Book 4 - Hank's Story
Chapter 1

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Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Careful...some things some of you won't like....please read the disclaimer on the Author's page.

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Hank sat high on the hill watching Natalie and her stallion Pax race across the valley, it was hard to tell where the woman ended and the stallion began. It had been three years since she had left her husband the human dragon Ravlyr, in that time he had watched her heal and grow slowly into the woman she was meant to be. She walked with pride now, a confidence in herself that had not been there before, she had learned to laugh at and with herself, she had also learned to not to fear the magic that flowed through and around her as the book of Cairin taught her to be the first born.

Not taking his eyes off Nat, Hank smiled "hello Falk, I thought you would be on your way to the gathering by now." The large red gryphon grinned "well now I was passing by on my way to the gathering and thought to drop in and give a greeting." Hank laughed and turned to look at his friend Falk "you never just drop by anywhere Falk." With a roar of laughter Falk casually commented "thought you and Talie there would join us at the gathering this year, it's time for you and the lassie to come back to the world." Hank nodded looking once again at his sister and her horse as they rode for home "I know it is, all I have to do is convince Nat of that, I think she's ready." Falk slapped his big paw on Hanks shoulder "that she is lad, I will see the two of you at the gathering." then he was gone.

Natalie left the stable a skip to her step and a smile in her violet eye's as she entered the house, grinning at a glowering Bram "is Hank home yet or is he still off adventuring?" Looking under his shaggy brows at Natalie, Bram replied "he is upstairs washing for dinner as you should be, you smell more of horse then the stables do." Laughing Natalie headed up the stairs "soon you will be muttering to yourself like Trink, Bram" all she heard was a loud "Hmmmpff"

Pulling off her boots and clothes Natalie walked into the bathing room a large tub of hot water waiting for her as she knew it would be, sinking into the water she let out a deep sigh of pleasure. Sitting up Natalie dipped a finger into the water and started to swirl it around, looking into the swirl she saw the house that Rav had built for them, she could see the dirt and dust, the cobwebs and the loneliness filled with the echoes of a dragons haunting footsteps. It was time she told herself to fill the house with love and the echoing sounds of children's laughter or finish it and let the house fall to dust for all times. As she swirled the water Natalie smiled she had every intention of hearing children's happy laughter and the presence of a certain dragon filling the house.

A day had not gone by when she hadn't thought of Rav and how much she loved him, she missed his laughter, the smile that seemed to always light his eyes, his kindness and gentleness to a young boy who had been hurt and hiding his pain and anger, Rav had never laughed at Hanks dreams of finding his unicorn and the unicorns magic circle. None of Rav's family had laughed at Hank, they had taken him in and loved him dearly.

They had hurt each other terribly, she had been so afraid of not fitting in, not loving him right or well enough, she had been frightened by his magic but never by the dragon himself, all those things had driven him away, she had lost so much now she hoped she was strong enough to get her husband and his love back. It had taken her a long time to set the ghost aside, to learn from the past but not be controlled by it

Collin and Katrina had just sat down to dinner when Brand and Bitsy waltzed in, seeing the looks on their faces Collin asked "is it something that will send us hiding under our bed shaking in terror?" Bitsy giggled as Brand casually asked "haven't seen Rav around, has he been home lately?" as they sat down at the table. Kat almost choked on her wine "Rav is off in France with Chad and Kim, don't tell me you've forgotten where your own children are." "Ah that's right, it's difficult you know when you get aged and just want to sit in your rocking chair watching the sunset, buttttt you might find the condition of Rav's house interesting." Brand jumped up off his chair "You bit me!" "I'll show you aged!" Bitsy winked Brand grinned at Bitsy "I'm counting on it." The two grinned as Kat and Collin vanished from the room.

Collin and Kat walked through Rav's house, it sparkled it was so clean, there were fresh flowers in vases sitting on tables, there were clean sheets on the beds, a cradle slowly rocked in the nursery from a breeze coming through the open window. Collin motioned Kat in to the library, there above the large mantel was a tapestry across the top the names St.Clair and Cairin intertwined, in the center a unicorn and a dragon stood rampant, below them a dagger and a sword crossed. Kat turned and looked at Collin, hugging her tightly against his chest he smiled looking once again at the tapestry.

Natalie strolled into the dining room and sat down, the dinner dishes appeared instantly. Helping himself Hank commented "Falk dropped by to say hello earlier, he was on his way to the gathering." Natalie smiled as she ate, listening to Hank talk about Falk and the gathering, that Trink was all ready on his way, casually she replied "when do we join him?" Hank his fork half way to his mouth laughed "as soon as you can be ready."

Rav and Jacquilt sat down laughing as they watched Trink and Falk trying to out drink each other, seeing Rav, Trink started to giggle and dance around "you finally made it, had me worried you weren't gunna show..." Rav and Jacquilt looked at each other and back at Trink as Falk slapped his big paw over Trink's mouth "can't trust elfies yea know, can't keep their mutter mouths shut, why he almost told yea that our Talie and Hank was gunna join us this year." Hopping around Trink yelled at Falk "me! me! tell why yea big overstuffed gryphon, now yea spoiled our big seeeeprise, I need me another drink!" Roaring with laughter at Trink as he tripped over a log Falk winked at Rav and shoved a tankard in his paw "drink up lad, you look like you need it."

Reeling all Rav could think of as he took a long drink, Natalie was coming to the gathering, if all the gods and ancient ones would just be kind enough to give him one more chance to make things right, his foolish pride had done so much damage, his possessiveness and obsessive need to care and protect her had instead hurt her terribly, never in his life would he forget the woman he loved so dearly laying close to death their unborn child all ready dead and gone. He had searched for Natalie and Hank after they left for over two years until he finally had to admit to himself they didn't want to be found. He remembered the look of disappointment on a young Hanks face and once again felt the shame that had washed over him knowing what a fool he had been.

Chad and Kim flew into the clearing, Kim started to chuckle seeing the rollicking drunken group, Falk roared out for them to come have a drink and join them. Tipping up his tankard Rav didn't see the fairy taking a sip, blinking he looked at Kim who was now floating in his ale giggling. Rav set the tankard down telling her she was welcome to soak up all the ale she wanted then got another one for himself. Jacquilt peered into the tankard telling her not to drown with a silly grin on his face, hanging on the rim of the tankard Kim giggled at Jacquilt, pouting at Chad who had frowned at her saying she should behave better Kim took another swallow of ale and watched Chad leave, older brothers even if they were only older by a few minutes were sometimes a real pain.

Natalie leaning against a tree her ankles crossed, her arms crossed under her breasts laughed as she watched the group, "I hear this is the place to come for a mug of ale and a good time." Jumping up Trink motioned wildly "there's me girlie, come have a drink." then he promptly fell over setting everyone off giggling again. Falk stood up roaring out "Talie" as he picked up Trink. Rav froze as he watched Natalie push away from the tree, her hair so black it had a blue sheen to it, was tied back with a thin leather cord hung down almost to her waist, she was dressed in black snug leather breeches, a wide sleeved white shirt, and a snug leather vest. Where the girl had once been now stood a woman, there was no mistaking how her figure had filled out and matured, she radiated vitality her pale alabaster skin glowing, her violet eyes shining.

Natalie smiled at everyone, she had missed them all so much, these people who had loved and accepted her in their own way. She looked at Rav her violet eyes speaking of love and need "mind if I sit here?" she asked pointing to the spot next to him, she didn't say anything when his tail wrapped around her waist and carefully set her next to him. There was so much to say but this wasn't the time or place. With a loud groan Trink muttered "we be out of ale and tankards, how did the barrel get empty? Falk! did you drink up all the ale?" Natalie laughed as Falk started to bluster at Trink "don't worry about it, Trink, I think I can take care of the problem." A tankard appeared in her hand and the barrel filled once again with ale.

Rav blinked and leaned over to Jacquilt "uhhh did she just do magic or did I miss something? chuckling Jacquilt whispered back "I think she did unless I'm so drunk I missed something too." Rav grinned "you're drunker then I am so it must of been magic" Jacquilt just grinned. Climbing out of her tankard a sodden Kim flew over to Natalie, laying over her shoulder she looked drunkenly at Natalie "are you here for good or are you just passing through to tease Rav?" Natalie watched everyone go silent looking at her "I'm here to stay if Rav will have me back but can I tease him while he makes up his mind?" Kim started to giggle then let out a squeal as she started to slip down the front of Natalie's chest, Rav reaching out caught Kim, the back of his paw brushing over Natalie's breast, he heard her quick breath and grinned then whispered "I'm sorry I'm so drunk at our first seeing each other in so long." Natalie replied softly "it's all right perhaps it made things easier for both of us."

Rav tossed Kim in Jacquilt's direction, who dropped his tankard making a wild grab for the wet fairy, juggling her from hand to hand as she giggled, Jacquilt grinned at her then wrapped a handkerchief over her shoulders trying to catch some of the dripping ale. Gently touching Natalie's face Rav whispered "A day hasn't gone by that I didn't want you to come back to me," tightening his tail around her and pulling her closer he whispered in her ear "Mine." then gave her another drunken lopsided grin seeing her smile and hearing her whisper back, touching his cheek "Mine." Rav hesitated then asked her "will you stay here with me the rest of the night? let me hold you in my arm's where I've longed to have you once again, in the morning when I'm actually making sense and not close to making a total fool of myself we can talk." Natalie nodded "that's where I've wanted to be, back in your arms, back in your heart and your life again."

Standing in the tree's Hank smiled as he watched the group, Trink lay under Falk's wing the two snoring loud enough to shake the ground, Natalie laying in a sleeping Rav's arms, a smile of contentment on her face as she slowly slipped into sleep. He had also seen the look of longing in Jacquilt's eyes as he carefully dried a half asleep Kim then wrapped her in a small blanket then producing a blanket for himself, he held her gently as she finally slept, cradling her against his chest for a moment he laid her down next to him and fell asleep a look of deep sadness on his face.

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