The Choir Director
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Blackmail, MaleDom, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I was the girls' choir director at a small college. I loved my job. I loved the college girls even more and particularly loved having sex with the girls but to do that I had to strongly "encourage" (blackmail has such a bad rap) my favorites girls. [If you don't want to read about a man using influential and controlling power over college girls, please move on]

"Yes!" I praised loudly. "Yes! That's exactly what I'm talking about. When you do this well in practice, you will do this well in performance."

The almost fifty person girls' choir had performed admirably. I was very pleased with their efforts. Today was an excellent practice.

This was my first year as choir director at this small private college. The school was less than three thousand students but it had a strong reputation for its music programs so it drew talented students from all over the country. It was a beautiful campus, but nothing was more beautiful than the college girls and I had the pleasure of working with many lovely ones.

I looked at the shining young faces and smiled. I was so critical of them since the beginning of the school year that it was likely a major shock and a great relief to see me happy. Of course, I was always happy but they didn't know it. I was happy because I worked with college girls. Everyday I got to look in their faces and scan their curvaceous, young, firm bodies. It was a dream job that I had enjoyed at many different colleges over the years.

Three girls in particular caught my eye. They caught my ear first and my eye always followed. The three were the best singers.

"You girls are perfection," I said to the entire group. Those were words I never said to them before. "Practice is over. Go enjoy the rest of the day. Caitlin, Allison, and Erin, can I talk to you in my office in fifteen minutes? The meeting will be short."

Caitlin, a senior and a soprano, Allison, a sophomore and also a soprano, and Erin, a junior and an alto said they could.

I heard the three girls knock on my office door.

"He's not here," said Caitlin. The short girl with short auburn hair sounded frustrated.

"I'm here," I yelled out, hurrying over.

The three girls turned. Caitlin was on the left. Tall, slender blonde Allison was in the middle. Erin, a brunette, was on the right.

"Hi, Mr. DeLibo," said Allison cheerily.

"Can you wait? I have to go do something and I'll be right back." All three nodded ... I unlocked my office. "Great! Have a seat. It'll be no more than ten minutes."

I raced away.

After I left the girls, I hung out alone for about ten minutes then leisurely strolled back to my office. The girls sat facing my desk. I sat on the edge of the desk directly in front of them.

I smiled and said, "I'm going to introduce a new song next week that we'll include in our 12-day tour that starts in two months. A breakout of three strong female voices will sound fantastic in the song and I thought of you. I love your diligence and you have great voices. Your voices would blend excellently. I've asked you here only to find out if you would be interested."

The girls looked at each other and the happiest expressions lit up their young faces.

"Yes!" Erin said emphatically.

"Yes!" Allison said and nodded her head.

"I'd love it!" said Caitlin.

"Wonderful!" I said excitedly and clasped my hands. "We'll begin next week. Now go enjoy the rest of your day."

"Thank you, Mr. DeLibo," Erin said.

Allison and Caitlin made sure they expressed their thanks too.

"You're very welcome. You are wonderful girls."

I watched the beautiful girls leave. Yes, they were wonderful. Very wonderful. I had a boner just thinking about how wonderful they could truly be.

I wasn't completely truthful with the girls. I did plan to put the girls in a trio as part of a choir song, but it wasn't the reason I called them to my office. I called the girls because they were the three choir girls I most wanted to fuck. I was a good choir director but I was also an extremely horny one. There were things in my past the school didn't know when they hired me and the school would never know it.

I stood up and turned around. I had left a thousand dollar stack of twenty dollar bills on the front of my desk The girls would have undoubtedly seen it when they sat down in front of my desk. When I came into my office I noticed that the stack had been disturbed. I was excited about that. I had sat directly on top of the money stack when I came in and when I told the girls the good news about choir they immediately forgot it was there. None of the money was missing but that was irrelevant. There was only one thing to do now. It was to look at my secret video recording of what the girls did in my office while I was away.

I played the video a fourth time. It was everything I hoped for. Everything went so well.

Caitlin, who sat in the middle had noticed the money first. Erin, on Caitlin's left, was the first to pick the stack up and look through it. Erin split up the money and eventually all three girls were holding a share of it. Caitlin pretended to stick some down her top and Erin pretended to put some down her pants to the distaste of the other girls. A viewer couldn't tell if either girl actually put money in her clothing. That was a good thing.

The very best part of the video was that the camera only captured the chairs and didn't show the desk. The video showed the money appearing in the girls' hands and most importantly it didn't show the girls putting the money back.

It was perfect.

"You wanted to see us, Mr. DeLibo?" Caitlin said. It was the next day, a Wednesday.

"I sure do," I said to the trio. "Please close and lock the door."

The girls settled in the chairs in front of my desk.

"So why did you do it?" I asked.

"Do what?" Erin said.

"Yesterday?" I reminded, showing annoyance on my face.

"I don't understand," said Caitlin.

"The money."

"The money on your desk?"

"Why did you take it? I thought I could trust you."

"We didn't take it?" Caitlin sounded confused.

"Don't lie to me!" I snapped.

The girls sat back and straighter in the chairs.

"We didn't!" the quieter Allison said. She was agitated.

"After you girls left my office I discovered my money was gone," I said.

Erin said nervously, "We touched your money but we didn't take any of it. We put it back."

The other girls shook their heads to confirm what their friend said.

"I wish I could believe you."

"You can!" insisted Erin.

"Then what's this?" I said with my best frustrated face. I turned the flat screen monitor around so they could see. I started the video.

Words can't express how much I loved their sweet horrified faces.

"We didn't keep any," Allison said, beginning to cry.

"You stuffed it in your clothes and in your book bags," I accused.

"No, we didn't, Mr. DeLibo," said Caitlin. I could hear the anxiety in her voice.

"I'm going to have to kick the three of you out of school," I said.

"What?" said Caitlin, desperately. "No, you can't do that! We didn't do it. It's the truth."

"We didn't," said Erin, sounding desperate.

"I have to kick you out. You're thieves and this school and I personally will not stand for such behavior."

Allison cried fully and the other girls became misty eyed.

"Mr. DeLibo," pleaded Caitlin. "We didn't steal your money."

"You need to stop lying to me," I said staring at her. "It's only making me madder."

"But I graduate this year!"

"It was your choice. You threw it away."

"We didn't do it," she sobbed.

"I don't want any of you to say that again. I can see that you did it and so could anyone else. I'm sick of your lies."

"We didn't mean to touch it," said Allison. "I'm sorry."

"Touch it? You fucking stole it!" I snorted. "I'm sorry too. I'm sorry I thought I could trust three fuck-ups like you. Just be quiet and let me think what to do with you."

I knew my language would shock them. The girls who came to this school were not generally raucous party girls. I let my words sink in for a few seconds.

"Please don't kick us out of school," Erin said, sniffling.

"You haven't given me any options. You signed the school code of ethics," I said. "Unless..."

I purposely let it hang.

"Unless what?" Erin asked.

"I'll make a personal deal with each of you."


"I will leave the school out of this and I will ignore and forget that you stole from me if each of you agrees to have sex with me."

"No way!" immediately shouted Caitlin.

I shrugged and said, "Sex is better than jail time."

"Jail?" Allison choked out.

"You'd send us to jail?" said Erin.

The sudden introduction of a bigger consequence had the shocked effect I wanted.

"You're thieves and you've caused me great pain. I expect great pleasure to help me forget my pain."

"I'm a virgin," said Allison.

"So am I," said Caitlin.

"I like virgins," I said with a lascivious smile. Allison looked down, so she wouldn't see my eyes.

"But I'm getting married in three months," tearfully said Caitlin.

"Not if you're kicked out of school and in jail. Do you really think your boyfriend is going to want to marry a girl like you?"

"Please," she begged softly.

"Allison," I said. "Look at me. Do you want to go to jail?"

"No," she mumbled.

"Good. Be at my place tomorrow night. I'll email you my address. Caitlin?"

"Yes?" she said weakly.

"You will come over Friday night and Erin, you be come over Saturday night."

"Mr. DeLibo?" Erin said, sounding respectful.

"Yes, Erin?"

"I will have sex with you each of the nights. Please don't make Allison and Caitlin do this. It's not right."

"Are you a virgin?"

"No." She put her head down.

I was beginning to think that was the case.

"Don't worry, Erin. I like slutty girls too," I jabbed. "Each girl is responsible for herself but also for the others. The only way you can repay for what you've done is if all three of you do it. If one of you can't go through with this while the other two can, it is not acceptable. You all will go to jail. There is no compromise in this. It is what I said. Do you understand, girls?"

"Yes," they choked out sorrowfully

"Try not to cry too much," I smirked. "You don't want to strain your voices. I still need you for the trio."

The girls looked to be in such despair that one would have thought they just found out their parents died in a violent car crash. All I was going to do was fuck them.

"Come in, Allison," I said, answering the door in my robe. I was naked underneath it.

Allison was in a school-logoed sweatshirt and jeans. It was obvious she had been crying before she came over because her red, puffy eyes stood out on her face and the locks of her blonde hair stuck to her cheeks. She was tall and slender and if given some tips on how to improve her make-up and how to dress sexier could possibly be a model. The sophomore girl didn't think too much about being sexy. She was just being herself which certainly had its appeal, but I preferred sexy girls. This was a girl who I was positive would look extremely sexy naked.

"Do you want something to drink? Coke? Water? I have juice ... I think. I can check."

She shook her head.

"Allison, I expect you to talk. You're not going to spend your time here this evening not saying a word. Do you understand?"

"Yes," she said, her voice cracking.

"So do you want anything?"

"No, thank you."

I smiled at her ingrained politeness.

"So let's begin then, okay?"

"Okay," she said softly.

I took her hand. I liked the feel.

"This way." I led her to my bedroom.

I had the blankets pulled back already. My king-sized bed was ready.

"Sit down." I pointed.

She sat very straight on the edge of the bed. She was tense.

I stood in front of her.

"You're so beautiful," I said. I caressed her cheek. She shivered. I ran my fingers over her nose and to her other cheek. I kissed her forehead. "You're gorgeous."

My cock was hard.

"Lift your arms," I said.

As she did, I pulled up on her shirt. I removed it and dropped it to the ground. She now sat before me in her bra. She had smallish tits.

"Undo your bra," I instructed. I planned to do most of her undressing, but I wanted her to have some involvement.

She looked down as she reached behind her back. I would have none of that.

I said, "Allison, look at me!" I pointed two fingers at my eyes. "Right here. Good. NOW take off your bra!"

Her bra loosened.

"Keep looking into my eyes," I reminded when she began to look straight ahead. She wasn't going to fool me.

She slipped her bra off and dropped it onto her sweatshirt.

A large smile enveloped my face. She had such cute pert tits.

"Awesome, Allison. You make me happy."

I grabbed her tits. I didn't care if she looked at me or not now. Damn, her tits were firm! I couldn't wait to suck on them later.

"Lie down in the middle of the bed," I said.

She now looked expressionlessly straight up at the ceiling. I couldn't help but smile at her attempt to pretend I wasn't even there. It could only go so far. She couldn't possibly ignore me later.

I unfastened her jeans and pulled down.

"I shouldn't have to ask you to lift your ass," I said irritated. If she was more cooperative, this would be over for her faster.

I pulled her jeans down to her lower legs then paused to take off her tennis shoes and socks before removing them completely. Allison was now only in her panties. They were unexpectedly sheer. I could see her pubes. I envisioned plain white cotton panties on her. I came back up and pulled on her panties. This time she cooperated.

"Open you legs," I said softly. In a second I gazed at her pussy. "Beautiful," I said in a whisper.

She closed her eyes and I could tell she was trying to fight back tears.

I crawled between her legs. I touched her pussy which caused her to gasp. It was the most magnificent sight. Allison still had her hymen. She was indeed a virgin.

I place a soft kiss on the hood of her clit. She whimpered and I smiled in response. I slowly rubbed her sweet little pussy with the palm of my hand. Her closed eyes still displayed the internal distress she was in. I backed away and shed my robe. I rose up on my knees.

"Allison. Look at me." She did with quivering lower lip "I'm excited for you. Look how hard it is." I pushed my cock with my finger. It barely moved.

I crawled over her and paused at her tits. I sank down and took her left tit into my mouth.

"Mmmm," I said, expressing my appreciation for them.

I sucked on her other tit. I moved back and forth sucking, kissing, and licking. By the time I moved away, her tits were very wet.

I kissed her lips and forced my tongue into her mouth.

"Kiss back," I said quietly.

She half-heartedly responded. It was better than nothing.

As I kissed Allison, I lowered my body fully onto hers. My cock's shaft now lay on top of her pussy. I knew she could feel it and she stopped trying to kiss back because of it. I stopped kissing too.

"Ready?" I whispered as I began to adjust my cock's position.

She said nothing.

"Are you ready?" I said again but louder. My cock head was in the right spot now.

Still nothing.

"I want an answer."

"Yes," she sobbed. She couldn't hold back the tears any longer.


I pushed inward. Allison's body tensed as I pressed against her hymen.

"Owww! Nooo!" she cried. "Ahhh!"

I felt her thin protective barrier rip away then there was warmth around my cock. I pushed up on my arms then pulled out of her. As I suspected my cock was mildly streaked with blood. I lay back down and pushed my cock back in until it was fully inside her pussy. It felt excellent. Her pussy was snug around my cock. It was perfect for maximizing the sensations.

"There," I said softly. I looked into her face. Her eyes were closed tightly.

I stayed motionless simply enjoying being inside her tight pussy. Allison's tears caused by the pain of ripping her hymen slowly lessened.

"You feel wonderful," I praised in a whisper.

It wasn't unexpected that she said nothing.

I pulled almost all the way out then pushed back in. She gasped out. I slowly repeated the motion and savored her snugness.

"Awesome," I said.

I gently fucked her. I never pushed in forcefully. I easily slid my cock back and forth inside her.

"This is what you've been missing," I said.

She ignored me as if trying to pretend I wasn't there.

"Allison," I said. "Look at me." She slowly opened her eyes. I smiled down at her. "This can feel good for you if you let it."

She nodded understanding. I didn't think she'd try to enjoy it and I didn't care. The only enjoyment I cared about was my own and I was definitely enjoying.

"Good," I said. "Let's fuck!"

I increased the tempo of my rhythm and drove deep into her with each thrust pressing against her clit and mons. She grunted and groaned.

"Fuuuck!" I exclaimed. It felt so good.

My speed increased. She groaned more but it wasn't in a sexual way.

"Ohhh!" I shouted. The internal build-up in my cock had begun.

I fucked into Allison rapidly The only sounds were my hard breathing and the sloshing of my cock in her cunt.

"Yes!" I groaned. I was so close.

I slowed down and slammed hard deliberate thrust after hard deliberate thrust into her.

"Yes! Yes!"

I pressed into her aggressively and kept pushing as if I could put more into her.


I exhaled hard in sync to my first spurt. I subsequently sent the rest of the load into the depths of Allison's pussy.

Fuck that was good!

I gasped for air relishing what a great fuck she was.

Oddly, Allison's crying restarted. I'm not sure what it was about. I theorized it was only when it was over that the realization of her lost virginity hit her, but it could have been something else.

"You were wonderful, Allison," I complimented. "Absolutely wonderful."

I don't think she wanted to know that but I couldn't help but praising her. She was great.

I enjoyed lying on her body with the feel of her tits underneath my chest and my softened cock still partially inside her. I was in no hurry to get up and didn't plan on it.

"That was really good," I said becoming active again. I continually softly kissed around her mouth and on her lips.

I pushed up on my arms and took turns playing with each tit. I especially liked pulling on her nipples and making them hard.

I felt a stirring in my cock that I expected.

"Ready for more?" I said smiling.

"More?" she said sounding both confused and fearful.

"Once isn't enough."

I pressed my rehardening cock down and was enraptured by the feel of my cock gradually filling up more and more of her pussy as I returned to full size.

"That's better," I said happily.

I stroked a couple of times then pulled out. Allison opened her eyes to see what I was doing.

"Lift your legs," I instructed. In everything, I spoke sweetly and kindly.

I pushed them back. I smiled at the sight of her pussy as it rotated upward. Allison's pussy was wet, the lips hung open, and there was no trace of her hymen. Two small gobs of cum looked ready to slide down toward her ass.

"Hold your legs back and don't move," I said urgently.

I hurried off the bed. I grabbed my camera off my dresser. I was going to do this at the end, but it looked so perfect now.

"What are you doing?" she asked with a whine in her tone.

"Making a memory," I said. I took several close-up pictures of her pussy area.

I set the camera on the floor and moved back in. I pushed her legs further back toward the bed. She was young. I knew she could do the position. I entrapped her legs in my arms as I climbed on her. My cock automatically found her opening and I slid back in. I wasn't going to pass up on the feel of deep fucking her tall slender body.

"Oh, yeah!" I said. I loved it.

Allison groaned.

I slowly fucked her. I was in no hurry. It felt awesome to simply be deep down in her, so that was what I did.

"Fuck Allison! You've got a great pussy. I'm glad you were holding out and I got to be the first one to fuck it."

I fucked her with long strokes now. I wasn't anywhere close to cumming but I knew that could change abruptly. I was merely enjoying the great sensations of full strokes into her tight pussy.

"Yes! Yes!" I said.

I buried my cock deep again and rested once more. A glance at my night stand clock. It indicated that our second fuck had lasted almost fifteen minutes so far. I pulsed and throbbed my cock. Allison gasped like she did when I did it earlier. I liked that her body's automatic sexual response overrode her mental state in certain ways. I throbbed against her pussy walls again.

"Ohhhh!" I groaned suddenly. Allison's pussy had contracted that time and the tight squeeze felt tremendous. I repeated my throb and her pussy responded in the same way.

The build up in my cock began and my body took over. I started to grind down into her. I pulled my cock back and slammed it in. I repeated it again and again gradually going faster.

"Ah!" she grimaced in discomfort.

"Oh, fuck," I groaned.

Each thrust was forceful and I powerfully pushed down.

"Ahhhhhh!" I gasped and released again.

My breathing settled down and I slowly pulled out.

"Don't move," I said. She would want to let her legs down.

I took a few more pictures of Allison's sweetly fucked pussy. Every time I looked at the pics it would be a precious memory.

I let Allison put her legs down. I moved to her side and sucked on her tits a little more before I wiped my cock off on them.

"You were great, Allison. You gave me wonderful pleasure. You did your part. I hope for your sake that Caitlin and Erin will do theirs. You can get dressed and go."

When she was on her feet, I did interrupt Allison by caressing her ass cheeks for a few seconds. She patiently waited until I was done.

After Allison left, I reflected on the magnificent evening. She was an interesting girl. She was quiet but I still expected her to talk more than she did. It didn't matter.

Tomorrow was Caitlin. She was talkative and was an entirely different personality. I didn't know she was getting married in a few months. That put a fun twist on the event.

"Caitlin!" I said happily. "Come on in!"

"Hi, Mr. DeLibo," she said forlornly.

I chuckled. It was a side of the always perky short, auburn-haired girl I never saw before.

"You should know that Allison admirably did her part yesterday. She was an excellent fuck. I was very pleased with her."

"She told me she did it."

"And she was wonderful. I enjoyed her immensely," I said. "Enough about Allison. How are you this fine evening?"


I laughed though I tried not to. "And why is that?"

"You know."

"Tell me, Caitlin."

"Because you expect me to have sex." Her voice cracked.

"Sure, but it's not just me. Allison is expecting you to fuck me too. You don't want to make the wonderful thing she did for me into nothing, do you? And Erin wouldn't get a chance to do her part if you don't follow through with it."

"I'm going to do it," she stammered.

"Good. I want to make sure you are thinking properly. You need to think of your friends."

She looked ready to cry.

"You hungry? I have some leftover chicken and steamed rice."

"No, thanks."


She shook her head.

"Do you want to just go ahead and begin then?"

"I guess so."

"Stop acting all shy. I can understand Allison but you're Caitlin."

"I'm nervous."

"Let's fuck then and you won't have to worry about it any longer."

I led her into the bedroom and had her sit on the edge of the bed.

I undid my robe. Caitlin looked at my hard cock then she realized she was staring at it and looked down.

"I want you to look at it," I said. I moved right in front of her. "You should see what I'm going to fuck you with."

I don't know if her face showed fear or curiosity. It was probably a little of both.

"Hold it," I said.


"Hold it in your hand. I want you to feel it."

She brought her right hand up slowly, so I grabbed it and wrapped it around my cock shaft. I liked the feel of her touch.

"This is what's going to go in your pussy. It's hard on the inside but soft on the outside. It's not going to hurt you. What do you think?"

"I don't know," she said.

"I like you. I think you're very pretty."

"Thank you," she weakly said.

"I'm glad you answered. I hope you keep your manners while you're here."

"Okay." It was barely a whisper.

"You can let go now." She did. "Let's switch. I'll sit and you stand in front of me."

I caught her looking at my cock again and she looked away again.

"It's okay to look. Have you seen your boyfriend's cock?"

She shook her head.

"Have you ever seen an erect cock in real life before?"


"So this is good then. You don't need that mystery on your wedding night. The more you know the better. Take off your shirt now."

The sudden command caused her to look like she was about to cry again. I sat impassively and waited. I saw her belly, then the white of her bra, then her tits encased in her bra, and finally her shirt was in her hand.

"Just drop it to the floor," I said. She did and I waved her closer with two fingers of my right hand. "Come here."

I grabbed her waist and positioned her between my legs. I reached around and undid her bra then slid the straps down her arms.

I smiled. Caitlin's average-sized youthfully firm tits were right in front of my face since she was short in height. I took her right tit in both my hands and leaned forward. Caitlin's body tensed. I opened my mouth wide and took as much of her tit in as possible.

"Mmmm," I said closing my lips around her nipple and pulling. "Marvelous."

I sucked on both tits and kissed in her cleavage for several minutes.

"You have great tits."

Caitlin's tits looked bigger than they actually were because of her height.

"No 'thank you'?" I questioned.

"Thank you," she reluctantly said.

"Put your hand on my shoulder," I said, pointing at her right hand. She was confused. I patted my left shoulder.

She did so and I lifted her right leg and took off her shoe and sock.

"Other side," I said.

I removed her left shoe and sock.

"Let's see the rest of you," I know said.

I unfastened her pants and lowered the zipper. I put my fingers into the waistband and pulled down. I gave them an extra tug and got them over her hips. I slid them down to below her knees.

"Take them the rest of the way off."

I waited for her to step out of them. When she straightened back up, I noticed my cock practically pointed at her pussy hidden behind her baby blue panties.

"One more," I said.

I pulled off her panties. I smiled at her dark pubes and her pink lower lips in the midst of her hair.

"Sit on the bed," I said, pointing to where I was rising from.

I dropped to up on my knees before Caitlin. I opened her legs and scooted forward.

"Beautiful," I said softly.

She closed her eyes when I reached in.

"Oh, yes," I responded to what I saw. She had an intact hymen. I admired it for a few moments. "Wonderful."

I leaned in, kissed her hood, and licked her clit. Caitlin jumped.

"Ready?" I asked.

"For what?"

"To fuck me."


"How long until you're ready?"


"So you're not going to go through with it?"

"I didn't say that."

"Then answer my question. Are you ready now?"

"I guess so."

I understood why she was hedging, but I was hoping to get a "yes". It wasn't important.

"Come on," I said.

I moved to the center of the bed on my back. She turned but didn't know what to do.

"Climb on," I said. "Put me in you."

She started to tremble and slowly moved.

"Squat over me and push down," I said to clarify. "Just sit down on it."

Since she wasn't experienced, I held her hips to steadier her but I also knew I would need to guide her through the next part - the pain of breaking her hymen.

"Grab my cock and line it up to go inside you."

She did as I said. Sad tears streamed down Caitlin's face, but thankfully she cried silently.

"Is it ready?" I asked

She nodded sorrowfully.

"Push. Push down on it."

I held her waist tighter and assisted. I immediately felt the pressure of my cock head against her personal barrier.

"Ow!" she said, her body jerking.

My foresight of holding her tight proved itself. She wasn't able to move away. I increased my downward pressure on her.

"No!" Caitlin cried out. "It hurts too much."

She had a tough hymen but I could feel my cock pushing into her about to break through.

"Please," she begged.

"Little more," I muttered, completely focused on my task.

"Owwwww!" she shrilled out.

I was in. Caitlin's hymen was ripped away. I carefully guided her pussy down until my cock was completely in her.

Caitlin's breathed rapidly. I patiently waited for her to calm down which was easy to do since my cock was in her warm pussy.

"Feeling better now?" I asked when she settled down.

"It hurt."

"I could tell, but your hymen is gone now. Isn't that great?"

She frowned at me.

"I've done you a great favor, Caitlin. You wouldn't want your husband to cause you pain the first time you do it. He loves you and he wouldn't want to do that to you. Now you can have sex with him without fear. You have nothing to worry about. You've done a good thing."

She said nothing which to me said she at least considered what I said. There was some truth to it.

"You've rested long enough. Fuck me." I motioned my hand up and down.

She slowly began to move on me.

"That's the way," I complimented

It felt good and it was nice to see my shaft appear and disappear. Caitlin quickly had a smooth rhythm.

"That's good."

It was gentle pleasant sensation. Up and down she went.

"A little bigger," I said, grabbing her waist in two hands. I guided her further up my shaft, so her movements were longer.

It was the increased stimulation I wanted. I moved my hands to her tits.

"Don't stop," I immediately said.

She continued but now with the added distraction of me squeezing and caressing her tits. They were pleasingly firm. I soon decided I wanted more from her tits. I held her pussy deep down on my cock and I sat up while putting my hands behind her back. I buried my face in her tits then began to suck on them as my cock forcefully throbbed in her pussy.

"You're fucking gorgeous," I praised.

My throbbing cock was not to be ignored. I started to grind against her until I needed to fuck her. I lay back down pulling her with me and wrapped my arms around her. Caitlin's tits were pressed against my chest as I began to drive my cock up into her pussy. She grunted in response to my hard fucks.

"Yes, yes!" I groaned.

I fucked faster and faster with an increasing urgency.

"Fuck! Fuck!" I said, slamming into her cunt. "Fuuuuuuck!"

I began spewing jizz into her. It felt so excellent. I let out a satisfactory gasp after the last of my spurts. I loosened my grip on Caitlin and lovingly rubbed her ass.

In a minute, she started to push up.

"No," I said firmly and pulled her back down.

She didn't try again.

"That was excellent," I said, kissing her lips and cheeks. "Your future husband will be a happy man. You're a great fuck. You have a wonderful pussy."

Caitlin said nothing. She didn't like my kisses.

"You're welcome," I prompted.

"Thank you," she unwillingly said.

"On your wedding night, when you are finally alone with him, none of this will be a mystery because you've already done it. Isn't that great?"

"Yes," she said reluctantly. It looked like she was about to cry again.

"Do you feel me?" I asked.

"Feel what?"

"I'm still inside you." For emphasis, I lifted my hips to press deeper. I could feel a stirring. "Feel it now? I'm growing."


"I'm going to fuck you again," I said as my enlarging cock filled her emptiness.

I slowly stroked inside her.

"Mmm ... nice," I said.

I fucked her gently. My hands ran all over her back and I loved squeezing her ass.

"You're a very good fuck for your first time," I said.

I softly chucked to myself. It was kind of mean to say that since her official first time would be in a few months, but I was enjoying the little former virgin so much that I couldn't help myself.

"Lift up," I said, pushing at her.

She put her arms out to hold her body up.

"Your turn. Thrust back. I want you to get as much practice as possible so you're ready for your marriage."

I liked Caitlin, it was why I chose her, so it was uncharacteristic of me to be so mean but I mentally took great delight that I had fucked her shortly before her wedding day.

"That's the way. Good job."

Caitlin did her best effort. She didn't want to be here and she didn't want to give her virginity to her college choir director, but she did what she had to do. I enjoyed her motion while occasionally playing with her tits.

She tired after many minutes. My cock was barely closer to cumming a second time and that's how I wanted it. I wanted a longer second fuck just like I did with Allison yesterday and just like I would want with Erin tomorrow.

"Lie down," I said. "I'll take over." She did and I felt her tits on my chest again.

I placed my hands lightly on her ass and began to thrust into her. After several minutes, the change of position caused my cock to build. I held her ass tighter to keep her in position and I began to drive into her. She groaned from the hard fucking.

"Yes, oh, yes!" I babbled. "Fuck, oh, fuck! What a sweet pussy!"

I gripped her ass even stronger and frantically rammed into her desperate to release.

"Ow!" she reacted.

"Yes!" I said.

I slowly pulled out and forcefully slammed back in three times then began to cum.

"Yes, yes, yes!" I shouted. "Yes!"

It felt so good to cum in her again.

I rolled Caitlin off me to her back and said, "Stay right there."

I retrieved my camera off my night stand and took several pictures of her fucked pussy. The wet lips were beautifully spread open and a gob of cum was right in the center.

"What are you doing?" she protested, closing her legs and covering up with her hands.

"We're not done until I say we're done! Open your legs!"

She slowly did so. She looked ready to cry again.

"This is for me. I want to always remember you."


"You're a good fuck. What guy wouldn't want to remember you? Don't worry. I'm the only one who will ever see the pics."

I took a few more pics and I was done.

"So are you from around here or are you just out here for school?" I asked.

Caitlin said where she grew up. It was only an hour from the campus.

"So are you getting married there?"


"Big wedding? Small wedding?"


"Cool! I look forward to watching you come down the aisle dressed in white. You'll be a lovely bride and you're an even better fuck."

She had a pained expression on her face.

"You can get dressed now."

"We're done?"

"Disappointed?" I teased.

Caitlin dressed and left.

I basked in the afterglow of another excellent evening.

There was one more girl now. Erin. She wasn't a virgin and had been willing to spend all three nights with me. I wouldn't be surprised if she was naked somewhere secretly getting fucked by her boyfriend right now this Friday night. She would give me something special tomorrow.

I cracked open the door and looked through. Erin waved a hand at me. I smiled and opened the door wide making sure I stayed behind it. She stepped in. I closed the door and she turned toward me.

Erin immediately scanned my naked body and especially my semi-erect cock. Now that she was here, my cock was working its way to full hardness.

"How are you today?" I asked.

"Okay," she said, pulling her eyes away from my cock and looking into my face.

"What do you think? Do you like it?" I pointed down.

"I guess," she said, shrugging.

"You'll know soon enough."


"You want a drink or something? Coke? Water?"

"No thanks."


We stood silently.

"Do you want me to like suck your cock or something?" Erin asked.

"Not yet."

"So you don't want to do it right away?"

"If you're ready, we can get right to it," I replied.

Erin shrugged.

"My bedroom's that way," I pointed.

I followed the brunette staring at her curvy ass all the way. I'd be seeing a lot of her ass. I fucked Allison on top and fucked Caitlin with her on top of me. I planned to fuck Erin doggy.

"Do you want me to go ahead and undress?" she asked when we were in the room.

"Sure," I said. "Tell me. When was the last time you fucked your boyfriend?"

She paused a second then said, "Yesterday."

"So while I was fucking Caitlin, you were fucking your boyfriend."

"I guess," she hedged.

"Were you?"

"Yes." She looked down.

She was a definite contrast to Allison and Caitlin. The first two were hesitant and all this was new to them, but Erin was sexually experienced. Erin knew fucking meant getting naked and getting to it.

I smiled when she was topless.

"Bring your tits over here."

I crouched down, took her tits in my hands, and sucked on them. Erin's tits were slightly bigger than Caitlin's but looked smaller because Caitlin was short and Erin was average height.

"Nice," I said. "Very nice."

I spent a good couple of minutes with her tits.

"Okay, continue," I said and my cock throbbed.

Erin stepped back and undid her jeans. Soon she was only in her panties. She hesitated a second and then took them off. Erin's pussy stood out because her pubes were trimmed more than the other girls.

I smiled happily.

"Get on the bed," I said motioning. "Get on your hands and knees. I'm going to fuck you doggy."

"Okay," she said unquestioning and without wavering.

When she was in position, I crawled behind her and brought my mouth to her pussy. She jumped initially when I kissed her lower lips but then remained motionless. I licked between her lips and pushed my tongue at her entrance. She gasped a few times but not like the other girls. She gasped like a girl used to experiencing sexual happiness.

"Beautiful," I complimented.

"Thanks," she replied.

Yes, it was very different with Erin.

I walked on my knees until I was in front of her.

"Lick it and get it very wet," I instructed, "but don't suck on it. I don't want a blowjob. I just want you to soak my cock with your mouth."

"Okay," she said, understanding.

Erin began to run her tongue up and down the entire length on all sides of it. I groaned. It felt very good. I was drooling pre-cum, so she used her tongue to spread it over my shaft. She was smart. She took it into her mouth, held it in position with her lips and soaked my cock by pressing her tongue up against it.

"Ohhh!" I groaned.

"Is it wet enough?" she asked.

I looked at it. "A little more."

She nodded and continued.

"Very good," I said very shortly. "Put your head down on the bed or on a pillow. You're going to need your hands."

She dropped her front down and turned her head to the side. Her ass was turned up now. On my knees, I walked back behind her.

"Ready?" I asked.

"Yes," she said.

I pushed my cock all the way into her pussy then pulled back out.

"Okay, enough of that. Open your ass."

"What?" she said confused.

"Take your hands and pull open your ass cheeks. I'm going to fuck your ass."

"What?" she said panicked. "No! You can't!"

"Are you fucking kidding me?" I said scornfully. "Don't tell me you're willing to go to jail and willing to send your friends to jail over getting your ass fucked? Let me tell you, if you're in jail your ass won't be safe. Don't be stupid. Since you're not a virgin, I want to fuck you were you're still a virgin. Are you an ass virgin?"

"Yes," she tearfully choked out.

"Good," I said pleased. Erin sounded like the reluctant first two girls now. "Then open your ass."

She knew what I needed her hands for now. She reached back and gently pulled.

"More," I said and pulled her cheeks wider.

"Ow!" she cried out.

"Hold it right there," I instructed, while moving her hands to do so. "Better."

I scooted forward and placed the tip of my cock on Erin's little brown hole. She twitched.

"Steady," I said.

"Please, Mr. DeLibo," she begged.

"If you're asking me to fuck your pussy, forget it. I want something unused."

"No, no," she blubbered. She cried now which furthered her similarity to Allison and Caitlin.

"Oh, yes," I said and began to push.

"Ow!" she sharply reacted. "No!"

"It's a definite yes. Your ass is going to be awesome."

Erin's ass opened a little then it was more resistant. I pushed more forcefully and I felt it widen more. She screamed. My cock head was going in. I maintained my pressure and I slipped in. I groaned immediately because she was wonderfully tight. I slowly pushed fully deep. My cock was all the way in Erin.

"That's nice," I told her, greatly understating my sensations.

I caressed her ass cheeks while she sobbed and sometimes jerked and spasmed in pain. I waited patiently for her to calm down. I was in no hurry to begin thrusting. She had a great ass to touch with my hands and my cock felt fantastic inside her hole. I could stay like this for a long time.

"Better?" I eventually said when she was no longer screeching.


"That's too bad. You seem better."

"It hurts."

"It feels awesome to me. You know what?"


"I'm going to fuck you now."

I started with slow and small movements. Erin grunted and sometimes cried out sharply but it was nothing like she was before.

"Fucking good!" I praised.

I gradually sped up, letting it slowly build. Erin would release a high-pitched sound with every inward thrust when my cock was all the way in and I was pushed against her body.

"Yessss," I groaned. It was getting really good.

I fucked into her harder anticipating my cum.

"Yes, yes."

I thrusted faster which caused her to cry out almost constantly.

"Oh, fuck!" I gasped. I was almost there.

It was almost exponential in how quickly my cock moved.

"Oh, yes! Yessssssss!"

With a snorting gasp, I released. My orgasm felt very good.

My breathing settled down and I could hear Erin's breathing do the same. I left my now semi-hard cock inside her. The tightness of her ass was still very stimulating and kept my cock partially ready.

I soon began pushing my cock deeper and it began to grow.

"Oh, yeah," I exclaimed. "Gonna have some more of your great ass."

Ohhhh," she moaned despondently and began to cry.

"It'll be okay," I said caressing her back. "You've already done it now."

She didn't protest or try to convince me to fuck her cunt. I was glad she was smart enough to realize that I was going to do what I wanted to do.

I pulled out all the way then pushed back in. She cried out. I repeated the motion many times until it was easier and easier to enter her ass. Each time I pushed in Erin would cry sharply but it lessened in time. I rose up higher and did long slow strokes. If my cock popped out, it reentered her with no trouble.

"Fuck your ass is good!" I complimented. She was a sensation explosion.

I went for a while then rested with my cock deep in her. I started and stopped for the next ten minutes or so.

"You've been really great, Erin," I said, reaching in and giving her tits a squeeze. "You have an awesome ass. I appreciate you doing the right thing. Thank you."

I rose up so I sort of squatted over her and began to fuck deeply into Erin's ass.

"Oh, fuck, yes!" I groaned.

I went faster and faster until I was slamming into her ass. I elicited pained sounds from her the harder and harder I fucked.

"Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!" I mumbled. I was getting close.

My cock became a thrusting blur.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!"

I buried my cock fully. There was a momentary pause then I exhaled hard and shot my jizz.

"Yessssssss!" I said happily.

I again stayed motionless until I could catch my breath.

"Stay right there," I said. "Don't move."

I carefully pulled out.

I grabbed my nearby camera and started to take pictures. The removal of my cock had pulled jizz to the entrance of her hole and some was dripping out. It was beautiful.

"What are you doing?"

"Like I told Allison and Caitlin, I'm making memories. I want to remember this. Stay still."

Erin's freshly fucked ass looked perfect. I took my pics.

"Okay, we're done," I said. "Thank you. You are a great fuck!"

She gingerly turned and sat down. She grimaced.

"If you do it enough, you'll get used to it," I advised.

"So I can go?"


"And we can still remain in school."

"Each of you did your part. You should be proud of each other."

"So everything is okay?"

"Yes," I said laughing. Apparently Erin needed me to spell it out. "You will not be kicked out of school. You will not be arrested. You will not go to jail. Caitlin can still marry her boyfriend. You can still be with your boyfriend."


"That's not all. You are still part of my choir trio." I spoke firmly. "I want you to talk to Allison and Caitlin tonight and tell them. I expect you to remain in the choir. You're not allowed to quit, understand?"

"Yes," she responded.

"See you Monday for practice. The three of you are awesome. You have great voices but you're even better fucks. You should dress quickly or else I'm going to want to fuck you again."

Erin did and left.

I uploaded my photos to the computer and scanned through the pictures. I smiled happily. I had three wonderful fucks over three nights. I could now fuck them anytime I wanted them, but I doubted they realized that.

My new job was going just great!

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