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Science Fiction Sex Story: Prologue - James Anderson heads home to bury his father. While there he gets a visitor that gives him a choice, live or die. This story is inspired by cmsix

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Science Fiction   Harem   Polygamy/Polyamory  


I stood there looking down at the grave, and sighed.

"Dad, I'm sorry we never got back together, after the fight. I know I should have tried harder, should have figured out some way to get back here to Nevada to apologize. Well, all I can do now, is take care of your dogs for you. Give mom a kiss and a hug for me."

A voice intruded into my private thoughts, "Mister Anderson, I'm Mark Hamilton, I want to extend my apologies to you and your family."

Turning I looked at the speaker. He was about 6'2" and around three hundred pounds. He was somewhat greasy looking, to me.

"Thanks," I responded.

"Reason I came over is, I was wondering what you are planning on doing with..."

"What? My dad is barely in the ground, and you want to know about his stuff? Get away from me, you vulture!" I snarled.

I pushed my way past him and walked to the rental car I had rented when I flew in. Looking back, I saw the man watching me as I climbed into the 2008 Taurus. I fastened the seatbelt for the drive back to the house.

Driving out into the desert, I thought of my dad and his ranch.

'Hell, what am I going to do with two thousand acres of scrubland? At least the two hundred head of cattle and thirty horses are taken care of.' I hate cows! They're why I went to MIT.' I thought as I pulled onto the ranch road and headed to the five-bedroom house.

'At least old man Peterson bought them, and got them out of my hair, ' I thought. 'Gave me a decent price for them, too.'

Pulling up beside my dad's old truck, I looked at the 1971 Ford F-100 that I had learned to drive in, so many years ago. The recent paint job looked good on the old beast. Parked beside it, was the brand new Bounty Hunter Toy Hauler my dad had bought.

Climbing out of the car I started walking towards the house when four dogs came barreling around the building. The two Rottweilers were in the lead, and came to a stop by my feet. Close behind them were two blood hounds baying up a storm.

Shaking my head, I petted each of the dogs.

I went inside, telling them, "Dinner in a few minutes."

Walking in, I tossed the keys on the end table, and looked around the 1000 square foot living room. On the walls hung several deer heads, including the six point one I had taken when I was seventeen. Going to the kitchen, I opened the thirty-five gallon trashcan, near the back door. Picking up the four-quart scoop, I dug in and filled it with dog food. I walked out the back door.

"Come on, guys and gals! Dinner time!" I said as I filled the four bowls.

I could hear thunder out in the distance.

"Going to be a storm tonight, gang. I guess you sleep inside the garage. Speaking of which, I still need to go through that crap."

Checking the water, I saw it was full. I rubbed all the dogs' heads as I went out to the large pen, and poured the rest of the dog food into the bowls, there. Looking around I didn't see Sampson or Cleo, so I closed the gate, and went back inside. Setting the pitcher down, I picked up the forty-four pound bag of dog food. I ripped the top open and dumped it in the container.

"Now, for the mothers and pups!" I said as I walked into what my dad had called the puppy room. Looking at the three pens, I shook my head again as I stood there. In the first pen was another bloodhound with seven puppies barely week old. In the second was another Rottweiler that dad had bred out as well. She had five pups, four females and a male.

The third pen housed one of the biggest damned dogs, I had ever seen: a full-blooded English Mastiff. Out in the kennel was an equally huge male that I had made friends with, yet I was still a bit wary of him. Dad's notes indicated that the female mastiff was due to have her pups in a few days.

"Dinner time, ladies," I said as I opened the two trashcans.

I scooped out a huge bowl of Purina Large Breed Puppy chow for the Mastiff and Rottweiler, while a second scoop contained Purina Healthy Morsels for the bloodhound.

Pouring the food, I checked the puppies, and saw they were doing well. The Rottie pups were now eight weeks old, and the new owners were due out tomorrow to get the four girls. I was hoping I could find someone to take the male. I needed to find home for some of these other dogs, too. Otherwise, they were going to eat me out of house and home.

After filling the water bowls, and cleaning up the puppy poop, I walked over to the sink and washed my hands. Drying my hands, I checked the folders my dad had filled out for the Rotties before his heart attack, and saw everything was ready for the new owners.

Picking up the receipt book, I was floored when I saw what he was making on the dogs. He was making twelve hundred a pup on Daisy's (the female rottie) pups, and was supposed to make a grand on the bloodhounds. Flipping the page to the one that said 'Delilah', I sat down in the chair. I stared, stunned, at the three thousand dollar price tag on her pups.

Closing the book, I set it down and sat back in the chair, I started thinking of the possibilities.

'I could make a fortune with these dogs, but do I want to be stuck here breeding dogs?'

Looking over at Delilah in her enclosure, I noticed she wasn't eating. Getting up, I walked over, and knelt by the pen.

"Delilah, are you ok?" I asked.

I swear the dog gave me the look that all pregnant females give a male that says, 'No. I'm pregnant, my feet hurt, I'm bloated. What do I look like?'

Reaching in I petted the dog, and then I ran my hand down her side and she whined. "Ah shit? What's wrong girl?" I said as I petted her.

Getting up I walked over to the phone and picked it up. I had noticed one of the buttons was programmed for a Doctor Candles. Pressing it, I waited for it to be picked up on the other end.

"This is Doctor Candles' Office, how may I help you?" came a voice as soon as it was picked up.

"Hi, this is James Anderson. My dad had this number programmed into the phone, and..."

"Oh, hello, Mister Anderson. This is Charlene Candles. I was sorry to hear about your father. What can I do for you?"

"Thank you. The reason I called is, I think there is something wrong with one of my dad's dogs. Could I get the vet to come out? I don't want to move her if I can help it."

"Which dog is it?" Charlene asked as I heard the typing of keys.

"It's Delilah, she's down on her side and won't eat," I said as I watched the dog lay there panting.

"Have you taken her temperature?"

"Umm! How do I do that?" I said as I looked around for a thermometer. Opening the drawers on the desk, I looked for one but couldn't find it.

"Go over to the cabinet to your left. Open the top drawer, you will find a white device about five inches long. Carefully place it in her ear for ten seconds while you hold the button down."

Going to the cabinet, I opened it, and looked inside and found the device. Opening it up, I was surprised it was like a baby's thermometer. It came on as I bent into the pen and inserted it into the dog's ear and pressed the button. Counting to twenty, I pulled it out and read the temperature, "It says 98 degrees."

"Good, she's in labor. Does she seem to be in stress?"

"In stress? How would I know," I snapped as I looked at the dog.

"Mister Anderson, that was uncalled for. Now I am trying to help."

"I'm sorry but I don't know shit about what I'm doing with dogs. I can help a cow or horse. Is this the same? Do I need to reach up inside her?"

"DON'T YOU DARE! I will get my mom! We'll be on the way out there in fifteen minutes. Just watch her!"

The phone went dead. I looked at it in surprise, and hung the instrument up. Setting the phone down, I walked back into the kitchen.

Thirty minutes, and a can of beef stew later, I was sitting back enjoying a cup of coffee. The dogs started going nuts. Getting up, I walked to the front door just as headlights went by on the main window.

Opening the door, I saw two people getting out of a car, one looked around seventeen while the other I couldn't see because she or he had the lid of the trunk up. The girl coming towards me definitely gave me a woody. She was about five-five or six inches, long brown hair to her ass. Her breasts were well formed and were pushing her blouse out so very nicely, that I wanted to just bite them. She was wearing cut offs that were cropped short at her hips, and showed her long legs.

"How is she?" Charlene asked as she came up to the door.

I recognized the voice from the phone and smiled at the young girl, "I don't know. She's in the back room. I just finished eating. Are you hungry?"

"What? You haven't been watching her?" Charlene said as she pushed past me and ran for the back room.

Standing there, I scratched my head as I watched her ass wiggle in her cutoff jeans, as she went into the back room.

"Hi, James, its been a long time."

Turning I looked at the owner of the voice in shock.

"Jane Whitman? It's been years. How have you been?" I asked, as I looked her up and down.

"It's Candles now, and I'm doing ok," she said as she smiled at me.

Before I could answer, a large bolt of lightning hit the ground a scant three miles away, and lit up the darkening sky. I happened to be looking almost at the bolt because I was looking at Jane's face.

"Damn, it's getting nasty out. Can I come in?" Jane said as she looked out at the Nevada desert getting hit with the lightning strikes.

"Of course, come on in," I said as I stepped aside and let her in. "You want some coffee?" I asked as I closed the door behind her.

"Please. Two sugars, no cream. If you have a coke, I will let Charlene have one," Jane said as she stood there.


I was kneeling by Delilah and stroking her side, "Hi girl, miss me?"

My response was a doggie kiss that covered my face from the massive tongue and then she laid her head down and groaned as she pushed.

Getting up, I stepped out of the pen and went to the door. I saw my mom talking with the man who had let me in.

"Mom, hurry! I think she's about ready," I said.

"We're coming," Jane said as they started walking towards the puppy room.


I went into the kitchen as Jane went into the puppy room. Pulling the coffee pot out, I set up the coffee to start brewing. As the coffee started cooking, I opened the back door and let the dogs in. They went right to the living room, and plopped down on the floor by the fireplace. Shaking my head at how well behaved they were, I turned to close the door. I froze as Sampson and Cleo pushed their way inside, went to the living room and collapsed. The dogs were huge, almost three hundred pounds each, but they never knocked anything down or tried to jump on the furniture as they lay down.

"Shit, how did you two get loose?" I said.

I closed the door and went to the counter. Opening the cupboard, I pulled out two mugs and poured the coffee. Adding the sugar to both, I opened the fridge. I pulled a coke out, as well as the gallon of milk. Splashing a little milk in the mugs, I put it away and stirred the coffee while I looked out at the kitchen window. It was as dark as midnight from the storm, and the lightning was hitting the Nevada desert.

"Shit, I hope we don't lose power," I said as I picked up the coffee cups and soda, and went back to the puppy room.

Pushing the door open, I noticed Jane and Charlene were both inside the pen kneeling beside the large kiddie pool. Charlene was petting Delilah, while Jane was examining her.

"I need some towels. Charlene, go get them," Jane said as I set the coffee cup down.

Charlene jumped up, and ran to the storage rack. She yanked down a stack of towels as Delilah groaned, and gave a yip.

Jane reached between the dog's legs and ripped the sack open as the puppy came out.

"Here, Mom. What's the pup?" Charlene said as she handed her mother the towel.

Taking the towel, she wiped the puppy's face as she picked up the clamps and clamped the cord. Grabbing the scissors, she cut the sack and afterbirth off, as the mother was eating it.

With a quick wipe she said, "It's a girl."

Three hours later, Delilah lay there with her nine puppies. The puppies nursed as Jane and Charlene cleaned up the birthing area.

"You've got beautiful puppies Mister Anderson," Charlene said as she dropped the towels into the washer. Pouring the bleach and soap in she shut the lid and turned it on.

"Yeah, they are. But what the hell am I going to do with two male and seven female pups, when I don't even know what I'm going to do with the adults?"

"You'll figure something out, James. Now how about some more coffee?" Jane asked as the thunder intensified.

"Sure, and let me make you something to eat. It looks like it's going to get really nasty out there, and I don't want you driving in it.

Going to the kitchen, I opened the freezer and looked at what was inside. Pulling out several boxes of frozen fish and a bag of fries I tossed them on the counter as I set the oven to heat. I then grabbed the deep fryer off the shelf and set it on the counter. Checking the oil level, I added some more oil to it and turned it on to heat.

"Hey! Are fish and fries ok?" I asked.

I pulled a bag of precut salad mixings out of the fridge, after I had slipped the fish into the oven, and dropped the first batch of fries into the hot oil.


"That's fine with us," I said to James as I looked out the window at the storm.

It was getting worse out there as I watched it. A bolt of lightning startled me. I swore that I saw someone walking towards the house, but thought it had to be a retinal shadow from the bright flash.


Grabbing a paper bag, I slit one side, and placed it flat on the cookie sheet. Setting it by the fryer, I turned to the sink and pulled out a big bowl, and poured in the salad mix from the bag, and started cutting up the tomatoes. Placing the bowl on the table, I grabbed the bottle of Ranch Dressing, as well.

I checked the fish and turned them over, as Charlene came out of the bathroom drying her hair.

"Feelin' better?" I asked as I shook the first batch of fries out onto the paper bag that was on the cookie sheet pan.

"Yes I am. That smells good," Charlene said, as she opened the fridge and pulled a can of coke from the shelf.

Grabbing the salt, I salted the fries and scooped them onto paper plates. I added the fish I had just pulled out of the oven.

Setting the plates down, I turned as Charlene was coming towards me with the silverware and three bowls.

"Thanks, want to tell your mother the food is ready?" I said as I opened the fridge and grabbed two more cokes.

"Sure," Charlene replied as she went into the living room.

I started to go to the table, stopped and looked out the back window. I swore I thought I had seen someone looking in. Shrugging my shoulders, I went to the table and set the cans down on the coasters.

"Looks good," Jane said, as I pulled the chair out and let her sit.

"Thanks, I hope you're hungry. I made plenty," I replied as I sat down.

We started eating. I was just about to take my first bite of my fish, when the back door opened, and Jane and Charlene screamed.

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