Teacher's Lessons
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic, NonConsensual, Rape, Blackmail, Hermaphrodite, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mandy Conner is a math teacher with a secret. Alisa Kincaid is an ex-research biologist who takes up teaching when the economy causes her old job to vanish like a soap bubble. Alisa soon discovers Mandy's secret, and wants to write papers about a true futanari. This could be her pathway to making a name for herself and, fat government grants to fund her own laboratory! It looks like Mandy is in a world of trouble, or is it really Alisa that's about to learn a lesson?

Mandy sighed. She loved being a mathematics teacher, but sometimes it was so frustrating. "Maybe I should switch to teaching grade school." She muttered after the last student filed out of her classroom. The high school teacher shook her head. "Damnation! I wish they would pass a rule prohibiting the wearing of cheerleader uniforms during school hours!"

"Why is that, Miss Conner?" a familiar and unwelcome voice said cheerfully.

Mandy nearly jumped out of her sensible shoes at the sudden intrusion. "It's, it's too distracting for the young men."

Alisa Kincaid sauntered into the room. "I would think your natural born assets would be more of a distraction, dearie."

Mandy nearly fell out of her chair before she realized exactly what Alisa meant. "I don't dress to flaunt my figure in school!" she snapped, while crossing her arms over her ample bust.

"Meaning I do?" The petite blonde biology teacher glared. "I may not have huge jug like yours, but I do prefer to look good! Look at you. Do you get all your clothes from Goodwill?"

Mandy blushed nearly as red as her curls. She loved finding bargains at thrift stores and flea markets. The dress she wore today was vintage 1953. "Of course not! This, um, I got this dress from an antique store!" It was a fib, but that didn't matter. She just wanted to shut the bitch up!

Alisa looked her up and down. "Yeah, sure. I believe that. Hey Lucy, is Ricky letting you on the show tonight?"

If anything, Mandy's face grew redder. This morning she had smiled at the thought of resembling Lucy Ricardo in this dress. Now it was just embarrassing! "Are you here for a reason, or was it just to insult me?"

Alisa grinned. "That was just a bonus. I just stopped by to ask if you wanted to help chaperone the Homecoming dance next week."

The frustrated math teacher thought it over for all of twelve nano-seconds. "No, I, I have plans. I'm sure they won't need me!"

"Jeez, don't get so uptight! I was just asking!" The biology teacher turned on her heel and stormed out of the room.

"Shit!" Mandy took a deep breath, not noticing how this strained the buttons on the bodice of her dress. "What a dyed in the wool cast iron bitch!" She shook her head once again. "Why the hell does that demon have the body of an angel? As if the cheer squad wasn't enough of a distraction!"

The redhead put a hand to her crotch and adjusted the extremely tight jock-strap she wore under her dress. It helped a lot, but it sure did get uncomfortable whenever she popped a boner! "Oh hell, my cock is hard as a rock, and my pussy is almost dripping wet! Maybe I should switch to teaching little kids. It would be much safer!"

The respected teacher walked hesitantly to the windows and closed all the blinds. She was on the third floor, but you never could be too careful! Next, she made sure the door was firmly locked. The last class was over, but it just wouldn't do to have anyone walk in now!

Moving to the back of the classroom, Mandy let out another heartfelt sigh. She was completely out of sight from the window in the door now! "Oh God, I need this!" she moaned a she hiked up her dress. Holding the hem under her chin, the flushed teacher struggled from the restraint of her straining jock-strap and tossed the offending garment onto a student's desk.

"Oh yeah." She groaned as her turgid organ sprang free. "I'll just do it once, to take the edge off." She muttered as slender fingers wrapped around thick hard flesh.

Mandy began to pleasure herself. To be blunt, she started jerking off! Standing in the back of the classroom where she hoped to mold young minds, the hermaphrodite stroked her throbbing shaft for all she was worth! Yes, the cheerleaders where a distraction, but there was a much worse one invading her mind now. Mandy couldn't stop thinking of what Alisa Kincaid would look like in one of those pretty gold and blue uniforms!

"I, I bet she shaves!" the teacher panted as she pictured Alisa doing a mid-air split, without the benefit of panties. "Oh dear Lord! I bet she keeps her pussy totally bald!"

Mandy pawed at her breasts through the material of her dress as her heart pounded and her breathing grew ragged. "She, she's so little, I, I bet she's t-tight!" The hand on the cock was a blur as it brought her ever closer to release. "Oh God! I want her to be my first!"

Mandy felt the pressure growing deep inside. "Oh, oh!" she gasped, as she turned to face the trashcan. "Alisa! Alisa the whore!" she moaned as her back arched and she rose up on her toes. With a guttural grunt, a pearly white ribbon of fluid burst free from her swollen cockhead. Snatching at her dress to keep the skirt out of the line of fire, Mandy let go completely! Rope after thick glistening rope of seminal fluid arched through the air to land in the trashcan! Any of the young men in her class would have felt envious over the sheer volume Mandy produced as she pumped it into the metal receptacle. You could actually hear each volley go 'plunk-plunk' as the massive load landed in the empty container!

"I am impressed!" Mandy looked up in horror as the last drop of fluid seeped from her still hard cock. Alisa had somehow gotten back into the room! Not only that, but she was pointing a video camera her way! "My dear Miss Conner, please tell our friends on Youtube what you are doing!"

"It, it's not what you think!" she stammered as she dropped the skirt of her dress, too late hiding her rapidly shrinking secret. "What are you doing here? How did you get in?"

"It is what I think." Alisa said with a laugh. "I'm recording you, and lastly. The key to my classroom door fits yours too. Didn't you know that?"

Mandy felt her legs shaking as she tried to walk casually. "Please hand me that camera." She said in what she hoped was a calm voice. She cringed at how frightened she sounded.

"Not on your life!" Alisa grinned from ear to ear. "I've suspected for quite some time. You should do a better job cleaning up after yourself. I've smelled spunk several times in the ladies room after you have come out of the stall. Hell, I actually dipped my finger in a puddle and tasted it! At first I thought you were a very successful cross dresser, but now I know better. Remember a couple of weeks when you were stranded on the toilet? Who was nice enough to lend you a tampon so your heavy flow wouldn't stain your precious thrift store clothes? You're a pitcher and a catcher. You're a futanari!"

"Please give me the camera!" Mandy shouted, nearly in tears. "It has to say a secret!"

"Do you think I want to stay teaching brain dead teenagers in this burg?" Alisa shut off the camera and actually gave it a little kiss. "I'm a research biologist! It wasn't my fault the biotech company I worked for went belly up! My department head got a huge golden parachute, while I lost all of my investments! I'm going to write papers about you! We're going to be famous! I'll get government grants. I'll get my own laboratory!"

"Oh my God! Please, no!" Mandy trembled in fear and rage. "Nobody but my mother knows! She's a doctor, so she does all my exams. I can't let anyone else know!"

"Is she one too?" Alisa grinned wickedly. "Maybe I can use her too."

"Leave my mother out of this!" the redhead cried.

"I'll take that as a yes. I won't bother her though if you cooperate!" The biologist pointed to the trashcan. "Bring that to my classroom. We may as well start collecting data now!"

Once again the pretty little biologist marched out of the room. Mandy picked up the trashcan and followed woodenly behind her. "Can't you leave my name out of it?" she asked softly as they headed down the hallway. "You can just call me test subject Jane Doe, or something."

"Don't be silly, dearie. I'm going to need to bring you on the lecture circuit with me. Your face is going to be plastered all over the media. They may as well know your name too." Alisa looked thoughtful. You have a good body. Maybe I can get Playboy to run a layout on you. No, maybe Playgirl would be better. You are going to be so popular!" She opened the door to her own classroom and ushered her new test subject inside.

"I don't want to be popular!" Mandy sobbed. She put the trashcan down where Alisa indicated. "I want to just keep on teaching. How can I stay being a teacher if you make me famous like, um, like that?"

"You won't have time to keep teaching!" Alisa locked the video camera away in a storage cabinet, and slipped her dainty hands in to rubber gloves. Mandy watched in numb silence as the blonde leaned over the trashcan and inhaled deeply. "It smells one hundred percent male. To be honest, I sort of like that musty scent. Never mind that. It's time to go to work."

Mandy felt like she was watching an episode of CSI Miami as Alisa used a pipette to extract a sample of the slimy fluid and place a droplet on a slide. "What are you doing?" she asked quietly as her nemesis bent over a powerful binocular microscope.

"Hush!" Alisa impatiently waved her hand. "I'm trying to estimate a sperm count! The damn wigglers are so active, and there are so many of them, it's hard to keep track!"

Mandy's heart gave an odd lurch at that news. "Can I go now?" she asked like some timid student being kept after school.

"Not yet." Alisa straightened up and rubbed her eyes. "Your count is absurdly high. I'll try again later after I use a spermicidal agent to kill the little buggers. No matter. We have all the time in the world." She opened a drawer and pulled out a digital still camera. "Right now it's time to document the subject."

Mandy crossed her arms over her ample chest and backed away. "What do you mean?"

"Oh, I think you know." Alisa snapped a picture. "Get out of that frumpy old dress so I can get some good images!"

She wanted to run, but Mandy was too frightened. How did she ever get into this Hell? "Uh, okay. J-Just a couple." Her fingers trembled as she began unbuttoning the dress.

"A stripper you aren't." Alisa quipped as she watched the taller woman struggle out of the garment. "You'll need to practice for your demanding public."

Blushing from head to foot, Mandy tried to keep calm while covering her naked crotch with both hands. "Take your damn pictures! Let's get this over with!"

The flash fired again, before Alisa lowered the camera. "You haven't finished, dearie. Take the bra off too! I want you naked as a Jaybird!"

Oh God! The second Mandy reached to unclasp her bra, the camera fired! Alisa was wasting no time in photographing her precious secret! "Isn't that enough?" she shouted as she threw the chaste white bra to the floor. "Haven't you caused me enough humiliation?"

The biologist ignored her subject's pleas and picked up the garment. "Damn! 44DD, do you get backaches hauling those things around?" Alisa pointed. "Make it hard. I want to photograph it, and take measurements!"

"Alright, I'll try." This was the most embarrassing moment of her life! Mandy closed her eyes and tried to calm herself. Once again, images of Alisa dressed as a cheerleader flickered across her imagination.

"Damn! What are you thinking about?" The camera flashed again and again. "That thing is huge!" Alisa glared up at Mandy. "You aren't thinking nasty things about me, are you? I heard you calling my name in your class room!"

"No, of course not!" Mandy lied as her cock throbbed in its full glory.

"Well, I suppose it doesn't matter. It sure got the job done!" She placed the camera on a workbench and picked up a measuring tape. "Hold still and please try not to spunk on me!"

Mandy moaned as for the first time in her life, someone else touched her maleness. Maybe not the first time. Mom had touched it in the past, but being bathed or having a medical exam didn't count. This was the first time another's hand had touched her while fully erect! She couldn't help watching as delicate hands carefully hefted her shaft. She shivered as the metal tape touched her hardness. "That's cold! Stop it!"

"Holy fuck! Lucky number thirteen! Thirteen inches from crown to base!" Alisa laughed. "Guys would kill to have a cock as big and thick as yours!"

"It's only eleven inches!" Mandy stammered. "I measured it once myself!"

"I guess you're a growing girl!" Putting the tape down, Alisa went back to hefting the organ, moving it this way and that. "Internal testicales. That gives you a nice clean look with that cute little tuft of red ringlets. I'll have to run an ultrasound and perform a biopsy to see how they can produce so many active healthy looking sperm." A drop of fluid dripped slowly from the swollen head to land on the sleeve of the examiner's blouse. "That turned you on?" she shook her head and laughed. "Don't get above yourself, test subject. I'll get you a beaker so you can jerk off again. I'll want to properly measure your output this time."

Anger slowly pushed away the fear and humiliation Mandy had been feeling. "A biopsy?"

Alisa turned away to get a beaker from the supply cabinet. "Don't be a big baby. If you're lucky, I can perform a needle aspiration biopsy. That's minimally invasive. If not, well, you'll have a small scar, that's all."

That was it! Mandy sprang across the room and grabbed her tormentor, spinning her around. "You will not do any sort of procedure on me!" she shouted down into the petite woman's face as she gripped slender wrists. "You took your pictures, and have your video. That is all you are going to get!"

The self assuredness left Alisa's eyes as she looked up at the taller woman. "Let me go!" she gasped, struggling in Mandy's grip. Something poked her in the tummy. She looked down between them and gasped. "You let me go right now, or I'll post that video on Youtube tonight!"

"You already said you're going to post it!" Mandy pressed tighter against Alisa, and it felt good! "I'm going to be ruined!" a wicked smile spread across her face. "I may as well make it worth while!"

"Wait!" Alisa's struggles grew frantic as the stronger woman dragged her across the room. "What the hell are you thinking?" She knew what Mandy Conner was thinking, and had to get back in control fast! "I'll leave out your name, digitally pixelate your face!"

"Don't you need more data?" Mandy asked sharply. "We need to finish the examination!" Surprising herself with how bold she had become, the hermaphrodite released Alisa's arms, only to grab at her lovely silk blouse and tug! Buttons flew as she tore it from the startled woman's body!

"Stop!" It was her turn now. Alisa felt her face grow warm as the cool air touched her body. "This is wrong! At the very least, you owe me eighty-five dollars for that damn blouse!"

"I don't have eighty-five dollars on me right now!" Mandy shoved Alisa around and roughly unclasped her bra. She laughed as she ripped the garment free. "Why do you bother even wearing one? What are you, a 29A?"

Alisa backed away, both hands clasped tightly over her modest assets. "We're even now!" she gasped, trying not to stare at Mandy's cock. "I'll give you the memory cards and everything. You can even keep the cameras! Just let me grab my coat and leave!"

Power! Power felt damn good! Mandy laughed. "We're not quite even yet. You made me strip. Now it's your turn! Off with the skirt, and then we'll talk!"

The blonde was trembling as her slender fingers unbuttoned and unzipped her black leather skirt. "There! Are you happy?"

"I'm getting there!" Mandy couldn't keep her eyes off of the cute little pink panties Alisa wore. "Give me those, and then we'll be even."

It felt like she was losing her last line of defense as Alisa slowly hooked her thumbs under the lacy pink garment and eased them down her legs. The petite woman trembled as she stood naked before the nude hermaphrodite. "I'm sorry!" she sobbed. You can take some pictures of me. That will ensure nothing will happen with yours!"

"Why would I want pictures when I can have the real thing?" Mandy meant just to frighten Alisa, but this was the first time she was actually in the presence of a real live naked woman! It sure beat the hell out of pictures and movies online! She could actually smell the scent of a woman now! Alisa was just as gorgeous as she always imagined in her lonely sessions of masturbation. Mandy was fast approaching sensory overload! She once again grabbed the woman and pulled her close. "You're so lovely!"

"Oh no!" Alisa struggled fiercely as she was roughly dragged over to a workbench. "Please no! Miss Conner! Stop!" Cold Formica chilled her bottom as she was picked up and deposited on the countertop. "We can't do this!"

"Why not?" Mandy leaned over her former tormentor and kissed a pretty little breast. "You can study me all you want. I don't mind any more!"

"Miss Conner, please no!" Alisa couldn't help a soft moan as gentle lips teased her nipple. "I don't want to study you any more!"

"Well, I want to study you!" The redhead smiled. "Please, call me Mandy. Miss Conner sounds so formal for a lover!"

"Lover? No! Miss, um, Mandy, I, I can't! I'm a virgin!"

As many women before Alisa had learned, this was not something to say to a horny and aroused possessor of an erect cock! "You are? I am too! This is perfect! We can give our cherries to each other!" Mandy grasped her engorged cock and stepped right up between her soon to be lover's legs. "We'll remember this moment for the rest of our lives!"

"That's what I'm afraid of!" Alisa cried as her eyes locked onto the staff that stood ready to pierce her maidenhood. "Mandy wait! I'll suck you off! I give good head! You'll see! That's how I managed to keep my virginity! I can suck the chrome off of a trailer hitch!"

"Maybe later." Mandy delighted in how the workbench put Alisa at very nearly the perfect height. For once she was glad of how tall she was! She rubbed the engorged head of her throbbing cock against the silky smooth lips of Alisa's sex. "I'm so glad you shaved for me." She whispered as she eagerly attempted to push inside.

"No! I don't shave! I, I'm always like this!" Alisa wailed as she tried to scoot away from the inexperienced member attempting to breech her. "No! Stop, you don't understand!"

"Oh God, here we go!" Mandy cried as she found what she so earnestly needed. The head of her cock settled in the most exquisite silky warmth she had ever known! "You're so hot!" she exclaimed in wonder as she forced her thickness past the resistance that held her back. With a sudden release, the bloated head popped right inside!

Alisa let out a squeal as her fiercely guarded virginity was forever stolen away. "Why did you do it?" she cried, as the massive member sank deeper into her quivering body. "You ruined me!"

"Don't be such a baby, Alisa darling." Mandy cooed as she relished the warmth gripping her penis. "You can do me with a candle or something later. I'm not afraid to lose my girl cherry now that you let me do this!"

"I didn't let you, that's the problem!" Alisa struggled, but she was well and truly impaled on that huge member! It didn't really hurt much, in fact, the fullness felt sort of good. That was beside the point though! In her failed effort to get free, her eyes had caught sight of the forgotten microscope! "Oh my God, get it out! Get it out right now! This is a bad day for me!"

Mandy eased out most of her length, but then slowly pushed back into the beautiful woman lying before her on the counter. "It's a good day for me!"

"You don't understand!" The blonde tried to calm her panicked mind. The huge shaft moving within her was making it so hard to think! "We're in sync!" she shouted, once again falling into the error of giving a horny lover too much information. "Remember when I gave you a tampon? Our cycles are close together! You're a mathematics teacher, count the fucking days!"

Mandy's eyes opened wide. "You mean, you mean you're fertile today?" Her heart nearly leapt from her chest! Oh dear Lord in heaven!"

"See, you have to pull out! I can't risk one drop of your inhumanly virile semen inside me today!" Alisa sighed. "I'll finish you off with my mouth, and then we can forget everything. No research papers, not videos online." Her eyes closed to slits. "No telling people how you forced yourself on me, either!"

The redhead heard none of that. "You're fertile, today? Oh my goodness! Today is the happiest day of my whole life!" Her slow and steady thrusting began to increase to a more satisfying rhythm.

"You're not stopping?" Alisa moaned in fear and arousal. 'You're not stopping! Are you insane? Do you want to knock me up?"

"Yes!" Mandy cried as she grabbed Alisa's legs behind the knees and forced them upward. "Oh Alisa, yes I do!"

Panic and lust raced round and round in Alisa's soul. Mandy was beyond control! She feebly tried to push her lover away, but her arms seemed to have no strength. It was almost like her traitorous body wanted this! "Please no." she whimpered, as her hips defied her and began rolling. She tried to stop herself, but soon she was crossing her ankles behind Mandy's back! "Don't do this to me!"

"Alisa darling, you'll look so lovely pregnant!" Mandy sighed. "You'll have the cutest round belly." The hermaphrodite's breathing increased along with her eager thrusting. "I, I bet your pretty little titties will get bigger too when they fill with milk! Not that they aren't perfect now!"

The blonde whimpered fearfully as the inevitable drew closer. "Stop making me feel good!" she gasped as that dangerous weapon plunged deep into her body. "I wasn't planning this! I didn't mean it to happen!"

Mandy looked down in wonder between them. I can't even fit all of me inside. I'm bottoming out!"

"Don't try!" Alisa managed to get her hand to cooperate. She wrapped her still latex gloved fingers around the base of the shaft. "You'll split me in two if you try and force it all in!"

"I won't hurt you!" Mandy leaned over the counter and really applied herself to her happy work. She found that if she scootched down a bit when her cock was withdrawing, she could kiss Alisa's lovely face. "I swear I won't ever hurt you, my pretty little girl!"

The image of all those racing sperm under the microscope filled Alisa's fevered mind as she tried to make her body push Mandy away. "Not inside me!" she wailed as the unthinkable stood poised to happen. "Oh my God, I'm gonna cum! Please, pull out! Oh please don't shoot inside me!" Her arms slipped around her lover's back, even as she begged. "Not today! Not now! Don't do it in me! I'm at the wrong part of my cycle! If, if you squirt in me now, I, I'll..." Alisa was beyond words. Fingers and pillow humping never prepared her for this. Heart racing and chest heaving, the blonde succumbed to the most mind blowing orgasm she had ever experienced!

"You're squeezing me!" Mandy cried in joy as the pressures once again raced through her! "You're squeezing me so good!" The hermaphrodite bottomed out one final time. With the head of her throbbing cock pressed tightly against the life giving gateway of Alisa's cervix, she finally reached that blessed point of release. Feeling Alisa's tight sheath caressing her, Mandy began to spurt gob after warm gooey gob of virile sperm rich semen right where nature intended it to go!

As her heart slowed to something approaching her normal pulse rate, Alisa looked up into the panting face of her lover. "Can, can you get off of me now?" she said quietly as she wiped the back of her gloved hand over her damp brow. "This counter is hard."

Mandy slowly pulled out. The head of her cock emerged from Alisa's body with an audible slurp. Pearly white fluid tinged a bit pink by her lover's virgin blood oozed out to run down the side of the countertop and drip slowly to the floor. Guilt hit with almost a physical blow. "Alisa, um, Miss Kincaid, I'm so terribly sorry!" She stared at the sloppy mess seeping from the petite woman and gasped. "Oh shit! We have to clean it out! I know! I'll get a bottle of cola, and we can shoot it all up inside you to kill all the sperms!"

Propping herself up on her elbows, Alisa glared at her coworker. "Are you simple? That doesn't work! None of those internet stories or old wives tales work! You damn well shot me down! My egg will probably be fertilized within the hour, thanks to you!" She noticed Mandy's cock give a happy little twitch at that news. "Cover that thing up!"

Mandy jumped, and raced to gather up her clothing. "I'm sorry! I really am!"

Alisa began to wipe up the worst of the mess running down her thighs with the rough school issue brown paper towels. "Just get out! Take the cameras with you! The key is in my top center desk drawer!"

Mandy dressed as fast as she could, trying hard not to be turned on by the sight of a beautiful woman cleaning semen off of her leaking oozing vagina. "I really am sorry!" she whispered as she retrieved the video camera from the storage cabinet and picked up the still camera. "I'm so very sorry!"

"Get out!" Alisa sighed. "I don't even want to see your face right now. I have a lot to think about thanks to you."

The days passed, and with each one Mandy's guilt grew. Alisa Kincaid wouldn't even look her way in the teacher's lounge! It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, but the troubled woman couldn't relax. It was exactly ten days since the event took place. "Be honest! I raped her." Mandy sighed at how vulgar it sounded to say out loud like that. "Maybe I should turn myself in!"

There was a knock at the door. When she opened it she was shocked to see Alisa Kincaid standing on her porch. The petite woman was bundled up in a bulky coat, with a knitted cap pulled down almost over her eyes. That was understandable after what happened last time they were alone together. "I have to talk to you."

Mandy stepped aside to let her in. "I've thought it over, and came to a conclusion." She pointed to the laptop sitting on the coffee table in her living room. "I'll type a full confession. I'll go down with you to the police station and turn myself in. I'm not sure how the legal system works in such cases, but if I admit everything, I don't think you'll have to testify in a trial!"

"Oh, do shut up and let me talk!" Mandy's mouth snapped shut with a click of teeth. "That's better." Alisa took a deep breath. "I came over to tell you I tested myself this morning. The human chorionic gonadotropin level in my urine is thirty milli- international units per milliliter and rising.

Mandy stared blankly. "What does that mean?"

"Alisa sighed. I think you really are simple. What are you, like Rain Man with math or something? Okay. Does HCG sound familiar to you? I did pretty much what a home pregnancy test does; only mine was much more accurate. Just like I told you that day, you shot me down!"

Mandy collapsed on the sofa. "I, I made you pregnant? Oh God! I'm sorry!"

Alisa shook her head. "I'm getting tired of hearing you say that! I just wanted to tell you that I'm letting you off the hook. I brought this upon myself. My actions weren't exactly ethical if you remember. I don't want you to turn yourself in. Still, I am happy to hear you accept responsibility for what you did to me."

"I'll do whatever I can to help!" Mandy dropped to her knees in front of the oddly bundled up woman. "You tell me what to do, and I'll do it!"

"You don't have to do a thing." Alisa sighed. "It's a shame we couldn't have gotten together under different circumstances." She turned to the door. "Maybe if we met differently, things would have been different between us."

Mandy rushed to open the door. "I'll support you any way I can! I'll pay all the medical bills and everything!"

Alisa smiled. "Thank you for that. I'm still kind of broke from my stocks going out the window when my job went belly up. I'll gladly accept your help." With that, the petite woman stepped outside and closed the door behind her.

Mandy stared at the closed door. At least Alisa was going to let her help out! Too bad she had ruined any and all chances of ever growing closer with the beautiful woman! There was a sudden rap on the door. Mandy pulled it back open. "Hello, yes?" Her eyes nearly popped out of her head at the sight she beheld. Alisa was still on the porch, only she had pulled off the knit cap and tossed aside the coat. A lovely cheerleader stood on her porch, with golden hair done up in adorable pony-tales! She even held two gold and blue pom-poms!

Alisa strode in with a swish of her blue and gold pleated skirt. "Miss Conner, I have to talk to you about my grades!" She snapped the gum in her mouth and then blew a large bubble. "If I don't get a passing grade in your class, my daddy will make me quit the cheer squad!"

For a long moment, Mandy just stared at the vision in her living room. Somehow she managed to get her mind working enough to close the front door. "You, uh, y-you g-got an F on your f-final." She managed to stammer.

"I know!" Another bubble grew and burst. "I'll do ANYTHING to change that!"

Was this what Alisa meant by them getting together under different circumstances? The gorgeous cheerleader gave her a saucy wink. Mandy slowly smiled. "I heard rumors around school that you have a very talented mouth, young lady. Would you like to earn a C in my course?"

"Well, I heard rumors that you have something big and long that you want to put in a pretty girl's mouth!"

Mandy grinned happily. "Then I think we understand each other, young lady!"

"Miss Conner, I knew you'd see reason!" Alisa giggled like the schoolgirl she was pretending to be. "I can suck the chrome off of a trailer hitch!" She shook her pom-poms and pranced about the living room. "Who's the girl with the golden mouth?" she cheered. "Alisa will suck the cum right out!"

"Oh my God!" Mandy's penis strained mightily against the old sweatpants she wore while just hanging around the house. While Alisa kicked up her heels, she kept catching tantalizing glimpses of the pseudo-cheerleader's delightfully panty-less state of dress! "Is that 'golden' mouth all talk, or are you going to earn that C?"

Alisa grinned. "Someone I know is really horny!" She pointed at the sofa. "Sit down teach, and I'll get to work!"

Mandy pulled off her ratty tee-shirt and sweats. She knew herself well, so she folded them together and sat on her clothing in order to protect the sofa cushion. "Get over here and get your C!" she ordered with a laugh.

Alisa tossed the pom-poms away with a fluttery rustle, and settled on her knees between the redhead's wide spread legs. "Tell me, Miss Conner, have you ever had a blowjob before?"

"Take a guess." Mandy put her hands under her knees and bent over as far as she could. With a lot of effort, and years of practice, she managed to get the swollen head between her lips. She made quite a show of noisily slurping on her staff. "It was easier when I was younger, before these got out of control!" She cupped her hands over her ample endowments. "I hope you can get more into your mouth!"

"Not a problem!" Alisa leaned in closer, and first gave the swollen head a sweet little kiss. "I think he's happy to see me!"

"She!" Mandy grinned sheepishly. "I know it sounds stupid, but I think of it as a her. That's Little Mandy, and she does like you!" A clear droplet of shimmering fluid dripped to the hard wood floor. "See? She's weeping for joy because you are here!!"

The blonde couldn't help laughing. "Well, I like her too!" She kissed the head again, before taking it carefully between her lips.

A moan of pure unadulterated pleasure filled the air as Mandy finally felt the soft caress of another's tongue on her turgid cock as a warm willing mouth granted it loving entrance. "Alisa, that feels so much better then when I do myself!"

Alisa's only answer was to permit even more of the impressive length into her gently suckling mouth. The biologist turned impromptu cheerleader had been telling the truth. Oral sex was a wonderful way to avoid pregnancy. She had carefully honed her skills until it was a rare man who wasn't willing to forgo other experiences in order to receive the baptism of Alisa's skillful mouth. That's how she had managed to preserve her virginity into the beginning of her third decade!

Mandy moaned again and continued their little role-play. "I, I think I may give you a C plus, maybe even a B!" she whispered hoarsely as the head of her cock bumped what surely had to be the opening of Alisa's throat. The daring cheerleader leaned her body lower, while tilting her head back. The hermaphrodite gasped as the head of her cock squeezed through that blessed tightness and entered her lover's throat proper!

Alisa was delighted in Mandy's reaction! She was also quite proud of being able to accept this monstrous cock into herself. Pride goeth before a fall. Alisa learned this as she made a slight miss-calculation. With a little more work, not to mention bravery, she kept right on accepting more and more of Mandy's member into her. The supreme error was when she began to playfully tease Mandy's pretty little pussy while her nose was nestled snugly in the hermaphrodite's little bush of red ringlets. She had forgotten that this was only Mandy's second sexual encounter! Her eager lover hadn't had time to learn self control!

"Oh Alisa!" Mandy cried as her duality responded to this delightful torture. "I, I love you!" Pony-tails made convenient handholds! Mandy grabbed on and pulled! "I'm gonna cum! Oh my God! It's gonna be a big one!" Shame had prevented Mandy from pleasuring herself these long ten days. Guilt had prevented her from enjoying her usual four or five times a day jerk off habit. How could she seek pleasure when she thought Alisa would hate her forever more? Now everything was perfect! Mandy's hips thrust as she kept a tight hold on her lover's hair. She couldn't even see her cock! It looked almost like she was a normal woman being eaten out by a pretty cheerleader! With a shuddering jerk, her body began to unload a ten day supply of saved up spunk!

Alisa went a little wild! She couldn't breath, and Mandy wasn't letting her back that huge cock out of her throat! She waved her arms frantically as the massive thing began to throb against her tongue. Shit! Mandy was cumming, and the massive load was being pumped right into her stomach! Her hair was being painfully yanked as the massive climax seemed to go on forever! Everything was beginning to look red, and really far away when the throbbing of the cock against her trapped tongue finally eased to a stop.

Mandy finally released Alisa's hair. "Oh wow! That had to have been the biggest load I ever popped off! Too bad I didn't do it into a pitcher or something. I bet it was a world record!" She was startled when her lover collapsed to the floor and began to wheeze and gasp. "Alisa, are you okay?"

Eyes watering, and lungs laboring to draw in precious life giving air, Alisa simply pointed a quivering finger at Mandy. It was nearly a full minute before she could talk. "Are, huh-huh, are you f-fucking insane?" she managed to gasp.

"Oh God, Alisa, I'm so sorry!" Mandy was on her knees in an instant, supporting her lover and kissing her cheek. "I'm really sorry!"

Alisa shook her head. "I seem to hear that a lot from you!" She managed to smile. "Forget it. That was my fault. I should have known you'd go crazy like that!" She stood on rubbery legs and put a hand on her stomach. "Holy shit! I feel like I ate a whole pot of egg drop soup! I can feel it sloshing around in my belly!" She clamped her mouth tightly shut and moaned.

Mandy looked concerned. "Are you sick, do you want to go to a doctor?"

"I, I'm..." Eyes opening wide, along with her mouth, Alisa cut loose with a belch that would make any beer guzzling frat-boy proud. "Shit! Excuse me!" she grinned sheepishly. "Now I feel much better! Damn it, girl. You must have produced a gallon!"

"Oh yuck! You have semen breath!" Mandy giggled. "Not that I mind!" she leaned down and kissed her lover. Their tongues happily caressing each other. "Little girl, care to try for an A plus?"

"You're ready for more?" she gently grasped Mandy's still erect member. "Shit! You're insatiable!"

"I can't help it, Alisa!" Mandy sighed. "It's just that you're so sexy and beautiful! You look gorgeous in that uniform, too!"

"Calm down! I didn't say it was a bad thing!" Alisa smiled. "You have got to learn some control! If a partner deep throats you, give the girl a chance to breathe! I thought I was going to die!"

"If I sit on my hands, will you do it again?" Mandy smiled hopefully. "Please?"

Alisa smiled wickedly. "Miss Conner, I think I want to try for an A! Why don't you show me your bedroom?"

"Sure!" Jumping to attention, Mandy grabbed Alisa's hand and dragged her bodily to the stairs. "Hurry up! I really truly want to give you an A, little girl!"

After being nearly carried up the flight of steps, Alisa looked around Mandy's bedroom in undisguised surprise. It didn't much resemble an adult's room at all. She dropped out of their role playing as she stared. Little figures of girls with strange hairstyles and sexy little maid uniforms, elaborate gowns, or school uniforms lined shelves and bookcases all around her. The walls were hung with the fabric panels of wall scrolls, depicting many of the same characters. "Holy crap! Mandy, how old are you? This looks like a child's room!"

"Oh shut up!" Mandy blushed from head to toe. "I just turned thirty, but I still really love anime!"

Alisa looked around. "Well, I'm a bit of a fan, but this is insane!" she picked up a small blue box that seemed somehow out of place. "Now here's something I know more about!" she flicked the small switch at the top of the box and smiled as a little light began to blink. "I've been fascinated by the TARDIS for years! I'm a huge Doctor Who fan. It's practically required in a scientist."

"I got that at a flea market a couple years ago." She smiled proudly. "It's from the ORIGINAL series!"

Putting down the small model of the space/time capsule, Alisa resumed her act. "Miss Conner, your collection is nice, but I really want to earn that A!" she winked. "Do you have any condoms?"

Mandy followed her lover's lead. "Nope, not a one. Too bad you won't be getting that A after all!"

Putting the tip of her thumb in her mouth, Alisa tried her best to project a look of innocent lust. It must have worked, because Mandy's cock began to bob with every beat of her heart! "Well, I could go on top. Simply EVERYONE knows you can't get pregnant if you're on top."

"Yes! Yes, that's true!" Mandy almost laughed. Hadn't Alisa yelled at her that all those old wives tales where wrong? "You'll be totally safe if you're on top!"

"Then hop in bed, Miss Conner. We have to hurry up." Alisa smiled. "Momma will skin me alive if I don't get home soon!"

Hop she did! Mandy settled down and watched her pretty little lover. "No!" she cried when Alisa made to undress. "Please leave on the uniform!"

"Kinky! I think someone has a fetish!" she looked around at all the anime memorabilia. "Miss Conner, maybe some time I can wear a Japanese school uniform. Would you like that?"

"Oh my God, yes!" A large drop of clear fluid formed, and began to slowly slide down the twitching shaft. "I'll make you one. Fuck! I'll order you an honest to goodness real one from Tokyo!"

"Teachers shouldn't curse." Alisa grinned wickedly as she sensually crawled onto the bed. "At least not in front of innocent young girls!" The innocent girl sweetly kissed the head of Mandy's throbbing member. She then crawled over Mandy and grinned down at her. "I'm gonna ride you like a cowgirl, Miss Conner! I'm about to earn me an A, Ye-ha!"

"Am I a horse?" Mandy asked with a giggle.

"With this thing, I think so!" Alisa grabbed 'this thing' and lined the head up with her sweet little opening. Both women moaned as the shaft began to slowly sink into the pretend cheerleader. "I've been thinking about this for ten days." Alisa admitted, quite out of character. She grinned sheepishly. "Every time I think about being pregnant, for some reason I get terribly horny!"

"I, I thought I'd never know this feeling again!" Mandy sighed. "I thought I had ruined everything!"

Alisa swiveled her hips, making both of them moan again. "Mandy, I did bad things to you, and you did bad things to me. Let's forget about all that, okay? That's why I'm here today. I want us to start anew!"

Mandy pulled the lovely cheerleader towards her, and kissed those sweet lips. "I, I love you, Alisa! I think I have since you first chided me for wearing antique clothing. I know that doesn't make sense, but that's how I feel!"

"I was such a bitch to you, though." Alisa sighed. "I'm going to sound like you now. I'm so very sorry for being unkind!" she began to move in a slow and steady rhythm. That's one of the things I wish I could undo. I don't know if part of me suspected your wonderful gift from the start, but I went a little too far in trying to convince myself that the busty redhead in the frumpy dress wasn't really turning me on!" she kissed Mandy. "I've never been attracted to a woman before. I didn't know what to do or how to react!"

"You seem to know now!" Mandy slipped her hands up Alisa's snug fitting uniform top, and began to caress warm smooth skin. "I think I'm in heaven!"

Alisa fondled her lover's impressive breasts in turn. "Does that make me an angel?"

"Oh yes!" she pulled Alisa closer and once again the lovers kissed. "You're my pretty little angel." She giggled. "But you can be a little devil too!"

"As long as I'm your little devil!" Alisa began moving in ways that drove both of them wild! "This is the best!" she cried as she braced her hands on firm full breasts, and began to knead them roughly as she rode on. "If you were any bigger it would scare me away!"

Proud and happy at these words, Mandy thrust her hips upward. They both gasped as once again the impressive length of her cock bottomed out in that delightful silky sheath. "Little devil, if you were any tighter I would go insane!"

They worked with each other, nearing blessed release when Alisa moved her right hand from Mandy's quivering jiggling breasts. "Hold on a little longer!" she cried, as her slender fingers grasped that rock hard penis and tightly squeezed around the base!

"Alisa, I, I'm ready to shoot!" Mandy screamed as her body trembled and shook. "Oh please, let go! Let me cum! I'm going to explode"

"A little more!" the devilish cheerleader panted. "Please Mandy, just a little bit more!" Alisa went wild. It was awkward, but she managed to keep her grip while riding on to her own glory! It didn't take long. As her body was wracked by the convulsive strength of her orgasm, Alisa's hand slipped!

Mandy let out a guttural cry as her body joined Alisa's in joyful orgasmic bliss! "I love you!" she managed to scream, as her body pumped load after load of semen into her partner's delightfully quaking body. "I love you so much!"

It just seemed so right! Alisa hadn't meant to, but the words escaped anyway. "Mandy, I, I love you too!" she managed to scream as she collapsed onto the beautiful body of the taller woman. They just lay there for several long minutes, smiling silly grins at each other.

A steady beep-beep-beep of a back up alarm soon caught Mandy's attention. "What's that noise? It sound like it's coming from the street."

Alisa scrambled from atop her beloved. "Oh God, they found me!" Semen streaming down her thighs, the blonde staggered to the window and threw open the blinds. "No! You can't do this to me!"

Mandy jumped up and raced to her lover's side. "What's wrong? Alisa, what's happening? Is that a tow truck out front?"

Alisa closed the blinds and looked up at Mandy. "I don't know how, I'm usually very careful, but the repo-Man found me!" She sniffed back her tears. "I told you how I lost my investments. I, I'm sort of broke. I don't know how to live on just a teacher's salary. I, um, I couldn't make the payments on my car. Not if I wanted to buy groceries, and pay the rent on my crummy apartment! Now what will I do without my Lexus?"

Mandy hugged the sobbing woman tight. "There's no problem, Alisa!" she smiled down at the beauty in her arms. "I have a very simple solution." She kissed silky corn silk hair. "Alisa Kincaid, will you marry me?"

"What? I, um, we can't get married." Alisa sobbed even louder. "It's not legal here!"

Mandy looked angry. "I don't give a rat's ass if it's legal! Do you think I'd let the opinion of some moth eaten feeble old legislators change my mind? I want you to live with me, and share my life for as long as we both shall live!" She smiled. "I want to raise our babies together, Alisa! This one, and how ever many more you want to give me! Is that clear? Do you accept?"

Alisa was startled by the usually easy going woman's sudden forcefulness. She looked up into lovely green eyes and felt like she could see right into Mandy's soul! The wonderful, special woman was speaking the truth! Alisa knew that right down to the bottom of her heart! "Me too! I, I mean, I do!"

"Then we're married!" Mandy smiled blissfully. "I may kiss the bride!"

Alisa giggled. "You better!"

They kissed for long moments. "Remember when I told you mom is a doctor? Well, I'm her only real patient. Mom is head of research at Bio-Dynamic Industries. She's always complaining about the lack of qualified staff. I bet she would love to hire my pretty little wife!"

Alisa's mouth dropped open. "Really? That would be fantastic!" her hand went to her tummy and although no bump showed yet, she caressed the area protectively. "Only if she gives me ample maternity leave, and provides on sight daycare!"

Mandy giggled. "That shouldn't be a problem. Mom is a great provider." She laughed again. "The only problem is I may have to lock you up in a chastity belt! Mom is going to adore you!"

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