Sunny the Cougar
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Doctor/Nurse,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sunny Evert was 35 years old with a 19-year-old daughter she hadn't had a man in her life in almost a year. Then she meet a new patient.

Sunny Evert had a good life. 35 years old with a 19-year-old daughter she had worked at a Doc In The Box as a Physician's Assistant for the past 6 years. She loved the Doctor she was assigned to, Roberta "Robbie" Brighton, like a sister. Robbie was 2 years older and physically her exact opposite, Petite blonde and slender where Sunny was tall with long red hair. Sunny had worked hard to get where she was. Having a child at 16 had forced her to take a lot of low paying jobs to make ends meet. Her parents had been a big help, as had her five siblings, providing childcare when Raquel was little. School at night and on the weekends had gotten her the RN and then the PA that had made the last few years a lot easier. She liked her job her at Penn MedAlert, there was something new everyday and the people she worked with were super friendly. But the shortage of men her age who weren't married, gay or complete losers left her rather lonely lately. This combined with a high sex drive had her rather frustrated.

"Micah Campbell", she called into the sparsely populated waiting room. A handsome young man stood and walker toward her. "Step this way Mr. Campbell" Please ma'am, call me Micah or Bear." " Alright Bear, in here please." They stepped into the triage room where she ask him to step up on the scales, "245 and 6' 6", ok have a seat and let me get some vitals." As she checked his blood pressure, temp and pulse she ask what brought him in today.

"A weird mole on the inside of my thigh."

"Is it painful?"

"Normally no but when I ride my bike for more than 30-40 minutes is does get painful."

"Oh what do you ride?"

"I have a Harley"

Sunny smiled, "I ride an 833" "Any other problems today?"

"No ma'am." Sunny took him back to an exam room. "Remove your pants, have a seat on the exam table and just drape this sheet over your lower half. I'll be back in a minute." When she returned he was sitting on the table swinging his feet. "Let's take a look." She said lifting the sheet. The problem was obvious. Trying to focus on the problem area she ran her fingers over the growth. "It looks like a that spot is chafed to me but we will let the Doctor decide.

"I assume if that is what it is y'all can remove it."

"We can Bear, but you might not want to ride home on your bike."

"Not a problem, I came in my car." Sunny left the room telling him that the Doctor would be in shortly. "Robbie, cute guy in exam 6, looks like a mole removal on the upper inside thigh."

"Hottie huh, how old?"

"21 sweetie." Sunny and Robbie were always professional with patients but certainly were not above a little gossip when out of earshot.

"Well let's go take a look."

"Hello Mr. Campbell I'm Dr. Brighton. Let's take a look at this growth." " Hummm, yupe definitely a needs to come off. We can remove it for you or if you prefer we can recommend a plastic surgeon to take it off."

"Doctor, I am happy for you to do it and please call me Bear, Mr. Campbell is still my Dad."

"Okay Bear, the best way to do this will be to use the stirrups if you don't find that to embarrassing."

"If you ladies can stand it every year I think I can handle it for today." He laughed.

Robbie smiled " Sunny will get you prepped and I'll be back in a few minutes." " Ok Bear, Swing around and we will get this setup." Sunny got the stirrups set and Bear's feet settled in then started painting the surgical site with a Betadine solution. They chatted while she went through the process, Sunny learned that he was working on a PHD in Political Science at Penn and was the older of two children.

"Blue, one of my favorite colors." Bear murmured. "What was that Bear?" then Sunny realized that in the position she was in he could see her blue bra down her shirtfront. She looked up with a twinkle in her eyes. " Like that huh?" Bear blushed, "Sorry Ma'am." " I think if you are gonna look at my bra you can call me Sunny. I admit I'm flattered you would want to look at an old lady like me."

"Sunny, You might be many things but old isn't one of them." "My daughter is only two years younger than you."

Bear smiled, " And my Dad is 15 years older than my Mom, what's your point?"

"Have you ever dated someone older than you Bear." "My date to the Senior prom was 23 I was 17. My last girlfriend was 30."

Sunny felt her nipples tighten. Where had That come from?

Robbie came back into the room, "Are we all set Sunny?" "Just finished, Dr. B." Robbie sat down on a stool positioned between Bear's spread legs. Sunny piped up " Now you say "I hate this part" Bear." Robbie shot her a look as Bear laughed.

"OK, I hate this part." "At least she doesn't have big hands." Both Sunny and Robbie laughed at that. "Just be careful with the knife, OK Doc."

"Hmmm, we may have a problem actually, I may not be able to do this with out... "bumping" you." " Would it bother you if I had my PA hold you over to one side to give me a little extra room to work?"

"I'm OK with it."

Robbie injected a numbing agent at the incision site and sat back. "We will give that about five minutes to work and we should be all set." " You seem unusually mature for your age Mr. Campbell. Most young men your age would be more uncomfortable in this situation."

Bear smiled, "I have a Mom, Sister, six Aunts and a Grandmother who have been running my life forever. My grandmother use to laugh that my Sister's first words were "bay-uh do"

Sunny asked, " How did you get the nickname "Bear" if you don't my asking."

"No problem, it was Pooh Bear till my sister called me that in front of a classmate at school."

"Oh, that's cute."

Robbie poked at the lump a bit, "Does that feel pretty numb now, Bear?" " It does." "Ready Sunny?"

"Yes ma'am." She replied. Gently, Sunny placed her hand on Bear's underwear pulled him away from the area Robbie was preparing to incise. Sunny was acutely aware of what she was holding. She felt her nipples harden again. Feeling daring she leaned forward, giving Bear a peek at her bra covered breasts if he chose to look. Bear couldn't resist and was mildly surprised to see the imprint of her nipples against the soft bra cups. Bear felt himself harden.

Robbie grinned without looking up. You Okay Bear?"

"No problem, just enjoying the view." Bear winked at Sunny.

Now Robbie did look up, "That's one way to take his mind off surgery Sunny."

"Anything to help Doctor." Bear tried not to laugh "Anything?" " Hush you little pervert."

With the lipoma removed Robbie started closing the incision, "You will want to be sure to dry this area thoroughly when bathing or showering. Can you come back in a four or five days to have the stitches removed?"

"That will not pose a problem Doc."

"Sunny will go over the precautions more completely with you." Robbie left the exam room.

"Ok Bear, let's see; no jogging, bicycle riding, etc. until the stitches come out. You will want to wear loose pants. Sex, you can have sex but you need to avoid "athletic" activity.

"Well Sunny, that wont be a problem. Been a while since I had any volunteers. Sunny noticed he had not shrunk since she released him. Making an impulsive decision she asked, "Would you like me to leave you alone for a few minutes or I could..."

Bear smiled " You could leave me alone but I confess I am curious how you were going to finish that sentence."

"Like this." Sunny replied impulsively putting her hand back on the bulge he displayed.

Bear's face lit up. " If there is no danger of you getting in trouble I would LOVE that." " Can I ask you for a date after the stitches come out first."

"Bear, you want to go on a date with ME?"

"Very much so, Sunny."

"OK, we will set something up when you come back for me to take the stitches out" Sunny pulled his underwear down and his hard cock popped up. Sunny estimated it was 8" long and she could just barely reach around it. She began stroking him rhythmically. She had never done anything even remotely like this before, but there was just something about him that made her want to do this. She admitted to herself that the forbidden nature of what she was doing was a bit of a turn-on.

"For godsakes don't yell when you come, Bear."

"I wont Sunny." A couple of moments later Sunny felt his balls tighten, grabbing a cloth she caught his cum as it shot out.

"Wow, thank you so much, I wish I could return the favor."

"Play your cards right and you might get the chance." Sunny wiped his groin down and tucked everything back where it went.

"This may sound odd Sunny, but can I kiss you?"

"Yes you may"

Bear pulled her into his arms brought his lips to her mouth, what started as a chaste kiss quickly escalated to a duel of tongues, breaking the kiss Bear smiled "Good thing they don't take your blood pressure when you leave." "I'll see you in a week Sunny"

"Yes you will." She promised.

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