The Best Birthday Present Ever
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, Gay, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Teacher/Student, School,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Kevin has a crush on his older brother Greg. Even though Greg is straight, he asks Greg to have sex with him for his 18th birthday.

Kevin and Greg were brothers and even though they were two years apart - Greg being the older - they had a lot of things in common. They both enjoyed hunting and fishing. They enjoyed watching and participating in sports. They even liked the same favorite football and basketball teams. They were as close as two brothers could be and loved each other very much.

Ever since they were adolescents, the brothers made a vow to get the other whatever they wanted for their birthdays within reason. When they were younger, if Kevin wanted a new video game for his birthday, Greg would get it for him. If Greg wanted a new fishing pole, Kevin would raid his savings to get it for him. They had an unbreakable bond.

There was one big difference between the two brothers. Kevin was gay and Greg wasn't. Greg and their parents knew Kevin was gay ever since he told them in his early teens. He wasn't caught in the act or anything, he just came out and told them one day.

After some initial tears and uncomfortable feelings, the rest of the family accepted Kevin's homosexuality and didn't treat him any different than they used to. It helped that Kevin was butch and did the typical male activities.

They didn't live in a large town so Kevin had few opportunities to be with any boys - or men for that matter. When Kevin was a sophomore, he lost his virginity to his science teacher. Initially it was a friendship - he offered Kevin someone to relate with. Mr. Anderson was in his late 20s and was a good friend and mentor to Kevin.

Eventually the friendship grew into a sexual relationship. Kevin was the person to initiate it when he kissed Mr. Anderson one day after school. It happened after he drove Kevin home from school where they were working on a science project together. Mr. Anderson returned the kiss and told Kevin the attraction was mutual. He did warn Kevin that if word got out that they were involved; he could not only lose his job but possibly go to jail.

The two entered into a physical relationship and Mr. Anderson was a good lover for Kevin. They would get together at Mr. Anderson's on the pretext of working on a science project. He taught Kevin a lot of things about sex and life before he left for another job after Kevin's junior year.

The only other person who knew about Kevin's relationship with his teacher was Greg. Kevin swore him to secrecy after he reassured him that he wasn't being taken advantage of. Greg felt bad for Kevin because he couldn't date openly and there were a scarcity of partners for him where they lived.

One of Kevin's best qualities was his courage. It took a lot of it to come out of the closet to his family. He was the one who initiated the sexual relationship with his teacher. While he didn't out himself out to anyone at school - including his best friends - if he felt another boy was gay, he would make it a point to get to know him primarily on a social level. If the other boy was willing, it would become physical.

But all that paled in comparison to the courage it was going to take to tell Greg what he wanted for his birthday. Greg was in college about three hours away from home. It wasn't terribly far away but it was far enough to keep Greg there except on semester, holiday and summer breaks. Kevin's 18th birthday was right before Christmas and he had been thinking about what he wanted from his big brother.

Kevin had always had a bit of a crush on Greg. He admired him, respected him and loved him as a brother. But over the past several years, fraternal love had been supplemented by lust. You couldn't blame Kevin for his illicit thoughts about Greg. Greg was about 6'2" and weighed about 200 lbs. He had a bit of a beer gut but overall he was in good shape. Greg had jet black hair and brown eyes that drew people to him immediately.

There were nights when Greg was in college that Kevin would masturbate thinking about his brother. He would close his eyes and remember Greg sans shirt - maybe when they were playing basketball in the driveway. Kevin would pump his seven inch cock thinking about the sweat glistening off Greg's bare chest. He would think about his easy grin and his tight butt. Kevin also wondered about Greg's cock. He was curious as to what he was packing between his legs. He wondered if it was as big as his. He hadn't seen it for several years and wondered if it had grown since then.

Kevin would stroke himself thinking about slipping his lips over Greg's meat and playing with his balls until Greg came. Kevin imagined swallowing all of his brother's sperm and wondered how it would taste. Other times he fantasized about Greg sticking his cock into his ass and fucking the hell out of him.

Kevin always came the best when he fantasized about Greg. He dreamed of kissing him full on the lips with their tongues battling for dominance. He wondered how Greg would feel spooned against him with his cock nestled in his cheeks. He thought about Greg being on the other end of an ass fucking but never figured Greg would want to be on the receiving end.

Of course he thought about Greg taking his penis in his mouth and sucking him to an orgasm. In his fantasies, Greg would drink every drop except for the spend he kept in his mouth to give back to him when they kissed afterwards. The good thing about being 17 was that Kevin could cum 3-4 times a night when masturbating. His parents were aware of his masturbation but never said a word to him about it. They knew boyfriends for Kevin were rare and he was still a healthy red-blooded teenager who had sexual urges just like any straight boy. His mother dutifully washed his sheets and the washcloth he used to jack off with no matter how encrusted with semen it was.

Before Thanksgiving break, Kevin decided what he wanted from Greg for his birthday in December. He was going to summon all of his courage and ask his big brother to have sex with him. He knew there was a chance Greg would reject his request and hate him forever. He was aware Greg was straight but knew Greg loved him and would do anything for him. Plus there was their promise to each other that they would get the other what they truly wanted for their birthdays. He hoped that promise - and the love Greg had for him - would overcome any revulsion Greg had about having sex with him.

Kevin spent the days before Thanksgiving break thinking about how he would try to convince his big brother into having sex with him. He didn't want to use their promise as a weapon to convince Greg. He wanted to use logic and reason to do that. Of course his feelings for Greg weren't logical but he felt if Greg would listen to him with an open mind, he would at least consider it.

Kevin's heart was in his throat when Greg returned home the day before Thanksgiving. Everyone was happy to see him - no one more so than Kevin. Kevin played it cool when Greg arrived and the brothers talked and caught up on things. Thursday and Friday were a haze of food and football. Greg was leaving Sunday morning so Kevin thought he'd broach the subject with him Saturday and he'd have till Christmas break to think about it.

After a day of playing basketball and just generally hanging around, the brothers retired to Kevin's bedroom with a six-pack of their dad's beer. After a few sips, Greg asked Kevin if he was still planning on going to college where Greg was next year. Kevin sipped on his beer and said, "Sure. What's it like there?"

Greg was a sophomore and had been around long enough to give a good description of his school and the activities around the school. "Kevin, it's great there. Classes are tough but there's a lot of freedom to do things. Let me tell you, Kev, they have a lot of clubs and organizations there. Most everyone is pretty open about their sexuality."

Kevin's eyes opened wide, "Really?" he asked.

Greg nodded, "Yup. They have a gay student organization there."

Kevin asked, "Is there a lot of gay bashing there?"

Greg said, "It's mostly verbal like high school. You know, guys talking about them to other guys and teasing each other about being gay but they haven't had any violent incidents in a long time."

"You checked that out for me?" Kevin asked.

Greg grinned and punched Kevin on the arm, "Hey, I had to make sure it's a good place for my little brother." Even though the punch stung, Kevin knew Greg meant it affectionately and he grinned back.

They both finished their beers and Kevin got one more for himself and for Greg. "Thanks, bro," Greg said as he cracked open his beer. After taking a drink he said, "Dude, I totally forgot to ask you what you want for your birthday. Take it easy on me since I'm a poor college student. If it isn't too expensive and if it's in my power to give it to you, it's yours." Greg smiled broadly waiting for his brother to tell him what he wanted. He had budgeted about $100 for the present but hoped it wouldn't be that much.

Kevin took a big swig of beer to summon up his courage. He looked at Greg, "What I really want from you for my birthday won't cost you a dime."

"Sweet!" Greg exclaimed.

Kevin smiled thinly and looked Greg dead in the eye. "Greg, for my 18th birthday, I want to have sex with you."

Greg's eyes bugged out and he said, "Fuck!"

Kevin smiled and said, "That's one word for it. I love you as my brother, Greg, and I find you very attractive as a man. I know you aren't gay but I believe it would be a way for us to be even closer than we are. I'm not asking you to be my boyfriend. I just want one night with you. Then you can forget it ever happened. I know it's a lot to ask but I've been fantasizing about having sex with you for the past few years and if we did it once, I think I'd be satisfied."

"Jesus, Kevin!" Greg said after taking a long drink of his beer. "That's quite a request."

"Yeah, I know," Kevin said. "Believe me, I wouldn't ask unless I was serious and felt very strongly about it. Look at it this way, fucking my ass would be no different than fucking some girl's pussy."

"But you're my brother," Greg said.

"I know that," Kevin replied. "Like I said, I know straight guys like fucking tight pussies and even fuck girls in the ass cause it's even tighter than a pussy. Well, this is no different only it's me you'd be fucking and not some girl."

"But I like fucking girls, Kev," Greg laughed after taking another drink of beer.

"Greg, I can guarantee you two things if we have sex. One: My ass will be the tightest hole you've ever fucked and, two: I'll give you the best blow job you've ever got. Plus I'll swallow all your cum." Greg took another swig of beer and thought for a moment. The prospect of fucking a tight hole - even his brother's - was very appealing. The girls he had dated were tight enough but no one let him fuck their ass and he heard that felt great.

He'd been blown by several girls but none of them swallowed his cum. Some wouldn't let him cum in their mouth and the ones who did would spit it out. He didn't know if his brother was just bragging but the idea of someone - anyone - swallowing all his cum was really hot. He felt his cock begin to stiffen and took another drink.

Greg finished his beer and felt his cock begin to grow. "Get me another one, will you, Kev?" Greg asked. While Kevin's back was turned, Greg adjusted the burgeoning erection in his jeans to hide it from his brother. When Kevin gave Greg his beer, Greg sat it on his leg to cool off his arousal. He wondered why he was getting hard thinking about Kevin sucking his cock or fucking him.

He figured that it wasn't Kevin that turned him on. It was the idea of having his cock sucked or fucking someone's ass that did it. What Greg didn't consciously realize was that it was exciting to not only have sex with a guy but to have it with his brother. It was incest and that fact alone turned Greg on. He'd always enjoyed reading incest stories online but they were brother/sister or father/daughter or even mother/son. The father/son or brother/brother stories weren't as plentiful and Greg never bothered to read them.

His mother wasn't a MILF but she was pleasant looking enough. Greg had normal adolescent fantasies about his mother but, as a normal boy would do, he didn't act on them. He got enough pussy in high school and college to put that fantasy out of his mind.

"Not that I'm agreeing to do this, Kev, but if I did, what would we be doing besides what you just said? Would I have to suck your cock?"

Kevin's heart skipped a beat. Greg was actually considering this. He didn't want to appear too excited and scare him off so he noncommittally said, "I dunno. You don't have to do anything you don't want to. One thing I'd like you to do is sleep with me - literally sleep with me. Just hold me in your arms or let me hold you when we go to sleep. It won't be any different than when we used to sleep together as kids."

Greg said, "Except for the fact that when we were kids, it wasn't sexual."

Kevin smiled and said, "Well, yeah. But we would have already had sex so all we'd be doing is sleeping. In the morning, we go back to the way things were - no more sex."

Greg took another drink of beer. He couldn't believe he was actually considering his brother's request but he felt honor bound to their promise. "Shit, Kev, I don't know about this. I'll be honest with you, the blow job and the ass fucking sounds good but you're not only a guy but you're my brother. Can I think about it for a while?"

Kevin was delighted that Greg was actually considering this. He kept cool and said, "Sure, take your time." Greg nodded and then Kevin adroitly changed the subject to football.

When the last of the beer was gone, Greg excused himself and told Kevin good night. He was no longer hard but when he went to the bathroom and pissed, he couldn't help but stroke his seven inch cock a little. He thought about his little brother sucking his dick and he grew harder. He stroked his cock some more even after he had emptied his bladder. He was fully hard as he jerked his meat over the toilet thinking about how tight his little brother's ass must be.

It didn't take long for him to shoot his load over the toilet. Most of it got into the toilet but some of it landed on the lid and under the seat. The toilet was white so he couldn't see the semen on there. He used some toilet paper to clean off his mess on the rim then wiped off his dick except for a little bit that he kept on his finger. It was normal for Greg to do that after he masturbated. He would take a bit on his finger and taste it. It didn't taste bad. Kind of salty and creamy. He had no desire to swallow his or any other guy's cum but always fantasized about being limber enough to suck his own dick. He wondered if he ever could do that if he would shoot his load in his mouth and swallow it.

After hearing Greg flush the toilet, Kevin went to the bathroom. He put the seat down and sat down to take a piss. He preferred to piss sitting down so he could read at the same time. As he pissed he noticed a not unfamiliar odor. It took him a minute to figure out what it was but he thought it smelled like cum. He looked around and didn't see anything. Then, as he leaned back on the lid, he felt something wet on his back. He thought at first that Greg had peed on the lid and he wasn't crazy about that. But he realized it was slimy and viscous. Not at all like urine. He reached around and felt it. It was cum all right. It could only be Greg's cum. He hesitated to lick it off his fingers but realized that his mom kept the house very clean and figured it was O.K. to lick it.

Kevin stood up and wiped more of Greg's cum off the lid before licking it up. It tasted similar to his but different too. It tasted more bleachy than his and a lot more salty. Kevin also fantasized about sucking his own cock and came close a few times but never got any more than the tip of his tongue on it. He was definitely no stranger to the taste of his own cum. When he masturbated, he aimed for his mouth more often than not. He enjoyed his own taste almost as much as he enjoyed taking his lovers' loads in his mouth. Other times, Kevin would cum into a shot glass and drink his cum straight down after jerking off.

Kevin thought if Greg came on the lid, he came on the seat too. He prayed Greg didn't clean it off and after lifting up the seat, he found more of his brother's semen on there. Kevin greedily wiped up the cum and licked it off his fingers. He had been hard when he first smelled it but he was at full mast now that he had tasted his brother's ambrosia.

Kevin flushed the toilet after cleaning up and almost ran back into his room to jerk off. Thoughts about Greg flooded his mind as he stroked his cock. He wanted this orgasm to be really good so he took a thin dildo out of his night stand drawer and sucked on it. He then raised his legs up and gently inserted the dildo into his asshole. He hoped Greg's cock would be thicker and longer as he pumped his cock and the dildo. He hoped Greg would be able to stretch his asshole like it had never been stretched before.

Finally Kevin couldn't stand it anymore and shot rope after rope of jism all over his chest, face and stomach. Kevin even managed to get some cum in his mouth. When he was done, he just rubbed all of it into his skin. Mr. Anderson had taught him that particular trick. Semen had protein in it and was good for the skin. He saved a little to lick off his fingers and after taking his dildo out of his ass, he put it back into his nightstand drawer and shut off the light. Kevin went to sleep with his upper body and face glazed with his cum.

Sunday morning, a cold front came through and dumped several inches of snow. Greg and Kevin were woken up by their dad and were told to go out and get the driveway and the sidewalk shoveled. Neither one protested. They felt it was their duty to help out.

They bundled up and went out to shovel. Neither one showered and Kevin could still taste last night's emissions on his face. They went right to work shoveling and with both of them working, they had the snow cleared within a half hour.

Kevin had his back to Greg and was finishing up one particular area when he felt something cold and wet hit the back of his neck. He turned around and saw his brother grinning. Kevin reached down and picked up a chunk of snow. He formed it into a ball and flung it at Greg. His throw lacked accuracy and the element of surprise as it missed Greg. Kevin was happy Greg was acting normal and wasn't avoiding or being awkward around him. The brothers threw snowballs at each other until their mom called them in for breakfast. Kevin walked behind Greg and as they got to an area with a large drift, Kevin pushed his brother into it.

"Asshole!" Greg cried as Kevin laughed all the way into the house.

Their mom chided Greg for getting all wet as Kevin sat there grinning like a hyena. Kevin had claimed Greg slipped and fell in the snow and Greg accused him of pushing him into it. Everyone figured Kevin had pushed him but played along with Kevin just to tease Greg. Greg changed to a T-Shirt and boxer shorts and didn't bother to put anything on underneath. Even though he was flaccid, he was large enough to make a slight bulge in his shorts. Kevin noticed it and caught himself staring at his brother's crotch a couple of times. Greg noticed him once and Kevin reflexively looked away. Most guys would have been disgusted and angry with their gay brother checking out their package. Greg was a little uncomfortable but he was enlightened enough to realize it was a compliment. He figured if Kevin was a girl and had been sitting around in her underwear, he'd stare too.

Greg hadn't decided if he would have sex with his brother yet but he was leaning towards saying yes. He wanted to think it over and get comfortable with the idea that he might fuck his brother. Greg and Kevin took hot showers after breakfast. While Kevin was in the shower, Greg flushed the toilet, scalding his little brother. Kevin poked his head out of the shower and saw his brother running out of the bathroom. "Asshole!" he yelled at him.

Before Greg flushed, he loitered in the bathroom for a moment and looked at his little brother through the shower curtain. He could see Kevin's cock silhouetted and it looked to be about as big as his. He wondered what another man's cock would feel like. He'd seen his share of cocks in the showers at college and high school but never really looked at them up close and personal and he didn't even think about touching them. He wondered what appeal another guy's cock - namely his own - had to Kevin.

Greg went to his room and packed for his trip back to college. He figured he'd mooch some lunch off his folks before he headed back. After Kevin got dressed; he went over to Greg's room. The door was open so he walked right in. Greg was laying in bed idly throwing a football in the air. "Thanks for scalding me," Kevin sarcastically said to Greg.

"You're welcome, butthead. Guess we're even for you pushing me in the snow," Greg replied with as big grin.

Kevin said, "Don't blame me that you're a klutz." Greg fired the football at his brother. Kevin caught it and fired it right back hitting Greg on the thigh. It hurt but there was no damage done.

Greg looked at his brother and said, "Look, Kev, I haven't made up my mind yet. I really want to go over it some more before I give you an answer."

Kevin nodded and said, "All right. I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable, Greg. It can't be easy for your fag brother telling you he wants you to fuck him."

Greg frowned, "Don't call yourself that. You're gay or a homosexual. I don't like to hear you put yourself down like that. I've always been proud of you and I've never minded that you're gay. You did throw me for a loop when you asked me to fuck you. I'm dealing with it and I'm thinking about it. But you're the same guy you've always been and I know it took guts to ask me and I respect that. Give me a little space and I'll let you know one way or another."

"I can't ask any more than that," Kevin said. "Hey, you want to kill some time before lunch and play some video games?" Kevin added.

"Yeah, sure," Greg said. "It will give me the opportunity to kick your ass."

"You wish," Kevin said as they went to Kevin's room.

They played until lunch and their mom made sure Greg had enough to eat and what they didn't eat, she gave to Greg as a Care package. After lunch, Greg and Kevin carried his stuff to the car and Greg said goodbye to him and their parents. Kevin was sad to see his brother go for many reasons. He was glad Greg hadn't rejected him or got mad and still couldn't believe Greg was so cool about it.

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