Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Magic, Fiction, Paranormal, Vampires, Were animal,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Lucian Davalos runs into his fate on the steps of a building as she is fighting to free herself from her stepbrother. But the difference between them make it difficult for him to trust himself with her. Will Kendra Smalley be the one to tame his wild heart or will she just become prey that he cannot resist?

A soft breeze blew gently against silken tresses. The stirring of her long locks tickled her side and she moved, brushing at the disturbance without opening her eyes. She'd been lying out there for a while, enjoying the heat of the sun against her long limbs and the wonder of being stationary without having anyone harping at her.

The silence was almost a friend. Long lost and often sought, it shuddered through the clearing making her realize that the passing of time was as swift as the water rushing across the smooth pebbles in the brook. Rising seemed almost impossible, her limbs lethargic and heavy but she managed, leaning down to pick up her shawl. She used the well worn piece of fabric to cover her head, hiding her pink cheeks and bright eyes.

"There you are!"

Kendra glanced up, little moved by the harsh voice. She barely acknowledged the man until he grabbed her arm.

"Momma's been calling for you for over an hour." His voice was an angry growl, his hand rough against her skin, digging into her flesh with little care of how he hurt her. "Where have you been?"

"What business is it of yours?" Kendra snapped, regretting her hasty words when his grip tightened even more.

"It is my business, especially if you were causing trouble again. Don't think Momma doesn't know of the way you flit back and forth between the grocer and the baker. I've seen the eyes you make at them, shameless and disgusting it is."

"I've never..." she began, only to be interrupted.

"Don't you even think of trying your lies out on me," he hissed. "I know what lies inside of you, what sins you will commit. I know of your plans."

Kendra shrugged, pulling against his grip. When he got this wound up, it was almost impossible to calm him down. "Let me go." She stood her ground, not allowing herself to be dragged further.

"Slut, Harlot," he cursed softly, his eyes on the people passing around them now. "If you do not move on your own volition then I shall have to let the good people of town know of your wickedness. Then they can help me move you."

"Why Daniel?" she cried suddenly, knowing he wasn't bluffing. "Why do you treat me with such disgust and hatred? I'm your only sister."

"Look to yourself for the answer, Kendra," Daniel growled, shaking her. "You look the part of town slattern; you open your thighs for any man who has the price. But not your brother, no, I'm not even allowed to look."

"I've ... I've never," she said, grabbing his arms to slow the shaking he was giving her. "I've never so much as kissed a man," she moaned.

"Lies," Daniel cried again. "I've heard the men speak of you, I've heard them tote on about their explicit affairs with you and how much you like it. Only a slut would allow herself to be passed around in such a way.

"They lie!" Kendra dug her feet in and refused to move an inch. "I've never lain with a man, Daniel. I wouldn't lie to you about that." She stared up and into her brother's expressive face, seeing the doubt there. "What will it take for you to believe me?"

Daniel smiled, his lips twitching as she said the exact words he'd been waiting to hear. He paused for just a moment before he lifted her bodily out of the way of the foot traffic around them and into a doorway that was quiet and semiprivate. "You can gift me with your veil of innocence," he said softly and in her ear. "Let me be the first and then I will know you're not the slut others have been calling you."

"B-but ... but you are my b-brother. It is a sin." Kendra shook her head emphatically, her hands clasping each other and wringing under the cover of her shawl. "We would be damned."

"Who'll know beside the two of us? I don't plan to tell." Daniel twisted so that she was trapped between him and the door, his fingers pulling at her shawl. "Come on, Kendra, prove your innocence to me. Make me believe."

"No, Daniel. Stop it!" Kendra tried to make herself a piece of the wooden paneling behind her, slapping at Daniel's hands when he wouldn't leave her be. "What would Momma say?"

Daniel dug his hand in the heavy hair at the nape of her neck, holding her face still so that he could find her lips. "She would say that it was about time," he rasped. Then his mouth came down hard upon the softness of hers and she squealed in fright and pain even as she fought to turn her head away.

His lips were hard and wet. They seemed to encompass the lower half of her face, leaving it wet with his drool. His hand was torturous, grabbing a fist full of her hair and holding her still, yanking even more when his tongue pushed against her lips, trying to find a way inside.

Kendra whimpered at the pain, her hands in fists pushing against his chest. But he seemed like a bolder, unmovable, impenetrable, and unwilling to hear her cries. His other hand ran down her body, pinching and probing at her flesh. He thrust that hand down the back of her skirt, his fingers moving over the softness of her buttocks even as she screamed again.

"Excuse me."

The voice was quiet, melodic but filled with an unassuming strength. The interruption caused Daniel to lift his head and Kendra wiped at her face with one corner of her shawl, not hiding her disgust from either man standing near her now.

"What do you want?" Daniel asked harshly and with little gentlemanly d├ęcor.

"I couldn't help but note that your lady does not seem to be willing party here." He nodded his head at Kendra.

"I'm not," she said quickly, before Daniel could put lies in her mouth. Kendra reached out to touch her savior and felt him take her hand to pull her away her brother. She shivered as the coldness of his touch startled her and her eyes flew to his face.

And she was lost. He had the face of an angel, his hair dark and long, touching the wide shoulders of his coat. Sharp cheekbones slashed below devilish eyes that seemed almost to dance in laughter at her reaction to his skin. They were deep blue, unreal looking in that face that would confound any woman. His lips were pink, held in a smile that she wondered was supposed to placate or because he couldn't help his amusement at her reaction.

"Will you come with me?" he asked softly, for her ears only.

"Yes," she sighed, unable to say anything but. His hand pulled hers under his arm and he helped her down the two steps that her brother had forced her up, gliding almost carelessly back into the foot traffic that clogged the streets as people hurried home.

"Where are we going?" he asked, his eyes on her face.

"I-I don't know," she admitted, her eyes seeking the comfort of his face.

"Don't you think we should take you home and inform your father of that man's attack upon your person?"

Kendra shook her head frantically, pushing a tress of her red hair out of her face. "He ... He ... he is my brother," she was finally able to say, feeling his cold fingers hook the unruly lock of hair behind her ears. "My father is dead."

"What of your mother, then?"

"Stepmother, his mother." She sighed, seeing the comprehension on his face.

"And she'll believe anything he tells her." He didn't need to see her shake her head yes, he already knew the truth. "No other family?"

"N-no." She moaned when she felt Daniel's hand grabbing at her arm but her savior was already in motion. He easily pulled her out of the way and then his fist flew, landing with audible force and turning Daniel's nose into a flattened tomato, blood gushing.

"Sir, that was your only warning," the man said, watching as Daniel stumbled for a moment before he fell to the ground. "She said no and she meant no."

Kendra felt laughter bubbling, slightly hysterical at the sight. She turned away from Daniel's eyes, wanting to be away from the crowd of people that were now gathered around the three of them. She didn't slow until she felt the icy touch of her rescuer's fingertips on her hand.

"I hope that didn't disgust you," he said in that silky smooth voice.

"N-no. I must thank you again. I've never seen him act this way." She felt his hand take hers and shivered slightly.

"Well, I can say I understand his motivation." He chuckled, a husky sound that trickled over Kendra's spine making her want to hear it again.

"Motivation?" she asked, perplexed.

"You are quite lovely."

Kendra felt the heat of her blushes against her cheeks and dropped her eyes, staring at the shiny leather of his boots.

"Oh no, now I've embarrassed you." His finger touched the tip of her chin, lifting it until he could see in her eyes. "I'm sorry I was so candid, Miss ... ahh..."

"Kendra Smalley," she supplied.

"Miss Smalley," he finished, his finger slipping over her bottom lip. "Kendra is such a beautiful name."

"I was named after a friend of the family," she said. "But you have me at a disadvantage. You are my savior and I have no idea what to call you."

He lifted her hand, tugging a bit to get her moving. "I am Lucien Davalos. My family and I have just moved here."

"Family?" Was he married then and completely out of her reach?

"My parents and my siblings. I come from a big family and we enjoy being together so we had to find a bigger place to store us all." He smiled down at the curiosity in her eyes. "You'll enjoy them."

"Is that where you're taking me? To your home?"

"The sun is beginning to set, Miss Smalley."

"Kendra," she said softly. "Please."

"How can I resist when you ask so sweetly, Kendra?"

"Thank you." She could feel the heat of another blush cover her cheeks and hear his soft laughter.

"That is so wonderful," he said almost to himself.

Kendra looked up from beneath her thick lashes, gray/green eyes curious even as her cheeks turned rosy. "You like my blushes?"

"Yes," he answered simply. He raised her hand to his lips and she shivered again at their icy touch.

"Why are you so cold?" she asked bluntly.

"The evening air does have a bit of a bite," he said smoothly, moving her hand out of his and onto the sleeve of his jacket. "Come, we should get you someplace warm and find you something to eat."

"I don't want to be a burden." Kendra could feel the long lean muscles flexing under her fingers. They were almost like rock, so hard she couldn't help but wonder if anything would cut him.

"You are no burden, Kendra. My family will enjoy you. I promise you that. No one will hurt you or force you to do anything you don't want to do. You can trust me."

Kendra closed her eyes, letting out a small sigh. "But I'll still have to go home some time." Her voice was quiet and he bent his head closer to her.

"Not until we are sure you'll be safe. I won't send you back to those people who wanted to hurt you. You can trust me, Kendra."

Her small tongue slipped out to wet her lips and she opened her eyes just in time to see a pained look cross his face and his own eyes shut for a moment. Then his face smoothed out and he opened his own eyes, that look gone. "I do trust you, Mr. Davalos."

"Lucian," he said softly. "I'd love to hear my name upon your lips, Kendra."

"Lucian," she repeated. "I do trust you, Lucian."

His eyes closed again and a small moan seemed to come from deep in his chest. "You are a temptation, Kendra. You could tempt a man to lose his soul for you."

"I-I didn't mean..."

"No, of course you didn't." He smiled, an angelic smile that made his blue eyes dance. "You can't help it." He pulled her up a short walk of steps that led to a huge brownstone house. "Home sweet home," he said, pulling out a small ring of keys and unlocking the front door. He stood there a moment, his head cocked as if he were listening to something she couldn't hear. Then he pulled her inside, closing and locking the door after her.

From where she stood, she could see the huge rooms, beautifully furnished with expensive furniture and beautiful paintings upon the wall. Next to them, her shawl looked downright shabby and her skirt blouse combination made her look like part of the help.

Except they were probably better dressed than she. The thought gave her pause and she hung back, tugging on her arm that he still held. "I-I'm not d-dressed right," she stuttered.

Lucian chuckled. "This is my home, Kendra. You're dressed just fine." He reached out and picked a stray thread from her shawl then let it flutter to the floor. "Now you're perfect."

His voice flowed like honey over her battered nerves and she found herself drawn along with him, through the rooms until he stopped outside double doors that were closed. Smiling, he turned toward her, reaching out to lift the heavy fall of her flame colored curls.

"This is the first thing I noticed about you," he said in a soft whisper that was still silky sweet. "The color drew my eyes like you were aflame. I wanted to dig my hands in just to feel the satiny texture." He brushed his hand over her forehead, his fingers skimming over her cheek and down to her chin. "You are very beautiful, Kendra. My family will welcome you here, so don't fear. All right?"

He seemed to hesitate, one palm smoothing the riot of curls that bounced around her face and shoulders. Kendra finally nodded, her reward was the brightness of his smile and he wrapped his arm around her shoulders, squeezing lightly before reaching out to grab one of the double doors. Giving her one last glance, he pushed open the door and led her in.

The room was huge, the walls filled with floor to ceiling shelves covered in books. There were more books in this one room than Kendra could ever remember seeing before in her life. A fire roared in a huge brick fireplace, the flames leaping over the logs eagerly. Paintings covered the walls where the shelves stopped, works done by the masters. Some she recognized though her experience was meager.

Her eyes moved over the room, storing every detail into her mind to take out and savor later. It was only as her eyes settled on the fireplace did she note the other people in the room.

It was easy to miss them for they sat still as statues. Then one rose, with the grace of a dancer and the almost impossible beauty like one of those paintings she'd been admiring. The woman was tall, statuesque, her complexion perfect roses and cream. She held her hands out, one to Lucian, the other, impossibly, to her.

"Welcome, Kendra, to our home. We are so happy to have you here."

Her words were sincerely spoken, her voice soft and lilting. She pressed her cold cheek to Kendra's warm one.

Kendra didn't shy from the woman, her words and mannerisms made her feel so welcomed. It was just strange, how did she know her name?

"Kendra, this is my mother, Liriana."

"Thank you, ma'am." Kendra dropped a small curtsey, unsure of what to say or do. It was as if Liriana's actions opened the floodgates, for then they were all there, gathered around, speaking at once. Kendra felt herself shifted from arms to arms as she was hugged, her cheek kissed. Names flew and she found herself unable to remember any but Liriana's.

"All right, that's enough for now." Liriana's voice was loud enough to be heard over the roar of the crowd and she shooed the family back to their seats. "Kendra, you must be exhausted. I'll let Lucian show you to your room."

"My room?" Kendra asked, confusion causing another blush to cover her cheeks.

"Well you didn't think we were going to put you on the couch," Lucian said, his husky laugh dancing around the room. "Come, you must be tired. You've had a hard day, little one." His cold hand took hers and he tugged her into motion. "Liriana will be finding you some food and we'll get you tucked into bed."

His words made her curious. "Can I not eat what the rest of you do?"

Lucian laughed, finding her words vastly amusing. "I'm not sure you'd approve of the source, Kendra. It's probably just better if you eat what Lira brings you."

"But ... I don't understand."

Kendra stared up at him, becoming lost in his blue eyes. He tipped his head closer to hers, inhaling deeply, his hand slowly sliding down her black. He tugged her closer, his lips gently moving over her cheek, slipping down to her lips and clinging there.

Her eyes fluttered closed and she moaned, the sudden heat that sprang from inside of her as a response to those icy cold lips surprised her. She could feel his chest pressing against her breasts and she lifted up on her tip toes to be able to reach him better.

This was so different from the kiss Daniel had forced on her earlier. That kiss had disgusted her. Lucian's kiss, on the other hand, made her long for more. Her fingers twined in the length of his dark hair, one palm slipping to cup his perfect cheek. He moved closer to her, impossibly close as if he wanted to share the space with her. His hands moved over her, stroking her body, making her arch.

She pressed the tip of her tongue to the hard seam of his lips, her warm breath bathing his face. Then she was free and he was across the room from her, his chest heaving as he tried to catch his breath. He held up one hand, silencing her questions before they could be asked. His hand fell to the small table next to him, his fist almost white, his body shaking.

"L-Lucian?" she whispered.

His head was down and he didn't look up as she called his name. So she tried again. "D-did ... Did I do something wrong?"

He looked up at last, his eyes soft, almost liquid. "No," he said. He moved slowly toward her and carefully took her hands in his. "No, little Kendra. You did everything too right. I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to ... to stop."

Kendra stared up into his eyes, searching their depths. "What if I didn't want you to stop?" she asked quickly as if she might lose her nerve.

Lucian closed his eyes, his head resting against hers. "You don't know what you're asking." He held her hands against his chest. "You have to know, I'll protect you from anything, Kendra. Even myself. Especially myself."

There were a million questions bubbling at her lips but she forced them back. His pale features seemed strained and his hands were just a bit unsteady on hers. "I don't understand."

"I know."

"And you won't explain it any better than that?"

"I can't," he sighed. He dropped a quick kiss on her forehead, his lips lingering. "I wish I could. It would be so much easier if I could."

She closed her own eyes as frustration beat an angry tattoo on her temples. "Why can't you?" she asked.

Lucian's hand cupped her cheek and he held her soft face in his cold fingers. "It's not just my secret, Kendra. It's not just my life that I would put into danger. I cannot do that to my family."

"Your family?" Kendra shook her head. "What do they have to do with this?"

Instead of answering, he picked her hand up again and began pulling her down the long corridor again and then up a flight of stairs. "I'm putting you in the room next to mine. You'll be safe there."

"Safe from whom?" she asked shyly.

Lucian stopped in front of a door, opening it slowly. He spread out his hand, ushering her through the door. "Your room."

Kendra stepped inside and then slowly turned in a circle, her eyes widening. The room was huge, the bed looked like a sea of blue against the soft white carpet. Painting hung upon the walls and a small desk hugged one wall. The room was bigger than the house she lived in with her stepmother and Daniel and she couldn't believe that Lucian was telling her that this was hers.

"It's beautiful," she sighed, turning to find him.

"It's what you deserve," he said, then turned toward one of the doors that was in the far wall. "Your bathroom, you closet, and," he pulled open the last door, his eyes skipping back to hers. "My room."

She nodded, dutifully peeking her head through the doors he held open for her. "Thank you."

"There's nothing to thank me about." His hand slid across her cheek, his fingers tangling in her curls. It was as if he couldn't stop touching her and Kendra enjoyed every touch. "There are clothes in the closet that should fit you."

"It's too much," Kendra gasped, her hand coming up to take his. "You're being too generous and I don't deserve it."

"You do," he argued.

"You don't even know me."

"You're Kendra Smalley. You mother died when you were born, your father just a few years ago. You've been living with your stepmother and stepbrother who both treat you like their personal maids. Your stepbrother wants nothing more than to get you into bed and treat you like slut. You're a good person with a big heart and you hate thinking bad thoughts about anyone. What else do I need to know?" he growled the question, ignoring her start of surprise.

"How..." She couldn't finish the question.

"How do I know this? I just do."

His face took on a stubborn expression and he refused to say anymore. Instead, he took her hands and spun her around the room until the back of her knees were pressed against his bed. With a tiny push, she landed upon her back on the soft mattress and he followed her down.

"So, will it do?"

"Will it do?" she echoed, amazed at the question. "I've never seen a room like this before, Lucian, much less stayed in one. How could it not do?"

He grinned and she felt her heart thump hard in her chest. "Well, you might not like the color," he said, his hand going out to touch the soft drapes that hung around the bed. There were pink rosebuds against a snowy white background. "These remind me of your cheeks."

She felt the heat of her blush and turned her head, refusing to look at him. "It's a beautiful room, Lucian. I don't know how to thank you."

His hand came up and turned her so that he could see her eyes. "You're welcome. But it's no more than what you deserve." He bent his head, his lips covering hers again. This time, his tongue pressed into her mouth and she welcomed it eagerly, feeling the trail of heat that rose from her depths. His cold lips moved over hers, his body pressing against the soft heat of hers.

The moan was ripped from his chest and he pushed himself away, freeing his jacket from her grasping hands. "You go to my head," he growled. "You make me want to forget what you are."

"What am I?" she asked, her voice just as husky as his.

"Forbidden." He took two steps from the bed. "I'll be back in a little bit with some food for you." He gave her one last smoldering look from the deep blue of his eyes and then he was gone, closing the door behind him.

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