21st Century Subterranean Slavery
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Rape, Coercion, Slavery, Lesbian, BiSexual, Fiction, BDSM, Spanking, Interracial,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young woman is drugged in a bar, abducted and sold into sexual slavery in a secret underground facility along with hundreds of other slaves. She's coerced into total submission by various means including severe beatings and total isolation in a pitch dark rat infected concrete pit for days on end. She is then, after a brief period of intense practical training and motivational conditioning, displayed, chained in a line-up for selection by rich client who can lease her body for the nigh

A young woman is drugged in a bar, abducted and sold into sexual slavery in a secret underground facility along with hundreds of other slaves. She's coerced into total submission by various means including severe beatings and total isolation in a pitch dark rat infected concrete pit for days on end. She is then, after a brief period of intense practical training and motivational conditioning, displayed, chained in a line-up for selection by rich client who can lease her body for the night. The lessee has a historical master's rights of sex and the riding crop, subject to an escalating fee schedule, scaled to the number and severity of bruises. Much Sex MF, FF, BD, rape, coer, slave, (MM= very little, mainly to establish the warden's haracter)

She came to shivering with a hung-over feeling, opening and closing her eyes without seeing anything. What happened to her? Was she date raped; was she blind?

Her mind was in a daze, vaguely recalling a nightclub in Las Vegas and a drink with a hot guy. She shook her head and recalled agreeing to visit another nightspot with a dance floor, then getting into a taxi. She searched her memory desperately for more but drew a blank.

She was stark naked lying on a hard wooden surface wearing handcuffs. They were flat iron lined with something soft and connected with a short chain. There were braces on her ankles and neck as well. She stared hard seeing nothing and then groped around her; there were no blankets and her bed if you could call it that was barely wide or long enough for her body. She turned on her side and curled up in the fetal position trying to get warm.

Still shivering she sat up feeling around. Her bed was no more than six inches above a damp concrete floor. She rose very carefully and touched her head on a rough concrete ceiling. Where was she, in a bunker? The ceiling was maybe five feet to her six foot-two. She crouched and moved unsteadily on the dirty floor only to find a natural rock face wall and then worked her way around the space. No more that six by eight feet. No door or other opening; was she entombed alive? She shuddered, was this it; had someone drugged and raped her and then left her to die, but then why the braces? Why was she being kept like a rat in a cage? She sat on the bed shivering, lifting her feet off the cold floor hugging her knees.

She had no sense of time in the dark; it could be hours, days or weeks. Hunger never entered her mind; she knew seven days was curtains without water. She wasn't thirsty so maybe it was only hours; she tried to relax maybe someone would release her soon. She suddenly noticed a sore spot on the front of one thigh but in the total darkness there were no way to tell what it was. Had she struggled and got hurt somehow?

A million thoughts raced through her mind as the hours dragged by but nothing made sense. Was she being held for ransom? Her adopted parents had been killed in a traffic accident two years before. Their estate had been sued since her father was blamed for the incident; they took the house and everything, leaving her with nothing. No one she knew would or could pay for her release. She was between jobs and apartments, nobody would miss her, save a couple of girl friends; one she'd been staying with but the way she had been city hopping, they would assume she'd just left. Most of her few possessions were in a lockup at a bus station, the key in her purse.

After an eternity with only occasional sleep, she heard something rumbling and sliding in the ceiling then suddenly bright lights blinded her.

"Lie on your back female, arms above your head. Spread your legs wide ... wider and don't move!" She obeyed nearly doing the splits holding her feet off the floor, what choice did she have? It was a female voice.

"Please what do you want, why am I here, what have I done?"

"Silence female or you'll remain in this pit forever!"

"That's a big one," another woman's voice added in an unfamiliar accent.

"Oh, she is nice" a third woman, added in the same accent.

"Lower the pails," it sounded like the first woman. She heard the sound of metal touching the floor as something soft hit her stomach with a thump and rolled off on the floor, then a rattle as the hooks or whatever disconnected from the pails. The ceiling closed to the hum of an electric motor with the sound of concrete scraping against concrete and then a clunk.

After a few minute she noticed a glow. She crouched moving over and found a small lit candle, some matches, a bottle and a small jar with a screwed lid in one pail, the other pail was empty reeking of urine, obviously her toilet but no toilet paper. She used the candle to look around, finding a small rounded loaf of bread in the wet dirt. She wiped it and broke off a piece from the inside, chewing on it and then drank some water out of an uncapped bottle.

She remembered her sore thigh and checked it with the candle. They had branded her at mid thigh with one inch numbers. She stared in disbelief at: One-eight-six. She felt it deciding it was a tattoo not a brand. The numbers were set in a rectangular frame shaped like a carved wooden sign broken at both ends about five inches wide; the entire tattoo designed to resemble a rough cattle brand. She opened the small jar and touched the cream, deciding it was for her tattoo, it did soothe the pain after a while.

When the ceiling opened again, probably a day later she was ordered stand with her back to the wall and raise her arms. A hook was attached to her wrist chain and she was hoisted up to the sound of a rattling chain. At one point a blindfold was placed over her eyes. When the chain stopped she screamed as an implement lashed across her ass cheeks. She screamed four more times, hearing the echo of the lash and her own screams, in whatever space she was in. She was then lowered back down and waited, crying with pain and confusion as the pails were replaced. The ceiling closed again, with that sickening crunch of concrete sliding on concrete. She assumed the ceiling opened once a day but she had no idea.

The next day she was hoisted up again and lashed to tears, without a single word from her jailers. On the third day she was ordered not to scream and told the lashes would not stop until she shut up. She managed to suppress her screaming after nine lashes and they stopped. She begged them to tell her what they wanted and she got another lash.

Every day after that was the same if she didn't scream she got five; if she did the lashes didn't stop until she stopped screaming or talking. Why did they beat her when she hadn't refused to cooperate with whatever they wanted?

On the ninth day by her reckoning she was hoisted up, blind folded and two people pulled her over as the hook was disconnected and then steadied her as she staggered along barely able to walk. She heard the concrete cover close on her tomb and a few steps later what sounded like a metal door sliding and them slamming hard.

Then the sound of a noisy freight elevator shaking and moving until it made a jerky stop. She was then led for a walk turning several times until a door closed behind her.

Prompted to knees a chain was connected to her neck collar while the chain between her wrists was removed. She was then prompted with the neck chain to stand up and an iron ball with part of its chain placed in her hands. She could feel the chain tugging on her right ankle brace.

"You are sex slave number One-eight-six; you have no other name; mention to anyone what your name was and you will be back in the pit for five days. You will speak only when spoken to and perform any imaginable sex act with men or women as commanded directly or return to the pit!" It was a woman's voice.

She was then pulled by the neck chain to follow carrying the ball. She must have staggered about a hundred yards turning several times and was then prompted to set down the ball. She jerked in shock as she was hose sprayed with lukewarm water smelling like soap. The blind fold was removed and she was ordered to sit on a stool and keep her eyes closed. Someone washed her hair and then rinsed it with the hose.

Next she was led to another room carrying her ball and left alone while large fans blowing like a hurricane drying her body and eventually her hair. She was then led to another room and ordered to sit in a salon chair. Her hair was combed and set by a woman in a hooded robe. While another woman ankle chained to the floor and wearing only red shorts with her ass cheeks showing, shaved her legs and arm pits. When finished another ankle-chained female in red shorts applied some lipstick and a little make up.

She was then ordered her to pick up the ball and led away. The guard wore a floor length dark gray almost black hooded robe' the hood nearly covered her eyes. A chain necklace held several key like items dangling to her waists line. She also carried a riding crop attached by a short strap to her wrist

She was led through a hall way or tunnel which seemed to be cut through solid rock to another room and told to set down the ball and stand on an X painted on the floor. It appeared to be a doctor's office. There were three other patients standing next to her, one of them a beautiful blindfolded chesty tranny with a large penis.

A woman entered in a lab coat and sat down at a desk. A short black female wearing those strange shorts and ankle-chained to a ring in the floor handed her a file. She read part of it. "One-eight-six your former named is now erased from our records. Let's see ... Six-foot two, one hundred and seventy pounds, age Nineteen, High school in..." her voice trailed off as she read silently for a while. "Last medical check up Chicago February..." Her voices trailed off again as she picked out a separate page "Ah yes a copy of the doctors report."

How could they have that? Her birth control pills were in her purse but not the doctor's address or his private file on her. The doctor proceeded with a physical inspection. You had a complaint with that Doctor about a pain in your side, is that still a concern?

"No doctor, just a sore muscle from working out I think."

"Ah yes fitness training here is compulsory; you'll find our exercise program strenuous but necessary for maintaining your body in peak condition for our clients." She felt her breast almost weighing them with her hands; DD's?"

"Yes doctor."

"Nicely shaped too good firm texture, get on the table!" She obeyed and placed her feet in the stirrups while the Doctor inserted the speculum. After finishing the examination she began to finger her erotically. How is your sexual libido; do you climax readily?"

"I'm ... I'm multi orgasmic Doctor."

"Very large clitoris, let's see how sensitive?" She gasped and nearly climaxed. "Don't hold back 'One-eight-six' I need to ascertain your sexual response level." She stroked her inside thigh for a while and then manipulated her vagina penetrating and stroking with two fingers while her other hand fondled her mound and clit. She moaned a quick climax. The doctor then stroked the tattoo "Your ID's healing well. At what age did you first experiment with masturbation?" she began to finger her nipples and then bend down sucking on one.

"At twelve or thirteen I think Doctor."

"That came up well, nice size." She sucked on the other nipple making it emerge. "What was your sexual orientation?" She wondered why she said: 'was you sexual orientation.'

"I go both ways Doctor."


"Yes Doctor it makes no difference."

"Excellent, no forced motivation program required;" she made a note in her folder. "At what age did you have the first lesbian encounter; and the ages and ethnic backgrounds of your partners?'

"Sixteen, white girls my own age, at first except a couple of teachers and a neighbor in their late thirties but later I preferred mostly blacks and Latinos."

"And male?"

"Eighteen, oh no seventeen; white at first but mainly blacks as I got older, my age or younger."

"Why the preference for blacks?"

"I don't know male blacks seem to be more intensely hungry for my body, though most of them climax too quickly; I usually only get off only once or twice with them."

"Were you a virgin with your first male?"

"No Doctor I broke my hymen with handle of sorts at fourteen I think." She bent over and kissed her on the lips.

"Very nice full lips; let's try that again I need a full response." She obeyed kissing the doctor passionately returning her tongue. That's better; how many sex partners' male and female have you had approximately?"

"I think about twenty five or thirty females and about the same number of males maybe less." She kissed her again using her tongue.

"Your male sex partners were they tall or short?"

"Mostly my height or close, I never cared for shorter men."

"Interesting, you have a good healthy, diverse sex drive with a gorgeous body. You will be profitable for the syndicate;" she groped her one breast and inside thigh for a moment while breathing deeply, "OK, sit up; I want more tongue this time." She gave her a long passionately kiss and then sat down at her desk making notes in her folder and on the clipboard. "Guard," she handed her the clipboard, "transfer this slave to the madam's office for further assessment and initiation." She was led out carrying her ball while she studied another clipboard.

She was then brought into another office and ordered by the guard to stand on a painted X in front of a table with her hands behind her head. There were three other females standing against a wall in the same position.

"Ah yes One-eight-six. I am your madam," she emphasized 'your' strongly. It was the voice she'd first heard in the pit; a midget in her late thirties. She was sitting on a female's ass, lying on a low bench with her head under the table. Another female behind her straddled the bench and the bottom female's thighs forming the live chairs backrest her breasts draped over the midget's shoulders.

She scanned the clipboard held by one hand of her backrest, reading out loud some of the information plus the doctor's notes. Also her date of birth, her adopted parent's names and the date they died. Her high school graduation grades and names of friends and clubs she had belonged to. She then stared at her critically, scanning her body from head to toe.

"This was your past life, which I herby order you to erase from memory. You will never speak to anyone about your life, other than your age, country of birth and general location of your abduction, on the pains of going back to the pit You are now One-eight-six a numbered sex slave who's only purpose in life is to provide sexual satisfaction to our clients, as well as selected members of the staff..."

"And if I don't" she snapped back.

"Guard, throw this disrespectful female in a rat infested pit for an indeterminate time." She was dragged away by several guards and taken to the pit. Not blindfolded this time she saw the huge plug type cover four feet thick that would be hoisted down to close her tomb. First they fastened short chains between her wrist and ankle braces. They hoisted her down head first, half way down telling her to look around the pit after turning on a light. She screamed while jerking and twisting her body violently, seeing several large rats scurry into a hole in the wall. Once the hook was off her chain she crawled onto the bed trembling in terror while hugging her knees as the pails were lowered and the concrete cover plug entombed her with the rats.

She shuddered, cried and screamed for hours before settling down. Somehow they never bit her but every hour of every day was a pure hell. Whenever they changed her pails she screamed to let her out to no avail; she even in her desperation begged to be lashed. She shook and cried in relief after four days when hoisted out and continued to tremble and sob while being hosed and prepared for the madam's office.

"Well, well let us see ... Oh yes ... One-eight—six, back from her vacation. How are the rats? This time we fed them; next time we won't and there'll be snakes." She shuddered unable to open her mouth, while the madam leaned back in a pair of white tits while rocking her body to get more comfortable on a black ass. "Where were we?" She fingered the nipple of one of the tits hanging over her shoulder squeezing it hard making the slave winch while pointing at a clipboard. Her live back rest reached for the board and held it for the madam while gently caressing one of her madam's breasts with her other hand. "Oh yes, here we are; I had just told you the following: You are now a numbered sex slave who's only purpose in life is to provide sexual satisfaction to our client's etcetera. Do we ... have a problem with being a totally ... subservient and willing sex slave today dear?" She glared at her with an indifferent arrogance.

"No ... no madam I ... I'm v ... v ... very s ... sorry."

"Oh that is so nice," she purred smiling at her sweetly. Now as I said, that is what you are, a sex slave and you will submit to anyone we order you to regardless of age, looks or gender but more importantly, you ... will provide sexual pleasure with dedication and passion and be totally submissive! You will ... love any and all clients or staff when ordered, as if you were a teenager in love.

"Understand this! Your life is no longer a right ... but a privilege ... totally owned by the syndicate and managed by me and the Warden as we see fit. You are simply a piece of merchandise, like any item in a shopping mall that we lease like any other business to make a profit.

"We provide real-life sex-slaves to wealthy clients ... not call girls or prostitutes ... pretending or acting the role of sex slaves; this is the reality of your life, twenty-four seven for as many years as your body remains sexually desirable to our clients." She scanned her body critically. "You're nineteen, so probably for the next ten years you'll spread those long beautiful legs nearly every day for the pleasure of a client." She took a deep breath leering at her body the way a man would.

"We lease you for a fee like any article leased by a business, cars for instance and just like a car you have absolutely no say in the transaction. You will submit to any imaginable sex act ordered which can include physical violence short of drawing blood. That's right my dear ... some of our clients are sadist and thrive on inflicting pain, usually with ... but not limited to the riding crop, which is standard equipment amongst other toys in our sex accommodation rooms. I am not going to ask you to agree or disagree with these conditions, do you know why dear?"

"Yes madam, I have no choice."

"That was a wise answer," her expression hardened. "You know by now the consequence of back talk or any other form of insubordination. Do you not?"

"Yes madam I would be thrown in the pit again."

"I think we have the start of a beautiful relationship, you and me. I am your madam and along with the Warden, we are God all mighty to you and you are just One-eight-six, a number and numbers have no rights and do not express opinions. You are a non-person. You can of course deny we are Gods and vacation in the pit anytime if you should foolishly claim to have rights.

"Since you now seem to be wisely silent in the manner of any inanimate object, I will as your madam, welcome you to the reality of slavery. She motioned the slave behind her who lifted her off her live chair, setting her gently on the floor. She held out her hand and a riding crop was placed in it; looking back at the live chair she pointed at the wall with the riding crop. They both scurried to line up with the other three against the wall; turning their backs while leaning over, hands high on the wall, arching their backs and rotating their asses slowly while moaning expectantly. She then approached One-eight-sic, smiling sadistically.

"On you knees slave!" She obeyed and found herself still taller than the madam who proceeded to weigh and clutch her breast like the doctor had. I want you to watch and listen very carefully now. Look at the five female asses being eagerly displayed, what do you think they are hoping for?"

"I ... I don't know madam?"

"They are trying to entice me to love them passionately, listen to their moaning." The moaning then increased. She held the business end of the riding crop to her mouth. "Moisten the leather slave it makes the passion so much sweeter. "That's it lots of spittle," she licked as the madam turned it between her lips.

She then proceeded to lash all five females one lash each, repeating that three times. They gasped with each lash and thanked her, then moaned and rotated their asses waiting for the next lash. They did not cry out, turning around and dropping to their knees when she was done. She then kissed and hugged each of them while all five moaned passionately. After necking with and licking the tears of the fifth female she stood back and motioned for them to stand; she then returned with a strange trance-like glow on her face. She pushed the crop in between One-eight-six's thighs and then held her face with both hands. "I am falling in love with you, One-eight-six" she kissed her warmly and then pulled back gazing into her eyes with the glazed expression of a sick puppy.

"Kiss me passionately One- eight-six, I'm hungry for your love." She complied desperately trying to avoid the riding crop. "That was beautiful, I feel a strong passion as if you truly love me; let me reward you." She pulled the riding crop out and held it to her lips again. "Here lick it again my true love, the moisture seems to have dried up." She stuck it inside her mouth letting her suck on it, while she smiled with an adoring expression before walking around her lashing the crop across her ass cheeks making her cry out. "Oh no I'm so disappointed I thought you really loved me; did you hear the other slaves cry out?'

"No madam I'm sorry."

"That's because they truly love me but you don't seem to love me."

"Yes I do madam."

"How much slave?"

"Passionately madam."

"So why did you cry out and not moan with pleasure when I returned that love?" She lashed her cheeks again. Like her daily lashes in the pit she managed to contain herself and moan a little. "Well that was better, maybe you do love me. Kiss and fondle me passionately. She embraced the thick little woman caressing and groping her ass and tits as their lips and tongues met in a prolonged passionate kiss. The madam pulled back staring, her eyes two big question marks "I am not totally convinced that you truly love me but we'll see. So ... do you think it would be fair for me to test you passion with four more lashes?"

"Oh yes madam I promise not to cry out, I know that is how you love me." She bit her lips and moaned, rotating her ass as the crop lashed hard across her cheeks five times. "Thank you madam for loving me," she moaned.

"Ah, you got one extra; I get carried away when I truly love someone; oh your love for me has brought you to tears; I just love highly emotional slaves who love me so much they cry with pleasure." She handed the crop to one of the females by the wall and then threw her fat little arms around her neck kissing her with a passion she had never before experienced from a man or a woman. She then pulled back with that adoring expression again and kissed the tears off her face. Suddenly standing back she ordered her to lie on the floor and then squatted and pressed her crotch onto her mouth. She kissed and licked her cunt using all the skills she had, while the madam grasped one of her tits sucking the nipple and then biting hard again and again around the nipples until moaning her climax from One-eight-six's desperate but experienced tongue.

She then returned to her desk where her living chair had reassembled and she was carefully lifted up to recline in their fleshy comfort. Her phone rang and her back-rest reached for the phone holding it to her madam's ear and was rewarded by getting a nipple pinched as she reached for one of the madam's breasts fondling it gently. After finishing her conversation the phone was returned and the madam was very gently leaned forward to reach her work.

Three slaves were brought in a little while later and lined up in front of the table next to One-eight-six; a muscular black male, a blonde midget and a curvaceous Black Latino female. She ordered the male black slave to step forward and the guard handed a clipboard to her back lean. She scanned the page.

"One-one-seven you served two clients, a sixty-four year old male and his sixty-seven year old wife last night. You failed to ejaculate while performing mutual fellatio with the male client. Explain yourself slave!"

"It had only been less than an hour since I ejaculated in his wife's vagina while kissing him. I had performed dancing muscle poses to music for them for half and hour and then caressed and massaged her erotically while he watched for another half and hour. Then as additional foreplay I gave her a tongue bath including cunnulingus before penetration, I withheld my ejaculation of course until she finally climaxed. I must say madam that I was very proud having brought her to a climax after nearly two hour's foreplay and she mentioned to her husband that this was her first time in years."

"I can't believe what I'm hearing One-one-seven; you're proud ... of a compulsory requirement! Not having a client climax is not punishable by any number of lashes; it's an automatic stretch in the pit!"

"I'm very sorry madam; please increase my punishment accordingly for my thoughtless self-serving remark."

"You can count on it, One-one-seven! I was very surprised to hear such twaddle, you have an excellent record with older female clients some much older but go on."

"When the client ordered mutual fellatio I was unable to ejaculate, he did so and I swallowed as his wife held the plate. He wanted to see me scoop it up and lick it off my finger. I did ejaculate in his mouth in the morning before the guard picked me up."

"You refused homosexual sex when first arriving her two years ago and spent five days and then an additional ten in the pit. Do I detect a return to this wildly absurd notion that a sex slave can choose not to be bisexual?"

"Of course not madam I am truly sorry for my past behavior I am devoted to my status as sex slave; the client's gender is irrelevant. I proudly serve my owners to maximize their profits."

"Very well it will be five days in the pit plus twenty lashes or you can choose forty lashes now. That includes the ten lashes volunteered for making that absurd remark. Which will it be One-one-seven?"

"Oh please madam forty lashes and thank you for being so lenient." She was lifted and held by the waist standing on her live chair. It appeared to One-eight-six that the madam was infatuated with this handsome black muscular young slave.

"Look at my body slave; strike a pose." He flexed his biceps and then the rest of his body like a body builder in competition. I demand you maintain an erection during your correction or you go to the pit," his cock rose on her command. "Guard proceed, twenty lashes.

He never cried out, just bit his lips as he stared at his madam's body flexing his muscles and maintaining his erection until the last lash.

"Very well slave," she was lifted up on the table and got down near the edge while her back rest slave held her shoulders easing her down fitting one of her tits under the madams head as a pillow ... She spread her thighs. Fuck me slave while you get twenty more and you will ejaculate on my belly one second after the last lash. Three second intervals guard." He rammed her while grasping her thighs; her eyes fixated on his body as he received twenty lashes. It appeared to One-eight-six that she climaxed several times. One second after the final lash he jerked his load on her belly; then immediately bending over he sucked on her vagina and then slurped his semen of her skin.

"Thank you very much madam I am grateful for receiving a sentence of love and compassion and also for being granted extra lashed for my gaffe. I will strive to improve my performance in the future." She didn't answer him and was lifted back down on her chair making some notes on his clipboard, signing it.

"Guard, take him to the warden's office to have this punishment recorded." The back rest handed her the clipboard and the madam then waved the midget female forward while scanning her clipboard.

"One-three-seven, you cried out in pain while being sodomized by, let's see a forty-six year old black client. Explain?"

"He was a very large man, six foot-four I believe with a ten inch penis. I had satisfied him early in the evening performing fellatio swallowing his entire weapon completely several times and then downing all his semen with the help of a catching plate. An hour later he fucked my vagina and rammed it all the way in many times while I smiled up at him sweetly without showing any signs of discomfort. He ejaculated in my vagina and then rested for a couple of hours with me in his arms. We both fell to sleep and when he woke again he slapped my ass many times while I kissed him passionately

"He then stood and picked me up, fitting his cock to my anus. I asked him gently if I might suck his cock first for lubrication but he was adamant and already fully erect and then forced my body down ramming his cock inside me in one stroke. That's when I cried out once. He slapped my thighs hard many times digging his fingers deep into my flesh and continued to ram me groaning with pleasure until he ejaculated and then put me down to suck his cock clean. He picked me up again and threw me across the room on the bed and then landed hard on top of me going to sleep. I never slept after that because of his crushing weight; I had difficulty breathing until the guard moved him off me when she picked me up."

"As a fellow midget I can sympathize with you, for taking a ten inch cock in that tiny body. But you are trained to accept all pain associated with sex. So there is no excuse for crying out unless the client lets you know he wants to hear you cry. The reputation of the syndicate is at stake here. Was there blood guard?"

"Yes madam the Doctor has examined her anus and found some small tears and a little dried blood. As you can see madam his fingers left only acceptable bruises on her thighs and ass, no cuts."

"Very well I won't send you to the pit, even though you richly deserve it; one reason being that you are booked solid with repeat client. Come here," the midget walked dragging her ball behind her and stood next to her madam. She kissed her warmly and then studied the clipboard. "Lets see you been here almost two years and you're twenty one. It's no wonder you're one of the most requested slaves here and your English is really improving too." She embraced and fondled her body.

"Thank you madam not many Russian clients here most of my orders are in English."

"Well now how should I punish you?"

"Twenty lashes," she said moaning hopefully. She kissed her again.

"Ah my beautiful doll you are hard to resist. Very well... , Guard."

"Oh please madam, please, please, please would madam lash me please?"

"Alright, but asking for special favors means you'll hold the ball while I give you twenty, plus an extra five for your impertinent request." Picking up the ball she held it against her breasts and leaned forward. The madam was lifted down and proceeded to give her twenty-five very hard lashes without her uttering a single cry; her body jerked as the tears flowed while she uttered a muted, thank you madam and continued to wiggle her ass invitingly between each stroke.

One-eight—six wondered how anyone could withstand that much pain and only shed tears. The midget had the sweetest doll face she's ever seen. Would she learn to do that herself since obviously pain would be to be part of her life now? The midget put down her ball and embraced her madam, thanking and kissing her passionately. The madam then returned to her table and made some notes on the clipboard before signing it.

"Guard, take this slave to the warden office to record her penalty."

She waved the black female forward while scanning her clipboard.

"One-four-nine your client claims obstinate behavior, when you had been informed in the pre-briefing that this client wanted a loving, caring sexual evening with you, even vine and fine food."

"That's not what happened madam; he was a big fat ugly honky redneck, he beat me, called me a nigger. Said I was a monkey and not human."

"Did he draw blood?"

"No madam"

"Did her ejaculate?"

"Yes three times."


"First he sodomized me then regular sex and later a blowjob plus lots of beatings and insults in between."

"Tell me what you learned during your training about a card the client fills out about his expectations?"

"That a client could lie to catch me off guard."

"OK, in what respect."

"The client might request a romantic evening and then beat me and call me names."

"Why would he do that?"

"So the slave would approach him with a romantic mindset and then by suddenly being cruel the slave would be confused and show fear."

"So if the card had said he liked to be cruel, physically and verbally or he wanted a rape situation, you would have been prepared, cowering and screaming with fear, before or during sexual intercourse while still making sure that he climaxed as many times during the night that he wanted."

"Yes of course madam that's all part of my training."

"So where did you go wrong last night."

"I ... lost it madam, I'm sorry. It happened so fast I couldn't think."

"Also you think he was ugly but fortunately you didn't tell him that. Where in your training did we give you the right to make judgments about a client's appearance? It is you fate to serve sexually no matter what the client looks like; his looks has nothing to do with the submission required of a sex slave. He paid good money for a slave to be used for any imaginable act; that also gave him the right to call you whatever he wanted. We both know you're human, what he believes is his business. The syndicate is only interest in his money, not his philosophy of life. You're a sex slave who submits totally and unconditionally for the financial well being of the syndicate. You are a number; a non person and are not allowed personal feelings. We will see what kind of feelings you have after ten days in a rat infested pit, under four feet of concrete. Take her away guard."

"Oh please madam; please I'll take a hundred lashes, please I'll be good from now on."

"Oh I know you'll be good; in ten plus five days for that outburst; the pit has a way of making slaves good!" She scribbled on the clipboard signing it and her live back rest handed it to the guard who dragged the sobbing slave away to be entombed.

Another slave had just been brought in already sobbing; "One-Seven-one, madam, from motivation class for correction." she handed the clipboard to the live seat. She was short but not a midget and black; One-eight-six had never seen anyone that black. She had huge exotic eyes and an incredible sculpture body with a bubble ass and pointed tits with huge nipples reaching for the sky.

"One-seven-one, inattention in class room could not answer question on subject being discussed! Explanation slave?"

"None madam, I just let my mind wonder for a minute."

"I see," she had the seat flip a page. "Seven months with the syndicate only the initial nine days in pit. You are nearly nineteen, perfect record with clients. You're lucky I'm in a good mood today; you should have gone to the pit for this. Thirty lashes!"

"Oh thank you madam, I do love you so much." She motioned for the seatback to set her down and then had a footstool placed in front of her victim. A slave lifted her up making the two of equal height.

"Guard thirty lashes ten second intervals when I tell you. Do you love me sweetie" she said fondled her tits.

"Oh yes Madam passionately. She kissed her gently.

"Guard proceed." She lashed her ass hard.

"Oh thank you Madam, I love you so much, Mm oh mm ooh." The madam kissed her again as the next lash made her jerk She moaned thank you in her Madam's mouth."

"Hug me sweetie show me how much you love me." She groped her Madam's body passionately, kissing and moaning while the next four or five lashes fell. The madam held her head gazing lovingly into her eyes, kissing her tears while a few more lashes stung her victim's ass. She alternated kissing her tears and gazing in to her eyes until the final lash struck.

"Thank you madam for not sending me to the pit, thank you; I love you so much." She got off her stool and made her turn around feeling her painful globes with that glazed look of satisfaction on her face. She then walked back to her table and was lifted into her seat of flesh pointing at the clipboard. She added a note and signed it pointing at the guard.

"Take her to the warden's office to have her punishment recorded. Guard, transfer One-eight-six to the warden's office as well for further initiation. She picked up her ball while the guard connected her chain to the black slaves neck collar, leading her out behind a beautiful but very sore bubble ass.

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