Stargate Atlantis: Felix
Chapter 1

"Incoming wormhole!"

Dr. Weir came running out of her office to the control centre just as the technician said, "It's Major Lorne's IDC."

"Lower the shield," said Weir.

The technician pressed the button on the console and then said, "I'm receiving audio only..."

"Atlantis - get two medical teams to the gate room ASAP - incoming wounded with gunshot wounds that need medical attention soonest!"

She looked at the technician and said, "Do it," who then made the call to Dr. Beckett down in the infirmary, and then Weir headed down to the main landing at the bottom of the stairs to see what had transpired with Lorne's team.

The security team was at the ready when all of a sudden a person - one of Major Lorne's team - burst through the gate and was dragging Major Lorne. A second later the other two team members came limping through the Stargate, helping each other as they were also injured in some way, and then the Gate shut down.

The member who dragged Major Lorne through the gate was kneeling down and looking at a tag on the Major's tactical vest.

Beckett and his medical team entered the lower landing just as the wormhole shut down.

The one team member said, "Dr. Beckett - you might want to see this," and handed over a piece of paper.

Beckett looked at it and saw writing in English that read, 'Gunshot wounds upper torso, shotgun lower torso, multiple cuts and abrasions, possible severe sprained ankle, and possible concussion.' Beckett asked, "Where did you get this?"

The team member replied, "I just pulled this off the Major's vest. We got ambushed by locals and some bush ... thing drove them off and patched us up."

She looked at Beckett and asked, "Have you got everything under control here?"

He looked at her and showed her the paper and replied, "I'll let you know in a little bit, Elizabeth - when I can tell you more about Major Lorne and his team's injuries. Until then ... I can't really say."

"Good - I'll leave them in your capable hands then." She went up the stairs to the control centre for the gate and asked the technician if he could detect if there were any others that came through the gate.

He checked his readouts and told her, "As far as I can tell just Major Lorne's team came through the gate, ma'am."

Weir asked the technician, "You still have the gate address that Major Lorne's team went to handy?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Have it on stand-by - I'm going to have Colonel Sheppard's team go see who our mystery ... person was and see why they didn't want to stick around."

"Yes ma'am."

She tapped her headset on the side and said, "Colonel Sheppard - can you come to the control room with your team please?"

"On my way - what's up?"

"We just had Major Lorne's team return with casualties and something strange happened when they returned. I'd like your input on what we find out."

"Okay - we're on the way."

Weir turned back to the technician and asked him, "Can you pull up the video footage of the gate room and put it on the main screen, please?"

"Yes ma'am, coming up right now," as he pushed a few buttons and presto - there was the scene that she was still in shock and wondering about.

Sheppard and Teyla showed up right then with Ronon on their heels. Sheppard asked Weir, "What is wrong? Is Lorne's team all right?"

She replied, "Major Lorne's team is all at the infirmary right now - a couple of them with serious gunshot wounds. Doctor Beckett is patching them up right now. But that isn't what I wanted you here for - it's this that I want you to look at right now."

She pointed at the screen and told the technician to play the footage - they watched as the team member dragged Major Lorne and then the other team members helping one another in through the gate.

Sheppard said, "Okay - what am I missing here?"

Weir looked at him and commented, "Just continue watching this - I find it ... odd. I want your opinion on this."

They watched as the team member pulled the piece of paper off Major Lorne and handed it to Dr. Beckett. The technician stopped the video there as Sheppard asked him, "Could you rewind that back to the beginning?"

"Sure thing, sir."

Teyla and Ronon looked at each other in amazement at the rapidity of the whole almost surreal scene as it unfolded before their eyes again.

Sheppard said, "So what happened here? Did Lorne's team get ambushed? They obviously made it back okay - what am I missing here, Elizabeth?"

Dr. Weir replied, "From what I gather, someone else helped Major Lorne's team and bandaged them up, and then sent them back through the gate - after they were ambushed. I find that a bit odd and disturbing - don't you, Colonel?"

He replied, "I guess so - somebody who doesn't want to be identified maybe? I'll go talk to Major Lorne's team and find out what happened."

She said, "Okay - and give them our best wishes for recovery."

Sheppard went down the stairs and continued all the way to the infirmary and then he saw Beckett and asked, "How are they Doc?"

The Doctor answered, "Well considering the seriousness of Major Lorne's injuries and the condition of the rest of his team - they will pull through fairly well. The Major is in surgery right now to remove the one bullet still in him and the rest will be discharged once they have been cleaned up a bit. What happened there?"

Sheppard shrugged and said, "I really don't know; are the rest of the team available to answer a few questions right now?"

Beckett replied, "Aye, two of them are awake right now - a wee bit of shock from whatever happened to them. I'll say this much though: someone patched those men up and obviously gave medical assistance of some form. Because if Major Lorne hadn't had the bandages put on him the way they were - he's be in the morgue right now instead of surgery."

Sheppard actually seemed surprised, "What?"

Beckett nodded, "I'm saying - someone helped these men medically - quite proficiently too, I'll say."

"Well I'll be dammed ... Thanks Doc."

Beckett continued, "I'd like to thank whoever patched them up. He might just have saved Major Lorne's life and the lives of his team. These men were professionally bandaged up by someone that understood time was of the essence."

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