Book 7 - New Dragons
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Magic, Fiction,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A tale of Damsels, Dragons...and much more. See Disclaimer on author's page for more information. Have your tissues handy!

"Well what do we do now? Hit the road? The music player said we could stay at her lair, do we head there? If we can find it" asked a sated Strut. Renlock who had decided he was never coming out of the hot water pool glanced at Strut, who's belly was bulging so badly he wondered if it would pop "no, we will stay put for now, let's stay warm, eat our fill and wait for Morpaw and Shelaw to recover as much as they're able, then we'll decide what we do and where we go." Raimi lay on the side of the oil pool slowly dragging her talons through the oil "did you notice the sky? It's night and it's dark but you can see all the way up to the moon." Strut hrmffed "how do you know it's a moon?" Raimi squinted her eyes at Strut "I saw a picture of one once, Ok?" Ailysh pointed out the window at the big white orb in the sky "that's the moon?" Raimi nodded "yup, it sure looks like the moon from the picture I saw just that the one I saw looked more yellow, oh well maybe that was a different world."

Trink walked into the pool room "aye that bes the moon and if yea look an see the little lights that be twinklin around those be stars" Trink blinked in surprise to see the one big dragon come surging out of the water, the other two standing right behind and to either side of him, the small dragons were nowhere to be seen. "I be ol Trink, ain't no threat to yea or yours, just came to be tellin yea that Laurel gots a room ready for yea." Renlock his eyes glinting with menace stared closely at Trink. Bitsy flew in "Trink, Laurel wants to know..." Bitsy hovered by the door hearing a low hiss, she looked around the room seeing the three dragons staring between she and Trink, she realized they had no idea what she and Trink were so assumed they were dangerous and enemies. Bitsy laughed with a light airy laugh "Trink, did you pass on Laurel's message, so we can get our big friends here settled for the night?" Silently she sent a message to Virlane "we could use some assistance before Trink and I get fried for dessert." Trink smiled widely "wellll now sure I did Bitsy me girly, but these biguns they seem to be taken exception to ol Trink." Virlane chuckled from the door, "must be the bow in the beard Trink, Bitsy I think Laurel is looking for you, why don't you go see what she wants." Casually Virlane sauntered in leaving the door open, he smiled at Renlock putting himself between Trink and the dragon, with his tail he batted Trink out of the door. Trink went flying out of the door with a yelp and a mutter, Rav caught him and set him down poking his head in the door Rav laughed "I think you invented a new game." Trink muttered darkly at Rav as he walked down the hall straightening his beard and bow. Virlane glanced over his shoulder and frowned to see Bitsy still hovering by the door. "Brand should spank you for not doing as your told." Bitsy winked "I'll make that suggestion to him, I'm sure he'll appreciate it." Virlane laughed then looked back at Renlock "the little fellow is Trink he is a harmless elf, Bitsy here is a fairy and relatively harmless unless annoyed then she can be a tad nasty. You will run into lots of elves and fairies around here so you might as well start getting used to them."

Renlock inclined his head "my apologies we've never seen such and thought them to be a threat." Brand walked in "is there a problem here brat?" Bitsy grinned "Virlane thinks I need a spanking." Brand grinned back "the last time I tried that you bit me." Bitsy wiggled her eyebrows "and you loved every minute of it." Bitsy made little snapping biting noises at him and grinned, Brand laughed "come on rat, if Laurel doesn't need you anymore tonight it's time to head home, I was a very good boy and fought hard tonight, that should at least be worth a nibble or two." Bitsy laughed as Brand tucked her in his shirt, waving to Virlane the two left the room. Renlock watched the door close, this wasn't right, something was wrong here, he had seen with his own eyes that human fight fiercely through the mist and wevrils yet here he was talking about nibbles and tucking the strange winged woman into his shirt, shouldn't he be out celebrating a victory hard won for once again he had shown his strength and valor, this was a very confusing place, but warm and there seemed to be plenty of food. Raimi and Bartolow had also seen and heard the exchange between the man and the little winged person, each having their own type of conflicting thoughts about the actions of the two.

Virlane took the six dragons to the back room that was now filled with pallets of blankets, plenty of pillows, Laurel had made sure the room was warm and a fire burning in the grate. Laurel came in with a smile "I hope this will do for right now, tomorrow we can fix up something more suitable and comfortable." Renlock nodded with an abrupt motion of his head. "I wish to see Shelaw and Morpaw, they are old and need to be treated with care." Laurel's smile faltered for a moment, silently she asked Virlane if they thought that the old couple were not being taken care of properly. Virlane smiled and told Renlock to follow him, then replied to Laurel silently "he is not a very trusting dragon, I also think he needs to reassure himself that the two are safe." Laurel smiled at the others "if you need anything my name is Laurel, just call for me."

Virlane watched Renlock standing in the doorway looking at the sleeping old dragons, with a nod he turned and quietly shut the door "they will do well here" he said as he walked down the hall. Quietly Virlane commented "you all will do well here if you give yourself the chance." Renlock frowned "we shall see, only fools and brave dragons take chances, I haven't decided which I will end up being yet." Virlane chuckled "I've been both many times, it only hurts for a moment." Renlock entered the back room to find Strut and Raimi arguing over a large pillow, walking over he took it from Raimi. "I will use it, then there is no reason to fight over it." Tossing the pillow on one of the pallets of blankets he laid down pulling the heavy covers over himself he shut his eyes ending the discussion.

Laurel lay in the oil pool, Zara on her chest, humming a soft lullaby, Laurel rubbed the oil over Zara's neck and back, the moonlight filtered in the windows giving the room a soft glow. It had been a very hectic, at times frantic day and tiny Zara was feeling the effects, unable to sleep she had crawled into bed with her mama and papa then tossed and turned grrring as she grew more tired and irritable. Zara purring fell asleep as her mama rubbed the oil into her wings, Laurel smiled softly still humming, she stopped when the door to the pool room opened and one of the new dragons silently crept in, turning its head this way and that as if something might pounce at any moment. Raimi intent on the bathing pool didn't see the woman with the hatchling laying in the shadowed oil pool, looking around once more she changed into her human form and slipped quietly into the pool, with a sigh she slid under the water, coming up rubbing her fingers through her short hair, reaching for the soap she lathered her hair, as she washed she made little noises of pleasure, Raimi sank under the water rinsing the soap off, she smiled once again rubbing her clean hair. Laurel watched the woman swimming back and forth across the length of the pool a dozen times, from the look on her face she was enjoying every moment of it, Laurel was exhausted just watching her. Raimi got out of the pool and dried herself off, she felt warm, tired, her stomach was full now she was really clean, glancing over at the oil pool her eyes met those of the woman Laurel, with a hiss the dragoness Raimi stared at Laurel. Laurel got out of the oil pool, taking a towel she slowly wiped the oil off Zara, casually she commented "I like it here late at night especially when the moon is so bright, it's very relaxing, when the day has been long this is the perfect spot to unwind" a sleeping Zara snuggled closer to her mama, her tiny paw on her mama's breast. Laurel the dragoness purred softly to her daughter as she told Raimi "it doesn't matter here if your woman or dragoness, be whatever you are most happy being, no one will fault you for that." Turning, Laurel padded up the back staircase to put Zara to bed. Raimi went back to her pallet telling herself she had been a fool for not having been more careful, those had been easy words for a woman like Laurel to say, not so easy for a dragoness like Raimi to listen too. Once Raimi had returned Renlock closed his eyes and slept.

Strut flew down the hall following the scent of food, hot, fresh food, hurrying into the dining room he went right to the sideboard, landing next to a large bowl of scrambled eggs he dug his paws in and started eating. Raimi padded in behind Strut slapping him on the back, sending him flying face down into the eggs "your worse than a wevril Strut, don't you have any manners at all?" Strut came up out of the bowl with a hiss, shaking his snout eggs flying everywhere he put his hands on his hips "looks who's talking I've seen you so hungry you've eaten a dead wevril raw and you want manners huh." Raimi glared at Strut "you don't exactly look starved to me, not after all you stuffed up your snout last night." Strut flicked a piece of egg off his chest at Raimi "you put away your fair share, didn't see you turning it down for a raw wevril or two." Revanche coughed slightly as he walked in "it might be rather difficult for the little guy to breath half submerged in the milk pitcher." Raimi raised an eyeridge "that's the general idea" but let go of Strut, who came up spluttering and choking, snorting milk out of his nostrils he growled "you stupid dragoness bitch, just wait until your starving again, see if I'll share with you then." Strut suddenly found himself staring at a very angry dragon "we don't call ladies names around here, watch your snout and no one is going to go starving there is more than enough for everyone." Calmly Revanche went to the door of the kitchen asking Cook for a fresh bowl of eggs and a new pitcher of milk, pouring himself a cup of coffee he sat down saying good morning to Alex and Connor as they walked in "where's the puffball?" Alex chuckled "sleeping late with her mama" saying good morning to the two dragons, not commenting on the fact that one of them was covered with milk and eggs, Alex and Connor got their coffee and sat down. Connor unable to resist any longer looked at Strut "you have eggs coming out of your ears." Strut snorted out some more milk "I'm saving it for a snack later in the day" and flew out of the room. Raimi turned her head away as she snickered, Revanche and Connor laughed out loud.

Alex raised an eyebrow at the two but said nothing, turning to Raimi he asked where the other dragons were. Instantly on the defensive Raimi said that Renlock and Bartolow were outside looking around, Toledoes was trying to get Ailysh down the hall for something to eat and Strut was probably stealing their gold and silver. Connor saw the small dragons edging their way into the dining room looking all around, the one her eyes filled with fear, putting her by a corner Toledoes held up his paw then flew up to the sideboard, quickly looking at the humans he took two pieces of bacon then flew down to Ailysh, handing her the bacon he stood in front of her while she ate. Ailysh whispered softly, putting one of the bacon pieces back into Toledoes paw "eat it, did you see any fruit, maybe an apple piece?" Raimi blinked as a small plate of apple pieces and grapes appeared in front of Connor, standing up Connor walked over to the two small dragons, instantly Toledoes unfurled his wings hissing loudly, his small fangs snapping at Connor. Smiling Connor set the plate down then went back to his coffee. Cook came out carrying another bowl of eggs and pitcher of milk muttering that the first were just fine, until she saw the mess on the sideboard, with a sigh she shook her head and went back into the kitchen muttering to herself about how many children were in the house.

Miranda came in giggling followed by Christopher dragging one leg, Zara her little arms wrapped around his ankle making grrrring noises as she was pulled along on the floor. Revanche laughed "wouldn't it have been much easier to have just gotten a puppy Alex?" Alex chuckled taking Zara from Christopher's leg "better not let her mother hear you say that, I made that comment a few weeks ago and Laurel locked Mar out of the house for a whole week, he sat outside pouting and whining until Laurel took pity on him and let him back in the house, the next day he taught Zara to bare her fangs and snarl viciously." Renlock and Bartolow walked in to the sound of laughter and giggles, not quite sure what to do they stood off to one side, Renlock crooked a talon at Raimi, getting up she raised an eyeridge, "if you can't keep your paws off Strut at least try to stay away from him, we've all been shut up in close quarters for too long and it's showing, go outside and take a look around and get a hold of yourself." Raimi opened her mouth to say something then snapped it shut, stalking out of the room she stood in the foyer, taking a deep breath she went out the front doors.

Renlock turned to Alex "do you mind if I fix some food for Morpaw and Shelaw and take it to them?" Laurel smiled entering the room "your friends will be down for breakfast in a moment, why don't you sit down and eat something, we don't stand on formalities here." Taking Zara from her papa, Laurel set her in her special chair then fixed her a plate and poured her a cup of milk, seeing the two small dragons off to the side in the corner, Laurel poured two more cups of milk and took them over to them. Toledoes didn't snap but watched Laurel very carefully making sure she didn't get close to Ailysh. Zara the whole time she was eating stared at Bartolow, finally he looked at the tiny hatchling. Zara grinned "Hi Bear" Bartolow couldn't help but smile. "Hi" he said then went back to eating his food. Renlock watched Morpaw and Shelaw pad into the room with stunned disbelief, they looked a hundred years younger, no longer tired and battered, Morpaw didn't limp, no longer covered with scars from all his hard fought battles and Shelaw looked totally healthy, no sign of her illness showed, she had a warm vibrant glow all about her.

Morpaw smiled at Renlock as he made sure his gentle Shelaw was comfortable and fed, "I understand our amazing rejuvenation is owing to the woman Nedra that came to assist us last night, when next we see her, we shall be properly grateful." Shelaw asked "who is the tiny young one?" Laurel smiled "that is our daughter Zara." Zara gave the dragoness a big hatchling grin hearing her name. Laurel glanced over at Connor and Alex talking quietly with their heads close together "what new scheme are you two at?" Alex looked up with a smile "not a thing love, just talking that's all." Laurel rolled her eyes "you really don't think I believe that do you?" Connor and his father just smiled and said they need to go check on a few things, Zara held out her tiny arms "me too, me too" with a laugh Connor picked her up and took her along.

Several hours later Revanche walked into the book room "have you got a few minutes Laurel?" glancing up from the note she was writing Laurel smiled "of course, sit down Re." Revanche sat down in the chair by Laurel's desk "you need to do some more investing, the land north west of here is for sale by the crown, the price is steep but I think it's worth the cost, also considering the recent addition to the dragon population there are mountains all around that area perfect for establishing lairs in. The land is very fertile for growing crops or grazing sheep, there's a small forest, nothing major like Zinmer but adequate, you might consider planting a large orchard up there." Laurel smiled telling Re to go ahead and purchase the land and she would sign the needed papers, Re nodded, Laurel waited for him to say more, for a while he just sat looking out the window. "I'm going home, I don't know for how long, Neil is well trained enough to handle the day to day business with Tetly, I think I need to get out of London for a time, I miss my family, Trink, all of you." Revanche didn't say anything again for a long time "No one asked for my help last night Laurel, did you think I wouldn't or couldn't help? Does everyone think I've become too much of a recluse that I can't pick up a sword anymore and lend a hand?" Laurel heard the hurt in his voice and went around the desk, sitting on the small stool by the chair she took his hands in hers "You know that wasn't the case Re, no one thinks those things of you, everything happened so quickly, the others were all ready here, they left so quickly, that even Chad and Brax arrived too late to go with them." Laurel squeezed his hands tightly "I'm glad you're coming home Re, I think it's where you belong, I know you love what you do in London but since Chloe died you've never let anyone get close enough to give you a helping hand healing, maybe it's time for that. Come over as often as you want, come play with Zara, keep Connor and Kirk company, take up your sword fighting again, learn to laugh and play again Re." Revanche stood up jerkily, gave Laurel a quick hug then left, Laurel stared after him with a sigh.

Laurel stared out the parlor window, Miranda and Christopher had just left to spend the rest of the day at Cairin, Christopher commenting that he wanted to show Miranda the place he thought would be perfect for a house. Alex walked into the parlor "Zara is napping finally" with a frown Alex looked at Laurel "what's wrong urchin?" Laurel looked over her shoulder "would you do something for me Alex?" turning she took his hand "walk down the front drive with me." Alex smiled "it would be my pleasure love." As they walked hand in hand down the drive under the tall majestic trees Laurel looked around "a long time ago, I watched Re and Chloe walking down the drive under the trees and I cried wondering when we would have our chance. Then life got busy and the twins came along and the days were so filled with caring for them, then they were suddenly so grown up and we had Zara to once again fill the days. I realized today after Re left and Miranda went over to Cairin, we'd never gotten to take a walk down the drive hand in hand, I didn't want to miss my chance to walk with you, dearheart." Alex squeezed Laurel's hand and told her quietly "I've always been walking by your side love, even when you didn't see me there."' Connor smiled kindly at the two small dragons "I'm going out back to the stables, we have a very nice garden, would you like to go out and see it? There's nothing out there that will bother you or hurt you." Toledoes took Ailysh's little paw and nodded to Christopher who led the way outside, he left the double doors wide open so the two could see outside then went and sat on the portico steps "it's really nice out this afternoon, nice and sunny for this time of year but then I've always enjoyed spring, it's a special season full of rebirth and renewal." Toledoes peered cautiously around the edge of the doorway, slowly he stepped outside gently pulling Ailysh with him. Connor smiled to himself as the two cautiously came to sit next to him, the little female under the wing of the other. Very quietly as if not to disturb anything that could be lurking about Ailysh asked if they had wevrils here in this place, Connor shook his head replying that there was nothing like that here, on occasion a wolf passed through but never stayed, there were deer and roebuck out in the forest, rabbits and other small woodland animals but that was all. Dinty shambled by cradling some plants in his arms, he smiled and bobbed his head saying good afternoon to Connor and the two dragons ignoring the slight hiss from the one. Connor chuckled "that's old Dinty the gardener, he loves to plant things, he and his wife have been here forever. Mrs. Dinty used to be the housekeeper but she has retired to their cottage now, I think Zara got to be to much for her." "Zara? that is the tiny hatchling?" Ailysh asked, Connor nodded "yes that's Zara all right." The two dragons suddenly hissed and scrabbled back behind the door as Brax his voice booming called out to Connor as he strode across the lawn "you coming with us Con? We're riding out to see the property your mama is going to buy, it's a fine day for a ride, Natalie is going to be joining us, that monster Pax needs a good gallop." Sitting down next to Connor, Brax grinned at the dragon peering around the edge of the door. Chad fluttering down to sit on Brax's shoulder "you can tell us all about your adventure last night, sounded like fun, you should of waited for us, Brax was almost in tears realizing we had missed you by just a few minutes." Connor laughed. Chad had also seen the two dragons. Smiling he flew to the door opening, Connor reached out and grabbed Chad just as Toledoes, snapping and snarling, spread his wings protecting Ailysh, in surprise Chad whistled softly. "I'll tell you all about it on our way to the stables, he's just protecting his female" Connor told Chad calmly. Before he left Connor smiled at Toledoes, not seeing Ailysh "if you need anything my mother is here, explore the gardens all you want."

Once they were alone Toledoes took Ailysh's paw and the two slowly and cautiously went out into the garden, smelling the flowers, wiggling their talons in the grass they carefully padded around, Bartolow laying curled up in the sunlight smiled at the two "you can fly here" he said then closed his eyes again purring softly to himself as the warmth of the sun sank into his body. Their wings touching the two small dragons took to the air, dipping and diving as they flew over the house and the gardens. Raimi sitting up on the hill overlooking the house smiled to see the two small dragons flying, hearing the pounding of horses hooves she quickly stepped back into the trees. Natalie and Pax came galloping up over the hill, her hair flying back behind her she laughed as Pax pawed at the ground snorting when she pulled him to a halt, Pax danced around rearing up with a whinny making Natalie laugh more "you so silly Pax, take a breather, we need to wait for the others." Natalie knew Raimi was by the trees, swinging down from the saddle she smiled "Pax is used to dragon's and usually likes them so don't worry about him." Raimi stepped out of the trees her eyes intent on the huge stallion, with a soft thrumming purr she held out her paw as she moved closer. Pax snorted and stomped his big hoof but didn't pull away. Natalie chuckled as Pax snuffled in the dragoness's paw "I think he likes you." Raimi ran her paw down the horses neck, stroking his long silky mane. Raimi's thought's went back to a time long long ago when it had been safe to be a woman, a warrior, when she could ride the lands, a stallion clasped between her thighs, the horses of her world had been smaller, with tiny stubby wings on their shoulders, trained for battle they were cumbersome in their bulk but she had loved riding them. Hearing the others coming Natalie swung up into the saddle, Pax once again dancing around "there are horses in Alex and Laurel's stables that you can ride, I'm sure they wouldn't mind." Raimi shook her head, that would mean changing form and she was not prepared to do that out in the open where others might see her. Alex, Connor, Brax and Revanche, Chad tucked in Brax pocket, came riding up over the hill hailing Natalie. It suddenly occurred to Raimi how had this woman known she was both dragoness and female, she glanced at Natalie who just smiled at her. Alex seeing Raimi told her she was welcome to join them, it was a good day for a ride or flight in her case, Raimi chuckled with a nod. Raimi flew with the riders, watching them, she could feel the heart beat of the horses, she could feel their muscles with each stride and longed to be down with them.

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