Time to Move On
Chapter 1

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - About a man who needs to get on with his life after the tragic loss of his wife. He travels to meet his children and some friends. Along the way he meets some women and gets involved in some interesting situations.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic  

It was one heck of year thought Matt Pierson as he was loading up his Honda Accord for the drive south. First of all his wife of thirty-two years, Lisa, had succumbed after a two year battle with the 'Big C, ' breast cancer. It was a great and loving marriage which had borne three wonderful children who had all left the nest. While his children and friends had expressed their sympathy, Matt knew he had to put this behind him and get on with his life. He was trying but it was easier said than done. It's impossible to forget what he had with Lisa but in his heart he knew she would want him to be happy in the time he had remaining until he joined her.

He had enjoyed his work as the CEO of a moderate-sized engineering firm but after Lisa's death he lost all interest in work. He was fifty-five years of age and asked his Board of Directors for an early retirement buy-out. Because of the success Matt had achieved with the business, they gave him a very generous retirement package. He would not have any money worries for the remainder of his life. Matt had thought long and hard about what to do now that he didn't work. He wasn't sure what he wanted to do but he knew he didn't want to become a couch potato.

The first thing to do he concluded was to sell the large house they lived in. With his kids gone and scattered around the country he no longer had the need for it. The house was located in a private golf course community and sold rather quickly with him receiving more than he expected when it turned into a bidding war among three buyers. Where to move to was another question? After some thought he decided to return to where he was born and raised, Joliet, Illinois. This was about 30 miles south from his present house and he had good memories of his early life there. It was where he had met Lisa.

Matt while working with a realtor found a large two-bedroom condominium in a sprawling complex. It was housing that he could lock the door and not have to worry about the condo when he traveled. While it was not an over-fifty-five age community, the great majority of the residents who lived there were in that age bracket. This resulted in a quiet living atmosphere. Moving was a little bit of a hassle but a re-sale store, the Salvation Army and Am Vets were the recipients of the excess household items that he had no longer a need or room for. Matt didn't believe in garage sales.

Each one of his children had invited him to come and visit and spend the Christmas holidays with them but he had politely turned them all down. Matt thought that if he were to spend the holidays with one of them the other two would feel they were not his favorite. They all were his favorites, so he didn't want them to have any misgivings about his love for them. Instead he mailed out his Christmas presents to them and to his grandchildren with instructions not to open till Christmas. He was preparing to drive down to sunny Florida and miss the snowy winters of Joliet.

Matt had kept in touch with some of his college friends. One of his friends, Jack Regal, had long ago relocated to Miami, Florida. Jack was a widower like Matt, with his wife suffering a brain aneurysm. Jack had invited Matt many times to come and visit him and the last time the invite was offered, Matt accepted. There was some discussion as to how long Matt would stay with Jack. Matt didn't want to impose on Jack and remembered the saying that "Familiarity breeds contempt." He asked if Jack could recommend some place that Matt could rent for a month. Because of Matt's insistence about not wanting to impose and wanting to rent, Jack acquiesced. One of Jack's condo neighbors was going to be leaving in a week for Utah to help her daughter deliver their first grandchild and would be gone for a month. Based on Jack's recommendation the neighbor agreed to rent her condo to Matt.

Arrangements were made with Matt's next door neighbor about his traveling and the Post Office about his mail. Armed with his laptop, clothes and his golf clubs, Matt left Joliet with snowflakes starting to fall a week before Christmas.

The drive down to Miami was uneventful and took two full days. Thank God for the interstate highway system, thought Matt as he sped along with the car in cruise control. Once outside of Illinois the weather changed for the better and it was a pleasant drive. Halfway through Georgia, Matt saw a Navy man in his whites hitchhiking. He picked him up and had him do the driving down to Mayport Naval Base where his ship was berthed. They had an interesting conversation about how the service today compared to what it was when Matt had been on active duty.

Using his GPS, Matt had no problems in finding Jack's condominium. Jack's condo was on the 14th floor of a high rise while the condo Matt had rented was on the 18th floor. Hugs and handshakes were given as Jack greeted Matt. They had a few adult beverages as they reminisced and brought each other up to date on what they had been doing. The reminiscing continued when they went out for dinner at a very nice restaurant a few city blocks down from the condo. They had met each other's wives and related a few fond memories of them. Feeling no pain from the drinks they had consumed, Matt slept like a baby.

The next day Jack, who was still working, went into his office. Matt had been to Miami once before and decided that he would visit South Beach to see what if anything had changed. If anything had changed it was that it was even more congested than he remembered. He found a parking lot where he could park the car and thought he would walk to a restaurant he had read about in the paper. As he turned a corner he heard "Stop thief! He stole my briefcase!"

Matt saw a teenager running toward him with a briefcase in his hand and a man behind him shouting and waving his arms. Without think about it Matt stuck out his foot and tripped the teenager running past him. The teenager stumbled and fell with the briefcase flying to the side. Matt started to go for the teenager but he was up on his feet running away leaving the briefcase behind. Matt picked up the briefcase and walked toward the man in the suit who had been shouting. As he approached the man he could see the man walked with a pronounced limp which probably prevented him running after the thief, not that he could have caught him.

"Oh thank God you stopped him and got my briefcase. I don't know what I would have done if I had lost it. I take that back. I know what I would have done and it wouldn't have been pleasant. Thank you. You save me a lot of work and probably saved that boy a lot of trouble. By the way, my name is Carl Duginn." He extended his hand to shake.

Matt shook his hand and said, "I was glad to help. I am sure if the situation was reversed you would have done the same thing."

"I would have tried but my bum leg may have prevented me from doing so. I am a lawyer and there are some papers in the briefcase that are highly confidential. I was just coming from conferring with a client of mine. How can I reward you for what you did?"

"Think nothing of it. I just came down here to see what has changed in South Beach since the last time I was here and was going to stop and have some lunch."

"Tell you what ... Having lunch is also on my agenda as well so why don't you let me buy? I insist."

"Okay, eating by yourself is boring and the good restaurants usually don't want to seat single patrons."

Carl took the lead and they walked about one city block down the street to a restaurant named 'Dino's.' Matt saw that this was not a greasy spoon but an upscale restaurant that was surprisingly crowded at this time of the day. When the maître d' saw Carl they were immediately seated at a very nice table. Since Carl was having a drink Matt ordered one as well. When Matt asked Carl to recommend something to eat he expounded on the merits of the Blue Crab Salad. Carl said one of his clients owns the restaurant so he always manages to get a table while other people have to wait to be seated.

The conversation during lunch was interesting with each of them asking inquiring questions about the other's background and life. Carl expressed his condolences when Matt told him about Lisa. Matt was able to learn that Carl was a lawyer and was married but other than that Carl was guarded as to who his clients were or what specifically he did. When lunch was done Carl asked if Matt had plans for the weekend after Christmas which was in a few days. Matt said nothing was set in stone yet. Carl gave him his business card and wrote his home address on the back of it. He said that he was having a holiday party at his house that Saturday with some of the neighbors and would like Matt to attend. Matt told him he probably would and thanked him for the invitation.

Later in the evening at his condo, Matt related the events of the day to Jack. When Matt showed Jack the business card Carl had given him, Jack whistled and said, "Do you know who Carl is? Apparently you don't. Carl is one of the top criminal defense lawyers in this city. He has defended some high-profile politicians and alleged crime syndicate people. He is profiled as one of the ten most powerful people in this city. His address is on Star Island. That's a gated island community where a lot of celebrities and powerful people live. Welcome to the big time of Miami elite."

"All I did was to stick out my foot and stop a theft. I didn't know who he was. Maybe I shouldn't go to his party?"

"Nonsense! It's a great opportunity to see how the upper half lives. Go and enjoy yourself. I am going to visit my son and his family this weekend so this party will give you something to do."

Christmas Eve was quiet time. Matt and Jack had a quiet dinner where they split a bottle of fine wine. Their thoughts were on happier days of Christmas Eves past spent with their wives. This was Matt's first Christmas Eve without Lisa.

The next day Matt spent considerable time on the phone wishing his children and his grandchildren a merry Christmas. They were happy to hear from him and thanked him for the presents. Matt told them how he was doing and what he had done to get the invitation for the party this weekend. This forthcoming party excited them even more. Later, Jack and Matt went to Jack's daughter's house for Christmas dinner. Spending the day with a loving family was the way to spend Christmas. Matt had a great time and enjoyed telling stories to the children and reading books to them. Matt thought that next year he would spend Christmas with one of his children and tell the other two he would rotate the following Christmas's among them.

Driving to Carl's house was not difficult with the GPS telling him where to go and where to turn. The guard at the gate had Matt's name on a list so entry was no hassle. The houses on the island were impressive. They were large mansions with palm trees and intricate landscaping. There were a few cars parked on the circular driveway and Matt joined them. At the door he was greeted by Carl who shook his hand and thanked him for coming. Carl introduced Matt to his wife, Shelly who appeared to be in her early thirties and was a stunner. Matt thought she was a three-B'er; beautiful, blond, and built. She was dressed to show her killer figure. She thanked Matt for what he had done to stop the theft.

Shelly wrapped her arm around Matt's and took him out back to the patio by the pool where most of the twenty-five or so guests had gathered and were engaged in small talk. Shelly introduced him to some of the guests and Matt recognized some of them as famous entertainers and politicians. There was a man there who appeared to have Italian ancestry that shook Matt's hand and profusely thanked him for stopping the theft. He said his name was Victor Mariano and that Carl had just left him when the attempted theft occurred. He further said that if ever he could do anything for Matt, all Matt needed to do was to ask. There was something about Victor that just said you never wanted to get on his bad side and Matt's other thought was that the teenager who tried to steal the briefcase had better hope his identity remains unknown. Victor put a card in Matt's shirt pocket and said, "Like I said, you need anything, just call."

Shelly left Matt to greet another guest who had arrived. Matt drifted over to the bar and ordered himself a drink.

"So you are the man who saved a lot of people possible embarrassment and maybe from a few years in the slammer."

Matt turned to see who said that and was looking a very attractive tall lady with just-past-her-shoulders curly red hair wearing a tight green cocktail dress. The neckline of the dress showed the tops of two very fine breasts. Making a conscious effort to look her in the eyes and not at her breasts he said, "I am not sure what you mean?"

Taking a sip of the drink she was holding she said, "I hear that if the contents of Carl's briefcase fell into the wrong hands it would have caused some serious ― and I mean some very serious ― problems for a lot of people."

"Well I don't know about that. I was just glad to help. By the way my name is Matt Pierson." He extended his hand.

She took his hand and holding it a little longer than was necessary said, "My name is Tina. I am Shelly's older sister. Shelly invites me to these parties if I am in town. She calls me eye candy"

"I would say she is more than right. You certainly are very pleasing to the eyes. Let me guess ... You are a high fashion model."

"How did you know?"

"All I needed to do was to look at you. There was nothing else you could be."

"Thanks. A girl likes to hear things like that, especially from a good looking man." She said that with a devilish look in her eyes and in such a sultry tone of voice that Matt blushed.

Tina wrapped one of her arms around Matt's arm pressing it to her breast and said, "Let's attack the buffet. Lobster and king crab turn me on."

Matt thought he didn't need any food to get turned on by Tina. She was one attractive woman who just oozed sexiness. Among her many attractive features were her green eyes and the way she looked at him. He really couldn't describe it other than to think there was a deep passion within her.

Tina stayed at Matt's side for the remainder of the evening. They drifted among the various groups of people and made small talk with them. A number of the celebrities there were speaking Spanish as they were more comfortable in that language. Matt thought he should have taken Spanish in school instead of French. Matt was also surprised that most of the people there had heard about the incident with Carl's briefcase and commented favorably on Matt's actions. Matt downplayed what he did but it was apparent it was a big thing to many people and having earned a favor from Victor was a very big thing.

Tina said she was staying overnight at Carl's home. She asked Matt what his plans were for the next day. Matt said he didn't have anything planned. Tina invited him to come back tomorrow and they would go for a boat ride. A time was agreed on and Matt thanked his host and left the party which was winding down. He was wondering what he had gotten himself into by recovering the briefcase. Victor was no one to mess around with and Matt could only wonder what his offer of him asking for a favor meant. His other thought was on beautiful Tina who was out of his league, or was she?

The next morning was a beautiful day with the sun shining and not a cloud in the sky. There was a very light breeze so the seas would be calm. He pressed the doorbell at Carl's house and was greeted by Tina who was wearing a white three-quarter-length linen wrap. Matt couldn't tell what she had on underneath the wrap. "Good! You are right on time. The boat is loaded and ready to go. Carl and Shelly have other plans so I have you all to myself. Let's go."

She was acting like a teenager as she took his hand and led him though the house to the back and the pier on the water. Matt was a little in shock when he saw the 'boat' as Tina called it. The 'boat' was an 85-foot cabin cruiser with a white and dark blue paint trim. There was a three-person crew standing by the deck as they boarded. The captain shook Matt's hand welcoming him on board and telling him to make himself comfortable; they would be underway in a minute. Matt watched them cast off the lines and then maneuver the ship out into the channel.

Tina was standing alongside Matt pointing out some of the houses they were passing by on Star Island and telling him who the owners were. It was a who's-who of Miami's high society. As they were getting into more open water Matt could see they were heading in a westerly direction. Tina said, "We are heading toward Key West. It's a five-hour trip so we won't get all the way there but somewhere along the way we will stop for lunch and then we can head back. If you want to explore the boat, feel free to do so. If you want a drink, ask one of the crew and he will get it for you. Oh, by the way this is Victor's boat and when I said I wanted to borrow it to take you on a boat ride he was more than happy for me to do so. Now if you don't mind, I am going to work on my tan."

Tina gave Matt a kiss on the cheek and turned to go to one of the chaise lounges that were on the back deck. She took off the three quarter wrap she was wearing to reveal she had on a very small bikini. The bottom of her suit wasn't quite a thong but it was close to it. The top of her suit were two small triangles which covered her nipples. Her top didn't stay on. She took it off and said to Matt, "Tan lines are a no-no in my profession. I hope you don't mind."

Matt was at a loss for words looking at this gorgeous creature with her perfectly proportioned breasts and her pointy nipples. He didn't know what to say. He stuttered and then finally said, "No ... no ... I can understand that. Ah ... ah ... Do you want me ... to put some suntan lotion on your back?"

"I was hoping you would," she said as she stretched out on the lounge.

Lying on her front with her arms extended overhead Matt poured a generous amount of lotion on her back and with his hands worked the lotion into her body. He thought he heard a little moaning from her as he did so. When he was done with her back he poured some lotion on her thighs and calves and worked the lotion into them till they were well coated. He was reluctant to do her buttocks but that reluctance ceased when he heard, "You missed a big spot. Put the lotion all over me. I don't want to be burned anywhere especially where I sit down."

He poured some lotion on her buttocks and went to work. While he was doing so he admired and marveled at her butt. It was firm and muscular and yet it felt so very nice. He continued to rub the lotion on for longer than necessary and with him becoming aroused thought he should stop before he embarrassed himself. He put the lotion down and said, "I am going to get a drink and explore the ship. I'll be back in a bit." There was some perspiration on his forehead and he felt hotter than what the temperature was.

The ship was a rich man's expensive toy with two master bedrooms, two other bedrooms, a lounge, dining area and a small kitchen. Televisions, stereos and other electrical equipment were all strategically placed. Marble floors and granite counter tops were in abundance. Matt thought that this toy had to cost a pretty penny to buy and more than a pretty penny to operate. The captain said that the twin engines could get the boat's top speed up to 27 knots and that the ship had a long range because of its large fuel tanks.

Matt went back to where Tina was tanning and found her to be glistening from the suntan lotion. She was lying on her back wearing only the bottom half of her suit and sunglasses. He had brought her an iced diet soda and she thanked him. She sat up and started talking to him, asking him about himself and what his plans were.

Matt said, "Before I answer your questions let me say in your present dress or lack of it, it's going to be hard just to look to look you right in your eyes. I hope I don't embarrass you if you see my eyes drifting. You are one beautiful woman and I wouldn't be human or a man if I didn't admire your beauty."

"It's nice to hear you say that and no I won't be embarrassed. Look all you want. It makes me feel good when you do."

Matt told her about his life, his family, his wife, the reasons for his early retirement and what his future plans were even though they were a little sketchy at this time. He did know he was going to visit his kids and his grandkids but when and in what order or for how long were still plans that were undecided. He was going to take one day at a time and so far things were working out well. "Who would have thought I would have met a drop-dead gorgeous super model in my travels? If this is an indication of what the future holds, it is going to be very interesting."

She smiled at him, finished her drink and said, "It sounds like you are on the start of a great adventure. I hope it works out for you. You deserve to find some happiness. Let me go and check with the captain as to where we are and where we can pull in for lunch."

Tina put her top and wrap on and left. When she came back she said that there was a nice restaurant in a port that was 20 minutes away. She was going to take a quick shower to remove the sun tan lotion and would be back. Matt just thought it couldn't get any better than this as he sipped his drink and looked at the wake of the ship.

The restaurant was nice and lunch was delicious. Tina as a lunch companion was a delight. The stares she received from the other diners confirmed what he knew about her beauty. He could see some of the diners looking at him and wondering why Tina was attracted to him. He had no idea but he chuckled to himself about the looks he was getting. They left the restaurant without ever getting a bill. When Matt inquired about it, Tina told him not to worry as Victor had taken care of it. Apparently Victor had some sort of interest in the restaurant.

Back on the boat the engines started and the course was reversed for the three-hour trip back home. Tina said she had gotten enough sun for the day and while Matt had explored the ship earlier she would like to show it to Matt. She took his hand and he followed her. She went directly to a master bedroom. Once they were in the room, she closed and locked the door, put her arms over Matt's shoulders and drew him to her for one long scorching kiss. Her tongue was very active as it searched for his. She pulled back from his lips and looking into his eyes with a fiery passion said, "Make love to me! Make me your woman!"

Matt was at a loss for words but no words were needed. Her wrap slipped from her arms to the floor. His hand found the knot of the top of her suit and pulled on it. Her top dropped to the floor. He pulled the two knots on the sides of her suit bottom and that too went to the floor. She reached and pulled the bottom of his shirt over his head. Her hands went to his belt buckle and released it. She loosening the button on his shorts and pulled down the zipper. Her hands went along his sides to pull down his shorts and underwear in one motion as she dropped to her knees. As he stepped out of his clothes her hand circled his aroused shaft and brought her lips to it where she engulfed it.

She was staring up at him as her lips were moving up and down on his shaft. He was staring down at her watching her movements thinking that this must be a dream. Never in his wildest moments would he ever imagine something as wild as this happening and with someone like Tina. If it was a dream he didn't want to wake up. Tina was enthusiastic as she continued to make love to his shaft. While the sensations she was creating were terrific there were others he wanted to experience. He put his hands on her arms and raised her to his lips and kissed her with an ever increasing ferocity. His hands were roving up and down her back descending to cup and massage her buttocks and exploring her crack and teasing her anus. Once his finger penetrated her anus and he could hear the moan from her throat.

He lowered her to the bed. His lips left hers giving little kisses and nibbles as the drifted down to her nipples and paid homage to both of them. Her moans were increasing. Down he went to her shaven womanly essence where he nibbled, probed and entered. His lips captured her clit and worshiped it while she thrashed on the bed. "Give it to me! Give it to me!" she demanded and her hands were pulling at Matt raising him up to her.

His shaft entered her warm essence and after three thrusts he was fully seated. His hips were entering and withdrawing his shaft as he was kissing her. Her arms had circled his broad back and her knees were drawn up. Her hips were meeting his thrusts encouraging him to go deeper and faster. She was extremely excited. It had never felt this good. All too soon she had an orgasm and Matt continued to thrust into her. She was getting close to her second orgasm when she felt his warm discharge entering her and she came again. He was just resting atop her listening to his heartbeat slow and she was clutching him to her hoping it would never end. After a few minutes they decoupled with her head resting in the crock of his arm and her head resting on the side of his chest. Her hand was lightly going up and down his torso.

"That was something," she said. "I knew it would be good but that was better than good. I never felt that way before."

"I agree that was something. You are sensational and a wonderful lover."

"Do you think you can do it again? What can I do to help?"

"Give me a few minutes. If kissing you and caressing you doesn't do it, nothing will."

Kissing and caressing did do it and they were back at it but this time in a slow and loving manner. He nibbled on her ear and licked it with his tongue. This had her squirming while her hips were matching his rhythm. "You're killing me, you're killing me," was all she said but she never said stop.

As they were basking in the afterglow they could see the skyscrapers of Miami coming closer to them through the porthole.

Tina said they had time for a quick shower before they docked. In the shower they washed each other. The soap caused their skin to be slippery. Matt played with her nipples and made sure all her orifices were extremely clean. She in turn reciprocated as she washed Matt. While they didn't make love again they exchanges many kisses.

After the boat docked Tina told Matt that she was leaving that evening for a photo shoot in Paris. She said she was also booked to model at two fashion shows in Europe. When she would return to the States, she didn't know. She gave him a card with her cellphone and email address. He gave her his contact information as well and told her his plans were up in the air as to where he would be.

At his car she said, "I hope you don't think this was just a onetime thing. I want to see you again. Please keep in contact with me."

Matt responded, "You know I will. I can't tell you enough of how nice it was to meet and be with you. Now I know what they mean when they say 'Super-Model'."

She smiled and gave him a playful jab of her fist on his arm and one last kiss.

On the drive back to his condo Matt thought about Tina, the boat trip and what he had experienced with her. She was every man's wet dream. He would stay in contact with her and hoped she would with him. While their life styles were different and there was a difference in their ages it seemed like some sort of a relationship could develop. What sort of a relationship he wasn't sure. If this was an indication of what Matt's traveling the States would be like, it was going to be something super.

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