This story is an account of the life of Anthony Concept. Starting from his time in an orphanage up to the realisation of his dream.

Some of this account is fact, some of it is based on fact and some of it is pure fiction. I'll leave the reader to draw their own conclusions as to which is what.

For those who know the area portrayed, I've taken licence to alter the geographics to make the story flow.

Some of the people were real people for whom I have great respect, sadly they have long since gone to their God. They played a significant part in my development.

The story is completely finished, at my age it is unfair to start posting stories that I might not complete. Looking through past stories there is too many that have the yellow highlight 'Discontinued and incomplete' on them.

I write using Australian English, some of the words are spelt different to American English but I think you will have no difficulty in understanding them.

I edit my own work, so all of mistakes are my own. I prefer not to use other editors for my stories in the belief it will make me lazy and so not work to improve my skills.

I will be posting every three days. I have switched voting off until the last posting.

Please enjoy.

Anthony Concept.

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