Beth's Toys, Nia's Duty
Chapter 1

Beth loved to lounge in the pool in the backyard of her house, sunbathing, splashing about. She was a fish when it came to water, always swimming or taking bubble baths when the mood struck.

It was mid-summer as the ravaging beauty was taking advantage of a couple of hard-earned days off from work. Early morning Monday, as she and her boyfriend, Jay, awoke from another night of passionate love-making, Beth felt compelled to take a dip. Jay went to use the bathroom and upon returning, could hear the distant splash of the 5'7" Beth diving into the pool just outside the first-story bedroom.

Jay opened the patio door to see the tanned brunnette sprawled out on the white two-person rubber raft; the sun's rays reflecting savagely off her shiny copper-colored Victoria Secret bikini. Jay stared, taking in her long dark hair, perfectly sculpted face and above all, smooth and silky legs. He was completely aroused.

Beth turned, hand to her forehead to block the intense sun from her piercing brown eyes, though she wore expensive designer sunglasses. With the water gently caressing the raft, Beth suggested, "C'mon in the water is sooo sexy."

Jay wasted no time as dove in naked, hastily boarding the large raft. The ensuing waves shook the two lovebirds as water kicked up, whetting their skin.

Jay immediately locked onto the beauty's soft, pouty lips, kissing for the longest time as Beth moaned in pleasure. "MMM, wow, big guy, that was awesome. That felt soo good," Beth purred.

Beth and Jay settled in as they lay on their stomachs, arms, hands and fingers caressing each other or stirring the clear warm water. Jay spotted some toy boats floating near by. Beth had purchased five remote-controlled toy boats that were replicas of real-life expensive yachts.


Beth and Jay settled in as they lay on their stomachs, hands and fingers caressing each other or stirring the clear warm water. Jay spotted some toy boats floating nearby. Beth had purchased five remote-controlled toy boats that were replicas of real-life expensive yachts in anticipation of a pool party she was having in a few days. The boats were scale models, complete with pain-staking details from their life-size counterparts. Jay studied them as he lay with chin near the water's surface, eye-level with the boats. Looking to the side of the pool, Jay spotted some remote-controlled cars, one which looked like a Ferrari and some other exotic cars.

"Hey, Beth," Jay began. "Yes," Beth responded in a sleepy haze, half annoyed anyone would dare wake her from her pampered state. "Didn't know you were into collecting model boats and cars." Beth lazily lifted her head as long strands of dark brunette covered her face, tangling in her arms. Scanning the water's surface, Beth pointed to each boat as she rest her chin on Jay's arm, describing each in detail. "I happened to be in a hobby store and they caught my eye. I'm in the pool so often; I thought they might be a fun addition. Pretty cool, huh. They cost me a fortune. The toy cars I must say were an impulse purchase, but I don't regret buying the little buggers. Why do you ask? Do you think it's strange I spent money on them? I do work hard, so I can splurge now and then," Beth spoke defensively.

"No, no, not at all! I was just curious," Jay quipped. The two stared at the miniature boats as Jay couldn't help but imagine the two were giants compared to the models; actually more Beth them him. Jay pictured Beth swimming out to the all-too-real looking miniatures and sinking them just for fun, killing the imagined tiny people on board. Or climbing ashore in her copper-colored bikini to wreak havoc on the drivers in the cars happily making their way along the make-believe water-side freeway. Jay's imagination was getting the better of him. He just had to share his fantasy with Beth. It was too much to hold in.


"I just thought of the most incredible fantasy," Jay began excitedly as he turned to face the sunglass-wearing beauty. "Does this involve us and Pam again?," Beth whined as she stirred the water with her fingers. "I know, you want me to go down on you?" Beth suggested with a smile.

"Nope, neither. Actually ... this is kinda weird, but I just thought of something really kinky. As I'm looking at these toy boats. Well ... they're so real looking, ya know with that detail and stuff that it feels like we're giants or something looking down on a miniature world." Beth chuckled, but was curious to hear more. "And are there tiny people on these boats?," Beth hinted as she adjusted her bikini top. "Well, yes. And people in the cars you bought, too," Jay continued in a soft voice.

"That's pretty cool. So what does your imagination have us doing as giant people?" Beth inquired, partly mocking, partly fanning Jay's boyish fantasy. "What, I know, you have me knocking down buildings, chasing people like Godzilla. Right?" Beth laughed. "Actually, something like that, but you'd also be wearing that damned sexy bikini," Jay replied.

"Just bought this number at Victoria Secret, so I guess I would be in fashion," Beth purred. "So, how tall would I be?


Beth snaked her way off the luxurious raft as the water rose with the accompanying woman's splash. Jay watched as Beth surfaced a few feet away, her beautiful face surfacing as her wet hair clung to her backside. "OK, I'm gonna move these boats over to the raft and show you what I would do if I was a giant woman, ya know shopping for clothes, clubbing, out with the girls ... all while I destroy the nearest city in my bikini, of course," Beth giggled. "I'll tell ya, you men have some crazy fantasies. But, it's your lucky day because I'm feelin' this. I think I'd make a devious bitch at it, too," Beth continued as she gently maneuvered the boats with her hands toward her awaiting boyfriend. "I'd probably come from the sea like some monster and come upon these boats. Oh, the poor people." Beth sank lower in the water as she came closer to the raft. "I can't believe I'm pretending to be a giant"

With all five miniature boats positioned along different sides the raft, Beth lifted herself onto the float, again backside up next to Jay. "See what I mean, sexy? The detail on these boats is unreal," Jay marveled. Beth picked up one of the toys in her hands, examining it closely. "See, this one's even got a name, Femme Finesse. It's pretty neat how they captured all the finer points of the interior, including the wheel, benches, gauges and all," Beth pointed softly as she placed the boat back in the water. She then located the other boats spanning her lanky body along the raft. Scanning the pool's edges for the five toy cars, Beth was content to make her miniature world around the pool a reality. "I used to love playing dollhouse when I was a little girl" Beth lowered her face to the toy boat.


Beth was content to make her miniature world around the pool a reality. "I used to love playing dollhouse when I was a little girl" Beth lowered her face to the toy boat.

Jay was eager to help his girlfriend turn into a "giant" as he placed his face at the level of the toy yacht, egging her on. "Attention little people in the boat, I am warning you that if you don't leave my girlfriend alone you will be putting you lives in jeopardy. She has come to this planet only to pamper herself and swim in your water." Beth laughed. "Uh, didn't you hear him?" Beth scolded down to the boat. "I have some tanning to do and I don't need a bunch of little people staring at me. OK, I'm making an ultimatum. Get these stinkin' boats away from my sexy body or I'll go psycho; starting with sinking your boat, then I'll swim ashore and start crushing all the traffic on your pathetic freeway. You'll love my bikini, though. It's all the rage on the planet I come from" Beth slowly placed her fingers along the boat as she began applying pressure, letting it fill with water ever so slowly. Placing her hand back under her chin, both of them watched intently as the boat sank, the gurgle of bubbles singing in her pretty ears.

"Wow, girl, you're really getting into this hold giant bitch thing!" Jay exclaimed spastically. "Thanks, sometimes being a bitch comes naturally to me. This is fun. Good idea. I'm actually turned on by the power I feel," Beth returned joyously as they watched the boat sink to the bottom of the pool. "Ooopsy, honey, won't you be a girl's best friend and retrieve those pathetic people from the bottom of my pool," Beth requested with a smirk. Jay then dove in head first to fetch the girl's handy work.

"I said get these boats out of here," Jay could hear as he came to the surface. Beth had placed yet another toy boat in from of her face as it bobbed up and down in unison with the raft. This model was a scale replica of a large ferry boat, replete with toy passenger cars on its deck. As Jay made his way back on the raft, Beth plucked a hapless toy vehicle from the boat, eyeing it evilly, eyelashes batting. "Hey, pretty cute car, people. Now, as I said these boats and all the people on them need to go. 5... 4... 3... 2... 1 ... OK, time's up! Beth lightly dropped the car into the water as it made a PLOP sound; then as Jay watched intently, Beth sexily and gently picked another car from the boat and dropped into the water. "Oooohh, so sorry, my boyfriend will get you people out of the water," Beth purred as Jay again dove to retrieve the victim vehicles at the bottom of the pool. Beth used the down time to adjust her shiny copper-colored bikini and crop her hair.

As Jay reached the depths of the pool, he noticed a strange glowing object that he hadn't seen before. It looked like a rock but he couldn't be sure. Reaching for the toy cars, Jay grabbed onto the rock and surfaced, again climbing onto the soft raft. "I found some weird object in the pool," Jay began. "What, did you poop in my pool?" Beth joked as she grabbed the glowing object from Jay. Beth examined it closely, cautiously. Sniffing it, Beth suggested, "Smells like charcoal I use on my grill. Probably just some fell into the pool." Beth licked it for taste to be certain. "Eww! Gross!," Beth snarled. The rock glowed more as Beth tossed it into the yard where it landed into a drainage pipe.

"OH My God, Beth!" Jay roared in horror.


"911, what's you emergency?"

Caller: Uh ... yes ... um ... um ... it's my girlfriend. She's sick. Um ... I don't know what to say, but I think...

Operator: OK, get a hold of yourself. Now, what is your girlfriend's name?

Caller: Beth ... Beth ... we ... she lives at 65748 Hill Drive...

Operator: I have emergency personnel on the way. They will be able to help you if you tell me what's wrong.

Caller: I can't believe, but I think she's growing, I mean ... um ... she's growing really tall! Please, please help.

(Loud female moan heard in the background)

Operator: Are you two using drugs or are you drinking?

Caller: It's 10 AM, I'm not drinking. I'm cold sober!

Operator: Help is on the way ... please stay on the line.

Within five minutes two squad cars and an ambulance arrived at Beth's house. The officers didn't need to knock on the front door to know what was happening. Beth's freshly painted red toes had protruded onto the neighbor's driveway, having overturned a car. Feet as tall as an average man stood upright, having toppled over the property-bordering white picket fence. Beth lay in the pool like no more than she might soaking in a bath. Long dark hair lay among the fresh green grass, brush and flower beds. Jay stood just outside the patio door gawking at the giant beauty as she continued to grow. Before his eyes, Beth's silky legs gained length, snaking further into the neighbor's property. The sound of concrete walls, patio furniture and tree branches snapping, cracking and crunching under the weight of an ever-expanding woman filled the air.

Beth lay in the pool, hands and arms at the pool's edges. "Please, someone help me!" Beth begged. "Help is her, baby!", Jay assured her. Beth's hair thickened as it seemed to become more full and sexy. Her lips became more pouty and full as her arms, hands and fingers stretched to insane lengths. Beth adjusted herself to be more comfortable in the pool. Water splashed up all over the yard.

The police, upon entering the backyard were in utter shock. "Uh, dispatch, we have a rather weird situation here. Well, how should I put this ... we have a woman here ... she's ... uh ... she's a giant. Please call ... I dunno, maybe 100 feet! Please call for back up, she's still growing!

Unbeknownst to anyone, including Beth, Jay had planted a tiny remote control device on her bikini top witch would allow her to control several trucks, cars, boats, helicopters he had previously jerry-rigged. The vehicles' owners were unaware that their machines now belonged to Beth.

I'M REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE HERE. I CAN'T JUST SIT IN THIS POOL WHILE YOU ALL FIGURE OUT WHAT CAUSED ME TO GET THIS WAY ... AND THEN CURE ME. I'M SORRY, I JUST HAVE TO GET UP. "Ma'am, I know it's hard, but for the safety of your neighbor and for your privacy, I urge you to stay put," an officer pleaded with the tall beauty. "Baby, do what they say, please!", Jay urged.

I'M REALLY SORRY, Beth began apologetically, BUT I NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE! Beth began to rise as she placed her hands firmly on the pool's sides, lifted as she brought her impossibly long legs closer in. Gallons upon gallons of water poured down her length as Beth slowly rose to her feet, which lay in the depths of the pool. Jay and the officers looked up in awe at the giant.

She was 150 feet tall, towering over houses, trees, power lines and of course everyone in the world. WHOA!, OMIGOD. THIS IS SO FREAKY! Beth's bikini had survived the expansion and looked sexier than ever. The bikini was one Beth was looking forward to wearing to the beach and impressing all the guys. And now had the opportunity to show it off to the world. No one could look as good as her in the super sleek fabric with molten shine, featuring a halter top with deep plunge neckline with ties at the neck and back and better yet, a low-rise bottom with "moderate" coverage. The sun reflected blindingly off the swimwear as seemingly millions of strands of dark hair cascaded off the head and onto the face and shoulders of the giant.

Looking down at the people there to rescue her, Beth was speechless. An awkward silence fell over the scene as Beth raised her arms and shrugged her shoulders in dismay and embarrassment ... UM, WHAT CAN I SAY? THIS IS REALLY WEIRD! Jay and the officers just stared in stunned silence. Beth then scanned the landscape, which included the countless houses, rows of streets, lampposts, carefully planted trees and cars in driveways and on streets. She could see cars leaving garages as her neighbors assumed their regularly scheduled treks to work and school. It seemed no one had spotted her yet.

OH, NO, Beth moaned as five more cop cars showed up at her door, the occasional siren blaring intermittently. OK, I THINK IT'S TIME I MADE MY EXIT. A GIRL CAN ONLY TAKE SO MUCH OF THIS. IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW I GOT THIS WAY, THEN MAY BE YOU GUYS SHOULD BE WRITING TICKETS OR SOIMETHING. PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS BREAKING THE LAW. Beth placed her hands on her hips in an act of defiance and superiority. "OK, Ma'am, please be patient. Just stay where you are. Don't do anything stupid, people might get hurt," the police pleaded. Beth wrinkled her nose and rolled her eyes as she sighed with impatience.

OH, FORGET IT! Beth lifted her feet out of the pool and stretched her right leg menacingly over her ranch-style house and onto the front lawn, feet and toes landing with a thud that set off car alarms throughout the neighborhood. Beth assessed the area, noting the seven police cars just at her feet and power lines she'd need to negotiate. Two cars heading down the street in Beth's direction collided with a parked vehicle and a tree, respectively as their drivers either couldn't take their eyes of the goddess or were completely taken aback by Victoria's Secret's new sleek and shiny bikini design.



Detective Essex: C'mon, Jay, you're not opening up to us. What the hell happened here? I've got a giant woman on the loose and all you can do is shrug your shoulders?

Jay: I swear I don't know how my girlfriend got the way she did. I'm in as much shock as everyone else!

DE: Well, describe for us the details of the events leading up to her growth. Ya know, like an hour, ten minutes before.

Jay: Honestly, it was a typical morning. We got up around 8AM. I slept over and got up to use the bathroom. I come out and I see she's out back there (Jay pointing) swimming in the pool. Then I came out to join her.

DE: Go on. That can't be it.

Jay: That was about it. Well ... uh ... yah. That's it. We just played around, ya know like men and women do when they're playing around, I guess. Next thing ya know I got you guys on the phone.

DE: This whole thing doesn't really seem to upset you that much. You do want Beth to be OK, don't you?

Jay: Of course. I'm completely sickened by the state's she's in.

DE: Did she eat anything or touch anything out of the ordinary? I should let you know that it was reported by the military that a cargo plane flying over this general vicinity inadvertently discharged a low volume of hazardous materials. It's not public knowledge, but the FBI is investigating. No one is sure what anyone in contact with it could suffer from, but it's considered highly dangerous. Now, I'll ask you again, did you or Beth have any contact with any objects that looked suspicious. I'll find out eventually if you're lying and you'll be in some serious shit.

Jay: (lump forming in his throat). I swear I don't know anymore than I've told you.

Detective Essex turns to several police officers standing in Beth's living room and whispers, "this punk's lying and I want you guys to prove it. Obtain a search warrant and have this place turned over"

"911, what's your emergency?"

Unidentified Female: "I'm on Main Avenue heading downtown ... there's a ... there's like this giant woman in the street. She's huge. I mean ... I can feel the road buckling and shacking...

Operator: "What? Can you please be more specific? Is someone hurt?"

Unidentified Female: "Well, she could have stepped on someone. There's this person, I dunno, she's huge. She's just walking in the street. She's like a hundred feet tall or something...

"911, what's your emergency?"

Unidentified Male: "You're not gonna believe this, but I just saw this giant woman's face pass the window of my apartment and I'm fourteen stories up. She's huge!

Operator: Sir, police are on the scene and we are investigating. Thank you for your call. Please try to stay calm.

Grabbing Headlines

Anchor: We have breaking news from our affiliate out of Port Town. In a rather odd development, there has been sighting of an extremely tall woman ... well ... a giant woman for that matter in the Port Town vicinity. This is not a hoax. We're not joking, here. Let's turn to our affiliate reporter, Paige Jinson for more details on this breaking story.

Paige, what is going on here?

Reporter: Well, Brenda, as you can see behind me. I'm standing on the roof a five story building. As you can see behind me, there she is, Beth Patters, 25 year old, has somehow become, simply put, a giant. Authorities are estimating that she's somewhere between 125 and 150 feet tall. To put that into perspective, the top of her head would reach between 12 and 15 stories. That's very tall. Quite frankly, no one is sure how she got this way. Ms. Patters is from the Port Estates section of town, well known for its upper middle class residents and she works as a media consultant. She is divorced from a Mr. Ben Rilson, an attorney here in town. That's as much as we know at this time.

Anchor: Wow! Indeed, she is very tall. I guess I should ask if anyone has gotten hurt? Do they know, for instance, if she will be careful around the population? In fact, why is she even walking around? Seems to me if I'm that tall and at that height very dangerous, I'd stay somewhere more remote. Why head towards the city's more populated areas, much less during a busy commuting time?

Reporter: Good question. And especially, as you can see in a very, very, skimpy bikini. We don't know if she is perhaps looking for someone or something. We do know that her ex-husband works here downtown, so maybe that has something to do with her being in the wrong place at the wrong time. As far as injuries, we have reports that several motorists have been involved in collisions resulting from, well, how can I say this? Honestly, having a giant woman in your midst is very distracting. Several people have been taken to the hospital. No one it seems has had any direct contact with the giant directly. Our Newscopter (clips shown on the screen) reporters have spotted large footprints along the approximately three mile path she has carved into lawns, streets and sidewalks so far. As you can see there (referring to the video on screen), as she's making her way, motorists are simply pulling over and fleeing their vehicles on foot. Large impressions, deep imprints appear in the road where you would expect cars to be driving. I'm about a mile from her location, and believe me you can feel the ground runble something like in the movie Jurassic Park. Here, in another part of town, lampposts and mailboxes are a crumpled mess. And to drive home how large a person we're talking about here, a gaping hole ... take a look at this Brenda! (screen shows office building with missing windows and people standing inside examining the damage) This woman has managed, with the swipe of her long nails to punch out three windows from this office building. Unfortunately, some people on the ground there on the sidewalk are being tended to by paramedics as a result of the falling glass and debris. Several parked cars appeared to be crushed. Ya know, it doesn't appear as though she's intentionally causing damage, but I'd imagine at that size, something as mundane as a misplaced toe can wreak havoc. It's all a rather surreal.

Anchor: Thank you, Paige. We can only hope Ms. Patters does not have some kind of violent streak in her. Now, we turn to our senior analysts for more discussion on this very, very strange and perplexing story.


It was now 11:30 AM and the height of another routine workday. On Kasin Street, people could hear the loud rumble of the giant Beth, whom by now was three blocks from their location. People in their cars made a hasty exit upon listening to radio reports of her presence. They weren't about to wait around to see just what kind of a temperament a 150 foot woman had. Hoards of people lined the streets in what was quickly becoming a single large mass of humanity. Horns began to blare; police car sirens and bullhorns signaled the impending danger.

Beth watched from two blocks away on Miskin Street, standing with her feet planted firmly among abandoned vehicles, miscellaneous debris and other traces of a speedy exit by unsuspecting citizens. The mass of people far below her pretty brown eyes appeared to her a pallet of colors, morphing into various patterns as people dashed in random paths away from her.

Beth stood there and, as anyone who bothered to gawk might notice; she was a sight of perfection; shiny and bright painted toes, silky long and tanned legs, deep belly button, muscular abs, cute breasts. Straining one's neck up 150 feet, one would admire a most beautiful olive-tone face, button nose, chiseled cheek bones and pouty glossed up lips any Hollywood star might be envious of. Beth shook her head to tussle her hair as long strands composed themselves in a sexy pose upon the woman's crown. Aaahh, the aroma was yet another dimension, unseen but a universe of sensuality, pleasure and femininity that cast aside all notions of smell within three miles. Liz Claiborne perfumes were Beth's favorite and a light splash here or there combined with Beth's natural scents were beyond heavenly. The intensely satisfying odor spread like wildfire through the city, seemingly snaking its way among streets, into buildings and into subway stations. By now, people were familiar with Beth's calling card. If the smell intensifies ... run!

Police and new copters began to circle the woman as she continued to stand in street in a pose familiar to most fashions models; hand on hips, slight bend in one knee and a smile on her face. Beth was mesmerized by the scene of so many running from her; she hadn't given anyone a reason to fear her, well except for that bridge back there. In fact, Beth knelt down to start cleaning debris and right-siding cars on the street below at her feet. Carefully with her long fingers, Beth scooped up abandoned handbags, briefcases, laptop computers, coats, as well as trash. Holding a large pile of articles in her open hand, Beth rose to her feet and placed the items on the roof of a ten story building. Kneeling again, Beth began gingerly placing cars back on their wheels, closing car doors that remained open and placing them in a single file on the road readying them for their owners. Cutely patting the roof on one of the cars with her fingers, Beth slowly rose to her full height.

Pilots in the helicopters recognized the gentle gesture of the woman and approached her face. PLEASE, COME CLOSER, Beth requested softly and warmly. I WON'T HURT ANYBODY. Three choppers hovered in more closely as Beth winked. Making eye contact with all the passengers as she scanned the scene, Beth felt comfortable enough addressing people in what might otherwise be a difficult environment to engage in conversation.

While the eerie sounds of screams, stampeding pedestrians and the circling of police choppers did not send an outright message of trust to the 150' woman, Beth was comfortable nonetheless. LOOK, I KNOW THIS MUST BE THE CRAZIEST THING ANYBODY HAS EVER SEEN. I'D BE TOTALLY FREAKED IF I SAW SOME GIANT WOMAN COMING MY WAY. THAT'S WHY I'M TRYING TO BE CAREFUL NOT TO DESTROY ANYTHING. I TOTALLY SPACED BACK THERE WHEN I TRIPPED OVER THAT BRIDGE. I SHOULD HAVE PAID MORE ATTENTION WHEN I STEPPED OVER IT. MY BIG TOE JUST GOT CAUGHT ON THE GUARDRAIL AND WELL, MY FOOT CAME DOWN ON THE CARS AND ON THE ROAD. I KNOW I CAUSED A LOT OF DAMAGE BACK THERE, BUT I'M REALLY SORRY. Worse than she imagined, the four lane concrete bridge that spanned 20 feet above Frish Street was crammed with cars in all lanes. Beth's foot landed firmly in the middle of the bridge, smashing it into two sections as it caved in on the roadway below. Ten cars were crushed beyond recognition. Firefighters are at the scene with the "jaws of life" prying people from the wreck. Traffic backed for ten miles.

"This is the police," a voiced beamed from a chopper floating near the beauty's ear. "Please tell us how you got this way and what we can do to help you." WELL, Beth started with wry laugh as she shyly placed her hair back behind one ear. YOU SEE, I'VE GOT THIS BOYFRIEND ... Beth was startled and interrupted by a blood-curdling scream and the crash of yet another car. CAN I BE HONEST?, THIS WHOLE MESS IS A LITTLE AWKWARD. I MEAN, HERE I AM IN THIS NEW BIKINI AND I'M STANDING AMONG THOUSANDS OF TINY PEOPLE, PUNY CARS AND CIRCLING HELICOPTERS. CAN I GO SOMEPLACE A GIRL CAN STRETCH HER LEGS? PERHAPS GET A LITTLE MORE COMFORTABLE? I HAVE AN IDEA. CAN SOMEONE MAKE ME A GIANT POOL RAFT. THEN I CAN MAKE MY WAY TO THE PORT RIVER, FLOAT, RELAX AND MAYBE GRAB A BITE TO EAT. THEN I CAN TELL THE WHOLE WORLD MY STORY. I LOVE TO LOUNGE ON MY RAFTS AT HOME, SO THAT WOULD JUST PUT ME IN THE BEST MOOD.

"Yes, Ms. Patters, your wish is easy enough to fulfill. We will call in a police escort for you and have a local pool company get you that raft." THANK YOU. AND ... UH ... YOU CAN CALL ME BETH.


Beth was feeling really good at this point. She was looking forward to a relaxing day on her raft that the city was currently busying itself making. Beth smiled down to all the people on the streets and sidewalks as she located a six story parking garage where she might place her girly butt and take a load off of her feet.

Gingerly and daintily moving a number of cars with her long fingers, Beth lowered herself onto the roof of the garage, sitting in a a manner that allowed her feet to dangle just above the sidewalk below and out of people's way. Beth took in the sight of hovering helicopters and people staring out of windows in neighboring office and apartment buildings. As the giant took in a deep breath, assessing the surrounding aromas, Beth waved. The sound of people scampering under her toes and the orchestra of tiny traffic was music to the giant beauty.

Beth reclined on the parking structure roof, elbows resting on the surface, supporting her body, looking much like a girl at the beach. In fact, her stomach and face glowed from the intense sun, an already bronze tan darkening gracefully, no, savagely. "What the hell is this?" Beth could be heard asking herself as she spotted some kind of tiny personal digital assistant pinned to her bikini top. Unclipping it, Beth spotted the devices screen which lit up. It read, "To Beth, with love, from Jay. Beth, try this device. It gives you control over about 50 life size cars, trucks, boats, even helicopters me and my friends rigged. The remote control operates off of the energy of your giant body. It wouldn't work if you were normal size. Please use the screen to select the vehicle and use the buttons to control them. You will be able to see where you are going on the screen. On the back of the device is a headset that allows you to hear and to communicate with people. Most importantly, have fun!"

"How cool!" Beth oozed with excitement. Sitting up slightly, Beth put the tiny headset on and began tapping the keyboard with her pretty fingers. She navigated through a menu of vehicles on the LCD screen. The screen listed "yacht", "car", "helicopter", "plane", "SUV", etc. Eager to try out the device, Beth clicked on "helicopter." Instantly, the screen came to life and showed the interior of a helicopter, as one would see it were they sitting in the cockpit, a view looking out the front window. From the scenery outside the chopper, Beth surmised it was located just off the bank of the Port River. In fact, it was used for sightseeing. Beth hit the "start" button on the device as she could hear the engine start, blades spinning.

Beth was a quick study and was using the remote control to guide the craft off the ground with somewhat ease. OMIGOD! Beth giggled out loud. Nearby police choppers swooped in over the giant's shoulder to see what the fuss was. Beth scrunched over to hide the device as she watched the screen as a view of the landscape came into view. Beth "piloted" the craft toward the city, as the tour company, as owners of the helicopters called the police to report a theft. Laughing, Beth maneuvered the chopper back to the tour company building and circled the helicopter around the facilities, swooping in and around, announcing over the PA via her headset, THANKS FOR THE TOY HELICOPTER. I'M GONNA BORROW IT FOR A FEW HOURS.

Beth piloted the chopper back toward the city, occasionally swooping low over traffic, giggling as some cars veered into each other, unaware if and where the erratically piloted vehicle would land. Erratic was an understatement, since Beth chose to fly some 25 feet off the ground at roughly 60 MPH through the cavernous city streets. People on sidewalks yelled at the helicopter to slow down. Beth's grin only got wider.

Beth perilously navigated between buildings, smiling with joy. Beth's eyes widened as she spotted a congested intersection. Hovering the vehicle just 15 feet above the six lane intersection, the giant was virtually eye level with a large group of people in cars and on foot. No one was alarmed since they had no reason to believe a 150 foot woman in a bikini was the "pilot." Beth watched amusingly on her LCD screen the slow moving traffic, relatively calm in its remoteness from a giant. Beth grinned ear to ear as though she just found a priceless gem; "Uh, ooh, I'm just gonna love messing with these people's heads," Beth thought of the commuters below her chopper. ATTENTION MOTORISTS, Beth began through the PA on the chopper. People stared up as though receiving directions from the police or something. Cars slowed. THIS IS BETH. A GIANT WOMAN IN A SWIMSUIT HAS INVADED YOUR CITY FROM A DISTANT PLANET. A girl giggle and sigh were subsequently broadcast. I WOULDN'T BE IN THE STREETS MUCH LONGER. THIS GIANT HAS BEEN OVERTURING CARS AND DESTROYING BUILDINGS. OH, AND SHE LOVES TO WEAR MAYBELINE.

People simply stared at each other, stunned into inactivity as Beth watched girlishly at the scene on her LCD. With a smirk and a lot of sarcasm, Beth addressed them one more time before flying off ... OK, PEOPLE, CAN'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU. STAY THERE AND YOU MAY BE TREATED TO A MATINEE OF "ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT..."NO, WAIT 15O FOOT WOMAN" Sighing pleasurably, confidently.



I was soaking in the tub, rocking out to Beyonce on my iPod when I got the call. I was a little pissed at the phone ringing, since I never like to be disturbed during my luxurious bubble baths; I had the bubbles, candles, wine and the tunes in perfect sync. God, what do they want? Rising out of the tub, bubbles cascading down my silky body, I grabbed the phone, "Hello?" I asked in an impatient tone.

"Hey, Nia, you gotta get over her! I need your help. The cops are on to me and I think I'm in trouble!" the frazzled voice muttled on the other end. It was my on-again-off-again boyfriend Jay. "Yeah, your sorry ass is all over the news. I can't believe you turned your girlfriend into a giant and let her loose on the city like that. Serves you right!" I replied. I was angry with Jay, since he hadn't call since the last time we did the deed some two months ago. "Please, I need your company and your support. Do you know where Beth's house is?" Jay pleaded. "Fine, this better be worth my while!" I growled.

Honestly, I couldn't wait to see him; so much so, I never stopped to empty the tub, as I threw on a random white spandex micro mini skirt and a white bikini top. I was out of the apartment in no time as I grabbed the keys to the Porsche and my oversized sunglasses. As I stepped outside, the intense sun hit my face as I put my oversized sunglasses over my eyes. I drove off as my silky legs, glowing with sweat, stuck stubbornly to the car's fine leather. Oh shit, I'm driving commando, forgot to put on my panties!

I was eager to do the nasty I also totally forgot about Beth and the possibility that roads were backed up. All the radio stations were abuzz about Beth's visit to the center of town; somehow, and I am determined to find out from Jay how the hell he got her to be so damn tall. As I'm turning the bend around Arrow Street, two blocks from Beth's I'm totally floored at the sight of a large sink hole in the middle of the street. I came to a stop to ask some people milling around what happened. "That giant woman had walked through my backyard and onto this street. She downed a telephone pole over there and she left behind footprints in the roadway," a nice man explained. Better yet, apparently she stepped on the back of someone's car; it was fine from the front, but completed smooshed in the back. This woman had to be stopped!

Luckily, I made it to Beth's house where Jay answered the door, nervous and sweaty. I, on the other hand, stood in the doorway, looking like the latest addition to the Pussycat Dolls, glossy ebony skin and thick black hair seemingly begging to be cast. My eyes watered from anticipation. Within three minutes I was on top of Jay in Beth's bedroom, micro skirt and no panties an easy flip of fabric away from bumping and grinding as the television blared; Beth on top of some parking garage, teasing people with some contraption as hundreds of people ran about in fear. "MMM, OOhh" we moaned as both of us climaxed simultaneously after about 20 minutes.

"Shit, that was awesome! I can't believe I'm getting laid and I'm not in jail, The cops were all over this house and threatened to arrest me. They left only an hour ago, no evidence so they had to let me go." "Now, you did completely, like, somehow make your girlfriend into a giant?" I pried as my body continued to sweat with sexual satisfaction. "Shhh, our little secret. I found something that for some reason makes only women grow. I've been handling it, but I'm still normal size. Besides wanting to completely bang you, I wanted to, ya know try it out on you," Jay gleamed.

Frankly, I was a little pissed that these two people had caused so much damage and didn't think ahead that a giant person might endanger people ... a lot of people! At that moment, I thought if I could become a giant and get Beth to be a little nicer, if nothing else, her silly playfulness wouldn't get too much more out of hand.

Besides, being a giant did seem kinda fun; "Hmmm, a giant black girl, it's gotta certain ring to it. I'll be a superhero, saving the city from the evil giant woman. Hope all the tiny white people will be OK with it," I thought to myself as I giggled out loud.

"Sure, I'd love if you tried this giant thing out on me," I replied as a warm feeling came over me. Jay's smile widened. "Just let me pee first," I giggled as I headed off to the bathroom.


"OK, keep the car steady, honey. I think we're making good progress here," the man assured has wife as they crawled slowly along the I-656 overpass toward Kilston. All three lanes were clogged as police monitored traffic from the safety of the median. Traffic and police copters monitored this and other roadways out of town. An emergency had been declared by the mayor for all to evacuate.

"Holy shit!!" Pam yelled from the driver's seat. "That helicopter nearly collided with the roadway! That pilot is crazy!" The unmarked tour helicopter came around for another pass, heading straight for the overpass again at some 60 MPH, its runners just nicking the roof of the car ahead of Pam's. "Watch out!" Pam yelled in vain to the car in front of her as it swayed and meandered between lanes, clearly hampered by the abrupt appearance of the rogue helicopter. Unable to control the vehicle, the woman driver swiped a car in the neighboring lane before colliding with a car in front of her.

The ensuing wreck caused her car and several others to overturn, and an 18-wheeler to jack-knife, sending its cab dangling over the side of the roadway, where the driver had a view of the ground from 75 feet off the ground. Screams for help were immediate and blood-curdling as the guilty chopper slowed down over the scene to register what had taken place. The police, conveniently at the scene, summoned several ambulances and began removing people from disabled cars. Traffic, now backed up for some three miles, looked like nothing more than a river of cars and trucks.

Police choppers then pursued the unmanned helicopter, but the joke was on the police; a woman was at the controls, and she was having fun. Beth watched the carnage from the safety and comfort of the parking garage as she commanded the helicopter with her pretty fingers vis-à-vis the remote control LCD panel. A sick feeling came over Beth; she was feeling guilty about the wreckage because she only wanted to toy with people, not destroy things; So she maneuvered the flying vehicle over the prime wreckage area, where two overturned cars were now being tended to by several police officers and two ambulances. HELLO PEOPLE, I HAVE TO SAY I AM, LIKE, REALLY SORRY ABOUT THIS. I WAS JUST PLAYING. DID ANY ONE GET HURT? CAN I OFFER ANY ASSISTANCE? OH, I'M REALLY SO SORRY, TOTALLY Beth grimaced as she spoke over the helicopter's PA system. No one responded as Beth bit her lip nervously, guilt welling up in her gut.

Then a police officer at the scene looked up dead into the camera of the helicopter, an angry image on Beth's LCD screen. Before he could speak, Beth smiled with HEY CUTEY, CAN I HELP RESCUE SOME PEOPLE? I CAN RIGHT-SIDE THOSE CARS FOR YA. The officer was not amused and shouted back with, "You careless, spoiled giant bitch! Who gave you the right to do this? Fuck you!" Beth was beside herself, mouth wide open with awe. Then a gasp. I SAID I WAS SORRY! Beth sat ashamed on her perch, bikini, hair and skin picture perfect. She landed the helicopter peacefully on the overpass. Beth returned to watching people before her in the city running for cover. AAhhh, OH WELL, Beth sighed as only a giant could, momentarily bored as she inadvertably kicked a rooftop lightpole onto the street below. Beth cringed as it landed with a thud and people cried out. OOH, SORRY, the clumsy giant pleaded as she looked down over the side of the building where three people were pinned by the pole on the sidewalk. OOPSY. OY.

"OK, open the door and help her out," the EMT ordered as one of the victims on the overpass began crawling out of the overturned car. The accident was calm and people were getting help, until ... Beth's mood changed. People were momentarily startled as Beth's helicopter's rotors began spinning as it took off, finding a resting position in the air as it hovered over several police cars. A crackle came from the chopper's PA system as it clicked on. OK, I WANT AN APOLOGY FROM THAT COP OVER THERE. NO ONE CALLS ME A BITCH! Silence fell over the scene like meteorite. Beth watched as people flinched. I SAID I WANT AN APOLOGY. Still no one spoke and in fact, the police ignored her as they assisted the wounded. Within about two more minutes, Beth flew off.


"Get the fuck out of here!," "Run!," "She's coming!" were among the calls of panic and other screams motorists were blaring out as the form of gigantic bikini-wearing woman appeared on the horizon. The overpass spanned a large murky, muddy meadowy area, where water sometime ran as deep as twenty feet. Beth was determined to get an apology as she waded into the mud, water and murk, heading straight for the overpass. "Ew, this shit is gross! Beth bemoaned as she negotiated her pretty feet through throngs of watery dirt, plant life and other debris.

WELL, WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE? Beth bellowed as she stood up to her shins in mud, roadway just below her bikini bottom, at table-height comfort for a giant. As she scanned the densely packed roadway, the sight of hundreds of people running gave her shivers of power, excitement. Those in the immediate vicinity were not very lucky when Beth commanded, ALL YOU PEOPLE NEED TO GET BACK IN YOUR CARS UNTIL I'M THOUGH WITH YOU! Beth located the guilty police officer as she smiled in satisfaction down to him. He was unfazed as he stared up right back. NOW, ABOUT THAT APOLOGY, LITTLE MAN. Beth knelt down to the ground and scooped up a handful of mud from the meadow and held it in her palm which faced up, held precariously over the roadway. NO? was Beth's response to repeated silence as she took in a whiff of the foul-smelling goo. EW, NOW TRUST ME, YOU DON'T WANT THIS ON YOUR PUNY POLICE CARS. Taking in another whiff, HONESTLY, SMELLS LIKE POO. TOTALLY GROSS.

"I am not apologizing to a reckless criminal," the officer shouted defiantly up to Beth's big beautiful face. AAHH, TOO BAD THEN. With a sexy and girlish flip of her wrist, some two tons of foul muck cascaded onto all five police cars on the scene. The stench was inescapable and Beth implacable. OOPSY!, Beth teased. LOOKS THE CHIEF'LL HAVE TO ORDER SOME MORE TINY POLICE CARS.

With eyes wide with excitement, Beth took in all the possibilities on the overpass. NOW FOR THE REST OF YOU PEOPLE. WHO'S GONNA APOLOGIZE TO THE GIANT BETH?


"Wow, that feels so good," I confessed to Jay as he applied a hot stone to my bare back, his hands guiding the dark formation gently down my spine toward to my ass. "You just enjoy the massage, sexy babe," Jay assured soothingly, television news blabbing softly in the background... "As I said, this rock should turn you into a giant in a matter of a few minutes."

Jay was a fantastic masseuse, albeit not professionally trained; applying pressure with his fingers and hands, sending signals throughout my body to loosen muscles and forget all my cares. I knew I couldn't let the world slip away; it was being attacked by a giant woman. Jay and l listened to the background buzz of the television as newscaster upon reporter chatted endlessly about Beth. My ears perked up when I heard that she had forced a bunch of cops on the overpass to handcuff themselves to several motorists and threatened to let's say, um, digest them if attacked, or if she did not get some kind of apology. Whatever; to be honest, Beth was acting like nothing more than a spoiled rotten school girl. Giant womanhood was the last thing a girl like Beth needed.

I watched the screen in awe as video replayed her brazen, yet seemingly tongue-in-cheek threats. With a hand on her curvy hips and a misplaced cute smile on her face, Beth hailed, ALL YOU PEOPLE OVER THERE (pointing down to five police officers), I WANT YOU TO HAND CUFF YOURSELVES TOGETHER ALONG WITH THREE OTHER PEOPLE. I DON'T CARE WHO. (Pointing and winking down to three cars). MAY BE THOSE PEOPLE OVER THERE. My eyes bulged in disbelief at the power she wielded as Beth pried a car door open with just one finger and tilted the car on its side, revealing the helpless driver as he slipped out onto the pavement. NOW, I COULD DO JUST ABOUT ANYTHING. ANYONE COMES AT ME WITH GUNS, TANKS OR OTHER SHIT LIKE THAT, THEN I MIGHT JUST ... HMMM (looking skyward as she tapped her chin) HAVE TO EAT SOME PEOPLE. Cameras panned down to the roadscape where the threat, fresh out of Beth's glossy lips, sent people into an eerie hysteria, people running in all directions. JUST WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING? Beth mocked as she placed her open hand vertically on the roadway between several cars, blocking stampeding people's escape.

This girl had to be stopped! "Hon, when is this stupid rock supposed to start working?" I cried. The answer seemed to come on command in the form of a sharp pain in my legs. "Holy shit, I think its working! It's working!" Jay shouted. I quickly leaped off Beth's unmade bed and began dressing my buck naked body in the outfit I had laid out for myself. While I was peeing, I spotted some of Beth's clothes in the bathroom; a dark green Express Core Casual Short Short with a thick brown leather belt, a charcoal Venus Sequin Tank Top and some shiny silver sandals. Naked body in full summer gear, I dashed out the back patio door, toward where the pool was, enough time for me to grab a pair of Beth's black designer sunglasses, the corner of my eye catching the Coach label. Jay followed closely behind, his hand on my shoulder, guiding me to the open air, before my head hit the ceiling.

The first thing I noticed when I got outside was the mess Beth had made as she grew in the same place; overturned patio furniture, cracks in the concrete and uprooted trees. Ouch! God, that hurts! "Here, lay on the grass." Jay suggested urgently. I could tell Jay was a little nervous, but excited to see me super-sized ... I couldn't believe it! All the patio furniture and plants started looking like props in a doll house. My legs ran the length of the swimming pool and my arms and hands were starting to get tangled in the open windows of the house. Shit! My sandaled feet just knocked over the brick fence separating the private yard from the sidewalk. The growth experience felt like a cross between riding in a speeding car and having an orgasm. Oh, God!

Just lounging on the ground, I could see over the rooftops of the single-story ranch homes in this Tony neighborhood. Beth's house appeared to me to be no more than the latest of the Barbie dream house collection. I was so excited to gauge my size; I lowered my face ground level and reached into the bedroom and pulled out the bed. I marveled at its puny-ness as I held it in my hand. "Goddamn, you're fuckin' huge!" Jay shouted from the patio deck. I laughed. OMIGOD! THIS IS AWESOME! I haven't giggled like this since right after my first kiss.

Sitting upright, my toes reached as far as the sidewalk ... across the street! As I felt the hot asphalt scald my ankle, I was startled when a car horn blasted as it squealed to a bone crunching stop as it slammed into a parked truck. With my hand to my wide-open mouth, OH SHIT! SORRY. UM. SORRY 'BOUT THAT. I'LL ... YOU CAN CALL MY INSURANCE COMPANY. I was so overwhelmed with my long shiny legs; I forgot that they blocked the street. Silly me ... causing car accidents. Oopsy.

I rose to my feet as large chunks of grass and concrete that had stuck to my soft ebony skin fell to the ground, some pieces landing in the pool, sending gallons of water over its sides. I was so tall I couldn't get over myself. Power lines, trees and houses just seemed so ... soo ... tiny ... wow! I scanned the ground and spotted my Porsche parked in the driveway. It looked like a toy. I walked a couple of steps toward the street as curiosity seekers ran into their homes like mice when the lights come on, doors shutting, only the sound of an occasional scream breaking the horror movie-esque silence. The driver of the car that swerved to miss my legs; long gone. WHERE ARE ALL THE PEOPLE? I mused under my breath.

UH OH! Three police cars appeared on the scene as their sirens and skiiding tires broke the silence like a church bell on a Sunday morning. I'M SOO OUTTA HERE, I said dismissively. I was blowing off the cops like I would ditch some boring party. It was kinda cool. I giggle some more as I blow a kiss down to Jay.

As I stepped onto the street, a painful pit in my stomach took hold as I remembered the reason for becoming a giant in the first place. That reason wore a bikini and stood well over 100 feet tall.


So there I was walking down the street, row after row of houses dotted the landscape at my feet. The roads and streets meandered for miles, my eyes fixed on the skyscrapers and highway overpasses that were my guiding post toward downtown. "A giant woman couldn't be too hard to find, even in a city filled with millions," I thought reassuringly. As I stopped to look behind me, I spotted people coming out of there homes, staring up at me as I headed off into the distance, probably relieved I spared their property and ... their lives. I was floored by the occasional footprint I left in the road and even more amazed to see a car that was parked along the side of the street, tipped on its side, slowly submerging into a sinkhole my left foot created.

So far, the whole giant experience has given me a whole new respect for people, life was so fragile. And the more I walked toward that rotten giant Beth, the more I resented her for toying with people for fun, making life difficult and destroying shit. Wow! Now hold on! Hold that thought for one minute! Could that be my old boyfriend's condo over there? I squinted off into the distance a couple of blocks, OK so for me what seemed like a few yards. That jerk broke off with me over e-mail! Time for a fun detour. I stepped over several people's houses and into a large backyard, where I scared the shit out of two teenage girls naked-sunbathing. OOPS!, SORRY GIRLS, I giggled as they scampered into the house.

Easy does it, easy ... I stepped into the parking lot of what's-his-name's place, a little clumsy since I could feel the ground rumble extra hard and two people screamed. I lowered my myself as I scanned all the windows of the complex, mostly I saw people screaming and holding a phone, sometimes they were sleeping or even doing the nasty. OK, now I remember, there's his unit. I sat down in the parking lot and crossed my legs as I then proceeded to tap on his window. I got his attention all right ... and his new slutty girlfriend. HI YA, CHECK ME OUT. LET ALL YOUR NEIGHBORS KNOW YOU DATED A GIANT. BETTER HIDE, 'CAUSE I'M GONNA GET YA, I teased with wide eyes and a snarl. I was only kidding, but I couldn't help but turn his car over on its roof once I spotted it just at my toes. What the hell, I turned over the car next to it, may be it was his girlfriend's.

I rose to my feet, the sound of police sirens getting closer was my cue to get the hell out of dodge. I set my eyes again downtown, but I could see I had a rather wide, busy and congested freeway to pass. "Fuck it, I had to deal with mass amounts of people at some point. I had a city to save," my mind conjured as I gathered the courage to be a careful giant. As I stepped over some small buildings, I found myself on the side of the highway, standing next to some trees that stood up to my belly button.

My impact was felt immediately. Several cars in the right lane that slowed down abruptly were rear-ended and a large chain reaction of crashes and crunches colored the roadway at my feet. People started getting out of their cars and running. One car steered to avoid the scene, overturning in front of my big toe. Poor me, I stood there, awe struck and totally, like a, dork, just watching the whole thing happen. "I must seem like Godzilla to these people," I thought. I knelt down to check to see if anyone was seriously injured. I couldn't tell because everyone was making a b-line away from me, a giant African-American girl. A beautiful one. Thank you.

I giggled at what a 9-1-1 call might sound like. "Yeah, 911? A giant girl just caused a pile-up. I think she's gonna destroy the city. What does she look like? Well, she's got big huge feet, with fresh nail polish, silky long legs and if I strain my neck, I can see her stunningly gorgeous face. And, she's black." I digress.

After I finished amusing myself with my thoughts, I began picking apart the tangles of cars, avoiding the people that crossed paths with my long fingers; they were as tall or taller than most people among the wreckage. I placed several vehicles on the side of the road and right-sided others. I sighed in relief as some people began cheering and clapping up to me. I think I earned their trust. Several ambulances were screeching down toward me, so I stepped over the lanes of cars, placing my feet firmly in the grassy median between all eight lanes and pointed my body in the direction of downtown. SORRY FOR THE WRECK, PEOPLE. I HAVE TO LEAVE AND SAVE THE CITY FROM THAT OTHER GIANT WOMAN.

BY THE WAY, MY NAME IS NIA. I blew a sexy kiss down to the lines of cars as police helicopters gathered above my head.


Anchor: Just when you'd think things couldn't get stranger, they just did. It appears that Port Town is turning into the birthplace of some pretty tall women. We've been following the story of Beth Patters, the 25-year old woman who in a mysterious turn of events has turned into a giant ... an extraordinarily tall giant at that. We just showed you footage of her as she stood over I-656 and began toying with people. Well, ready for this, another giant woman has been reported in downtown Port Town, Ms. Nia Hansin of Upper Port Town has grown even taller than Ms. Patters, 170' feet to be exact. Let's turn to our affiliate reporter, Paige Jinson for more details on this developing story.

Paige, wow! What is going on here?

Reporter: Well, Brenda, like many people in this bustling metropolis, I am completely speechless. Just five minutes ago, Ms. Hansin strode by where I am standing here on the Grand Interstate Expressway. Talking to eyewitnesses, she appeared calm and friendly, saying she was coming to the city to fend off Ms. Patters. Behind me (camera pans to miles upon miles of backed up traffic) you can see all these people trying to leave town. Well, when Nia appeared, frightened people began running, creating a massive jam. Well, Nia stood there calmly and said, quote, "Please don't run. I am not a bad person. I am here to stop Beth." While some people ran, others stayed behind. She a carried on a conversation with some people and waited for a police escort to take her to find Beth.

Anchor: Amazing! I hate to ask, but what is the latest with Ms. Patters?

Reporter: Well, we all saw the footage of her as she stood beside that overpass. Police have told me that several people were severely injured when after she cleared a path for people to drive through, ya know, she moved cars and some debris from the roadway, told them to proceed through a clear lane she created. Then get this, Brenda, as up to fifteen cars started back down the road in a single file, Beth walked ahead of them, placed her open palm upright on the road as they approached, lifting her hand only at the last minute. All fifteen vehicles were involved in the ensuing pile up. Police are baffled at this woman's behavior, Brenda.

Anchor: Where is she now?

Reporter: You had to ask! After toying with that overpass back there, the giant made her way a couple of blocks past the entrance to I-656, to find a resting spot. This is an important development because that part of the city houses the metro's bus and rail stations, not to mention all the traffic backed up to enter the overpass.

Anchor: Resting spot? What's she doing? (Image on screen focuses on Beth as people at her feet scramble. Commuter trains and lines of buses in the background)

Reporter: Yeah, she appears to be eyeing that construction site. That large hole in the ground is the foundation, ironically enough, for the world headquarters for Giant Magazine.

Anchor: Thank you, Paige. Creepy indeed. When we return from a commercial break, more on Paris Hilton's jail term.

Beth had made her way into one of the most congested and crowded areas of the city, tipping over two city buses waiting in a line of traffic as her toes caught their roofs as she made strides over them. A combined 80 people found themselves tangled and battered, clawing to find emergency exits inside the densely packed vehicles. As people crawled out to what they thought was safety really turned out to be Beth's giant feet, lightly tapping just beside the buses. Straining their neck's, passengers stared up at a smiling woman 150' above them, gargantuan strands of hair framing her gorgeous face. GRRrrrr! Beth roared down to them as people screamed. Beth knelt down, ass just above a traffic light, reached into one bus and flailed her fingers about, pretty painted nails prancing about as people fought off her fingers like some armed robber. Beth's digits gripped one man as she lifted him from the bus, like a pickle from a jar. Beth sighed as she studied the screaming man, occassionally looking down to observe the escaping bus passengers, delighting in her super giant size.

YOU PEOPLE CAN'T STOP ME. YOU'RE LIKE THIS BIG (pointing to the man in her fingers) as she talked down to people on the street. I'M SUPER TALL GIRL, WITH SUPER GIRL FUCKIN' POWERS. I RULE. A brief wave of silence overcame the scene as a surge of superiority and power pitted in the beautiful giant's stomach. Noticing that traffic and pedestrians had stood frozen in awe, Beth lightly giggled, then tilted her head back as she placed the man between her glossy moist lips, rolling him about with her tongue. People resumed their screams as they ran in all directions. MMMM, Beth moaned as she lowered herself again to the road. She placed her mouth to the street where she deposited the saliva soaked man next to an abandoned car. Long strands of saliva cascaded from her tongue, leaving wetness and a scensuous aroma at street level.

Next to the overturned buses was the freshly dug foundation of a new office building, several large piles of dirt at its sides. Beth purred at an idea that popped into her giant head. Kneeling down, she began pushing the dirt back into the foundation, then like tossing a salt shaker, she swatted at one fire hydrant just under her ass, sending it into the air and through the windshield of a packed bus, killing the driver and sending the bus onto the sidewalk and thorugh a storefront. One step away, Beth flicked off another hydrant, sending it into a neighboring office building window. Popping two more hydrants, Beth aimed the water into the large pit of dirt, where the water combined with soil to create a 20 foot deep many, many yards wide and long mud bath.

Beth stood to her full height as she studied the endless buses, trains, cars and people milling about. The hot early afternoon sun had already begun hardening the surface of the completed mud bath. I GUESS I BETTER GET IN BEFORE THE WHOLE THING CRUSTS OVER, Beth girlishly giggled down to gridlocked traffic. Beth placed her right foot in and then the left as the mudness burbled and bubbled, the silky warmth registering with Beth. Slowly lowering herself as she grasped the neighboring sidewalk, Beth immersed her hands and rear end and lay back as warm mud and water covered her every expanse, from her toes, stomach, leaving only her bikini-covered breasts and giga-gorgeaous olive-tone face exposed. Her breats like islands, the shimmering bikini top radiating the intense sun.

With her head resting against a concrete bridge support and lines of cars just at the back of her head, Beth...


"Next stop is downtown metro bus station," the crackly voice blasted over the crusty old fashioned PA system in the commuter train. The 2:31PM train was just seconds from pulling into the last downtown stop along its route to the suburbs, the elevated tracks exposing all eight cars. The train was a few hundred yards from descending under ground where it would take a path under the Port River and emerge in the neighboring suburb of Hailton.

People were packed shoulder to shoulder as every seat had been occupied since the train originated at City Hall. Those standing fought to keep their balance as the cars meandered through a bend in the tracks. The sound of the wheels against the tracks was second only to the chatter buzzing among strangers about the two giant women in their midsts. It was an eery and tense atmosphere.

The 2:31 slowed measurably as it snaked through a covered bridge at 5MPH, re-emerging one car a time on the other side, just a few yards from the elevated train stop. "Ahhh!" a women yelled in the first car as the sunlight beamed yet again through the large picture-frame windows. Voices elevated as people stared in amazement out of the windows. "My God! It's her!" a man exclaimed.

Only Pladfen Street separated 200 packed train commuters from a luxuriating giant woman taking a mud bath. Beth was only just getting settled in, when the first train rolled into the elevated station since her arrival at the scene. Beth stared amusingly, squinting her big brown eyes to see the looks of horror on passengers' faces as the train came to a halt within reaching distance of the 150' female. Beth watched intently as the train doors opened. No one exited. There were no passengers waiting to get on.

Instinctively, Beth raised her left hand, extened her lanky arn across the street and placed her index finger in the doorway of the second car as the cab doors began to shut. The doors flew open again as they made contact with the oversized digit. People screamed in sheer terror as one giant auburn fingernail poked and pushed five people nearest the doorway, another finger clasping one of the doors as Beth peeled them off the cab. The sound of bending steel was tremendous and menacing, a sight overwhelming for several people as they fainted where they stood.

With the train unable to operate with an open doorway, it sat helplessly on the tracks, its passengers frozen in place. Beth studied the people closely as she placed her hand on the concrete passenger platform, wrist resting over a bench as she tapped and rolled her 12-foot long fingers like dancers on the surface of the platform just outside the trains' exits. I'M WAITING, Beth sighed as tension mounted within the train cars.

The hot sun hardened the giant's mud bath's surface, the top layer as deep as four feet crusted over, packed densely, its light brown texture resembled a dry desert surface. Below the tough surface, Beth's extremities were pampering in warm, milky mud water that reached into every pore to soothe the giant woman. OK, IF YOU'RE NOT COMING OUT, THEN I'M COMING IN. Like tentacles on an octopus, Beth fingered her way into the open doorway, and plucked two people out of the train. They screamed as Beth held them in the air, pondering what to do with them. With her right hand, she reached behind her head onto the adjacent highway on-ramp and removed an SUV from its resting spot and placed it on the surface of the mud bath, the area above her submerged stomach. She placed the two people next to the SUV and commanded, I WANT YOU PEOPLE IN THAT CAR NOW as they wasted no time finding the nearest door handle. Before turning her attention to the doomed train passengers, Beth relocated several more cars from the highway and placed them in rows before her.

HOW CUTE, Beth marveled aloud as she studied the ten or so cars and trucks resting on the cratered mud. Turning her attention again to the train, Beth repositioned her hand onto the passenger platform, this time flicking a garbage can, hurling it thorugh the air where it landed two blocks away on the hood of a packed car. Beth smiled as she readied her ultimatum. COME ON, PEOPLE. NOW, I'M GIVING YOU A CHOICE. JOIN ME HERE WITH THE REST OF US (she beckoned with her index finger, curled in a sexy come-on-over, come-hither invitation) ... OR I'M GONNA TIP OVER THE TRAIN LIKE I DID TO MY BROTHER'S TRAIN SET WHEN I WAS A LITTLE GIRL. At that moment, Beth spotted several people making their way through emergency exits on the other side of the train. OK, YOU PEOPLE LEAVING THROUGH THOSE WINDOWS, BETTER GET BACK IN THE TRAIN OR ELSE. People were too busy clammering to get out to hear her and failed to obey her command.

OK, YOU PEOPLE ASKED FOR IT. Beth placed her left finger tips against the side of the train and slowly applied pressure as the metal frame moaned, straining with the force of tons of giant woman. The sounds of electrical wires snapping and people screaming orchestrated through the air as the first two cabs lost contact with the tracks and tipped over, resting on the passenger platform on their sides. People inside the derailed cabs were a tangles mess, but the worst was not over. The platform was not strong enough to handle the immense weight and began to give way, a fact not lost on Beth who could hear the concrete structure crumbling. HERE, LET ME BLOW YOU PEOPLE A NICE JUICY WET ONE. Beth sent a wave of air from her glossy lips, the force of which strained the platform that much more; it was futile. With a ground-shaking roar, the 18-foot high platform crumbled to the ground, the two train cars landing at street level with an explosive thud; those cabs still on the tracks shifted off balance and derailed. The front-most cab rolled forward and cascaded head first onto the street.

Injured and dazed people began crawling out of the mangled mess as Beth stared on, a girly grin ever-present. OOPSY! Was all that Beth had to offer as she reached over and plucked three more people from the wreckage and placed them before her. OUCH! Beth had caught a finger on one of the electrical circuits as she reached back toward the train station. A surge of electricity pierced her body, but did not seem to harm the brunette beauty, save for poofing her hair as though now freshly teased. It gave her a savage look, one befitting her official role as evil giant. Superpowers too.


It was the first time that Beth was startled as a giant woman. BOOM! THUD! BOOM! The sound and the vibrations got louder as Beth looked down at the people in the cars below her on the muddy surface, catching the eyes of the tiny people, momemtarily sharing in a common state of confusion. A large shadow cast on a neighboring building gave way to one dark and silky leg as it appeared before the bathing Beth. The 170' ebony goddess, Nia stood confidently in the street, legs straddling a set of traffic lights, feet placed firmly between rows of parked cars. Behind the statuesque beauty's feet was a twenty-car police escort. Above her, four Apache helicopters stood guard.

AM I INTERRUPTING SOMETHING? Nia confidently, boldly and bravely barreled down to the pampering Beth. NOW DON'T LET ME TAKE AWAY FROM BATH TIME, BUT YOU HAVE GOT TO BE STOPPED. Beth lay there, mouth wide open in awe. DID THAT LOUSY GUY TURN... ? Nia stuck out her hand, and curved her hips PLEASE, TALK TO THE HAND, BECAUSE THIS GIANT WOMAN DOESN'T WANT TO HEAR IT. YOU EITHER SURRENDER TO THE POLICE OR I'M GONNA COME AFTER YOU Nia offered.

Beth laughed as she eyed the line of police cars just behind Nia's soft feet, noticing the police officers pointing their guns as they barricaded themselves behind open doors. Nia turned her her head over her shoulders and down to the police. OFFICERS, Nia summoned the police to attention. SHOW THIS WOMAN I MEAN BUSINESS. Beth giggled. The police opened fire on her, aiming for her face to avoid shooting the people she held in captivity. Beth raised her right arm defensively, just when a white haze eminated from her right hand, creating a large bubble in front of her. The bullets from the police guns began dropping to surface of Beth's bath, completely falling short of the intended target.

The hail of bullets continuted for another three minutes as some four hundred bullet casings riddled the area just at Beth's exposed bikini top. Fright turned to fun as Beth maneuvered her force field to stop the onslaught. Just like that, the firing stopped and a menacing silence filled the air. Everyone froze in place. BURBLE. PLURP. The hardened surface of Beth's mud bath was penetrated by a five foot wide air bubble, the slight noise breaking the stillness and creating an opening in the surface. OOH, PARDON ME, I JUST BROKE WIND. The newly formed crater opened up a large sink hole and started swallowing all the cars and people that Beth had captured. Beth looked on in amusement and Nia in horror as all evidence of the people and their cars disappeared beneath the muddy surface. UH, WOW, THIS BATH FEELS SO GOOD, NIA. WHY DON'T YOU JOIN ME?

AREN'T YOU GONNA SAVE THOSE PEOPLE? Nia asked in bewilderment. WHAT PEOPLE? Beth asked. I DON'T SEE ANY PEOPLE. YOU MUST BE TALKING ABOUT THOSE COPS OVER THERE BEHIND YOUR SMELLY FEET. Beth blew another long-winded kiss the direction of the police cars. Starting off lightly, Beth focused her lips and paced her breath. At first, the police only felt a gently wind and some of them fired at Beth, an attempt the giant warded off with a flick of her hand. As Beth increased the intensity, the closest police car began to lift off the ground slightly, then rolled onto its side. Stronger wind still, the third, fourth and fifth cars rolled involuntarily and several police officers were sent into the air.

Beth took one deep breath and let them have it. With femme winds of 150 MPH, Beth was able to send all the police cars and several other parked cars into a tornado of destruction. A funnel cloud formed, an actual tornado lifted, rolled, and spun all the cars within three blocks into a frenzy, ripping doors off hinges, and sending car parts, people and other debris whiumsically through the air. The tornado took on a life of its own, yawning and roaring like anything seen on the Weather Channel, barreling down streets as it chased after fleeing people, tossing cars and ripping roofs of tiny shops.

Nia was disgusted and jumped into the frothy mud bath and grabbed Beth by the arms, lifting her lanky body from the pampering pool of mud. AARGH! Nia roared as she slammed the mud-soaked Beth against an office building, glass and debris raining down on parked cars. Beth regained her balance as she crushed mail boxes and parked cars. The force of the women created fissures in the road. Beth stomped her feet, leaving an immense footprint of mud.

TAG, YOU'RE IT, Beth giggled. Beth lightly jogged down the street, stepping on cars, knocking down lampposts as her smelly feet planted mud and dirt with every step. Turning down Kuyten Street, Beth was headed right for a mob of people both on foot and in cars. It was too late; Beth was headed their way at 40 MPH as she stepped on cars still in motion, stopping only to fling people with her toes, laughing all the way. Beth continued her game of tag, two tiny people trapped between her toes.

Nia was perplexed as she stepped around people and cars, but was able to head Beth off at the intersection of Uielton and Wasden, shoving the evil woman against a five-story parking garage where her tight ass collided with the structure, forcing her into a sitting position on the roof, crushing cars with her bikini-clad ass. Nia approached as Beth threw a car at her face. Nia was unscathed as she grabbed Beth by her long hair and as Beth scratched at Nia's stomach. Several news choppers buzzed over head, catching every hair pulling, nail-breaking and clawing angle of the world's largest cat fight. EW! I HATE YOU, Beth yelled as she clawed at Nia's breasts. Nia clawed back, ripping Beth's bikini top off. The bare-breasted bathing beauty stood speechless over the intersection when she located several people cowaring in a building's lobby. Kneeling down in the street, with boobs and nipples exposed to the elements, Beth began clawing at the building's front doors, ass rudely afronting Nia.

Nia took the opportunity and pushed the vulnerable evil giant against a glass building, sending Beth into a maelstrom of glass that proved fatal.

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