Book 8 - Zara
Chapter 1

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Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - More of the series, with new characters, new situations, more dragons, elves and others. Please see author notes

Zara sat on the special chair that Mar had made especially for her and watched Mar and Bartolow trying to figure out what they had done wrong with the experiment they were trying. The workroom was a mess, from the last little explosion, she listened to Mar muttering and chuckled, Mar turned around asking if she had her latin translation done, Zara nodded "yes, I'm all done." Mar frowned and came over to look, handing her a book of Italian he told her to translate pages one through ten and went back to the work table. Zara sighed "I thought we were going to work on Russian translations today?" Mar glanced over his shoulder "we'll work on those tomorrow" then went back to his formula. Angry, Zara flew over to the work table picked up the pen Bartolow had just set down, turning Mar's paper over she wrote a formula down, set the pen back in its holder and went back to her chair and the Italian book. Mar frowned "I would have figured it out shortly, no need to get snippy and prove me wrong." Zara smiled "you just like blowing up the workroom that's all." Neither Mar or Bartolow smiled back as they started to try the formula Zara wrote down, quickly finishing the translation, she handed it to Mar "it's time for me to go home, bye Mar, bye Bartolow" then left the lair. Mar raised an eyeridge "that's the first time I've heard her call you anything other than Barto Bear." Bartolow nodded feeling very saddened.

Zara played out in the garden with Hellhound, wrapping her small arms around his neck she sighed "what's wrong with everyone these days Hell, mama is upset because now that Connor is captaining his own Flying Dragon ship he isn't home very often, Miranda is so busy with Christopher and the unicorns she rarely comes around anymore, and never seems to have time to even say hi. Mar gets grouchier and grouchier every day, and just shoves stuff at me to learn, he never talks to me anymore. No one has time for me anymore Hell but I don't know why." Hellhound licked Zara's little cheek and went off howling at a rabbit that he had spotted in the bushes. A short time later Zara sent Hellhound home to Raimi and Revanche and went inside to wash for dinner. Alex smiled at Zara "you have a good day Puffball?" Zara shrugged "it was ok, nothing special." Laurel chuckled "I gather Mar didn't blow the wall out of the lair today." Zara shook her head "not today." Alex turned to Laurel asking her if Virlane had found out yet who had purchased the property west of The Keep, last he had heard no one had found out the name yet and it was driving Virlane to distraction. Laurel shook her head "I talked to Kat this morning and so far they had not been able to find out anything, she told me whoever bought the property is building a castle complete with turrets, gables, and towers, she said it looks like a fortress and whoever it is, is using magic to build it which really has Virlane concerned." Zara listened to her parents talking as she ate her dinner, after she finished she excused herself and went upstairs, she opened the door to Miranda's room and just looked for a moment then went to Connors room, then went to her own room. Laurel tapped on Zara's door and quietly went in, sitting on a chair by her bed Laurel asked "what's the matter Zara?" Zara nibbled on her tiny talon, shrugging Zara said she was just bored and tired with translating texts, Laurel offered to talk to Mar and see if they couldn't work out some new course but Zara shook her head saying she would talk to Mar tomorrow. Laurel gave Zara a hug "if you need help with anything sweetie all you have to do is let us know." Zara nodded "I know mama." Laurel kissed Zara on the cheek and tucked her blankets around her telling Zara to sleep tight. Zara wrapped her small arms around bear and lay thinking for a long time.

Zara got up the next morning, quickly ate her breakfast, told her mother and father that she was going to go see Raimi then go to Mar's. Giggling to herself Zara sat talking to Raimi who was so huge she couldn't get out of the chair in the living room without help. Zara put a big glass of lemon water on the table next to Raimi along with a plate of fruit. Zara smiled "do you need anything else Raimi?" Raimi chuckled "you could do my breakfast dishes and my laundry." Zara giggled "all done." Raimi laughed "you're the perfect helper, now tell me why your here and not with Mar studying." Zara frowned "he gets annoyed with me all the time it seems like, I'll go over later but not right now. Raimi do you still like me?" Raimi looked at Zara in surprise "what a question to ask, of course I like you Zara, I love you very dearly, what made you say something like that?" Zara shrugged "I don't think anyone likes me anymore Raimi, no one has any time for me, they're all so busy, I feel like an after thought." Raimi picked Zara up and set her on her huge tummy giving her a hug "awww Zara don't ever think things like that, everyone loves you so much, you'll always be special to all of us, see feel the baby he's kicking away telling you the same thing." Zara giggled purring and nuzzling Raimi's tummy "I think he is just in a hurry to come say hi to everyone." Raimi chuckled "the sooner the better, then maybe I won't look like a stuffed duck." Zara laughed gave Raimi a hug saying she had to go talk to Mar, reminding Raimi that if she needed anything just to call to her.

Mar frowned at Zara "your late" Zara nodded "I stopped to see Raimi." Zara said hello to Bartolow, distracted Bartolow said good morning and went back to his papers. "What are you trying to do this morning?" Zara asked. Mar telling Zara to sit down, set some papers in front of her telling her that they were papers he wanted her to translate from English into Russian, nothing major just a few small spells to start with. Zara shrugged and did as Mar asked her, then sat listening to him and Bartolow talking about an illuminating globe that would make it easier to read when the light was poor or dark. Zara almost laughed out loud watching the two as they kept casting spells making these little balls but the clear balls would suddenly with a pop break apart, "I can help" Zara told them. Mar turned with a raised eyeridge "this is a bit more advanced than making a flame that won't burn, are you done all ready?" Zara sighed "yes Mar I'm all done." Mar padded over and looked at the papers, when Zara saw him reaching for another Italian book she got up from her small chair "I would like the small gold box you've been holding for me Mar." Mar froze then turned slowly "I'll find it for you later, it's here somewhere." Zara shook her head "it belongs to me Mar, I would like it now." Mar looked at Zara intently "why don't you let me keep it for awhile longer, besides it might take me some time to find it, I stuck it away years ago." Zara looked at Mar in surprise "you don't want to give it to me, do you? Just because you don't like DeClan, what difference does that make, you don't like me anymore either, you think I don't know where it is? I've always known where it was, I would never misplace DeClan's heart." The small gold box appeared in Zara's tiny paw. Zara looked sadly at Mar "I didn't think you would do that to me Mar, I'm sorry I've been such a pest for so many years, goodbye Mar" Zara vanished leaving behind a large globe inside a bright white light glowed softly under it a scroll with the spell telling how to make it work. Mar roared Zara's name.

DeClan stood next to the bed his face showed no emotion as he watched his mother take another harsh rattling breath. Tabitha reached out a frail hand "it is finished my son, finally I can go in peace, you are a man full grown, I know you have stayed all these years to protect me and I have stayed all these years trying to make sure you were safe, you still have a spark of kindness and gentleness in you please don't let it die with me." DeClan held his mothers frail thin hand in his own "I won't Mother, be at peace now, there is no more either of us can do to save the other, the thread that has bound us here will break tonight then we both shall be free." Tabitha tried to take another breath "I love you my son" then she closed her eyes and with a smile on her lips died. DeClan turned to the old woman standing back away from the bed "prepare her body for burial" then strode out of the room. Leander looked up with a snarl as DeClan walked into the study "you disturb my train of thought, leave!" DeClan snarled back "she is dead" Leander nodded but said not a word just went back to his books, DeClan turned on his heels and left the room.

The old woman stood in the doorway looking out into the garden, the only place of color and life in this old ruin she thought, her eyes went to the man standing so rigid and tall next to a rose bush. She had washed the birthing blood from his body, fed him when his mother could not, she had watched him grow into a tall, vibrant man, but the harsh years had taken their toll, at 24 his long jet black hair that he wore in a braid at the nape of his neck had streaks of gray at the temples, his muscular body was always tense as if expecting an attack from any dark corner, which many times had been the case, his dark black eyes were always ice cold never showing emotion, she knew for him to show any emotion was to invite attack on an emotional level, he had learned quickly not to show his feelings, he had also learned over the years to retaliate in the same cruel vicious manner. "It is done" she told DeClan, he nodded "I leave on the morrow, if you choose you may join me, Mother would not want you to suffer any longer here, there is a place of safety if you want it Lynn." She nodded tiredly "I will go with you, there is nothing to keep me here now, I came with your Mother, I will leave with her passing." DeClan looked down at the old woman who had many times when he was a small child wiped his tears and soothed his pains "be ready, it shall be swift and final." For a moment he felt a warmth over his heart and a small smile touched his lips, Zara had put the ruby heart on again, "it is not time yet little one, you have not finished growing up but the day will come soon, doubt not one day I shall come for you," DeClan whispered into the breeze.

Zara sat in Miranda's and her mama's lair for a long time ignoring Mar's silent calls for her to return so they could talk, when her papa called to her with a worried tone in his voice, Zara wiped the tears off her cheeks touched the ruby heart now hanging around her neck one more time and went home. Zara appeared in the parlor, she could of screamed seeing Mar, her mama and papa and Marti'en all waiting for her. Alex frowned at Zara "what's going on Zara?" Zara looked at her father "there's nothing going on, Mar had something that belonged to me, I wanted it back, that's all." Alex saw Zara start to nibble on a tiny talon "there's more to it than that, why don't you tell us what it is." Nedra purred softly to Alex and Laurel "carefully my sweet poppets, Zara is filled with confusion, her human is close to finally being ready to appear, she is filled with turmoil, our ohhh sooo little delight is frightened by these internal mutterings and seeks loving reassurance but finds only busy family and friends." Everyone blinked and pulled back as Zara roared and a flame shot across the room, she pointed a tiny talon at Mar "he treats me like I'm a baby nitwit, he gets busy with Bartolow blowing up the workroom and then remembers I'm there like an afterthought and tosses a few translations at me, he doesn't want me there and I know it." Zara almost screaming roared "I went to see Miranda and she tells me not to be so noisy and clumsy I might startle the unicorns, papa, you and mama went to London to see Connor's new ship launched but I had to stay behind because you were afraid someone might see me and not understand about dragons, I wanted to see the ship too, I could of watched from the carriage or something. Why did you leave me behind? Did you ever look at Miranda's old room or Connor's then look at mine, why don't you some day!" Zara touched the ruby heart and hissed "nobody else may want me but DeClan does." Zara stood her tiny chest heaving tears pouring down her face. Alex took Zara in his arms and hugged her to his chest "ohh puffball, you should have told us you felt this way, not want you? Your mama and I have wanted you and loved you even before you were born, I remember the first time you and Mar saw each other, it was love at first sight, everyone gets busy from time to time Zara but that doesn't mean they've stopped loving someone, just that they need a poke now and then that they have had their nose stuck in a book or a spell to long. I'll speak to Miranda about coming out of her unicorn forest more often, now what's this about rooms?" Alex handed Zara a handkerchief as she sniffled "Miranda's room is all pretty with lacy flowered curtains and things, Connor's room has all sorts of things in it like the small boats he used to build, it's bright and sunny, look at my room, it's just there, no pretty wallpaper, no pretty curtains, just bear, a little silver bell on a ribbon and the crystal bowl Nedra left once filled with fruit." Laurel smiled gently brushing her fingers along Zara's neck "Connor and Miranda enjoyed spending time in their rooms when they were little, you were always so busy hanging from chandeliers, gnawing on peoples ankles and playing with Mar and Hellhound you never paid any attention to your room, you never seemed interested in what it looked like, we can fix it up any way you want sweetie, we're sorry you felt left out about Connor's ship, your papa and I did what we thought best at the time." Zara sniffled and nodded then looked at a very sad unhappy Mar. "I'm sorry for the things I said Mar, I was afraid I had lost my very best friend, that you didn't like me anymore." Mar sniffled and wiped his eyes "I wasn't trying to keep the box from you Zara just worried about you, because you had not mentioned it in so many years, I know I get wrapped up in my workroom and my little experiments, you'll just have to puff at me more often." Alex tipped Zara's small chin up "as to DeClan, your mother and I don't know the boy, but honestly Zara from what we've heard he is not a good person." Zara frowned "that's not fair papa, he isn't bad, he's just had to be that way to survive." Seeing that Alex was about to say more on the subject of DeClan, Laurel said soothingly "perhaps at the next gathering we will have a chance to get to know the boy better, for now let's not worry about it. Zara why don't you and I go see what changes you'd like to make to your room." Marti'en sighed softly as Laurel and Zara left the room "I always hope that the teen years will be kind but it rarely happens, you were lucky with Miranda and Connor, Alex but I'm afraid you're not going to be so lucky with our little Zara." Alex nodded with a sigh of his own "it will be interesting that's for sure, from what Nedra just told me Zara's human is finally thinking about making an appearance, let's hope she just thinks about it during the next few years, that was a hell of a flame she shot across the room, I don't think I can handle a raging hormonal little dragoness and her human at the same time." Marti'en laughed, Mar chuckled "life has not been dull since Zara was born, why expect it change now."

Several hours later Alex stood in the dining room watching Collin pacing back and forth, Kat sighed as Zara and Laurel came into the room. "Zara puff at him or chew off his wrist maybe then he will stop muttering to himself." Laurel laughed "would he notice?" Kat sighed "probably not." Zara perched on Collin's shoulder and gave him a little nuzzle "why are you pacing?" Collin blinked not realizing he was pacing "oh sorry, just that dratted castle that's all." Zara hmmmmmm'd "would it make you feel better to know whose it is?" Collin's jaw dropped "do you know who is building the damn thing Zara?" Collin saw the worry in Zara's eyes "it's ok you don't have to say, I'll find out one way or another." Zara whispered in Collin's ear "it's DeClan's castle." The dragon Virlane roared "what did you say?" Zara pulled back really frightened by the way Virlane had reacted, backing up she whispered "I'm sorry" flying from the room in tears. "Damnit" roared Virlane bringing a fisted paw down on the table smashing it in half. Alex, Laurel and Kat all jumped staring at Virlane, Mar and Marti'en came rushing into the room, Mar hissed seeing the table. Kat stared at Virlane, it had been many years since she had seen him this angry, almost afraid to ask she took a deep breath and asked anyway "what did Zara say?" Virlane picking up a piece of table and snapping it like a twig snarled "it's DeClan who is building the castle, that's all we need is a bastard like Leander in our part of England, where ever he goes the lands die, the rivers and streams dry up, the villagers cower in fear and slip away in the middle of the night, maybe I can convince DeClan to go elsewhere, I'll buy the damn thing from him no matter the cost, I will NOT have Leander slinking around anywhere near my property."

DeClan cast the last handful of soil onto his mother's grave, taking a deep breath he turned and walked across the barren land to the house, people scurried away, hiding in corners as he passed by, many had already stuffed their few belongings in sacks and slipped off into the dark forest. Throwing open the door to Leander's study he strode in "it is finished for my mother now I will finish it with you, it is time to pay for all the pain and misery you caused her all the years she spent here, chained to this place by your foul spell" Leander sneered "you think you can make me pay, your powers are nothing more then spit in a puddle, get out of my sight boy before I decide not to be lenient seeing as how the bitch that whelped you finally died." DeClan snarled "you might be surprised at just how powerful I am old man, there is no spell holding me here any longer but before I go I shall destroy you and put you under the ground where you deserve to be." Leander stood up with a snarl then with a scream fell to the floor on his knee's suddenly a frail bent old man his gnarled hands shaking, gasping for breath as he clutched his chest. "Your magic has kept you alive for hundreds and hundreds of years, no more old man, I have destroyed your pitiful magic just as you destroyed my gentle mother, you stole her away from the man she loved, you chained her here with your magic and forced yourself on her, wanting a son your sorry body could not produce, you didn't know she was all ready carrying that mans child did you Leander until it was too late, you thought the male child she birthed was yours, when you finally realized I was not of your pitiful body it was too late, you had all ready acknowledged me as your son and heir, your pride you foolish old man wouldn't let the world know your secret, that before you stands some other mans bastard." DeClan put his booted foot on Leanders bent shaking shoulder and pushed him over "you made a kind, gentle, loving woman pay and pay with pain and degradation all the years she was tied here, you made a small boy pay by forcing him to watch his mother slowly die from your mis-treatment but you lost in the end Leander for she never stopped loving that other man and she never stopped loving me. Now I am going to stand here and watch you die and turn to dust." And that's exactly what DeClan did he stood watching Leander whimpering and crying wither and turn to centuries old dust, then he walked through the dust and out of the old ruins.

Bitsy found Zara far out in the garden high up in a tree laying on a large branch crying. "Your mama and papa are looking for you sweetie, their very worried." Zara wiped the tears off her face "I'll go to stay in room in a little while, is Virlane still mad?" Bitsy sighed "he is very upset Zara, Virlane and Leander have been old enemies for hundreds of years" Zara started to cry again "I'm sorry I shouldn't of said anything especially not tonight" Bitsy frowned "he would have found out eventually Zara, once Virlane digs his talons into something he never lets go" Zara sniffled "he should be happy tonight, Raimi's is going to have her baby tonight, I'm sorry I made him angry but just because Virlane hates Leander does that mean he has to hate DeClan too?" Bitsy blinked but didn't doubt for a minute what Zara had said was true, silently she said to Kat "you better calm that dragon of yours down, looks like you have a baby on the way tonight." Bitsy sat on the branch gently stroking Zara's head "honey I don't think Virlane hates DeClan, he hates his father and that has made him leery of the son, it's only natural, Virlane and DeClan have always been civil to each other, staying out of each other's way whenever possible. But Virlane is right Leander does destroy everything he touches and Virlane loves this land and will stop Leander from ruining it, which could turn very ugly, I think that's one thing you should understand." Zara touched the ruby heart and in a very grown up voice told Bitsy that she wouldn't let anyone hurt Virlane or his family and land, that she would do what was best for everyone. Bitsy hugged Zara "is DeClan building his castle for you Zara?" Zara shook her head "he is building it to give himself a place of peace and light, Bitsy, he's tired of the shadows but he thinks I'm part of that peace and light, maybe he's wrong, I don't know anymore, I was always so sure before, now I don't seem to be sure of anything anymore." Bitsy smiled and wiped the new tears off Zara's little cheeks "that's just the horrid confusion of growing up hon, I promise it will go away one day, in the mean time don't make any decisions that you might regret, hold onto your DeClan and his ruby heart, one day you will know if it's right or not but for now don't let go just because of a few tears and a dragons ranting." Bitsy took Zara's tiny paw in her hand and the two flew back to the house, just in time to see Kat throw a pitcher of water in Virlane's face "get ahold of yourself, do you want to scare your great grandchild before he is old enough to know your full of bluster!" Virlane roared wiping water off his snout "I'll be calm in a few days" Kat her hands on her hips snapped "you don't have a few days, maybe a few hours if you're lucky." Virlane grinned "really?" Kat rolled her eyes "yes really." Everyone laughed as Alex started to chuckle "there he goes pacing again."

Revanche sitting at the kitchen table working on some papers glanced up "sweetheart you've washed those dishes three times, I'm sure their clean enough by now" Raimi put the plate back and sighed "maybe I'll go sweep the living room floor" Revanche chuckled "you've done that twice, why don't you come sit down for a while, you've been wandering around all afternoon." Raimi started wiping down the stove "I don't feel like sitting down" Raimi arched her back a little and rubbed it then gasped as she found herself standing in a puddle "Rev?" Revanche got up so fast the chair fell over backwards as he saw Raimi bent over holding onto her stomach. Raimi grabbed the front of his shirt "I think the babies coming" Revanche trying to get her to let go of his shirt said soothingly "let me get you to bed sweetheart, you have to let go of my shirt Raimi." Raimi tried to grab her stomach again but not let go of his shirt jerking him down, Revanche grabbed her wrists pulling her hands off his shirt, Raimi groaned "I don't think I can get to the bedroom" Revanche popped Raimi into the bedroom, trying to get her clothes off in between contractions "mother I could use a hand NOW, the baby is coming" he said silently. Natalie rushed into the bedroom hearing Raimi yelling at Revanche "this is all your fault" Natalie chuckled "why are you trying to undress her like that?" Natalie a second later had Raimi in a large loose night dress, a few seconds later she had everything she thought she would need sitting on a table. Natalie told Revanche perhaps he should wait in the kitchen, Raimi grabbed his shirt again "he stays right here, he made this baby he isn't going anywhere now!" Revanche laughed "I think that's an order." Rav grinned at his father "she doesn't have any weapons in there does she?" Virlane laughed "I hope not I want more great grandchildren" Kat glared at the two laughing dragons. A short time later Revanche carried out his son "meet Crispin" Rav grinned "oh Mar is going to love that name" Crispin gurgled happily sucking his fist totally unimpressed with all the fuss.

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