The Return
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2009 by davidpaul

Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The story of a man who returns home to face the demons of the past.

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa  

I know that its evil
I know that its got to be
I know I aint doing much
Doing nothing means a lot to me
Living on a shoe string
A fifty cent millionaire
Open to charity
Rock n roller welfare

Sitting in my cadillac
Listening to my radio
Suzy baby get on in
Tell me where she want to go
Im living in a nightmare
Shes looking like a wet dream
I got myself a cadillac
But I cant afford the gasoline

Ive got holes in my shoes
And Im way overdue
Down payment blues

I switched off the radio, I loved AC/DC especially the Bon Scott era but the song 'Down Payment Blues' was hitting too close to home. Home ... that's where I was headed back to.

Seven years since I left, vowing never to return. I left bitter, broken and angry at the world. I was returning having achieved nothing. In fact I was flat broke, creditors chasing me and only enough left for the petrol to get me home and maybe enough for a few beers.

My name is Rob Green I'm 27 years old, unemployed as of yesterday, returning home in part for my mother's wedding anniversary. I use to stand 6'3" now I am probably 6'2". Why the loss of height? Well let's just say I have a limp and it gets progressively worse throughout the day. I weigh in the neighbourhood of 220 pounds and I'm still in tip top shape thanks to the hours spent in the gym and pool. Never left that habit behind -working out, I was an athlete once with a bright future.

I made it to the outskirts of Iron Plain New South Wales and had to stop the car. I was shaking badly and could feel it coming. The bile rose from my stomach and I vomited on the ground ... yeah it was good to be home.

I pulled into the driveway and my friend Paul and his wife Denise were there to greet me. They were putting me up for a week or so.

"Well, well Rob Green, you made it old mate."

"Hey Paul, Denise." I said with smile

Denise rushed over and gave me a hug and a kiss and Paul shook my hand. They both looked good, marriage suited them.

"Come inside, so good to have you back in Iron Plain Rob. The gang will want to catch up."

"I know Denise, can we wait a bit before you make any calls?"

"Sure good buddy, not a problem." Said Paul taking over the conversation.

Paul is my best friend and probably the only person I keep in touch with. He knows how painful the return to Iron Plain is for me, on so many fronts. Paul showed me to the spare room and I placed my bags on the floor.

"How about a beer old buddy?"

"Sure thing."

Paul grabbed a beer for us each and we sat down on the leather lounge. It was good to be sitting down and not driving.

"I see you still drive your dads' old car."

"Yeah I couldn't part with her."

"Well she is a classic."

"Yep he sure did love that car didn't he?"

"Who wouldn't love a 1971 XY Ford Falcon GT-HO Phase 3?"

"Yeah you're right about that Paul."

Thinking about my dad, I took a long swig of my beer. Only 1 hour back in Iron Plain and already all the old painful feelings were coming back. Thankfully, Denise came back in the room to break up the conversation.

"Say boys, why don't we go out for dinner tonight at the local?"

"Sounds like a plan darling. What do you think Rob?"

"Sure why not. Mind if I have a shower first?"

"Go for it mate, towel is on your bed."

The hot shower was just what I needed to get all the kinks out of my body from the hours of driving. I got out of the shower and changed into a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt. Paul and Denise were patiently waiting for me.

"Let's hit the road then." I said coming down the stairs.

The Commercial Hotel had changed a lot since I last was there. The 'new' owners had established it as a wine bar and restaurant. They had ripped out and sold off the poker machines and their licences. It was still the place to go on Friday night by the look of the crowd.

"Well at least they didn't get rid of the public bar." I said to Paul

"Yeah it's changed a bit since you last wet your whistle here."

We were seated by the host on the outside deck. It was a perfect March evening and quite warm. I settled for a steak dish while Denise and Paul both went for the seafood. The conversation was light and easy and we updated each other on our lives. I didn't give up too much information as I still had some things to work through and decisions to make.

Dinner itself was delightful and well worth the wait. I could see why this was a very popular hotel. The night was going well for me and I didn't see anyone I knew of any consequence, that was until the end of the night as we were leaving. I ran straight into Jenny Taylor or was it Jenny Beasley now?

All colour faded from her face as she recognised me, thankfully the crowd swallowed her up as she was mouthing my name. We all made a hasty retreat and as the car pulled away from the Commercial Hotel. I saw her standing out on the footpath watching us leave.

Iron Plain was a small community where everyone knew everyone else's business. Word would soon spread that Rob Green was back in town. Old grudges would come to the fore and debts would have to be settled.

Arriving back at Paul & Denise's house I thanked them for a nice night especially since they picked up the bill. Paul wanted to have a few more ales but I begged off indicating I was tired from the trip. Sleep wouldn't come, as seeing Jenny had stirred up so many conflicting emotions. I started thinking about my past although I was more concerned with my future.

Looking back historically, the Iron Plain area was a major producer of wheat, oats, triticale, canola, lupins, mustard oil seed and fruit such as nashi pears, cherries, strawberries, peaches, nectarines, prunes and apricots. Contributions to the local economy were also made by meat processing houses, a dairy, large grain-storage silos, sheep, cattle and horse studs, pigs, deer, ostriches and some vineyards.

European settlement of the district began after Lord Byron's exploration in 1855. A sheep station known as 'Iron Valley' was established in the late 1850s.

Jauncey Peterson, a previous superintendent of 'Iron Valley', opened an inn around the 1860s which was the first authorised business to be conducted on the town site.

Gold was discovered a few kilometres to the north-west of the present town site in 1864 but serious prospecting didn't begin until 1866. At this time, Peterson wrote to the government to interest them in the establishment of a town.

A settlement was gazetted in 1868 as Iron Valley. This was changed c .1880 to Iron Plain

A mail service began in 1870 and a flour mill soon followed. The first school was established in 1871 and St James's Roman Catholic Church was built in 1879. In the course of the 1880s, the population increased dramatically from 82 to 2200.

Iron Plain become an important rail centre when the railway station was built there in 1885. By the outset of the 20th century, Iron Plain's commercial centre had outstripped that of all the townships around the district. It continued to prosper until the Great Depression when larger locomotives negated the need for crew and engine changes at Iron Plain.

By the late 1980's the town had grown to a population of 6800 with schools, hospital, fire station, ambulance station, police station, pubs and all the amenities found in a big city. This was the era in which I was raised but with progress came crime, drugs and violence that wasn't only confined to the big cities.

I had a pretty good childhood growing up in the 1980's and beyond. Farmers and townsfolk mingled with mixed success as many of the townsfolk resented the farmers' wealth and the farmers looked down on the 'white trash' townsfolk. It had always been that way and never has changed.

The only thing that bonded the town was the high school football team. Rugby Union was the sport in question and due to the influence of the wealthy farmers' and the high proportion of catholic families it was like a second religion. Rugby was classified as a gentlemen's game played by bastards and that summed up our rugby team well.

I grew up with a love of Rugby League, the sport that was and still is the main competitor of Rugby Union in Australia. Rugby League was played by the blue collar workers while Rugby Union was played by the rich and elite. I followed the professional sport of Rugby League on television in the Australian Rugby League Competition (ARL).

There were 20 teams Australia wide and it is a National Competition but my favourite team by far was the Canberra Raiders. That love of Rugby League was due to my Dad. Dad had played professional Rugby League for the St. George Dragons based out of Sydney. He was a fiery lock forward but his career was cut short due to a neck injury.

Dad had moved to Stone Ridge (which was the town next to Iron Plain) accepting a job in the local sawmill as well as a coaching position for the town's Rugby League team. Dad had met Mum at a local dance and pursued her with vigor. At the time, Mum was dating a farmer's son by the name of Angus Beasley but Dad swept her off her feet.

There was a lot of bad blood between Angus Beasley and my Dad but by the end of it, Mum and Dad were married and I came along 5 years later. By then Dad had retired from coaching and had settled in Iron Plain, buying a house in town.

Growing up I was an only child and because of that was dotted on by both my parents. I wasn't spoiled but I never wanted for anything. Dad use to tuck me in at night telling me stories of all the great Rugby League players of his day.

I also use to sneak a peek at Dad's scrapbook that Mum had made and read all about his exploits on the field. There was no doubt that my father Johnny Green was my hero.

I started my schooling at Iron Plain primary school, which was ironically situated right next to St James catholic primary school (where all the farmers' children attended). Right from the start, it felt like the rich versus the poor. The kids from the catholic school use to sneer and thumb their noses at us. To be honest it never worried me too much as I liked my school and my friends.

My best friend was (and still is) Paul Williams but we also had a gang of other friends which included David Fitzsimmons, Ben Rogers, Justin Richards, Denise Richards, Martin Taylor and last but not least Jenny Taylor.

My primary school years were full of joy and friendship. Paul and I played Rugby League for the Stone Ridge Magpies. I played as a lock forward and Paul was a cheeky little half-back. We both loved playing and my Dad was very proud. This of course bonded Paul and me even closer but it also painted targets on our back.

Iron Plain was a Rugby Union town and of course, the farmers' kids used to try to antagonise both of us not only as 'townies' but now as 'turncoat' league players. We never responded to the catcalls, which irritated them even more.

Our little gang use to hang out at the local pool during summer and we played cricket and basketball and the girls were in to horse riding so we would watch them compete sometimes.

The trouble began one day when I was twelve years old and involved our little gang and Gary Beasley ... yep the son of Angus Beasley who despised my Dad so much. We were enjoying a nice summers day at the pool. That all changed when Gary and his mates turned up. It started with the usual catcalls and taunting. Ben and Martin reacted to the taunting and a war of words erupted but things finally calmed down.

We all decided to leave to have a game of cricket when Gary Beasley went a step too far. Jenny was walking to the change room when Gary bailed her up.

"Hey Taylor ... want to see something?"

"What would that be Gary?"

"Something big baby."

"Oh yeah..."

With that, Gary pulled out his 'manhood' and Jenny began to laugh hysterically.

"Well it looks like a penis only smaller..."

I could see what was about to happen. Gary went instantly red in the face and screamed.

"Why you little town whore... !"

With that, he slapped Jenny across the face. You could hear the crack of his open hand hitting her face. I instinctively charged at Gary and tackled him front on. Fists began flying and soon it was an all out donnybrook. Denise was comforting Jenny but they were in shock of the viciousness of the fighting.

It was a fairly one sided affair with Paul, Ben, David, Justin and Martin easily beating their rivals who fled beaten and bleeding. Gary and I were a different story as we could both handle ourselves. He was well versed in martial arts whilst my Dad had taught me to box.

From the initial ground fighting, we had both risen and were now cautiously circling each other. Gary was mainly using his legs to kick me in the abdomen. I was trying to get in close to cause him the most amount of pain possible. I was bigger and stronger but Gary was quicker. Gary didn't have a lot of upper body strength. That surprised me since he came off a farm. I quietly thanked Dad for the lessons and years of wood carting for giving me good upper body strength.

From the initial tackle and punching, Gary's left eye had swollen shut, which gave me another advantage. I could feel my own blood dripping from my cheek. Gary attempted to kick my legs out from under me and made a simple mistake of not following up the attack. He was close and remembering my lessons, I cracked him twice in the face with two quick jabs. He was reeling backwards and I aimed a well timed hook, which shook him to the core. Dazed he lifted his chin slightly and so I followed with an uppercut.

Gary was lifted off his feet and hit the ground hard. The fight was over. I was about to turn around and leave, that was until an arm was placed on my shoulder.

"Just where do you think you are going Rob?"

It was Sergeant Eric Rogers of the Iron Plain Police.

Sergeant Rogers was Ben's dad but he had a duty to perform and we were all dragged down to the police station. Gary Beasley had been taken to Iron Plain hospital and would be interviewed later.

To me it was a minor incident and I felt he got what he deserved for hitting Jenny. What did I know? ... when the parents were called into the station you would have thought I had committed murder.

Angus Beasley was screaming and demanding I be charged with grievous bodily harm. My mum was crying but Dad was quietly assessing the situation. Sergeant Rogers had enough of the theatrics and told everybody to shut up. He would be conducting interviews and decisions would be made from there.

Angus Beasley was told to go to the hospital and check on his son with Constable Rawlins following him to interview Gary.

In the meantime, I was taken to an interview room for questioning. Dad was with me as I was a minor. Sergeant Roger's got straight to the point.

"So Rob tell me in your own words what happened to cause this fracas today at the pool."

"Well Sir, we were all leaving the pool when Gary Beasley started talking to Jenny..."

"Is that Jenny Taylor?"

"Yes Sir. Anyway, Gary talked with her and then exposed himself to her. Jenny laughed and he then punched her with an open hand. I thought he was going to start wailing on her so I tackled him and the fight began. His other friends then attacked my friends and the brawl started. You appeared at the end of the fight."

"Ok Rob ... wait outside as I need to talk with your Dad and then I will get a statement from Miss Taylor. Don't worry too much."

I waited outside with my Mum while Dad spoke with Eric Rogers. Mum stopped crying and then said something very weird and something I have to admit affected me greatly.

"Why Rob?"

"Why what Mum?"

"Why did you have to fight with Angus Beasley's son? He's a good man and I'm sure his son is the same. You had no right to do what you did."

My jaw dropped. I couldn't believe my own Mother was backing Gary Beasley over her own son. Quite literally, he was my enemy and the town's biggest prick (in my opinion). I had never been so angry with my Mum. I got up and walked out of the police station, damning the consequences.

Dad found me about an hour later at the football field at the high school. I was in the stands still seething from the treatment my Mum had handed out to me.

"I figured you'd be here son. Stone Ridge oval is too far away."

"Yeah Pop, sorry for leaving."

"It's ok but we will have to go back to the station and sign a statement."

"Am I in trouble?"

"No son. Jenny gave the same account and Gary Beasley will be the one in trouble. I am proud of you Rob. You stood up and protected a girl being attacked. Don't worry about your Mum son she's just in shock as she is friends with the Beasley's."

"Yeah well the Beasley's are all assholes."

My Dad laughed. "Don't tell your Mum son but I can't disagree. Come on let's go back to the station."

I never loved my Dad more than that day. He stood up for me and believed in me, which is more than I could say for my Mum.

As was always the case in Iron Plain money prevailed and Gary Beasley was exonerated for the attack on Jenny. Everyone else was given verbal warnings. Angus Beasley knew he didn't have a leg to stand on, getting me charged due to his son's actions. It was soon dropped but not forgotten by anyone involved.

The tension in my household got worse thanks, in my opinion to my Mother. A few days after the incident she was busy humming and cooking a heap of baked goods. I was wondering why the sudden burst of happiness considering her anger towards me over the incident.

I watched as Mum packed everything up into a basket and the called me over.

"Come on Rob grab your coat and help me with some errands."

"Ok, where are we going?"

"I need to deliver these to some friends."

I never though much of it as I got in the car with Mum and drove through town. I was racking my brain trying to think where we were going when we suddenly turned off onto a dirt road. It hit me in an instant.

"Mum why are we on Beasley land?"

"Because we are going to see Angus and you will apologise for your actions."

"Over my dead body!"

Mum suddenly braked hard, switched off the engine and turned to me.

"God dammit Rob, I'm your Mother and you will apologise. You over reacted and hurt that poor boy. Angus has graciously invited us to his home for this purpose. You know Sue Beasley has cancer and even Sue has made herself available.

Don't embarrass me! You are just like your bloody Father stubborn, stupid and without manners. Now do as you are told you little bastard!"

Mum had gone too far and I think even she knew it. I quickly got out of the car and ran all the way home. Mum arrived home about an hour later but had nothing to say. From that day on our relationship was never the same. Dad knew something had happened between us but I never said anything to him and to the best of my knowledge neither did my Mother.

The pool fight made our little gang heroes in the town. Townies loved nothing better than getting one over the rich farmers. The incident bonded us all in ways I never expected. Denise started showing interest in Paul as more than a friend, for Jenny it was the same, and the target was me.

My household had changed in so many ways. There was coldness between my Mother and me. We were good actors around Dad but if there were any times that we were left alone together, I made myself scarce. My world became dominated by my friends and Rugby League. I still spent a lot of quality time with my Dad and loved every minute of it.

Around the time I started high school, my Dad finally decided to take a gamble and open his own business. Green's Hardware was successful right away. Dad was a popular man in town and respected by both townies and farmers alike (which was very rare). Mum helped Dad with the books and banking. I helped when I could but Dad wanted me to be a kid so he made sure my schooling and sporting activities came first.

Instead of going out of town, most of the farmers now brought their supplies from Dad's store. I had never seen my Dad happier; Mum was a different story however. She was changing in a very negative way and was constantly nagging my Father about every little thing. Dad would always put her in her place but she never stopped and I don't like to admit it but I was starting to hate her for it. I had very conflicting emotions, as I knew I should love my Mother but I found it impossible.

High School was a big change for everyone. There was only one high school at that time, so the farmer's kids were either sent to boarding school or attended the local high school with the 'townie' kids.

Most of them went to the local high school, as they were needed on their farms. Fortunately, Gary Beasley at that time was sent to boarding school, so the potential trouble between us was vanquished for the moment.

Our little gang started to dissipate due to the normal reasons of high school, new friends, different activities etc. Nevertheless, some were lost for other reasons. David Fitzsimmons and Ben Rogers started getting into the drug scene, the inevitable happened, and they were busted smoking pot. David continued but Ben being a policeman's son was sent away to military school and I never saw him again.

I later heard in his adult years that he joined the Army and became a fine solider. Martin and Justin were still friends but they were both into art and music so naturally they found new friends with the same interests.

Paul, Denise, Jenny and I were the remaining 'friends' but by then we were all boyfriend and girlfriend. The early years of high school were pretty good. At 14 things got even more exciting for me.

Paul and I continued to play rugby league for the Stone Ridge Magpies and we were doing particularly well. That day I had a really good game I had scored a couple of tries and was awesome in defence making 38 tackles.

We had won 56 -10 against a highly rated team. I had just come out of the change rooms when I saw my Dad speaking with a man I had never seen before, they shook hands and the man left.

Dad was beaming and he walked over to Paul and myself.

"Great game boys, ready to go?"

"Sure Dad ... who was that bloke you were talking to?"

"Just an old friend."


With that, we left and travelled back to Iron Plain. Paul was dropped off at his house but instead of us going home Dad took me towards a restaurant in town.

"Where are we going Dad?"

"Just to the diner, my friend wants to meet you."

"What for?"

"I'll let him explain."

We arrived at the diner and were shown to a seat, the man was there waiting.

"Hi Rob my name is Tom Milne and I use to play football with your Dad in Sydney." said the man shaking my hand

"Nice to meet you Sir."

"Just call me Tom. Let's order something to eat ... my treat. By the way, hell of a game you played today Rob."


We all ordered something to eat while Dad and Tom Milne chatted about the 'old days'. I was wondering what was going on, I figured he just was passing through and decided to watch Johnny Green's son play football.

The food arrived and we all tucked in. After we finished eating the real reason of Tom Milne's visit became apparent.

"Rob, your Dad and I go way back. In fact, your Dad has been sending me tapes of your games and I'm mighty impressed. You are a lot bigger and taller than your Dad but you definitely are just as talented."

"Well thank you Sir."

"Rob call me Tom."

Dad started chuckling "Don't worry son; I know this is strange but believe me it's great news."

"Look Rob I'll cut straight to the chase. I work for the Canberra Raiders as a talent scout. The coaching staff have all viewed your tapes and we want to sign you."

I was stunned and I think it showed on my face. The Canberra Raiders were my favourite team and many of my football heroes played for them with the likes of Mal Meninga, Gary Belcher, Bradley Clyde, Laurie Daley and Ricky Stuart. They were a powerhouse team in the world of professional Rugby League.

"Ok Tom. How would this work?"

"Well Rob, quite simply we would sign you to a contract to play for the Raiders. Your Dad is insistent that you stay in Iron Plain. You would continue to play for the Stone Ridge Magpies but you would be flown to Canberra throughout the year to participate in training squads and have access to the latest developments.

You would from today be put on a strict diet and training plan. We will also be providing money to set you up with a gym membership in town and of course monitoring your progress. After high school, you would come to Canberra and providing you keep improving, you would then have a chance at making it in the big leagues. So what do you say?"

"Where do I sign!"

So it was done. I was signed to a contract with the Canberra Raiders and given diet and training plans to follow. The contract was for $5,000 which would assist my rugby league development.

The story made big news in Stone Ridge and the coach and players were happy for me, no one more than Paul. In Iron Plain, it was briefly mentioned in the local paper but not much else was said.

One person who did take note was Coach Douglas of the high school Rugby Union team. He actually came out and watched me play several times for the Magpies. I saw him and was just waiting for his approach. Coach Douglas was a good friend of Angus Beasley's and so it was my Mum who approached me one day. She timed it well, just after Dad left to open the store and I was finishing breakfast.

"Rob I need to speak with you."

"What is it?"

"Coach Douglas wants you to play Rugby for the school. I want you to go see him today."


"What do you mean no young man?"

"I mean I'm not playing Rugby Union for the school with a bunch of snobs. I'm a Rugby League man through and through."

"Snobs! They are not snobs they are your betters and don't forget that."

"They aren't my betters. Just because you are infatuated with Angus Beasley and the like doesn't mean I will be. They can go to hell."

Mum went red in the face and let out a mighty scream. I could see her hand coming and for some reason I let it happen. It was a mighty crack and left a red welt on my face.

"That's the last time you ever touch me."

Mum started sobbing and I quietly left the house to go to school. If our relationship was strained before now it was outright cold.

Apart from Paul, Jenny was the one person I could confide all my secrets and troubles to. She was a tower of strength for me and I was definitely smitten. We would hold hands, kiss and make out. Rugby League was the biggest part of my life but Jenny wasn't far behind.

I followed the diet and training plan the Canberra Raiders provided and soon I was gaining strength in all the right areas and I was shooting up in height. By 14 years old, I was 6 foot 1 inches tall and 191 pounds. The benefits played out on the football field as I ran riot over the local competition. I was soon sitting on the bench for the Stone Ridge Magpies reserve grade team. I was playing against men and holding my own. Dad couldn't have been more proud.

Paul decided to start training with me as he was finding he needed to gain strength in the same areas at me. It was great having a training partner and it pushed me on to greater heights.

That summer I flew to Canberra for my first training camp. It was a completely different world for me; the camp was designed to test all our limits and capabilities. There were kids from all around the country and the competition was intense. I was in camp for a month and got glowing reports on my attitude and general condition. I knew Rugby League would be my ticket to the big time. By the time I flew back to Iron Plain I had added even more skills to my arsenal and couldn't wait for next season to kick off.

The pressure continued from Coach Douglas and I had to admit he was pretty smart. He did it first by talking Paul into playing for the team. It was manageable in the sense that Rugby Union was played on Saturday's whilst Rugby League was played Sunday's but I wouldn't budge. He then went and spoke to my Dad.

Dad sat me down at home that evening.

"Son I think you should speak to Coach Douglas about the Rugby."

"Why Dad? I'm happy just playing Rugby League."

"I know son but the coach is a fair and reasonable man. He made some good points and I think you should hear him out. I have spoken with the Raiders and they have no problems with you playing rugby at a schoolboy level."

"Ok Dad for you I will speak to the coach."

The next day at school, I went to see Coach Douglas. He welcomed me and took me to his office.

"Rob thanks for coming to see me. I know I have been putting a lot of pressure on you to join the team. I've watched you play several times for the Magpies and I can see why the Canberra Raider signed you. You have all the skills and quite honestly, you are the most impressive schoolboy talent I have ever come across. I could build this team around you."

"That's very nice of you to say coach but Rugby League is my love and I won't jeopardise it for anything."

"Rob I understand that and I'm not asking you to choose. What I propose is that your League training comes first. I know you train on Tuesday's and Thursday's with other time spent in the gym. We could work it that you train with the school team on Monday's and Wednesday's."

"That sounds pretty fair coach. Where do you see me playing?"

"I see you as a flyhalf. Even though you are in the forwards for Rugby League with your size, strength, speed and passing game you would make an excellent flyhalf. What I think we could offer you is a chance to improve your kicking game which would add another skill in your already impressive arsenal."

"Well coach that sounds pretty good. Let me talk with my Dad and I'll give you an answer tomorrow."

That night I talked it over with Dad and we both decided it was a good opportunity for me to develop as a player. So it was, that I played Rugby Union on Saturday's and Rugby League on Sunday's.

All my time was now taken up with football training and playing. Jenny and I still got together as much as possible and everyone knew she was my girl.

My first season of Rugby Union went well; Paul and I made a great combination in the halves and led our team to victory on many occasions. Rugby League wise I was now playing for the Magpies first grade side. I was the starting lock forward and young star at 15 years old.

I thought my Mum couldn't hurt me anymore but she could and did. Mum gave me no encouragement when it came to Rugby League and never ever saw me play. However now I was playing Rugby Union she was suddenly turning up to the games not to watch me but to mix with the town's elite.

It use to make me physically sick watching her fawn herself all over Angus Beasley and his kind. Dad couldn't make it to the Rugby Union games much because he had to run the store on Saturday's but it didn't worry me, as I had no real passion for the game.

That summer I went off to training camp in Canberra once again. This time I was there for 4 weeks and when I returned to Iron Plain at 16 years of age many things had changed with rumours abound.

Sue Beasley had finally succumbed to the cancer and died the day I had flown out to Canberra. Gary Beasley had now returned from private school to Iron Plain for good and was a bigger jerk than ever. Something bad had also happened between Mum and Dad and I suspected Angus Beasley was in the middle of it.

When Sue Beasley died apparently Mum virtually camped down at Angus' house. She was making meals for Angus and Gary and being a good wife and mother except she had obviously forgotten that Dad was her husband and I was her son. That was the final straw for me was as I watched her try to belittle Dad, and spend all her time at the Beasley residence.

Dad was a broken man as I could see he still loved my Mother but she had broken his spirit. I was done with her as I had lost all respect for her and actually was beginning to hate her. She had started a burning rage within me and it was timed to explode and happened a few days before school started.

Mum was busy as usual in the kitchen and had finished cooking food for the Beasleys'. For once I had some down time and was waiting for Jenny to come over as we were going to the movies.

"Well Rob I'm going. Let your Father know I will be home late."

"Why come home at all?"

"What do you mean by that Rob?"

"I mean that the whole town knows you are fucking Angus Beasley so just stay there and leave us be."

"Why you little bastard, that's not true!"

"Bullshit, so just piss off and don't come back. The Beasleys' are scum and they deserve you."

My Mum wailed and raised her hand to slap me. I easily caught it.

"I told you, you would never touch me again. Just know that I know what you are doing and in the city you would be called a whore."

Jenny arrived at the exact moment my Mum started crying. I just turned, walked out grabbing her arm. We walked and I had tears running down my face. I couldn't understand why she had changed and it was all around town that Angus Beasley was having a relationship with her. Jenny tried to soothe me and took me back to her house. She led me up to her room and gently held me placing kisses all over my face and rocking me until I calmed down.

I calmed down pretty quickly and soon was staring into those beautiful blue eyes. I made the first move and gently pushed her blonde hair away from her face, I then gently kissed Jenny on the lips. Our lips locked and I was starting to feel hot.

We passionately embraced and started touching each other. Our desire was reaching levels I had never experienced. Jenny took my shirt off and started placing kisses on my chest.

My growing erection was making me uncomfortable that was until Jenny reached down and cupped my erection slowly squeezing it. By that time I had taken Jenny's top off. She wasn't wearing a bra so I starting sucking on her breasts.

We were both groaning in ecstasy. We both slowly rose from the bed and I took Jenny's skirt and panties off. She was a beautiful sight. Jenny was definitely a natural blonde and standing at 5 feet, 5 inches tall had a slim figure with breasts that were a nice handful.

I quickly took my pants off and my erection sprang forth. We both looked at each other and knew it was finally going to happen. We slipped under the covers of her bed and I got on top of Jenny.

"I love you Jenny."

"I love you too Rob. Make me a woman."

We were both inexperienced and barely knew what we were doing. I was lucky that she was so wet. I inserted my manhood into her opening and it was the most mind blowing experience of my life. We both groaned, it felt so tight.

"Ohh ... slowly Rob it hurts."

I slowed down and gently eased my way in. We started a nice rocking motion and soon built up a nice pace. I knew I couldn't last much longer and before long I came in her as she did. We were both panting and hugging each other.

"God that was incredible Rob. Let's do it again."

I knew at that point we probably should have cleaned up and left but I was like a kid in a candy store and I wanted more.

We in the middle of our second coupling and we were in such a daze that we never heard the car. I was by that time pounding into Jenny and she was screaming.

"So good Rob ... so good. I love you."

We never heard the feet on the stairs due to the rattling of the bed against the wall. I never heard the door burst open either as I was coming inside Jenny once more. However, I felt the arm lock around my throat as I was dragged out of the bed.

"Stop it Daddy you're hurting him." Jenny cried

I could vaguely hear Jenny's Mother crying in the background. Jenny's Dad was a big man and threw me against the wall. A well timed punch then cracked me in the face and all went black.

I awoke to find myself in the back of a police car. I was dressed and had a bad headache. Sergeant Rogers was once again speaking with me.

"Christ Rob ... what have you got yourself into this time! Fred Taylor is trying to charge you with raping his daughter."

"I didn't ... we love each other."

"I know Rob, I'm going to call your Dad down to the station and we'll work this out."

I was taken down to the station and once again, I had to give a statement. Dad was disappointed and that hurt me more than anything the police or Fred Taylor could do.

It was agreed the charges were to be dropped including the assault charge that could have been leveled at Fred Taylor on the provision that I never saw Jenny again. I at first refused until I learnt that Jenny had quietly agreed to the demands. I was upset tremendously.

At home my Mum was screaming blue murder but I really didn't care. At school the next day Jenny completely snubbed me and I was a wreck. Throughout the next 6 weeks, I tried everything I could to speak with her. I even used Denise but nothing worked. When she was seen around school with the newly returned Gary Beasley, I was done with her. If she had reached in and tore my heart out I couldn't have been more hurt.

The school term was nearly up and I had a decision to make. I spoke long and hard with Paul and Denise and by the end of it, I knew my decision was the right one. I just had to speak with my Dad as life at home was becoming unbearable. I caught Dad at the store as he was closing up.

"Hi Dad."

"Hey son, did you come down to help your old man close up."

"I need to talk with you."

"Sure son, sounds serious let's go to the office."

We went into his office and I laid it all out.

"Dad, I was thinking about the Raiders Contract."

"What about it Son?"

"Well I know that Tom Milne really wanted to base me in Canberra so I could get the full benefit of playing some strong junior football."

"You want to go?"

"Yes Dad it's my chance and I shouldn't blow it."

"I'll miss you son but you're right it's a great opportunity. Let me call Tom now and work out the logistics."

Dad was as good as his word and phoned Tom Milne. Tom was delighted as were the football club. It was decided that I would live with Tom, his wife and daughters in Canberra. I would attend school and train with the Raiders junior teams in Canberra. I would have to leave within the next week.

Mum didn't seem to care one way or the other if anything she seemed relieved that I was going. It was hard to say goodbye to Paul and Denise but we all knew it was for the best. I would be back a couple of times a year but finally I was living the dream ... Dad's dream of his son playing professional Rugby League.

Tom and his family welcomed me to Canberra with open arms. It was quite an experience living in a small town of 6,000 or so people to suddenly be living in a large regional centre with a population of over 300,000 people.

Tom had a large house in Bruce right next to the Australian Institute of Sport and the Raiders training grounds. I initially missed my Dad and friends immensely but soon I developed a healthy regime of attending school and then training 4 times a week with the Raiders. I spent a lot of other time at the gym and swimming.

I found school to be ok and was made easier with the fact that Molly Tom's oldest daughter was the same age as me and attending the same school. We became good friends and her boyfriend Liam was a nice bloke as well.

Having turned 16, I was too old to be part of the Raiders Harold Matthews team so I was drafted straight into the Raiders SG Ball Team (under 18's competition). The position for a place in the team was fierce but by the end of the trials, I was selected as the team's lock forward.

All the extra training had payed off. Coach Henry was pleased with my progress and I started making headlines for my fierce defence, ability to offload the ball and goal kicking abilities.

I was going so well that I also sat on the bench for the Raiders Jersey Flegg Team (under 20's competition) that year. My dream was eventually to play First Grade Rugby League for the Raiders and I knew I could do it.

By the end of the season, I had forged an excellent reputation and had won quite a few club awards as best forward and highest point scorer. I was also recognised nationally in the rising star awards. By Christmas break, I decided to head home for a few weeks.

Outwardly Iron Plain hadn't changed at all but I had. I was now standing 6 foot 3 inches and weighed around 220 pounds. I was proud, as it was all muscle and hard work. Dad met me at the airport and was shocked at my growth.

"Wow son you look great. Tom sent me the tapes and your progress is amazing."

"Thanks Dad it's great to see you as well."

I didn't bother asking about Mum as she hadn't bothered turning up to even greet me. I caught up with all the news and nothing much had changed. Dad looked different somehow, as if the world was beating him; I knew it had to be Mum. The Rugby team wasn't doing well as Paul had quit and Gary Beasley was the new half back and captain. I had a quiet laugh to myself about that.

The hardware store was doing exceptionally well and Dad had a solid reputation all around nearby town's of a man who was fair and knew his trade. I was proud of him but then again I always was. Dad had a surprise for me at home, as I was 17 and had my driver's licence. In the driveway was a Holden Torana SLR-5000. I couldn't believe it.

"It's all yours son, I found it when I brought the Ford."

"I can't believe it Dad. It's a classic."

"Enjoy it son, go see your friends."

I didn't have to be told twice, I tore down the road and went looking for Paul. I found Paul at Denise's house. It was great to catch up and to be with people that truly cared about me. We decided to go for a drive and went over to Stone Ridge. There was a river that was a hangout for teenagers, in hindsight I probably shouldn't have gone. We all decided to go for a swim and had an enjoyable afternoon.

We were packing up our gear and ready to leave when we practically ran into Gary Beasley and Jenny Taylor. I just knew he wouldn't be able to keep his mouth shut. Jenny wouldn't look at me and was staring at the ground as they went past us.

"Nice car Green, looks like a good ride. My Dad tells me something else you Green's have is a good ride as well" he laughed

I was ready to react when Paul put his hand on my shoulder.

"Forget it Rob, neither of them is worth it." He said aloud looking directly at Jenny.

We packed the car and left. Nothing had changed in Iron Plain, nothing at all.

The joy of Christmas didn't come to the Green house that year. It was the Christmas that changed the direction of my life and how I felt about everything. The morning started off as per normal with everyone exchanging presents. Well I had gotten mine in the form of the car but I got Dad some signed Rugby League Memorabilia and he looked as pleased as punch. I got Mum some perfume, no thought had gone into it and she knew it.

The Williams family came over for Christmas lunch and we had a good time but I could see something eating away at my Dad. My Mum was putting on her normal show in front of others pretending to be Martha Stewart so I couldn't sense anything there.

Eventually Paul and I went over to see Denise as I wanted to catch up with Justin her brother. We had a nice time at the Richards' and they were eager to hear about my budding football career and life in Canberra. Christmas night approached so I said my goodbyes and left for home.

I walked through the door and I knew straight away that something was amiss. I had sensed it since my return from Canberra. My parents were in the lounge room and called me in. I looked straight at my Dad and knew something was very wrong I was thinking maybe he had cancer or something.

"Son I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas but we have some news for you that may spoil it."

"What is it Dad? Are you ok?"

"Son your Mother and I are separating and will be getting a divorce. I'm sorry."

"Ok Dad."

To be honest I wasn't shocked as I had expected this for a while. My Mother looked stunned at my acceptance of the impending divorce.

"Son I will be moving out of the house tomorrow and living in the spare apartment above the store. Your Mother will keep the house. I just want you to know you are the most important thing to me, you're my son and I love you. Just remember that no matter what you hear.

Your Mother will now explain the reasons while I go out and have a beer with Eric Rogers."

My Dad then got up from his chair and quietly left us alone. I heard his car pull out and then turned and looked at my so called Mother.

"Before you say anything, I ran into Gary Beasley today and he told me that his Dad enjoyed his free rides. So go ahead and try to stun me with your revelations."

Then the oddest thing happened, she actually did stun me with her revelations.

"Rob, Gary is your half brother."

"Say that again."

"Rob, son this is very difficult for me to tell you this but I have been having an ongoing affair with Angus Beasley for the last 20 years. I'm sorry but Angus Beasley is your real father not Johnny."

My jaw dropped and everything started boiling over. I couldn't think straight.

"What the fuck do you mean Dad is not my Dad?"

"Rob it means that Angus is your father due to our ongoing relationship. You were the result of our coupling."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes very sure, can't you see the resemblance to Angus? I mean you have black hair and hazel eyes you are 6 foot 3inches. Johnny is only 5 foot 10 inches with blonde hair and blue eyes. Anyway, your Father insisted on DNA evidence, which was provided as we still had your hair brush.

I know this is hard to take in but once you calm down and then meet your Father and half brother properly I'm sure you will come to accept this."

"You fucking whore ... if I ever see Angus Beasley or his bastard son again I will make them remember Rob Green. I am Johnny Green's son not Angus fucking Beasleys' son. Go live with your asshole, we are done. I never want to see you again. I'll help Dad move out and we are finished. If you see me on the street, walk the other way. I can honestly say I hate you, you destroyed our family. You can all rot in hell"

"Son please ... don't be like that. I know you don't mean that! I love you. This secret life has been tearing me apart. Johnny is a good man but I don't love him."

"Then why did you marry him ... Belinda? We are done. Goodbye."

I walked out with my Mother crying bitterly. I had to find my Dad and went looking for him at Eric Roger's house but he wasn't there. I eventually found him at the Commercial Hotel where he was already drunk. I walked in and everyone stopped to stare at me, then realised who I was and then got back to drinking.

I helped Dad up and took him to his car, which I would drive. As I was about to get in the driver's seat, I saw Angus Beasley drive up in his Mercedes with my mother in the passenger seat. Well I did warn my mother but she never listened. I was only 17 but I figured I could take Angus Beasley in a fight, looks like I would find out. Thankfully, my Dad was passed out in the passenger seat of the Ford.

I was itching for a confrontation and I wanted this. Angus and my Mother got out of the car and walked over. He was the first one to open his mouth.

"Rob please wait, I think we need to talk."

"We've got nothing to talk about Beasley. You and your whore piss off and leave us be."

"I can't do that Rob, I only found out recently you were my son. I'm sorry you are hurting but I love your Mother and she loves me."

"Shut up. You aren't my Father and that women you're with isn't my Mother anymore. You are both home wreckers now go away before you get hurt."

"Rob ... please be reasonable."

That did me and I lost all control. The Beasleys' had made my life hell and they had destroyed my Dad. I remember my Mother screaming as I launched myself at Angus Beasley. I took out my rage on him for what they had done.

My first few shots landed directly on his nose and I had the pleasure of hearing his cartilage snap. He was stunned as he staggered back I then started working his body and reeled off another shot to his head when he dropped to the ground bleeding.

Next I heard feet coming towards me. It was my newly acquired 'brother' Gary Beasley. who came charging forward so I neatly side stepped him. He turned around and tried to kick me. I swerved again and landed a nice hook to the side of his head. He was briefly stunned so I kneed him in the groin. Then as he bent over I grabbed his head and lifted my knee directly into his face and heard another satisfying crunch as his nose broke.

By then there was a crowd. I had justified the ongoing rumours of the affair and this family tragedy was played out in front of the whole town. Belinda Green was nursing Angus in her lap sobbing while Jenny Taylor was doing the same for Gary. I smiled for the first time in a long time, a two for one special.

I then drove my Dad back to the house and put him to bed. I then calmly walked back to the pub to get my car and perhaps get arrested for assault. I was very lucky the cops weren't about so I drove to Stone Ridge and booked into a hotel.

Sergeant Rogers found me easily the next morning as I was having breakfast at the hotel.

"We have to stop meeting like this Rob. Well the good news first I have a dozen witnesses that state the Beasleys' attacked you first and you were only defending yourself. The bad news is this news is all around town and I believe the Raiders are looking into the incident. You may have your contract torn up.

Now go see your Dad as he is worried about you."

"Will do Sir and thank you."

"Don't thank me Rob ... you were very lucky. I won't tolerate vigilante actions in my town regardless of the reasons."

"Yes Sir."

I made it back to Iron Plain in quick time. There was a moving van out the front of the house. It was one of those rent a wrecks and my dad was packing it very slowly. He smiled when he saw me, nothing was said as I helped pack up all his worldly possessions.

It only took a couple of hours to pack up everything we then drove to the store and we quickly unpacked the truck. I followed Dad out in my car when he returned the truck and we then went back to the house to collect his car. By that time Mum had returned. Dad gave her the house keys and he drove back to the store.

I just looked at her and smiled like a shark. She burst into tears and I left as well. For the rest of Boxing Day I helped Dad set up his apartment. He had everything he needed including a spare room where I could put my gear.

Dad smiled and we talked like old times. Dad knew that I loved him unconditionally and nothing had changed. I decided to head back to Canberra early as I could now drive. I wanted to begin training early. Dad promised to get down to Canberra to watch me play when he could.

It was a bitter divorce but in the end, a settlement was reached. Dad got to keep the store while Mum got everything else. She then turned around and married Angus Beasley. They actually had the gall to invite me. I threw the invitation in the bin. The weekend they got married I got Dad down to watch me play. By then Paul Williams, my best mate was working for Dad as an Assistant Manager and he could run the store with his eyes closed.

I turned 18 that year and finished school. My Rugby League was taking off and I was in the Raiders reserve grade team. I was now 6 foot 3 inches tall and a muscular 230 pounds. It wasn't long before I was knocking on the door for first grade selection. I made my first grade debut in June that year, in the second row. I was nervous but I had a solid game, I was in awe playing with and against my football heroes.

The Milne family were my surrogate family and I loved them. They were without a doubt my biggest supporters. Dad was proud and now that I was entrenched in the Raiders first grade side he saw me regularly on TV. I was young but everyone in the Canberra Raiders organisation believed I had a bright future and I was stamped as a future representative star.

Paul and Denise got down to see me play throughout the year. They tried to avoid the subject of the Beasley clan but it was hard. At the end of the year I returned home to have Christmas with my Dad. It was a different Christmas than last year but fairly pleasant, we celebrated with the Williams family. At Christmas lunch, Paul and Denise announced their engagement, which made it an even more joyful occasion.

A Christmas card from my Mum was in the letter box when we got back to the apartment. It had obviously been hand delivered; I threw it in the bin. Dad was still coping with the loss of his wife but I tried to take his mind off it and we talked long and hard about the upcoming season. Dad was still more passionate than ever about my football career.

Why did I help close up that night? I can't say. I was due to drive back to Canberra in the morning and Paul needed to leave early that day. I just thought it would be a nice gesture on my part.

The robbery happened fairly quickly and I was in the backroom packing up some stock when it happened. I came out when I heard the shouting and arguing. There were two of them.

"I said fill the bag old man..."

Why did I know that voice? I quietly crept up. The other guy was nervous and I figured I'd hit him first.

Before I could do that, I heard gun fire and my Dad slumped to the ground. He had been shot!

"Shit ... Mr Green I'm sorry..."

I didn't dally any longer and I launched myself at my father's attackers I knocked the first guy down easily. I then got up and charged the man who shot my father. Dad shouted a warning but I didn't hear it in time.

The bullet went through my shoulder, it was red hot searing pain but I was angry and ignored it. I continued on, knocked him down, and started laying into him with my fists. He was stunned but I continued my attack until he was unconscious. I ran to my Dad and called 000. Police and ambulance were on their way.

"I love you Dad, please hold on."

He could only nod; I then heard a noise and turned around. The other robber was getting up and trying to make it to the door.

"Just stay put. I'm leaving." He said pointing the gun at me.

My Dad was nodding his head trying to tell me to let him go but I was just so angry. I gently laid Dad's head down and got up.

"Please just stay there I don't want to hurt you."

I let out a primal cry and charged him. He was scared and the first bullet he fired went into my left knee but I still made it. I grabbed him by the throat and started strangling him. He got off another round, which went in my stomach. I screamed and started bashing his head against the wall. I used all my remaining strength and kept bashing him until he was dead. I then slumped to the floor and the darkness found me.

I was in a coma for 16 days but I finally awoke. I vaguely remember my Mother peering down at me crying. I gurgled and tried to grab at her but passed out again. I awoke late at night my mind was all over the place and I fell asleep again. I later found out I was on morphine.

The Canberra Raiders were fantastic they flew down the best surgeon available. I had a shoulder and knee reconstruction but my playing days were over. I would be permanently disabled.

Paul and Denise broke the news to me, that my Dad was dead and he had been buried while I was in the coma. I wept bitterly cursing the town and everyone in it but worse was to come. The robbers were people I knew. The man I had killed was Barry Winters, Gary Beasley's friend.

The man who had shot my Dad was none other than my former friend David Fitzsimmons. He was now sitting in jail awaiting trial; I was stunned apparently this was all over money for drugs. In the end he got 20 years jail due to a very liberal judge and a deal done by the lawyers to convict him only for manslaughter.

I was inconsolable. I was determined to complete my rehabilitation and get the hell out of this god forsaken town. Angus and my Mum tried to come as see me as did Jenny and Gary but I refused any contact.

It took 6 weeks until I was able to stand, Tom Milne then pulled some strings to get me to Canberra to complete my recovery. I was never more grateful.

By that time a lawyer had contacted me about Dad's will. I was left everything including the store. All I wanted was Dad's car and some mementos. I asked Paul to take over the store and I would be a silent partner. We agreed to a 60/40 partnership in my favour.

I didn't want any money, because it felt a bit to me like blood money. Instead it would be invested back into the store for expansion plans. I put the Torana in storage and had the Ford freighted to Canberra. The Canberra Raiders club again came to my rescue and organised a medicab flight for me to Canberra from the Stone Ridge airport.

The rehabilitation was lengthy and painful but I didn't care. By the time I was 20 I could walk with the aid of a cane. My dreams were shattered and I was a bitter man. Paul and Denise kept trying to get me to return to Iron Plain but I refused. My Mum kept trying to contact me but I had no interest in any form of a relationship.

To add to my pain I was sent an engagement invitation for Gary and Jenny. I tore it up and just had to laugh. What a bunch ... they could all rot in hell.

The Milne family was my salvation. They loved me unconditionally and helped me with my recovery. In fact, Tom ended up getting me a job with the Raiders as a scout. I enjoyed the work and went all around Australia.

Something was very wrong with me. I had a drinking problem and enjoyed taking risks. I became a degenerate gambler and womaniser; it was starting to affect my work and all aspects of my life. I trusted no one and everyday blamed myself for my Dad's death.

I ran up tabs everywhere and was soon borrowing money to feed my gambling habit. I took money from anyone who would give it to me. Tom Milne finally stepped in. He called me into his office for what I thought was just a routine meeting.

"Hey Tom. What's on the agenda?"

"Rob this is very hard for me and you have put me in a hell of a predicament. I want you to know I have done everything possible for you."

"What's going on Tom?"

"They are letting you go Rob."

"What for?"

"For God's sake Rob you are a mess. You are drinking too much, trying to fuck everything that moves and we now have creditors ringing the Raiders to track you down."

"The Raiders have offered you counselling and maybe if you get yourself sorted out they will welcome you back in some capacity. The ball is in your court. What do I tell them?"

"Tell them to go to hell Tom. I'm done with the Raiders."

I then walked out of the office. Packed my bags and left for Iron Plain. I was at my wit's end and had some scores to settle, starting with my so called mother's wedding anniversary party.

This is where I find myself lying in my friend's spare bed contemplating my past and my future. What to do? What to do?

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