Life Changed Last August
Chapter 1

I have been going off and on with my boyfriend Tadd for almost five years. I have often watched adult shows with him and talked about how much we both enjoy reading and watching things that cause others to be humiliated or having to "do" something that is embarrassing. He has dared me to take my shirt off when we were out driving, and even once when we went for a hike in the mountains. I have not ever really done anything that would cause me to be really in trouble prior to this. I have always wished I had more guts to try some of the things I had read about, but not wanting to be caught either, as I am sure it would take a toll on my job.

Tadd likes to tease me, and he knows that I have never been with another girl, but we both talk about having a girlfriend join us sometimes. I think it is a way of making our lovemaking more intense. We have actually talked about a few other girls that I have seen in the locker rooms of the swimming pools we go too, but most of them are very private, not much for one to see as they have private shower areas, not like the guys have I guess where they are all out in the open. Lately it had been a main topic of what kind of tattoos and piercing did I notice that were hidden still when they wore suits. He was always curious as to if I saw any girls that trimmed or shaved bare. It was something he said was a lot more popular now than it was when we first started going together, and a lot more popular than when I was in college and playing volleyball on the varsity team for four years.

He had been trying to talk me into joining the group that enjoyed being bare, and I had trimmed it smaller and smaller as my bikinis got smaller and smaller, but had kept just a little on top to let everyone know I was an adult. His birthday was the first of August, and I decided to maybe grant him his wish. I was going to do it and surprise him with it, but then decided to make it fun, and let him do the deed himself, I did really trust him, and it would be fun. I made a big deal out of it, I told him I wanted to take him to dinner, and we went out to a really nice place, and I told him I had bought a special cake for him and wanted to go back and we could have desert at my condo. I had bought a real nice ice cream cake with his favorite strawberries all over it. I had also bought him a very nice sleeping bag he had been hinting about from Cabalas. He loved it, I had also wrapped another present up for him, in it were a brand new Trac-III Razor and his favorite Edge shaving gel, and a note telling him that my bush was his, to have fun with his new present with.

He ask if that meant what he thought it did.

I said "Yes, just please be careful"

He ask, if there was a certain time.

I told him I thought tonight would be a good time to start.

He said, he was wondering if I would agree to keep it bare maybe for the next month also.

I said "Yes" I would agree to keep it that way the rest of the month.

We soon moved our party to my bedroom, where he asked if he could have his birthday present wear her birthday suit. I am 5'9, with light brown hair, and crystal blue eyes, I have rather small breasts, I wear a 34B bra, but just barely. I have small nipples, and they seem to always be excited, I have tan lines where I wear my suit to tan, and my small bush is about maybe 1" wide and it stops just above my clit, not really much there, but still enough you can see I have some.

He got a towel and placed it under me on the bed, he had me scoot right out to the edge, and he got right down on the floor and was on his knees in between my legs. I was excited and enjoying this a lot, wondering why I had not done this with him sooner, but enjoying it.

He took the shave gel and he placed a dollop in his palm, he then lightly started to place it on my pubic area, he really worked up a great lather, and he had a lot of it covered in white foam. OMG, I just realized what I had done, I did not know that I had mistakenly purchased a can a of menthol shaving gel, I was now also feeling the results of a very mild tingly feeling down there, was not totally unpleasant but very much letting me know it was there.

He felt it tingly in his hands, and he commented on he did not think I was brave enough to have done that on purpose and so he really made sure I was okay with it, I was not able to think clear at all, and I was loving the attention. I felt him start to use the razor, and he really made sure he did not miss a single thing, he went over it a few times, don't ask me how many. I was so close to really having my first orgasm that night, I was not able to pay much attention to what he was doing. Before long I felt him wiping the towel on my very naked body, and then I felt his tongue on my recently bared mound. He was not to be denied, and I was in ecstasy.

After he had spent some time, I felt him move up my body and then felt his excitement enter me. I had enjoyed it a lot, I had actually passed out I think, and when I awoke he had cuddle up with me. I got out of bed, and I went to use the bathroom, I was walking back to the bedroom, when I passed a full length mirror, and I stopped to admire my new style, but I also found something else. Seems Tadd had found my laundry marker that was on the night table, and I now had a very smooth bare mound, but it also had his name on it. I was going to get pissed, but I also was excited by it at the same time. One thing about a laundry marker is it is not meant to come off easily, and my mound with that soft white bare skin was not an area that I wanted to scrub like I would my hands. I had figured that I probably would not be showing anyone else my area for a while anyway, so what did it hurt. I was thinking about getting even with him, but I also had to admit, it had been fun, and I did really enjoy everything else he did.

The next weekend we were having a boring day, it had rained all day, and we could not go bike riding, or camping. He was brought up in a house where they play a lot of card games and board games, and we had decided to play Dominoes. We have always been very competitive, and I am just as bad as he is, I play to win, I always have. We were playing, and it was a very close game, and he dared me to make this interesting.

I ask what he had in mind.

He said we each put three dares for the other to do on pieces of paper, and then we play, the winner has the looser draw a dare from the three challenges, and that person would have to fulfill the others dare the following day (Sunday). I was leading in the game at this time, and thought there was no way I could possibly loose, so I was sure I would have Tadd as my personal slave the next day. Well have you heard about how your luck usually changes, mine did, or his did, I ended up losing?

Tadd held out his dares, I knew he loved this, and I drew my fate. I was really shocked what I drew and read to Tadd. My Dare said "You will of course have me smooth your area up down there, and touch up everything including the graphics, and then you will walk out of the condo, with out a stitch, no shoes, no nothing, not even jewelry. You are to walk out to my pickup truck and get in the passenger seat. I will then drive us to that campground we like that is down by the river, it is like fifteen miles from your condo. We will then have a short lunch, and use the picnic table there, I looked at him about that, and he grinned, I can just imagine what he meant, and then we will return to the condo I will wear only a pair of swim trunks, and there will not be a thing in the truck to cover up with."

I said "OMG, I can't do that, I will get busted."

He laughed and said he knew I would chicken out.

God damn it, I hate to be dared. Why I don't know, but it really bugged me he thought that. I ask if he was sure we would not get busted.

He said he was not, but he would do what ever he could to make sure we did not.

It was still raining on Sunday, and he said he was pretty sure no one would see me going to the truck, he even said he would pull it close as he could so I was not exposed for very long. I agreed, he said there would be no one at the campground as there hardly was anyone ever there anyway, it was not one very many people even knew about I think. I think a lot of people thinks it is part of a private ranch, that borders it down there and so I was not to worried about it. I was sure I could do this; it was exciting me to think about trying it.

I agreed, and on Sunday morning I dashed to his truck with out a stitch to my name, it was so wild, he has a pickup truck that is lifted, and I had to crawl up and into it, but it also made it so only truckers could possibly see me. Tadd was the perfect gentlemen, and made sure we did not get close to any trucks that would bust us.

At the campground it was really nice to experience a little nature as he called it, it was also interesting, it was lightly drizzling, and if I had clothes on they would have been soaked. I was enjoying the relative warm moisture. I was so turned on, and enjoying it so much I was getting braver and braver. We had a picnic basket and enjoyed the time, even though I was completely bare assed naked. After we ate, we started kissing, and he had me so turned on. We did it right there on the table in front of God and everybody. It is crazy, but being this naked, and not having any possible thing to cover up with, Wow, my clothes are 15 miles away.

After about two hours we headed back to the condo, and everything was going great. Tadd dared me to maybe dash a little farther, than just pulling up to the front door. I told him I would, but I was thinking we had been very lucky, and I really did not want to ruin it by getting caught and spending the night in jail if I got busted, could you imagine getting busted naked like I was, and having to spent the night, or even the trip to the jail.

He laughed, but he did park the truck just a few spaces back from where he had when I dashed out to it. I decided not to argue, and so l slipped out of the truck and run for my condo, I was home free, I had made it, and then my neighbor come walking out of his condo, and right into me. I was so embarrassed, I was at the door, but Tadd had the key, and he was a little behind me. Naked is bad, shaved bare makes me feel twice as naked, but having your boyfriends name wrote on your naked mound is even more humiliating. Being caught by someone that you know is really bad. I was so embarrassed, my neighbor could only stand there and stare, I mean, I am sure he never dreamed he would see his neighbor bare assed naked trying to get in her condo and not able to, because her boyfriend had the key and was just coming up the steps.

Tadd finally got there and opened the door, and I could not even apologize to my neighbor, I just wanted to get inside, and I also was hornier than I think I had ever been, door closed and boyfriend was going to cure my problems, and he better do it quickly.

God, why did I do that, the next afternoon, as I walked to my condo door, I was met by my neighbors wife, she had always been rather nice to me, but I was still embarrassed to walk by her.

She stopped me and told me she was not happy with me acting like I did, I was shocked; I never thought anything about her husband telling her what he saw. Now I was really embarrassed, and she told me she hoped it did not ever happen again.

I promised it would never happen again, and so that was that, but it is still very embarrassing every time I walk by either of my neighbors. I really enjoyed it at the time, but not sure it was worth the agony it has caused since. I really had it out with Tadd also over it, and we have decided if we ever do anything again it will be in a safer environment, like a nude beach, or nude resort, not where it could affect the rest of our lives so much. This is why I am so turned on and write stories about girls and humiliation, and the shaving of one's area down there. I will post a second part to this if anyone thinks I should jaqi

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