The Artifact
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mind Control, Harem,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Brian will inherit a fortune, a mansion and a harem when Charlie dies. And most importantly, he will inherit the artifact that makes it all possible.

He was met at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport by the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was tall, blonde, with a fabulous figure, and when he thought to look, big brown eyes. "You're Brian Radford, aren't you? I'm Helena Braga. Charlie asked me to meet you," she said in slightly accented English as she extended her hand for him to shake.

She asked if he had any checked luggage to pick up. When he answered he had only brought the one bag he was carrying, "Good," she said, "then we can leave right away. We need to take a taxi to the other side of the airport. We'll get the copter there."

"Copter? We're taking a helicopter to Charlie's place?" Brian asked. "I didn't realize he lived that far from the city."

"It will be a lot quicker, especially at this time of day. It's rush hour you know. Charlie probably doesn't have long, and he wants to see you as soon as possible."

Outside, Helena hailed a cab. They drove around the airport to the general aviation terminal where they boarded a helicopter, a Huey. Brian had seen a few in the military, but this was a civilian version, and quite luxurious. Once they had taken their seats and belted in, the pilot turned to say, "All ready, Miss Helena."

"Let's go," she told him, then turned to Brian. "It will take us about an hour to get to Valle Verde, but it would probably take more than four hours at this time of day if we were going by car."

Brian noticed the authentic Spanish pronunciation she gave to the name, much better than he could do when he inquired, "Valle Verde?"

"Rancho Valle Verde, Charlie's place" she laughed. "I think you'll like it there."

He looked into her big, wide-open eyes as she looked back. I could drown in those eyes, he thought before asking, "Uh, are you Charlie's wife, or girlfriend, or... ?"

Laughing, "Don't you know Charlie isn't married? I guess you can call me his girlfriend, his companion, his lover, his..."

"I don't want to pry," he interrupted.

"No, it's all right," she laughed. "You need to know everything. But yes, I'm Charlie's girlfriend." She stood and moved toward the rear. "We have champagne, would you like some?"

Brian said he would, and soon she took her seat across from him, poured the wine into champagne flutes, and handed one to him. It tasted good, though Brian didn't know a lot about champagne. As they sipped, "You were in the army with Charlie?" she asked.

"Yeah, in Iraq, but that was a long time ago, more than ten years now."

"Charlie said you saved his life."

"I did what I was trained for, that's all," Brian answered, trying to avoid those big brown eyes.

"You got a medal?"


Smiling at him. "What did you do?"

"When our Humvee hit a roadside bomb, I pulled Charlie out and put a tourniquet on his leg. Then the medics came, and he was okay. Got him out of the army, me too, so it wasn't so bad."

"So that's how he lost his foot, half his foot. And you were wounded too?"

"Yeah, not as bad as Charlie, just my leg, but enough to get me out. I limped for a while, but it's okay now."

They talked some more, Helena drawing him out, eliciting information about his life and relationship with Charlie. When he asked about Charlie's condition, "It's not good. I'm afraid he doesn't have long," she answered, her eyes filling with tears. "That's why he wants you here, you're his best friend."

He didn't expect that. There hadn't been much contact between them in the more than ten years since they returned from Iraq. But when Charlie contacted him saying he was dying and wanted Brian with him, he agreed to come. He was sorry Charlie was dying, and surprised to find he was so wealthy and had girlfriend like Helena, but he didn't think of Charlie as his best friend. He had another glass of champagne. Then, temporarily putting any questions about Charlie out of his mind, laid his head back, and dozed off.

A change in the sound of the engine awakened him. "We're landing, better put on your seat belt," Helena told him. He tightened the belt and peered out the window. "There's the house," she said, pointing to a large white house (a mansion, thought Brian) surrounded by shade trees. "The stable is that long building over there. We've got a lot of horses. I love to ride." She looked at him. "How about you?"

"Not much, I've only done it a few times." Pointing, "What's that big building over there?"

"That's where Charlie keeps his classic car collection. He's got almost as many cars as horses. Jay Leno came once to see his collection. They're just beautiful."

The copter banked and turned over the house before descending to land on the wide green lawn in back of the mansion. Brian grabbed his bag, they exited the plane and walked across the grass to the back door. He couldn't help admiring Helena's shapely derriere, clad in khaki slacks, as she climbed up the stair ahead him. Once inside, they were greeted by an auburn-haired woman, nearly as beautiful as Helena, and about the same age (mid-twenties, he guessed), though not as tall.

"This is Kristen," Helena said.

"Glad to meet you," Brian said, shaking her hand.

"Glad to meet you, Brian," she replied. "Charlie wants to see you right away, if you're able. Would you like a drink or anything, first?"

"No, we had some champagne on the way over. I don't have a problem seeing him now if that's what he wants."

"I'll take you up," Helena said.

He left his bag with Kristen and let Helena lead him along a corridor through the back of the house, a large kitchen on one side, closed doors on the other. They passed through an archway into another hall, better finished and decorated, then upstairs to the hallway and Charlie's room. The door was open, but Helena knocked anyway.

At the sound of a muffled voice, she went inside. "Brian's here, Charlie," she said to the room's interior. She waited for a muffled reply before ushering him in.

It was fitted out as a hospital room, with monitors, a hospital bed, and a nurse standing as he entered. Surprisingly, she was the first normal looking woman he had seen since arriving - middle-aged, a little overweight.

He was shocked at Charlie Green's appearance. The last time Brian saw him, Charlie was a big, handsome African American. But now, his body was withered, his complexion a sallow gray rather than the dark mahogany color it had been during all the time Brian had known him, even in Iraq, even after being wounded.

Charlie raised his head a little, his eyes on Brian. "Come here," he said in a weak voice. To the nurse, "Get out, you." Then to Helena, "You too, and close the door." She started to object, but when Charlie gave her a weak wave of his hand, she followed the nurse out of the room, closing the door behind her. "Sit down," he said to Brian.

Brian took his seat in the chair next to the bed, the nurse's chair. When Charlie reached over to him, Brian grasped his hand, not too tight, afraid he might harm the dying man.

"I heard the chopper, I'm glad you're finally here," Charlie said, his dark eyes watering as he looked up at Brian. "You know, you're my best friend, my only friend."

Brian looked at the withered being on the bed. "Charlie, I'm sorry about what's happening to you, but I can't be your best friend. We haven't seen each other in years, at least five years, I think. And our only contact since then has been by email. I didn't even know you were sick until I got your email last week."

Charlie leaned his head back and sighed. "I'm weak, it's the leukemia. I bet it's from the depleted uranium they used over there." His head still on the pillow, he turned toward Brian. "I don't have any friends, any real friends. I can't have any friends, and when you find out why, you'll understand."

He raised his head a little to look into Brian's face. "You saved my life, that's enough to make you my friend, and my heir, and that's why I paid for your ticket to come here. When I go, all this, the ranch, the house, the girls, all my assets, will be yours."

"Charlie, I don't want it, and I don't want your girls, as attractive as Helena and Kristen are, and I don't think they'd want me. And you must have relatives who have a lot more right to your estate than I do."

"I don't have any children, my parents are dead, my sister was killed in an accident years ago. I've got a half sister from my father somewhere, but I don't know where and she doesn't know where I am, or even if I'm alive. No, it's all going to you. I've had my will made in your name, and it's airtight. And don't worry about the girls, they'll want you just as much as they want - wanted me, it's been a long time since I was able to do anything with them," his words ending in a fit of coughing.

"I'll get the nurse," Brian said, rising from the chair.

"No, sit," Charlie wheezed. "I want you to stay here, at the ranch, till I'm gone. It won't be long, days the doctors say, or hours. I'll explain it all to you, then you'll understand."

"Charlie, I can't."

"Have you got a job now? Last I heard you were still unemployed."

"I've been subbing, you know what that's like. But I think things are improving. This recession is finally coming to an end. I hope I'll be able to get a permanent position next school year."

"You can stay, they've got plenty of subs. It won't be long, a few days at the most. And when I'm gone what you'll have here will be better than any teaching job. Once you find out everything, you'll take it, believe me."

Brian agreed to stay, though he still couldn't understand why Charlie thought he was his only friend. It was true he didn't need to get back to LA. Since being laid off from his regular teaching job he had been substitute teaching, he was divorced, and his girlfriend broke up with him right after Christmas.

When he opened the door, the two women who had been waiting in the hall came in, the nurse hurrying to check on Charlie. "I'll show you to your room," Helena said after pausing to look at Charlie.

The bedroom was huge, richly decorated in a distinctly masculine style, with an attached bath and the biggest bed Brian had ever seen. There was a leather sofa and coffee table against one wall, and beside it a wet bar. "It's Charlie's bedroom," Helena told him, "he wanted you to have it. As soon as you freshen up, we'll have dinner. Just come downstairs when you're ready."

Brian saw his bag had been unpacked and the few things it contained put away. He used the toilet, washed his hands and face, then went downstairs.

Helena was waiting at the foot of the stair. As he followed her toward the rear of the house, he heard the sound of female voices talking quietly together. She led him to a dining room, and as they entered she said, "Let me introduce everyone."

He stood stock still, shocked, as he looked at the girls standing behind their chairs around the large round table. One by one, the girls were introduced to him. Beside Helena and Kristen, whom he had already met, there were five more: Tamara, a beautiful African-American with a knockout figure; Tina, a slender blue-eyed teen with long blonde hair and cute dimples; Susan, another blonde with a fabulous figure, but with green eyes. She looked younger than Helena; Veronica, a Mexican teen, about five feet tall who couldn't weigh much more than a hundred pounds; and Vivian, a slender young beauty with long, black hair and striking blue eyes.

Indicating a chair, "Please sit here," Helena said, before she took her seat on his right and Kristen on his left. The other girls took their seats, and they began dinner. Conversation was pleasant, if a little subdued. Tina and Veronica took turns running to the kitchen for anything needed that wasn't on the table.

"This is the back dining room," Helena explained. "There's a formal dining room in front, but we use this one most of the time if it's just us or family."

"We do all our own cooking," Veronica said. "It's good, isn't it?" Brian agreed; the food was good, and the wine was good too. It was one of the best meals he'd ever had.

"We girls do all the housework," added Kristen. "Of course, we let the guys take care of the heavy lifting and the landscaping."

"How many are there?" Brian asked.

"You can see there are seven of us girls," Helena explained, "and there are fifteen men at the ranch. They have their own dorm." Pointing, "It's that direction, on the other side of the car barn. As Kristen told you, they do the landscaping, heavy work, and act as guards, pilots, chauffers, and so on."

As they talked, the girls, especially Helena and Kristen, drew him out, encouraging him to talk about his life, his past, about Charlie. He told them how he joined the National Guard to help pay for college, how he was called up for the invasion of Iraq, "Just like Charlie. Well, we knew what we were getting into."

"You are a very brave man. Charlie told us you got the Bronze Star medal for saving him," Helena said. "You told me about it during our flight here. Won't you please tell the others?"

So again Brian had to relate what happened when their Humvee was hit by the roadside bomb. When he finished, "You saved Charlie's life," Susan said.

After a pause, Kristen flashed her green eyes at him as she asked. "Charlie said you were married."

"Yeah, I WAS married," he laughed, "but now I'm divorced. Luckily, we didn't have any kids. She divorced me when I got back from Iraq. I guess we both changed too much while I was away."

"Brian, you deserve better," Helena commented, while the others nodded in agreement.

When they finished their meal, the girls waited for Brian to stand before rising themselves. "Uh, I better see how Charlie's doing," he said, before leaving the dining room and heading upstairs.

"When you're done with Charlie, you might want to relax in the den. That's where Charlie's pc is and It has it's own bar, TV, and other amenities you will probably enjoy," Helena told him as he walked out. "It's to your right as you come downstairs."

The doctor was with Charlie when Brian got to the room. He introduced himself, then waited while the doctor said, "I just gave Charlie his pain medication and a sedative. He should sleep until morning. You can talk to him then."

"I can talk to him now, until I fall asleep," Charlie croaked. To Brian, "Come here, sit down."

"Take it easy, Charlie. See you in the morning," the doctor said, walking out the door.

"Maybe," Charlie laughed, then coughed. To the nurse, "Wait out in the hall, and close the door."

It was a different nurse, the night nurse, Brian assumed. When he sat down next to the bed, "You like the girls?" Charlie asked.

"Sure, they're beautiful, but they're yours, not mine. By the way, how'd you get them?"

"We'll talk about that later. Now, tell me what happened."

When he told Charlie about dinner, and how the girls got him to talk so much, "I told them most of that already," Charlie said. "They just wanted to hear it from you."

Raising his head, "Come closer, this is secret, top secret," Charlie ordered. He waited until Brian bent closer, his ear almost brushing Charlie's lips. "In the outside wall of my bedroom, you're staying there, aren't you?" Brian nodded, then waited for Charlie to continue.

"In the outside wall of my room, behind the painting of the naked harem girl, it's titled 'Odalisque, ' there's a wall safe. All the way in the back of the safe - you have to stretch your arm to get it, that's why it's in that wall - is a leather bag containing an artifact and a notebook. Take out the bag, examine the artifact, but don't use it. I can't stop you, but it's better if you don't, not yet. Look through the notebook, start with the last page. That'll help you understand everything. Now here's the combination, don't write it down, memorize it."

As Charlie mumbled the combination, Brian listened carefully, silently repeating the numbers to himself. Charlie closed his eyes. "Now let me sleep."

When Brian opened the door for the nurse, he found all seven of Charlie's girls waiting in the hall. "We kiss him goodnight," Kristen said as she stepped into the room. Charlie was asleep now, but Brian watched as each girl stepped forward to kiss his brow.

The girls drifted away, most going downstairs, but Helena stayed with Brian outside Charlie's room. "If you need anything, just call. Dial 01 and you'll get me." She looked into his face, giving him a coy smile before disappearing downstairs.

Brian entered the master bedroom. He thought, Maybe it should be called the master's bedroom, now that the nature of Charlie's lifestyle was becoming clearer. He locked the door, lifted the painting from the wall, and opened the safe.

Toward the front was a collection of obviously valuable objects - jewelry, gold coins, two Rolex watches. Brian guessed they were there to attract the attention of thieves so they wouldn't find the true treasure in the back. He reached all the way in and pulled out the leather bag.

He placed the bag on the desk, locked the safe and replaced the painting. When he opened the bag, he found a cheap stenographer's spiral notebook, and the artifact wrapped in felt. As he unwrapped it, Yeah, it's what I guessed, Charlie looted it.

The artifact was made of dull yellow metal, probably bronze or brass. It was oblong, about four inches long, with rounded ends. It was about an inch across, and a little less than that in height. It was heavy, heavier than it looked. It was engraved with cuneiform writing, and small pictures of the kind of bearded angels and gods Brian had seen in Iraq. Along the top, he thought it was the top, was a long, narrow slit. There was a small pin projecting out of one end of the slit. Brian guessed that sliding the pin to the other end of the slit would activate the artifact to make it do whatever it did.

Rewrapping the artifact in the felt, he put everything back in the leather bag, put the bag in his carry-on suitcase, and went down to the den. After closing and locking the door, he got a beer from the built in fridge, and sat down in the big, leather armchair. He had left his cell phone turned off and decided this was a good time to check his messages, but found the only one he cared about was a call from his mother, which he would answer tomorrow.

He opened the carry-on, and took the notebook out of the bag. As Charlie had suggested, he read the last page first:

Brian, once I am dead, all the love and devotion the girls feel for me will be transferred to you. I think that will be best for them and you. I know they want children, which I can't give them, and you probably can. That will help pay them back somewhat for everything they have given me.

Treat them well, Brian, I didn't always. They will spend their lives devoted to giving you love and pleasure, serving you in any way you want. You will have my fortune and my girls, and more when you use the artifact. Enjoy yourself, I did, but keep your head down. There are people in the government and others who would do anything for the artifact. Don't draw their attention.

After reading that, he leafed through the notebook. His eye was drawn to a page toward the back that seemed to be a statement of Charlie's net worth, it looked like more than a billion dollars. He paused, imagining what it would be like to have that much money. Then realizing it could really happen, he continued exploring the notebook, finding several intriguing entries:

The conditioning only works when the commands are given in the language the subject thinks in. It worked for Helena and Veronica because they have been here long enough they think in English now. That's why I couldn't condition, the name was crossed out so many times it was illegible.

Brian continued reading: I have thought of a way to overcome the language problem. I could condition a native English speaker fluent in Chinese and have him condition her, but it isn't worth it, there are enough girls I can get a lot easier. But that technique might be useful if they get too close. I should find someone fluent in Arabic. Brian couldn't discover any evidence that Charlie found an Arabic speaker.

He found information about the girls Charlie had conditioned. There were five noted as 'liberated' in addition to the seven Brian knew about. Of Charlie's current girlfriends, Tina was the youngest, at eighteen. Apparently, he had taken her two years ago before he knew how sick he really was. Susan's name was actually Suzanne, Brian hadn't noticed the difference in how the name was pronounced. She was twenty-four, and had just started her first real job as an air hostess when Charlie took her four years ago. Helena was from Brazil, and at twenty-nine was the oldest. She and Veronica were the only foreign-born girls.

There was a long list of men, some also liberated. It included the fifteen men at the house Helena had told him about, plus several pages full of brokers, investment counselors, accountants, politicians, and others. Did Charlie use any of the men for sex too, or just use them?

At first, he wondered what this meant: I've got two to three minutes of subjective time before the artifact resets and can't be used again until after sunrise. If I use it just before sunrise and then after, I can get two uses in about an hour.

Another entry: Time doesn't stop completely, just slows down to about a thousandth of its normal speed. That explains why the subliminal conditioning is so powerful. I repeat the script three or four times, and when time starts again all those repetitions hit the subject like a ton of bricks. They can't resist.

"That's not possible, is it?" Brian said to himself. "Stopping time, it's gotta be impossible." Yet the evidence was all around him.

There were several different conditioning scripts, some ensuring the loyalty of the men Charlie had serving him. Brian found the scripts for the women the most interesting, they included words like honor, respect, adore, desire, submit, serve. He decided Charlie must have more imagination than he thought.

He got another beer and continued leafing through the notebook. By the time he finished the beer, Brian had a good understanding of how the artifact worked. He lay his head back, closed his eyes, and thought about the power that would be his - the power and the wealth.

And the women, Charlie's women, would be there to serve him, and there would be others, too. He thought about all the women he had wanted in his life and could never have, but now he could have them, he could have them all.

No, that would be wrong. What Charlie did was nothing but slavery and rape, a kind of mental rape. Somehow with the artifact, time could be stopped, or slowed down tremendously. And while time was stopped, Charlie conditioned people to become his willing slaves. Brian didn't understand how it worked, but he knew it was wrong, he was sure of that.

On the other hand there was Charlie's fortune, he could take that. Maybe Charlie used the artifact to get it, but what great fortune wasn't somehow tainted?

He decided to tell Charlie his decision tomorrow morning. He would take the house, the money, the investments, but not the artifact. He would bury it with Charlie, place it in his casket. That would end the temptation.

Sleepy, and just a little drunk from the wine and beer, he made his way upstairs. After locking the artifact in the safe, he took a long shower and brushed his teeth. He had just changed into a clean pair of shorts when there was a knock on the door.

It was Helena. Immediately his eyes were drawn to the long, sheer, nearly transparent negligee she had on. It left nothing to the imagination, including that she wasn't a natural blonde.

"I thought you might like some brandy, and probably wouldn't know where to find it. It might help you sleep. I know I sometimes have trouble sleeping when I travel." As she floated into the room and moved toward the bar, he caught the scent of her perfume, subtle but arousing. She opened a cabinet taking out the bottle of brandy and a snifter. "Shall I pour?"

Brian could only nod as the vision, the nearly naked most beautiful woman he had ever met, poured the brandy and handed it to him. He sipped, feeling liquid fire in his belly as it went down.

Moving to the bed, she turned down the blanket and fluffed the pillows, piling them against the headboard. "Let me fix your bed. You can have your brandy there and then just drift off to sleep, it will be very relaxing." Her big breasts flowing inside her negligee, she came toward him, took the glass from his hand and led him to the bed.

He reclined on the bed, his back supported by the pillows stacked against the headboard. Helena came to sit on the side. Again, she offered the glass. "Drink, brandy is so warm and relaxing."

She was right, the brandy was warm and relaxing. When he finished, she took the glass from his hand asking, "Would you like more?"

"No, thank you," he answered, watching the tremors in her fleshy breasts as she set the glass on the bedside table. She made no move to leave.

She reached out to stroke her soft fingertips through the hair on his chest. "There are other ways I can help you relax," she whispered.

He moved her hand from his chest. "It wouldn't be right, you're Charlie's girl and he's just down the hall." Thinking, I must be mad to refuse her.

"It's all right," she said, her fingers returning to his chest. "It's what Charlie wants, he wants to give you a taste of what you can have. And ... and soon I'll belong to you." She looked down for a moment, before looking up and smiling, but he saw the glint of tears in her eyes.

He reached out to stroke her arm, enjoying the feel of her soft skin beneath the diaphanous material of her gown. "He told you to make love to me?"

"Yes, to serve you as I would him. He has been sick so long, it's been hard for all us girls. It's almost a year since ... since he's been able to do anything."

Brian looked into Helena's dark eyes. After several moments, he moved his hand up to caress her neck, then down to open a button, his fingers sliding inside her gown. He cradled her full breast in his palm, hearing her sigh, feeling her nipple growing erect. He squeezed her breast, then moved his fingers to pinch the hard nipple.

"Oh, Brian," she sighed, "Let me..." She stood up and quickly undid the top buttons of her negligee. With a quick shimmy of her hips, the gown fell to her feet, leaving her naked before him.

Standing beside the bed, the beautiful Brazilian cupped her breasts in her hands, offering them to him. "You like these, I know that," she said with a slight smile. "And this, my pussy, you like that too, don't you?" He nodded as she slid her hands down to her thighs, parting her legs a little. Then she turned and bending a little, moved her hands back, to her bottom. "My ass, do you like that? I've been told it's my most beautiful feature."

"God yes," he gasped, staring at Helena's shapely derriere. "All of you, you are the most beautiful woman I've ever known."

She moved close and knelt on the bed, facing him. "Then play with my body, tonight it's yours to do with as you will."

They kissed, long and hard. While they were kissing, she moved his hands to her breasts, encouraging him to squeeze the heavy flesh. As they parted from the kiss, she pressed his mouth to her bosom, begging him to suck, bite her rigid nipples. Leaving his mouth on her tits, she pulled his hands down to her pubis, moaning and sighing as he caressed the swollen labia, circled and stroked her erect little clitoris.

"Now this," she whispered, holding his left hand on her vagina, while pulling his right hand around to her beautiful bottom. "Play with my ass, please," she begged. He looked into her eyes as he squeezed her butt-cheek, while with his left hand he continued caressing her pussy.

Her moans were coming louder now, her breathing faster. When he bent a little closer, she raised her bottom, allowing his finger to enter her anus. Slowly, he pressed his finger into her. At first there was resistance, but soon she relaxed her sphincter, making movement easier. He stroked inside her once, twice, three times, and then gasping, moaning, shuddering, Helena was coming.

She collapsed onto him, her deep breaths tickling the hair of his chest. Suddenly raising her head, she began kissing his face while whispering, "Thank you ... Thank you ... Thank you," over and over.

After what seemed like several minutes, she drew back a little as with a smile she said, "Now your turn."

Helena kissed his neck, his shoulders, then his chest, kissing, licking, sucking his nipples. She moved lower, dragging her big breasts over him, kissing and licking as she moved down his body. She paused at his belly to press her tongue into his navel. Sliding off him, she knelt beside his groin. She grasped the waist band of his boxers and began sliding them down, slowly, ever slowly, kissing each area of skin as it was revealed, each area except his tumescent penis, the head gleaming with precum.

"Suck me, I need it," he cried, reaching for her.

"Yes, you're ready, more than ready," she said, smiling as she took his erect cock in her hand, slid back the foreskin and began to lick. "Um this is magnificent, I know I'm gonna really love it when we have sex. But for now, we'll do it this way."

She was sucking hard now, her cheeks caving in as her lips slid over him, while her soft fingers caressed his shaft, his balls, his perineum. Grabbing her head, forcing her down so low his cock-head hit the back of her throat, "God, Yes, I ... I'm coming," he cried, as his cock began pulsing inside her mouth. He gasped and groaned as he pumped out what seemed like gallons of semen into Helena's mouth and down her throat.

Still with his cock-head inside her lips, Helena continued sucking and licking until all his spend had passed into her mouth. "Um, that was good," she said as she laid her head on his thigh. "Soon, you'll be ready again, and it will last longer." She raised her head to look into his face. "It's been a long time for you too?"

He reached down to stroke her hair. He smiled. "Yes, a long time, and never with anyone like you."

"Do you want more brandy?" she asked. "Or perhaps champagne, there's some in the fridge."

"Yes, champagne."

"I'll get it, you don't need to do anything," she said, rising from the bed. Naked, Helena walked across the room to the bar. He marveled at the beauty and grace of her body. She was right, her derriere was her best feature. Her tiny waist - it looked like he could span it with both hands - flowed out to womanly hips, and a full, firm, heart-shaped bottom.

He heard the 'pop' of the cork as the bottle was opened, then her quick laugh. She's happy.

Now she was walking toward him, her large breasts swaying as she moved. She had a champagne flute in one hand, the bottle in the other. "We'll share," she said, sliding onto the bed beside him. She poured the wine and held the glass to his lips.

He swallowed, enjoying the cool, not too sweet liquid. She moved the glass away from his lips, smiling at him over the rim, and sipped at the wine. "You finish it," she said, again holding the glass for him. When the wine was gone she asked, "Would you like more?"

"No, that's enough," he said, watching her body as she placed the empty glass on the table. When she turned to him, "You know, you have beautiful breasts," he said, staring at her large, well-shaped breasts with hardly a hint of sag.

"Are you saying they're my best feature, better than my ass?" she laughed.

He reached out to cradle them in his hands. They were perfectly shaped, with dark uptilting nipples, growing even harder now as he caressed her. Bending forward, he said softly into her ear, "Your body, all of you is wonderful. You're the most beautiful woman I've ever known."

Helena placed her hands over his, pressing them even more tightly to her breasts. "Tonight, I am for you, my body is for you," she breathed.

Her hands moved around his neck, to pull him to her. They kissed again, long, deep, their tongues writhing together. While they kissed, she slid her leg over him, her thigh touching his groin. As they parted from the kiss, "Um, good, I think you're ready for more," she whispered, reaching down to touch and stroke his growing erection.

He was hard now. "Yeah, I want you. I want in you," he grunted, pulling her on top of him.

She knelt above him, her fingers sliding up and down his hard cock. She looked into his eyes. "It's wonderful, I love it."

He wondered what she thought was so special about his cock, which he had always considered about average, but he wasn't going to worry about that now. "Come on, fuck me," he gasped, his hands on her slender waist, pulling her down.

She gave him a crooked smile. "Let me. I want it, but let me do it."

She raised up on her knees. Holding his rigid shaft in her fingers, she swabbed the head over her labia, slick with her juices. She placed the broad crown inside her swollen lips, canted her hips a little until it was where she wanted. Softly moaning "Uh ... uh ... uh," she slowly descended, taking more and more of his hard organ into her body.

"More," Brian growled, his hands grasping her hips pulling her down. At the same time, he bucked his hips up, forcing all of his cock into her silky smooth vagina.

"Oh ... OH ... OHH," Helena cried, as incredibly she began orgasming. Her vagina spasming again and again over his cock, she collapsed onto him, her large breasts soft against his chest.

He could feel her breath against his cheek. Gently, he stroked her back, her beautiful ass. "Are you okay?" he whispered.

She kissed his neck, his cheek, before raising her head to look into his face. "Yes, that was so good." She raised her hand, brushing a few blonde strands of sweat-damp hair from her forehead. "I ... I don't think it ever happened to me like that before, so fast."

"Do you want more?"

"You didn't finish, did you? Yes, I want more, I want as much of you as I can have, my wonderful Brian."

Again they kissed deeply, their lips and tongues touching, dancing together. When they parted from the kiss, Helena began moving over him, sliding his cock inside her slick pussy, again softly moaning, "Uh ... uh ... uh."

He reached up to fondle, squeeze her full breasts, pinch her long nipples. Gasping loudly, she slid forward, pulling his head to her bosom. "Yes ... Oh Yes, suck me, suck my titties," she cried.

His head buried in her tits, Brian grabbed her butt, and bucked up, forcing more of his cock into her slick vagina. Helena straightened, then arched her back and began rolling her hips, pumping her pussy on his hard cock. Tightly grasping her buttocks, he used his hands to control her, moving her body as he wanted to increase his pleasure.

He loosened his grip on her hips, now guiding her more by touch than with the strength of his hands. But she continued moving as he directed, gasping, moaning as she rolled her butt over him, pistoned his rigid organ inside her spasming vagina. He looked at Helena, her eyes half closed, her breasts swaying as she moved. He slid his right hand back over her butt, then further back, sliding his fingers into the crack between her cheeks, seeking her puckered anus.

He pressed his middle finger into her tight anal hole, quickly overcoming the momentary resistance of her sphincter. "Uh ... Uh ... Uhh," she moaned grinding herself on him, her pussy pulsing, spasming over his hard length. "Oh ... OH ... I'm Coming ... Coming AGAIN," Helena cried.

"Me too, I'm gonna come too," he gasped, pressing his finger even deeper into her asshole, feeling his cock moving inside her through the thin wall separating her vagina and anus. Suddenly, her body tensing, her back arching, Helena moved into her orgasm. "Oh ... OHH ... Yes ... OHH YES, OHH BRIANNN," she moaned, as her vagina convulsed over his cock deep inside her.

Brian couldn't resist the strong vaginal contractions squeezing, undulating over his cock. He felt his balls draw up as, with a long, loud intake of breath, he began coming. His cock pulsed again and again and again, jetting his thick cum into Helena as she gasped and moaned through her own powerful orgasm.

As their orgasms passed, Helena collapsed onto him, murmuring softly against his chest. He gently stroked her back, feeling the aftershocks of her orgasm on his half-hard penis inside her. After several long moments, she raised her head to look into his eyes. "God, Brian, that was so intense," she said softly. She lay her head against him, softly kissing, licking his cheek, his ear, his neck.

"I hope it was okay, uh ... coming inside you like that," he said, stroking her back.

"Yes, it was good, very good."

Helena waited for her breathing to grow calmer before slowly, carefully, moving to lie beside him. They cuddled together till she sat up and kissed his cheek. Holding her hand under her pussy, she climbed out of bed. First bending to pick up her gown, she headed for the bathroom.

Brian was so tired after the trip, the alcohol and the sex, he had to fight to keep his eyes open so he could appreciate Helena's beautiful body as she walked across the room. In a few minutes she was back, now wearing the negligee. "Thank you, it was wonderful," she said, kissing his cheek.

Nearly asleep, Brian's only response was a mumbled, "Umm."

Helena slid her feet into her slippers, walked to the door, switched off the lights, and with a small smile on her face, walked out of the room, closing the door behind her.

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