Liquid Mind Machine
Chapter 1: The Beginning

Copyright© 2009 by Lord of all souls

Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Beginning - NEIL a nerd at M.I.T. had been working on an electronic device that would be able to induce euphoria. In other words an electronic drug, one that would make you feel good without the bad side effects. Neil felt the device was finally ready and tested it; the test revealed much more than he had hoped for. This is the story of how the "Liquid Mind Machine" came into being....

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mind Control  

It all began during the middle of his second year at M.I.T. Neil finally had a breakthrough that turned his idea into a reality. Neil had been working on an electronic device that would be able to induce euphoria. In other words an electronic drug, one that would make you feel good without the bad side effects. If he could perfect and market such a device, it would make him rich beyond his wildest dreams.

Neil felt the device was finally ready and tested it; the test revealed much more than he had hoped for. This is the story of how the "Liquid Mind Machine" came into being.

Late one night, after finishing the final touches on the device, Neil sat back and pondered the possible dangers; after all stimulating the brain with electrical impulses might lead to dire consequences. He stared at the small circuit board he had so laboriously constructed.

The machine produced a small pulse wave signal at low current, a microchip made the frequency and pulse wave constantly rotate to the algorithm that he had been working on for 2 years. The idea was to stimulate the pleasure synapses of the brain, and to create a device, which after being applied to the skin would produce a mild and wonderful feeling from the individual after a short, painless treatment.

Neil studied his results after having tested the device on rats and mice with no apparent ill effects. It appeared to only put them into a trance like state. After Neil shut the device off, he could detect no change in their limited mental capacity or health. The only thing left to do was test it on a human. Not wanting to cause harm to anyone else he decided one night to test it on himself.

Around 10:00pm one night, in the lab, when everyone had left the building, Neil set up a small video camera pointed at the chair he was going to sit in for the experiment. When everything was double-checked he sat down and placed the small electrode on the back of his neck. The device itself was about the size of a small MP3 player, with a wire leading to the electrode.

Neil set the timer on the device to 15 minutes and sat there sweating, having second thoughts about pushing the switch.

"Well no guts, no glory!" He said to the camera and flipped the switch to on.

Neil's vision melted into a kaleidoscope of swirling colors as the world seemed to turn liquid in his mind. That was all he could remember when he woke up. Remembering the effect is what led him to name the invention the "LMM" (liquid mind machine).

Neil looked at the clock on the wall unable to believe that more than an hour had elapsed since he flipped the switch. His body felt charged with energy and tingled almost with a post sexual euphoria. He felt terrific, but what had happened to the time? Neil had only set the machine to be on for 15 minutes. He got up and rewound the video to see what had transpired while he was under the influence of the invention.

The first part of the video only showed Neil to be in a trance like state, this was all he really expected to see. But the middle part was what blew his mind. A security guard came into the room and started asking him questions about what he was doing in the building so late. Neil appeared to snap out of the trance and talk to him in a friendly matter until the guard was satisfied and left.

Wow, Neil had no recollection at all of this. After he left, Neil appeared to go back into the trance. He watched the tape and saw the green light change to red on the machine, signaling that it had turned off at the proper time; he sat there for almost an hour.

"Apparently the effects took a while to wear off, amazing!" Neil mused.

With this new information and the tape of his test Neil turned out the lights and left the lab. On the drive back to his apartment Neil still felt super charged with energy and slightly aroused, almost a "sexual high" he decided finally as he fell asleep.

The next evening after class and a late super Neil sat in the lab again wondering what to do with his device. He needed to test it on someone else and see if they experienced the same effects that he had. Neil started making notes in his notebook about what had transpired so far when the lab door opened and in walked Stacy carrying a clipboard and wearing a white lab coat.

"Neil what the hell are you doing here?" She said, with her customary bitchy tone.

Stacy was a grad student who was in charge of the labs. She was a long legged slender brunette with big boobs and an attitude to match them.

"I've been working on an invention of mine." He told her, "Hope you don't mind?"

Stacy walked over and held her clipboard to her chest with both hands, "What kind of invention?" She asked, appearing to be interested.

Stacy might have been a real bitch, but she had a great mind and when it came to science she was willing to drop her attitude long enough to fulfill her scientific curiosity.

"Well I've been experimenting with a device that can ease fatigue and depression by stimulating the pleasure centers of the brain."

"Mmmm, sounds interesting. How does it work?" "A phase modulated pulse wave with a rotating frequency shift is delivered to this electrode that you put on the back of your neck."

Stacy put her clipboard down and picked up the control box and turned it over in her hands examining it, "How do you rotate the frequency?"

"I have a small microchip which is programmed with an algorithm I spent two years developing."

"Interesting, does it work?" She looked intently at him.

"Of course it does I tried it out last night." Neil said feeling a little miffed by her question.

"Really, how did it feel?" Stacy said, pushing her chest out in front of him.

"Well it worked as advertised on me. Now I need to find another test subject."

Stacy kept looking at the small box in her hands, deep in thought.

"Well I'd be willing to try it. I have plenty of fatigue from working on my thesis."

Neil was stunned by her sudden personality change. The bitch had turned into a fellow scientist who was willing to help him, an interesting turn of events.

"It takes about an hour to get the full effect." Neil told her.

"I can spare that much time, let's do it."

Neil put Stacy in a comfortable chair with her back facing the door. He carefully moved her long hair from her neck and stuck the small electrode in the center below her hairline.

"Okay that should do it" He told her, "Are you ready to have a nice nap?"

"Yes and I hope I wake up refreshed like you promised."

Neil checked the connection one last time and set the timer for ten minutes, "Okay here we go." He told her as he flipped the switch.

Stacy jerked slightly when the current surged up her neck, her eyes glazed over and then closed. Neil watched her face intently and in a few moments her eyes opened and she stared into space, apparently not seeing anything in front of her.

Neil waved his hand in front of her eyes and she was oblivious to the movement. He sat back and watched her wondering what was going on inside of her mind.

"Stacy do you hear me?" Neil said softly.

Her eyes regained focus and she looked at him, "Yes"

"How do you feel?"

"How do you want me to feel?" She said in a soft monotone.

"I want you to feel fine."

"I feel fine." She replied and then went back to staring off into space.

Neil was surprised by her reply and realized that the device must be inducing some form of hypnosis. Either that or she was playing some mean joke on him. Neil decided to try some test to see if she was under some form of hypnotic effect.



"Stand up."

Stacy stood up in front of the chair.

"I want you to stand on one foot."

Stacy picked up one foot and stood there like a statue. Neil left her standing there as he tried to decide if she was playing a joke or not. She now looked for all practical purposes to be fully awake and aware of what she was doing.

"Stacy flap your wings and cluck like a chicken."

Stacy bent her arms into wings and tucked her thumbs into the armpits of her lab coat and started clucking out loud while standing on one foot.

Neil could not help but laugh watching the stuck up Stacy acting like a fool.

"But she might be playing me for a fool." Neil thought.

"Stacy sit down."

Stacy sat down and started looking straight ahead once more. Neil looked at the timer and there was only 5 minutes left before the machine turned off, plus the down time of course that he had experienced himself.

Stacy was leaning back in the soft chair with her open lab coat at her side, Neil could not help but notice her large breasts as they rose and fell with each breath under her white button down blouse. That's when he had the idea to test her and see if she has been playing with him.

"Stacy show me your breasts."

Stacy's hands immediately moved up to her blouse and started opening the buttons. When she had reached her waist Neil told her, "Stop, show me your breast."

Stacy's hands stopped and moved up to unfasten the front of her bra. She pulled it to the sides pulling on her open blouse to let him see her beautiful bare breasts. Neil had to suck in his breath as he just stared at them, full and round with luscious looking nipples.

Neil was beside himself as he stared at her holding her shirt open, it was obvious that she was not playing with him.

"There was absolutely no way in hell she would ever show him her boobs." Neil looked at the timer, two minutes left.

"Stacy play with your breasts."

Stacy cupped them in her hands and squeezed them, then she licked her fingertips and started rubbing her nipples as Neil watched, they hardened before his eyes. She closed her eyes and put her head back, obviously enjoying what she was doing to herself.

One-minute left on the timer, Neil didn't want to risk her not having the same wind down time as he had.

"Stacy stop that and put your clothing back in order."

Stacy immediately stopped and put those beautiful tits back in her bra and fastened them in, she buttoned up her shirt and then stood up and made sure her blouse was tucked in and looked proper. She then sat down like nothing had happened, the blank stare returned.

When the machine clicked off and Neil could not detect any sign by closely observing her facial expression as he noted the time.

When Neil walked around behind her and removed the electrode she sat motionless. He decided to see how long the effect lasted before she was once again in control of herself.

Even though he did not remember anything after he had used the machine he wanted to make sure she would not and told her.

"Stacy when you wake up you will remember nothing; you will feel refreshed as if you had the best sleep in your life."

"I understand." Stacy said softly.

"Tap your heel." Neil told her.

Stacy began to bounce her foot up and down by rocking on the ball of her foot.

Every two minutes Neil gave her the same command again while noting the time.

When 48 minutes had elapsed and he gave her the command to "Tap your heel" she said, "What?" with grogginess in her voice.

"I said how do you feel?"

Stacy quickly became more alert and stood up and stretched with a big yawn.

"Wow I feel like I've had 2 days worth of sleep."

"You had a nice little nap," Neil told her as she stretched again, "58 minutes elapsed time to be exact."

"Stacy started pacing around, "I feel incredible!" She said excitedly.

"Do you remember anything?" Neil asked and scribbled some notes down.

"The only thing I remember is this wild swirl of color when you turned it on."

"Yeah, I noticed the same thing, anything else I should make note of?"

"I feel tingly and full of energy, ready to take on the world. You know you might have the invention of the century on your hands Neil."

Neil smiled up at her and noticed that her nipples were making hard points through her bra and blouse, "I hope you're right."

"Well I better go home and work on my paper Neil, thanks for letting me help with your experiment."

"Thank you Stacy." The image of her boobs in his mind, "Talk to you tomorrow."

"Okay, good-night and let me know how this thing progresses."

"I will. See you tomorrow."

Stacy walked out closing the door behind her. As she walked down the hall she thought to herself, "That skinny nerd might have really come up with something brilliant!"

"I can't believe how good I feel, almost like having sex without the mess." She smirked as she unlocked her car door in the empty parking lot.

In fact her panties felt a little damp at the moment, but there was no way she was going to tell that geek Neil about that curious little side effect.

Neil spent the next few days working out power charts and recording the sine waves and charting the rotating frequency and phase-shifts his device produced. He was hoping to use the information for the day he could patent his invention and subsequently become rich beyond his wildest dreams.

He really had not thought much about the incident with Stacy until the night she returned to his lab as he was working on a 3-dimensional computer model for his invention.

Stacy had been enjoying her high energy level for several days, but when the effects finally wore off it left her feeling tired and depressed. Not even her boyfriend could pick up her spirits even though she had to admit that he tried by buying her flowers and taking her to dinner and a movie.

As much as she hated to admit it, she was craving another treatment from Neil's wonder machine.

"It might have an addictive side effect." She thought to herself as she headed for the lab,

"But I really don't care."

"Hi Neil. Are you working late again?" Stacy said in her sweetest voice.

Neil turned around when he heard Stacy's voice, "Hi Stacy, what brings you here?"

"Well I was feeling pretty worn out again and wondered if you could hook me up to your wonder machine again?"

"I'd be glad too, except that I took it home to do some more work on it." Stacy looked disappointed when she heard his words.

"If you really want to try it out again you could come over and I'll be glad to hook you up. In fact I wanted to run a new kind of test."

Stacy processed what she had just heard. Neil was offering to give her another feel good episode, but it was at his apartment.

"He is such a nerd" raced through her head, "Someone might see me at his place." She pushed the thoughts from her mind; she really wanted to feel good again, like the last time.

"If only he wasn't so unattractive, she could go for someone with his intelligence if he just looked a little better." She thought trying to decide what to do.

"Okay, I'd be glad to help, tell me when and where." Stacy decided the cure was better than Neil's looks.

Neil was a little shocked when she agreed to come over and quickly gave her the address and told her, "You want to meet me there in about an hour?"

"Sure, I'll see you then."

Neil watched her leave and thought about the last time, instantly getting sordid thoughts racing through his mind as he saved and locked his program and shut down the lab. Neil tried not to speed back to his place and pick up the mess before she showed up.

Neil picked up the clothes that were lying in piles around the room and dumped them in a closet. He set the LMM (Liquid Mind Machine) up on a table next to his recliner. He was nervous about Stacy coming over to see him. Neil had not had much luck with the ladies, mainly because he had spent most of his time lost in books and thought.

Neil looked in the mirror, "You could use a shave and some clean clothes" He said out loud to the scruffy image looking back at him. Neil considered doing that very thing when a knock sounded on his door.

Neil opened the door and let Stacy in. Neil noticed that she had on shorts and a T-shirt, the shirt was provocatively stretched tight around her breast.

"Well Neil tell me about this new kind of test you want to run." She walked in and started looking at the messy room full of computers and electrical parts and tools scattered everywhere.

"I was thinking about last time, I put you on the machine for 10 minutes, and you woke up 48 minutes after it turned off with the effects lasting what? 3 days you said."

"Yes that's right I noticed it wearing completely off in 3 days, why?"

"Well I wanted to give you a full hour this time and then compare your wake up time and how long the effects last to see if it increases with the amount of exposure."

"That sounds reasonable, anything else?"

"No that's about it; do you want to get started?"

"Certainly I need some energy, I'm beat."

Neil put Stacy's purse on the table next to the recliner and told her to sit down while he peeled the top from the adhesive tape and stuck the electrode on the back of her neck.

"Where is the wire?" She asked noticing.

I've made some improvements and if this works correctly a wire is no longer needed." He explained, "Everything is built into the transducer on your neck, and it receives the activation code from this transmitter." Neil held up a small remote control.

"Great let's do it then." She said and settled back getting comfortable.

"Okay talk to you in about two hours if my calculations are correct."

Stacy gave Neil a "Thumbs Up" and closed her eyes as he pushed the transmit button.

Stacy jerked slightly when the electrical signal from the transducer flowed up her nervous system pathways and took control of her neural synapses.

Neil studied her and noted the time from his digital clock; no sign of movement just steady rhythmic breathing.

"Are you a wake Stacy?"

Stacy opened her eyes with a blank stare, "Yes"

Neil was still apprehensive that this machine really had total control of her so he asked,

"Stacy do you have a boyfriend?"


So far so good, now for the kicker that would make her flip out if she was faking."

"Do you have sex with him?"


"Do you like having sex?"


"Do you suck his dick?"


Neil let his breath out after that last answer she truly was under control. He sat there carefully considering his next command.

Neil was about to break the law but she was so beautiful that he could not resist.

"Stacy I want you to remove all of your clothes and neatly fold them and put them on the floor next to that wall."

Stacy did not reply but stood up and walked over to Neil's bed and pulled her T-Shirt over her head. Oblivious to him, she neatly folded it and placed it on the mattress. Next she unhooked her bra and put it next to the shirt.

Neil stared in amazement as she undid her shorts and kicked off her sandals. She dropped the shorts revealing a black thong as she bent down and picked up her shorts, her magnificent breasts hanging down in front of her.

When she finished folding her shorts and placing them on top of her shirt she hooked her thumbs in the sides of her thong and pulled it down. Neil had to catch his breath when she stood up completely naked in front of him. She had trimmed her pubic hairs into a small patch above her pussy, the lips below showing no trace of hair at all.

Stacy picked up the bra and thong and placed it neatly on the folded clothes and padded past him and bent over to place them in a neat stack next to the wall, when she bent over Neil had a fantastic view of her cute ass and her long tan legs with the bare pussy between them. She stood up and walked the few steps back past him, headed for the chair.

"Stop" Neil told her when she was next to him.

"Turn and face me."

Stacy did as Neil commanded and stood naked in front of him as he sat on the edge of the bed. Neil studied her naked form from head to toe; she had an incredible body, narrow and long legged with full breast that gently curved down and slightly outward, her nipples had the same shape as a nipple from a "Playtex" baby bottle.

"Turn around"

Stacy did so and Neil's eyes followed her shoulders, which curved down to her narrow waist and then followed the curve outward of her round little ass.

"Bend over and touch your toes."

Stacy did what he asked and Neil was treated to seeing her shaved pussy lips protruding from below and tucked between her awesome thighs. His cock was growing from the sight of her and his face flushed from the adrenaline rush of what he was doing without her knowledge.

"Stacy sit back down in your chair."

Stacy rose back up and returned to the recliner and sat down. Neil just stared at her as she sat there completely naked and not aware of his lustful starring. Neil's dick hurt from trying to push its way out of his jeans. He looked at the clock; she had only been under for 10 minutes, unbelievable!

Neil decided that he had already gone far enough to end up in jail if anyone ever found out about what he had already done to her.

"Therefore the crime might as well fit the punishment!" Neil justified in his mind.

Neil pulled off all his clothes and left them on the bed. This is one time that his small studio apartment came in handy. It was nice having your bed in the living room.

Neil's cock stuck out in front of him and ached; Stacy was starring off into space not even seeing it. Neil tried to decide what to do. He was not very experienced with sex, only having done it a couple of times.

"Being a nerd was not all it was cracked up to be." Neil thought wondering what he should do next.

Neil was twenty-two years old and never had a blowjob. He stood in front of where Stacy sat in his recliner staring off into space, his cock just inches from her face.

"Stacy I want you to suck my dick just like you do your boyfriends."

Stacy snapped out of her trance and noticed the cock in front of her face. She gripped it with her warm palm and opened her mouth as she leaned forward and Neil watched the head of his cock finally disappear into her mouth.

The warm and wet feeling sent shivers up his spine, before he had time to catch his breath her tongue started flicking the end and her mouth switched to sucking hard as she moved it up and down the shaft.

"Stacy I want you to talk to me like you do your boyfriend."

Stacy looked up and smiled with Neil's dick in her mouth and said "MMmmmm"

She pulled off and said, "Have you been doing something to your dick?"

"No why?" Neil wondered what she meant.

"It seems bigger than last time." Stacy went back to sucking Neil's cock stroking it up and down while her cheeks caved in from the vacuum she was applying.

Neil thought about what she had said, he never really thought that he had a large dick but it must be bigger than her boyfriends. That thought got lost when Stacy began to play with his balls with her other hand.

She let go again, "I love to suck your dick, are you going to cum or do I have to do this all night?"

"Just don't stop" Neil told her gritting his teeth.

Stacy went back to sucking his cock, harder and faster than before.

Neil grunted and started fucking her willing mouth with hard thrust wanting to push it all the way in but her hand in the middle of his shaft prevented him from doing so.

Stacy tickled his balls and sucked hard as Neil exploded in huge spurts. He came harder than he ever had by jacking off and it felt incredible. Stacy kept sucking in between swallowing each hot spurt from his dick. Neil noticed a little trickle of semen escape her mouth and run down her chin and fall onto her boob.

She smeared it around in little circles on her nipple.

When Neil was spent she smiled up at him, "Wow that was a big load and licked her lips."

This was all too much to fathom at the moment and Neil just stared at her.

"I want you get on the bed and play with yourself."

"Oh you nasty boy, you've never asked me to do that before." Stacy got up from the chair and got in the middle of the bed while Neil watched in fascination. She spread her legs in front of him and licked her fingers before she put them between her pussy lips and started to rub herself.

Neil's dick, which had been drooping, began to rise again in earnest. In a matter of minutes Stacy had two of her fingers buried in her pussy and was fucking herself in front of him. Soft moans escaped her lips and mixed with the wet sounds of her fingers as she pumped them in and out, the fingers shinny from her own juices. Neil got on the bed next to her and bent down to suck on one of her hard nipples sitting atop the huge mound of round, warm flesh.

"Stacy I want you to suck my cock some more." Stacy pulled her wet fingers from her pussy and rolled on her side. Neil felt her mouth close over his dick again as he lay next to her with his face next to her pussy.

He touched it, it was wet between her folds as his fingers started to explore her.

Neil slipped a finger into her vagina and began to fuck her with it, while Stacy's mouth sucked and licked his cock. Her pussy soaked Neil's fingers and her juice covered his fingers as he marveled at the female anatomy right in front of his eyes.

"Stacy I want you to fuck me." Neil told her when his cock felt like it was getting close to exploding again.

Neil rolled over on his back and Stacy threw a leg over him and rose up as she took hold of his cock. She placed it between her wet lips and lowered herself slowly, trying to get the swollen head between her hot folds.

With small strokes up and down Neil's cock became slippery from her natural lube and she managed to get the huge head to pop in as she let out a cry. Neil felt the head of his cock forcing her vagina to open wide enough for the thick shaft to follow. Neil was in heaven from the incredible feeling of her warm, wet skin as it gave way, letting the head stretch her open, her pussy was so tight it felt like a gloved hand was squeezing his shaft hard, trying to keep him out of what he wanted so badly.

"Uh God! Ahhhhhhhhhh!" Stacy moaned as she slowly sank down on him.

With only an inch separating her ass from his balls, the head of Neil's cock was pushed against the end of her vagina.

"How does that feel?" Neil asked, looking up at her face between her large tits, her face wincing as he wiggled from side to side.

"Bill your cock must have grown because I've never felt you so deep in me before."

"Fuck me and talk dirty to me Stacy"

Stacy began to move up and down slowly. Neil didn't move and just watched as his dick glistening with fluid disappeared in long slow strokes, each one ending when it hit bottom.

"Oh Fuck! Yes" Stacy was moaning each time that happened, "Oh, Gawd, you feel good!"

Neil watched her closed eyes as she moaned and her big tits jiggled above him. Neil reached up and took them in his trembling hands and started to squeeze them hard and then pinched her pointed nipples. Her pussy was dripping juice and Neil could feel it as it trickled down his balls and dribbled down the crack of his ass.

"Stacy I want you to cum for me."

Stacy started to fuck Neil harder and moan loudly each time she banged down hard on him. Neil gritted his teeth as his hips rose trying to get every inch of his cock in her. The head of his dick pushed hard against her cervix and unloaded a weeks worth of cum in long hot jets.

"Oh my fucking GOD!" Stacy yelled, "OH FUCK MEEeeee!"

Neil felt a new sensation as her pussy started contracting and squeezing his cock, milking it of its semen. Her hands clutching and pulling his chest hair making him yell out in pain, and pleasure. Stacy's flat tummy was contracting in front of his eyes and Neil fantasized being able to see through her skin at his cock buried deep in her body.

Each time her pussy contracted, a little more cum leaked out of his cock and into her. She kept fucking up and down on Neil's sensitive dick as cum leaked out and pooled around the base, making a mess out of his pubic hair, but he didn't give a fuck.

Neil relaxed finally as Stacy leaned backward, her hands on his thighs as she rocked back and forth giving him a wonderful view of his dick splitting her puffy lips apart, her clitoris swollen and peeking out at him.

When Neil's cock started to deflate he told Stacy to get up. Stacy rose up as more cum dripped out on his stomach and balls, as she broke the connection. She stood by the bed looking at his cock as it started to wilt.

"Go in the bathroom and clean up."

Stacy padded into the bathroom and Neil could hear her peeing and then the water running in the sink. He walked in and took a pee as she was washing her pussy and tits with a soapy washcloth. The toilet bowl had big globs of cum from where she had relieved herself a few moments before. Neil flushed it and took the washcloth from her when she finished and started toweling dry.

"I want you to get dressed and sit back down in the recliner."

Stacy left and Neil cleaned up the mess in his own pubic hair washing off with the soapy cloth. Neil returned and got dressed; Stacy was sitting in the chair like nothing had happened.

He noticed a huge wet spot on the bed and grabbed a blanket out of the closet and covered it up not wanting her to see it when she woke up. Neil looked at the time; the machine had shut off about 10 minutes ago. Neil got dressed and removed the transducer from her neck and sat down in front of her for some last minute instructions.



"When you wake up you will be filled with energy and feel better than you ever have." "Yes"

"The only thing you will remember is a dream about you and your boyfriend having sex."

"Yes I will remember the dream."

Neil walked to the fridge and got out two beers, he gave one to Stacy "Drink this."

Stacy took the beer and began to drink it down in quick gulps.

Neil looked at her and sipped his beer, "She should wake up in about 38 minutes he guessed."

Neil turned on the T.V. and turned to the History Channel not really caring one way or the other. The realization of what he had just done was starting to seep in and some feelings of guilt coursed through his brain as he sipped on the cold beer. When she woke up Neil pretended to be watching a show about Hitler's last day's


Neil turned to look at her, "Welcome back how do you feel?"

"I feel wonderful, thank you so much."

Stacy was giddy with energy and paced around, "God I feel great Neil" your little invention is a God send. She looked at the drained beer on the table and realized the taste in her mouth.

"Neil did I drink a beer?"

"Yes you asked me for one so I gave it to you."

"That's weird I don't like beer but now I have a craving for one, can I have another?"

"Sure it's in the fridge."

Stacy went to the fridge and grabbed another beer and twisted off the cap.

She started sipping it and sat back down, "So what did I do?"

"Well you looked to be asleep except for some moaning once in a while."

Stacy looked thoughtful, "I think I was dreaming?"

"What did you dream about?"

"Oh nothing I can connect, just different images." Neil knew she was lying.

He pretended not to be concerned, "Well I suppose dreaming is natural enough."

"Yes I suppose with that deep of sleep a person still has dreams."

"The good news is your recovery time is the same, 48 minutes. We will have to wait and see how long the euphoria last."

"I'll be sure to let you know." Stacy said and finished her beer; "Well I better go I have a date tonight."

"Okay Stacy, thanks for coming over."

"Oh thank you Neil, I feel like a new woman." She said and grabbed her purse, "Well I better be going."

"Okay see you at school on Monday."

"Stacy thanked him again and closed the door behind her."

Neil let out his breath in a sigh when she left, "No Stacy, thank you for the great sex!" He said out loud with a big smile on his face.

Neil knew he had crossed the line and felt a little like an evil scientist as he drained the beer.

On the drive home Stacy thought about the "Dream". It had seemed so real, her and Bill having sex. It was so strange though, his cock had been much bigger than normal and he had not acted like Bill.

Stacy shifted in the car seat, her pussy felt sensitive and tender like she really had been having sex, and she could swear that there was the faint taste of semen in her mouth mixed in with the taste of beer.

"God it seemed so real she could even taste it." She thought to herself, "But there is no way I was going to tell that techno-geek Neil about my dream."

Stacy felt energetic and recharged, she shifted her thoughts to spending an evening with her man Bill, and if things went well having sex with him. Later that night when Bill took her to bed she winced as he entered her. Her pussy felt sore and she could not figure out why. But she quickly forgot about it as their passionate lovemaking reached its climax.

Neil thought about what had happened and what he should do next. He decided that his invention was too important to him to share it with the world at this time. There were a lot of beautiful women out there that would be easy pickings, when he was armed with the LMM.

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