Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Cheating, Swinging, Orgy, Slow, Violent,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Can a cheating wife be forgiven? How far will she go to gain foregiveness? This was intended as a stroke story, but the charactors took control! Additional story codes to be added.

Frank Churchill eased the Gulfstream G-IV down at Dallas' Love Field Airport with the practiced ease he was accustomed to. After twenty years flying fighter jets off carrier decks, the G-IV was child's play for my father in law, who was also president of Churchill Aviation, my best friend, and my boss. He and my mother in law, Helen, had picked me up in Washington where I had been attending a meeting with the project manager for our latest avionics upgrade for Army helicopters. My own expertise as a former Army rotor head and Vice President of Development for Churchill Aviation made me the point man for the project.

We were in Dallas because Gloria, Frank and Helen's daughter, my wife and Churchill Aviation's legal counsel, was here to meet with lawyers for a subcontractor on my helicopter avionics project. Frank wanted to get the four of us together to celebrate the fact we had secured the government contract, and to attend the Cowboys season opener in their new stadium. Frank was a football fanatic, and a big Dallas fan. Glory was unaware we were coming, as Frank and Helen wanted to surprise her. Glory was as big a Cowboy fan as her father and I, so she was sure to appreciate the surprise.

Getting through the business jet terminal was a matter of a few minutes. Frank had everything prearranged, so it wasn't long before the three of us were in a rental car heading for Glory's hotel. Since I had flown most of the trip from D.C., Frank drove with Helen in the front. I settled into the comfortable rear seat for the

"Jack, I bet you are looking forward to a little down time with Gloria this weekend", Helen smiled at me. I've always been on excellent terms with my in laws.

"These last few weeks have been so hectic I've barely had time to be miserable". The avionics project had Glory and I so busy and on the go we had barely seen one another. We had both been home at the same time once in the past week, and I had only been home one night before heading to D.C. for the meetings with the Army procurement people. "I expect that you won't see the two of us much this weekend until we go to the stadium on Sunday".

Frank laughed, and Helen smiled again. "I think that falls into the category of too much information! Just make sure you let my little girl out of your room to do some shopping. I am pretty sure she only packed business clothes for this trip and she'll need something to wear to the football game".

"Don't worry. I'm pretty sure we'll have ample time to do some major damage to my credit cards tomorrow. I need to do the same thing if I don't want to show up for the game in a suit!" This was Friday afternoon, so we had a full day to get ready for the Sunday game. "I only hope that she will be finished up here with the Fairchild Electronics people so she can fly home with us after the game".

The rest of the trip to the Rosewood Crescent Hotel was taken up with the normal pleasantries. I enjoyed time with Frank and Helen, but the pace of business for the last few months had made occasions to spend time with them rare.

Pulling up to the elegant entrance to the hotel, Frank tossed the keys to the valet and led the way to the check in desk. He had made the reservations weeks ago, anticipating the surprise weekend getaway. He hadn't even told me about the trip until he showed up at my last meeting in Washington this morning.

Frank handled the details while I sat impatiently chatting with Helen. I was eager to see Glory after almost a full week apart. The sooner I could get up to the room and be reunited with my wife the better. I would have preferred to let her know that I would be joining her for the weekend, but her father was always trying to spring a pleasant surprise on anyone he cared about, and he doted on his only daughter. I considered myself a very lucky man to be married to such beautiful and accomplished woman, and to be as accepted by her equally accomplished parents.

Frank finished at the check in desk, and we headed to the elevator. He handed me a key card. "We have a two story, two bedroom suite. Glory thinks she was given the suite because it was the only one available". He grinned at me. "Don't worry. The two bedrooms are on separate floors and the hotel staff claims they are soundproof to insure privacy. You kids won't keep your old in laws awake with your bedroom acrobatics".

Helen playfully slapped him on the shoulder. "Don't tease the poor boy so much. I expect you were more concerned with covering our own bedroom antics when you made the reservation".

I couldn't help laughing as my mother in law turned the tables on her husband. At 64 he still had a fighter pilot's mentality and a lust for life that Helen shared with him. Over the ten years I had been married to their daughter I had come to admire the easy way they had together. I tried to base my own marriage on the example of my lusty in laws.

"Well, I can't wait to see the look on Gloria's face when she see's we dragged this galoot along with us". Frank was already enjoying the anticipated reaction when he pulled his surprise on his daughter. She had as much to do with the success of Churchill Aviation as anyone, and Frank was really pumped about the new contract she had negotiated with Fairchild. I was pretty damn proud of my wife as well.

The elevator doors opened to a private foyer with a double door across from it. Frank grinned his best fighter pilot grin. "Pretty cool, huh? We have our own private entrance to the suite."

This was the first time I had been in such an opulent place. Frank and Helen were both all smiles. "Jack, we both want you to know that you have been more than just a great employee and wonderful son in law. We have some big plans to talk about, but that can wait until we get home on Monday. Just enjoy this weekend and keep our little girl smiling like you have for the past five years".

I inserted the key card into the slot in the door. The light flashed green and I pushed the door open. An ornate sitting room with a spiral stairway was revealed. The only sign of Glory was her high heeled pumps on the floor. There was something else.

A man's suit jacket lay on a couch.

Why was there a man's jacket in my wife's suite? If she were entertaining someone from Fairchild Electronics, why weren't they in the sitting room? A horrible knot formed in my stomach, a cold ball of ice that threatened to make my breakfast reappear on the elaborate Oriental rug.

I looked at my in laws with a blank stare. All I saw on their faces was confusion. Turning to the stairs I started the climb towards what I feared with all my being.

As I climbed the stairs I kept thinking that it had to be a mistake. Gloria was my soul mate, my world. Everything revolved around her. My life, my home, my job, all were for her, because of her. Hell, I was an executive of her father's company! Without her I was just a broken down helicopter pilot, a broken piece of a military machine.

My worst fears were confirmed by the time I was halfway up the stairs. My wife's fashionable suit top lay on the steps. Her skirt was crumpled at the top, along with a man's white shirt. A frilly bra was hanging from the knob of the door to the upper floor bedroom. As I reached for the knob with a fury I had not felt since flying combat missions in Desert Storm, a soft hand on mine brought a semblance of sanity back into my fevered brain.

"Jack, whatever is behind that door..." Helen choked off a sob. "I can't let you hurt my daughter".

Controlling my breathing, I returned her gaze. "She will never have to fear me, no matter what, but I need to open that door"

Turning the knob, I thrust the door open, hoping against hope that I was mistaken.

Gloria, my Glory, knelt nude, in the center of a four poster, king sized bed. Her long auburn hair hung over her face. For the first time ever, the sight of her beautiful, naked form failed to arouse me.

A naked man, a stranger to me, knelt behind her, his erect cock thrusting into her. The son of a bitch was fucking my wife! The woman I adored, worshipped, and was one hundred percent faithful to was cheating on me, and was doing right before my eyes, and the eyes of her own parents!

For a moment time seemed to stand still, the copulating couple on the bed frozen into inactivity by my abrupt entrance into the bedroom. All I could do was stare at the tableau as my worst fears were realized. It seemed to last an eternity as I struggled with the emotions that raced through me at the obvious betrayal, but it is unlikely that the interval was more than a few seconds. A few seconds that rocked my existence and changed my life forever.

Then, there was a sob from Helen and a bellow of rage from Frank. Their sounds of distress broke the silence that hung over the room like a black cloud.

I sprang to the side of the bed, grabbing a handful of the strange man's stylishly long hair and with a strength born of rage, frustration, and desperation, slung him into the wall as Gloria began to wail and Helen rushed to her daughter.

"YOU BASTARD!", I screamed as I pounced on him and began to throw short, sharp punches at his face. As he raised his hands to protect his face, I stepped in and delivered a hard right hand to the solar plexus followed by an open handed blow to the side of his head with the left. All fight went out of him, so I again grabbed his hair, spinning him around to grind his face into the wall. In my rage I probably would have done him grievous harm if Frank had not interposed himself between me and my intended victim.

"No, Jack! There are better ways to deal with this."

Frank spoke with the voice of authority and command that came from his twenty years as a naval officer. I reluctantly released the bastard and let him slump to the floor, still seething but now back in control of myself.

I turned to regard my wife. Helen had pulled a sheet from the bed and wrapped it around her naked daughter. Gloria was crying in her mother's arms, sitting on the edge of the bed she had betrayed me in. "Jack, I'm so sorry ... I didn't expect..." she sobbed.

I looked at her. "Sorry? You're sorry? What the fuck does sorry mean when I catch you screwing some dirtbag in a hotel?"

Her response was to start wailing and sobbing again as tears streamed down her face. I deliberately turned my back on my cheating spouse and stumbled from the room as tears began to fall from my own eyes. I had to get out before what I'd said to her mother before I opened the door became on impossibility.

As I stormed out of the bedroom I heard "No, Jack ... Please..." before I slammed the door and ran down the stairs. I had to get out of that damned suite before I came completely unglued. A hotel as fucking big as this one had to have a bar, and I desperately needed a drink.

Frank found me a couple of hours later. I was sitting at a booth in the bar with a double shot of bourbon in front of me. There was only one sip gone from the drink. One taste of the smooth whiskey was all it took to make me realize that the answer to my problem was not to be found at the bottom of a glass.

He slid into the booth across from me, picked up my drink, and knocked it back with a single swallow. I've always been impressed with the way he drank. Pretty impressive for a Navy guy.

"She loves you", was all he said.

"Pretty neat way of showing it, don't you think?" I'm not usually very sarcastic, but it seemed like the thing to say.

Frank winced. "Yeah, that's pretty much what I told her, but she convinced me that she means it, and this guy was just a fling."

Great. My wife flushed ten years of marriage down the crapper for "just a fling". This day just got better and better.

"Frank, I have the greatest respect for you and Helen. I have loved your daughter since I first laid eyes on her". At this point I couldn't even say her name without breaking down, and that was the last thing I wanted to do right now. I had made some tough decisions over the past two hours as I sat staring at my barely touched drink. I needed a clear head to communicate them to the man I most admired in the world.

"I'm headed home to pack and find a lawyer. My resignation will be on your desk Monday morning. I'll stick around long enough to finish up what I have pending, but I need some distance. I won't stay in a marriage with someone I can't trust, and I don't see how I can keep working for you if I'm your ex-son in law. I know how much Gloria" — there, I'd said her name - "means to you and Helen".

"Damn. Jack ... I know this is serious, but take some more time to think this through. You know what will happen if you divorce Gloria".

Frank was referring to the pre-nuptial agreement Gloria and I had signed before we were married.

"Yeah, she'll get everything, but I can always start over. I've got the credentials and experience, as well as my military disability payments. I'll be able to get by."

"Please, Jack, don't do anything that can't be undone before we can hammer something out. You are the key man in the whole operation, and I don't want my daughter's fuck-up to cost the company the best man we've ever had, and you your career. Slow down and think things through. You've just had the hardest shock a husband can get, but I know you for a tough SOB that never gave up in battle or in business. Don't let my slut of a daughter cost you any more grief than she just did."

Hearing Frank refer to my wife as a slut started me out of my seat to defend her honor, until I remembered she had compromised that honor herself. Then I was just angry with her all over again.

"How is Helen taking this, Frank?" I had seen the agony on her face as I stormed out of the room.

"She was pretty shaky for a few minutes, but right now she's just pissed. Glory wanted to follow you, but her mom wouldn't let her have any clothes. She told her that if she wanted to try and come after you she had better do it the same way she was when you found her. One other thing, Jack, you whacked that dude around pretty well. Seems he's old man Fairchild's nephew, and one of his lawyers. He was going to call the cops and charge you with assault until I called Fairchild myself and explained the situation. The little prick deflated pretty fast after that. You have nothing to worry about on that front, at least."

I thanked Frank for his help and pulled out my cell to call a cab. I already had a flight arranged from Dallas — Fort Worth International to Burbank. Gloria would be flying back to California with them on the G-IV and I couldn't face that flight.

As Frank and I parted, he pulled me into an embrace, totally out of character for him. "Jack, just remember that Helen and I regard you as a son, so don't think we will be against you in this. Gloria is our daughter, and we have to support her, but that does not mean at your expense."

I had a lot to think of as I flew towards what was once home.

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