For Women Only
Chapter 1

Caution: This Suspense Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Consensual, Mind Control, Slavery, Lesbian, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Wimp Husband, Incest, Sister, Light Bond, Humiliation, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Voyeurism, Transformation, Nudism,

Desc: Suspense Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An women-only gym opens, and changes happen. Then it gets worse. Much worse.

I guess it all started with the flyers. All the girls in our school got these flyers in their lockers, saying a new For Women Only gym was opening only a few blocks from our school. It was in the old large strip mall. All the girls with the flyer could try it for a week, free. The Grand Opening was tonight.

For Women Only gyms were owned by the owner of Women Only cosmetics. The original gyms were a gym chain she bought out. This was one of the first new franchises.

Lots of girls were excited. FWO, as it was called, was the latest high-tech gym. They were supposed to create result, that would normally take months, in a few weeks.

"Are you going?" I asked my girlfriend, Julie Schnaur.

"To FWO? Nah, I'm not a gym girl."

Which was true. While she wasn't exactly fat, she was pudgy, with a small roll around her belly. But she had a cute round face, with a button nose, and long brown hair.

"What do you want to do tonight?" she asked me. Friday was date night.

"I thought I'd take you to my bedroom, strip you naked. Then make sweet love to you."

Julie snorted. "Yeah, Tim! Like that is going to happen."

Julie was, through her church, in a chastity program. It was call "Save It For Marriage," or something like that. Julie took her religion, and her chastity vow seriously. She wore a silver ring that had the program's name on it, where her wedding ring would be.

I don't mean to complain. Julie's a nice girl. I am lucky to have her as a girlfriend. None of my friends do.

She leaned forward and kissed me. "I know. We can rent a movie, and watch it in the basement."

"That sounds nice," I said casually putting a hand on her "A" cup bra.

She firmly put my hand down.

"You know, my parent will be right upstairs."

"I know ... I know."

I looked at the clock. The next period started in two minutes. I was in danger of being late.

As I walked away, I called, "You up for D&D Saturday night?"

"Sounds great.

"Love you, Tim."

"And I love you." I rounded the corner and sprinted down the hall to Trig class.

The next morning was when things started getting strange.

In the first period, five minutes after the class started, girls stood up and started spraying lemon-scented Glade in the air.

They then ran out of the rooms, spraying into the hall, and into the rooms none of them were in. One even sprayed into the boys' locker room, though she didn't enter.

Two girls, who were office assistants, doused the office.

Once their cans were empty, they returned to their classrooms, and their seats.

There were over fifty of them, but they didn't wear masks, so their names were quickly collected.

Most of the girls were model students, members of the pompon squad, swim team, volleyball, basketball, softball, and gymnastics.

Over the day, each girl was interviewed separately. They all said the prank was to finally get the administration's attention about the odor problem at the school.

Our high school was old, built in 1920. The whole building had a mustiness that maintenance could not peg down. After a few hours, you got used to it.

The police tested the cans, and found nothing sinister. Just Lemon-scented Glade.

Since the girls had never been in trouble before, and no harm was done, they all got off with a warning.

To the student body, the girls were heroes. For one day, the school smelled fresh and inviting.

In the afternoon, I had my worst class, Gym. I was required to take it once during my time in high school. This was my time.

This autumn day, we were playing soccer. The boys played on one field, and the girls played on a parallel field. Julie was in that class, and I was looking forward to seeing her, especially with her running in those short gym shorts.

The girls never came out.

I asked Coach Becker about it, but he just shrugged. "They're watching some women's health movie."

This did not make sense. If they were watching a birth control tape, we should be too. But coach knows best.

After Gym, just before Trig, I caught up with Julie. She was talking with some of the popular girls. The cheerleaders, and prom queens. They were all laughing, even Julie.

I caught Julie's eye, and she excused herself from the group.

She ran up to me. "I'm going have to postpone our date, Tim."

"Why? What's going on?"

"Some of the girls went to FWO last night. Just to check it out for the rest. They came back super-pumped. So we're all going, tonight."

I whispered in her ear. "What are you doing with these girls. They're just using you."

Julie laughed. "It's wild. I was impressed by the whole Glade incident., so I told Gina Phillips, 'Nice start, ' She started talking, and we hit it off."

Gina was the big star on our swim team. There's talk of her competing in the next Olympics.

"Between classes, she introduced me to her friends, and we meshed."

I shook my head. "You've seen 'Carrie'. These girls are setting you up."

"I wasn't born yesterday. I can tell when someone is nice, and faking nice. And these girls are nice. They are confiding in me. some of the things they told me could get them kicked out of school. They've given me tips on how to handle teachers, and I've given them tips on Math and Chemistry."

"But ... these are not your people."

"Right, these are the popular people. I've always wanted to be popular. Now's my chance."

Just then Gina called out, "Hey, Julie! You've got to hear this!"

"I'll talk to you Saturday night." Julie rejoined her new friends.

That night, I had no date. But I didn't want anyone to know, except my parents. So, I stayed at home, watched some TV, did some homework.

Then I pulled out some porn my friend Ryan gave me. In exchange, I gave him part of my porn stash.

"This shit is hot!" Ryan assured me.

I would just look at porn on the internet, but our only computer was in the family room, and my parents monitored my web-surfing.

Ryan was not lying. These magazines were nasty! Girls getting fucked up the ass by huge cocks. Girls going down on each other. Wild stuff for a fifteen year old.

My mind was going wild, but my dick was not responding. When hard, my cock was ten inches long, but right now, it was hanging like a limp noodle. No matter how much stroking I did, it would not respond.

I started to panic. Something was not right! At fifteen, you get hard for no reason at all, and now it wasn't working!

But, who can you talk to? Who can you tell? It's too personal. It's too embarrassing.

So I pulled on my underpants, and hoped my mojo would come back.

Thinking back, the last time I had a hardon was that morning, with my usual morning wood. I had taken my time, reveling in the sensation of my hands stroking my cock. My cum had shot at least three feet in the air.

I was about to go for another round, when mom called me to breakfast.

I woke the next morning, early. No wood this morning. No anything. I tried for about an hour, then got up and ate some cold cereal.

Saturday was the only day my parents could sleep in, so they weren't up yet.

I called Julie's home phone. Her parents wouldn't let her have a cell. Her mother answered. "Hello, Mrs. Schnaur, Can I speak to Julie?"

"Hi Tim. Julie's not up yet. She wasn't back until 2am, so she's sleeping in."

"And She's not grounded?" I asked. When we dated, I had to have Julie back by 11pm.

"No. She called and let us know. She was at a girls-only gym, drinking fruit smoothies and doing step aerobics. What can go wrong?

"I'm just glad she's starting to take care of herself."

Mrs. Schnaur was an older version of Julie. They both had brown hair, a round face and the same small breasts. and narrow hips. But Julie's mom was really into diet and fitness. Slim and trim, she was always nagging Julie about her weight.

"I see. When she wakes, tell her I called."

"Will do, Tim. Bye."

For about an hour, I watched cartoons.

My parents were in the kitchen, all touchy feely. That meant they just had sex.

That kind of creeped me out, so I went downstairs and called Julie.

It rang about five times, before someone answered. It was Julie's mother. She was out of breath, like she had run to the phone.

"Hello?" she panted.

"It's me again..."

"Now's not a good time, Tim." She hung up.

It occurred to me that I had interrupted Mrs. Schnaur having sex with Mr. Schnaur. That would have been enough to make me jerk off for an hour. And I tried, but my loins would not cooperate.

I was about to lose my mind! My mind was going to explode with lust, but my dick would not get hard.

I decided to go out for a walk, and work off my frustrations. It was a mild autumn day. As long as I was moving, I needed no coat.

I ended up speed walking three miles, which was a long way, for me. I wasn't in great shape.

By the time I got back home, I was out of breath. But I felt better.

Once I was breathing normally, I called Julie again. Mr. Schnaur answered, this time.

"I'm sorry, Tim. Julie and her mother went out shopping."

"Why didn't she call me? I've had my cell with me the whole time."

Julie's father sighed. "I don't know. Look, I'll tell her to call you, when she gets back."

There was something in his voice. A weariness, a sadness I had never heard before, from him. It served to depress me again.

She never called me back.

That night, three of our usual D&D players called to cancel for that night, saying they weren't in the mood. Three other players showed up to play, but Julie didn't. We waited a half hour, setting up for the game. It became obvious that she wasn't going to show.

I was DM, so I spoke up. "I have a side quest we can..."

Ryan stood up. "Look, it's obvious no ones in the mood to play, especially with no estrogen among us. Let's just call it a night."

I tried to be upbeat. "Okay. We'll play again next week."

"I don't know what's wrong with me," said another friend, none too convincingly.

"Maybe it's the flu," said Ryan. He glanced at us, daring us to contradict him.

I nodded. "That's probably what it is. See you next week, guys."

The next morning, Sunday, me and my parents went to church, per usual. Everyone seemed normal enough, but I sensed that many men were trying to act like nothing was wrong, when something really was.

After church, we went to the cafeteria to eat. My dad and I sat down with our tray. I thought mom was right behind me, but she wasn't. I retraced my steps and found her at the end of the cafeteria line, talking to Julie.

They were saying good bye, when I saw them. "It was nice to see you again Julie," my mom said as she walked away.

I pointed out where we were seated to mom, then waved to Julie.

When she saw me, for a split second, something flashed across her face. I didn't know what it was, but it was ugly. She then smiled and motioned for me to follow her.

She set her tray down next to her kid sister, Karin. She then grabbed my arm, and dragged my arm and pulled me to a corner, next to the kitchen entrance.

She pulled no punches. "I'm breaking up with you."

I kind of knew it was coming. But still, it felt like being slugged in the stomach. "But why?" was all I could think to say.

She shrugged. "I've finally got tired of you pawing me. Trying to break my will. Make me break my vow."

I tried to say something, but nothing would come out. Everything she said was true.

"I understand," I said. I walked back to my parents, feeling lower than dirt.

"How is Julie?" asked my dad.

I couldn't think of anything to say. "She broke up with me," I finally got out.

"Oh, that's a shame!" said my mom. "She's such a lovely girl."

The rest of the day, I spent in my room, nursing my wounds.

That night I heard something I had never heard before, my parents arguing. My parents were at the end of the hall from me. The guestroom was across the hall.

I was in my pajamas, lying on the bed, about to go to sleep, trying for the thousandth time to bring my dick back to life. My balls felt swollen, ready to burst; when I heard a crash.

I pulled up my pants, and ran out in the hall.

"You're pathetic!" screamed my mom. "You might as well be a eunuch!"

My father replied, but it was so soft, I couldn't make it out

"Oh, you thought you had it made. Mr. Big Dick, screwing the secretaries all day, and fucking me each night. Well, look at you now!"

My father replied again, softly.

"I don't care! Get out! Sleep in the guestroom, or on the sofa for all I care. Just don't come back until you can be a man!"

The doorknob rattled and I bolted back to my room. I heard my dad trudge down the hall, and enter the guestroom.

I turned out the light and went to sleep.

Early the next morning, I woke up from a fitful sleep. I thought I heard someone padding down the hall.

I got up to look, but by the time I got there, there was no sign of anyone.

I napped until my alarm went off. I showered, dressed, and went to breakfast.

Mom, was sitting at the dining table, wearing a sweatsuit, eating scrambled eggs. She looked at me with no emotion. "Your father has gone to work, already."

That wasn't unusual.

I looked around. "Any eggs left?"

She glanced at the stove. "They're over there. Knock yourself out."

Over there was a carton of eggs. Raw.

More weirdness. My mom loved to cook. she'd always made enough for both of us.

I had never made scrambled eggs before, but I knew how to fry them. So I made myself two eggs, over easy."

As I was sliding them onto a plate, I was startled by the sound of a car starting up in our driveway. It was my mom. She had left, without a word.

I sighed. I had a learner's permit. That meant I could drive to and from school, with an adult with me. Mom would let me drive to school almost every day. "We want you to be a good driver, before you turn sixteen."

With her taking the last car, It meant I had to ride my bike to school, further reinforcing my geek/ nerd image.

At school, things were even odder than at home.

All the guys were skulking around in the corners. No one was talking to each other. They walked quietly from class to class, avoiding each other.

For the girls, it was just the opposite. They clustered in the center of the hallways, laughing and gossiping. It was like they were in a perpetual party. They traveled in flocks, from class to class.

And it wasn't just the students. All the teachers were either up or down.

In gym, Coach Becker said, "do what you want," and sat at the desk in his office for the rest of the hours.

We boys sat on the bleachers, at least ten feet apart, and moped until the class was over.

Mrs. Bell, my Trig teacher, was practically bouncing off the walls. She gave one of the most entertaining Math classes in history. But the boys barely paid attention. They sat with their heads on their desk. The two girls in the class were the only ones that raised their hands, and asking questions.

I saw Julie twice, that day. she was laughing and joking with other girls. And they weren't just the popular ones. There were other geeks, fat girls, Goths, and smart girls, all gathered together; like they were one large family.

That night, I got home from school, and my mom wasn't there. On the answering machine was a message from her. "Get a pizza or something," it said.

My dad got home about fifteen minutes after I dd.

I played for him, mom's message. Some emotion passed over his face, but he wrestled it down.

We ordered a pizza, with the works, and watched the news, waiting for delivery.

When I paid the delivery girl, she held out her hand. "You didn't tip me enough."

I didn't feel like arguing, so I gave her another five dollar bill.

As we sat eating, I worked up the nerve to talk to my dad.

"I heard you and mom arguing, last night."

Dad didn't look up. "I'm sorry you had to hear that."

"Your problem ... Mom was ragging on you about ... I have it too."

He looked up, startled. "You mean you can't..."

"Not for three days."

"And you are fifteen. It must be hell."

"You have no idea."

He started to cry. I had never seen him cry before. "What is going on? Miranda has never talked to me that way before. She scared me.

"And work is just as bad. All the men are sitting at their desks, staring at the walls. Only the women are getting things done, but they're spending half their time gossiping in the washroom or water cooler."

"Maybe all the guys can't get it up," I suggested.

His eyes lit up. "Yeah, that's it. We're all in our own private hell, not able to talk about it."

"Your work sounds a lot like school." I proceeded to tell him about my day.

"What about those girls?" asked dad. "It's like they're high, or manic."

I scratched my head. "Maybe we're so low, they look manic in comparison."

"Maybe, son."

We both fell into a stupor, and watched TV.

After a few hours of that, we got up and went to bed. At most, ten words were spoken between us.

Once in bed, I didn't even try to masturbate. It would just depress me more. I laid in bed, trying figure out what was going on. Around midnight, I went to sleep.

I don't think mom ever got home that night.

The next day, at school, the bullying began. Most of it was juvenile stuff: shoelaces tied together, "accidental" tripping. But some of it was more serious. Six of the top jocks had their lockers set on fire.

Most of the guys just took it. But a few, who had witnesses, took it to the administration. Our principal, Dr. Birdsong, had each accused girl escorted into her office. After questioning them, the principal declared the matter closed. She would see to the punishment.

I thought that I was one of the lucky ones. I got away with not so much as a wedgie. But, at the end of the day, when I walked out to my bike, I found my tires had been slashed.

There was no one watching or laughing at me, so there was no one to blame. I walked the two miles home.

I arrived home, just as my dad pulled up.

"Hey, Tim. Where's your bike."

I told him, and he drove me back to school. We loaded the bike into the back of his Toyota.

After we got it fixed at the bike shop, we went to an Olive Garden, and ate some manicotti.

I told my dad about school, and he told me about work.

With the men not working much, the women were moving in and getting the job done. Secretaries were making multi-million dollar decisions that should have been made by their bosses.

While not abusive, the women were patronizing. One of his secretaries patted him on his shoulder and told him, "Why don't you stay home tomorrow. We have everything under control."

"You know, dad, I spent a lot of time last night, thinking, and all this started right after that new women-only gym opened. Could there be a connection?"

"Come on! A gym? What could a bunch of girls doing yoga cause men to go limp?"

"I don't know. But Julie's behavior started changing after she went to that gym."

Dad ran his hands through his thinning hair. "Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt to check it out. See what their facilities are."

Looking back, it probably wasn't the best idea. But in the end, it probably wouldn't have changed the final outcome.

The shopping center that was holding For Women Only fitness center was about a quarter mile in length. It had been made in the late sixties, before malls came into fashion. One side of the center was a floor lower than the other. Despite its age, the complex was well maintained.

Almost half of it was now occupied by the giant gym, on both levels. The rest of it had a used bookstore, a Chinese restaurant, and a fabric store.

The parking lot was about half full outside the gym entrance, though there was no sign of anyone coming or going.

The logo for the gym was in large friendly pink letters. The "O" in each word was made into the universal female symbol, with a small cross under each "O".

My dad and I walked through the glass entry door. The reception area was empty and no one was at the reception desk. The walls were the same shade of pink as the logo.

"Hello?" I called.

There was no answer.

Exiting the reception area, were two doors. One was marked "Women's Lockers". The other, on the opposite side, said "Visitor's Entrance".

We walked in the latter.

On the other side of the heavy security door, was a room filled with shiny exercise machines. The far wall was mirrored. Nobody was on any of the machines.

Beside me I heard a whoosh and a thud. My dad dropped.

Before I could react, something hit my head, and I went unconscious.

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