Chapter 1

Caution: This Historical Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Slavery,

Desc: Historical Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Leland and I we Bastands by chance and birth. We grew to over come this on our trip west to a new life.

Leland and I had been riding for the past week, our old life as we knew it was past and we were now on our own. Since we were bastards of union rapists both now being the age of majority. Grandfather Beauregard Jennings having done his right Christian duty in raising us; cast our bastard asses off his property and into the world.

Grandpa Bo had come back from serving at Andersonville prison to find his wife and fifteen year old daughter raped and pregnant with union bastards in their bellies. He had not been there to protect them when Sherman's troops had marched on Atlanta. Even though they lived back in the hills near Coal Mountain they were not hidden from all of the war.

A cavalry unit came through and both of the women had suffered at their hands. By the time he was back home their bellies were swelled and that was a personal defeat that he lived seeing every day until he tossed us off his land.

That Leland and I were as black as the ace of spades with light eyes and straight hair and it ate at him. He would continually grouse that there was no reason to teach us to be southern gentlemen when we were bastards born.

One morning he woke us with the barrel of his gun pointed our way. He had us get dressed and walked us out the door. There he had tied the horses we had come to think of as ours, bedrolls and rations and tossed us each a set of saddlebags. Inside we would later find out was quite a bit more money than we thought he had. He had side arms on the porch there unloaded for us to take. The weapons were not new but he had gotten them during the war, kept them in perfect repair and they still worked.

"I have done my Christian duty. I didn't drown you when you were born but I'll not have you on my place any longer. Next time you show yourselves here I'll kill you soon as look at ya," with that he walked back in the house closing the door behind him.

I guess we were lucky that he had let us live. We were also blessed that he had seen fit to include in our education the art of survival both in the woods and in defending ourselves.

Leland's mother, Bo's wife and my grandmother had died shortly after his birth. My mother died slowly as Bo's litany of words zapped the life out of her. She had lasted until we were fourteen. Life was tougher after that as he would use those words he had for her with us then. He took to the bottle more then and Leland and I would find ways to make ourselves scarce when he had been drinking.

I had no doubt that he would die shortly after we were gone with his duty done and everyone he cared about now dead. That he would most likely accomplish by his own hand. He was a hard and bitter man with every right to be. What had been done could not be undone and because of that he'd always been heavy handed with us, never uttering a good word. It was like he only had one goal in mind; to get us ready to move on, out of his sight.

As we rode alone that first week, I heard his gruff voice, "Plow in a straight line, boy. Dumb as you are, you got more sense than that mule."

I always thought he was harder on me than he was on Leland. He never admitted it, but I was his flesh and blood. Leland was just some black bastard his dead wife had hatched out.

My maw told me he was giving me a lesson for life. "It ain't important to him that you keep the furrow straight. He's telling you to always watch where you're heading. Once you've decided where you want to be, don't be letting noth'in hold you back."

Maw did her best to make it a happy home. While she was alive, she tried to teach us our letters, and told us times would be better. It was her that told us about the day the soldiers came, and what they'd done to her and my Grandma. I could tell that she didn't like talking about it, and never asked her to repeat the story. She gave me a picture of her when she was about fourteen. I still carry that picture to this day.

There was no life for us in the south with everything still in the hands of union politicians installed for the victors benefit and the rest just scalawags or carpetbaggers. Everyone could tell by our looks what we were and how we had come to be. So Leland and I decided we were going to head west and look to make a new life together.

We survived off the land and kept to ourselves, keeping our money we had for emergencies and our new life in the west. Georgia was still in a state of shambles as we rode along. It was twenty-one years since Lee had surrendered and most of what we passed looked like nothing had been repaired in all of that time.

Leland and I were young and full of life, but it was like we were riding past the dead at times. The old timers many missing limbs or bearing scars were just scratching out an existence and the sharecroppers were not much better off. They had fought a war and it put them all in poverty and there was no escape to freedom for them.

We were on the outskirts of Roswell having set up our camp for the night when we heard a shrill scream, out back by the creek near where we had camped.

Up with our colts in hand we headed back through the woods at a quick pace, stopping to make sure we were not running or walking into an ambush. There was another scream and then laughing could be heard. There were men ahead and a woman who was on the ground naked as a jay who was not laughing with them. She looked to be younger than us and was likely one of the civilized tribes. Grandpa Bo's had told us how the government had taken the Indians out to the Oklahoma territory down what he called the trail of tears long before the war. Grandpa Bo wasn't one to talk much. I think he told us about the trail of tears to show us how lucky we were to be sheltered under his roof.

Whether we were born and bred Southern gentlemen or bastards this was simply not right. And the thoughts of what my Grandmother and mother had suffered came rushing back to me. Leland looked at me and then headed off to the other side of them I watched as they continued to work on getting her in position to be their folly for the night. We were bastards by circumstances and birth but these four were by choice and acts. I had no doubt that they would be answering to their maker for their lives actions shortly.

With Leland in position I moved in closer just some ten feet away. The largest of them was unhitching his pants now. I was lining up a shot when the sound of Leland's pistol coming to bear was heard and the bear of a man had his head explode in a blast of hair and brains. The other three stood to look at where the shot had come from when I shot the one who had been holding her down by her hands. He dropped like a stone to the side of her and then Leland dropped another and I did the last.

The girl was screaming and unable to move as the first bastard was now lying across her body, his corpse too heavy for her to get out from under, and blood pouring from what was left of his head that was covering her. I moved from where I had fired and hoped that Leland had also. If they had others in their party I wanted to make sure they didn't come and shoot us from behind.

After a few minutes it was apparent that there wasn't anyone else and I got up and went over to the woman. She had stopped screaming and was almost free from underneath the man on top of her. I helped her up while Leland was looking for her clothes. He held them up for me to see; they were more like rags now having been torn or cut from her. At first, she had a wild look in her eyes, like she reckoned we were going to take over where the other four left off. I spoke to her in a calm voice, telling her to not be afraid. From the way she was acting, I wondered if she understood English.

She didn't try and cover herself instead went looking through the man's pockets who had been the first to die. She pulled out a knife from one, cut open his drawers and then started to castrate him.

This was not the first naked woman we'd ever seen as our escapes from Grandpa Bo's drinking had us wandering far afield. We had come to find a spot where some women would come to bathe now and again. We never worked up the courage to approach them, but this one looked mighty fine to me. Even with the blood stains, I could see that her feminine charms were agreeable to my eyes. She kept watching us from time to time, as she moved from corpse to corpse. I looked over at Leland and gave him a shrug as she continued her castration of each corpse. If she was part of the civilized tribes I wondered what uncivilized would be.

I stood guard as she continued to take her revenge on the still bodies while Leland left to look for their horses and anything else they might have with them. She had just about finished when he called out to me. His call to me was interrupted by her shrill war hoop. I looked over and the rage in her eyes was blood-curdling, grabbing for her arm and she started to swing that knife my way. I put the barrel of the gun to the side of her head and down she went.

Leland came back then and saw her laid out on the ground. He gave me a glance and I simply shrugged my shoulders and said. "I went to garb her and she took out after me with the knife. I introduced her to the barrel of the colt."

"That will smart some in the morning. Well, we better take her back to that camp where they were first and then back to ours. There is another one there, but she is tied still."

So I picked this one up and carried her back over my shoulder. She was a tiny thing and likely didn't weigh more than one hundred pounds. The other girl was black, she was tied and gagged but was looking at us wide eyed as we got to the camp.

While we had lived in the Georgia Grandpa Bo had never owned slaves before the war. He didn't volunteer to go and fight either but was recruited at gun point to go and guard the prisoners at Andersonville as he told it. That we were born black his women suffering at the hands of men he had never harmed only served to set the pain deeper for him no doubt.

I deposited the girl on my shoulder onto one the ground while Leland helped to release the other one. This one was excited, but didn't show fright like the Indian girl. She looked grateful for Leland's help. The first thing out of her mouth was "Where are they? We have to get away," she whispered. She was also small, blacker than us, with short, kinky hair, bright eyes, wide nostrils, and thick lips. Her white teeth lit up her dark beauty as she spoke.

"How many of them were there?" Leland asked her.

"Four," she answered, as Leland cut away the rest of the ropes.

"They are all dead on the other side of the creek," I said.

"What happened to Moon Rising? Why is she covered in blood?" she asked then, showing concern.

"They were going to rape her. We killed them before they could. The first one we shot fell on her and bled all over her but once she was freed from under him, she was using a knife on them. I went to bring her here and she swung the knife at me. So I knocked her out."

"Those bastards have been raping both of us for the past week," she replied the raspy scorn now apparent in her voice.

"What is your name?" I asked

"I'm Sally Thomas," she replied, proudly, like it was suppose to mean something to us.

"Well Sally, I'm Jeb Jennings and that clod standing there staring at your charms is my uncle Leland Jennings"

She gave a funny look at me and then Leland and then back at me trying to figure out how someone who was just as old as me was my uncle. Then she looked back at Leland and he had a funny little smile as she caught him staring at her exposed thighs. Of course once caught he turned around and then came over to me after having helped her to her feet.

Sally went over and looked at Moon Rising covered in blood. She was turning her head to see the bump that had risen from where I had hit her. "Get me a blanket Jeb she needs to be covered. Her head is going to be hurting in the morning."

The concern Sally showed for her friend was touching. I wondered how the two girls knew each other. Had they only met when they fell into the hands of the rapist, or did their friendship go back in time?

I grabbed the blanket and Leland said. "I'll go back to our camp and bring everything here."

"We can search their bodies in the morning," I replied.

"Not like they're going anywhere," was his retort.

I laughed, and saw Sally show her teeth for a second in what no doubt was a smile.

"Nope, we done sent them to hell already."

He left to go and get our things. I walked over to Sally and told her I would be looking over their horses. She didn't want me to leave them at first, but after she was certain that Moon Rising was all right she calmed down some and I went over and looked at what they had.

The horses were in fair shape, the saddles and tact looked to have been repaired recently. Their horses were still saddled which I found interesting so I unsaddled them and then hobbled all four of them.

I brought back two of the saddles for Sally and Moon Rising to use as head rests. Leland was just crossing the creek with our stock and supplies.

He looked at me as I was setting the saddles down.

"Horses were still saddled," I said.

Sally filled in what had happened. "Moon Rising scurried off right as they were getting off their horses. She took off running and they chased after her. She had found a knife and cut herself free. Rune the big man just tossed me to the ground and went riding after her. One of the others tied me to the tree and then went out after them."

"Well, you are safe now, Leland and I won't let anything happen to either of you again," I replied.

"That's for certain," Leland added.

Sally looked from me to Leland, and back to me before nodding. She didn't say anything, but I saw her shoulders relax, like she felt safe for a welcome change.

We worked on making supper and then bedded down for the night. Sally worked on cleaning the blood and bits off Moon, and then she slept right next to her. Leland and I took turns watching over the camp.

We had breakfast the next morning, and then headed back and searched the corpses. Moon was still asleep so we left her with Sally and headed back over. Nothing had bothered them, but it wouldn't take the varmints long to discover them. We recovered twelve Yankee dollars, six bits along with four pennies from the bodies.

We brought all of their weapons which besides their side arms included a wide assortment of knives and derringers. These were obviously fighting men from all of the weapons that we had and just shooting them without giving them a chance to use their weapons was the right approach.

We took everything worth anything and I had a new pair of boots that fit my feet. He wouldn't be a needing them anytime soon.

Moon was awake and holding her head when we returned. "Why did you hit me?" She asked.

This was the first time I'd heard her voice since the war cry, and I was a little surprised that she knew English. Her question was accusing, but her voice was soft, and pleasing to my ears.

"You swung your knife at me," I replied.

"I thought you were going to attack me."

"I had just rescued you. Why would I attack?"

"They had been raping Sally and me for days. I thought you were just going to do that now instead of them," there were tears flowing down her cheeks as she stared into my eyes.

"Leland and I won't let anything happen to you like that again," I replied.

Sally looked at her friend, and hugged her. Moon smiled for the first time since we'd met her, and there were tears streaming down Sally's face.

"Thank you, what are we going to do now?" Sally asked with a quivering lip.

I looked at Leland, and saw him nod his approval for me to speak of what we had discussed during the middle of the night as we stood guard over them.

"Well you're welcome to come with us. Leland and I are going west."

The two girls looked at each other, silently. It only took seconds for them to reach a silent agreement with the nod of their heads to each other.

"We might as well join you, but I would like some clothes first," Moon said.

I liked her spunk. She and her friend had just been rescued from rapists, yet she was not afraid to speak her mind. In fact up to this point with the exception of her swinging the knife my way, I liked everything about her.

"All of your things from the other side of the creek were destroyed." Leland replied.

"We'll look through the things we own now and find something for me to wear," Moon ordered, speaking to Sally.

She and Sally went over and rummaged around and Moon came back wearing a shirt that was long enough to work as a dress. I wouldn't tell her but I liked her naked a whole lot more than in that shirt.

She would have to tuck it under her to ride until we could find her some more clothes. We searched the saddle bags and bed rolls before we put them back on the horses. We were rewarded with one hundred double eagles along with an assortment of odds and ends. These were no doubt scalawags of the first order taking money for others' pain.

This was the most money any of us had ever seen. Leland and I talked about the best way to conceal it from strangers. Although we didn't put it into words, we were also concealing it from the girls. We didn't know them well enough to trust them. There was no doubt in my mind, that if given the opportunity, they would make off with our loot in the middle of the night. We put all of it in my bedroll, vowing to never let it out of our sight.

We got on our way and were talking as we rode. Sally said that we should be careful going into Roswell as Rune and the one they called Red had gone to town to get some supplies and see some of Red's kin.

That became the topics of discussion. We wanted to sell the extra horses and get Moon some drawers, but if Red had kin there then we might have a fight on our hands. We were after all the lowest of the order and having their horses would open us up to attack by any of his kin.

The bastards didn't want the town to know that they had Moon and Sally so the other two had taken them around and waited for Rune and Red to join them. You wouldn't want your extended family to know what type of man you really were.

It was a gamble if we could sell their horses and no one raise a question about it. Then we could go to the store and find some things. There would be issues taking both Sally and Moon into the store, but I reckoned that the store owner would either take our cash willingly when they shopped or with some encouragement on Leland's and my part.

It was two days ride back to Roswell and we made our way at an easy pace. Leland and I would trade off riding point now that we had these two with us. As we rode, I saw a trend beginning to form. If I was out front, Moon Rising would be riding behind me. When I turned to make sure a limb was not going to hit her in the face, she would smile shyly at me. If I was bringing up the rear, she would be directly in front of me. Every so often, she would turn in her saddle with a questioning look in her eyes, as if to make sure I was still behind her. I confess that I enjoyed the view a lot more when she was riding in front of me.

Supper times were the best. If we were able to build a fire, it was fun watching Moon Rising get up to pour a cup of coffee for me. The shirt she wore was short enough for me to see her thighs. She never tried to hide them from my eyes.

We talked about how each of them had been kidnapped. They were from the same region, way back in the hills. Sally's family had been free for generations. The Thomas name meant something. That's why she'd been so proud the first time she told us her name, like we'd recognize who she was. One day four strangers showed up at the small farm where the Thomas family scratched out a meager living. They said they wanted to be fed, and when Mr. Thomas resisted, they shot him right off. Then they killed Sally's brother, and demanded to be fed. Sally and her mother rustled up some grub, but the strangers were not satisfied. They raped Mrs. Thomas before they shot her in the heart. Sally cried when she told us how they'd carried her off.

"That's the last I saw of my family or the farm where I was born and lived for sixteen years, she said, crying.

I noticed that Leland put his arm around her, and Sally dipped her head on his chest, still weeping.

It was Moon Rising's turn to tell her story. She said she didn't know how old she was, but that she'd lived with a family of white people since her mother's death, many years before. All she knew was that her grandparents had escaped the rounding up of the Cherokee in 1838, and been sheltered by hill people. Her mother had married a reneged Cherokee, who had left one day and never returned.

Her life had not been a bed of roses. While Sally had learned her letters, Moon Rising had been enslaved and then sold to a family in Georgia, picking cotton and working in the fields from sunup to sunset. She didn't know how good she'd had it. News of the fate of the Cherokee had not reached the hills of Georgia where she'd lived in slavery or was it discussed by the ones that owned her. It still didn't register that she'd been fortunate when we told her what Bo had said about the trail of tears. She had no doubt cried her own trail of tears many times over all the years she had been enslaved.

The two girls had traveled with the band of scallywags for two days before they were allowed to talk. It was after they'd been raped for the first time that they weep in each others' arms. That was the night they'd formed a bond, promising to look out for each other as long as they were alive. Now free from them that bond continued to grow.

Once she'd told her story, Moon Rising slumped forward, singing a soft song to herself and shaking uncontrollably. I placed my hand on her shoulder, only to be attacked with a drawn knife. I backed off, and let her go back to her mournful song.

At this point neither of them had anywhere to go back to. Sally cried as she thought that no one decent would want them back because of the rapes. I knew we hadn't known each other long, and that she was not disrespecting us with her comments. It simply didn't register with her thoughts that Leland and I might actually be decent.

The night before we entered Roswell, we spoke again of going west. We wanted to make sure that the women wanted to come with us still. Both Leland and I were for it, but we didn't want them to feel forced to come along unless they still wanted to. The thoughts that they might want to share our bedrolls along the way played no part in our decision I thought of course. Leland and I had a grin that told the women otherwise.

We showed that we were not trying to hide anything by telling them the story of our lives, how our mothers had been raped, and why we had light eyes and straight hair.

Sally spoke for both of them, saying they would be happy to come with us. Moon Rising was back to smiling shyly, but she didn't appear overly happy about the decision. She nodded solemnly to show her agreement with the plan.

Roswell was a good sized city and there were a number of shops to purchase what we needed. We stopped off at the mercantile first.

We were certainly a strange sight for the townspeople. Two black men no doubt the product of white women, a black woman and an Indian all together. Leland and I with guns in plane sight plus our scruffy appearance alone was enough to make store owner reluctant to let us enter until I gave him a glimpse of our cold hard cash. Cold hard cash settled the store owner right down about our appearance and color. That and Leland stood at the door with his hand near his colt. Watching for anything out of place made the transaction easier.

We got a little of this and some more of that along with the rest of the things we needed. The women added some women's necessities as they told us before we were finished. All told we spent three dollars and four bits.

We stopped at the gun shop and worked out some trades for the extra pieces and added a couple of scatter guns that the women could learn to use along with the derringers we had kept for them. We loaded up on ammunition and finished off the trade for our colts to be serviced and cleaned as part of the deal. Leland and I took turns standing guard at the door as each of the colts was cleaned. If anyone was going to come in to harass us it wouldn't be when we were unarmed.

As we were mounting up to head to the livery a number of the locals started looking us over. Deciding that keeping the extra horses would likely be a better idea than selling at this point. We lit out of town as fast as possible without looking like we were doing just that.

We didn't ride out hard but we didn't dawdle either. Once we were far enough away we rode harder for about an hour. It would have been nice to have stayed at the hotel and had a chance to clean up but safety was a bigger concern. We made our way and found a place to camp off the road a ways about an hour before sun down.

Once we stopped, we all let down our hair for a few minutes. We were excited about the experiences, the things we'd seen, and how the townspeople had looked us over. Although we didn't put it into words, there was a general recognition among us that we were outcasts. The girls were ecstatic about their new purchases. We let them laugh and carry on before it was time to become serious.

Tonight we would have a cold camp and hide the best we could. I didn't like the looks of those men who were eyeing us, and it was best to let trouble pass with us unseen. We don't always get what we want and we certainly didn't need any of this but we were just too tempting of a target for them to pass up.

We were vigilant while we made the best of our cold meal. We whispered, assuring each other that better days were coming. And that our journey west would bring us the freedom we truly wanted.

We heard them long before they got anywhere near us. Their voices carried through the damp air as they came looking for us. Leland and Sally circled left while Moon and I moved right and forward from where we were. We could see six of them coming towards us. We were at the edge of the trees and they were crossing the meadow we had crossed earlier looking to find us.

One man was on foot holding a lantern as he tracked us while five others were following behind him on their horses. They continued on coming closer to the woods following our path. Moon had the scatter gun cradled in her arms watching them as she sat next to me.

I whispered. "You use that if they rush us when they are close, shoot their horses if necessary," she nodded her understanding.

I could only hope that Leland was in place with Sally. The man on the ground would stop and turn to talk to one of the men right behind him. I figured that had to be the leader so he was who I would shoot. They were about twenty feet from the woods when I heard Leland fire.

The man I had planned to shoot was on the ground now. I opened up as they started to shoot at Leland and Sally. Since they were shooting the sound from my colt just blended in. The third one screaming as he fell forward hitting the ground must have alerted them that someone was behind them.

Since they hadn't seen where we were they were just firing blindly. That gave Leland the opportunity to fire unobstructed and he dropped a couple more. That left the man who had been holding the lantern as the last one unaccounted for.

The problem was who he was coming for. Moon and I sat there and waited listening for any sound. I don't know if she heard or saw him, but she pointed the scatter gun and fired. I heard a scream as the pellets hit him and then some more rustling as he was likely making his escape. He screamed out one more time as Leland fired his colt.

We waited and listened as the night got quieter, and the sounds of the men who were wounded faded with them no doubt dying.

If they were all dead as we hoped, we had killed ten men now. That thought must have been shared by Moon as a shiver crossed her body. She didn't resist when I put my arm around her. Moon and I held on to each other to keep us warm all during that night. We didn't dare sleep, and we didn't talk, but from the way she responded to my touches, I knew she was accepting me as her man. We didn't hear anything move and we waited for the dawn to let us know what had happened. As the false dawn approached we walked towards where I had heard Leland firing and he and Sally stepped out to meet us. We kept our eyes on the men as Sally and Moon went around checking on them.

We had been very fortunate to have escaped without being hurt. That could not be said of the ones on the ground. The colts make a very large hole going in and bigger ones as it exited. No doubt a number of the men had bled to death while we waited for the night to pass. That they wanted to rob and kill us made me not care that was how they had died. Moon Rising spitting on the corpses told me that she shared my feeling.

They didn't have much on them and we dragged their bodies into the woods. We found an open hole where the ground had parted and tossed them in. The horse flesh wasn't in the best shape and the tact matched that. While he had a couple of extra horses having another six would draw attention to us.

We decided to head next to Marietta, but with so many horses we stopped along the way to trade for fresh produce and eggs from the share croppers. They got a better deal than we did, but would not have been able to trade what they had for the horse anyways. We gave them all a bill of sale hoping that they wouldn't have to deal with someone calling them horse thieves. Of course we changed the names of the owners. No use giving anyone our real names just incase someone would come looking for us.

The food was better but the trip was boring day after day in the saddle and nights spent on the ground. A storm blew with vicious winds and not much rain. It was enough for us to get soaking wet as we rode and finally find a place for shelter from it. It was after that we started to pair off each evening, Sally with Leland and Moon with me. I didn't know how Moon felt about me but one evening I heard Sally and Leland doing more than sleep.

I looked over to see Moon looking back at me. I'd never been with a woman, and I was pretty sure Leland had not either. I wondered how he knew what to do. Did Sally show him, or did it come naturally. Moon edged her sleeping roll closer to me. I'd never been this nervous in my life. I'd taken beatings from Bo without flinching. I'd shot and killed men that wanted to kill me without raising a hair on the back of my neck. Why was I letting this one hundred pound girl make me shake? Could she hear my teeth rattle?

God! How I wanted her. To think that she wanted me, too, was inconceivable. Still, she was moving closer and closer. I heard Sally giggle, and that made me realize this was not to be taken as seriously as I was doing.

Moon's hand traced my face. "Don't be scared of me, Jeb. It's my first time, too. All those times they were having my body I wasn't in it. I was off someplace, listening to the creek run, cleansing me. It'll be different with you. I'll be right here," she whispered, getting closer with every word.

I lifted my blanket, and she crawled on top of me. I felt her lips touch mine.

"Have you ever kissed a girl before?"

"No," I said, hoping to feel her lips again.

"I haven't kissed a boy, either, but I heard you're supposed to open your mouth."

I put my arms around her. She felt warm, and small, and nice, all at the same time. This time, I opened my lips, and let her stick her tongue in my mouth. I just knew she could feel my cock poking her.

"Take it out, Jeb. It ain't going to do no good inside your trousers."

Was this little girl, who had acted wild the first time we met, telling me to take my cock out in the night air?

I untied the rope that I wore around my waist, and lowered my trousers. She kissed me some more. I kissed her back, wondering when she was going to get around to infesting my cock. I didn't have to wait long. She rose up, raised the bottom of the shirt she wore, and took my cock in her hand.

Moon Rising seemed to know what she was doing. Her tiny fingers holding my cock was the best feeling I'd ever had. Then, it got better when she touched the head against the moist lips of her pussy. I was just getting used to that feeling when she pushed her ass down. I couldn't hold myself back. My ass sprang upward, pushing my cock inside her. She made a sound, like all the air being driven from her lungs. I came to a stop. Had I hurt her?

"I'm your woman now, Jeb, and you're my man. We're joined forever."

"I'll be proud to be your man, Moon Rising," I promised as we began to move.

"I'll be proud to be your woman, Jeb Jennings," she said, kissing me as she let me push my cock upward as far as it would go.

She didn't complain when I shot my seed into her before she was ready. She stayed on top of me, kissing, and chanting softly, long after my cock popped out of her warm sheath. We stayed like that until she went to sleep. I lay awake, feeling her weight on top of me, listening to her breath, and thinking about what we'd said to each other. Did it mean we were married? The law didn't matter. As far as I was concerned we were man and wife.

We learned about each others bodies that night and I took my final steps on becoming a man. I wouldn't ever mind when the rains came again. It was a reminder for the rest of our days how we ended up sheltered from the storms of life together in each others arms.

It was after those storms that the birds started chirping with our bodies still entangled under the blanket. That we would wake up smiling at each other knowing that we were together now. Leland and Sally never did say anything about it, but I could tell that they'd made the same kind of commitment to each other as Moon and me.

We made Marietta nine days after we left them dead in the woods. We might have made it sooner but we weren't in any real hurry now and sometime stopped early in the day to make camp.

The town looked newer since it had been rebuilt after Union General Hugh Kilpatrick burnt it down in November of '64. The shop keeper had told us about that when we were in his place.

The livery owner was reluctant to take out mounts, and the inn keeper didn't want to rent us rooms. A few dollars later and both issues were taken care of. We stopped in the mercantile and got some new clothes, and then made our way to the barber who was less understanding when we wanted to use his bath. He had distaste for the likes of us, but he came to see things from our point of view.

Even our money wasn't enough to help him change his mind. When I offered to open his mind up with the lead from my colt he decided that it was fine with him for a dollar apiece. The prices were high but after everything we had been through the baths were needed.

We ate in the dining room of the hotel, and got more stares from those around us. We knew that social taboo we were breaking being seen in public eating at the hotel. But after what we had experienced together if someone wanted to say anything the guns we wore made them hold their peace.

We had rented two rooms and split into couples to stay in each. I'd seen her completely naked once before, but it was like we were seeing each other for the first time. This time, there was no blood on her body, and we were both clean. I was able to last longer, and Moon praised me for my newly acquired lovemaking skill. I was very attentive to her needs, and she was very responsive. Since we were out of sight we were out of mind it seemed and no one bothered us during the night. We had an early breakfast, packed and went to the livery to get our horses.

The owner was a short surly man with a hangover likely from the night before. He didn't like the idea of our existence it seemed. He muttered under his breath, but when we confronted him he was happier about us paying him that needing to say anything directly.

We rode along peacefully, stopping only long enough to eat dinner in Kennesaw and then over nighted in Cartersville a few days later. The edge was still there with us traveling together but other than shunning away from us, no one took exception to our existence so they didn't start anything.

We resupplied that morning and headed out. It was two days later when we passed through Cassville. At one time it had been the county seat but Sherman had no doubt destroyed in '64 too, and other than a confederate grave yard it was just burnt out building and broken souls.

We didn't go looking for trouble, and with the two of us, plus Moon and Sally having their scatter guns in their laps, trouble decided it didn't want any part of us either. We got a lot of looks from folks and more than a few sneers but it was apparent we were ready to die for our existence and none of those who looked us over were willing to do that it seemed.

We rode for ten more days the last two with a river to the north. We continued on, and we came to a ferry which took us across for a dime a piece including our horses. That night we stayed in Rome, the waitress at the hotel telling us that there were seven hills surrounding this Rome just like the one in Italy.

I didn't know much about that and while she seemed to be proud of it I looked at the others and they didn't seem to think anything special about it either. There was a tavern across the street from the hotel and a number of men would look through the windows as we were having dinner. It was obvious that they were not pleased and likely once they were liquored up who knew what would happen.

We all stayed in the room at the end of the hall. It was about the best place to fort up and we prepared for them to come after us later that night.

Our plans were put into action just after eleven. Even if we had been asleep the noise and commotion of them coming down the hall would have had woken us. They came crashing through the door and died there is a pile.

The deputy sheriff didn't want to be very understanding at all about it as it looked like we had laid in wait. Hell we had but there was no way we were just going to let them come in and kill us. Once we got the sheriff there and he pieced together what had happened he dispatched the deputy. The bodies were taken away and we got another room at the other end of the hall.

It wasn't a restful night and there was a lot of head nodding and finger pointing at us over breakfast. We resupplied making sure to add additional ammunition. I was certain that we would be followed again by others wanting to do us harm. The actions of the deputy had shown us that the younger men would want to do that.

We made our way at a good pace and kept a cold camp each night. At some point we crossed the Georgia border and arrived in Fort Payne Alabama. I was surprised that no one came after us. They might have but maybe the cold camps had kept them from finding us.

Our reception at Fort Payne was viewed much as it was in Georgia but we kept our heads down and stayed indoors. The hotel offered baths and since it had been so long since we had one we took advantage of it. We could have likely stayed, but the fact that we weren't welcome was very apparent. So we resupplied and made our way the next morning.

It was a welcome relief to make our way into the town of Huntsville. We had discussed that we would stay here for a few days to get everything taken care of that we needed. Things on the trail get dirty and break and you fix them the best you can but at some point you need to stop and repair them proper.

While we were at supper, Moon and Sally told Leland and me that they were expecting. Why they chose a public place to break the news was puzzling. It may have been that they thought we wouldn't want others to see our reaction. You could see the fear that crossed their faces as they didn't know if we would keep them. It was one thing to have them with us but quite another if they were both heavy with child. No doubt every scalawag who thought it was his business would be making it that their bellies being swelled.

I knew that I would not let Moon go, and just as certain that Leland felt the same about Sally. Having grown in the fear of Grandpa Bo this seemed smaller than that somehow. We could have made a big production about it then but opening it up to common knowledge was not the best idea at the moment. So we finished our meal and made our way to the rooms.

Once there, we hooped and hollered and spun the women around. I was certain that Moon would show me her acceptance of my love for her later that night and no doubt Sally would do the same for Leland. So now we needed to decide what part of the west we wanted to head to.

Leland and I talked about going to California or Oregon. Moon and Sally didn't seem to care where we went as long as they were with us. We knew that we would need more money to make the trip. There weren't going to be many towns along the way. But that was still some time away as we had Tennessee and Missouri to travel through before we could join a wagon train.

The night was a celebration of love of the women for the men and the men for the women. We were all lost in this world and being together made us all feel better. There are always problems when you're traveling, and ours were magnified because of our color.

We were close to Tennessee and the night riders had been started there. Grandpa Bo's feeling for slavery was well known so they had stayed clear of us in Coal Mountain. But we were men on our own now who needed to protect us and ours. Being mixed breed was easily enough for any to see and that we had some from of wealth at least enough of it to have horses and guns. That was enough of an insult to those who needed to be a mob to keep and enforce their power.

It would be easier to continue on with us going from town to town but it would also expose us to unnecessary peril at the cost of life and limb. That was just too high of a cost to pay for the pleasures of a soft bed and a hot bath. After our first night apart we stayed together and bought additional supplies for an extended trip through open country. We stayed inside and forted up in the hotel for the rest of the time we were in Huntsville.

Loaded up we decided to head across Alabama and Mississippi and then go to Memphis and take a steam boat to Saint Louis. It wasn't an issue of us being able to do it but rather having to. All of our necks would be stretched if we were caught by the night riders.

We had added a couple of rifles to our assortment of guns. We would need them on the trail west so getting them now as just as later. That we weren't practiced with them other than for shooting small game with small bore wasn't an issue.

We stayed away from the large farms and camped out near the share croppers when we weren't in the woods. They had as much concern about the night riders as we did. Plus we could trade or buy fresh food to eat along the way.

If it were just Leland and I we could have made the trip in a little over a week. Because of our concerns and not the fact that we would make camp sometime at noon, it took us almost three before we crossed into Tennessee and then four more days to make it to Memphis.

Memphis was a large city but we still got stares from everyone it seemed. We found a hotel that was more interested in our money than who stayed there and got a room. We needed to fort up so privacy was just going to have to suffer for now. Nearly a month on the road had everything needing to be cleaned or repaired again including us. We spent some time taking care of that and then turned our sights to the river boats as transportation.

A couple of the river boats didn't want to provide us passage and another that did didn't want to have us bring our horses along. We finally found one who would do both after a week's worth of searching and arranged to go the next morning.

The cabin was not large but there were two beds and that beat sleeping on the ground. The meals were hearty and while we raised eyebrows and heard whispers we didn't have any problems. We were eating supper our third night on the river when the Captain sent for us.

We locked Moon and Sally in the room them with their scatter guns and derringers so Leland and I would feel comfortable about leaving them. He and I made out way up to the wheel house and the Captain greeted us.

"Good evening Gentlemen," he said.

"Hello Captain, you sent word for us to come and see you," I replied.

"I'll get right to the point. We're coming up upon some rough areas along the river and I am worried about pirates."

"And you would like us to do what?" Leland asked.

"I saw when you came aboard you have a large number of weapons. I would like to know if you can use them and if that is the case. Where you could be stationed so you could shoot at the pirates, if we we're being attacked."

"Yes, we can both use those rifles and the best place for us with the long guns would be here near the wheel house. But you don't have anything thick enough to stop a bullet if they start shooting back at us here.

"We'll, get some of the crew and see what you can find to use to protect yourselves."

Leland and I went down and saw Moon and Sally first and told them what the Captain wanted and then we were to work forting up the wheel house.

The women came out to help us and when some of the men started to say something. Leland and I walked over and had a talk.

"It's a might late for a swim but if you want to keep shooting off your mouth we can arrange it," Leland said to one loud mouth. Of course I had my gun pointed at the others standing around him.

It was agreed that everything was just fine with them then and we moved enough of the cargo to protect the wheel house. With that done we escorted the women back and forted them up again.

Leland and I had been together all our lives. He knew how I thought, and I knew him backward and forward. He usually let me start an idea, and he'd fill in the blanks.

"Captain, how will they get on the boat if where in the middle of the river?" I asked.

"They will have their own boats and attack us from both sides," He said.

"How strong is this boats bottom?" I asked.

"Well you can put a hole in it if you hit a sandbar of some thing solid in the water why do you ask?"

"I was wondering what would happen if you ran them over is all?"

"Well we would have to catch them not knowing we were going to do that because the boat does not maneuver well."

"Does that paddle wheel go backwards?" Leland asked.

"Yes it does why?"

"If they show themselves before they are too close could we back the boat up?"

"If we had enough time we could. But isn't it better if we simply try and out run them."

"That's what you always do right?"

"It works almost all the time," the captain said.

"So they wouldn't expect us to do that."

"No it ain't likely," he replied.

"Would they have to get in the center of the river to come after us?" I asked.

"The water flows fastest there so if they chased after us they would have to do that if their intent was to board us."

"If they were in front of us we could then we can have the wheel start going forward again and run them over?" Leland asked.

"We could do that," he replied.

"And if we were shooting at them that would make them want to chase after us because we were protecting something worth shooting over," I said.

"The two of you offer and interesting plan. Let's see what the morning brings. The worst of it is tomorrow near lunch. The river bends and the channel is narrow."

"Then we will leave you to the morning." Leland said.

We went and gathered Moon and Sally and made our way to eat. We finished our supper and returned to the cabin. The room was small but the thought of danger had both of them wound up. Since we had been so close all this time they thought nothing of the others in the room.

We had breakfast together and then returned the women to the room to fort up. Leland and I took our rifles and assorted other guns with us to the wheel house.

We had done a lot of moving and a fair amount of planning. Now we just had to run the river and see if we would be attacked. As we were headed upstream we were talking with Ben who was steering the boat.

Ben told us how the boats that would be chasing after us would be steered by a man at the back of it. Leland asked what would happen to them if we shot that man. Hearing that the boat would drift until someone new took over steering it had Leland and I talking for the next few hours.

The Captain had lunch brought up to us. I asked him to have the same done for our women who were forted up. I saw the man who had commented about us the day before taking the plates down from the dining hall so I followed behind him after I pointed it out to Leland.

"He spit on their food when he thought no one was looking and then just dropped it on the floor outside of the room after he called out to them. When he heard the colt cock he turned and looked at me. There was no escaping what he had done and I pointed the pistol at his head.

"I'll give you the choice. Swim or I'll air your brains out," if I had been closer he would have likely tried to rush me but with the distance near on four feet he would not travel faster to me that the bullet would to his head.

"Take off your clothes. I wouldn't want you to drown," there was hatred in his eyes but a man with a colt cocked and pointed at you was motivation.

I used the tip of the gun to wave him to the side rail and he took a moment and then jumped in. His head popped up a few feet away from the boat and he started disappearing as we made our way upriver.

I knocked on the door and called out to Moon and Sally. They opened the door; saw me, the clothes on the deck and then the food in that order.

Take the clothes in and leave the food the bastard spit in it.

"Where is he? Sally asked.

"He went for a swim." Just then I felt the boat start to slow and heard Leland's rifle. "I need to go. Get back in the room," and I took off running to the wheel house.

I was almost knocked off my feet as the paddle wheel started to go in reverse and the boat was going backward as I was going forward. I got up to the wheel house and found Leland and the Captain there.

"I shot wide of them just to let you know they were out there," Leland said.

"They're still a ways out Captain. Can you slow down the paddle wheel some?" I asked.

"You want to draw them in closer?" he asked.

"Yes Sir," and he had the wheel slowed. They started to gain on us and that had them moving to the center of the river channel for the faster moving water.

There were two boats of them, and they were a few hundred yards off. The river was smooth so we had an easy shot. We had the Captain stop the wheel and when motion of the boat leveled out then Leland and I shot. My target slumped over and I looked at Leland and he was grinning.

The captain had them start the wheel forward then and had Ben steering at both of the boats as they drifted in front of us now. With them coming this way and us going upstream now it didn't take long until there was screams as we ran over their boats.

We made our way upriver and found a row of logs stretched across. We would have been sitting ducks for the pirates. As it was there was a sniper still up in a tree but He didn't last long when Leland and I fired at him.

They had the logs chained so it took some time to get them loose. But we did and we were back on our way a few hours later. Moon and Sally were happy to be out of the room and told us that was the last time they would be forted up if we weren't with them.

The rest of the trip was uneventful with the exception of the times Moon and I or Leland and Sally would go for a stroll on deck leaving the other couple in the room.

We parted the boat and the Captain shook our hands thanking us. All of our stock unloaded we went looking for lodgings. We found livery for the stock and with a little perseverance we found some for us.

We forted up in the room and this time it actually had two beds. It was time to know what we had in the way of money so Leland and I opened up our saddled bags and dropped it all out on one of the beds.

All told we had just over four thousand dollars Part of it was from what Grandfather Bo had given us. The rest of the money from the men we had killed when we rescued Moon and Sally, that had doubled our stake. Now we needed to find out about going west.

We asked around and discovered that the wagon trains had left four months previous. There was no way we could leave now and not die in the mountains snowed in. We heard tales of a wagon train that had been snowed in up in the mountains had ended up eating the ones who had died to survive. That was enough to convince us we needed to stay.

We would spend too much of our money staying in the hotel so we hunted up a little house the four of us could call home over the winter. In was in a neighborhood of mostly black people. They had moved to the city after the war from all over the south. The house had been owned by rich people. It was old, bigger than we needed, and there was a barn where we could keep our stock. The rent was cheap, and our neighbors made us feel comfortable.

Leland and I needed to find a job to help feed us all while we waited until next spring. That was a problem because work for blacks was hard to find. Most of our neighbors did menial jobs, laboring by the day, keeping others houses and taking in laundry. Like us, they had come from farms or plantations.

As was our habit when we were stumped, we had a family meeting. Although Sally and Moon were learning to think the same way we did, they often voiced their unique, individual opinions.

"All we know is farming and hunting," I said.

Leland agreed. "We know how to raise animals and cotton. That's about it."

"Everyone in this neighborhood knows as much as us. Look where it's gotten them," I lamented.

Moon spoke up. "We have one big advantage over our neighbors."

"What's that?" we asked in unison.

"We've got money," Moon said, displaying an uncharacteristic grin. She reserved her grins for when we were alone, like when we'd just had sex and she was unusually happy.

Sally was the first to catch on. "Business takes money, and we have some. That's the advantage we have over our neighbors."

None of us knew the first thing about business, but we knew our strengths. Leland and I knew animals, and we knew agriculture. Sally knew her numbers, and she could read some. Moon, well she was fun to be around. She was smart, too. It had been her that pointed out our advantage to the rest of us.

The next day we bought a wagon. It was in poor condition, and it took us three days put it in running condition. Next, we worked out a way to propel it. Leland and I knew our saddle horses had never pulled a wagon or anything else. We tried our other stock until we found a team that would accept our commands.

With Leland and Sally sitting up front, Moon and I sat in the bed of the wagon. She had a scatter gun in her lap, and I was armed with a rifle, just in case we met highway men who wanted to take our cash.

We toured the countryside west of the city for two days before we found a farmer willing to sell us his apple crop. Sally calculated the cost to be a half- cent per apple. We held a short conference, and told the farmer that we would pay his price if he would throw in a couple of bushels to make up for spoilage. That's when we found out that he really, really needed our cash.

We had apple pie that night, and we gave our close neighbors some of the fruit to make their own pies.

The next day, we set up shop at an outdoor market. The location we were given was not great, but we sold half of our stock at one cent per apple. The next day we bargained for a better location, and sold the rest. At the end of the day, we'd doubled our investment, and had enough apples left over for several more pies.

Buoyed by our success, we scoured the countryside for more produce that we could buy at the right price. We were met with resistance from some of the farmers, who didn't want to deal with us. But those that accepted our cash often referred us to their neighbors.

The four of us always traveled together, never leaving anyone behind. It wasn't just for protection; we enjoyed being in each others' company.

In addition to produce, we began trading in horses, cows, chickens, and any other livestock that could be sold at a profit.

As the girls' bellies began to swell, an old neighbor lady advised us that it wasn't good for them to be riding over rough country in a wagon.

We didn't like leaving the girls alone, not that we feared for their safety. Our neighbors would look out for them. We just hated to be separated from them.

Leland and I had to go farther and father from the city limits in search of stock or farm produce that had been preserved in barns and root cellars.

Sometimes we didn't get back home until after dark, and we knew the girls worried about us. It was my idea to give them a task that would keep their minds busy.

"Start thinking about the things we'll need to take with us on the trail. A wagon will be our home for months. There won't be much room so think about how we'll store everything that you put on the list."

That got them working together on a common goal and Leland and I hoped worrying less about us. It also brought a new problem to the surface. Neither Sally or Moon could write down what we needed to take.

Their bellies were continuing to swell and they became more temperamental about every little thing that happened, it seemed to Leland and I. One night when we came home later then ever before, both Moon and Sally were so lathered in frenzy that it took us an hour to settle them down. We never did get a chance to tell them the reason we'd been delayed.

We had two crates of chickens on the end of the wagon. A farmer had sold to us at a good price because it was the middle of January and they'd stopped laying eggs. Leland and I figured we could butcher them, and sell them as roasting chickens. It would be a messy business but living like we had all those years on the farm we weren't shy about doing it especially when we were going to earn a tidy sum for doing it.

We had gotten the chickens loaded up late in the afternoon and the temperature had dropped freezing the water that was on the road after the sun had melted the last of the snow we had from a few days before. So, the road was slick with ice, and our team was having trouble getting sure footing. There were horses approaching from the rear. From the sound their horses gait, they were gaining on us. I looked at Leland, and he nodded his head in agreement with me, we were in for trouble.

Our unspoken appraisal of the situation was confirmed by a shell being fired and the bullet whizzing over our heads. This was followed by, "Stop, we want to talk to you." It was not a friendly invitation.

With the condition of the road and the problems the team was having with the footing, there was no way we would be able to outrun them. So instead of stopping I jumped into the bed of the wagon, and picked up one of the scatterguns. "Don't come any closer. We can hear you from there," I warned. But the two riders didn't stop.

"That was a warning shot. The next one will blow your Nigger head off," The taller of the two said, as they kicked their mounts in the flanks.

That was all I needed to hear and opened fire, Leland dropped the reins, and stood up to fire his colt. Both men slumped in their saddles, but didn't drop to the ground. We had killed them but didn't know it at the time. The wagon and come to an abrupt stop at that point also and the two cages that held the chickens had fallen to the road and broken open.

As we regained our balance after the sudden stop we decided that our team had heard the gunfire and bolted and lost their footing on the slick road. Leland had fallen into the wagon as the went forward and then the sudden stop when one of the team slipped stopped the wagon, and dropped the two crates of chickens off the back of the wagon.

Leland had the wind knocked out of him but wasn't hurt beyond that, one of our horses was on the ground though trying to regain it's footing and stand up but the harness was making that difficult. So first we had to calm and unharness the horse and then help it up and reharness it in place after we were sure there was no real damage done to it. That took and hour and then we were busy, rounding up thirty-nine of the forty-eight chickens, Luckly for us the farmer had given us some feed for them to help keep them alive for a couple days. We used that to entice them back into the cages rather than trying to chase them all over hill and dale.

We finally turned our attention back the to two men who had by now fallen onto the road. We took everything of value they had which wasn't much more than their guns and the horses and dragged their bodies off into the woods. By the time we were done it was near dark and we still had miles to go before we were home.

We laughed about the incident all the way home, but soon sobered up when we saw how upset Moon and Sally were as we pulled up to the house. We stayed close to home the next two days, butchered and sold the hens after we had sold them.

We took advantage of the time to start working with the women on letters and words. The cold front had settled in that had froze the road and when we weren't inside we were wishing we were. It would be a long process but our wives would know how to read and write as well as we could.

It was a cold winter, and people were having trouble finding wood to burn. So that became our next source for a business venture. We knew our team of horses would not be able to pull a load of wood, so we traded the robbers' horses for a team of oxen, and went out in search of fire wood. We even let the saddles go with the trade because we didn't want Moon and Sally to see them and begin asking questions. We had to toss in once of the colts we had taken also as the oxen were worth more than the horses.

The firewood business kept us busy until the end of February when our babies were born. Sally delivered Abraham Jennings first, but Moon was bed ridden, and unable to help. An old woman from the neighborhood claimed to have been a mid-wife in her younger days. Her name was Rose, and all the kids in the neighborhood called her Grandma. Rose attended to Sally while I held Moon's hand, and Leland went out to the barn to split firewood.

Rose was still in our house two days later when Moon Rising had Inez, a beautiful little girl that looked more like Moon than me.

The two of those children looked so perfect with Sally and Moon caring for them. We naturally stayed closer to home now. The business suffered but we would be leaving soon anyways to start our journey west.

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