The Scenic Route
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Slow,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - When your rental car breaks down in the middle of no where, is it a curse or a blessing?

I wanted nothing more than a relaxing vacation. What I got was nothing short of a fairy tale.

I stood on the side of the road, cursing the car rental company under my breath. This was the first time in seven years that I had been in Washington. I had been here to see my brother. But now getting to Graham, seemed like the least of my problems. I would be happy to get a taxi to well, let face it, anywhere. I did not think that I would need a map, since my wonderful rental had the most sophisticated navigation system available. But at this point, I was realizing how unprepared I was. The battery was dead, no power, no navigation. To make matters worse, it was a convertible with the roof down, and it was beginning to rain. I had not seen a car go by in the past half an hour. Damn the scenic route.

In the distance a car. A beautiful car. At this point it could have been a '72' Buick, and I would have been happy. But coming down the road, was a cinnamon colored Lincoln MKS. A luxury car. I was wet and cold, and probably reeked of the wet leather in my cursed convertible. Surely they would not want me in their precious vehicle.

As it slowed I prepared myself for the worst. Pulling off the side of the road, I saw that it was lone man in the car. Maybe he would take pity on the wet shivering damsel.

"Are you alright?" His voice was kind. "Have you been out here long?" He climbed from his car and opened the passenger door. Now, there are things in this world that you just don't do if you want to live to see the next day. One of them, as I am sure your parents have told you, is 'don't accept rides form strangers'. At this moment, being murdered and hacked into small pieces, was a welcome change from dying with pneumonia on the side of the road. Obviously my senses were not with me.

"I can't" I sobbed, embarrassed to have to admit I was not good enough to sit in his car. "I'm soaked, and I smell like and old wet car."

Laughing, he took my hand. "Its OK. We will have you warm and dry shortly." After explaining that he lived nearby, he gathered my luggage from the trunk (the only dry spot in the car), and led me back to his place.

The house was not a mansion, but large. The wrap around front porch reminded me of my dream home. Horses played in the rain in a nearby pasture. I was impressed as I stepped into the foyer. It was a modest home, clean well kept. He led me to the guest room and brought in my bags. "you can shower and change in here" His voice was soothing, shy and unsure of what I must be thinking. "It's ok. I will wait in the family room. You will be safe. I promise."

Looking into those eyes, I was curiously calmed by his words. "Alright," I gave in, still shivering from the cold. He handed me towels and a robe.

I showered and thought about those eyes looking at me. I had to admit to myself, he was very attractive. Maybe it was the night in shining armor theory, but he definitely had my attention. Coming out of the shower, the naughty part of my mind wanted to find him waiting naked on the bed, so I could pay him for his kindness. Alas, he had been true to his word. He was quietly waiting in the family room. He had lit a fire and had a cup of warm tea waiting for me.

"Do you feel better?" He seemed genuinely concerned. I wondered what his story was. As we began to talk, I found out. We spent hours getting to know one another and finding out that he was a widower, tugged at my heart. He had not been with a woman in more than five years. He for the most part had avoided any chance of romance. He buried himself in work and then came home to his solitude. "It's been just me and the horses" he said shyly. "I never really looked for more," He paused. "But you are here now..." his voice trailed. "Never mind, it's stupid of me to ask."

"Please, finish." I begged. I really wanted to thank him for the comfort and warmth he had given me. I had not had intimacy in quite sometime myself, and wondered if we were supposed to meet this way. After all a quick one night stand in a state hundreds of miles form home, who would know. "Please, go on" I repeated, taking his hand.

He did not finish his sentence, but instead leaned into me. His kiss was soft and uncertain. I returned the kiss, welcoming him to continue. His second kiss gave in to the passion he had been holding onto for so long. His hand slipped into my shirt, hesitating only a moment to see if I would object. Seeing that I did not, he began to massage my breast. His kisses trailed down my neck to that one spot that makes a woman swoon with delight. Slipping my top up over my head. he worked his way kissing and nibbling down my neck, down my chest, then to my nipples. He took his time savoring each hardening tip. His tongue danced circles around each as his masterful hands kneaded the other.

He worked his way down my stomach to the waist of my jeans. Kissing and licking a trail he quickly undid my jeans. slipping them down across my hips, he watched as my body became exposed. Leaning down to slip my jeans off completely, had placed his face at my thighs. His breath was warm and I felt myself getting wet. I wanted him to touch me. His kissing continued to tease me along my thighs, making his way closer and closer to the spot. My body arched to great him. As he reached my wetness, I let slip a moan. He looked up and smiled, "I'm out of practice. Am I doing alright?" My answer was simply to place my hands on the back of his head and guide him back to work.

His tongue lapped at my clit and his sucking became a rhythm sending me into a rocking motion. His fingers slipped into me, and he began to work them in and out in response to my rocking. I could not take it any more.

"I want you in me." I begged. The fire had begun to die and it was getting dark. He stripped in silence and returned to me. Fingering me a bit more, he quickly had me back to the edge. As he prepared to enter me, his voice came to me as if in a dream. "Are you ready?" I could only moan my response. The head was larger than I had expected. This is when it had occurred to me, I had not seen him naked. He was big. Bigger than I had ever had. I gasp in shock. His hands rubbed the back of my head, stroking my hair. "I'll take it slow." He pressed into me, slowly as promised. Tearing away at my poor unused body. Pain and pleasure mixed. I dared not stop him, He pulled back, and then entered a little deeper. Each time, his swollen cock sunk deeper and deeper into me. My squeals of pain and passion only drove him to pump into me faster and harder. Before I had a chance to decide if it was too painful I found myself hurled into fits of orgasm. The feeling of my body reaching its limits, sent his body into spasms of ecstasy. Wave after wave rushed over me as I felt his cock pulse and cum inside me.

The night continued like that. We finally lay together in the early morning hours, listening to the rain. That beautiful rain that brought us together for a magical night.

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