Act of War S.O.S. Book 2
Chapter 1

Colonial HQ

Proxima Centauri

"This is obviously a hoax Admiral." The President said.

"No hoax, the techs tripled checked it Mister President." The Admiral said.

"Admiral the Intrepid was a lost ship, its a cautionary tale told to new recruits, the ghost ship commanded by one of the most hated enemies of the Colonies, its experimental worm hole generators doomed it to wander space forever." The President said.

The Admiral shook his head.

"What little information we salved from the old Earth government after the war was incomplete, but we where able to salvage the databases on mars Mister President, its classified information, but it appears that Earth received a distress signal from deep space, beyond where any human has ever explored, the old earth government sent one U.S.S. Dauntless to investigate it." The Admiral said handing the Admiral a file.

"Apparently the Dauntless found something out there, something that according to its message drone involved the Intrepid." The Admiral said.

The President raised an eyebrow looking over the file.

"Admiral the message only said it found the colony ship Intrepid destroyed, crew has been killed, Dauntless is lost, worm hole tech extremely dangerous." The President said skeptically.

The Admiral nodded.

"Exactly Mister President, look at the facts here, we have a Colony ship commanded by the most feared Commander of the first Colonial war, we have an extremely advance battle ship filled with outlawed technology, both ships were ships from Earth gov." The Admiral said.

The President looked at the Admiral.

"I am not following Admiral?" The President said.

"Mister President the Dauntless used the same Golem technology that Earth used against us in the war, How many died on our side while earths soldiers sat in their command chairs back at home, fighting a War by remote, the war had no cost to them, thats why the decision was made to bring the war to their door step, thats why the Colonial fleet sacrificed so much to destroy Earth." The Admiral said, his voice rising.

"Admiral that was over 100 years ago." The President said.

"Mister President do the math, the Dauntless didn't use worm holes, they would have arrived at their destination exactly as Earth was falling." The Admiral said.

The President shook his head.

"Admiral, even if that is the case there is no way they knew what happened." The President said.

"Sir, we saw how far there quantum tether worked, how do we know they didn't perfect the technology, the Dauntless was experimental, we haven't been able to decode half the files about it, they could have had some advanced message system on board, this probe is a trick." The Admiral said.

"How so Admiral?" The President said.

"Think about it sir, if the dauntless found the intrepid, and received word that earth had fallen, between those two ships imagine what they could of done, who knows maybe the whole point of the distress signal is a cover, we have no proof any of that even happened, Earth could of sent anything far away just in case. There could be an entire enemy fleet out there, waiting to exact revenge on the Colonies for Earths destruction! Sir we sacrificed so much to break free from Earths tyranny, we owe it to all the men and women who died to be ever vigilant" The Admiral Said.

The President was watching the Admiral carefully.

"And if the message is exactly what it appears to be?" The President said.

"Irregardless sir what we find out there we need to send a task force immediately." The Admiral said.

The President frowned.

"I will not authorize a task force for this Admiral, we already have problems with pirates in the outter colonies, the fleet is spread thin, send a scout ship to investigate, if he finds anything that is a danger I will authorize your task force." The President said.

It was the Admirals turn to frown.

"Fine Mister President."

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