit out of our neighbor.

I have to admit. I was proud of the way he did her. Not sure I could have done quite as well myself. But then again, I hadn't fucked anything except for my own hand, that and the vacuum hose once, though I'd never done it again since then. It had felt good at the time yes, but I later heard all these horror stories about guys dicks being torn off, and I wasn't about to risk doing that again.

About twenty minutes into the round, once again about to lose it myself, I heard John finally groan, warning my mom and Laurel he was about to bust his nut.

"I'm gonna fucking cum!" He cried out, half sitting up so he could actually watch himself when he did. A second after that, I saw this enormous fountain of spunk leap from the tip of his prick. I swear it looked like it went three or four feet straight up in the air, coming back down and landing all over the back of my mother as she and Laurel now took turns sucking his enormous knob, drinking down the second, third, and however many more spurts the man's prick released. They kept stroking him as well, ensuring they got each and every last drop of his spunk before turning away from his prick, releasing it, and then kissing one another. I watched in shocked amazement as it appeared the two of them swapped cum, passing it back and forth before actually spitting it back out onto his dick, and then cleaning it all up all over again.

That's when I came, not even knowing it at first until I felt the first wet spray of my own orgasmic bliss wetting my hand. I had no idea where the first spurt or two had gone, and at the moment, I could have cared less. It was only seconds after all that, that the timer went off.

"Fuck!" Dad said, "I was damn near there!"

"Sorry Charlie," Cindy giggled. "Maybe during the next round, maybe ... I'll have John or even Bob hear finish you off," she laughed, though all three men looked a little sour over that.

"Rules are rules baby," Mom chuckled. "Unless you don't care to see me with any of the other girls ever again," she added.

It was Cindy again however that called another potty break before they drew the next round of cards. As before, I quickly scooted back into the recess of the room into the darkest of corners content to sit there and wait. I heard footsteps approach, and then stop just outside the door.

"I know you're there," I heard Cindy say. "Unless you want me to mention this to your parent's I suggest you come over and talk to me about it first thing in the morning." She waited only a minute more before walking into the bathroom. I sat there silently holding my breath ... praying.

"She's just guessing," I told myself. Hoping I would reveal my presence," I likewise tried convincing myself. I heard her turn the water off and on in the sink, and then step back out. Once again she stood briefly in the doorway.

"I mean it," she told me. "Nine a.m. at the latest!" And with that she walked back into the recreation room. I didn't bother sticking around to watch the next round.

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