Meant to Be Together
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Incest, Mother, Son,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My mother and I are reunited and sparks fly between us.

It was after eleven before I woke up and went out to find mum in her usual Sunday attire of a short house coat over a small pair of panties,

"Hello gorgeous" I greeted her and bent to kiss her softly whilst slipping a hand inside her robe to cup a firm breast.

"Morning handsome" she smiled and snaked both arms around my neck,

"What would you like for breakfast?"

"You on a plate" I grinned and kissed my way down over her throat to take a nipple between my lips.

"With dressing or without?" she purred and parted her legs as my lips caressed her belly button,

"Without" I breathed, "Definitely without" and I kissed the front of her panties, my nostril's flared at the heady aroma of her pussy and she gasped as I wormed my tongue inside the delicate little garment,

"Mmm" she moaned softly, "Every woman should start Sundays like this"

I licked the whole length of her fragrant slit while she pushed her groin up into my face, she was completely open now, her juices flowing over my tongue as I pushed deeper into her very core, she was on the very edge of an orgasm as I quickly stepped away to drop my shorts and then I pulled her panties off before mounting her willing body,

"Oh God yes" she sighed as my prick slid unaided into her warmth, I held her head with a hand on either side of her face and looked into her eyes as I began moving in and out slowly.

"This is how it's going to be mum from now on, just you and I, no-one else, we don't need anyone else"

She smiled and her whole face lit up,

"Yes, I don't care what society thinks of us, we're the only ones who matter"

I felt her legs go round my back and she used her hands on my buttocks to try and pull me in deeper.

"Just promise me you'll never stop doing this"

"Doing what mum?" I asked wanting to hear her say the words,

"Fucking me" she smiled, "Promise you'll never stop fucking me"

I drew back slightly until just the dome of my prick was inside her and then still with my eyes fixed firmly on hers, I lunged forward, she squealed and gripped me tightly,

"Again" she hissed and pulled my head down to hers,

"Ram that fucking monster right into my cunt" she whispered and licked my ear.

I lunged again and again until I felt an orgasm approaching,

"I'm coming mum" I gasped, but all she could do was to cling to me, her face was screwed up with agonizing pleasure, she couldn't speak, her eyes were wide open and staring, I felt my prick explode as the sensations in my prick reached their peak, mum was thrashing and writhing under me, her nails were drawing blood, but the pain was delicious and I welcomed it.

We lay for a minute still locked in our incestuous embrace, then I eased myself up and we both laughed at the obscene plop when my cock slipped out of her pussy,

"I'll get breakfast" she told me then we need to talk,

"About what?" I asked and felt my prick twitching as I watched her stepping into her panties,

"About where we go from here" she said seriously,

"Back to bed?" I suggested hopefully and got an elbow in my ribs for my troubles.

We ate a delicious breakfast of bacon and eggs, while mum talked and I listened,

"The first thing we should do is to go and meet your foster parents, you're eighteen now we know, but we should be respectful and tell them that you want to live with me now.

"Sounds fair" I agreed, "I think they'll be pleased for me"

While she made the train bookings, I thought back to the previous weekend when I'd arrived at the small country railway station and seen her for the first time,

She was the only person on the platform and even before the single carriage train pulled to a halt, we were smiling at each other.

"You must be Ben" she said softly and I nodded too afraid to speak, I put my case down and we embraced, thankfully the station was unmanned so there was no-one there to see our tears as we both lost whatever composure we'd had up until that point.

"Ben, Ben, Ben" was all she could say in between sobs, but I was completely unable to speak at all, we must have held each other for a good five minutes until we regained some sense of normality and pulled apart to look at each other.

"Is it really you Ben?" she said very softly as if she was afraid I'd say no.

"It's me mum" I smiled and I saw the tears returning to her eyes,

"You called me mum" her bottom lip trembled and I held her close again.

"Say that again please Ben"

"Mum" I whispered, then I pulled back and shouted to the empty station at the top of my voice,

"This is my mother, I've found my mum"

We both cried again and held each other, it was about fifteen minutes before we left the station and called a cab to take us to the pub she owned,

"I still can't believe I've found you" she said in the cab, but my hand holding hers told her I was real and I confirmed it by telling her it was the happiest day of my life!

We both cried again in the pub when we walked in and she introduced me proudly as her son, she was obviously well liked there by customers and staff alike because they all cheered and queued up to shake my hand and embrace mum,

"Big bugger ain't you?" a grizzled old timer said and mum kissed his bald head before announcing that the till was now shut, there was silence for a moment then she added that all drinks were on the house and chaos broke out.

"Well I think that little lot cost me a bob or two" she smiled as the last of the bar maids left and she went through the well practiced routine of locking up and setting the alarms,

Her flat above the pub was lovely and far bigger than I'd imagined it to be, but the attraction for me was the well lit roof garden complete with a small swimming pool, it was beautiful and she beamed with pride when I told her so.

Both of us had drank very little downstairs so she opened a bottle of champagne and we toasted each other,

"Here's to finding each other" she said and raised her glass,

"Here's to the future" I said and emptied it in one go,

"I bought that when I first got this place" she said softly "And I vowed I'd open it only when I found you" she refilled our glasses again and sat down to tell me all about her life, she'd had me when she was just fifteen, the result of a drunken teenage party and she'd cried bitterly when her strict, church going parents had made her put me up for long term fostering.

"I cheated though" she smiled, "I had a good friend who worked for social services and she risked her job to trace your foster parents.

"That must have been hard" I grinned, "With dad being a soldier, you don't mind me calling him dad do you?"

"No of course not, he's done a wonderful job of raising you, you've turned into a fine young man"

I felt myself blushing at her words, but she squeezed my hand and waited for me to speak,

"Well I've certainly seen the world" I told her, "We were always on the move"

She stood up then and unfastened the ribbon in her hair, it cascaded down over her shoulders and took ten years off her, she was beautiful and it was her turn to blush when I told her,

She sat down again and told me how she'd left school and gone to college to learn all she could about the licensed trade and how at just eighteen she'd been given her first pub as a manager,

"I was the youngest pub manager in Britain" she said proudly and showed me the certificates she'd won at college,

"It must have been hard" I said and she nodded in agreement,

"Yes, not everyone liked the idea, I was in charge of people much older than me and I had to be strict, I sacked three or four and gradually the rest got the message"

"Don't mess with my mum" I finished the sentence for her and we laughed together,

"Basically yes" she smiled, word got round that I was good at my job and I would stand any nonsense, I was given bigger pubs to manage until after ten years I was able to buy this place, it was just a run down old village pub when I bought t it, but people were curious, you know, a woman by herself, they came to check me out and then their wives came too for the same reason, thankfully they stayed, I've been here five years now and the place is doing really well"

"You should have a kitchen mum" I said and watched as she went over to a desk, she bent to open a drawer and I caught the outline of a thong through her tight skirt,

"Funny you should say that" she smiled and showed me some blue prints of a proposed extension to the ground floor of the pub, "These are the plans I've had drawn up, they've just been passed by the council"

She could see that they meant nothing to me so she explained that they were for a kitchen!

We sat up until very late just talking and getting to know each other before going to bed and for my part, I was asleep the moment my head hit the pillow.

She woke me the next morning with a smile and a welcome cup of tea, My God she even looked beautiful first thing in the morning!

"What time is it?" I asked trying not to look down her loose robe,

"Nearly ten" she smiled, "The staff are in so I thought we'd go for a stroll round the village, I want to show you off"

"I think that should be the other way round mum" I laughed, "You're gorgeous"

"Well I certainly feel good this morning, but I think that's down to you being here"

I reached out and pulled her down for a kiss and I'm sure that I tasted her lips for just slightly longer than is usual between a mother and son!

She looked like a teenager when we finally set out on our stroll, a very pretty teenager, hair in a pony tail, large framed glasses on the end of her nose and tight jeans that looked to be caressing a very sexy little bottom and judging by the way her breasts jiggled under her loose sweater, she didn't believe in wearing a bra.

People all over the village stopped to say hello, they all knew of me which I found quite daunting, but without exception they were nice folk and I felt really at home in this tiny community, she showed me a little path that lead down to the beach and told me surveyors had been round doing whatever it is that surveyors do,

"I think they're going to develop the village and make it a little tourist spot" she said wistfully, "It'll be good for the local economy, but I fear it'll ruin our village"

We came out onto a lovely little beach then and sat down to enjoy the view,

"I often used to come down here to sit and think about you, to wonder if I'd ever find you"

I slipped an arm round her waist and drew her closer,

"You did though didn't you?"

She turned and smiled at me and it seemed to light the whole area up,

"Yes I did"

"You've not asked me about any hobbies I have" I said and she laughed,

"No I haven't I'm sorry darling, tell me about them"

"Cooking mum" I said, "I love cooking and I'm quite good at it"

"Are you angling for a job?" she laughed and I felt the pressure of her breast against my side,

"No, not at all mum, but I'd love to stay here with you"

"What about your foster parents?"

"I think they're expecting you to want me here"

"In that case I think you've just got yourself a new home"

Without thinking, I grabbed her and kissed her full on the lips, she responded and I felt her mouth opening, her tongue was a live thing in my mouth as we lay back on the sand,

"No" she said and pulled away, but followed it with, "Not here"

I could feel her trembling as we walked quickly back to the pub, we had a quick word with the staff and customers and then practically ran upstairs,

"This is so wrong" she gasped as I pulled the sweater off over her head, but her fingers were scrabbling at the belt of my jeans, her own jeans were practically skin tight, but together we managed to get both pairs off, her panties were small and pink, no more than a wisp of silk that barely covered her oozing sex, she moaned as I dropped to my knees and ran my tongue over the shape of her slit before easing them to one side and tasting her sweet little cunt for the very first time.

"Oh God yes" she sighed as she pushed her hips into my face and used both hands in my hair to hold me there,

We'd crossed the line then and we both knew it, there wouldn't be any going back, there couldn't be, we'd broken the greatest taboo known to man.

I heard her breath rasping in her throat as I worshipped her cunt, her juices trickled into my mouth and I swallowed them relishing every drop,

"Do it Ben" she hissed and I stood up feeling her hands grasping my prick, I reached down and picked her up with both hands cupping her buttocks, her legs went round my waist and her arms snaked around my neck,

"Ooh Ben yes" she moaned as my cock slid home deep into her body, "Oh God you're inside me darling, you're doing it, you're fucking me"

Our lips mashed together hungrily, we swapped saliva and sucked each others tongue, this was sex as I'd never known it before, wild, sweaty and downright fucking dirty, we looked into each other's eyes and saw our future there, we were two of a kind sticking two fingers up to the world.

"Mum I'm coming" I gasped and she nodded,

"Wait" she gasped, then her eyes widened, "Yes, yes Ben I'm coming, fuck yes, ooh God YESSSSSSSSSSSS"

My cock jerked and I jetted spurt after spurt of my seed into her body while she clung to me riding out her own orgasm until with a low moan she slipped from my grasp and sat with her back against the door gasping for breath,

"Wow" I exclaimed as I joined her and she giggled,

"Wow yourself, you're definitely my son all right, one minute we're sitting talking and the next minute my panties are round my ankles"

"You're still wearing them mum" I pointed out with a smile and pulled her closer for another kiss,

"I think our lives have just changed for ever" she said softly and we shared the same breath,

"Yes" I agreed, "I think they have"

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