Mrs. Ethel Harris
Chapter 1

Mrs. Ethel Harris was absolutely ecstatic! She was lying on a blanket in a shady spot beside a babbling brook. She was naked and her legs were wrapped around the hips of her husband Archy. His cock was in her pussy and he was stroking away as if he were being paid by the mile. Ethel started to come, and that was enough to trigger Archy to start spurting. Suddenly, a shot rang out and Archy's head disappeared in a shower of brain matter and blood.

A voice chortled, "See, Ed, I told ya his head would explode ifen I hit him with my buffler gun up this close."

"Yeah, Charley, ya shore did. It must of gone in a million pieces. What da ya think, Bill?"

"Well, Ed, I ain't shore 'bout a million pieces, but it shore must of been at least a couple of hundred." This comment was punctuated by a deep guttural laugh.

Ethyl was still stunned by the emotional combination of a tremendous orgasm and the virtually simultaneous murder of her loving husband. It's a good question as to why she didn't faint, but, somehow, she held her senses together as six men approached her. She blanched in horror as she saw that every one of them had his pants fly open and his cock and balls hanging out. She had no trouble realizing that they planned to rape her!

Archy had fallen so that his body rested on Ethel, pressing on her breasts with his bare chest. The man with the big rifle reached down and grabbed Archy's body by the left arm and flipped him off of her. "God Damn! She's a pretty one, ain't she. Willy, drag that piece of shit out of the way. I aim ta claim first dibs on this here pretty cunt."

"Sure thing, Charley, but I want ta be next."

"That's OK with me. Y'all work out what order ya want ta fuck her in. All I care 'bout is bein' the first one.

There was no preliminary preparation, Charley just jammed his hard cock into Ethel's cunt without any consideration for her condition. Fortunately, she was well lubricated from her own come and that of her husband. Charley started pumping away as soon as he entered Ethel and kept at it until he came.

Ethel vowed that she would not faint. She wanted to remember the faces of every one of these men so that she could extact her revenge. She knew it would not be on this day, but she fully intended for it to be soon. Before the gang of rapists were done, they had each fucked Ethel twice, so she had a good opportunity to study their faces.

When they finished, Sam drew his pistol and was about to shoot Ethel, but the was stopped by Charley. "Hold on, Sam, don't shoot the little darlin'. She did go along with all of us an' didn't fight a bit. I think she deserves ta live fer that favor. Besides, we may want to visit her again, sometime."

The rapists walked off, laughing and talking among themselves, totally oblivious to Ethel's fate or feelings.

Ethel had to lie there for nearly an hour until her strength returned enough for her to struggle to the stream and wash away the dried semen and blood from her body. None of the blood was hers, it all came from Archy, and she cried as she cleaned herself off, some of it in self pity, but mostly for the loss of Archy.

They had only been married for three weeks, and were headed for the ranch that Archy had bought from an agent in Philadelphia. Archy had paid $500 for the ranch, and had been assured that it was worth every penny. They had come in on the train that morning, and had bought a horse and buckboard to use to get to their ranch.

They had been on the road for four hours when they saw this beautiful spot for a picnic. They had stopped for lunch, and things had kind of grown from there. The next thing either one of them knew, they were naked and enjoying the pleasures of being newlyweds. This idyllic interlude had been interrupted by the six rapists.

Ethyl got her dress, stockings, and boots on and managed to get Archy into the back of the buckboard. By this time, she was too tired to dress him, so she threw a blanket over him before climbing to the driver's seat. Fortunately, she had been something of an "outdoors girl" in her youth, so she knew how to drive. She also knew how to shoot, and she resolved to get herself a suitable gun as soon as possible.

She drove for another two hours and finally reached a gate through a fence. Over the gate was a sign proudly proclaiming that this was the Flying H ranch. The name and brand were only a happy accident, but Archy and Ethel had decided to keep it because they thought of it as being so appropriate.

She drove up to the ranch house and was greeted by a man who helped her from the buckboard. He introduced herself as Jim Williams, the foreman of the Flying H. He was astounded when she said she was Mrs. Ethel Harris, the new owner. He asked where Mr. Harris was, and Ethel pointed to the rear of the buckboard.

Williams lifted the blanket and threw up when the saw the damage to Archy's head. He finally recovered and asked what had happened. All Ethel would say was that six men had attacked them and had murdered Archy in the process. Williams called for one of the ranch hands to unload the buckboard and put the luggage in the bedroom. One of the valises was so heavy that he nearly dropped it because he had not expected the added weight.

The same ranch hand was directed to take the body to the undertaker in town. Obviously, this was going to be a closed coffin funeral. Ethel gave the hand a half-eagle ($5) to pay the undertaker. She asked the hand to have the undertaker arrange for the funeral and let her know when it was scheduled.

She went into her room and unpacked the luggage. In the bottom of that heavy valise was a money belt and a bank bag. All together, there were enough gold bars and coins to equal $18,000. That was enough to support Ethel for the rest of her life if she decided to return to Philadelphia; however, that was sometime in the future, after she exacted her revenge.

That night at supper, which she ate with Jim Williams and Juanita Vargas, the housekeeper, she asked questions about the condition of the ranch and how many employees there were. She found out that she had seven employees and the ranch was currently a money maker.

Ethel found out that Jim Williams had been hoping to buy the ranch, but was about $100 short of the $460 that was being asked for it. That gave Ethel an idea she planned to pursue later.

Ethel excused herself and went to her room. She had claimed that she was not feeling well, and the others could understand that. Ethel removed her clothes and lay down. When she did, she felt a great void. This was the first time since their marriage that she had gone to bed without Archy at her side. That was the trigger that enabled her to cry. She spent most of the night crying, mourning Archy, whom she had dearly loved. She also mourned herself for what she had lost. All of this sadness and sorrow only reinforced her desire for revenge.

The next day, she slept late. She had not gotten to sleep until around 3:00 AM, so she was in no condition to get up for breakfast. She did show up for lunch, and Juanita noticed how red her eyes were from crying, though she looked to be in reasonable shape, now. Juanita felt a little better, now that Ethel had been able to cry. She remembered how distraught she had been when her husband, Javier, had died from that riding accident 18 months ago.

Beside Ethel, the funeral was attended by Jim, Juanita, and the ranch hands. The undertaker substituted for a preacher, but he did a decent job, so Ethel thanked him. Archy was buried in the town cemetery; it was a graveside service and lasted about 30 minutes. Ethel cried some more, and everybody else looked sad, but Ethel had recovered by the time they got back to the ranch house. They ate supper, and Ethel went to bed. For some reason, all of the sorrow was washed out of Ethel by now, and all she felt was rage at the murderers. She had not forgotten the rape, but she was most aggrieved by the murder.

The next morning, she got up and dressed in some of Archy's clothes. She was surprised that very few adjustments would have to be made for his clothes to fit her. For now, she just rolled up the pants legs and cinched up the waist so that she could wear the pants. The shirt was loose on her, but wearable. When she walked into the kitchen, Juanita was startled. She said that Ethel looked so much like a man that she wondered who the stranger was wandering around the house. Both of the women laughed over that, but it gave Ethel even more ideas.

After breakfast, she asked for a horse to be saddled so that she could ride around the ranch. Jim arranged for that, but warned her to take a gun with her. There were enough wild animals and wild men around that she needed some sort of self protection.

With that in mind, she asked Jim to help her select something to take with her, so he suggested a Colt Navy and a 20-gauge shotgun loaded with #4 buckshot. Ethel was very uncomfortable with the gun strapped to her right thigh, so Jim helped her with a holster on her left hip, hanging high from her waist. This was a much more comfortable position, and she was still able to draw it without catching it on her ample bust.

It took nearly two hours to get her properly outfitted, but finally she was ready to ride away from the ranch house with a warning from Jim not to get lost. She chuckled at that, but did remind herself that getting lost was a real possibility.

She was riding along enjoying the scenery when a man rode up to her and said, "OK, Mister, who are ya an' what are ya doin' on Flying H property?"

She was so surprised to be mistaken for a man that she was slow to react. When she didn't answer right away, the questioner pulled his gun and pointed it at her. "Tell me yer name afore I have ta shoot ya!"

Ethel looked at the man more closely and recognized him as one of her ranch hands. Embarrassed, she said, "I'm Mrs. Ethel Harris, your employer. Don't you recognize me?"

The man looked more closely at her face and began to apologize profusely. "I'm sorry, Ma'am. I thought ya wuz a man. Ya shore look like one, dressed like that. Please forgive me?"

"Certainly, Eddy, you were just doing your job, and doing it very well, at that. I am not at all upset with you. I appreciate the way you were looking out for the ranch's interest. Now, if you will excuse me, I will continue my ride."

Eddy tipped his hat and rode back to the herd of cattle he was minding.

That evening at supper, Ethel asked Jim, "Are you still interested in buying this ranch?"

"Yes, Ma'am, I shore am! But I still ain't got enough money ta pay fer what it's worth."

"I am seriously considering selling out and returning to Philadelphia. Living on the ranch, even as nice as this one is, is no fun without my husband. Would you be interested in paying me what you have now, and the rest when you take the cattle to market?"

"Ma'am, that would be uncommonly generous of ya. I don't know how ta thank ya fer makin' me that offer. I kin pay ya $390 now, an' the rest after I sell the cattle."

"That would be entirely satisfactory, Jim. Possibly, we could visit a lawyer tomorrow and arrange for the sale."

Jim was beaming with pleasure and practically falling all over himself as he thanked Ethel for her generosity. Now, he felt that he could ask Juanita to marry him.

"Jim, I do have one request. Would you permit me to stay at the ranch for a little while? There are some things I need to do before I return to Philadelphia."

"Certainly, Ma'am! Ya kin stay as long as ya want ta. Maybe ya would want ta stay until I could pay ya the rest that I owe ya?"

"Why, thank you. That is a kind invitation, and I may take you up on that. May I answer that question after a week or so?"

"Certainly, Ma'am. Ya kin stay as long as ya want ta. That ain't no problem at all."

After some more conversation, Ethel went to her room. Her plans were beginning to firm up, and she knew exactly what her next step should be.

As soon as Ethel was out of earshot, Jim asked Juanita to marry him, and she immediately agreed. Jim was walking on clouds as he went to his room in the bunkhouse.

Ethel told Jim that she wanted to learn to shoot a pistol before returning to Philadelphia. She explained that she had depended on Archy to protect her on their way West from Philadelphia, but she wanted to be able to protect herself on her return trip. Jim agreed that was a good idea and offered to teach her, himself.

Jim was quite good with a pistol, though not as fast on the draw as some. Over the next four weeks, Jim taught Ethel how to shoot, including how to clean and load her pistol. A lot of this was already known by Ethel, but she figured that she would not lose anything by getting Jim's slant on the proper way to do things with the pistol.

They both found to their surprise that Ethel was a fast draw in the crossdraw position. In fact, she was faster than Jim from his conventional thigh holster position. He remarked that she could outdraw anybody he knew, so she was well on her way to mastery of the six-shooter.

One day, as they were finishing up their shooting class, Ethel jokingly asked to try out Jim's .44 caliber pistol. They both had assumed that it had too much recoil for Ethel, but she wanted to try it, anyway. They were both astounded when she was as accurate and as comfortable with the .44 as she was with her .36 caliber Colt. Ethel didn't want to upset Jim by appearing to be better than him with his own gun, so she returned it to him and did not say any more.

She had been an expert shot with a 20-gauge shotgun back home in Philadelphia. Ethel had often gone bird hunting and had always done very well, in fact, better than most men she had hunted with. This was one of the reasons that she had fallen in love with Archy, since he was one of the few men who had not resented her being better with a gun than he was.

Jim had her try out a rifle, and Ethel took only two weeks to be an expert with it, since she was already so good with the shotgun.

Ethel now felt that she was sufficiently expert with the pistol, rifle, and shotgun that she could set forth on her vendetta.

Cast in this chapter:

Archy—Ethel's husband, murdered on their honeymoon

Bill—a rapist

Charley—a rapist and murderer

Ed—a rapist

Ethyl Harris—heroine, a rape victim

Hank—a rapist

Jim Williams—foreman of the Flying H ranch

Juanita Vargas—housekeeper at the Flying H ranch

Sam—a rapist

Willy—a rapist

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