Chapter 1

My name is Jake Druthers, when this last summer had started I was fairly small and weak, I had experienced a Major growth spurt however and was now a decent height of 6ft 1inch. Also my older brother had come down from college, he went to UCLA on a football scholarship, he spent his summer working my ass out. He had said he would not have a brother of his being scrawny and weak. It had worked I began to fill out, that combined with my growth spurt I was hoping to avoid all the teasing and bullying I had gotten in middle school.

I was ready and prepared to start my first year in high school, with my brother helping me I had started a routine to prepare me for football, I had been sort of a geek and now was looking forward to expanding my horizons, it was my brother who had advised me to try out, he said he would put the good word in with the coach. This was why I now found myself two weeks before school even started running laps at the school, I was trying out for the team.

I had never worked so hard at anything before, I was not a born athlete, I found myself struggling with every exercise, I still was not as used to my new height and was awkward. At the end of the day the coach called me over, he took me to the side of the field to talk to me.

"Look Jake, I know your brother wants you on the team. But I don't think you are ready for that just yet, I like your brother Jake so I am going to do him the favor and put you on, you will train with the team and be a member just don't expect to get any game time. Trust me that will be enough, your brother told me about the bullying, that will stop when you start hanging out with the football team. Who knows Jake maybe with practice in a year or two you will get better. I cant promise anything though, what with all the MORFS kids on the team, have to be pretty outstanding like Mike was to make it"

I nodded, it was more then I could have hoped for anyway.

"Thank you coach Johnson, I appreciate it, I promise I wont let you down"

He laughed.

"Kid just show up for practice and you will have met my expectations, tell your brother I said Hi."

I nodded.

"Sure, Mike already went back to school, Ill tell him next time I talk to him though"

He patted me on the shoulder and sent me to the showers.

I was waiting outside the school when my mom pulled up to get me, I entered the car and smiled at her.

"I made the team Mom!"

She nodded.

"I knew you would Honey, I just hope you don't get hurt as much as Mike did, could never stand all those bruises"

I nodded, I wasn't going to tell her the only reason I made the team was that Mike had put in the good word.

"I got a feeling mom Ill be fine."

She just nodded watching the road.

"Your dad will be happy"

Dad was an engineer for Boeing and Mom was a Doctor, I had grown up fairly well off, my parents having never wanted for money. They both believed in simple living though, besides Moms penchant for luxury cars we actually didn't have much to show for the money. Dad said he didn't want us growing up spoiled, we each had a trust that matured when on the day we graduated College, Dad said we could decide to spoil ourselves then.

All of a sudden I got a dizzy in the car, a got a growing pit in my stomach, before I knew what happened, I threw up in the front seat. The last thing I heard was Moms startled cry.

I woke up briefly, I was in the emergency room at moms hospital, I could hear Mom talking.

"It looks like MORFS, it came on suddenly though."

I heard another voice.

"We have been getting some pretty severe cases the past few months, comes on quick and hits them hard"

I heard my farther then.

"Is he going to be ok?"

Mother then laughed slightly.

"Honey its just MORFS, he will be fine, I see it a thousand times, he will be sick for a week tops then be ok"

I heard dad sound nervous.

"But what if he changes in to something?"

I heard Mom groan.

"Harold Druthers, you better not be implying you have a problem with MORFS survivors, I know your family believes in being pure, but when I married you I thought I made it clear I would have none of that nonsense."

I heard dad sigh.

"Dear thats not what I meant, I ... I was just more concerned for his state of mind, you know that Johns son at work became a eel hybrid, he went through a very hard time, he tried to kill himself"

My mom spoke again.

"That happens sometimes, we just have to make sure Jake know no matter what he is our son and that we will always be there for him."

I began to get dizzy again, I heard mom tell the nurse.

"I think we will take him home, I have the proper supplies and medicine for him there, and Ill call out here for a few days to make sure he has round the clock care. Besides who can take better care from him then his own mother"

I blacked out again, I woke up in my Fathers arms as he carried me to my room.

"Its ok Jakey I got you, your gonna be fine, no matter what happens we are here for you, Mom is setting up your room for the IV and monitoring equipment"

I nodded and dozed off again, I awoke in my bed, my mother was standing over me.

"Its ok dear I just have to switch out the IV, you pulled it out when you thrashed about in your sleep"

She kissed my head, and I went back to sleep. I awoke to hear my Mom in dad outside my door.

"I don't know whats causing it Jane, but I swear when he was struggling last night some things in his room started to float, it was like something out of a horror movie"

I heard mom whisper.

"He is probably getting a power of some kind, sometimes they manifest during the transformation process."

I heard my father whisper back

"what about that stuff on his arms? It looks like feathers, not to mention the other things!"

I heard my Moms whisper get more intense.

"What ever happens he is still our child, we will help him through anything"

I heard dad lower his voice more.

"I know that dear, its just that, I don't know how to relate to any of this, I grew up in a closed minded community, Im just worried for him"

I heard mom close the door to my room cutting of the whispering, I moved my hand to my arms and sure enough I felt feathers. Another wave of dizziness hit me and I drifted to sleep.

I woke up throwing up on the side of my bed everything felt different, I just felt strange, I looked around my room to find things where thrown everywhere it looked like a tornado had hit my room.

I saw mom cleaning up, she saw me up and came over, with a towel and started to clean the vomit, when she was done she said.

"Dear how are you feeling?" she felt my forehead.

"Weird Mom really weak." she nodded then pulled up a chair, I was surprised by how high my voice was.

"We have to talk a bit Jake"

I nodded "Sure Mom"

She frowned.

"Jake I um examined you, and you seem to be going through a gender change, Do you know what that means?"

I frowned and nodded, I wiped my eyes trying to rub the sleep out of them, it was then that I saw my hands, I now had three fingers tipped with small talons and feathers, I looked at my Mom questioning.

"And you appear to be an eagle hybrid, you also are exhibiting signs of a power" she gestured around the room "Ive called a friend from the hospital he moonlights at the local MORFS clinic, he is going to come by tomorrow to check you out"

I nodded "how long Mom?" I was still in shock of all the news.

"4 days dear, its not over either, it looks like your still in stage three."

I nodded still feeling weak.

"I need to go to the bathroom Mom" She nodded helping me up, that when I noticed I was naked, my entire body was covered in a fine layer of feathers, I looked down at myself, I was cover in white feathers so soft that they felt like fur, I also saw that I had sprouted two very small breast.

Mom guided me to my bathroom to sit on the toilet, it felt weird to pee, I didn't have the nerve to check my self down there, when I flushed Mom told me to wipe, I did, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I was stunned. I now stood shorter then Mom's 5'4, I was very small, I looked athletic though almost like the gymnast I had seen in the olympics, I stepped toward the mirror and noticed my face had taken on a very elfin like look to it, I also felt my teeth with my tongue and pulled back my lips to see that they had merged into a solid beak like substance under my lips.

"I am a freak Mom!"

She hugged me to her, putting her face on top of my head.

"No honey your my child and always will be, we will get through this together."

I nodded sobbing into her chest, all that work to get into football now down the drain, mom helped me back into bed and told me to rest, that night I had the worst of it, my shoulder blades started to ache, I cried so loud that Mom sedated me again. The next day I was still in pain when the specialist came to check me out, he looked me over and took some readings, I was in a haze but I felt something pressing at my head for a few minutes. He got up to talk to my Mom.

"well I think shes through the worst of it, she is defiantly an eagle hybrid, also I am getting some kind of elemental power, can't make it out, you will need to bring her by the MORFS center in a few days, Ill make sure to see her myself."

I heard Mom next.

"The wings, are the functional?"

"I don't think so, they are as large as I've seen real flyers but her skeleton actually seems to have become denser, so no I don't think she can fly"

He left after that, over the next day I felt better I got up and walked around my room, I showered on my own noticing that my feathers shed water fairly easy, my feat clicked as I walked on the tile, I had three large claws on each of my now elongated three toes, I also noticed the feathers on my wings grew in, as well as areas on my arms and legs started to brown in color. My hair had a strange feather like quality to it.

I put on a robe and head into my room to find my father waiting.

"Hi jake how do you feel?" I was a little intimidated as he towered over my new height of 5'0

"Im ok dad" he walked over to me and hugged me, he had to maneuver the hug around my wings under the robe.

"I am here for you jake if you need anything you know that right?"

I nodded, he smiled at me.

"Although I got to say Jake, piss poor design, you will never obtain flight with those wings"

I guess you have to be an engineer to get the humor, I was used to dad making poor jokes so I laughed anyway.

"I know Dad, MORFS didnt take do me the favor of lightening my load"

He laughed.

"It will take a hell of a lot of force to propel you with that air frame"

He shook his head.

"still would have been kick ass if you could fly jake, Dinners in an hour if you feel up to it"

He smiled at me and left my room, I actually didn't feel up to it, I stayed in my room, Mom brought me up a plate and sat with me for awhile.

"Mike called, he said to tell you that he will be happy to meet his new sister, and to tell her that anyone messes with his lil sis and they will have the entire UCLA defense line on their asses."

We both laughed at that.

"Eat your food and don't stay up to late."

Mom kissed me on my forehead and left.

I went to sleep feeling better then I had in days, that night I had a nightmare I was being chased by someone, I was tossing and turning in my sleep, I felt the world closing in on me and I panicked. A loud crash woke me, I felt the whole house shaking like an earth quake, I began to scream when I saw the roof begin to cave in on me, everything went black.

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