Superlove - the White Angel's Autobiography

The first time I flew was both exhilarating and scary. Although flew is not really the correct term I would use. What I had done was to rise above the ground a few feet. I merely used my mind to move my body. I could have gone higher, but I was scared of heights at the time. In addition, I did not want to attract too much attention, even if I was in middle of a forest, miles from anywhere.

My name is Sophie Reynolds and I have a big secret. Most people would say they have big secrets, but mine is a secret, that the whole world wants to know. Bigger than the one about who really shot JFK. If you are reading this book, then not only are you interested in my story, but you are also expecting to find out whom I really am. That is not going to happen. In fact, Sophie Reynolds does not even exist; it is a name I made up, in part. However, this book does try to answer many of your questions, except the big one, my identity.

My life changed and truly started when I was 16. It began one day after school, as I was walking home. While crossing a busy road, I tripped over my feet and fell. I was young and foolish and tried to play chicken with a car, by running across the road, rather than waiting. I thought I was fast enough to beat the car, before it hit me. I was wrong. I fell into the path of the oncoming car, when it was only a few feet from hitting me. My eyes closed, I prayed, awaiting the impact and my very painful and very imminent death. After a minute, shock had set in and still nothing had happened. I peeked out of my right eye, to see the car directly in front of me. It had just stopped dead, a few inches from my face. I looked around seeing people, some seemed in shock. I decided to get up and run home as fast as I can.

When I arrived home, I ran straight upstairs to my room. I was in shock, scared and had wet myself. I went to my chest of draws, and picked out some clean underwear and my nightclothes, and then left for a shower. It was only just after five, but once I was ready for bed, I slipped under my sheets and tried to sleep. My mum came into my room about six, to check on me. I explained I was feeling sick and just needed to rest. While I tried to sleep, my mind went over what almost happened to me, but even worse, what did not. That car should have hit me. Even I knew it was impossible for that car to have stopped so quickly. I do not even think I remember hearing the breaks squeal. Add to that, the crowds shocked reaction; I knew they could not understand it either.

Weeks passed, I had not mentioned the incident to anyone, not even my parents or my best friend. I had blocked the whole incident from my mind, it was too difficult to comprehend, and I was still in shock. I received a few odd looks from some of the other kids at school, but eventually things did return to normal. Even though I had tried to forget about the car, it was on a Thursday afternoon, during school, that things slowly became clear to me concerning what had happened.

During afternoon recess, I was in the girls' bathroom and was just washing my hands. At the time, I was not alone, there were also two girls chatting to each other, stood to my left. Ahead of them was the bathroom window. Then I had a strange feeling, compelling me that I should go to the frosted window. Without understanding why, I moved quickly around the girls and approached the window. I turned around to look at the other two girls in the room. Then we heard a shout, from outside the window, followed by a smashing sound behind me. The two girls reacted as they flinched and tried to protect themselves. I turned around to look at the window. What I saw shook me to the core, and I slowly began to realize what had happened to the car. Their in mid-air, motionless, were shards of broken glass from the hole in window, and among the many pieces of glass was a very large rock that had caused it. They were all suspended in the air, as if they were being held by invisible pieces of string attached to the ceiling. I blinked, which seemed to cause all the glass shards and rock to drop straight down onto the floor. This all happened within seconds and when I turned back around to check on the girls, they were both just getting up. They looked behind me to see the mess to the window and down on the floor.

"Are you ok Sophie, are you hurt?" I was in shock again. I shrugged my shoulders unsure of what to say or do. Did they see the floating debris? "Is your back ok, it must have really hurt you when that rock hit you?" They thought I had blocked it with my body. Thinking quickly, I feigned hurt and rubbed my shoulder and back.

"My coat is quite thick, I hardly felt a thing?" We looked out the window, through the newly formed hole and spotted three boys. They were laughing and pointing at the window. It was the Terence Street Boys. A bunch of immature bullies who all live on the same street, if you had not already guessed. Normally, along with everyone else, I would and should have just left the bathroom and kept my mouth shut. Everybody hated the gang, the trouble they caused, and the kids they picked on. The whole of the school were too scared to say anything against the Boys, fear of it getting back to them if they did. Nevertheless, it was time somebody stood up to them, and for some reason, I decided it should be me. Therefore, I left, and marched straight to the principal, to tell him about the incident, and who were responsible.

So there we have the three things that helped me become a Superheroine. Obviously, there is much more to tell, but I wanted to give you a glimpse about how my life changed so much since each event. There is a fourth thing, but I will tell you about that incident later in the story. However, I believe for an Autobiography, it is important to start at the beginning, with my birth.

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