The Black Rose
Chapter 1: Sabrina

Copyright© 2009 by Blitzdragoon

I walked out onto the lawn, ready to go to school. It was a cool morning for mid August, but being that it was August, I wore a light pink T-shirt that said, "Too hot for you to handle", and a pair of jean shorts. I had fixed my hair this morning so that it would be out of my eyes.

As I walked down Oak Drive towards school, I thought to myself about Michael, my boyfriend, and the reason he was treating me more as if I was his sibling instead of his girlfriend.

I was turning onto 3rd street, when a guy on an eighteen-speed bicycle darted out from behind a large sycamore tree and slammed on his brakes, which caused him to flip over his handlebars and landed right on top of me. As he was landing on top of me, his leg caught onto my backpacks strap which caused my backpack to rip open, spilling its contents everywhere onto the ground.

"Ouch, that hurt. Are you ok down there, I'm sorry about that, I didn't see you around the tree and everything." The guy stated.

"You should be watching where you are going next time. You could have seriously killed someone." I said as I stood up dusting myself off, and looked at my brand new backpack, which the contents within were now strewn everywhere.

"Here let me help you." The guy said as he started gathering up my backpack and schoolbooks.

"Thank you very much, but I can do it myself!" I muttered angrily at him as I turned and looked up at him, and into the bluest eyes that I had ever seen in my entire life. There was something about his eyes. They were the kindest eyes I had ever seen, but there was a presence behind them, dark and menacing. As he turned around I lost eye contact with him, I stood there staring blankly at where he had been. Unfortunately, it felt like an eternity to shake it off, so I looked kind of foolish just standing there.

"Here's your stuff, and I'm sorry again about the backpack. Here's some money to replace it." As he hastily handed me two bills and closed my hand around them. "I better get to school before I am late. See ya."

He got onto his bike and peddled off. I watched him go and blinked a few times before it hit me that I would be late too. I knew if I did not run to meet Susan and Michelle that instant, which they would definitely want to hear about my accident, which they would leave me behind, and that just would not do. I looked down in my hand at the cash he had just given me and I realized that he had given me forty dollars, more than twice, what I had paid for the backpack. Who was he anyway? He was not anyone in town that I knew of. Moreover, no one had moved to town recently, at least not that I knew of.

"Did you hear about Marcy getting a Mustang for her birthday?" Michelle said.

"A Mustang, that little priss gets everything. Do you remember what her father gave her last year, a Visa card. A Visa card! Hell, I'm lucky to get a card from my grandparents with five dollars in it" Susan replied.

"Hey guys, wait up!" Sabrina panted as she caught up to them.

"You look like a wreck, what happened to you?" Susan replied.

"And what happened to all your stuff." Michelle commented as she helped grab Sabrina's stuff as it started to fall out of her arms.

"Some guy on a bike practically ran me over. He was nice enough to help me pick up all my books and stuff before he ran off towards the school. He also gave me some money for replacing my new backpack, so all in all he is not a total jerk." Sabrina smiled sheepishly as her and her girlfriends walked to school.

"So who was he?" Susan asked as a bus passed by carrying Michael and Billy. Michelle waved at them both.

"Yeah, and is he cute?" Michelle smiled deviously.

"I'm not sure who he is, but he looked ok." Sabrina smiled as she remembered those eyes.

They just peered right through her and she could not help but wonder, 'what kind of guy has eyes like that'.

"He must really be cute if you're daydreaming about him at this god forsaking hour." Susan harped as they started walking up to the front of the school.

"I don't know. Something about him just does not ... I wonder who he really is."

I rounded the circular hallway of White River High towards my locker to find Michael standing at it with a single red rose in hand.

"Hey honey, you look like you were in a wreck. Are you ok?" Michael said handing me the rose as he took my books, allowing me to open my locker without a burden.

"I'll be fine; it was just a little accident this morning. A guy almost ran over me with his bike", as I looked into the mirror to realize that my hair was muffed a bit and that my clothes were all askew.

"Did he apologize for running you down? Cause if not, I will make him!" Michael smiled sweetly at me through bared teeth.

"Of course he did Mikey bear. It's just that I really don't know who he is?"

"So you ran into some mysterious stranger, huh? Well maybe he is the guy who just moved in next to Paul. They moved in last night. Well I better get to Home room." Michael handed me the rest of my books, then kissed me on the cheek. "See you at lunch, ok."

"See ya Michael."

I rushed to put all but my English book and notebook into the locker and ran off towards homeroom. As I just got into my seat, the bell rang for class to begin. After Mr. Mcgregor took roll, the school announcements came on.

"Hey Sabrina, are you ok. You look like a walking traffic accident." Tammy whispered to me from across the aisle.

"It's been one of those mornings; guys just keep falling all over me." I smirked quietly as Mr. Mcgregor shushed the class so that we would pay attention to the announcements. The class finally quieted down and returned to its usual routine of getting ready for the first real class of the morning. Luckily, for me it was my favorite subject, English. I thought 'Thing should start looking up now, it could not get any worse this morning.' The school year was just starting and everything was falling right into place. Just the way I wanted for my junior year.

Just as I was getting out of English, I saw the guy again. This time I got a much better look at him. He really did not look like he belonged here. He was wearing a black T-shirt that had a rip near the stomach; it said Offspring in bold letters with a logo underneath it. He had an old faded denim jacket on with some patches she could not quite make out. He also had a pair of sunglasses sticking out of a pocket.

He really was not bad looking, now that I could make out more of his face without having to staring into his eyes. However, what made him stand out was his hair. His hair was jet black, spiked in almost every possible direction, and at the very tip of each spike was blood red strands of hair.

'Why would a guy dye the tips of his hair red? Why would someone new to a school dress up so much to stand out?' I thought to myself. I walked passed him. He smiled slightly towards me and continued to walk by, not even noticing that it was I. Now, he did apologize to me earlier for the accident, but why was he smiling at me? Was he just trying to be friendly? However, if so, why did he not say hi to me? Why should I be so awe struck with this guy, he is nothing that special.

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