Mary's Story
Chapter 1

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Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mary is a prude, a extremely religious woman who finds herself in the middle of a Pickup. How does she react when her ex informs her he is taking the children, but offers her a slot as a concubine, if she can overcome her distaste for anything sexual. Told from both his and her perspective.

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism  

Mary Morgan blushed as red as the hair on the Ronald McDonald statue in the corner as she glanced at the dark haired woman on her knees orally pleasuring Daniel not three feet away. She took a quick look to her right, to make sure her children still had their eyes closed as instructed.

Merciful God, how had she gotten caught up in this mess she wondered as she double checked to make sure 9 year old Timothy wasn't peeking out through his fingers as he clasped his hand over his eyes. Ruth, who was five, was totally ignoring what was happening less than two yards from her, sitting on the bench beside her mother helped, for her view was greatly reduced.

A groan coming from Mary's left caught her attention and she looked over in spite of her determination not to do so. The woman who had been licking and sucking on her ex husband's thing was now bent over the small round table and he was pushing it into her rear.

Mary quickly averted her gaze, shaken to the core. This kind of perversion was why she had divorced him two years ago. She shuddered at the thought, glad she had not given in to his perverted desires. As she sat, shaken by what she was forced to witness, she thought back on her marriage and how it had ended.

Mary was raised in a very religious household. She was an only child, the daughter of a God fearing fire and brimstone traveling evangelist. Her mother was as strict as he, being raised in the same sort of 'God's got a big club and if you mess up in the tiniest little way HE is going to get you' church that her husband was a product of. She was taught from an early age that sex was for one thing, procreation. Her mother didn't teach her anything about the mechanics; her husband was expected to take care of that when she got married. Her father never spoke to her except to preach, and by the time she was fourteen she was well indoctrinated into their beliefs.

When her hormones got the better of her one time and she had started exploring herself with her fingers and her mom's handheld mirror, her mother had caught her. What followed was a spanking that left her too sore to sit down for three days, literally raising welts on her bottom. She would cringe still today, more than a decade later, at the thought of the punishment she had received.

Her mother had then sat her down and told her in no uncertain terms that she was to only touch there to clean herself, nothing more. Mary, who was home schooled because her parents traveled a lot, didn't know any better and took her mother's advice to heart. Knowing that she would burn in hell for all eternity helped to quell her burgeoning desires.

When she was eighteen she met a young man who like herself had been raised in a very fundamental church. Her father was preaching a two week revival at the church and they became close friends. Their discussions mainly centered on religion, as was expected of young people in the church, and he was very knowledgeable about the Bible. Her father was impressed with the young man and when they left allowed Mary to correspond with him. When her father returned to the church six months later to preach another two week revival there a marriage was arranged. The two fathers, his was a deacon of the church, sat down and agreed to the marriage. Mary knew she had no say, although she was pleased with her father's choice of husband for her.

Daniel was a nice man, handsome, intelligent, and very well mannered. In all the time they had spent together he had only touched her once, and that was to hold her hand when they were walking from the church building to her parent's RV.

The night her father informed her she was to be married in six months when they returned to the church for yet another revival, Mary's mother sat her down and had a talk with her. Mary had asked her the night before about something she had heard another girl in the church talk about doing with a boy. When she asked what a blowjob was her mother almost had a stroke.

"Mary, you listen to me good, doing something like that is a sin and you will go straight to Hell. You are going to be married soon and there are some things you should know. Your husband will want to have sex with you, as is his right. However, if he should ask you to do anything other than placing himself in your womb you must refuse. Daniel is a God fearing young man, and you probably won't have to worry about it, but I would be remiss in not warning you. Perverted acts like that will cause you to burn for all eternity."

Mary took her mother's advice to heart, and on her wedding night waited until her husband was in bed before going into the bathroom and changing into a long flannel gown. When she joined him in bed, she shut out the light, pulled her gown up to her waist and waited on him.

Daniel had a little more knowledge than she did, but not much. Most of what he knew he heard from other boys at school, and much of it was wrong. He had received some terse, somewhat mumbled, instructions from his embarrassed father minutes before the start of the wedding ceremony. He knew what was expected of him and climbed between her legs.

Penetration was difficult, she was not lubricated at all and he had no knowledge of a woman's anatomy. When he finally found her opening he pushed in, tearing her hymen. Mary winced in pain, which he did not see due to the darkness in the room. The act itself lasted less than three minutes, from the time he climbed into bed until he shot his seed into her, which Mary endured in painful silence. It was a precursor of things to come for the first six years of their marriage.

Mary became pregnant on that night or shortly thereafter, and gave birth nine months later. This was followed by a string of miscarriages, caused, her doctor said, by damage done to her womb in her first pregnancy. She eventually conceived but after Ruth was born she had been unable to conceive again.

In the meantime her husband Daniel had gotten a well paying job at a local factory. They soon bought a larger house, and Daniel began attending night school. Taking a basic computing class, something he needed to be eligible for a promotion, led Daniel to discover the internet.

One night, while working on an assignment in the college media center, Daniel stumbled across a porn site. He must have typed the address in wrong, as the picture that popped up of a woman with her lips wrapped around a well hung guy's hard cock was not what he expected to see.

Mary had begun to lose interest in sex, the doctors said she was unlikely to conceive and she could see no reason to continue, and often made an excuse when he wanted to. Daniel was extremely horny to begin with and the picture excited him greatly. Soon he was browsing the net for free porn, finding pictures and videos galore.

His new found knowledge extended beyond mere porn sites, as he encountered each new act he would research it, reading all he could about sex. Armed with this new knowledge, and open to trying some new things, he approached Mary one night and asked her to try some of the things he had read about.

What followed was a screaming match to top all screaming matches, Daniel calling her a frigid bitch, she accusing Daniel of numerous sins. She called her Mom in tears, telling her Daniel had sinned, and asking them to come get her.

This set the tone for the next several months, Daniel wanting to try new things and Mary refusing, calling him a backslidden sinner. Things got worse until Daniel finally moved out. Six months later she and Daniel were divorced.

Daniel was forced to pay alimony, since Mary had never had a job in her life, and child support. The couple had joint custody, with Mary keeping the kids at their old home, Daniel getting them every other weekend, and during his vacation and every other major holiday.

Daniel had gotten a promotion that necessitated a move to a town nearly a hundred miles away. Since then they had met at this restaurant every other Friday at 7pm so he could take the kids. He would bring them back to the same McDonalds on Sunday afternoon at 1, so that she would have time to drive home and get the children ready for Sunday night church services.

Now Mary found herself in the middle of a Confederacy pick up, a situation she had only heard about on the news and in church. Her pastor had said that the whole situation was nothing more than a trick of the Devil, and that getting a CAP card was tantamount to taking the Mark of the Beast.

Then one day she was passing one of the mobile testing centers the Marines had set up and a rather large gentleman had asked her if she had her mandatory CAP card. When she told him no he gently but firmly led her inside and thirty minutes later she walked out, still dazed, a CAP card in her purse.

She had told no one that she had been tested, and worried every day for two weeks that God was going to strike her dead for sinning against Him. The incident soon moved to the back of her mind, as more pressing issues took over. Several members of the church had been selected, her preacher claimed they were abducted, and their children who were over fourteen had been left behind.

She and several of the mothers in the church were selected to help look after them, making sure they got to the church-run school, etc. This ate up a large part of her free time and she had forgotten all about her CAP card as she had never intended to get one in the first place.

Now she sat on a hard plastic bench a little over an arm's length from where Daniel was pushing his penis into a woman's backside. She tried not to look but couldn't help herself. She had never seen her ex-husband nude, she had insisted that they dress in separate rooms before bed, and any sex had been in the dark with the lights out.

She found herself intrigued by the shape and size of his organ, no wonder the thing had hurt her so much. The woman Daniel was sodomizing didn't seem to be in pain though, the words coming out of her mouth, while vile, were definitely encouraging the man.

"Oh yes, fuck my ass, ram your cock in my tight ass baby," the woman yelled. Mary blushed, averting her eyes. When she looked back she gasped, the woman was back on her knees, licking the bulbous red head on Daniel's penis as he moved his hand up and down the organ faster and faster.

With a groan he began shooting a creamy viscous liquid which Mary rightly assumed was his semen, a thick white stream of it splashing across the woman's cheek and into her hair before she took the end of his shaft in her mouth, her cheeks hollowing out as she sucked on him.

Mary watched in disbelief as the woman's Adam's apple bobbed up and down as she swallowed Daniel's sperm. Daniel's penis began to wilt, and the woman released it, using a finger to wipe the errant sperm off her face, licking it from her finger with obvious relish.

"So what do you think stud, do I make the grade," the woman asked Daniel with a smile.

"You'll do," Daniel said with a chuckle as he helped the woman to her feet. Mary was shocked to see she had almost no pubic hair, her lips prominent and puffy, as smooth as a little girl's. Her hair had been trimmed into the shape of a heart, leaving the rest of her smooth. Her sex was glistening in the light and with a start Mary realized Daniel had not been lying to her all those years ago. When a woman was sexually excited she would get wet, making penetration easier. She glanced up to see Daniel looking at her, his smile half apologetic.

"Mary, I know this is hard for you to watch. Why don't you take the kids and go into the bathroom or something, when this is over I'll come and get you. I know you're not going to like it, but you better say your goodbyes now. When I leave here I'm taking Tim and Ruth with me, at least they won't get eaten by the damn dickheads. I wish I could take you too, but without a CAP card there isn't any way."

Mary began tearing up, knowing that this was the last time she would see her children. She began digging in her purse for some tissue, her watery eyes making it hard to see. Daniel's hand on her shoulder was some small comfort; he had always been a gentleman, even through the divorce. She finally dumped the contents of her purse out on the table, pawing through the accumulation to find a small packet of tissues she kept there just in case.

"Mary," Daniel's tone was one of disbelief, "did you get tested?" The plastic card he held in his hand made the question a moot point but she answered anyway.

"Yes, (sniff) I was walking by one of the centers and a big gentleman just led me inside. (Sniff) I know it was wrong and I prayed about it but..."

"Mary, don't you realize what this means. It means you have a chance to get out of here, maybe with me, maybe with someone else. But you could leave here today. Why didn't you put yourself forward when the Marines... ? Oh yeah, silly question."

Daniel placed her card in a small hand held device, his brow furrowed at what he read there. Her scores were about what he expected, average intelligence, a strong score for motherhood, but her sex sub score really confused him. Catching the eye of one of the Marines he motioned the man over.

He showed him the card, explaining that he and Mary were divorced and that she hated sex, thinking it was for procreation only, not recreation. The Marine looked at Mary's score, which showed she had a strong sexual appetite.

"I've seen this before," he told Daniel. "She was probably raised in a strict household where sex was considered dirty." At Daniel's nod he continued. "She's repressed her natural sex drive, or it's been repressed, through years of instruction that it is wrong to enjoy sex. This will make her a dud in the sack unless you can get her to realize it's ok to do all the things she's been told are wrong since birth. My advice, leave her here and find someone who likes sex, or is at least interested in trying it." The man handed Mary's card back to Daniel and wandered off.

Daniel looked thoughtful for a moment. "Mary, I'll make you a deal. I've got four slots to fill, that means I get to take four concubines. The woman you just saw me fuck is my first, I have three others to pick. I'm going to go select two more."

"When I get back, if you want to go, I'll take you on one condition. You must be willing to have sex with me whenever and however I want. I know this will be hard for you, but think about it. I know you had the same upbringing I did, but I broke away from all that."

"You need to think for yourself for once, and look beyond what the preacher has been telling you. Talk to the Marines here, there's a female one over there, ask them what it's like. If you can break free from all that crap, and decide you want to go, I'll give you a chance."

"When I come back over here I expect you to be naked, and I expect you to suck my cock. I don't mean to embarrass you, but I have to know that you are willing to have sex with me. I will promise you one thing, if you do this, you won't be sorry. Think back on the ten years we've known each other and ask yourself, have I ever lied to you once?"

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