Pleasure Cruise
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Reluctant, Light Bond, Swinging, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Squirting, Cream Pie, Spitting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Pleasure on the high seas promises a great deal of adventure

It had been a very long time since my wife Darlene and I had taken any sort of vacation together. Though we weren't exactly workaholics, there never seemed to be enough time to allow ourselves the simple pleasure of just getting away. Another side effect of that had also taken its toll on us, our sex life had become virtually non-existent.

We had finally realized that if we didn't do something about all that soon, we were headed for trouble. Darlene and I up until now had always had an uninhibited exciting relationship. Early on in our marriage we'd been wild and care free, even making love in semi-public places just for the thrill of it, something that, never failed to excite the two of us almost beyond reason. When Darlene and I first sat down and decided we seriously needed a really nice vacation, we began looking at various options and places we might go. It was during this time that Darlene came home from work one evening very excited about something. I soon learned that one of her co-workers had mentioned something to her about a particular cruise she and her husband had gone on, and how it had basically saved their marriage. In moments we were on-line looking up the website, and then sat perusing through the content of the cruise that was being offered. It didn't take long to discover this wasn't just some ordinary cruise, though Darlene's friend had already hinted as much.

"Brad?" Darlene said simply looking at me. She didn't need to say anything more as we began reading through the schedule, dates of departure and return. But it was the bold print that immediately caught our eyes, reading "Adults only pleasure cruise, where your wildest fantasies on the high seas can come true!"

"A swinger's cruise?" I asked curiously. Darlene and I weren't exactly prudes. We'd had and shared various fantasies with one another, we had even hot-tubbed with friends in the nude, had gone so far as to eventually fuck in front of one another in fact, though that had been as far as it had gone. Those few experiences had left us excited, wanting for more, though the opportunity, and Darlene's somewhat professional celebrity status had always kept us cautious about doing more than what we already had. As an anchor on a local TV news station, Darlene was too well known for us to really do anything without word getting out. Aside from our very close and dear friends, what we'd done already was dangerous, though exciting enough. But the thought of taking a pleasure cruise, which we felt we could safely and easily do, was something else all together.

At thirty-five, my wife was very much an attractive sexy looking woman. Shoulder length almost coal black hair, olive complexion, piercing blue eyes, her face alone garnered attention, especially while on camera. I had always gotten a bit of a secret delight watching her on the evening news, knowing that I was the one who was married to her, the one who enjoyed fucking her, though there obviously many others who wished they were too, women as well as men.

Like any celebrity, though Darlene never really did consider herself one in that light, she received a fair amount of fan mail at the TV station she worked for. And though ninety percent of the letters and emails she received were typical friendly "fan" mail, every once in a while she'd get something a bit more provocative or suggestive, of just how some of her male admirers often thought about her.

We discussed actually going at length, and then went ahead and booked ourselves passage for the following month for a ten day "Pleasure Cruise" that promised all sorts of promising delights. By the time the day finally arrived for us to depart I was on pins and needles. Actually, we both were. Somewhat apprehensive as to what we might expect, obviously nervous, we were somewhat relieved to learn that there would be an indoctrination, get acquainted meeting an hour after the ship had pulled away from port.

Since it had been a while since we'd gone on any sort of real vacation together, we had spared no expense, booking one of the first class suites, one of six on each side of the upper deck, all sharing a single accessible deck from which we could go outside of our cabin to sit on, with deck service being offered twenty-four seven should we choose to take advantage of that.

We had soon after joined the throng of fellow passengers in one of two fairly large lounges as we began receiving information with regards to all the various activities over the next ten days. We were all given handouts as to protocol, and etiquette along with assurances that privacy and anonymity was paramount for those who had any concerns. Activities were scheduled, some having actual signup sheets so there could be no misunderstandings as to what might be expected for some of these, with very clear and detailed explanations as to what could be expected if someone decided to participate. Though we hadn't really discussed some of those aspects in any great detail with one another, it had caused us a few raised eyebrows, which I knew we'd no doubt talk about later in the privacy of our own cabin.

One of the things that was made immediately clear to all of us, was that nudity aboard ship, except for in the dining areas inside was not only allowed, but encouraged. So we were all given to understand and not be surprised upon seeing it. But in addition to that, we were also told and informed, that public, sexual activities were also permissible, and anyone having a problem with seeing that, or running into it, had booked the wrong cruise. This generated a little nervous laughter by most of the group in attendance, though no one raised any objections upon hearing that. Even when the question and answers phase of the indoctrination was given, I was surprised when an older gentleman actually asked then if it was permissible for he and his wife to fuck out on the deck in full view of everyone if they actually wanted to. He, along with everyone else was again told this was indeed permissible, and to be expected, especially by other returning guests who'd taken this cruise before.

There were really very few or strict rules that had to be followed. No meaning No for one, which was a given. Open windows into suites were an invitation to watch, so if privacy was wanted, then curtains were to be drawn and closed. Everyone was expected and required to ask courteously before joining in on some sexual activity that might be taking place out on deck, separate and apart from any of the more formal scheduled parties and events. Obviously, anyone signing up for those was basically giving permission before hand, though again, even then, No still meant No if someone wasn't interested or attracted by another individual.

With no other questions or concerns to be addressed, the meeting ended and everyone headed off back to their rooms, or to simply wander around about the ship taking in the sights until the first real party at sea which was scheduled for later on that evening. In the brochure we'd been given long before we'd actually gotten on board, we knew it was a greet and meet, sexy negligee party. Everyone was thus invited to attend, wearing whatever bedtime attire they felt comfortable in wearing, though there would be prizes given out and awarded for the sexiest, most provocative attire. I knew that Darlene had gone out and purchased something special just for that particular first nights event, though she hadn't of course shown me what it was as yet. For myself, a bit unsure of what to expect, I had opted for a very brief men's bikini in black and a matching silk short kimono as my outfit.

We had enjoyed an early dinner of steak and lobster, and then went for a stroll around the deck enjoying the ocean as we cruised on a sea of glass. Several passengers had in fact taken advantage of lying about in the nude on deck, though we hadn't as yet stumbled into anyone engaged in any form of sexual activity. It reminded me of a high school dance, everyone went wanting to, but no one wanted to be the first one out on the floor either. I figured the negligee party later on that evening would no doubt open the doors to that at some point.

We'd soon after gone back to our suite, made love (though drawing the curtain closed when we did) and then got up to dress afterwards, a smile on each of our faces as we'd thoroughly enjoyed one another in ways we hadn't done for a very long time. I sat waiting patiently out on our semi-private little deck, ordering a cocktail as I waited, Darlene inside the cabin making herself ready. I was pleasantly surprised when a young attractive looking steward appeared carrying the margarita I'd ordered, surprised as she too was dressed quite sexily herself in a pair of very tight fitting shorts, and a halter top that threatened to spill out her rather nice sized breasts.

One of the other things we'd been told in the indoctrination was that the ship's crew was at liberty to join and entertain the guests if approached, provided those said activities didn't interfere with their assignments or workloads. Still horny, even after the incredible sex Darlene and I had just enjoyed with one another, as the young woman leaned over placing a small napkin down on the table next to me, along with my drink, I got a rather nice long view of her deep plunging cleavage.

Deciding to test the waters to some degree, I actually commented on it, curious as to what her response and demeanor might be afterwards.

"You have what appear to be, very lovely looking breasts," I said also thanking her for the drink. She smiled, thanking me, and then surprised me, although I guess I shouldn't have been when she answered.

"Thank you, would you like to see them?" she asked.

I didn't have any reservations about doing so, nor in having asked her either. Darlene and I had long ago discussed the various possibilities of what to expect while on board. The only thing we'd come to mutual agreement on, was not to become involved sexually with anyone, unless we were both there, and having given our approval, though a simple knowing smile would be all that was needed when we did. Just asking to see her boobs, or rather being invited to see them didn't constitute Darlene's needing to be there.

"I would!" I said smiling, as she smiled back undoing the two small buttons holding her halter together. Not surprisingly, she had no need of a bra as the halter served both purposes.

"I'm Mattie, by the way," she added. "Gregory, is the day steward on this side of the ship," she then informed me, continuing to stand there with her gorgeous breasts staring me in the face. Not only where they near perfectly symmetrical, but she had the largest, darkest colored areolas and nipples I had ever seen before. "And anytime you need either one of us ... for anything other than drinks or snacks, don't be afraid to ask," she stated letting me know in an instant just exactly what she had meant by that. With that, she again smiled re-buttoning her halter, and soon left. Only then did I realize as I looked down that I was sporting an erection. I took a sip of my margarita, and then heard Darlene calling out to me from inside our cabin.

"Well? What do you think?" she asked.

I walked back inside, my wife standing next to the bed in the most alluring sensual outfit I'd ever seen her wear before.

"Hmm, glad to see you approve!" She said grinning at me, though I noticed her eyes were directly looking between my legs. There was no point trying to hide my erection, especially under the circumstances, but then Darlene frowned looking back up at me. "Hey! Wait! You got that before you saw me!" she suddenly stated. "Who else where you looking at?"

"Let me start off by saying, you are the most beautiful looking woman I have ever seen!" Which quite honestly was the truth. Darlene stood in a sheer floor-length; black laced evening gown that hinted at her nudity hiding beneath it without necessarily giving everything away. And though it was cut very low in front, dainty criss-crossing ties of lace held the front in place, though her breasts pressed against the sheer material, almost wickedly. At least she smiled once again when I said that, though I then told her about the incident which had occurred only a few moments ago. What I didn't do was elaborate on how much I'd enjoyed seeing the exotic young woman's tits.

"So ... what's Gregory like?" she then teased.

"I don't know, he wasn't there, but I'm sure at some point we'll meet him. Oh, and when we do, don't be afraid to ask to see him naked, apparently, that's ok too," I informed my wife.

"I just might," she said posing herself seductively, causing my cock to twitch, which had grown even harder now just standing there looking at her. "Um, you might want to see if you can make that go down a little," she giggled. "Though I'm sure we'll see a few more standing up like yours is before the evenings over, it might be in poor taste to arrive already having one!"

It took a few minutes, but eventually it did. Arm in arm we then left our cabin heading down the hallway towards the grand stairs and the formal ballroom two decks below us. It was interesting to see so many people just then leaving their own rooms, many dressed very similar to the way my wife and I were, though a few others had worn even more revealing outfits than even she was. Seeing all that nudity decorated in its finest, naughtiest form, was already threatening to again stiffen my prick as we made our way inside. Small two or four person tables ran around the perimeter of the dance floor. A small band sat playing, though no one was out dancing as yet, everyone content to find a seat, sit down, order drinks and ogle the other guests as they came in.

I laughed looking over at the couple sitting a couple of tables away. The young looking husband sat with his somewhat nervous looking wife, but it was clearly evident he was having a great deal of trouble trying to hide his obviously very stiff erection. He was wearing a robe very similar to mine, though it was obvious he had nothing on beneath it, every move no matter how small, threatened to reveal his hard prick, as he sat constantly readjusting trying in vain to keep it covered. His wife, a cute little blonde was wearing a likewise sheer, baby-doll type of a night that had a great deal of fluff about the collar and cuffs as well as the hem, but was otherwise very sheer. Her dark pink nipples were clearly in evidence as she sat there nervously surveying the room. Just then she looked up, saw Darlene smiling at her, and then surprised me as Darlene waved the two of them over to sit with us at our table. Almost immediately she grinned back, nodded her head and quickly spoke to her husband. Once again, I had to hold myself in check as they made their way over to us, her husband immediately placing both hands strategically in front of himself as they came over.

"You looked a little nervous," Darlene said easing her nervousness immediately with that award winning smile of hers. "Thought you might enjoy having a little company, believe it or not ... we're a little nervous too," Darlene finished saying. We then introduced ourselves, and learned that their names were Jack and Beverly, and that this was indeed not only their first cruise, but the first time they had ever done anything like this. They came from a very small, very conservative town somewhere in the Midwest, and for them, this had thus become a very daring, very bold adventure for them.

Jack was still blushing as he sat there, his eyes trying very hard to not sit and stare directly at my own wife's tantalizing breasts, though just a bit more concealed behind the lace patterns of her gown that his own wife's were.

"Don't worry about looking," I assured him. "I think ... that's the whole point of our coming here dressed like we are ... so that we can look, and enjoy doing it."

"That's the problem," he finally laughed at himself. "I am enjoying it ... and it's become very difficult trying to hide the fact that I am!"

"Me too, " I assured him, and then sat back just enough so that he could see that I too was now as stiff and hard as I'd been back in the room, the head of my own dick peeking above the waistband of my very brief bikini's, making me wish in all sincerity, that I hadn't worn them as at least I'd be as comfortable as Jack was, even though he was embarrassed in being so openly revealed.

"Like Brad said," Darlene began, "I don't think you two will be the only ones sporting erections here tonight," she went on, especially with all these hard nipples springing up everywhere too," she announced pointing over towards another middle aged, but very attractive looking woman whose breasts were entirely bare, poking through a peek-a-boo type of a evening gown that had no intention of being worn or in covering her breasts. She had incredibly large thick nipples, so it was easy to see why she had chosen her particular night wear, she loved showing herself off, and with good reason.

Within a short period of time, the room had finally filled to capacity, laughter, conversation and the sound of drinks being served filled the entire room. Finally, the host of the evening arrived, wearing a pair of bright red silk pajamas. After gathering everyone's attention he then made an announcement.

"Thank you everyone for coming ... and I hope that by the end of the evening, that can also be taken another way!" He paused momentarily for the laughter along with a few whistles and catcalls at his comment to settle down. "And now, as a way of getting acquainted, meeting others like yourselves who've joined us on what we hope to be a very exciting, and very erotic cruise..." he again paused looking about the room with a mischievous smile on his face, "we'd like to open up the evenings entertainment with what we call "Ladies choice". Now then, Ladies? No fair choosing your own partner to dance with, after all, you can do that at home," he again paused amidst laughter. "So ... now's your opportunity to step out, select some strange handsome, half naked stranger ... and ask him to dance with you!"

With that, the band began playing a slow sensual tune as the woman, slowly at first, and then suddenly much more quickly began to stand and head off seeking available half naked, or sexily attired dance partners.

Darlene and Beverly had it easy, asking Jack and I to dance, though we both stood with hard firm erections as we did so. Darlene made short work of that as well, reaching down, grasping Jack's prick in her hand, and leading him by it out onto the dance floor. By the time Beverly and I arrived, I noticed we weren't the only ones who had one either.

"No doubt about it, this promises to be a very, very interesting cruise!"

Even before we'd gone downstairs to attend the party, we'd been given to know that several judges would be circulating throughout the evening. There would be several prizes and gifts being awarded for the most alluring or sensual evening gowns, along with the most slutty or decadent, as well as for the most demure, or less revealing. Looking about at many of the others, I didn't see anyone who I personally thought looked more sensually seductive than Darlene did, a fact that Beverly herself had commented on shortly after they had joined us.

Now dancing closely together, it was hard not to enjoy the feel of Beverly's perky firm breasts pressing against my chest. And though her husband Jack tried very hard not to stab his rock hard dick into my wife's tummy as they danced, it was almost comical in a way watching him as he tried not to. Especially when Darlene made it even more difficult, drawing him closer to her as they moved about the floor. The number the band had been playing soon ended however, and everyone stood clapping, I noticed as we all did, that Jack and I weren't the only ones now standing up in full approval.

Even our MC made note of that fact, by announcing it was now time for the "Cock walk" as he called it. "Or rather, a very obscene version of the bunny hop," he then announced once again to a great deal of laughter, though several of those who'd been standing on the floor began sitting down. Surprisingly however, there were still a great many who hadn't, and though I had headed off to do so, Darlene had quickly collared me, ensuring that I remained.

"Don't be a spoilsport, we came here to have fun," she said grinning. Likewise, Beverly had forced Jack into staying as well, as he stepped behind my wife, his hands on her hips, his wife's hands on his, and mine then on hers. I soon felt the hands of another woman, turning around to smile, briefly say hello and noticed it was the gal with the enormous nipples and bared boobs who'd sauntered up behind me.

"Hi, I'm Brad," I said introducing myself, turning just enough to take her hand shaking it, watching her tits bounce up and down freely for a moment as I did so.

"Jocelyn," she answered back, looking down at my cock, sighing. "Damn, makes me wish you were behind me and not in front," she chuckled playfully, though she was soon introduced to yet another stranger likewise with a hardon standing behind her. She smiled, winking at him and then turned back around facing me. "Guess I didn't do so bad after all," she said once again winking.

Minutes later, there was a long line of us winding about the dance floor doing the bunny hop. Needless to say, there were indeed a few interesting moments for everyone as people collided, the feel of Jocelyn's heavy breasts suddenly pressing against me, my own stiff prick bumping into the firmness of Beverly's ass in front as we did. No doubt, very similar experiences were occurring throughout the entire line, though it was easy to guess, that had been the purpose in the first place.

We eventually returned to our seats, the judges continuing to mill about looking at everyone. People danced, drank, or sat getting to know one another better, just as the four of us where. Midway through the evening however, things started to get just a bit more interesting when again the MC stepped up on stage, silencing everyone.

"Alright everyone, this is where we separate the shy, from the not so shy," he grinned. "This next dance is one we call, the let's pretend to dance, while we're actually fucking dance," he announced. Once again there were several nervous chitterlings from a few, though those who had been on this cruise once before, suddenly clapped with excitement and appreciation at hearing the announcement. The MC then continued. "And ... for those who are daring enough, as many of you know, I will be circulating amongst you, verifying," he said raising his hands, showing two fingers on each, bending them as though signifying his acceptance that the couple was indeed having intercourse. "And ... for each of you who are, they will of course be given a hundred dollar voucher which can be used downstairs in the ships casino," he informed everyone. "So ... for those of you bold enough to come out here and dance, or rather fuck..." he again paused, "and still make it look like dancing," he added amongst renewed laughter, "please, pick a partner, even if it's not your own, and come up here and entertain the rest of us shy inhibited types!"

I wasn't too surprised when Darlene made no motion to go up and dance, though neither had Beverly and Jack either. But surprisingly, a great many couples did, including Jocelyn, the big nippled gal whose breasts I'd had the pleasure of feeling pressed against my back earlier. What was a surprise however, was that she stepped out onto the floor with an entirely different guy, other than the one she'd been sitting with.

It quickly became obvious this one would be an unusually long dance, especially as the band started off very slowly. In a lot of cases, the gowns the women had worn or come in with earlier didn't make it all that easy to actually fuck there on the floor. Many had been forced to remove their panties, if they'd been wearing any altogether. But more than one couple actually came out onto the floor entirely naked, receiving a smattering of appreciative applause as they did.

And just as he said he would, as the music began, the MC wandered about the sea of couples ensuring that they were indeed connected. In some cases, it was clearly obvious. One or two couples simply laying down on the floor going at it right in front of everyone, as others danced by trying to be careful and not accidentally step on them. Others ... the MC had to lift a piece of material here and there, and then more specifically look, though he quite often made a show of it, directing everyone's attention towards him, only then pointing out the evidence that indeed the couple was engaged in having sex.

"Look over there at Jocelyn!" I observed drawing our group's attention towards her. "Would you look at that!" She had gone out onto the floor with a very rugged looking, very handsome guy. He was strongly built, bronze skinned, and now stood before her entirely naked as she helped to finish stripping him right there on the floor. (We would later learn this was in fact Gregory, the day steward on our side of the ship). At the moment, Jocelyn was helping to fit a condom over his prick, only just then managing to roll it entirely down over the length of his rock hard shaft.

"Now I know what the party favors are for!" I announced fingering one of the packets that sat inside one of the table decorations there in front of us. There were several different colored condoms in each, Jocelyn had purposely chosen a black one, that looked interestingly unique, even against his bronze colored skin. Once she had it on, she whispered to him, he smiled, and then easily lifted her up, impaling her in an instant as she wrapped her legs about his waist. They then stood together, sort of swaying to the beat of the music which by now had actually increased in tempo as the number changed. The MC soon moved beside them, nodding his head as he watched Gregory's cock sliding in and out of her pussy, and handed her one of the hundred dollar vouchers, watching a moment more, and then moving on.

"Wanna fuck?" I said teasing my wife.

"I do yes ... but not out there on the dance floor, a bit too early for me to do that yet," she said simply. "Perhaps later ... out on deck with a slightly smaller crowd might be easier for me to ease into," she said with an edge of excitement in her tone of voice.

There was something to be said for having someone watching you while you fucked, and you watching them. That much we had done, amongst and with very close friends. But we'd still never really included anyone else in our relationship, and though we'd briefly discussed the possibility of that happening, we hadn't as yet come right out and said that it would either. As we'd sat enjoying the evening together, Darlene had likewise learned of course that all this was very new to both Jack and Beverly too. Neither one of them having been with, or done anything with anyone other than themselves. They'd both been virgins when they married a few short years ago, and up until now at least, never imagined themselves ever doing anything like that.

What I didn't know at the time, was that Darlene had invited the two of them up to our suite for a nightcap after the party was over. When they'd later on gone out to the dance floor to actually dance, just before the results of the night's winners were to be announced for the three best evening attire in each of the categories, she then told me she'd invited them.

I looked at my wife curiously. She simply grinned, and then informed me as to what to expect. "Apparently, they're here to watch, and to play with one another only," she went on. "Neither one minds a bit of touching, but nothing more than that. I've already told them we'd be perfectly good with that ourselves ... for now," Darlene added. "But thought it might be fun to invite them up to the room later, have a little fun together, watching one another, see how it goes."

I grinned thinking about that, my cock suddenly twitching with excitement and anticipation of watching the two of them fucking, while they in turned watched the two of us doing the same.

"Alright everyone! We're ready to announced tonight's winners!" Our MC announced quieting everyone down. "For our most demurely ... but still sexy, female contestant," he said looking down and about the room, "the winner is ... Kimberly Johnson! Kimberly?" He said looking up and about. The spot light suddenly locating her as she made her way forward to stand on stage. I hadn't in fact even noticed her until now, obviously she had kept herself fairly well hidden throughout the night. She wasn't at all unattractive either, but she appeared on stage in a pair of flannel pajamas, that while cute looking on her, they were without a doubt very self containing. The MC then handed her a check and went on to announce the second category as a smattering of applause followed her off stage.

"And the winner for our most sluttily attired female contestant is..." Once again he paused, looking about. "Jocelyn Tripp! Jocelyn? Would you and your amazing nipples like to come up here and accept your check?" This time there was an even bigger amount of laughter, especially when Jocelyn actually bounded up towards the stage, her massive breasts bouncing about as she did so, especially when she stood next to the MC, jumping up and down joyously.

"If you win, promise me you'll jump up and down a little," I giggled, getting a hard poked finger in the side.

Jocelyn was then ushered off stage with a rounding cheer and applause, still bouncing, but more importantly, holding onto her own nipples, stretching them out and away from her breasts as she did so.

"She's certainly not shy or inhibited is she?" Beverly said laughing, causing all of us to join her in doing so as well.

"And now ... for our final winner and contestant of the evening, in the best, most provocative, sensual evening attire ... the winner is..." This time he looked up directly over at our table as the spotlight now swung over towards us. "Ms. Darlene Page!"

It was weird in a way, hearing my wife called by her maiden name. But we'd decided upon booking the cruise, just in case, and in the event someone might actually recognize her real name, that she'd use her maiden name instead. Even so, she was still a bit nervous having to go up on stage in order to receive her check, which was again a three hundred dollar voucher that could be used in the adjacent casino any time during the cruise. She stood, feeling slightly embarrassed at the attention she was given, as I knew she would. But she proudly received a great deal of applause and appreciation for the way she looked, especially from me. I knew without any doubt whatsoever, that she was indeed the best looking woman there.

Shortly after that, the room began to empty, couples heading off back to their staterooms, sometimes alone, or in smaller groups with one another. Obviously many had made new and interesting friends during the evening, just as we had.

Not able to afford as nice a suite as we had, Beverly and Jack were anxious to see it and to join us in our cabin for the evening. Shortly after we arrived, I called room service, ordering everyone a drink. We then went out on deck to sit and relax for a bit, wait for our drinks to arrive, and chat, getting to know a little more about one another than we already did.

I wasn't at all surprised when it was Mattie than came with the drinks, smiling, telling us that she would be at our beck and call throughout the evening should we need her, once again in a very subtle way, letting us also know that she was and would be available for other purposes as well.

"Interesting girl," Darlene stated looking at me.

I almost said, "And nice tits too!" But I didn't, though I was certainly thinking it as I nodded my head and answered back. "Yes ... she is."

It wasn't long before we were all four relaxed and very comfortable in being around one another. The night air was still warm, even at sea, the ocean again as smooth as glass as the ship sailed along. In addition, there was a full moon lighting up the nights sky, which was also very romantic, and romantic and sensual enough, that minutes later, Darlene stood up in front of me, as well as our new found friends, and simply removed her somewhat elegant evening gown, letting it fall to the deck in front of me.

"Remember what I said earlier?" she stated. "Well ... if you'd like, you can fuck me now!"

Jack and Beverly laughed, though the three of us quickly followed my wife back into our stateroom. Although certainly nice, even elegant, it didn't exactly have a king sized bed in it either. But that wasn't what Darlene had in mind. Within seconds she had peeled off the very revealing evening gown she'd been wearing, entirely naked now as she stood behind the back of one of the two sitting chairs in the room.

"Fuck me!" she said simply with lust filled eyes, one hand down between her legs uninhibitedly fingering her slit. Without batting an eyelash, I watched as Beverly now did the same, her own gown coming off to tumble about her feet on the floor, stepping out of them and leaning over the second chair in much the same way that Darlene was. And though she didn't say it, her look certainly did as she spread her legs invitingly a part.

Jack and I had gotten relatively comfortable in front of one another, sporting our erections, which had been difficult enough trying to conceal. With whatever shyness we might have had or experienced in front of one another no longer there, we both slipped out of our robes, each of us sporting hard firm pricks and stepped behind our respective wives. It was erotic as hell to see Beverly reaching back, grasping her husband's cock and then placing it at the entry of her pussy. Even as I watched this, Darlene now did the exact same thing to me until I felt the head of my dick resting against the hot wet folds of my own wife's sweet slit.

"I want to watch your dick slide in and out of your wife's cunt," Darlene growled wantonly. She loved seeing that. During the times we'd watched a few porn movies together, Darlene had loved it when I slid in and out of her in the exact same way that the actors in the movie did, eventually increasing the tempo and depth of penetration just as they did. She really did have a fascination for watching another couple fuck, so I knew she was aroused beyond reason already and becoming more and more excited by the moment. "But please ... fuck her slowly for me at first," she asked him.

Standing at the appropriate angles to one another, Jack slowly slid inside his wife, just as I slid into mine, copying his moves as I knew Darlene would be expecting me to do. As we began, watching the two of them, with them watching us, Darlene reached up beginning to fondle her breasts. Seeing her doing that, Beverly likewise grinned, now emulating my wife's actions and began fondling her own as the two girls braced themselves against the backs of the chairs, Jack and I torturously sliding in and out of our wive's respective cunts.

We hadn't closed the curtains to our stateroom, something that hadn't dawned on us until a few moments later. Mattie had returned to check to see if we wanted something more to drink, now standing outside on the deck looking in at us, Darlene grinned waving her to come inside.

"Can I ah ... get you anything?" Mattie asked with an obvious look of desire on her face.

"Yes, you can entertain us even more by getting naked, lying on the bed, and touching yourself while we fuck, watching you doing it," Darlene literally commanded her.

The one thing you have to realize and know about Darlene, she was normally this somewhat shy reserved woman, sensual yes, but initially not the type of person she could turn into, doing an about face three hundred and sixty degrees just a short while later. Once she had however, she became wilder than you could ever imagine, even though it might take her a while in getting there. After that, even I didn't know half the time just to what extent she was ready and willing to let herself go. At the moment, it was obvious she was in the mood to dictate the situation amongst everyone. As Mattie crossed over to the bed, shedding clothes as she did, she proceeded to lie there looking up towards my wife. I hid a smile upon seeing that, it was evident she'd already made the connection here that Darlene for whatever reason, was in charge.

"Spread your legs ... your lips, show us your cunt!" she said hotly as I speared inside my wife's wet dripping cunt, holding it there inside her, unmoving, just as Jack had done. We all watched as Mattie did that, revealing herself pleasurably. "Now ... run your finger over and around your clit ... slowly!" she cautioned the young woman.

Inch by tantalizing inch, I slowly withdrew until my prick was on the verge of falling out of my wife's cunt. Looking over, I then watched as Jack emulated the same motion, Mattie continuing to encircle her clit with her fingers, teasing it playfully.

"Now pinch it ... hold it, and keep holding it and stretching it as hard as you can for as long as you can!" Darlene looked over her shoulder back towards me. "Fuck me hard ... deep ... and hold it there until I tell you to do it again!" She instructed me, saying it loud enough so that Jack could hear her instructions, knowing as she spoke she had basically given him the same sort of command.

I could see a great deal of strain on Mattie's face as Darlene cried out the word "Now!" I slammed into her with all my might, hearing as well as watching as Jack did the same thing to Beverly. "Again!" she cried out, turning back around to face Mattie. "Slap your cunt! Slap it, hard! Harder! Harder!" she told the young woman, though each time she did so, I rammed my stiff hard cock in and out of my wife's almost gushing pussy, just as Jack himself was now doing.

"Make it cum!" Beverly said surprising everyone, the lust-filled tone of voice she had suddenly used informing everyone that she was herself hovering on the edge. "I want to see her cum!" Beverly near pleaded.

Smiling, Darlene agreed, "Yes ... finger it, fuck yourself with your fingers until you cum for us," she now likewise demanded. "And ... I want to hear it when you do!"

Mattie was panting hotly, her moans gradually becoming louder and louder as she pummeled her own cunt with her fingers. With Darlene now thrusting back against me, there was no longer any need for restraint. Fucking into my wife as fiercely as it was possible for me to do, Jack and Beverly soon followed suit. The sounds of Mattie's moaning, flesh slapping against flash as the four of us fucked, sounding somewhat like an echo as we did so.

Seconds later, Mattie cried out in a very deep harsh guttural cry of pure pleasure, two if not three fingers still impaling herself, though she simultaneously lay frigging her clit with two fingers of her other hand as we all watched and listened to her climax.

It was too much for Jack, his face screwing up in ecstasy as he neared his own joyful release.

"Let me see it! Watch it!" Darlene once again demanded of him. "Pull out! Squirt it! Squirt it!"

Jack slid from his wife's cunt, his prick just then spewing a massive load of his cream, which shot well over her shoulder landing somewhere ahead of them onto the floor, just as the next one did. Beverly had now slipped her hand down between her legs, likewise frigging her clit just as Mattie had been doing, I felt Darlene's pussy suddenly convulse, gripping me like a vice as she began to orgasm, immediately causing me to jettison my own powerful load deep inside her tightly clenching pussy. After what felt like a gallon of spunk had been shot from my dick inside my wife's cunt, I collapsed down into the chair she'd been leaning against for support. Darlene and Beverly had both wandered over to the bed, collapsing down upon it on either side of Mattie. Jack soon took his seat sitting next to me as the two of us just sat there trying to catch our breaths, looking at the three beautiful and wonderfully naked women laying side by side on the bed together.

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