My Give Away Wife
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Wife Watching, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A man's best friend tries to save Dave's marriage from breaking up. It doesn't turn out as expected. But it turns out well.

My wife and I were fighting again. It seems like that's the only way we communicate now. Nothing I do pleases her. She criticizes and second guesses everything I do. We've only been married for three years. I love her more than anything in the world. But I can't take much more of this. I can't see our marriage lasting much longer if something doesn't change.

Jim, my best friend, isn't much help. He keeps insisting that our problems are my fault. I normally defer to him in matters relating to the opposite sex. Jim and I have been friends since the first grade. He's a very good looking guy. If you don't believe me, ask nearly half the women in town. They haven't all been to bed with him. But a lot of them have and a lot more of them would probably like to.

Jim has the personality to go with his looks. He was always the most popular kid in school. That he and I ended up best friends was probably more an accident of geography and timing than anything else. His family moved into the house across the street from us just before we started the first grade. Jim, his sister and me were the only kids on the street in our age group, so we grew up together.

I'm an only child. Jim has a twin sister, Ashley. From time to time as we were growing up I had a crush on Ashley. But I don't think she ever realized it. I always thought that one of the reasons that Jim was so cool around girls was his sister. I was always shy around girls. Hell, I was afraid of them. I guess, in many ways I still am.

Not Jim. He was lucky enough to have a close relationship with his sister. To him, girls are just people. He understands them. Or at least he understands them as well as any man can understand a member of the opposite sex. I'm twenty-four years old now and I've been married for three years. Women are still a mystery to me.

Every time I complain about the way that my wife Lea is treating me, Jim just frowns and shakes his head. But he's not doing so in commiseration with me. He's just indicating that in his opinion I'm too dumb to live.

Jim keeps insisting that Lea really loves me. He claims that our problems are my fault because I'm trying to treat her like an equal partner in our relationship. According to him, Lea is one of those women who want a strong man to take charge. He says that she doesn't even realize that she's pushing me, trying to make me take control. She's doing it subconsciously. He also insists that she isn't looking for a parent, just a strong partner, a dominant partner. That's what she needs to feel safe, protected, loved.

Yeah. Okay. That isn't confusing at all.

I suppose that there are women like that. Despite what Jim says I don't believe that Lea is one of them. She's a strong, self sufficient, intelligent young woman. I think I know her better than Jim does and I don't believe she's the kind of woman that Jim thinks she is.

To be perfectly honest, even if I believed Jim, which I don't, I wouldn't know what to do about it. I don't know how to treat anyone the way that he says I need to treat Lea.

Our latest fight broke out after work this evening. I got home and no more than stepped through the front door than she was on the attack again. About nothing! I was about that close to doing something I've never done in my life, hitting a woman. Well, I'd never hit her. But I damn sure wanted to!

Instead I turned right around and stomped out of the house. I got in my car and drove away before I said something that I couldn't take back later.

My first instinct was to head to a nearby sports bar and drink myself stupid. Instead, I drove over to Jim's house. I parked in the driveway and by the time I got to his front door he was standing there holding the door open and grinning.

I looked up and saw that infuriating grin. But all he said was, "Again?"

I nodded, still too furious to speak.

Jim let me in and got us a couple of beers while I sat in his living room and tried to calm down.

He came back in, handed me a beer and sat down across from me. I took a long drink out of the beer bottle and then said in exasperation, "I don't know what to do Jim. I just walked in the house and she lit into me!"

He shook his head and sighed loudly. Then he exclaimed, "Bullshit! I've told you what to do. You refuse to listen, you thick headed bastard! All you have to do is take charge. That's what she needs. And if you don't get your act together, some other asshole is going to give her what she needs. She's a beautiful woman and if you think that there aren't men out there hitting on her you're dumber than a red brick! Hell, if you weren't my best friend I'd hit on her!"

I took another long gulp out of my beer bottle and then slumped down in my chair. I knew one way to prove him wrong and get him off my case. I looked at him for a moment and then I said, "Okay, asshole. Prove it to me. Go ahead and hit on her. Show me how to treat her."

He looked at me like I was nuts. He knows I'm not one of those weird guys who are into sharing their wives with other men.

Finally he said, "Dave, the only reason I'm not going to take you up on that offer is that you're my best friend and I'd rather have you for a friend than have her sweet ass in the sack. Don't get me wrong. I could have her if I wanted her. And I'd enjoy the hell out of it, too. She's been the subject of more than one of my kinky fantasies. But our friendship means a lot to me. I'm not ready to give that up for a piece of ass."

I finished off my beer and went and got us each another. When I returned I said, "I'm at the end of my rope, man. I'm this close to going home, packing up and getting out. What makes it so hard is I still love the bitch! You keep telling me you know how to treat her to get her to act right. So I'm giving you permission. Show me."

Jim shook his head and said, "No way, Dave. You're the jealous type. If I did what you're asking, a part of what I would do would involve sex, lots of sex. All kinds of sex. You know what a pervert I am. You'd end up hating both of us."

He was right about one thing. I am the jealous type. But what the hell! I can't live like this! I'm just about to leave her anyway. What if he's right? What if he does know how to treat her to make her do anything he wants? What if he ends up having sex with her? Could I deal with that? I'd hate to end up resenting him for doing something I told him to do, even if I don't think he can really do it.

I stared across the room at him for a moment and in a rare moment of clarity I exclaimed, "Fuck it, Jim! I have nothing to lose. I want you to go for it."

Jim looked at me for a moment. He was thinking it over and it looked like he was going to refuse. But he surprised me. He said, "I'll do it, if you insist. But I'm going to warn you right up front. I'm going to fuck the bitch. I'm going to put her through some changes. I'm not going to let you interfere once I start. And it isn't going to be just one night.

"The bitch is going to be mine until I turn her back over to you, if you still want her. You aren't going to like what you see, either. So think about it long and hard before you give me permission to fuck your wife, Dave."

We sat in silence for a long time after that. The funny thing about this conversation and what I was proposing is that I was more concerned with the possibility of losing my best friend than with the idea of him fucking my wife.

Don't get me wrong. I still didn't think she'd fall for whatever the hell it was he was planning to do. But I had to take into consideration that since shortly after puberty when we started getting interested in girls, Jim has pretty much had his way with any girl he wanted. That's probably why he's still single. There are still a few girls in town that he hasn't had sex with yet.

Finally I said, "Do it."

He shook his head, rolled his eyes again and said, "Okay, Dave. I'll do it. But there are some conditions you have to agree to. Once I start you can't interfere. After I've done what I've said I was going to do, you can't leave her. You have to stay with her for one year. In that one year she'll still be your wife and live in your house. But she'll be mine whenever I want her. And you know what a pervert I am. I'll be able to come over and have sex with her whenever I want. I'll be able to call her up and tell her to come over to my house whenever I feel like having some of her hot little ass. I'll be able to take her out anytime I want. And if I want you to come along you will."

He saw the skeptical look in my eyes and said, "Don't look at me like that. I can make it happen. So think about it before you jump into the deep end of the pool and discover you can't swim."

That was more than I bargained for. Suddenly I wasn't so sure of myself. I drank the rest of my beer and started to get up and get us another.

Jim stopped me. "Hold on. Let's settle this before you get another beer. You need to be sober when you make this decision."

I went around and around with it, struggling to decide if this was what I really wanted and if I thought I could live with his conditions. Because whatever faults people may ascribe to me, I'm known for being a man of my word. If I say I'm going to do something I do it. Could I live with her for a year if he turns out to be right?

I kept coming back to the same conclusion. I can't go on like this. I have nothing to lose. Well, nothing but my pride. And I have damn little of that left lately.

I had one question before I told him to go ahead. "Why a year?"

He shrugged and said, "Because I know you well enough to know that once you know I'm fucking your wife you're going to be pissed. I'm hoping that if I make you stay with her, stick it out for a year, we can rebuild our friendship and you will realize that you still love her and want to keep her.

"I don't want to break up your marriage. In all the years we've been friends you've never lied to me. And I've never seen you go back on your word. I want your word that you'll agree to my conditions and you'll try to remember that I'm doing this for your own good. That doesn't mean I won't enjoy it. I'm going to enjoy the hell out of it. But I'm hoping that a year and a day from now you'll still be my best friend and she'll still be your wife."

I stood up and headed for the kitchen. I got two more beers out of the refrigerator, came back in and said, "You have my word. I can't promise that if you actually do what you say you're going to do that I won't get upset. But I'll promise to remind myself constantly that you warned me, that you are my best friend, and that if this works I'll be a happier man for it."

We opened our beers and clinked the bottles together. We had an arrangement.

I returned to my seat and asked, "Now what?"

Jim thought about it for a few minutes and said, "I want you and Lea to take a week off. We're going up to my dad's cabin on the lake. You work that out with your boss and Lea and let me know when you can get away. I'll take care of everything else."

I spent another hour at Jim's house before I went home. There was no talking to Lea when I got home. I walked right past her and went up to the computer room. I checked my email and went to bed early.

For most of Saturday we both pouted and did what we had to do without speaking to each other. I did the yard work. Lea got started on the house. I helped her out when I finished outside. By supper time we were talking again. The atmosphere was strained. But we could stand to be in the same room with each other.

Over the next few days I tried very hard to reconcile our differences. I tried once more to get her to agree to see a marriage counselor. That's something that she has always absolutely refused to do. She doesn't like the idea of airing our dirty linen in public and I think she's afraid that someone will tell her she's screwed up in the head.

I tried talking about our problems. But by Monday morning I had given up. If Jim couldn't straighten her out then there was no hope for us.

I went to work Monday morning and had a long talk with my boss. I explained that my marriage was on the rocks. I told him that there was an intensive one week getaway at a place that does in-depth marriage counseling. I wanted to try it. I was desperate to save my marriage.

My boss is pretty much of an asshole most of the time. I was really surprised when he actually seemed to understand and sympathize. He gave me the week off. Without pay of course. He isn't that nice. But he actually seemed to want to help which was surprising considering how poorly he has treated me since I started working there.

I've been working for him since I got out of college. I'll admit that I was lucky to get the job. It pays very well. But I was tired of being treated like shit. So I was looking forward to giving him my two week notice. I recently received a better offer. I was going to start working for a man who left the company a year and a half ago. He invited me to go with him when he struck out on his own but I was a newlywed with no assets and a young bride to support. I didn't have the nerve to take the gamble.

It was apparent now, though, that his fledgling company was going to prosper. Although I didn't leave my job and go to work with him a year and a half ago, I did have something to do with his company's success. We're electrical engineers and it turns out that I have quite a talent for the work. He often came to my home in the evening to get help with problems he and his small staff were having trouble solving.

I enjoy a challenge and I didn't mind helping him. I like him and when I first started out after college he was always very helpful and was very supportive to me. I needed his help. The asshole we work for should have been wearing a swastika. He's that kind of prick.

So when he came to me recently with a new job offer that would double my pay and give me a management position with great benefits and bonuses I decided to go for it. The company had progressed to the point that it no longer seemed like a gamble.

Shortly after I returned to work next week it would be time to give my two week notice and I was really looking forward to it.

Once I cleared the week off with my boss I called the guy that Lea works for. We've met a couple of times at office parties. He's a bit of a stick. But I explained our problem again and asked if he could arrange for someone to fill in for Lea for a week.

He was less sympathetic than my boss. I had to put up with him whining about how my personal problems have no place in the office. But after he wound down he said that he would see what he could do. I asked him not to mention it to her. I explained that I wasn't even certain that she would go, but that it was our last hope. If things didn't change, our marriage was over.

He told me that he would contact the temp place he worked with and see what he could work out. He was just as generous as my boss. He told me that this would be unpaid time off. It isn't like Lea and I are well off. But we have a decent income and we live well within our means. We've even managed to accumulate some savings. I figured it was worth the money if we could save our marriage.

Lea wasn't too happy about it. But two weeks later we were all packed and on the road to Jim's lake house. I told her that Jim invited us up for the week. She likes Jim and that made things a little easier. Hell, everyone likes Jim.

It's almost a four hour drive to his father's cabin. It's up in the mountains on the other side of the state.

Actually, cabin is a bit of a misnomer. Jim's father has a very large, very fancy log vacation home on a large but secluded lake up in the mountains. I spent a lot of time up there when I was a boy. Whenever Jim and his family went up during the summer they invited me. And I loved going. I have a lot of fond memories of that place.

Since our marriage, I've taken Lea up there twice. We went once for a three day weekend and once for an entire week. She enjoyed the hell out of it both times.

I'm sure that at any other time she would have jumped at the chance to go. But she wasn't sure that she wanted to be alone in the woods with me right now. It wasn't until I told her that Jim was going to be there that she agreed to go.

I doubt if we said a dozen words all the way to the cabin. Every time I tried to start a conversation she snapped at me. By the time we arrived I was thinking that I made a big mistake promising Jim to stay with Lea for a year. I was ready to slam on the brakes and push her out of the car, not necessarily in that order, long before we got to the cabin.

Jim came out and greeted us when we got to the cabin. His greeting for Lea was especially warm. He put his arms around her, kissed her cheek and then held her for a moment while he smiled tauntingly at me over her head.

I thought that was unnecessary.

It was only a little after noon when we pulled in and I parked. I got the suitcases out of the trunk and Jim helped me carry them inside.

It was kind of amusing. Lea hardly opened her mouth all the way up here. But as soon as we arrived and she was around Jim she turned into Chatty Cathy.

I knew that she was fond of Jim. The two of them have flirted harmlessly since I introduced them. But I can't recall ever seeing her flirt with him so blatantly before.

I've remain convinced that Jim was going to meet his match since we reached our agreement in his living room a couple of weeks ago. But now, seeing them together, suddenly I realized that my best friend was very likely going to fuck my wife!

Jim started asserting himself as soon as we arrived. As soon as we put the suitcases in our room we went out into the hallway to go back downstairs. We only took a few steps before he turned and told Lea to change into something more comfortable. He smiled that winning smile of his and added, "More revealing would be nice, too."

I was watching her when he said that. She just smiled at him.

If I ever suggested to her that she change into something more revealing she would most probably have broken a lamp over my head.

Jim and I watched her turn and go back into our bedroom. Then we looked at each other. He smiled and said, "Last chance, Dave. If you want to call it off, now is the time. When she comes downstairs she's going to belong to me."

I shrugged and replied, "The way I see it there are only two possible outcomes. You change her or I kill her."

He knew I was kidding about killing her. But it was clear that something had to change or our marriage was over. It was also clear that I did not have the tools to bring about that change.

Jim nodded and reminded me, "Remember, you gave me your word. One year."

I nodded and said, "You have my word. I won't leave and I won't throw her out. But I won't stop her from leaving."

He shook his head and said, "I won't let her leave."

The confidence I heard in his voice would have been infuriating if I didn't know him well enough to know that he wasn't bragging. He was just confident, a confidence based upon a lifetime of experience having his way with women.

We went downstairs while I tried to pump Jim for some idea of what his plans were for Lea. He just smiled and told me to be patient.

Lea came back downstairs a few minutes later. She had changed into a pair of tight shorts and a loose fitting, midriff baring cutoff t-shirt.

She did look good. It was probably just my imagination. I'm sure it had something to do with this weird situation. But I thought she looked somehow ... I don't, available I guess.

She stepped into the room and stood with her hand on her hip. Her hip was cocked to the side as if posing for Jim. She smiled coquettishly at him, ignoring me. She didn't say anything, but the look on her face asked Jim if she was sexy enough.

Jim smiled and exclaimed, "Perfect! Come on, Lea. I'll show you where everything is in the kitchen and you can help me make lunch."

I followed them out to the kitchen and got a beer. With beer in hand I said, "I'll be out on the deck."

But they were both ignoring me already.

I left them alone. I went out onto the back deck and got comfortable. It was a perfect day and I had a magnificent view of the lake. I left the door to the house open and just closed the screen door. I could hear them talking and laughing. But they were too far away and talking quietly. I couldn't make out what they were saying. Every few minutes I heard Lea laugh lightheartedly. I don't think I've heard her laugh like that in at least a year.

They were alone in the kitchen for close to forty-five minutes. Just before they joined me on the deck there was a prolonged silence. I was getting just about curious enough to take a peek inside when Lea came out with a tray of sandwiches. She was flushed and couldn't look me in the eyes. She put the tray down and asked me if I wanted another beer.

I looked at her closely. She looked different already! And she had sounded almost pleasant!!

I finally stopped staring at her, nodded and answered, "Yes, please."

She went back inside as Jim was coming out. While she was in the kitchen getting the drinks he smiled and said, "She's one hell of a kisser! And I love those puffy nipples! Very sexy! I've never seen nipples quite like that before."

I cannot explain my reaction. Actually, I had two instant and opposite reactions. I was instantly jealous and more than a little resentful that she would respond to him that easily, and in a way that she has never responded to me.

And yet, at the same time I couldn't hide the fact that I had gotten an instant erection when I pictured my best friend exposing my wife's tits and kissing her within minutes of our arrival. That just wasn't like her, or me!

Lea came back out carrying three beers and joined us at the table. She sat much closer to Jim than she did to me and the two of them continued to behave as if they were alone. They talked and laughed and Lea, who, as I mentioned, has always been fond of Jim, was now flirting with him openly.

I suppose it's possible that she was doing it just to piss me off. But I didn't get that impression. She was ignoring me because she cared about Jim and she didn't give a damn what I thought about it! I might just as well have not been there. She didn't give much of a damn either way.

Her puffy nipples that Jim was so taken with were pushing against her thin top and she was laughing like a vacuous teenage girl at everything Jim said.

I ate my sandwich and then sat back and watched in fascination. Lea continued to act like I wasn't even there. They both did. They laughed and talked and it was only a few minutes before I saw Jim's hand casually come to rest on her thigh. She didn't object. She didn't even glance over to see what my reaction was.

They carried on like that until they finished their lunch. Jim took the last sip of his beer and glanced over to see if mine was getting low. Then he leaned over, kissed Lea on the cheek and said, "Run in and get us three more beers."

She blushed and jumped to her feet, eager to please my friend. She leaned down and whispered something in his ear. Then she turned to me. She had the good grace to blush a little deeper when she took my empty bottle from me. But she offered no apologies for her behavior. She hurried to the kitchen and was back in seconds with three more beers.

I just barely had time to exclaim to Jim, "Well I'll be damned!" before she returned.

Lea handed me my beer without even looking at me. She sat down beside Jim again and even moved her chair a little closer to him as she settled back down.

For the next ten minutes I watched in amazement as Jim wrapped Lea around his little finger. The conversation became more and more suggestive and she never once complained. Not even when Jim put his hand back on her thigh only a fraction of an inch from her pussy. Nor did she object when he pulled her chair a little closer and his other arm went around her shoulders.

I watched in amazement as his hand draped down over her breast, not quite touching, but close enough that she must surely have felt the heat of it through her thin top.

And still they behaved as if I wasn't even there.

Lea never even looked in my direction. Not until Jim's fingers began to lightly trace her nipple through her top. She was already flushed and obviously excited. When Jim's fingers came into contact with her nipple she gasped loudly. That was when she glanced over at me, finally.

Our eyes met for just long enough for her to determine that I wasn't going to object. For just a second there was look of curiosity on her face. But then she turned back to Jim and once more I ceased to exist.

Everything changed in those brief seconds. In that instant Lea tacitly gave Jim permission to take charge of her and proceed with her seduction, if this could properly be termed a seduction.

By my silence I gave them permission to continue without regard for me or my feelings.

Jim accepted her surrender. He already had my permission. He needed nothing more.

I suppose that deep down inside I knew Jim well enough to know that when I brought Lea to him in this cabin he would more than likely end up seducing her. I certainly thought it would take longer than an hour! And I never thought that it would take place right in front of me!

But even as the seduction progressed, neither one of them seemed to care that I was sitting across the table watching Jim take control of my wife.

As I sat there watching them I was amazed at Jim's confidence. But I spent much more time analyzing the reactions of both my wife and myself. I was a little bit pissed because I knew that if I had taken the liberties that Jim was taking and Jim had been sitting across the table, Lea would have stopped me in a skinny minute. I would never have been permitted to tease her breast overtly in front of anyone. She didn't seem to care that my best friend was taking those liberties while I sat quietly watching.

I wondered for just a second if perhaps she was waiting to see what I would do. But I quickly realized that was not the case. She has obviously surrendered to Jim in a way that she has never surrendered to me.

As for my own reaction, I won't try to deny that I still felt jealous. But I wasn't jealous because she was permitting Jim to take liberties. I was jealous because she was permitting Jim to take liberties that she would not have allowed me.

I'm embarrassed to admit that wasn't my only reaction. I still had a hard on. I was more turned on watching Jim molest my wife than I've ever been from watching a porn movie. I found myself watching and secretly enjoying the most erotic show that I've ever seen!

And the show has just begun!

Jim sat up and removed his hands from my wife. The disappointment was obvious on Lea's face. Jim smiled and said, "Clear off the table and bring us all back another beer, sexy. And hurry up. I'm not through getting to know you better."

I saw her shiver with excitement. She jumped up and grabbed the plates and the empty bottles and hurried inside with a huge smile on her face.

While she was inside I smiled at Jim and admitted, "This is the hottest show I've ever seen!"

He grinned and replied, "I'm glad you feel that way. It's about to get a lot warmer."

Lea was back then. She handed me my beer and this time she looked at me. Our eyes met and she somehow knew that I wasn't going to objection to what was happening between her and my best friend. She didn't seem to care why.

I hoped that she didn't figure out, or find out, that I brought her up here with this in mind. I have a feeling she wouldn't approve.

She saw in my eyes that she had permission to enjoy herself with Jim. Not that she seemed to need it. She's already gone pretty far without concerning herself with my reaction. I'm not sure that she's aware of how far she'll end up going with him. And I'm not sure she really cares how I feel about what she's doing with Jim. At least I don't get that impression.

In fairness to Lea, our relationship has devolved to the point that we've both come to realize that we can't continue on the way we are. She may have thought that this would finally put an end to what was left of our marriage. She doesn't know that I've already committed to remain with her for the next year regardless of what happens between her and Jim.

I watched as she turned back to Jim and her face lit up. In that instant I once more ceased to exist. She returned to her seat and Jim's hands returned to her thigh and her breast. They took right up where they left off. The tone of their conversation changed, though. They began to talk quietly, their faces only inches apart.

I watched them getting closer and closer, I couldn't help myself. I watched Jim press his lips to hers and her eyes closed. Their lips remained pressed lightly together as Jim removed his hand from her thigh and slowly slid it up her taut stomach and under her top.

I saw her gasp as his fingers cupped her breast. But she never objected and she didn't take her lips from his.

I began to feel like a voyeur, like I shouldn't be here, I shouldn't be watching this. I felt like an intruder. I couldn't make myself get up and go inside, though. I couldn't tear my eyes away from them.

The strange part of all this ... well, one of the many strange parts I suppose, is that even though Jim confidently assured me that he knew what Lea need and that he could seduce her, and even though it was happening right before my eyes, I still couldn't quite believe the total change in her behavior. And I'm not even certain what it is that he was doing differently! Certainly nothing that I could detect.

Jim slowly worked her top up until her breasts were totally exposed. His hands teased both breasts freely. Her puffy nipples were taut and her breasts seemed swollen. I knew my wife's body well enough to know that at this moment her pussy was soaking wet and her heart was probably beating more rapidly than it has in years. But it was maddening to me that Jim had brought her to that point effortlessly in less time than it takes me to get ready for bed!

I kept expecting them to get up and go inside. I thought surely that Lea would balk at letting Jim continue while I sat across the table watching. But they both continued to make out like a couple of horny teenagers and still they acted like they were all alone.

Jim straightened up and quickly removed her top. Then his lips took possession of her nipples. Her arms came up, not to push him away but to hold him tight to her breast. Under her breath she exclaimed, "Oh god! That feels so damn good!"

I watched Jim's hand move back down to my wife's legs. She spread her legs a little farther apart to allow him free access to that most private, most sensitive part of her body.

His hand cupped her mound and her entire body shuddered violently. I saw her eyes suddenly open and then her eyes rolled back in her head as she experienced an orgasm, an intense orgasm that she made no effort to mask. She moaned and her body shook. She didn't even try to conceal from me what she was feeling.

And fuck me! I was so fucking turned on from watching Jim take control of my wife that I was on the verge of my own orgasm! But my poor cock was just sitting there all alone in my pants!

Jim kissed Lea again, a long, passionate kiss on the lips this time, and then sat up. He placed two fingers under my wife's chin and lifted her head. It took her a moment to focus on him. But when their eyes met he smiled at her and said, "You're one hot little bitch! I never would have guessed. Stand up. I want to see you naked."

Lea glanced in my direction. Jim snapped, "Don't look over there! Look at me. Stand up.

She obeyed instantly.

"Take those shorts off."

Damned if she didn't! She stood up and unbuttoned her shorts without ever taking her eyes from Jim's. She smiled coquettishly as she pulled the zipper down. Then she slowly pushed them down off of her hips and let them fall to her feet.

I noticed that Jim's eyes never left hers. He didn't even glance down as she stripped down to her sexy little bikini panty. He waited until she stood in front of him in just her panties. He glanced down then and his smile grew. He said, "Very sexy. I like the way a pretty woman looks in her panties. I like the way they mold to your pussy like a second skin and offer a promise of pure pleasure."

Then he chuckled and added, "It's even sexier when they're as wet as yours are."

Lea was already so red that I couldn't tell if that made her blush. She was smiling, though. And one side of her lips curled up into an almost feline grin, as if to silently acknowledge her lust for my best friend, and her submission to him.

She hesitated for a long time. But it wasn't because she had any doubts about what she was doing. She was just teasing Jim, putting off removing that final flimsy garment to let the sexual tension build.

It didn't seem to be working, though. Jim still looked at her face more than he looked at her body. He seemed totally relaxed and in no particular hurry to see her naked.

I, on the other hand, was holding my breath anxiously. For some strange reason it was as though I was seeing her undress for the very first time! And damn! She never looked sexier!

She has a perfect body. Her breasts are firm and perfectly formed. Her puffy nipples have always turned me on. But now, watching her undress for another man, I can't begin to describe how hot this little sex show was!

I was so turned on watching them now that I forgot that I should have been furious with her for reacting to Jim this way when for me she never felt anything.

Her breasts were rising and falling rapidly. It was obvious that her attempt to act calm and in control was just that, an act. She wasn't fooling anyone.

Her taut stomach muscles rippled as she inhaled deeply and reached up to hook her thumbs in the waistband of her sexy little panty. She hesitated for just a second before slowly pushing them down off of her shapely hips.

She stared him right in the eyes as she uncovered her neatly trimmed pubic hair and the swollen, puffy lips of her moist pussy. I could actually see the moisture from her pussy glistening in the sunlight!

Lea stepped out of her underwear and straightened up. She stood before my best friend, giving him ample opportunity to enjoy the sight of her beautiful body. After a long moment or two she started to return to her seat. Jim shook his head and in a calm voice he said, "Don't sit down yet. Turn around. I want to see that beautiful little ass of yours."

Her grin widened and turned up on one side again. She had a decidedly pixyish look about her. She slowly turned until she was standing with her back to him. He admired the view for a moment. Then he got to his feet and turned her around. He took her in his arms and kissed her again, with a lot more passion this time.

She welcomed him into her arms and returned his kiss with a passion equal to his.

He began to move his hands over her body and whisper in her ear. I couldn't hear what he was saying. I only heard her breathless voice whispering in return, "Yes! Yes! Oh god yes! I promise!"

Jim stepped back and I saw the arrogant grin on his face. He traced a line down my wife's cheek and then turned her and bent her over the table across from where I was sitting. She rested her head on her crossed arms and waited expectantly.

She was so close to me that I could have reached out and touched her face.

She glanced up at me, but I don't think she could even see me through that dark red haze of lust that surrounded her. She closed her eyes and I watched in rapt fascination, totally absorbed as Jim ran his hands over her ass and then reached between her legs.

I saw her body twitch when his fingers came into contact with her naked pussy. She gasped loudly. But her eyes remained closed and the look of indescribable excitement and anticipation never left her face.

Even now, at this most intimate point in their relationship, it was still like the two of them were alone here. I felt like the invisible man. But I was still too aroused to be jealous. I don't think I've ever been so turned on in my life.

I didn't understand what I was feeling. I've read about men who are excited about showing their wives off in public. Even men who get off on letting other men have sex with their wives. I've never felt that way. I don't understand those men at all. Or at least I didn't. The evidence that I might understand them better now was plain to see in my pants.

And so here I sit. I'm watching Jim turn my wife into a total cock craving slut, as promised. And I'm so excited that I'm just about certain I could cum if I just reached down and squeezed my cock one time. Just one touch. That would be all I'd need.

Jim was taking his clothes off now. I glanced up and our eyes met. He was trying to judge my reaction to what was about to happen before my very eyes. I smiled and shrugged. I think that it pleased me that he still cared about our friendship enough to be concerned about how I felt.

Jim nodded as if to acknowledge that everything was still alright between us and returned his attention to my wife's ass. I returned my attention to my wife's face. Her reactions to what Jim was doing to her fascinated me.

Jim took his time undressing. I knew he appreciated the view but it was more than that. He was letting the suspense build for Lea. It was working. I saw it in the way she began to fidget and in the expression of impatience on her face.

When he was finally naked he paused a moment longer to caress her ass a bit more and reach between her legs to tease her sopping wet pussy. She moaned in frustration and shocked the hell out of me when she asked right out loud, "Please, Jim. Put it in me! Fuck me!"

That couldn't be Lea! Not my Lea! Not pleading with a man to fuck her! I don't think she's ever said that word out loud before!

Jim pressed his hard cock between the cheeks of Lea's perfect ass and slid it up and down through the crease. Her mouth fell open and she exhaled loudly as his cock pressed against her. If she was worried that he might fuck her ass she didn't show it. She only smiled at the way his hard cock felt nestled against her body.

I watched as Jim pulled his hips back and reached down to angle his cock between her thighs. He began sliding his cock back and forth over her primed and ready pussy.

She made a funny noise that I've never heard before. It was a cross between a whine and a growl. She was obviously out of her mind with lust. I saw her lips moving. She was muttering something. I couldn't hear it at first. But gradually she turned the volume up and Jim and I both heard what she was saying. She was pleading with him!

"Fuck me. Please, I can't take it anymore. I need it. Please fuck me. I need your cock inside of me. Please, Jim! I told you ... I promised you. I'll do anything you want. I swear it. Just put your cock inside of me. Fuck me, baby. I need to feel your cock inside of me. I need to cum. I'll do all those things you said. I promise. Just fuck me!"

Jim grinned and suddenly changed his angle of attack. He lined up the head of his cock and slammed it into her in one violent thrust.

Lea screamed as he entered her. It was another sound I've never heard her make before. I thought once again that I probably should have been furious with her, or with myself. Instead I felt lust. And then, inexplicably, I felt happy for her! I can't explain that strange response. But I was honest enough with myself to realize that I've never been able to make her feel what she was feeling now. I don't know why. I honestly saw little difference in what Jim was doing and what I have probably done with her on several occasions.

The only difference I was aware of was that Jim started gently ordering her around from the moment she arrived. But hell! How could ordering her to fetch a few beers make this much difference?!

It had to be something else, something much less obvious. Or could it be something as simple as Lea has wanted to be with Jim all this time? She never gave any indication of it if that's the case. And I know that Jim has never encouraged her. He's much too loyal a friend to do something like that.

Jim slammed his cock into her twice more before she screamed again and totally lost control. She came like I've never seen her cum before. She was bent over that table and Jim was holding her down. She was helpless. But she thrashed around under him as if she was having a fit. Her mouth was open and she was drooling. But it was plain to see that she was totally unaware of anything but Jim's cock inside of her.

Jim grinned down at Lea and slowed down. He began to fuck her with long, slow, gentle strokes until she had recovered from her orgasm. Then he started picking up the pace again until after half a dozen strokes he was slamming his cock into her violently again.

Lea was moaning loudly and grunting with each aggressive stroke. She came twice more in the next several minutes before Jim ordered her to open her eyes.

It took a moment for his order to sink in. But a moment later her eyes were open. She was looking right at me. But again, I honestly don't think that she could see me. She had a glassy, vacant look in her eyes. She was so wrapped up in lust that her entire attention was turned inward.

Jim slapped the cheek of her ass and snarled, "Lea! Look at your husband."

It took another moment. But she finally seemed to focus and our eyes met. I expected her to be embarrassed. But she wasn't. She smiled at me and our eyes remained locked on each other.

Jim gave her a minute to focus before he asked, "Are you looking at your husband?"

She grunted as he slammed into her once more and then she panted, "Yes! Yes, sir!"


Jim smiled and asked, "Do you love your husband?"

Lea smiled and answered, "Yes, sir."

Jim asked, "But you're my slut now, aren't you?"

Lea groaned and responded, "Yes, sir."

He slammed his cock into her again and asked, "What does that mean, Lea?"

Lea grunted and groaned in pleasure. In between all of those intensely sexual sounds she managed to say, "I'll do whatever you want me to do. I'll do all those things you said you were going to make me do."

He continued to fuck her violently. He reached under her and tugged on a handful of her pubic hair. She gasped in pleasure from the pain.

He grinned and asked, "What things, Lea? What things did you agree to do to please me?"

Lea moaned but didn't answer immediately.

Jim slapped her ass and said sternly, "Lea, don't make me repeat myself!"

She moaned again. But then she said, "I'll do anything you want, sir. I'll fuck you at anytime and in anyplace you want."

Her response was punctuated with frequent grunts as he continued to ram his cock into her. She continued, "I'll let you decide what clothes I wear. I'll let you undress me whenever and wherever you want. And I'll let you decide who can fuck me. I promise never to say no to you. You own my body. You own my pussy and my ass and my tits and my mouth."

Jim groaned and I could tell that he was about to lose it. He's been fucking her very hard for a very long time. I was impressed by his self control.

I could hear the strain in his voice when he asked, "How long will I own your body, Lea?"

She moaned and replied, "I'm yours for as long as you want me, sir."

Then she cried out and started cumming again. This time Jim joined her in a mutual and very violent orgasm. He slammed into her several more times and then he tilted his head back and gasped loudly and I knew he was filling her hot pussy with cum.

Until this moment, no one but me has fucked her since we began dating almost four years ago. I wouldn't want it any other way. But I knew that my entire life had just changed. I had just joined that group of men who got turned on watching other men fuck their wives!

I think that I may have been more surprised with my own reaction than by the way that Lea submitted to him so quickly. How could all that heat, all that lust have been inside of her without me knowing it? Why couldn't I bring it out?

I was tempted once again to wonder if something happened between them before we came up here to the cabin. But it was a fleeting thought. I knew it hadn't. I knew that I could trust Jim. He and I have been closer than brothers almost forever. I knew him to be an honorable man. I would trust him with my life or my wife.

Jim stayed in position, joined with Lea for several minutes. I watched them both getting their breath back. They were totally satisfied and I didn't see a single sign that Lea was having second thoughts or that she was troubled by a guilty conscience.

Jim finally slid his cock out of my wife's hot pussy and returned to his seat. Lea remained in position, bent over the table for a moment longer. She finally started to straighten up but Jim snapped at her, "I didn't say you could get up yet! Stay where you are. I'm enjoying the view. I like looking at your puffy cunt after a good fuck."

I watched her face. She groaned and her eyes closed. But a look of intense pleasure came over her face. She was getting off on the way he talked to her!

A moment passed and then Jim turned his attention to me. Our eyes met and we both smiled. No discussion was necessary. We knew each other very well. He knew how I had reacted to what I just witnessed.

He said, "Okay, Dave. It's your turn to fuck your wife. Or would you rather have her suck your cock?"

I was incredibly grateful to him at that moment! I didn't expect to be invited to join in the fun. But god I was horny right at that moment! I would have to find some way to make this up to him.

I smiled then. I was planning to show my appreciation to my friend for letting me fuck my wife! How strange is that?!

I've never fucked my wife or any other woman after someone else just fucked her. For some reason the concept was really turning me on. It was plain to see from the look on her face that she was far less enthused. I don't think she anticipated that her new master would grant me access to her hot little pussy. I had to wonder, then, who did she think he was going to let fuck her? And then I began to wonder, just who did he intend to let fuck my wife?!

I put that minor concern out of my mind and stood up. After all, it didn't concern me now. She has just become his problem. I went around the table, looked down at her swollen pussy and said, "She was never very good at sucking cocks, Jim. She thinks it's nasty and doesn't like doing it. And anyway, I'm kind of curious to see what her cunt feels like after she's just been fucked. I've never had sloppy seconds before. But are you sure it's okay? She's your cunt now."

Her head was turned to the side and resting on her arm. I could still see her face from behind her. I watched her expression change. She was embarrassed by what I just said. I wondered if she might even be feeling just a touch of guilt.

Jim smiled and answered, "I'll take care of that blowjob thing. She just needs an attitude adjustment. She'll come around once she gets a lot more practice with me and a few of my friends."

The look on her face when he said that almost made me laugh out loud. I bit my lip and started undressing. Lea lifted her head slightly and watched me closely. She saw how hard and wet my cock was. She had to know how turned on I was after watching the show she and Jim just put on. It was pretty obvious.

I reached out and caressed her back and the cheeks of her ass affectionately. She smiled and sighed. I looked down between her legs. Her pussy was pink and still slightly swollen. But aside from that it looked perfectly normal after their violent fuck. There was a creamy film over it and small streams of clear liquid running down her thighs.

She looked a little nasty and I was surprised when I realized how much that turned me on. My best friend has just fucked the shit out of my wife. And after watching it my cock is so hard that it hurts. I'm a bigger pervert than I ever realized!

I stepped closer and slid my cock up and down through the crack of her beautiful ass. I gripped the cheeks of her ass and watched my cock moving between her soft, firm globes of flesh. I love every part of her body. But I think that I've always been particularly fond of her ass. She still has an ass as firm and high as a teenager.

Lea moaned in pleasure and sighed, sounds I've never been able to elicit from her in the past. Then she said, "That feels good, baby. Are you going to fuck me now?"

I chuckled. Until a short time ago when I heard her begging Jim to fuck her I had never heard her use the word fuck. Now it seemed to roll right off of her tongue.

I dipped my knees and lined my cock up with her well fucked pussy and slowly entered her. Her tight little pussy never felt so hot! And I was very relieved when it clamped down on my hard cock and felt just like it always did, perfect.

I started fucking her. Not as violently as Jim just did, but I was very turned on and I wasn't being gentle. While I pounded into her I said to Jim, "She has never let me fuck her ass. I just heard her tell you that you could fuck her ass anytime you want. I can't wait to see that."

Jim said, "It's not that traumatic. A lot of guys don't know a girl's ass from a hole in the ground. If you do it right, most women really enjoy it. It just takes a little extra preparation. A very sexy woman I used to date taught me how to do it right. She was really into it. Lea is going to enjoy it. And she is going to be a nice little cocksucker too, now that she knows her place. Isn't that right, bitch?"

Lea groaned. I wasn't sure if it was from fear or lustful anticipation. But then she replied, "Yes, sir."

I leaned over and rested my elbows on the table. I reached under Lea and grabbed one of her sensitive tits in each hand and started gently massaging them.

She moaned again and said, "Oh yeah! That feels nice. Fuck me, baby. I love the way your cock feels inside of me. Fuck me good. Fuck Jim's cunt."

Cunt? She hates that word! I remembered seeing her at a party one time. Some guy standing behind her was talking to some friends. He made the mistake of saying that word loud enough that she overheard him. She whipped around and tore into him like a pit bull. And now, after an hour and a half with Jim she suddenly has a cunt!

I will never understand. Except for the short amount of time that they had spent together in the kitchen I watched and listened to everything they said to each other. It can't be something that Jim said that brought about this change in her. He didn't say anything!

I guess he must have said something in the kitchen that got her juices flowing. That was where she agreed to let him take control.

I was going to have to try to find out what he said to her in the kitchen. They must be magic words.

It was getting hard to think. Not much of my blood was going to my brain at the moment. I started paying more attention to the way my cock felt as my wife's hot cunt gripped it tightly. I suddenly became a little more aware of the world around me and I realized that she having another orgasm. She was much quieter than she was when Jim was fucking her. But I felt her pussy clamp down and she moaned in pleasure.

I would have liked to be able to make it last a little longer. But for an hour or so I've been on the verge of cumming just from watching the two of them together. I lost it then. When her pussy clamped down on my cock I slammed into her violently and then I clamped down on her tits and shot what must have been a huge load into her hot cunt.

I chuckled to myself as it occurred to me that I've never before thought of my wife's vagina as a cunt. But she said it first.

I finally pulled my slowly deflating cock out of my wife and stepped back. I admired the view as she remained bent over the table. Then I went back around the table and sat back down.

Lea looked at me and smiled. But there was a strange look on her face that I couldn't quite translate.

Jim waited until I returned to my seat. Then he said, "You're still horny as hell, aren't you, Lea?"

I suddenly realized where I had seen that look on her face before. She looked like a cat that was being petted. She looked like she was purring! She was having a ball!

She nodded and then quietly responded to Jim, "Yes, sir. I'm sorry. But I'm still horny as hell."

Jim laughed. But I heard affection in his voice when he said, "Go get your ass cleaned up. Then get us all another beer and come back out here. Don't dawdle. I'm not through playing with your nasty ass."

Lea moaned again as she slowly pushed herself to her feet. Moaning and groaning seems to have become her primary form of communication. She turned to face Jim and I swear she was glowing. She smiled and said, "Yes, sir. I'll be right back."

She rushed back inside. As soon as she was out of range of our voices, Jim smiled and said, "That wasn't bad for a beginning. I told you. She just needs someone to tell her what to do."

I shook my head in amazement and asked, "What the hell did you say to her in the kitchen?!"

He laughed and responded, "It isn't what I said, Dave. It's all in the attitude. You just keep quiet this week and watch. You'll pick it up. You're a smart guy. I take it you aren't plagued by second thoughts?"

I grinned and replied, "It's a good thing you invited me to use your slut when you did. I was about to have to rape one of you. And you were closer."

He laughed and said, "If you were that authoritative with her for the last three years I'd never have gotten my dick in that sweet pussy. Maybe there's hope for you yet."

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