Pernicious Pair: Sex in the City
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Fiction, Science Fiction, Humor, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Voyeurism, Nudism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Trish and Carl take sex to new heights!

"I can't wait to try these herbal remedies," Trish said as she and her boyfriend, Carl, headed to the beach on a hot sunny Monday. It was 8:45 A.M. and they had just stopped at the vitamin store. "Yeah, if they do what they're supposed to do, then we're in for the best sex in the world. I think we're supposed to take them twice a day for a couple of weeks before they take effect," Carl suggested as he drove down the highway as traffic slowed heading into downtown." Trish giggled delightfully from the passenger seat. "I'm gonna take one now," Trish squealed as she put the pill between her plump lips.

"Well, do you notice a difference?" Carl asked as they sat in the car, stopped just outside downtown under an freeway overpass. "Omigod! You have got to take one!" Trish exclaimed. Carl opened his mouth and Trish popped a pill in, Carl completely skeptical. "Holy ... Oh ... I'm already getting extremely horny. Whoa!" Trish belted out with a sigh. Carl stared at Trish with a look of hunger as his penis grew hard.

Carl quickly pulled over and the couple bolted from the car. They found a ditch on the side of the road, out of view of traffic. The ditch sat beneath two freeway overpasses that stood roughly 30 feet above them. "Hurry! Take off your clothes, get the fuck on your back!" Trisha moaned as they now found themselves completely naked. Carl complied and Trisha straddled Carl as his rock hard dick penetrated her pussy. Trish gyrated as Carl moaned.

"Uh ... mmm ... aah," both panted in unison as traffic slowly moved above them, car horns barking. Trish paused. "Something weird is happening. My legs feel strange ... and so do my arms." Carl twitched. "I feel it too." The couple examined their naked bodies. "Holy shot, I think we're growing or something," Trish yelled in panic as she stared at Carl's hard penis. "We are!" Carl confirmed.

The naked couple's bodies began to expand as they embraced each other. Trish began to cry as Carl comforted her. Their legs, arms, every part of the their being expanded, grew and lengthened as the sounds of traffic sang in their ears.

"Ugh ... Ohhh..." they cried as the growth stopped as quickly as it started. Their location in between and under two overpasses kept them hidden from people. The couple looked at themselves in wonderment. "Oh ... My ... God!" Trish marveled as she looked over at a freeway in the distance and the overpass above. "We are fucking huge!" Carl exclaimed. Trish giggled. "We're giants!" she blasted aloud.

Giants indeed. The fornicating 25-year olds had become 100 feet tall. Trish laughed hysterically as she sat in a crouched position in front of Carl who was now on his back. The top of Trish's head was only a couple of feet from the surface of the roadways on the overpass, her thick blonde hair waving softly in the wind. "Your dick is like, shit, the size of a tree, and it's totally hard, throbbing 'n shit," Trish laughed as she put her giant hand around the 17-foot long erect organ. "I'm ready to explode, please help!" Carl begged. "Yeah, being a giant is such a turn on and you're about to get your first blow job as a giant." Trish lowered her pink glossy lips and wrapped them around Carl's five foot-in-diameter penis.

With the gentle hum of slowly moving traffic all round them, Trish sucked on Carl's dick, drooling saliva all over as her lips and tongue massaged his appendage. Carl moaned on and on for two minutes. Trish then sat up and watched Carl's monster penis throb. Next, she sat up just a little and peered onto the freeway overpasses at the cars, which were moving fairly quickly at 40 MPH, bumper-to-bumper. She was not spotted, but the intense smell of pheromones scoured the atmosphere.

Placing her hand around Carl's dick again, Trish grinned evilly. "This is gonna be precious, simply delicious," she purred to Carl as her hand glided up and down the saliva-soaked cock, the dick's veins bulging, now as wide as tree branches. Then an explosion occurred. Cum sprayed high in the air, at first drenching Trish's face as she pleasurably licked the love juice off. Cum sprayed like water out of a hydrant, Trish twisting the stem in different directions, fluid dripping all around man-made objects. It seemed like it would never stop.

"What is this? Are we growing again?" Trish asked aloud as she held a hard penis, fit for Godzilla, in her hand. They did grow another 15 feet, making them 115 feet tall. With Carl still coming, Trish aimed the even larger (now 20 feet long) penis so that the cum sprayed onto one of the freeway overpasses, it's heavily travelled roadway now only ten feet above the tip of the giant dick. Trish was hunkered down to hide herself from view, but now cum rained down on traffic like a tropical storm. The scented and sticky juice clung to cars and trucks and dripped form lamppost and traffic signs. Soon, the roadway was paved in milky whiteness that sent vehicles spinning out of control. In total over 150 gallons of the sexy liquid made its way onto the roadway.

Carl moaned as he continued his release, Trish now laughing as her ears registered the sounds of skidding cars, car crashes and people screaming. She then pointed the eruption toward the other overpass adjacent the first. Like before, liquid invaded the streets, stirring more mayhem. The smell of sex blanketed hundreds of commuters.

Carl stopped coming, but his dick was as erect as ever. Trish then straddled Carl, bringing her shoulders level with the overpass. Inserting the tree-sized flesh into her pussy, her thick shiny blonde locks, gorgeous face and firm breasts were well within view of hundreds of stranded commuters, wrecked cars and screaming people. Trish took in a deep sigh as she reveled in being so tall. Her eyes widened with excitement at the puny people and cars as she lightly bounced on Carl's midsection, moaning in pleasure as the throbbing flesh caressed in her inner woman.

"What the fuck, who is she?" people yelled. "She's a fucking giant!!" one man screamed as he excited his cum covered car. Trish overhead the man, grinning at his predicament, feeling sexy enough to address him personally. I AM A FUKCING GIANT, SEE? IT FEELS SO GOOD, Trish moaned down to him with pleasured sarcasm She was so turned on by the chaos and screaming of the doll-sized people below her. MMMM ... UHHH ... AAAHHH Trish purred to the whole world as she watched more car accidents.

Trish orgasmed and so did Carl, as their collective sighs rang though the air. The blonde giant woman glowed from perspiration as she remained atop Carl, taking in the sight of crashed cars, lines of fleeing people and the sounds of sirens and screams. Trish looked up at approaching police and news choppers, placing a finger on top of a car on the overpass, scooping up cum from its roof. Licking her finger and fingering her nipple, Trish addressed all the tiny people around her: MMM, BEING A GIANT IS SOOO SEXY. AND, REALLY, SOOO SORRY ABOUT ALL THE CRUCNHED UP CARS. RIGHT CARL?

Carl laughed. His dick still throbbed.

(More to cum ... er ... come)

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