Chapter 1: An Impactful Introduction

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, Fiction, Vampires, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Transformation,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1: An Impactful Introduction - Eric Mason was enjoying a nice break in the Italian capital, confident he had himself and the world figured out. One night he finds himself being chased down an alley by a fanged woman hungry for blood. Although Eric initially indulges the Vampire and her hunt, she is about to find out that Eric Mason is no ordinary prey. [Warning: Expect some twists and turns]

It was a cold autumn night when it happened. I remember that I ran without concern for my stamina or lack of breath. Blood pumped through my veins at a rate I hadn't thought possible. It was still following me. My legs started to feel rubbery as the burning sensation in my lungs became unbearable. The winding cobbled streets of old Rome blurred as my eyes failed from lack of oxygen. Would I die this day?

It had been a fairly uneventful evening. I had spent the afternoon lazily browsing through magazines at a café on the pleasant square by my hotel, trying to brush up on my Italian a bit. I was a bit anxious because my second date with Bianca was coming up. She was one of those classic looking Italian girls, very beautiful but underappreciated by the local boys. The date didn't go so well though; I ended up on my own after all, being chased down dark alleyways in the middle of the night.

Little snippets of the day forced themselves past my panicked state of mind. Were they part of some absurd realization, some irony of normal versus paranormal? After all it wasn't something human that was after me, it couldn't be. Unnatural shadows, shrieks unlike anything I heard before. I ran, I ran and I fell, skin scraping off my hands and face as I rolled into the brick wall that marked the dead end of my latest attempted escape route. There was nowhere left to go. I struggled to get to my knees, using my last reserve of courage to stare up at my pursuer.

It was a woman. I blinked thinking my eyes deceived me. She had fair pale skin, blue eyes and lush brown hair hanging down to her shoulders, couldn't have been more than 20 years old. Her stance however was quite unfeminine and her baggy jeans and jacket as well. She let me stare in amazement before finally smiling in a broad grin, her sharp canines clearly on display. A new feeling of dread snuck up my spine. I struggled with the realization of what was in front of me. She seemed confident that she had immobilized me through her little game because she approached with no urgency whatsoever. She laughed almost inaudibly but with clear mockery as she lifted me up from my submissive position by pulling my hair. She stared at me coldly, and when our eyes reached the same level her mouth twisted in a disgusted grimace. I was a pathetic piece of nothing to her, barely worthy to be chased down and killed like an animal.

Still, she bent my head to the side and lifted me effortlessly off the ground. She was getting ready to feed on my blood. The insanity of it all had almost a soothing effect on me as my fear gave way to incredulity. She opened her red lips and lowered her fangs toward my neck, making a slight moan of anticipation as they touched the skin. Was this the end? "What are you?" I mumbled but I only got a brief snigger in response.

When somehow my shell refused to give way to her first attempt she paused in slight surprise. Her hunger beckoned her to try again, this time with more of her vampiric strength behind the bite. She pressed down with a power that should have allowed her to pierce steel and yet once more she could not penetrate my neck. She did not move for what must have been several seconds. She just held me there suspended in the air, teeth firmly planted on the outside of my skin. I can only imagine what ran through her mind at that point. I must confess that by then I was already smiling slightly, the amusement of it all reaching a pleasant highpoint. It could be so much fun to let one's humanity take over sometimes, to feel mortal fear again, to doubt.

I tensed my muscles and pushed lightly against the vampire's body, freeing myself of her grasp. Our eyes met once again but the expression that faced me was slightly different from before. I wondered if the look of amazement I had given earlier was on par with what her face looked like then. I had never pretended or acted, simply allowed myself to forget for a brief moment and doubt my powers. She didn't seem afraid per say but more in a complete state of shock. She knew I was nothing like her, to all appearances perfectly human, and yet there I was, effortlessly overpowering her. As her survival instincts kicked into gear she tried to pull away, maybe in an attempt to flee, but I was holding on firmly to her arm.

"Now there little vampire, no need to run," I said with a smile and soothing voice.

She tried to pull away again, refusing to believe that she couldn't wrestle out of my grip. It annoyed me a bit so I pushed her into one of the buildings that lined the narrow alley. Not much of a push but the brick cracked slightly and it was enough to knock the air out of her lungs. She gasped and looked up at me, real fear finally making it into her eyes.

"Try something like that again and I'll hurt you more, is that understood?" I said calmly, still smiling.

She coughed meekly, nodded and stuttered out a small "Yes," from between her lips.

"I must confess that I don't know much about your kind. In fact I don't think there would be any harm in admitting I never met one of you before," I said and lifted her up straight, still against the wall "At least not that I remember." I moved closer, my face just inches away from hers.

"Please, I'm sorry, I didn't know" she said, eyes showing signs of coming tears. Her body shivered as she swallowed nervously "I didn't know"

"Didn't know what?" I asked with a hint of anger in my voice "That your prey was really something else? Something far beyond what you are?"

She looked down at the ground to avoid my gaze and muttered


"What's your name?"

"Carolina" she answered somewhat reluctantly.

"How old are you Carolina?" I asked looking her over. Her presence, supernatural yet in a shell so closely resembling an attractive young woman, was starting to entice me.

She tried to look away and rubbed the side of her face nervously.

"I don't know," she answered after some reflection.

"Well, how old were you when you were bitten or cursed or you know; 'made'?"

A solemn look came over her

"I was 19. I just turned 19."

I ran my hands over her jacket and she stiffened noticeably. She had some nice shapes under the shabby clothes it seemed. Her breasts were close to a C cup and feeling further down I noticed a nice set of feminine hips.

"You know it's a shame, you could have been really striking in a long black dress, maybe with an open back. It would have made this whole encounter a little sexier. Or maybe you vampires have no sexual desires once you 'turn' or whatever it's actually called?"

She opened her mouth as if to answer but closed it again clearly confused by my words and the situation in general. She closed her arms around her body as if to protect it from me.

"Don't be scared my pretty little vamp, I'm just curious," I said looking her over hungrily "Does everything else work as it should or not?"

"I ... I don't know" she answered. She looked very uncomfortable and I began to notice more and more the pain she was experiencing. Her eyes occasionally rolled back into her head and she squirmed uncontrollably.

"What's wrong with you?"

"I'm so, so hungry" she said and then I saw it.

A flash of inspiration came over me and the clarity hit. I could sense her hunger, it was consuming her. Her vampiric body craved blood, I could see that she hadn't been a blood drinker very long and that every night was a constant hunt for blood just to survive. I felt my influence strengthen and was glad.

"I will make you a deal Carolina. I can make your hunger go away, in fact I can make you stronger, make it so you can control the hunger in ways you've only fantasized about," I stopped to look at her and could see she was listening intently, believing everything I said. "There is just a little something I would want in return."

"Any ... Anything" she said, her red lips shacking from her bloodlust.

"I will make your hunger go away. Once it's gone I'm going to tear all your clothes off and I'm going to fuck you against this wall in this dirty alley. I'm going to fuck you over and over, in fact I'm going to do whatever the hell I want with you for as long as I want and you're going to make sure I enjoy it." I said matter of factly as she looked at me attentively. "Do you accept?"


I felt for the source of her hunger, let the design of her being run over my mind, let my inspiration seize her and with one tap I filled the void within her. The void that had been so strong that it had made her a murderer, had made her suck all the blood out of innocent people for years. She shuddered as her endless pain made way to bliss. She breathed heavily, eyes close almost unable to believe it.

She made no protest as I tore of her clothing. Her body easily withstood the force I used to break apart the fabric, she was more than human after all. Her body was something else. Clean and pale, exotic in a way I never experienced before. Every curve was harder and firmer than the norm, almost artificial. As I sucked on her pink nipple and felt up her sides I stiffened immediately. I unzipped my pants and let my hardness out. Carolina had her eyes closed, still enjoying the pleasure that the freedom from her hunger had brought. I toyed and played with her body for almost half an hour, squeezing her breasts and running my hand over her thighs. When she finally came to she must have remembered our 'deal' because she started the make small moans immediately. Once she realized that my touch was actually bringing about real pleasure the tone of the moans became more and more pleasing.

In all honesty I had little care for the authenticity of her enjoyment. I intended to have her fully. The nature of what she was and how she felt beneath my touch was driving my lust into new heights. I licked her lips and kissed her, ran my fingers over the sides of her crotch and felt her pussy. It was slightly colder than a normal woman's and stiffer but that only turned me on more. When I finally placed the tip of my dick at her opening I was almost ready to cum.

I let out a loud groan as I entered her. The walls of her vagina weren't unusually tight but the force required to penetrate was much more than what I was used to which created a wonderful friction. Coupled with the slightly lower temperature the sensation around my cock was divine. I decided right then that vampire pussy was something I would have again in the future.

She moaned loudly as I started my motions in and out of her with little care for the rough brick wall behind her. I nibbled her neck with no realization of the irony as I thrust as deep as I could. Feeling my cock completely inside her as her strong muscles worked it towards ecstasy was driving me crazy. I kissed Carolina again, enjoying the sensation that she was learning it all over after a long hibernation.

I pulled out just before it was too late, I didn't want to finish quite yet. Carolina looked at me incredulously but I simply turned her around. She understood quickly enough and placed her hands against the wall now in front of her. After feeling her tight ass with my hands I finally thrust my cock back into her. Fucking her from behind was possibly even more enjoyable as I got a good look at her gorgeous supernatural body. She didn't fit the standard definition of slim or athletic but somehow the 'turning' had tightened her up to a surreal sort of beauty combining feminine curves with perfect silkiness. I smacked her ass in lust and it felt almost like spanking a piece of smooth clay wrapped in skin. The feeling made me even harder as I continued to fuck her amazing feeling pussy. I thrust deeper and deeper as Caroline made half pleasure half pain noises. I pulled her hair and the sight of her back arching drove me even closer to climax.

I ran my free hand up and done her sides, felt the sweet firm globes of her breasts and pinched her erect nipples. She rocked back against me with every thrust and her moans grew louder as she rediscovered carnal pleasure. I held her firmly as I kept fucking her, her body occasionally trying to shake itself free, obviously unused to being overpowered so easily. The raw physical pleasure I felt intermingled happily with the eroticism of the situation and drove me to plunge faster and faster into my supernatural lover. I could contain myself no more.

My orgasm was intense and the pleasures lasted as my conquest's vagina soothed my deflating penis in its cool walls. It was an experience out of the ordinary to be sure. The vampire was breathing heavily in the aftermath. I pulled out and let her slide to the ground exhausted. I had fucked a sexy young vampire and the thought of it nearly made me hard again. I looked up, the night was still dark and the alley was silent. I wondered if it had been fear, indifference or even my Influence that had prevented whoever lived in the shabby apartments from calling the police.

My head was filled with other thoughts and questions. I felt somewhat silly having assumed I was the only 'abnormal' in the world. I had never considered that something like vampires might exist and yet I should have. After all, I myself was a mythological being if one without a name or definition. I began walking down the narrow street, back towards the real world. I left her there, confident she would make it on her own. It would be several hours until the sun came out and I wasn't sure if vampires really died from it anyway.

The small cuts and scrapes I had sustained from the pursuit were already healed but my dress pants, blazer and shirt were visibly torn. I sighed at the inconvenience and kept walking. I had somehow ended up in a shitty neighborhood on the outskirts of Rome. That's what you get for letting a woman pick the place for a date. "It's a lovely little theatre," she told me and I had agreed to go. What a bitch that Bianca but a lovely looking one. Still, bitchy enough to leave me hanging just because I didn't like a shitty little play in a language that I barely understood.

I stopped in my tracks. What language had I spoken with Carolina? I planted my right palm against my face. What a waste. It was bad enough that I had already used my powers to learn French and Spanish, now I had forsaken yet another pleasantly human experience. Oh well, it wasn't the end of the world, there were still plenty of languages, countries and cultures to immerse myself in. I resumed my walk, content and curious about what awaited me next.

Eventually I found a cab. I explained to the driver in perfect Italian that I wanted to go to Hotel Artemide and he was happy to take the fare. Once back I managed to sneak into my room on the fifth floor with little attention from the staff, I had no desire to explain the shabby status of my attire. My room was luxurious enough to make me feel wealthy without using up my newfound fortune too much. I sat down on the queen sized bed and removed my jacket. My body had settled back into normalcy and was aching slightly from exhaustion.

I lay back on the soft pillows and closed my eyes. Like most nights since my awakening, my mind was riddled with thoughts and confusions but this time even more than usual. It seemed that whenever I came close to getting a handle on my bizarre existence a curve ball would be thrown my way. My encounter with Carolina had definitely made me reconsider the possibilities and mysteries of the world. I started to drift off to sleep, the absurd story of my 'life' unfolding before me.

My name is Eric Rupert Mason. I'm 6'2'' with dark brown hair and green eyes. When I was 18 years old and attending my first year of college at Ohio State University I died. I hadn't really considered that riding shotgun without wearing a belt, my friend drunk off his ass in the driver seat, was somewhat of a safety risk. I don't remember exactly what happened but I was propelled from the passenger seat and out of the car. I felt bones break and blood erupting from all over my body, hitting obstacle after obstacle. As consciousness left me I knew I was dying. My life flashed before my eyes and though it was utterly unimpressive I was not sad as I faced it.

I heard sirens wailing in the distance. I opened my eyes again in complete surprise, I was alive and in no pain. I stood, my clothes in shambles and covered in blood. The sound of the sirens was growing closer. Something compelled me to run and I did. I didn't stop until I was back in my dorm room. Somehow no one had noticed me or even glanced at me even though I looked like I was dressed for a Halloween party. On my bed was an envelope and the same compulsion that made me run prompted me to open it. I'll never forget its contents.

'Hello Eric,

As far as you know you just died for the first time. The definitions there are a bit loose, time not being a straight line and all that but I digress. You are not normal, you cannot die from a simple car accident or other normally mortal wounds. I know this because I have been in a few, and I am you. I don't know how long I/you have been doing this but I'm sure it's been a while. You see, it's entertaining to forget and be normal sometimes, it helps us stay sane.

I could give you a whole bunch of answers in this letter but that would be no fun. Instead I'll just give you a sense of acceptance and understanding. You'll feel it in a minute or two. I'll spare you the awkward years of confusion and self loathing I had to go through. I blame my religious upbringing for it, but also myself. I understand that I was one of our weakest incarnations and it saddens me a bit, I don't feel worthy of remembering. In fact I suspect we are caught in some cruel trap, an endless self imposed cycle of failure. Maybe you will do better? Maybe you will remember everything?

We have so much power Eric, but I never even came close to controlling it. I pass on much of the little I know, it will hit you with the rest of it. Good Luck.'

I finished reading, convinced I was in some version of eternal Hell but then it hit me just like the letter said. I understood and was at peace. I was special. I was powerful.

My power, is difficult to explain. I am at any given time completely normal, completely human. However, if I am threatened or hurt I change suddenly. I sometimes become stronger, faster and even heal at astounding rates. It all varies way too much to be predictable. If I am focused for example an attacker with a knife might not even be able to pierce my skin. On the other hand he may just as stab me several times before my healing even begins to accelerate. Practice has helped of course but I still can only rely on my power to the extent that it will not let me die. I know I can survive a crushed skeleton and near complete loss of blood but I still try and stay away from anything that might completely incinerate me.

Often enough I have moments of inspiration or clarity when it seems like I tap into the very source of my power. In these moments I understand parts of the world around me and am able to influence them consciously and/or subconsciously. I have manipulated objects at a distance, learned languages from a moment of reflection and turned led into gold. Sometimes these moments of clarity seem to control me more than I control them.

As I closed in on sleep in my hotel room bed I struggled a bit with trying to define my powers in my head. It was still quite unclear to me and I left it at a simplification I was happy with at the time. Instead I let my mind wander to those first few months with my newfound abilities and I smiled.

I had always been quite fit and decent looking, but the emergence of my power seemed to influence my looks in an interesting way. My eyes grew more intense, blemishes and scars disappeared from my body and I toned up slightly. My body turned into a physical image of how I saw myself. To the outside world however the biggest change was in my personality. I had always been shy and socially awkward before, never making much of myself. Suddenly I was more confident and unafraid. Many thought it was a sort of defense mechanism to one of my friends dying in a car accident.

I had dated only one girl before and she was definitely not anything out of the ordinary but suddenly I started getting attention from girls that I found gorgeous. In retrospect they were definitely nothing special either but at the time it fueled my confidence greatly. Still I was inexperienced with my powers and they did nothing to improve my skills as a kisser or lover. I managed an embarrassing one night stand or two, struggling to get the skills necessary to be socially relevant. At least at that point I was making progress.

I remember the first time my powers actually helped me with a woman. I was discussing one of my poorly written papers in my psychology professor's office. She must have been in her late 30s at the time but her body was still in decent shape and her strict formal outfits gave her enough sex appeal to be considered a milf. Her name was Jennifer, better known as Professor Aldman, she always wore her copper hair in a bun and pointy reading glasses on her face. She was going on about the limitations of my paper when my mind drifted off. I started thinking about how nice it would be to feel those yapping sneering lips around my cock. I had never even had a blowjob at the time and I fantasized about one with basically each woman I met.

Something happened then. I felt my influence stretch out and touch my Professor's mind. The images I had been conjuring up of her performing sweet intense fellatio flooded into her brain. For a moment she just looked at me, her rant completely silenced. Then she simply slid under her desk without a word.

When I saw her face come up by my crotch I could hardly believe it. Still, it was happening, Professor Aldman was unzipping my jeans, licking her lips excitedly. When my dick sprung free it slapped against her face, covering one of her glass lenses with precum. She let out an excited moan and the sight turned my erection into pure hardness. When she wrapped her lips around the head I almost fainted. The feeling was absolutely exquisite. She sucked, bobbed and slurped with a desire and passion that is hard to describe. The images I had planted in her mind were driving her to worship my cock with every suck and lick.

My psychology professor was blowing me under her office desk. I was unable to move, I could only enjoy it, fearing it may end if I did anything but. She moaned and groaned every time my dick inched closer to her throat. She constantly had more than half of my eight inches in her mouth, a feat I was impressed with at the time. Her tongue snaked around my shaft and head with every movement with just the right amount of pressure.

As my body began shaking I managed a small warning of what was to come. Jennifer withdrew my cock from her mouth and proceeded to jerk it off rapidly, mouth still open. I don't think I had ever cum as much before. I shot stream after stream of sperm across her face, into her mouth, over her glasses, into her hair and on her blouse. Just as I came close to the end she took me back into her mouth and sucked me softly, gurgling down the sperm that had landed on her tongue and what was still slowly dripping from my dick. She seemed to take great pleasure in slowly cleaning me off before finally letting go.

For a few moments I just sat there, my eyes shut. When I opened them I saw Professor Aldman standing on the other side of her desk methodically wiping the cum of her glasses and blouse. I gently pushed my soft dick back into my pants and zipped up not sure what to do.

"Mr Mason," she said simply, facing away, still wiping her glasses.

"Yes?" I wimpered.

"Please come to my office the same time tomorrow, I need to further discuss your paper," she stated as if nothing even mildly inappropriate had just happened.

I grabbed my stuff and left discreetly.

In the months that followed I made frequent visits to Aldman's office. It was through her that I learned much of what I know about sex. I fucked her over her desk, against the blackboard in her office and on the floor. Usually she kept much of her clothing on which only turned me on more. We kept a tradition of blowjobs whenever I turned in a new paper which I enjoyed immensely. In fact, the worst the paper was the more passion she seemed to put into sucking me off. I was the strapping young man willing to learn and we both gained a lot from it. I even sometimes visited her house when her husband and children were away which was erotic on a whole other level.

I don't think my abilities had much to do with it beyond opening up the floodgates. Mrs. Aldman had been sexually neglected for years and once she overcame the taboo of fucking a student she needed no further encouragement to keep seeing me. The most risky of our meetings was probably in the school library where she straddled and rode me in one of the lesser frequented aisles. As I said, I do owe her a lot.

After this sexual awakening I finally managed to score some pussy my own age, I even had a girlfriend or two in the end of my college career. Of course I would consider most of those girls beneath me today even if I do treasure their memories. Lisa I remember was quite fun, the only one of the group who had a decent body, I enjoyed fucking her. Rita was just so fond of giving head, she used to slurp down one of my loads almost every day. She wasn't close to as good as Mrs. Aldman but she swallowed every time.

Anyway, I finished up college in Ohio State where I also used my powers to make a nice amount of money. I decided to travel through Europe a bit which is how I finally ended up in Rome, realized vampires were real and proceeded to fuck the brains out of the first one I encountered. It felt quite weird and nothing had confused me so much since my abilities became known to me. I finally fell asleep, fruitlessly trying to make sense of it all.

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