The War Machine
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Science Fiction, Post Apocalypse,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - In the final part of a total war, the last war machine embarks upon its last mission.

It was the middle of winter and bitterly cold. The war had been ongoing for 6 years and both sides of the conflict were nearing total exhaustion. The flow of supplies needed to maintain military operations had almost completely dried up and conditions were becoming desperate. The situation in the enemy forces was the same yet neither side was able to find a way to end the conflict.

It was the last of the war machines in that depleted sector, brand new and not yet activated. In fact, unknown to those who had possession of it, it was actually the last such machine remaining anywhere to either side. The military intelligence group was in such disarray that little was known anymore about the activities of the enemy forced, where they were or how many. Every other war machine had been destroyed in the fierce fighting of the past two years, fighting that had left both sides almost completely exhausted. Supplies were becoming increasingly scarce for both sides of the conflict and civilization was decaying rapidly.

Depot leader Marshall Olander was in charge of the service depot and since it was the last machine in the depot he gave it extra loving care. Even though he was only a warrant officer he knew it was one of the last of its kind left to either side. Every system was carefully maintained and all the weapons systems checked and rechecked. With the military situation what it was there was little else really for Olander and his helpers to do. Since supply deliveries had almost completely dried up everyone in the depot was reduced to eating field rations every day.

Fortunately the supply of field rations in storage at the depot was quite large and since the whole facility was underground there was a feeling of safety there, despite the war. This feeling of safety increased as the tempo of operations died down on both sides and the stream of orders from HQ slowly dried to a trickle. Soon it came to seem almost like the depot had been forgotten with only the occasional routine orders from HQ.

Finally one winter day an order came through to prepare the war machine for deployment. The day was cold and overcast and it looked like it would begin to snow soon. In terms of the material preparation of the war machine there were only checks and then the stocking of ammunition and supplies that needed to be done. Marshall felt a twinge of sadness as he supervised the preparation of his tenderly cared for war machine. But he was also found himself wondering who would be the crew for the machine since he was the only one in the depot who had the command implant required to interface with the war machine's AI. Despite being a maintenance man and not a combat crewman he had received the implant to allow him to interface with the AI for troubleshooting. So far as he knew there were no combat crewmembers anywhere in the depot and no one had arrived from the outside for months. So it was a bit of a mystery: who would be selected for the crew for the war machine.

Within a couple of hours the issue of the crew was cleared up, Marshall was to be the leader and two others would be selected to accompany him on the mission. The war machine required a crew of three and the three always were one male and two females. Since there was no combat crew available and Marshall had the implant required to control the war machine his selection for the mission made sense. And since the war machine was the last one available, once it was gone there would be nothing left for Marshall to do at the depot anyway.

The two women who were selected to join him on the mission would have to receive their own implants, but since they would not need to control the war machine their implants could be implanted right before it was time to leave. Then their implants could make the connection to their nervous system once the mission started. During the time the implants were connecting themselves to the women's brains they would remain unconscious. This was not a problem for the mission since the initial orders were to simply travel to a specified location and wait for further orders to be transmitted.

Marshall supervised the loading of supplies into the storage spaces in the war machine. Since he would be going himself he tried to load just about everything he could scrounge from the depot's scanty supplies. While he was doing that and making one last check to make sure that everything about the war machine was as ready as it could be the two women who would accompany him were chosen and given their implants for communication with the war machine's AI.

Finally everything was loaded aboard and it was time to leave. The two women who were to accompany Marshall on the trip were brought to the war machine, still unconscious from their surgery. It would be another 12 hours before they came out of it, but that was not a problem. The AI of the war machine would watch them and sound the alarm if any problem arose with the two. After the two were securely in their couches inside the machine Marshall stripped off his uniform and went inside, too.

One of the regulations for the crew of war machines was that no clothing should be worn inside. The two women who had been placed inside before Marshall were also naked. All their protection would come from the machine; they would live or die with it. It was believe this would make the crew always want to remain in the machine and do their most to keep it intact.

It had started to snow as Marshall finished the final preparations for leaving but the weather was no impediment to the war machine. Its powerful motors and wide tracks could carry it through almost any weather or terrain conditions and it could even travel completely submerged under water. The AI started moving the war machine out to the location where they were directed to wait for the orders specifying the next part of the mission to be transmitted to them. Once the war machine reached that location it was to hide itself as much as possible and wait for the transmission carrying the next part of the mission orders.

The snowfall was growing stronger now as the war machine churned toward the waiting point. It was actually something welcome because it made the tracks disappear more quickly and swallowed up the heat trace left by the war machine as it passed by. There had not been any enemy activity in that area for several months but still the AI kept all the passive sensors at maximum sensitivity.

The place where they were supposed to wait for the next part of their mission orders was about 60 miles away from the depot. There was a good chance they would not be returning there again. The war machine was making about 25 miles an hour so it would take about two and a half hours to make it to the waiting area. Once there the war machine would hide itself as best it could and then wait for the transmission that would provide the next portion of the mission.

In addition to its own powerful sensors the war machine also carried a number of robotic drones to use for reconnaissance and scouting. Included with these were two adult size humanoid robots. These units could also carry out complex tasks, such as emplacing a camouflage cover over the machine. This was the first task that would be needed once the waiting location was reached, as it would be some time before the orders for the next step in the mission would be received. During the time the machine was stationary and waiting for the next transmission the war machine needed to be concealed from view.

During the travel to the waiting area Marshall spent most of the time in the command dome that was the only place in the war machine that had a direct view of the outside. Despite the availability of a rich array of sensors available and the powerful data processing he could tap if he so desired, Marshall preferred an ordinary view of the outside, with just his own eyes. Of course, the AI maintained its own continuous monitoring of all the sensors for any possible threats and would alert him immediately if any such were detected. But with the increasing exhaustion of the enemy forces the risk to the machine was slight and decreasing all the time.

When the war machine reached the general area where it was to wait for the transmission providing the next portion of the mission orders a good lager position was selected. The machine was parked in a hollow in a wooded area and the AI was able to find a location which allowed for a good "hull-down" park. The machine was driven into this position and then the two humanoid worker robots the machine carried went to work on improving the concealment of the machine. At the same time, other smaller scout bots were sent out some distance away from the machine to provide early warning of any approaching hostile forces. Since the AI had this all well in hand during this process, there was little for Marshall to do except keep a watch on what was going on, using the transparent armor plastron of the command dome and the machine's external sensors.

The two scout bots worked quickly to conceal the war machine even more completely than the wooded area and the depression had already concealed it. The bots spread camouflage netting and loose brush was piled around the machine to break up the silhouette. The thickly falling snow made the work of concealment easier since it rapidly filled in the tracks the machine had made on its way to this location. Soon the concealment was complete and the AI recalled the worker bots to the war machine, where they took their places in the niches provided for them.

Now it was just a matter of waiting until the communication containing the next portion of their orders arrived, hopefully in a few hours. There were still several hours to wait before Marshall's two companions inside the machine awakened. With little else to do Marshall spent a couple of hours using the direct neural connection to the AI and viewing the sensor data from the scout bots. The system was able to provide a complete immersive experience so that to Marshall it was as if he was outside the war machine lying where the scout bot was hidden.

The snow continued to fall and the AI estimated the precipitation could last for several more days and that was one of the criteria for the mission on which the war machine had been sent. The snow was falling so thickly that it was more difficult to detect and track the war machine and when parked, concealment was easier and more effective. The snow had already erased every trace of the tracks the machine had made on the way to this location and had covered parts of the concealment under which it lay.

So far the sensors of the war machine and the scout bots had discovered nothing threatening. There were occasional sightings of wildlife though with the snow those were few as most animals were hidden away in their dens and burrows. Since there was a transmission expected to be received at any time the AI kept an extensive watch on all of the electromagnetic spectrum that was used for communications, though of course the war machines own transmitters were kept silent. Even when the expected transmission was received there would be no reply or acknowledgement transmitted. Some civilian communications traffic was received from time to time but nothing military at all, not even from the enemy forces.

The war had gone on for a long time and had been extremely costly to both sides. On both sides the military forces had gradually become disconnected from the few civilians left and soon the military of both sides developed an unofficial rule of leaving the civilians alone. Gradually the remaining few civilian population centers and installations had resumed a normal life while at the same time avoiding the remaining, dwindling military units.

For Marshall, there was little for him to do but wait. The two women who were his companions for the mission would remain unconscious for a considerable amount of time yet so Marshall would have to find something to entertain himself until they awoke. The AI was continually scanning with every passive sensor in the machine for any possible threats, and the two scout bots were doing the same. There really wasn't anything Marshall could do to add to that but he remained in the command cupola anyway, just watching the snow fall.

When engaging in battle the war machine could call upon a variety of different weapons. There were a high velocity cannon and anti-armor missiles for use against enemy war machines. There were also several powerful lasers mounted to allow firing from different angles against people and machines. Three machine guns provided additional firepower along with an air powered short range projectile thrower.

Ammunition had become increasingly difficult to supply with the deterioration of the supply lines so the air powered projectile thrower had been designed to help with this issue. The weapon was a simple smooth bore which fired 8 mm round steel balls at a rapid rate and fairly high velocity. Machine gun ammunition could be conserved by using this weapon instead of a machine gun against light targets. This weapon was of enhanced importance for this mission because Marshall had been able to scrounge only 80% of a full load of regular ammunition, but more than enough of the steel pellets were still in the supply bins.

The snow continued to fall and the snowfall was so thick that it was sticking to the camouflage netting and brush that covered the war machine, concealing it even more than before. The storm was well on its way to becoming a major blizzard, but this didn't really cause a problem for the war machine, with its fusion reactor power plant. Instead the blizzard was welcome since it improved the concealment of the machine as it waited for the next part of the orders to be transmitted. As the hours passed and the snow continued to fall the war machine began to appear to be just another part of the hill against which it was parked.

After watching the snow fall for a while from the command cupola Marshall closed his eyes and shifted his awareness to his data link to the AI. He connected to one of the scout bots hidden some distance away from the war machine; this gave him a completely immersive experience of the scout bots sensors. It was as if he was outside himself in place of the scout bot, seeing through its eyes, hearing with its ears, and experiencing all of the other senses. The scout bot was hidden in a clump of bushes and to Marshall it seemed like he was actually out in that clump of bushes himself.

Marshall shifted his point of view to the other scout bot and again it was as if he was actually out in the scout bots' hiding place. All he could see and sense from the scout bot was heavy snow and deepening cold. Marshall could sense the cold using the bot sensors but his body was well warmed inside the crew compartment of the war machine. Marshall spent a few more minutes experiencing the sensations from the scout bot, and then he returned his awareness to the interior of the crew compartment. He settled down to wait for the arrival of the signal or the awakening of the women, whichever happened first, continuing to watch the snow fall outside.

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