Rough Diamond
Chapter 01


There are times in my life I wish my parents were in a different line of work. They’re both well regarded professors in great demand by the universities, since they’re the very rare type who can do innovative research while they also teach well. Thus all their post graduate students do good work with them as mentors. This is good news for when my sisters or I reach university, and great news for their students. However, it’s often bad news for us kids right now, since they get many offers of jobs at other universities. We don’t move often, because our parents are very choosy about which job offers they accept. Money isn’t their major consideration, and they do try to stay at each university for a reasonable length of time, since they don’t like to have our schooling being disrupted too much. Even so, I’ve been to three schools, so far, and it now looks like I’ll be making it four schools.

I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much, since we’ll get to finish the current school year before we go - unlike our last move. The shift to New South Wales from Queensland was in November just before the end of the school year, which matches the calendar year in Australia. We left Queensland just before the end of year exams to arrive in New South Wales in time for the exams on a different syllabus. Despite all of us being very smart the new school administration refused to put any of us into the new grade because we couldn’t pass their end of year exams for the grade just done.

We failed many of the subjects in the exams they gave us because of the syllabus differences. Maths and English were OK, but I’d studied Deserts as the main area for Climates, and New South Wales was testing on Rain Forests - which I hadn’t done yet. The same was true of all the other subjects - Europe instead of Africa, etc. Thus we’re forced to repeat the year, grrr. It wasn’t so bad, since we didn’t know anyone, and we’d be making new friends in whatever grade we’re put in, but it was very annoying, because we’d all been ahead of our age groups and enjoyed the company of the one year older students much more than the company of our age peers, due to their more mature attitudes.

Both my sisters and I were born in November, and our parents put us into school as soon as possible. It meant we were months younger than most of those in the same year; most kids born in the later third of the year usually don’t enter school with the other kids born in the same year, instead they start their schooling the next year. When we moved from Queensland to New South Wales I did Year Six, Cadi did Year Three, and Bron did Year Five; the years we’d just finished up north as top of the class in the most advanced classes. To say we were not happy about the situation is an extreme understatement.

Although this shift will have us leaving after we do the end of year exams the bad news is this shift is to the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. Since their school system is July to June we’ll be arriving there in the middle of their school year. At the moment it looks like we’ll be starting in the same school years we’ll be finishing here, and repeating half the year. Dad is looking into us doing a few months of home schooling with tutors to bring us up to date with the differences in their syllabus.

We’ll manage, somehow, because we always do. But we’re going from a city of fifty-five thousand people to one of around six hundred thousand people. That’s going to take a lot of getting used to for us, but it’ll be an interesting time while we do settle in there, and afterwards.

The Family

I suppose I should tell you about us: we’re the Evans family. Mum is dual nationality, American and Australian. She was born in the USA while her US born mum visited her family in San Diego, California, and her dad was an Australian. So she has two passports, neat. They named Mum Ruby, and she’s a real gem. Her parents returned to Longreach, Queensland to run the family property, because he was the only son and his sisters left the area to live with their husbands on their properties. Mum has three younger brothers, two of them run the property now their parents are dead. Dad was born in Wales in the United Kingdom, his father migrated out here when Dad was nine years old. He has two passports too, British and Australian. Dafydd ‘Dave‘ Evans is his name, and he has a very strong affinity with Wales - his name means beloved.

When us kids came along Dad insisted on Welsh names while Mum insisted on names related to jewels, which explains why I’m named Anian Cartier Evans - Anian means nature, temperament, power. And why my eldest sister is named Bronwyn Tiffany Evans, ‘Bron’ for short - Bronwyn means white breasted, I get plenty of laughs over it along with lots of bruises from her for laughing. My other sister got lucky, she’s Cadi Ruby Evans - Cadi means pure. Mum and Dad couldn’t agree on the name of another major jeweller, so they went for a gem, and used Mum’s name to keep it simple. With my initials I usually get ‘Ace’ or ‘Card’ as nicknames, but I use ‘Diamond’ as my nickname on the Internet.

All of us know Taekwondo, because one of Mum’s brothers is a sensei who teaches us at his dojo for free, Uncle Rob moved with us to NSW. We haven’t done any formal recognition of our skills, but he tells us we all rate as black belt standard, while I’m the best of us kids. All of us are about a hand’s width over average height for our ages, slim, well muscled, and fit. We’re what Uncle Rob calls ‘all wiry muscle.’ We play various sports, like to run, and to swim. Mum is a brunette, and the rest of us have dirty blond hair like Dad’s. We’re all of average looks. Mum and the girls have nice sized breasts - all are about the size of oranges.

One area where we do differ is both Mum and Dad have IQs in the 170s while Cadi and Bron are in the high 180s, but mine is 203. I’m a member of Mensa Australia and the Prometheus Society, joining both at fifteen. I keep my IQ a secret from the government. I avoided doing the usual state IQ tests by not turning up at school on the day they ran them. Very early on I realised I was smarter than average, and being a very high IQ can see you pressured to push ahead too much. Also, too many prodigies burn out far too quick. But, more importantly, they don’t have a real childhood, while I intend to enjoy mine. This is why I keep my IQ secret from the departments of education, and my sisters have done the same for similar reasons. They asked me why I did it, and agreed with me when I told them why. Due to our IQs and martial arts training all three of us kids are very self confident in our dealings with others. We’re not brash, nor are we shy or reticent in any way.

One thing that’s odd about our family is Dad and us kids are all very good about sensing how other people feel about things, sensing their emotions when they’re strong. Mum explained it’s a form of empathy. We’re very good at it, and we have been all of our lives.

I also do one thing none of us have been able to explain. I’ll be doing something, usually reading a book, and I’ll put a drink or plate of food down near me. When I reach for it again my hand goes straight to it without me looking for it, even if one of my sisters shifts it on me. Mum and Dad even test me with a newspaper and blind moving of the drink, but my hand always goes straight to the drink. If they shift it from the left to the right I’ll change hands to get it with the nearest hand, even when they shift it without making any noise. Also, just before my fifteenth birthday I had an interesting incident I think is related. I’d put down a text book while studying, and thirty minutes later I reached for it to compare the text with material in another book. It was real interesting, because I’d moved across the floor while reading and the text book I wanted was a metre and a half away. After I reached out my hand for it I remembered the distance, and I turned toward it in time to see the book sliding across the floor to me. I was a bit shocked. I experimented, and I soon found I could cause anything up to twenty kilograms (about forty-five pounds) to come to me by simply thinking for it to do so. I soon realised I’m telekinetic, and I decided to keep it a secret. I named this skill Calling, to disguise it from everyone else if I accidentally mention it.

Another Skill

Since learning of my Calling skill I’ve done a lot of secret testing, and I can now move up to sixty kilograms (about a hundred and thirty-two pounds) with ease. A year after learning about Calling I get another shock which starts a second testing program I really like, and enjoy a lot.

We’re out shopping on a Saturday morning when Mum tells me to keep an eye on my sisters while they try on some new clothes, and to pay for the clothes when they’re finished. She gives me her purse after she takes out her credit card and driver’s licence. Nothing new in this action, because she often parks me to look after the girls while she does something else instead of waiting around for them. She often says I’m their protector. But this is the first time she does this to me in a lingerie store. I’m standing near the change rooms with Mum’s purse slung over my shoulder while my sisters are about a metre away looking at very skimpy underwear. They realise I’m a bit embarrassed by this, so they take lots of time with their selections, even holding some choice items up to ask my opinion of the item. They stop that when I say, “Look, Cadi, if you want my opinion on how you look in that bra you’ll have to put it on and show me.” I was correct in thinking neither of my sisters are going to do that, not at thirteen and fifteen years old. Being sixteen I’m interested in the differences between guys and girls, so when a very lovely young lady about twenty years old picks out a few very skimpy outfits then goes to the change rooms you can bet I’m very much aware of her actions. Especially when she sees me standing there with the purse and my sisters nearby. She smiles, and winks at me while she holds up her choices of skimpy underwear for my inspection.

The change rooms have short doors that only cover from the knees to the neck on an adult, and I’m leaning on the corner of the entryway to the four rooms. While she passes me I smile back while thinking, Damn, I’d love to be able to look over the door to watch her without her screaming. I lean back, and close my eyes to imagine what it’d look like if I did look over the door. The next thing I know is I’ve got a very realistic image in my mind of the young lady while she turns the lock on the door. She hangs up the underwear, then undoes her dress before slipping it off over her head to reveal her current underwear.

I smile while I think my imagination is improving in quality of image as I watch her remove her bra and panties to try on the new ones. She puts her dress on, and walks out to see how they fit while moving. Now this is all well and good, but I get one hell of a shock when she brushes my shoulder just when I’m imagining her doing so. This makes me open my eyes to watch her take a few paces. When she turns I smile, and ask, “Trying the see-through set or the white lace first?” In my imagination I’d seen her put on the see-through set.

She laughs, and says, “The see-through set. How’s it look?”

“Very good, so far. But for a more definitive answer you’d have to show me what it looks like without the dress.” She giggles, then she goes back to the change room. Both my sisters shake their heads while looking at me. I close my eyes, and I think to follow her in my mind. I watch while she enters the change room, strips, and puts on the white lace set. With a cheeky grin she starts to walk out in just the underwear.

Having a crazy thought I open my eyes, and turn to look down the short hall between the change rooms just in time to see her step into the hall in only the white lace underwear. She winks when she sees me watching her. I hold my hand up, and make like I’m stirring with my finger. Her grin widens when she turns around, then bends a little. I smile, and say, “Very nice. Whoever you’re trying to impress with that outfit will be putty in your hands.” She grins, and bows, before going back into the change room.

I lean against the wall while I think on what just happened. Both Cadi and Bron pass me on their way to the two rear rooms where they leave the doors open so they can talk while showing each other what they look like, as usual. They make a point of telling me to stay where I am, and to not let any males in the hall. I promise not to move.

The woman walks out, and we exchange another round of smiles while she pays for her clothes, and then she leaves. I close my eyes, and picture myself in the corner of Bron’s change room. In a moment I see her taking her bra off while Cadi does the same in the room across the hall, a very nice view. The way they keep turning while moving their mouths makes it clear they’re talking, and I can just hear a very low murmur of their voices coming up the hall. I think, I sure wish I can hear what they’re saying.

Suddenly I can hear Bron say, “Can you believe Ani flirting with that girl from the university. Way out of his league and age. But she was nice, and she didn’t seem to mind.” Cadi nods yes, and replies. I smile while I enjoy the view when they change to model a few outfits for each other while they chat about me and the young lady. I stay there thinking about the possibilities of what just happened, unless it’s all a dream.

Several minutes later they walk out, and I pay for the clothes they want, three sets of underwear each. After paying I drop Mum’s wallet back into her purse. I swing the strap over my shoulder, and we walk to the exit on our way out of the store.

Just as we reach the doorway some girls from school walk in, and they giggle about me having Mum’s purse over my shoulder. What makes it real bad is both Mum and I are in dark tan clothes today, so the purse goes well with my outfit as well as hers. One of the girls, Jan, wiggles her hips and cocks a limp wrist at me while she says, “Oh, look girls, he’s out shopping with his handbag today.”

Playing up to Jan I sashay over to give her a very light slap on the hand while I say, with a lisp added, “Oooh, you’re so naughty, and nasty.” While the rest laugh I’m quick to slip one hand behind her back to pull her to me to kiss her. She’s so surprised her mouth is still open when our lips meet. I take the opportunity of her distraction to slip my tongue into her mouth to start a deep probing operation while slipping my other hand under her short skirt and inside her panties. I feel her up real good while I kiss her.

My sisters are laughing real hard while the other girls are in shock. Jan is still stunned when I let her go and withdraw my hand. Because Jan is leading the pack none of the others saw me feel her up. I smile at her when I say, “Enjoy your shopping, or do you want me to help you choose items and adjust the fit for you?”

Jan shakes her head no, and she’s very quick to move further into the store with her friends following her while we leave. Bron and Cadi are almost wetting themselves laughing at the encounter, because I just put down the biggest put-down artist in the school. Jan’s family are very rich, and she has quite a few airs. We can’t understand why she goes to our school at all. With her family’s money we expect her to be going to one of the very top boarding schools, not a local church run school. Oh well, not our worry.

Bron turns to me, “Ani, what’s gotten into you? First you flirt with a woman four or five years older, then you grab Jan to kiss her and feel her up. Yes, I saw where your hand went, but I don’t think anyone else did.” Cadi gasps about me feeling Jan up, and laughs harder.

“I don’t know, Bron. The woman smiled and winked at me when she went in to change, so I flirted with her. As for Jan, she really pissed me off just then. So I grabbed her to kiss her to put her in her place. When I found her mouth was open I tickled her tonsils, and decided to cop a good feel at the same time. She hardly responded at all.”

Cadi says, “I’m not surprised. According to her sister Jan is a dead-set lesbian, and guys do nothing for her at all.”

“Well, that’s a first for me. I just kissed and felt up a lesbian.” Some minutes later we’re still laughing about this when we catch up with Mum as we near the food court for a bite to eat. Naturally we have to tell her what’s so funny while I hand her back her purse. She has a good laugh about it, too.

During the following months I practice all my new skills in secret. I find it very interesting to listen in on the girls gossiping when they get changed for PE or sport, before and after - especially in the showers after their exercise. I do a lot of practice at home of an evening by creating a point of view, and then moving it. It was frightening the first time I moved it through a wall. I soon found out I can do that, but I do need some light to see by, I can’t see what’s in any solid material, closed cupboards, or darkened rooms.

By moving my Third Eye, as I call it, I can look at things up to about two hundred and fifty metres away. The house blocks in the estate we live in are all twenty-five metres wide, and I can see into the house ten buildings away, but not quite into the next one after that. So within a fortnight of practising I’ve enjoyed watching all the women and girls in the neighbourhood getting changed, and having their baths or showers. Though I’m surprised at how often they masturbate, and how some do it. I do pick up plenty of pointers on how to please a girl by watching them please themselves.

I also listen to anyone I’m watching, but I can’t concentrate enough to watch someone properly if my eyes are open at the same time, a great pity. However, I’m very happy with what I can do, and I enjoy using both skills over the year before we move to the USA.


Mum and Dad decide it isn’t worth taking most of our gear to the USA, so what little we want to keep is shipped to the family farm in Longreach. The rest is sold or is given away to friends or to organisations to help the poor. We keep just enough clothes to see us through until we get settled into our new home in the USA, and we’ll buy more once we get there. The university is providing us with a furnished house for us to live in: it has four bedrooms plus two studies. As the house is furnished we don’t need to take any furniture with us.

We spend Christmas at Longreach, and New Year in Los Angeles, arriving in Albuquerque, New Mexico the week before school restarts. The first day is spent shopping for clothes and things. Mum is happily surprised when I offer to look after Bron and Cadi while they shop for clothes in the many teen fashion stores while she shops for her and Dad elsewhere in the large shopping centre we’re at.

I don’t mind being a pack mule for my sisters now. Do you have any idea on how many good looking teen girls are in those stores while they try on various tops, shorts, skirts, and underwear. So I’m just leaning on the wall watching all that lovely scenery while they change. After we get half a car load of clothes for the girls they insist on seeing I’m properly dressed too. I’d been hoping to do a quick clothes run through a cheap market. But they soon put a stop to that, and we end up in the boys fashion section of a major department store while they play dress up the ‘Ani boy doll’ with me.

I won’t say the females in our family went crazy clothes shopping, but when we get to the car with all the shopping their eyes are a little glazed over. The car is full before we even try to get in, so I unload all the gear to give it a close examination. Shoes, purses, and the other things we shouldn’t crush, because they need to lie flat, are stacked in the car’s trunk and the rear passenger foot-wells, with great care. The better dresses and tops are laid over the stuff in the trunk until it’s full, then over the stuff in the rear foot-wells. The rest is laid down, layer by layer, on the back seat and the foot-well until it’s all in. It’s now packed to a height level with the top of the front bench seat. After shutting the rear doors I sit in the front to take my shoes off. I’m careful when I climb over the seat, I lie on the stuff on the back seat, and tell Mum and the girls to sit in the front seat while I shift a couple of things over my body to cover me to make it seem like there’s only clothes in the back. Laughing, they all climb in, and we drive home. I’ve a nice nap while we do.

The rest of the day is spent packing everything away, and the ladies putting on a fashion show for each other while Dad and I rearrange some of the furniture to how we, as a family, want it placed.

The next few days are spent getting to know the neighbourhood, the city, and our close neighbours. They’re nice folks, but most of the area is university owned housing rented to university staff with families at a low rate, and few of the staff have kids in their mid-teens. We do get to know the several in our age bracket well. Which will help when we get to school, since we’ll all be going to the same school and they’ll show us around.

Bron and I see about getting our driver’s licences, much to Bron’s delight, because she wouldn’t be old enough for one at home. She can get a Restricted Licence after six months, while I can get a Full Licence. At home I’d still have a restricted ‘P’ Plate licence. Cadi is happy, since she can start Driver’s Education soon, and be able get a Learner’s Permit before too long. So there are some advantages for us to be in the USA. Dad is so confident we’ll pass he’s already looking to buy a car for me to drive us all to school in. I think he just wants to not have to drive us around by having me drive the girls around in our own car.

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