90-ft Nastasha's Naughty Day
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Fiction, Science Fiction, Horror, Humor, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Spitting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, Foot Fetish, Nudism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Artist Nastasha Azul is aroused at every turn.

"OK, Nastasha, you ready for your grand gallery opening tonight?" Darla asked of her protégé. It was a warm summer Sunday night at the Remire Art Gallery, the most prestigious art forum in the city of Calantend, a cosmopolitan city of 7 million on the west coast. This was Nastasha's big break, she had been waiting years to display her craft and every art press reporter will be there tonight. "I'm as ready as I'll ever be," Nastasha nervously reassured Darla as she held a glass of white wine in her hand.

It was 7PM and the doors opened, friends and family mingling among the more serious press corps as people commented on Nastasha's paintings. "This is the finest modern interpretation I've ever seen," one reporter exclaimed to Nastaha, who blushed with pride. "Thank you," Nastasha gleefully replied. "You're a star!" Darla assured her.

"Oh shit!" Nastasha whispered to Darla. "That's Anton Eego," that dick of an art reporter. His latest review nearly destroyed Naomi Kasatosa's career back in Japan," Nastasha anxiously relayed to Darla. Darla looked at Nastasha with reassuring eyes. "Your work is ten time better than Naomi's," Darla praised as she patted Nastasha's shoulder. At that moment the 65-year old Mr. Eego coldly walked by the pair, a glazed look in his eyes. The whole room went silent, studying the senior critic's every expression. "Nastasha took a big breath as she intently studied the man's face. "Nothing. Absolutely nothing. No expression, no comment. He's such an asshole," Nastasha complained softly to Darla, taking another sip of wine to calm her nerves.

Except for the cold critic, the night went fairly well. Nastasha drove back to her townhome, still stewing over Mr. Eego, furious he reeled so much power over her. "His stupid opinion in the Times is so gonna piss me off," she thought. Nastasha would have to wait a few days to see the review in the paper.


The next day, Nastasha woke, her wine buzz had worn off and immediately her thoughts ruminated on Mr. Eego and she was furious. In a little bit of a funk, Nastasha called her next-door neighbor Prisha for a pep talk. "Your art work is awesome and I am sure that this critic will only have nice things to say." Prisha assured. Nastasha was still angry. "Everyone in the city is gonna read that asshole's review and I'll be sunk." Nastasha cried back to Prisha. "Look, I'm coming over and I'll make you feel better.

"Hey, how's it going girl?" Prisha asked as she embraced Nastasha. The women started kissing, Prisha passionately ringing her tongue in Nastasha's mouth, both women purring in pleasure, the sensual musky scent of their combined saliva wafting in their noses. "I have to go, but here, take this, go for a swim in your pool and call me later to check in with me," Prisha warmly offered. Before Prisha left, she licked her index finger, moistening it thoroughly before slowly gliding it down into Nastasha's panties. "Ummm," Nastasha moaned. Prisha giggled. "Talk to ya later. Make sure to relax and enjoy my gift," Prisha soothed.

Nastasha undressed and made her way to her small but luxurious pool in her backyard, spraying herself with cocoanut body spray by Crazy/Sexy Girl Pheromone before heading outside with Prisha's gift, a neatly rolled joint, fresh from Prisha's basement. Nastasha grabbed her iPhone and cocoanut sun oil and waded naked into the inviting warm water of the pool. She slowly ambled toward her dark blue raft she bought the past weekend. She climbed on to the inflatable watercraft, luxuriating in the soft cushy surface as the water lightly rocked her, the occasional tiny wave seeping between her legs as she reclined against the soft pillow headrest.

"Aaaaah,"Natsha sighed as she basked in the Monday morning sun. It was only 7.45 AM, but the heat felt so good on her breasts and the rest of her silky, moist, shiny skin. The beautiful young woman laid back, closed her eyes and placed the iPod earphones on her pretty lobes. The soft rumble of cars traveling on the Peirson Parkway a few blocks from her high-end home resonated soothingly. Nastasha pressed play, the poppy sounds of Lady Gaga rocked in her ear. "That Prisha! She totally took my iPod with all my punk tunes. Can't believe she left hers," she mumbled softly.

Reluctantly trying a new sound, she lay back and let GaGa cutely caress her senses. The minor irritation of not having her iPhone stirred more thoughts about that ass of critic from the night before. "Now millions of people are gonna read his stupid review. I'll hate everybody in this city," the beauty thought as she puffed on the Prisha joint. "Mmmm, that is awesome," Nastasha beamed as she exhaled. Taking a few more puffs, Nastasha found herself in a relaxed state, quickly falling asleep on her soft raft.

Moments later, "What the fuck! What the fuck is going on? Nastasha fretted as she watched her limbs begin to grow, her feet, arms, hands and arms gaining in length at an extreme pace. Nastasha screamed, but then a powerful sense of power and pleasure took over as she fell off the ever-smaller float, her body growing to ten feet, then 20 ft, 45 feet. Her limbs crashed against her house, sending debris falling, the crashing sound making a fuss. "Uhhh ... Ohhh ... Oooo," Nastasha moaned as a fierce erotic feeling took hold between her legs, moistening her inner woman.

The growth continued and Nastasha stood up, now 70 feet tall, houses looking like no more than dolls' residences. At 80 feet, the giant could see every roadway for miles, then topping off at 90 feet, the whole city was in view, including dozens of highways, bridges and overpasses filled with bumper-to-bumper traffic. Looking around, the newly crowned giantess gasped in awe, dismay and excitement. The rush to the senses was too much; she had an orgasm just thinking of the new possibilities. "Mmmm ... Oooo," she hummed as she licked her lips with eyes closed.


Looking around and down, Nastasha saw her caved in house, her one foot planted on her car in the driveway and the other sitting in the pool. Neighbors came out to see the commotion and got the shock of a lifetime. HEY PEEPS, OOPS, I'M A GIANT NOW. DON'T I LOOK CUTE, ALL DECKED OUT IN MY BIRTHDAY SUIT? That wasn't all; her glossy dark green lipstick radiated her gorgeous soft and plump lips, matching green painted toes nails, courteousy of her favorite salon. The matching green at each end of her lanky body gave her a menacing but soft feminine look.

People screamed at the sight of the gargantuan gal, running as Nastasha placed her hands at her hips and giggled. "MMMmm, this gonna be soo delicious. That Prisha and her pot are the shit! I am completely ecstatic. What should I do first as a giant?" Nastasha asked herself under her breath. Looking around she remembered the Pierson Parkway only a few hundred yards behind her home. Turning around, she headed in the direction of the sound of the humming of cars on the Pierson's eight-lane expanse, with four lanes heading to and from downtown. Lucky for her, the area between her and the commuters was wooded. She could be discrete and surprise the poor people. "This is gonna be so damn cool, I can't wait," she muttered with glee.

As she ambled toward the woods, she stumbled upon a small business office which had a 15-foot-in-diameter globe; a bronze sphere in the image of the Earth, weighing over 700 pounds. Nastasha wanted to test her strength, easily lifting the object with her one hand, lifting it up like no more than a baseball. With the Pierson well within view, Nastasha slowly, carefully progressed down an embankment, weaving between trees that spanned no higher than her shoulders.

Studying the 40-MPH traffic in a bumper-to-bumper parade of cars and trucks and studying the globe in her hand, Nastasha giggled as she placed the sphere down on the steep embankment, letting the world, quite literally roll down the hill onto the parkway. "This is gonna so hurt for all those people," the gleeful giantess purred.

The sphere quickly gathered momentum, bouncing around a few trees before crashing through a concrete median and into several speeding cars' path. Nastasha squealed in girlish delight as her eyes feasted on complete destruction. Skidding, the sound of squealing tires, the ugly crunch of steal and the ensuing screams were so satisfying to Nastasha, who now was ready to make her grand debut. Stepping forward on to the decimated roadway from the thick foliage, the gargantuan girl simply stood among trashed cars and milling people with feet spread shoulder length, one hand on her side, the other fixing her hair.


Except for a few screams, the air went silent as the gentle breeze blew the giant's soft salon-fresh dark hair in the wind. All the tiny people stared up at the giant, slowly emerging from cars to see what would happen next; "would she help?" Nastasha posed a domineering sexy look over so many, she knew she was in charge and so did all the people. Then, the silence was broken; Nastasha watched another large pile-up only 20 yards from where she stood, behind the already massive pile-up at her feet. The bronze globe rested atop two crushed cars.

The new pile-up seemed to intensify as Nastasha watched amusingly as car after car plowed into an ever-growing garbage heap of steel. Nastasha was loving it, and felt compelled to speak to 'her people.' HI, TINY PEOPLE OF MY CITY. MY NAME IS NASTASHA, the giant began, her plump shiny green lips yet to utter the greatest terror statement that ever hit the city. Her green toenails tapped happily in front of frightened and scared people. AS YOU CAN SEE, I'M LIKE THE TALLEST PERSON IN THE WORLD AND I AM NOW THE QUEEN OF THIS PLACE YOU PUNY PEOPLE CALL HOME. YOU WILL DO AS I SAY, SO LET'S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS, SHALL WE? FIRST, I WANT EVERYONE TO GET BACK IN THEIR CARS AND GET THESE TOYS OUTTA HERE. BUT BEFORE THAT, YOU'LL NEED TO CLEAN UP THESE PILES OF CARS. I DON'T WANT MY CITY LITTERED WITH THIS CRAP. ALSO, IT SMELL LIKE POOP EVERYWHERE FROM THOSE STUPEID FACTORIES OVER THERE. SOMEONE NEEDS TO FIX THAT ... OR I WILL.

The people were stunned. They merely stared up at the imposing girl in disbelief. Nastasha smirked in response to their silence. Then, feeling all giant-like and wanting to display her superiority, the beauty crouched down and snapped up an occupied car in her hand, dangling it in her fingers as she listened to the screams of the occupants. OH, YOU POOR, POOR PEOPLE. YOU'RE SO SMALL IN THIS PUNY CAR, she teased sensuously into the car with a breathy sigh.

Looking back down at the ruin roadway at her feet, she was momentarily distracted by the free-flowing cars in the opposing lanes heading in the opposite direction. She was floored that traffic actually sped up, most likely wanting to avoid the calamitous fate of their downtown-destined fellow citizens. Nastasha had plans for them, but they would have to wait. She needed to talk to over 150 people standing at her toes before her. OK, PEEPS, I'M GIVIN' ALL OF YOU TEN MINUTES TO CLEAN UP THIS SHIT OR I START EATING PEOPLE, STARTING WITH THESE TINY PEOPLE FOOD IN THIS TOY CAR. Nastasha again peered into the vulnerable vehicle as she laughed cutely. THEY'RE SO FREAKIN' OUT RIGHT NOW, she teased down the astonished crowd.

Nastasha couldn't believe she said what she just did, but it gave her a rush. Within seconds, people began to scream again, running in every direction. Several people darted into the woods, others into oncoming traffic in the opposing lanes. THAT WAS HOT!, Nastasha exclaimed as she witnessed two people get hit by a car, their bodies thrown high into the air like rag dolls twisting in the wind.

Nastasha could hardly control her pleasure impulses as she rested her ass on the globe, taking in the carnage, tossing the car in her hand on top of a smoldering ten-car trash heap. Facing the opposing lanes, the giantess felt a flood of saliva fill her mouth, a side effect of becoming a giant. Feeling freaky sexy, Nastasha welled up and spit a ball of saliva onto the speeding commuters, sending ten gallons of thick girl spit onto several moving cars. The saliva oozed on windshields and onto the roads, causing fast moving cars to skid in the giant girl liquid and crash.

Cars' spinning tires on saliva stirred the moistness to emit a rather pungent sensual fragrance into the air, which Nastasha breathed pleasurably into her cute nose. The scent reminded her of the sexy smell of hers and Prisha's drool on their pillows in the morning after they made love the night before. As Nastasha sat on the globe, she felt the need to pleasure herself, the erotic symphony of screaming people, crashing cars, the pitter patter of fleeing tiny commuters and the airy smell of her natural feminine scents made her so hot. The aroma spread like wildfire above the landscape; if people were traveling to the city for the first time that day, they might've thought the metropolis was inhabited by millions of women.

Nastasha was in heat; with screams and crashes intensifying, the roar of police sirens approaching and the buzz of choppers above, the scene served to heighten her sexual desire. As Nastasha's eyes remained closed, she splayed out her body, her legs and feet resting on countless cars as her cute butt found a comfy position on the globe. With fingers between her legs and other digits massaging her nipples, Nastasha imagined Prisha there with her as a giantess as they caressed each other, licked each other's lobes and sucked on nipples, listening to the sound of destruction, no one able to stop them from an erotic romp in the city as giants. Nastasha grinned as she imagined Prisha whispering into her ear as they stood among the chaos, "Nastasha, I love being with you as we take over the city. You're my people-eating giant party gal pal." As that thought played out in her mind, Nastasha felt several people run beneath her mid section, the gentle breeze the tiny people created caressing her vagina.

OH, MMMMM, UUUH, OOOOO, YOU PEOPLE ARE MAKING ME SOOOOO TURNED ON, Nastasha sighed with a heavy moan over the mayhem and horror, eyes closed in ecstasy. Her face glowed as did her entire body, her silky skin shining for all the world to see, the goddess bathing in car crashes and terrified people ... and now approaching police. MMMMmmm ... OOOOOOOO, Nastasha bellowed in utter satisfaction.

News choppers had already begun feeding live footage to televisions worldwide. Prisha watched from her work computer as her BFF rocked the world. "I have to go home," Prisha busily told her co-workers.

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