Indian Steel
Chapter 1

Caution: This Time Travel Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Time Travel, Slow,

Desc: Time Travel Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Continuing the adventures of a fisherman named John, in a world not his own. Read Desert Dream first, or don't vote on the plot. This is a sequel!

Somehow, Zithrusa's horse ended up in the stable next to John's horse. As the months passed, and Zithrusa became larger and more awkward, she and John went riding about the spacious grounds of the Imperial Palace less and less. Zithrusa was very popular with all the staff and most of the court ladies, for mostly different reasons. The staff adored her because she was so nice to them, unpretentious and kind. The court ladies made up to her at first because she was with The Emperor so much, and later because she began gifting the nicest ones (and Wong eavesdropped on everyone and reported negative comments to Zithrusa) with very special carvings made by John, and they soon figured out what to do with them. They were gushing over their gifts, and grateful to Zithrusa. Of course, the ones who were not so nice behind Zithrusa's back at least started keeping their viperous bile to themselves.

The Emperor's favorite spy came in from the cold, and turned out to be his little sister, and not a little man at all. He was envious that she had the freedom to travel and have adventures, while he only had the power of life and death over the entire Empire. She thought he was a whiner. Unlike The Emperor, who was not referred to by name but rather by title, Her name was Yeuastrasia, but she preferred to be called Strasi. She had a fierce disposition, so mostly that is what anyone called her, unless she was in disguise in her spy role, or the servants were addressing her. She allowed the servants to call her 'Miss', but that was as far as she let them get with honorifics. The Human Amplifier was terrified of Strasi, and with good reason. One time he went to announce her, and he only got as far as "Her Radiance, The Princess Oooph!" before she kicked him in the eggs, doubling him over as she pushed past him and glared at all assembled, "Call me Strasi!" And so they did.

Strasi was only 15, but had been traveling around the known world having adventures for years. Not that she wanted to, but mainly because the Emperor wanted to learn about adventurous things. She actually didn't mind the freedom and the travel, she had an unlimited budget, as long as she kept bringing in the results. John was actually her best result so far. Most of her other results had been more of 'curios' than 'adventures'. What with John telling such exciting stories every night, she wasn't needed so much out and about, searching for amazing things to report.

Ah ha, a romantic interest, a hypothetical reader might suggest. Another wife for John, certes! Ah, but remember that John wants no warfare in his domicile, and hopes any further wiving would be with one of submissive mien. Strasi is not one such, not by a far shot. No, it is with Wong that Strasi finds a soulmate. Both used to being unnoticed, however, they both attracted each others attention. Strasi had Wong's rigid attention, and he had her pert interest. They often happened upon each other in tight hidden passageways, necessitating awkward maneuvering to get past each other. As the frequency of such encounters rose, the quarters seemed tighter and more strait, and more wriggling and squirming was required to slip past each other. It was in such dusty and dark encounters that love bloomed between the pair.

Wong and Strasi were more than twice as unnoticeable as a pair than as individuals, in fact, sometimes they weren't seen for days at a time! They still enjoyed their voyeuristic bent, though, and were well aware of everything that went on in the palace and its environs. So they were aware of what the Emperor had planned, and why it wouldn't work.

"It won't work." John told The Emperor. "Why? Wong is perfect for the role, he can just refuse face to face meetings, and..."

"The problem is that Wong is incapable of independent operations. He needs to be subservient to someone else, to be following orders, to be working for the benefit of someone else. Let's ask Wong and Zithrusa what they think."

Zithrusa thought that her water had broken. It was a very busy time of anxious waiting until the ladies in waiting announced that John was the father of a Boy! Celebrating ensued, and it was a few days later that the question of how The Emperor could go adventuring was revisited. Actually it was Strasi who came up with the plan. Zithrusa jumped at it, given the reflected status it gave her, just about the most status she could ever hope to acquire. Of course she would want to wait at least eighteen months before she would consider leaving her newborn son. The Emperor had to content himself with that answer.

The Plan? Oh, it was simple. The Plan was for The Emperor to name John's little boy, who they named Butalus, which while it sounded strange to John, wasn't any stranger than any other name- No, The Plan. The Emperor was to name Butalus as his heir, and Wong as Regent. They could even pretend that Butalus was The Emperor's son- oh? Not going to happen? Sigh. It was still do-able though, The Emperor could adopt Butalus, ok? Ok then. Zithrusa was so excited, Her and John's son would be the Prince in line to Rule the Eastern Empire! Oh, a mothers dreams fulfilled. John wasn't so sure about this, but he wasn't going to go against such a powerful current. He trusted Wong, to do the best as Regent to the benefit of his son, and as servant to the Empire. (Too bad he didn't consider the influence Strasi would have on Wong ... ominous music here)

The next eighteen months passed quickly, and little Butalus grew apace. The Emperor was anxious to go adventuring, and John almost ran out of stories to tell Him, until he remembered all of those Hardy boys, and Tom Swift. Little Butalus enjoyed the stories also, and Strasi was almost to the point when she would have to tell Wong her terrible wonderful secret, before it became so obvious that it wasn't a secret anymore anyway.

When Wong was informed of the joyous news, he was stunned and frightened. He wasn't up to facing these responsibilities without orders. He told Strasi "um, hold that thought, I have to go ask John something." Boy was he in for a life of trouble! It is a known fact that a woman will remember every word a man has ever said, and since the man can not, he has to take her word for it that in fact that was what he had said. The Woman can and will use the man's words against him to win any argument, no matter how otherwise insupportable. Understand this, Men. You lose. Just surrender, and hope you won't be too badly mistreated as a POW.

When John talked to Wong, he understood his dilemma. He was afraid of being responsible for his own actions, and needed a master to cushion him, to give him face. John reassured Wong, and told him "I thought you knew this, when you became Regent to little Butalus, you became his slave, and slave to the entire Empire. The Empire demands that you have a happy life so you can best provide Regency for Butalus. Go, Marry, have Children. That is if you want to?"

Wong hurried back to Strasi, a little too late, and said "Honey, that is wonderful news! I love you. Marry me?" The magic formula almost worked, and Strasi was a kind-hearted, forgiving sort, so Wong's life wasn't pure torture, although it was a living hell for at least seven months.

The Emperor was almost bouncing up and down in his excitement! "We're going adventuring, we're going adventuring!" He chanted in a sing-song, vibrating in place so fast it couldn't really be called bouncing. John had to have him do his archer's meditation to get him to calm down.

"We need a name to call you, you have to be in disguise, and can't be called 'The Emperor' while we are on our adventure." Cautioned John.

"How about we call me Tuk, then. I had a nurse who called me Tuk." Tuk answered.

"You know that we won't be taking any slaves or servants, they would give away your disguise. We will all have to do the camp chores and the loading and unloading of the animals. Are you sure you are up to common manual labors?" John asked for the hundredth time.

"I do alright with the practice work, don't I?" Protested Tuk. John had to admit, that Tuk did do his share in the practice camps they had made. He decided it would just have to occur as the good fates willed. They were planning on leaving the next day. Zithrusa was torn, but having her son as heir to the Empire went a long way toward letting her follow her beloved John off on another adventure. Butalus was like a status insurance policy, safe in the bank.

They were taking horses and spares for the three of them, and a fortune in jewels, as being the lightest objects of value, worth more for their weight than gold. Armed with bows and rifled arrows, Indian steel knives for all, (Wong had been honored to give The Emperor the gifting of his dagger.) and Zithrusa with her slender sword, John with many hidden throwing knives and a few throwing axes, and a serviceable sword, and Tuk with the Indian steel sudden slash sword. Oh well, Rank Hath it's Privilege. John intended for Tuk to be first in line in Tiger country. John was wearing his barbarian outfit, and Zithrusa also had her grey stripped trousers on. Tuk had on plain but very well made armor over a soft comfortable padded under suit. He also had on a helm which didn't obstruct his vision very much. The disparity of their costumes made clear who was of the higher status, but the disguise was good enough that no one would recognise the trio for what they were.

Saying farewell to Wong and Strasi and Butalus, they set off for adventure.

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