Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Superhero, Extra Sensory Perception, Space, Rough, Interracial, White Female, First, Oral Sex, Petting, Fisting, Squirting, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Transformation,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The war continues as Chenosh does all she can to turn the tide in the allies favor. Unexpected events are moving behind the scenes that will effect the course of the war.

Chenosh watched as the first of the new Counselors arrived. Sabanet apparently preferred its female side, as that was its current shape. Some beings may have taken it as an insult to be called an "it", but Chenosh being a Ki herself understood that such a description could prove less confusing. Monosexuals, which represented most humans, were unaccustomed to dealing with Multisexuals, which included Ki and the new Counselor race. The PC terms made Chenosh chuckle as she thought of them. Despite their difficulties, humans were trying to adapt, especially given the circumstances. With the danger of war coming to their world, the majority of them now were willing to be more open minded. Since Sabanet was the first of this new race, Chenosh thought it prudent to include Sabanet in the decision making process concerning her race.

"Greetings. I trust the ride was not too uncomfortable. Did you enjoy your first car ride?" Chenosh asked, because the Harreden Embassy was fifty miles away from the facility Sabanet was created.

"It's strange. On one hand I know what it feels like, so it is not new, but in fact I myself have never ridden in a car." Sabanet commented as she worked through it internally.

"Genetic memory can be a fascinating subject in of itself. "I think therefore I am", takes on a whole new meaning with those of us who possess that particular feature." Chenosh said with a smile.

"I also find it interesting that my parents should share the same four letters in their name, and yet they are very different than each other." Sabanet commented.

"I suppose the word parent does apply. Personally I consider the idea of being one of the progenitors to be a more apt description. Chen and I are merely two out of the three races used to create the Counselor Race. Without the third, you would not exist as you are." Chenosh pointed out.

"It almost seems unfair: I am a full adult, and yet I am only a day old. On one hand I possess the sum knowledge of my progenitors so I am fully capable, but I am also denied that most basic time period of growth." Sabanet said.

"And for that I must apologize. The problem is simple: Liam has the numbers and a superior strategy. We must do our best to take at least numbers away from him. I do not doubt he will stop at just his kamikaze attacks. Other technologies will grow as he is given more time. That is why I believe we must go on the offensive when we can, otherwise he can just sit back and launch attack, after attack at us, until he just wears us down. You know this, just as I knew this, even when they took the sample that was used to create you." Chenosh said.

Looking up at Chenosh Sabanet nodded. It was an interesting characteristic about all Counselors thus far: all of them were exactly the same height as Chen as opposed to Chenosh, or any of the Di'San contributors. Normally most of the Harreden features shined through, but it seemed that while Chenosh could see herself in their randomized generation, Chen himself was the more dominant genetic contributor. It was something Chenosh made note of with no jealousy attached. She had known Chen was special when she had picked in the first place, and she had good reason to do it. Even now Chenosh could detect the slight trace of pheromones in the air, as they passed a group of male doctors in the hall while walking. One of the doctors actually turned around to look at Sabanet in her t-shirt and gym shorts that showed off much of her legs. Even just looking at her Chenosh a young female seemed extremely cute; the kind that drew out the protective behavior of those around Sabanet on one hand, and provided an aura of soft innocence to attract others: an intended design parameter that apparently Chen's DNA made sure to enforce to the greatest extreme. Chenosh had not counted on this even slight variation, then again her assumptions had been based on Harreden genetic engineering. To put it bluntly, humans were far more unpredictable in their mutations. In a number of ways this was good: mutations like Liam and Chen, if kept under responsible supervision were a blessing, not a curse. Unfortunately in Liam's case, most Harreden tended to be a little greedy and arrogant, so they weren't nearly as responsible as Chenosh and others involved in this project.

"Your mind is going awfully fast for a simple walk. Are you sure you've considered all the variables yet?" Sabanet joked, glancing at Chenosh with a smile.

"I was not aware you could read my thoughts through my shields." Chenosh said with surprise.

"I can't exactly. It's more like I can sense the stirrings behind them. I'm picking up the activity, not the information itself." Sabanet explained.

"Interesting. Then you are a step up from the rest of us. It is an unexpected mutation." Chenosh said.

"One I hope doesn't count against me." Sabanet said with some concern.

"Stick to my memories, and those of my living relatives, not my Harreden ancestors. Not all of them were kind. The same goes for those of the Di'San." Chenosh said to sooth her worries.

"Thank you." Sabanet said.

"I am not that overly practical. Give me a little credit." Chenosh grinned and Sabanet indeed felt comforted, and returned the grin.

"In sharing your memories I have also become aware how formidable you are. So what comes next?" Sabanet asked.

"I'll take that as a compliment. As for question, the answer is simple: how would you have us test those who come after you?" Chenosh asked.

"You are asking me?" Sabanet said.

"Yes. Chen's part is done in this affair. To include him further would jeopardize his ability to stay hidden. As far as any agency; federal or state knows, Chen was a simply a human test subject who was paid for a single experiment. I would like to keep it that way, so the decision making falls to us. I have ideas on how Counselors could serve in the Colonial Fleet, but I would hear your input, and again there is the testing." Chenosh said as she led Sabanet into her office, after opening the door for her guest. They both sat down and Chenosh took a drink of water from a plastic cup on her desk.

"You mean sex?" Sabanet burst out eagerly. Chenosh nearly choked on her water: these new Counselors were impossible to read, and Sabanet had caught her by surprise.

"What?" Chenosh asked wiping her mouth with a few tissues.

"I said sex. Can our duties include those? Or babies, or..." Sabanet said in a rush.

"Slow down, and back up. Let me get this straight: instead of being partners or mates at the very least, you want to be something like a prostitute? Not that I'm against prostitution mind you ... when it's legalized and regulated." Chenosh said.

"Ok. What if it was more than sex? What if it could be a relationship? We do not suffer from any physical ailment as humans do. We can't become infected with anything, we can change our gender. That allows for friendships, love in many different forms including physical intimacy, and the ability to fill any role in parenting. Already I am fascinated by these memories I have of relationships, both human and otherwise. I am sure other Counselors will feel the same way, and the name you have already given us fits. Of course there would have to be rules, but beyond that..." Sabanet explained.

"It could work. Interesting..." Chenosh said, actually considering it.

"What would be the rules?" Chenosh asked.

Sabanet thought about it for a couple of moments, before she answered, "More than one Counselor to each ship. Ideally 1 to every 10 of the available single members of the crew. I say "single" because I think getting involved in marriages opens up a door that none of us want to get involved with as far as direct sexual interaction. This is not to say we can't be involved indirectly when it comes to a married couple's sexual intimacy. In certain cases we could help the wife become pregnant with our abilities, help in delivery and the raising of the child as needed. We can also there for emotional support as a friend or "counselor"."

"And how would you deal with the members of the crew who are single?" Chenosh asked.

"We would provide a service like any of them. No money changing hands to cheapen the meaning of any relationship. Each is taken on a case by case basis. Both parties agree on a starting point and let things grow from there. I'm not saying that it will all be perfect, but I do believe that it will help in dealing with stress and being away from home. I choose to look ahead past the war, and want my people to have a place in this society. Outside of Earth we can make a future, I do not see it here at the moment. Despite the openness of humans, they may have moral objections of it happening on their world." Sabanet said realistically.

"A valid argument. I am sure we can work something out." Chenosh said.

Sabanet carried her bags to her quarters on the star ship "Freedom". Setting them down, she laid down on the bed. Freedom was one of the few ships almost completely crewed by humans, with the occasional Di'San or Artificial thrown into the mix. Most of the crew were also single representing a ratio of 1 female to every twenty males. Counselors like Sabanet were already being sent to this ship as well as a few others. Granted none of them were professional psychologists or doctors, though they didn't really need to be to perform their duties. The buzzer on the door sounded and Sabanet made a note to change the sound as it would eventually become annoying over a long period of time.

"Come in." She called out.

A young man entered, barely eighteen by the look of him. He was thin young man who was barely above 6 foot. He had hazel eyes and blond sandy colored with a sheepish smile and a shy demeanor about him. From the crew roster Sabanet recognized his face and supplied a name.

"Greetings Engineer Starks. What brings you to my humble abode?" Sabanet asked.

"I ... well ... you see I'm supposed to go on leave tomorrow, and my buddies back home are saying there is a gal waiting for me. I don't know much about women and there ahhh..." Starks said.

"Female parts?" Sabanet supplied gently.

"Yes miss." Starks said hiding his face. Sabanet got the distinct impression that this young man had once worn his hair long, so he could hide his face; that was before he was forced to cut it when he joined the fleet. While he wasn't incredibly handsome, Sabanet did find him nice to look at.

"Come. Sit here." Sabanet said patting beside her on the bed. Starks reluctantly walked over and sat down.

"Now what is it you would like to know in particular?" Sabanet asked patiently.

"Well I heard a rumor that there is a spot on a woman that she really likes ... that is inside of her." Starks said, letting his words trail off at the end, but Sabanet knew what he meant to say.

"Would you like me to show you?" Sabanet asked.

Stark was unable to meet her eyes as he said, "Yes please."

"First I would like to ask a favor of you: could I get a kiss first?" Sabanet asked.

"Miss?" Stark asked in surprise looking up at her, and meeting her eyes.

"It would make me feel a little more comfortable ... if you would." Sabanet said, turning her eyes away shyly.

Stark thought it over and finally said, "Well I suppose."

Sabanet had very little time to prepare herself before Stark kissed her all of a sudden. Pressing his lips against hers in a soft kiss he saw her close her eyes and relax against him. Trying to figure out where to put his hands, he gave up and just focused on the press of his lips. After a few moments their lips parted and both smiled.

"That was wonderful: thank you." Sabanet said.

Embarrassed and proud Stark replied, "Was my pleasure miss. I have never felt lips so soft."

Hiding her face again Sabanet said, "You are too kind Mr. Stark. I must admit I'm quite jealous of your lady friend."

Stark grinned at her comment saying, "I don't suppose I should talk to her about kissing a beautiful lady like you. I imagine she would be equally as jealous, but I mean to learn what I can here. Though I am comforted in my nervousness that I might be able to please so lovely a lady, as the woman who sits before me."

Sabanet blushed under his compliments, biting her lip. Stark kissed her lips yet again, inhaling her scent, and glorifying in her closeness to him. When Sabanet started to move away Stark hid his disappointment, until he realized she was lying back and removing her panties. Sabanet wore a blue tank top and short miniskirt, as she loved to show off her legs. Laying his hands on her thighs Stark grinned as he felt their softness against his callused hands. Stroking and running his fingers along them he forgot everything else.

"Though I do enjoy your hands there, I think I can find another use for them." Sabanet said grasping one of them and using her other hand to lift up her skirt, and expose her shaven pussy. Drawing his hand to her pussy lips Sabanet let his fingers rub them.

"What should I do?" Stark asked.

"Normally with most women you need a personal lubricant, but I'm not most women. Turn your hand like this, with your thumb up." Sabanet instructed. She waited until Stark was ready and she grasped his hand again, and helped him push inside her.

"Wow!" Stark said as her pussy tightened around his hand.

"Keep in mind you will have to go more slowly with a human female. It might even take a few tries if you want to actually do it this way. Now slowly turn your hand, so your palm faces upwards." Sabanet said, her breath quickening. Stark did so and noticed a something strange.

"It's kind of spongy here." Stark said, feeling with his fingers.

"That's the g-spot. It's a very sensitive ... waaa!" Sabanet said as she felt his fingers move.

"Sorry did that hurt?" Stark said.

"No ... it ... didn't ... but you have to be careful. I'm a bit more sensitive than your average female. This is purely for instructive purposes. Maybe we should stop for now." Sabanet said.

"Why? Just cause I did this?" Stark moved his fingers, tickling her g-spot. It produced an immediate reaction in Sabanet, as she began squirming.

"Do you want me to stop?" Stark asked marveling at her reaction.

"Y-y-y-yesssss! O-o-o-o-oooh fuuuuuck!" Sabanet yelled out as her pussy gripped his hand and part of his arm like a vice, before pushing him out along with a stream of juices. Stark had heard of women squirting, but he had never seen it before. Just watching it was an incredible turn on.

Thinking it over Stark said to himself, "Why the fuck not?"

Unbuckling his pants, he tossed them aside and dove in. Entering her pussy he began fucking with all of his might and Sabanet did her best to match him between orgasms. Moaning underneath him, she locked her legs around his waist and her arms around his back, keeping as deep inside her as she could. Her inner muscles massaged his cock until Stark couldn't hold back anymore and had to cum. Each and ever drop of semen was milked out of him until he lay exhausted on top of her.

"That was awesome!" Stark said with a sigh. Sabanet laughed and kissed him.

"Technically it was my first. Sooo ... do you have to go right away or can we go for round two?" Sabanet said looking at him.

Catching his breath, Stark said, "I think it would be awhile ... say a couple of minutes."

"I hate waiting." Sabanet said looking down between their bodies at his cock. Lewis Stark detected a lovely aroma in the air that he couldn't identify. Almost immediately his cock began to harden again on its own.

"Did you do that?" Stark asked.

Pressing a finger to his lips to silence him Sabanet said, "Less talking, more fucking."

Stark grinned happily as he got back into position, "Yes ma'am. Happy to be of service."

Seeing Stark off Sabanet went back to her more customary duties of marriage counseling and other such things due to the fact that there were indeed married couples, or at least individuals who were one half of one. When Sabanet wasn't on duty his male form would come out as he wandered the ship, usually stopping in the gym or the arboretum, where the plants were kept, including beautiful gardens. On cruisers designed for war only the bare minimum was allowed, including space, but since this particular ship was designed for exploration crew quarters were individualized and more space for entertainment and aesthetics were allocated.

For Sabanet, the gym was a place to show off. As small as he was, to say he was a weakling would down right foolish. The fact was Sabanet wasn't. Sure all Counselors were predisposed to be gentle and carrying when someone else was involved, but to say they were totally incapable of aggression; physical or otherwise wasn't a true assessment of their race. Working with the weights before his usual half an hour on the treadmill, Sabanet noticed a particular female crew member was eyeing him. Smiling politely he continued his set, even as he noticed her heading over. She was a young red head with green eyes and freckles on her face. Slim, but with a nice pair of hips she was quite the looker with her glasses, white t-shirt and short blue gym shorts with a logo on the front. Her hair was braided into a pony tail that hung down to about the small of her back; it was another sign, showing the difference between a military vessel and this one. Here grooming standards were a little more liberal as long as the crew remained competent, and still used good hygiene practices.

"Hello, my name is Grace McPherson. I don't believe we met. Are you new to the crew?" Grace asked.

"Sabanet, and yes I am." He replied.

"You're our Counselor?" Grace said in surprise.

"One of them. More are supposed to be coming. The pilot program is just getting started, and they are trying to ensure that each ship gets one before they start increasing our numbers." Sabanet answered.

"I was wondering what you would look like, but I suppose the point of it all is that you don't look that much different than us." Grace said.

"Are you a scientist?" Sabanet asked thinking over her words.

"Yes. How did you know?" Grace asked.

"You're choice of wording for one thing." He said and saw her blush in embarrassment.

"Sorry. I guess I'm not that good with people, though I try." She said.

"Don't worry about. I understand you meant no harm." He said.

"I'm curious what it's like. Can you stay in one sex or do you have to switch back and forth?" Grace asked taking a seat on the bench of a bench press right next to the incline press machine Sabanet had been working on.

"I do eventually feel the urge to shift yes. In that way I and my Ki predecessors are very much alike." Sabanet explained.

"And you are fully functional ... in either sex I mean?" Grace asked.

"And then some, yes." He said.

"What do you mean, "And then some"?" Grace asked.

"Wouldn't you like to know." Sabanet said with a grin.

"How do I know you're not just bragging?" Grace asked.

"You could always try and find out." He shrugged with an amused look on his face.

Finding their way to her quarters, Sabanet kissed deeply at the threshold. Grace broke the kiss her feelings conflicted; hesitant.

"I want this but..." Grace said.

"But you've been hurt before." Sabanet supplied.

"Is everything apparent to you?" Grace asked.

Smiling Sabanet replied, "You are the second person to ask me that question. I will tell you the same thing I told them: the answer is no."

"How much can you sense?" Grace asked.

Shrugging Sabanet replied, "I am unsure as to the limits of my abilities. My own experiences do not match my genetic memory. That is understandable given my genetic background: I am the first of my kind."

"Surely they tested you." Grace said.

"Minimal testing only. I myself am less than a month old, though I am fully developed. Like those who will be created after me I was created in a lab, and like me most of them will spend that first day or two in a capsule. I was designed for accelerated growth until I matured. I have three parents in a sense, though I met only one of them." Sabanet said taking a seat at the edge of Grace's bed.

Taking a seat beside him Grace asked, "Why only one?"

"My parentage for the most part was kept a secret. The one parent I know is Chenosh. I looked it up. The lab records show that she kept track of my development. My other progenitors I may never know, but at least I got to meet her." Sabanet said with a wistful look.

"I have both my parents. I couldn't imagine not knowing one of them. You are a curiosity Sabanet." Grace replied.

"How exactly?" Sabanet asked.

"I have never known a being with so much complexity." Grace answered.

"I'm afraid you have mislabeled me. I am not as complex you think. I despite our physical differences and background I want only to be accepted for what I am." Sabanet explained.

"But you have two sexes. It's hard enough for me to deal with just one." Grace said in exasperation.

"Now you have me curious: why?" Sabanet asked.

"Because each gender behaves differently." Grace explained.

"And why is that? Granted males and females are physically different but both sexes are essentially the same." Sabanet said.

"Well girls and boys are raised..." Grace begins to say.

"Raised? Then you are making the assumption that I was raised the same as you." Sabanet responded.

"I suppose not ... so for you there is no separation, no differences?" Graces asked.

"If there are any they are slight. I can't really recognize them myself. Of course that isn't the problem." Sabanet said.

"Then what is?" Grace asked

"Anyone outside my race expects me to exist in those roles, and can find it difficult to believe that my people are not very traditional." Sabanet said.

"What does you female side look like?" Grace asked.

"For that I would have to visit your bathroom. I find the shifting to be a very private moment." Sabanet said.

"More so than nakedness?" Grace asked.

Giving Grace a self conscious smile Sabanet said, "Yes."

"I'll wait then." Grace said patiently.

Stepping into the bathroom Sabanet shifted into her female form and emerged again for Grace to see her.

"I'm obviously larger as a male." Sabanet said and Grace noticed the baggy clothes.

"I would have thought there would be no height change, but I suppose it would make sense: males tend to be larger as a general rule." Grace said.

"It's not exactly flattering is it?" Sabanet said starting to strip.

"Wait ... what are you doing?" Grace said alarmed.

"I told you: outside of shifting I'm not very shy." Sabanet said, tossing her shirt and shorts away.

Grace was now faced with an eyeful, as a gorgeous naked woman stood before her.

"You ... still haven't answered my question." Grace said trying to get her brain to work.

"Call it an experiment. Do you find me attractive Grace?" Sabanet said approaching her.

Frozen in place all Grace could manage was to look away and say, "Maybe."

Sitting down on her lap Sabanet straddled Grace's legs while facing her. Her closeness and the heat of her body caused Grace's breath to become heavy.

"Now you're not answering my question." Sabanet whispered mere inches from her ear.

"Yes I do." Grace confessed.

"I have just one more question: do you see me as a man or a woman?" Sabanet asked.

Turning to face her Grace can feel her own heart thumping in her chest as Grace says, "I see you as both."

Sabanet plants a peck on her lips. Awkwardly Grace kisses her back. Pretty soon they are making out. Sabanet's hands slide under her shirt and unsnap Grace's bra in the front. Slowly pulling the bra out she lets it fall from her fingers letting it settle on the bed beside them. Grinning she pulls the shirt up and over her head surprising Grace.

Burying her face in Grace's breasts Sabanet sucked licked them.

"Oh God!" Grace cried out as she fell back. Grace barely managed to take off her shirt while Sabanet continued her oral attentions. Lying back Grace closes her eyes savoring the experience.

Kirell'sun was named High Commander of the Harreden forces by Chenosh herself. A powerful male he had risen high on his own through the military ranks, but this was his crowning achievement. Chenosh had chosen the Freedom as her ceremonial flag ship for this event, inviting all the crew. Afterwards as was part of the ceremony, Chenosh gave Kirell'sun a tour of the vessel. Upon entering the mess hall they found Grace with Sabanet. Attracted to the smaller female, and knowing full well who she was he made a note to meet up with Sabanet later. While walking among the gardens Sabanet was approached by Kirell.

"Greetings Sabanet. It is a pleasure to finally meet you." Kirell said.

"Greetings to you as well High Commander. This must be a glorious day for you." Sabanet replied.

"Thank you. I've worked hard for it." Kirell said.

"How might I help you sir?" Sabanet asked.

"It has come to my attention that you are a result of new breeding technology." Kirell said.

"The technology is artificial in nature. I would have thought that the Harreden were not interested in such things." Sabanet said eyeing a beautiful flower.

"Most would not, but then again, I have not risen to my position by being incapable of adapting. The Nafi seems to have an interest in such things, and I must say if you are an example of her new ventures, then who am I to question her methods." Kirell said.

"You do me a great complement sir." Sabanet replied.

"I speak only the truth, no more, no less. I would ask a favor. Though I see you have already found a mate, it would be my request to seek an indirect breeding. It would have to be seconded by Chenosh of course, but if you did agree, I believe it would benefit both our people. In return I would offer my own DNA in return for your future use." Kirell offered.

Sabanet recognized what Kirell was doing and weighed the possible benefits versus the minuses. There weren't many things in the minus column: sure Harreden were still very driven by their breeding programs, and had to be dealt with cautiously, but this could be Sabanet's chance to spread her people into a previously unavailable gene pool.

"I will allow the transfer should the Nafi wish it on the condition that any who come from me be given the right of full mate." Sabanet said.

"Full mate? No outside gene pool has ever been offered such a thing in the first generation. Not even the humans have such rights!" Kirell argued.

"I am not fully human, but I am part Harreden. You see my genes. As head of my family I reserve the right of condition." Sabanet said.

Taking a deep Kirell composed himself and replied with pure naked lust in his eyes, "How formidable of you. A pity you already mated and the old laws do not apply. I imagine I would not have been satisfied with the indirect breeding when tradition offers a method far more gratifying."

When Sabanet told Grace of the conversation later, Grace asked, "What did he mean by the old laws not applying?"

Sitting on the floor in Grace's room Sabanet in her female form explained, "In the old laws a suitor has the right to challenge another potential breeder for a mate they both desire. The winner was given exclusive breeding rights until they chose to relinquish it. It was a rare practice, but one that brought great honor to both the winner and the prize individual."

"They fought over the potential mate? How do they tell who won?" Grace asked nervously: Kirell was a typical Harreden, which put him at over 6 feet and extremely well built. Facing him would have been a nightmare if this thing had been serious.

"One gives up after realizing their can be no victor, or losses their claim in death." Sabanet said matter-of-factly.

"Wait ... if one of them doesn't submit, then one of them has to die?" Grace said.

"One them did in the past system of laws. Now those are considered out of date. Besides I wouldn't have been his mate either way." Sabanet said.

"Why not? He is strong, cute, and powerful. I figure the Harreden in you would have jumped at the chance. Even he thinks you would be a good fit." Grace said feeling a slight tinge of jealousy.

"Of course he would: Kirell'sun is a dominant Harreden male. If he simply defeated you I would kick his ass. If he killed you; which he wouldn't have been dumb enough to pull, I would have taken my revenge." Sabanet said in all seriousness.

"So you don't want him?" Grace said.

"Of course not. Most Harreden are extremely arrogant, it's part of their nature. I accepted his offer to help the alliance and my species. From a purely biological sense we both benefit from the breeding and this way I don't have to give you up." Sabanet explained.

"I don't understand ... won't the rest of your race be based off you? In that way, aren't they all your children?" Grace asked.

"Will I be like an Adam and Eve of my species? The answer is yes, but all of them will be a variation, and not one that makes them my direct descendants. That is an important distinction. My biological clock is ticking and war is on. I will take precautions to insure that my family and perhaps my species does not die with me." Sabanet said without making excuses.

"Can he be trusted? I've been doing research about Harreden culture, and while I don't pretend to know all the nuisances, I did notice they have made a habit of betrayal." Grace pointed out.

"A habit you should have noticed only happens when one side does not fear the other. Technically though I am the head of my own family, I am also descended from the Harreden's current Nafi. This gives me high status among their race, and a protection of sorts. Kirell is no fool. He picked me quite carefully. Chenosh herself is unavailable as a mate, so he cannot pursue her and I am her only descendant who is of age. His only other option would be to go after a close relative of the Nafi's and seek to breed with them. By that connection he insures his genetic supremacy over the others." Sabanet points out.

"The Harreden are a confusing lot. How do you manage to understand them outside of telepathy?" Grace asked.

"And my genetic memory you mean? Simple: look for their power structure. Every intelligent species has one, even if it's temporary. Once you figure that out, everything else falls into place like a puzzle. Harreden don't care about money or any other resources really by itself. Everything they do is to prove that their line deserves power and respect. It is both a selfishness and sacrifice. If you want to control them you either offer what they want, or convince them that you can take it away." Sabanet explained.

"That does sound similar to human politics." Grace said.

"Then you are beginning to understand: the Harreden are not as fearsome as everyone holds them to be. In the end they show you the way to keep them in line. That's the secret of how Liam beat them. Win or lose the Harreden acknowledge genetic superiority. If they had no one to turn to except Liam then there would have been no war and he would have conquered them without a drop of blood being shed. The Ja family provided them hope. Even now they look to us to lead the way." Sabanet replied.

"What do you think will happen in this war?" Grace asked.

Sabanet shrugged, "I only know what must be done. If Liam will not accept peace then he must be defeated. It will not be an easy task I imagine, but there is no other way I can see. Allowing him to win is out of the question: he has no problems with the old law. From my memories of dealing with him, his mind was powerful, yet twisted."

"Those are the Nafi's memories?" Grace asked.

Sabanet nodded and said, "Yes. No one else has faced Liam directly in battle and not been captured or killed. It's part of the reason why the Harreden are so terrified of him, though they would never admit. Even that fact played into Kirell's decision: by using Chenosh's genetic process, he will have an heir almost immediately as far as he is concerned."

Grace seems to think this over before she says anything, "I'm curious: do you think a lesser incubation could work for humans? I think it would help couples who are looking to have a child and can't afford a long pregnancy because of either time or money, particularly people in the fleet. If it could be done one could stay on Earth or one of the stations while the other one was away."

"I would say it is entirely possible as long as you did on Earth. Chenosh's corporation alone possesses the equipment that would insure the process would be safe. It has the added advantage of finding and weeding out health problems, though it slows the process down. I have even thought of using a similar one to help in surgeries. Of course it would be far less complicated." Sabanet said.

Her scientific mind a whirl Grace eagerly asked, "Please explain."

"Well imagine losing a limb or another body part. With the process I have thought of you could take a sample of the materials required and use a computer to grow them in hours or perhaps even minutes." Sabanet explained.

"You would need healthy cells of course." Grace put in.

"Of course, but think of all the health tests we have to go through. If some had lung cancer or something similar, we could use an earlier sample to grow a new pair of lungs and switch out the old. Not only would it revolutionize the medical industry, but it would also be highly effective in war. Many more people could be saved and we wouldn't have soldiers who were physically mutilated and unable to regain what limbs or body parts they lost." Sabanet said with excitement.

"You love medicine don't you?" Grace said looking her companion and loving her excitement and compassion.

"I've read every book and text I could on the subject. I believe it is possible and I so want to do it. Be with you and seeing how you study the genetics of microorganisms we find, I began to think about other forms of life. What makes us tick, and what could I do to make others lives better?" Sabanet said visualizing such a future.

"Well why don't we visit Earth? I have some leave time coming up, and you'll have to go there anyway to make to do what you need with Kirell." Grace said, trying awfully hard to be supportive. She couldn't wrap her head or heart about having a child with Kirell, but she did not think she had the right to argue.

Hugging her Sabanet said, "Thank you."

They made love that night as male and female. The following day Grace experienced the first signs of pregnancy.

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