Riley's Bar
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Just another story about a man and the women in his life.

I was introduced to Riley's Tavern on my first day at Woodbine Industries. As I was dropping my time card into the slot to punch out one of the guys asked me if I was going to stop for a beer with the guys. I felt no crying need to hurry home so I said okay. He told me that the group usually stopped at Riley's and if I didn't know where it was I could follow him. I wasn't that familiar with that part of town so I followed him and it turned out that Riley's was only three blocks from the plant.

From the outside it looked like any neighborhood bar, but looks were deceiving. Inside there was an "L" shaped bar the ran the length of the west wall and part of the south wall. The rest of the south wall was taken up by a small bandstand and a jukebox. Booths lined the north wall and part of the east wall. Part of the east wall was a recessed alcove where there were four pool tables and a hallway that led back to the restrooms. In the center of the room there was a fairly large dance floor surrounded by tables.

My new co-workers had pushed four tables together next to the dance floor and I wondered why they had put four tables together for only six of us. I took a seat at the tables and looked around as I got to know my new associates better. There was a sexy looking busty redhead behind the bar. The waitress, I found out later that her name was Tina, came over and took my drink order and as she walked away I commented on the fact that the place sure didn't match its outside appearance.

"You ain't seen nothing yet" Vern said. "In about ten minutes the crew from the wheel plant will start to come in."

"What is so special about that?"

"The women who work in the office over there are real party animals. When they show up the jukebox starts up and the dance floor fills up in a hurry. If you play your cards right you never have to leave here alone.

"I don't think my wife would care for me doing that."

"You can still have a good time even if you do leave alone."

I was on my second beer when a bunch of women came in. Several of them came over and sat down with us at our tables. I was introduced to five that sat down with us and almost immediately the jukebox started playing and people got up to dance. In less than a minute I was the only guy sitting at the table with two girls. One of them, Ursala, looked at me and asked:

"Don't you dance?"

"I'm the new guy and I'm just sitting here and watching to get a feel for the place."

"First Rule of Happy Hour is that single guys have to dance with single girls."

"I'm not single, I'm married."

"I am too, but that isn't what I mean. If you are here alone you are expected to dance with someone like me who is also here alone."

She reached out a hand to me and said, "Come on. Time to trip the light fantastic."

I got up and danced with Ursala and then with three others before I got up, said my goodnights and headed for home.

As I drove home I wondered why I was bothering. I'd told Ursala that I was married and I was, but it was a marriage that was on its last legs and I knew it. I had been enjoying myself at Riley's so why did I leave just to go home to a deteriorating marriage? The only answer I could come up with was that I would not allow it to be my actions that ended the marriage. When it went down it was going to be Elaine who killed it, not me.

I met Elaine at a party at my Cousin Lou's house. It was one of those parties where there was a large mix of people who didn't know each other. Lou's wife Shelly had invited several people that she worked with; there were a bunch that Lou worked with, some friends and neighbors and even a few other relatives.

It was my first party in a long time and Lou and Shelly had worked hard on me to get me to come. I'd been pretty much a 'stay at home' since my wife had taken off with some asshole she met while taking evening classes at the local community college. She had come back home three weeks later begging for forgiveness only to be told that all of her stuff was in boxes in the garage and that Goodwill was scheduled to pick up those boxes up on Thursday. I suggested that if she wanted any of that stuff she better get it out of the garage before Goodwill got there. Then I handed her the divorce papers and told her I hoped I'd never see her again.

Anyway, after nine months of not dating or going out Lou and Shelly decided that it was up to them to get me back out into the world. What they didn't realize was that I wasn't holed in my place because of any great hurt. I just didn't trust women anymore. At the same time I was going through my divorce with Bev my older brother caught his wife cheating on him with the next door neighbor. I also had several friends who were going through divorces at the same time because of cheating.

I'm not at all naïve and when my buddies told me that the divorces were because of the wife's cheating I accepted it - tongue in cheek — even though I knew (or at least suspected) that in all cases it wasn't the wife who was the guilty party, but in the majority of cases it was the wife who got playing with someone else. This led to my avoiding women in social situations and that meant parties that I didn't go to.

When Lou asked me to his party I was in a fairly good mood so I decided to go. I was introduced to some people that I didn't know, said hello to some that I knew but hadn't seen in a while and in general walked around and socialized. About an hour after I arrived Shelly came up to me with a tall blond — and I do mean tall. She was six foot to my five eleven and she had the bluest eyes I'd ever looked into. Shelly introduced me to Elaine and then said:

"Excuse me. Joan just came in and I need to talk to her."

As Shelly headed for Joan Elaine said, "Do you have the feeling that this was just a bit contrived?"

"I'm not surprised if that is what you mean. Lou and Shelly seem to have made it their mission in life to see to it that I lose my confirmed bachelor status."

"And why is some one your age a confirmed bachelor?"

"Long, long story and not one for a party. But what about you? You obviously don't need anyone fixing you up. You have to be holding off guys with a club."

And it was true. She was about one hundred and forty pounds and it was very well distributed on her six foot frame. Long blond hair down to the middle of her back and even without a smidgen of makeup she had a radiant face.

"Thanks for the compliment, but it is another long story not meant for a party."

I changed the subject and found out that she worked with Shelly and Shelly had pretty much twisted her arm to get her to come to the party. Then someone else who worked with her came up and they started talking about something that had happened at work and I wandered off.

Shortly after that Allison Collins showed up with some guy. Allison had been married to one of my friends and he had caught her cheating on him with her boss. It pissed me off that Lou and Shelly — who both knew how I felt about cheating whores — would invite one to a party that they had invited me to. Allison spotted me and headed my way with her escort no doubt intending to introduce me to him, but I gave her a look of disgust, turned away from her and then left the party.

The next day Lou called me and asked me where I had disappeared to. I told him and he told me that Allison hadn't been invited. She came as Charlie Stone's date and he hadn't known that Charlie even knew Allison. I apologized for my abrupt departure and he invited me to a poker game on the next Friday.

When I got to his house on Friday I found that while I would be playing poker with him and four others Shelly would be playing Pinochle with the wives of two of the poker players and Elaine. When I saw Elaine there I cast a glance at Lou and he looked back at me with an innocent expression on his face.

An hour into the game we took a short bathroom break and Elaine came up to me.

"For what it is worth I didn't know you were going to be here tonight."

"Not surprising. No one mentioned to me that there would be ladies here tonight either. I do have to wonder why Lou and Shelly are so determined to stick you with me."

"Actually I know why."

"The please share it with me."

Just then Lou came and got me because they were ready to start and it was my deal. I took my place at the table and forty minutes into the game I was sitting there with an empty beer bottle in front of me and staring at two pair — kings and tens — and wondering what to do. It was five card draw, jacks or better to open, and Hal had opened so I knew he had at least jacks. The betting had gone around the table and then Hal had drawn two cards and then bet again. Did he have three of a kind to draw to or had he done what he sometimes did when he had a high pair and an ace and kept the ace as a kicker?

And had he helped himself in the draw?

And then there was his pair. It was jacks or better so he could have had jacks, queens, the other two kings or aces.

When Hal bet Harv had called. Harv had drawn three so that meant that he felt he could at least beat Hal's openers and knowing the way Harv played he probably felt he could beat Hal's openers and any help Hal might have gotten in the draw. Next was Sam. He had drawn one card and when the bet got to him he raised. Sam was known to draw to inside and open ended straights and four card flushes. Was it one of those and he had hit on the draw or did he have two pair and one of those pair higher than jacks? Plus, Sam had been known to bluff.

I was contemplating raising when an arm went by me and a hand picked up my empty beer bottle and then set a full one down in front of me. I turned and saw Elaine standing there smiling at me. I don't know why, but I took that as an omen and I called the bet and then raised. Lou dropped out and both Hal and Sam called. I put down my two pair and Hal muttered "shit" and threw in his cards. Sam smiled and laid down a heart flush. So much for Elaine being a sign.

Hal, Dave and Jim called it a night and since I didn't care much for three handed poker I called it a night too. Elaine was getting ready to go also and on a whim I asked her if she would like to stop for coffee somewhere.

"I could do that" she said. "How about the White Castle at Grant and Steele?"

"Ten minutes?"

"See you there."

After we sat down and had coffees in front of us I said, "Earlier I said I wondered why Lou and Shelly were trying so hard to stick you with me and you said that you knew. Care to enlighten me?"

"Shelly thinks I need you or more accurately I need what you are."

"You need what I am?"

"A nice guy. Shelly thinks that what I really need is to meet a nice guy."

She saw the questioning look on my face and went on. "Shelly is a real close friend and as a result she knows a lot about me and my personal life. My fault; I can't hide anything and when she sees me down in the dumps she asks why and I end up telling her."

"What does that have to do with me?"

"To put it bluntly, the guys I seem attracted to and end up with usually turn out to be assholes. I've had so many of them that I'm down on men in general. Shelly keeps telling me that I need to meet a nice guy and since I seem incapable of finding one on my own Shelly has decided to do it for me. You are her pick."

"I suppose that I should be flattered that Shelly thinks that I am a nice guy, but I'm not all that sure that she is that good of a friend if she is trying to saddle you with me."

"Why is that? What is wrong with you that getting us together wouldn't be a good thing for me?"

"Because I'm pretty much down on women" and I told her about my ex and all of the other cheating whores I'd seen and knew about. "I just don't trust women anymore and it is hard to have a relationship when you go into it all ready expecting it to turn sour."

"Maybe that's why Shelly thinks we are a pair. What you have said about women pretty much sums up the assholes I've been going out with. Every single one of them cheated on me and then acted like it was no big thing. Maybe Shelly figures that since we have both been there and felt the pain that it isn't likely that we would ever inflict that pain on each other."

That sounded almost reasonable and the more I considered it the more I thought that Shelly might be onto something.

"So how do you feel about Shelly trying to fix you up with a bitter divorced man?"

"If she is right and you are really the nice guy she says you are I'm okay with it. How about you? How do you feel about a women who has nothing but failed relationships behind her?"

"I think we need to test Shelly's theory."

To shorten things a bit Elaine and I dated for almost a year before I asked her to marry me. She said yes and Lou was my best man and Shelly was Elaine's maid of honor.

The marriage was a happy one for a little over six years and then it all went to hell. The job I had at the time entailed a lot of travel and sometimes I would be gone for weeks at a time. I came home from a three week trip and found out that Elaine had replaced me.

Not with another man, but with a religion.

While I was gone Elaine had opened the door one day and let a couple of Jehovah's Witnesses come in and visit. At first I didn't think anything of it. If she wanted to waste her time on what I considered a stupid cult let her have at it. Then it started to intrude on my life. First it was birthdays. I asked her what she would like for her birthday and she told me that we didn't celebrate birthdays anymore since it was against her religion. Next to go was Christmas. She kept pushing me to join with her and I kept telling her no. I've never had any use for communists, but I believe that it was Lenin who said that "Religion is the opiate of the masses" and on that I agreed with him one hundred percent. The more Elaine pushed for me to join with her and the more I said no the farther apart we became.

She had meetings at our house and when I would walk through a room where they were sitting and talking everything would go silent and I could feel the stares on me.

We had a real nasty argument one night when I came home and found four volumes from our set of Encyclopedia Britannica sitting on top of the trash cans in our garage. When I asked her what in the hell she thought she was doing she told me that they couldn't be in the house because they contained lies and misleading information. When I asked for specifics I was told that the volumes in question contained information on evolution. I blew up at her and told her that if she ever again threw anything of mine out of the house without talking to me first I would throw her and her stupid assed religion out on the street. Things got even chillier between us after that.

Why did I put up with it? Because I loved the silly bitch and I was hoping that she would eventually come to her senses. It wasn't too bad on me when I was traveling, but then the company I was working for was bought out and the new owners did a reorganization that put thirty of us out on the street. My new job at Woodbine was eight to five and very little traveling and I wasn't sure what that was going to mean as far as my home situation was concerned.

The first couple of months after I started at Woodbine I stopped at Riley's once or twice a week for a beer or two and then headed on home. Things at home were not getting any better and my outright refusal to have anything to do with Elaine's new found religion was just making things worse. Elaine and I hadn't made love since the encyclopedia incident. Any overtures I made along sexual lines were rebuffed with all of the usual excuses women make when they try to use sex as a weapon and I was getting a little frustrated.

I started stopping at Riley's more often and staying longer rather than going home. My sexual frustration had me starting to look at the women who came into Riley's and I began to wonder what my chances might be with some of them. That's all it was — wondering — because I didn't cheat on my wife. Never had and never expected that I would, but I was a man and I was going to look, fantasize and wonder.

And then on a Thursday night everything changed.

The house we lived in did not have an attached garage. There was a walkway from the garage to the side door of the house and when you went in the side door you walked onto a landing. If you walked straight ahead you went down the stairs into the basement. If you turned right there were steps leading up to the kitchen. I had just walked in the door when I heard:

"You know that you are going to have to divorce him."

The voice was Maria's. She was a Witness who lived nine houses down the street from us and was probably one of the Witnesses that Elaine had opened the door to that first time. They apparently had not heard me pull into the drive or come in the house. Elaine said:

"I'm not ready for that just yet. I still think that I can bring him around."

"You are in denial Elaine. That man despises our religion. You can see the disgust on his face every time he sees us meeting here. I can tell you from experience that mixed marriages don't work. He will never be one of us. You need to put him behind you. You know our precepts. The man is the head of the household and you are subservient to him. How can you be subservient to a man who despises our God?"

"I just need time. He will join with me. I know I can get him to."

"I think you are fooling yourself Elaine. The longer you put it off the harder it is going to be."

I'd heard enough and I slammed the door and called out, "Elaine, I'm home." Maria was standing and putting on her coat when I reached the top of the stairs. I nodded at her and took off my coat and was hanging it up in the hall closet as Elaine walked Maria to the front door.

I spent Friday at work thinking about what I'd overheard and what it meant. To me it meant that my marriage was over. Elaine hadn't said "No way will I divorce the man I love." What she had said was that she was not ready for that "yet." That she needed more time to try and drag me into her cult, but the inference was there in that "yet." If I didn't come on board she would eventually go for a divorce and there was absolutely no way I would ever get involved with her fruit cake religion.

But I did get one thing out of her conversation with Maria. Friday night when I made overtures to get something started in the bedroom Elaine pleaded 'headache' and I said:

"Not tonight Elaine. I have gone almost two months without making love. I am the head of this household and I have certain rights and needs. Now get in bed and take care of your wifely duties."

I think it shocked her to hear me say something like that, but she did take off her nightgown and get on the bed. It was a hollow victory however. She just laid there and let me use her, but I didn't much care. I got some physical relief and mentally I felt good at using her religion against her in almost the same way she had been using her withholding of sex against me. When I finished I said:

"From now on we will have intercourse on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Make sure you remember that and plan accordingly."

I got off the bed and went into the bathroom and showered and when I came back to the bedroom Elaine wasn't there. She had taken her pillow and a blanket and gone to sleep in the spare bedroom.

Saturday morning I was out on the driveway washing the car when Elaine came out and walked up to me. She stood there looking at me until I turned off the hose and turned to her. She looked down at the ground and then back up at me and said:

"I want a divorce."

It wasn't a shock. I knew it would be coming, but I hadn't expected it quite that soon.

"Are you sure about this" I asked.


"Okay" I said and went back to washing the car.

She stood there looking at me with a stunned look on her face. It was obvious that she hadn't expected things to go that way. I think she expected me to say something like:

"Whoa babe. No need for that. Things aren't that bad and we can work it out."

Then she would get me to join the Witnesses with her as a condition of our staying together. I ignored her and kept working on the car and eventually she turned and went back into the house.

As I toweled down the car I thought on what had just happened. I loved Elaine, but I wasn't dumb. She had been brain-washed by her cult and that left us no chance. She was now a member of a group whose basic creed was "our way or the highway" and I would never accept "their way." Our only hope was for her to put the Jehovah's Witnesses behind her and it was clear that she wasn't going to do that.

I finished the car and then went into the house and got two writing tablets and two pens and went into the kitchen and sat down at the table. I called for Elaine and when she came into the kitchen I pointed at the chair opposite me and told her to sit. I pushed one of the pens and one of the pads of paper over to her and told her to start making a list of what she wanted out of the house.


"Because we are splitting up and that means dividing up what we have. Things like going through our albums and deciding who keeps what. You don't like Bluegrass so there is no problem there and I don't care for Barry Manilow so there is no problem there either, but we need to go through the rest. You have already shown your feelings where the encyclopedias are concerned so I'll take them. I'm taking my recliner and all of my hunting, fishing and camping gear. You need to make your list and I'll make mine and then we will compare. Where there are things we both want we will negotiate.

"Two things to keep in mind. You want this divorce so you take care of it. The second thing is that I can't afford to maintain two separate places right now so unless you move out we will have to share this place. You slept in the guest bedroom last night so you can stay there for now. And on that subject since you hit me with this divorce crap you are released from having to take care of your wifely duties tonight.

"Why are you being so mean?"

"I'm not being mean. You want out of the relationship so I'm letting you out, but I am not going to get up and walk away leaving you with everything. This is a no-fault divorce state so everything we have will be split fifty-fifty. So let us get busy and decide who gets what. Better we do it than let the courts do it.

"You will need to start looking for a job and a place to stay. As long as we are still in this house I'll pay the rent and utilities and once we are living separate I'll pay you six hundred a month separate maintenance until you remarry. Agreed?"

She shook her head and said, "I guess, but I didn't expect it to be like this."

"What did you expect? You want out and I won't try to keep you in a relationship you don't want to be in. So it is over except for the housekeeping and paperwork."

Except that it wasn't, but it was two weeks before I found it out.

When I went to work Monday it was with a new attitude. There was no paperwork in the system yet, but as far as I was concerned Elaine and I were no longer a couple and that meant I could check out some of the ladies at Riley's without feeling guilty.

That night I stuck around and danced with a couple of the girls that usually joined the group at the tables we pushed together. One of them, Leslie, asked what was the occasion that had gotten me to finally stick around. I told her that my wife had asked for a divorce over the weekend and I no longer felt the need to hurry home.

"You don't seem too broken up about it and even if you were the girls here will do their best to cheer you up."

And they did. I started stopping after work every night and a lot of the women would actually be dragging me off my chair and onto the dance floor. It was obvious to me that I could have scored a dozen times if I would have put forth the effort, but I wasn't quite ready for that yet. I still had some old fashioned values and while Elaine and I were no longer a couple we were still married.

All that thinking went out the window two weeks after Elaine told me that she wanted a divorce. A man walked up to me as I was leaving work one night and asked me if I was Robert McKeean and when I said I was he handed me an envelope and said:

"You have been served."

It didn't come as a surprise. I put the envelope in my pocket and headed for Riley's. As I was dancing with Leslie I said:

"It's official now. I was served with divorce papers today."

"Does that mean I can take you home with me tonight?"

"Not tonight sweetie, but the day is coming if you are still interested when it gets here."

"What does that mean?"

"I'm still married until the divorce is final and until the day it is final I will behave myself."

When I got home that night there were several cars in the drive and I figured that Elaine was having another one of her meetings. When I went to open the door I found that it was locked. I took out my key but it wouldn't fit in the lock. I went to the front door and found the same thing. "What the fuck!" I thought as I knocked on the door. After three hard knockings Elaine opened the door.

"Rob? What are you doing here?"

"I live here Elaine."

"No you don't. Not anymore."

"What are you talking about?"

"I was told you got the papers today."

"Yeah. So?"

"Didn't you read them?"

I pulled the envelope out of my pocket, opened it and found that along with the divorce papers there was a restraining order barring me from coming with two hundred feet of Elaine or the house. I was stunned and then I started to get pissed.

"All right Elaine, I guess you stuck it to me good. Just let me in to get my clothes and I'll get out of here."

"No Rob. My lawyer said that I couldn't let you in unless you arranged it with him so he could have someone from the court here when you take your things out."

"Come on Elaine. Cut the bullshit and let me get my stuff."

A guy walked up behind here and put his hand on her shoulder and they way he did it spoke volumes about how well they knew each other. Why hadn't I figured that out?

"No Rob, and if you don't leave right now and get two hundred feet away I'm going to call the police. If you try to push your way in I have a roomful of people who heard me tell you to go away."

"All right Elaine. It didn't have to be this way. Just remember that you were the one that fucked things up for yourself."

I turned and went back to my car and went looking for a motel. Once checked into the motel I got out the divorce papers and read them. Elaine got to stay in the house and I was ordered to maintain it and to pay her one thousand a month temporary maintenance pending the final decisions of the court. I shook my head at that. Fat chance!

The next day I called into work and told them I would be out for the day to take care of some pressing personal business. I was parked down the street when Elaine left the house to take her mother to the doctor. Her mother had an irregular heart beat and was on blood thinners to prevent blood clots and she had to go in every week and have her blood checked to see if her medicine dosage needed to be adjusted up or down. She didn't drive so Elaine had to take her in.

As soon as Elaine was gone I went to the house. There was a basement window that had a broken lock and I had never fixed it. I crawled through it into the house and gathered up everything that I wanted and loaded it into my truck. Since the utilities were all in my name I used the phone to call the gas, electric and phone companies and cancelled service. Then I called the insurance man and cancelled my renter's insurance and the insurance on Elaine's car.

I drove over to the landlord's house and told him that I wouldn't be keeping the house after the end of the month. He wasn't happy with the short notice, but he cheered up a bit when I told him he could keep the security deposit in lieu of notice.

My next stop was the bank and I closed out the checking and savings accounts. They were in my name only so Elaine couldn't withdraw anything, but I didn't know if her attorney could somehow freeze the accounts or not, but I wasn't going to chance it. There were no credit cards to stop since I didn't believe in running up credit card debt and so I dealt in cash. Elaine didn't work and I handled all of our finances. I gave Elaine a weekly allowance to handle groceries and give her some spending money, but all that had just come to a screeching halt. In short, I stopped paying for anything where Elaine was concerned and fuck a bunch of court orders.

I had all that done by noon and I spent the rest of the day finding an apartment and then hitting a Goodwill to pick up some furniture. Then I hit the Wal-Mart Super Store for sheets, blankets, pots and pans and groceries.

The next day I was not surprised when I got a call from Elaine telling me that the electricity had been turned off.

"Why tell me Elaine? I don't live there anymore."

"I called the electric company and they told me that you cancelled the service."

"Yes I did. Since I don't live there anymore I'm not going to pay the bill."

"You have to take care of those things Rob. My lawyer says the court gave me temporary use of the family domicile and you have to maintain it."

"I don't care what the divorce papers say Elaine. If I don't live there I don't pay. Best you get out and find a job Elaine (she wasn't working with Shelly anymore — both of them had been laid off) instead of walking around knocking on doors and handing out your cult's literature."

"You are going to get in trouble Rob."

"What are they going to do Elaine? Stick me in jail? That just means that I'll lose my job and no job means no money and no money means that I won't be sending you the six hundred bucks a month I agreed to give you."

"The court says you have to send me a thousand."

"Maybe so, but I only agreed to six hundred that day we sat at the kitchen table and that is all I am going to send. Get a job Elaine. You are going to need one. You have a few more surprises coming your way."

"What do you mean Rob? What did you do?"

"Goodbye Elaine."

I hung up and my cell phone rang almost immediately and I saw it was from Elaine so I just let it ring.

That night at Riley's I asked Leslie if she was still interested and she asked me what had happened to the "I'm still married" bit. I explained what had happened and that as far as I was concerned I was released. She grabbed her purse and said:

"Let me leave first. Wait about five minutes and then meet me in the Safeway parking lot and then you can follow me home."

I pulled into the Safeway lot and she flashed her lights and pulled out and I followed her to her apartment. As soon as we were inside she started stripping and led me to her bedroom. She pulled the covers down, got on the bed and looked up at me.

"No foreplay baby, let's get right to it."

I came rather quickly and apologized. I told her that it had been a while since I'd had regular sex and she told me not to worry because she was sure that I wasn't done for the night. She went down on me and got me serviceable again and the second time lasted a good deal longer and I was pleased that I was able to give her an orgasm. Then I surprised her and went down on her and after a couple of minutes of my working on her clit she pushed me away and swung into a sixty-nine with me. This led to another erection and then she applied the cure for the problem and I was able to give her one more orgasm.

As I laid there next to her staring up at the ceiling and trying to catch my breath Leslie asked:

"Penny for your thoughts?"

"They aren't very gentlemanly."

"Okay, a nickel then."

"I've been stopping at Riley's for a couple of months now and I've never seen you go out to the parking lot or leave with anybody. All of a sudden you invite me to come home with you. Since I'm no Robert Redford or Brad Pitt I have to wonder about that."

"No big secret there. I'm just a bit picky about who I hook up with. You might not be a Redford or a Pitt, but you ain't all that bad."

"Picky? What made you pick me?"

"You have been coming into the bar for months now and you have never had anything to do with any of the girls who are there."


"Let me give you an example. You know Sherry?"

"She's the redhead, right?"

"Yes and have you noticed what she does?"

"No, not really. I haven't paid all that much attention."

"Shelly, at one time or another, has left the bar with everyone of the guys from Woodbine except you. The same can be said about Alice, Mary and Becky. That means that those four have shared at least eight guys between them and those eight guys are not at Riley's every night. Where are they and who are they with on the nights they are not at Riley's? Have you ever heard that when you have sex with someone you are having sex with everyone they have ever had sex with? And you are exposed to everything that they have been exposed to? I'm not the least bit interested in a bunch of promiscuous men. But I'm still a horny female with her juices flowing and along comes untouched, unsullied you. A man who flat out tells me that he won't have sex while he is till married. It is as simple as that."

"Can I take that to mean as long as I stay away from Alice, Mary, Becky and Sherry we can do this again sometime?"

"Oh yes indeed honey and speaking of again" she said as she reached for my cock, "How are we doing here?"

We did fine one more time and then I headed for my apartment. Before I left Leslie's place she told me that she didn't ever want to leave the bar with me because she didn't want anyone to think she was like Sherry and the other girls. We would always leave separately and then meet up and that is what we did the next two nights.

On Thursday I got a call from Gerald Montrose's secretary and she informed me that he would like to see me when it was convenient. I asked her who Montrose was and found out that he was the lawyer handling Elaine's divorce. I told the women that it wouldn't ever be convenient and I said goodbye and hung up.

Twenty minutes later she called me again and asked me to please hold for Mr. Montrose. I told her that no way was I going to hold for him and I was just ready to hang up when he came on the line. He cut right to the chase.

"Normally I wouldn't do this. I'd just file the necessary paperwork to bring you into court, but Mrs. McKeean doesn't want to see you go to jail for contempt so I'm trying to handle this the easy way. The court orders contained in the divorce paperwork require you to maintain the principal residence pending the final court decision on your divorce. That means that you need to get the utilities turned back o0n. If you get that done today I will tear up the paperwork I've prepared for the court. In addition we will just forget about you breaking in and removing property while Mrs. McKeean was out."

"Forget it. I'll tell you the same thing I told Elaine. I'm not paying for someplace where I'm not living. I had everything worked out fine with Elaine and the divorce would have been painless for both of us if she had just stuck with the agreement we made. She didn't so fuck her. And I have no idea what you are talking about when you say that I broke in. I have it on good authority that Elaine gave bags of stuff to Goodwill on the day after I had the utilities turned off and I know damned well that it was my clothing and personal items in those bags. Go ahead and bring it up in front of the judge and let's see what he has to say about it."

"Then you leave me no choice. I'll file the papers with the court this afternoon."

"You do that, but while you are doing that think of this. I'm not paying and all they can do is find me in contempt of court and lock me up. That means I'll lose my job and no job means no money. I knew going in when I told Elaine to handle the divorce I would end up paying for it, but again — no job, no money. Think of that while you are walking into the courthouse."

I hung up on him and got back to work.

Friday was the last day of the month and I got another call and this time it was from a crying Elaine.

"What did you do Rob? Mr. Barker was just here. He was surprised I'm still here."

"I told you that I'm not paying for a place where I'm not living."

"He says I have to get out since he has already rented the house to someone else. What am I going to do?"

"Not my problem Elaine. Go ask those assholes in your cult that told you that you needed to divorce me and don't forget that it was your choice to break the agreement we made. You know, the one where I said I would take care of the rent and utilities as long as we lived in the house together?"

I hung up on her and I was smiling when I did it.

Monday I went to work and told my boss that I needed to speak with him. I told him what was going on and what I was going to do.

"I don't know when they will come for me, but I thought I should give you advanced notice so you can start looking for someone to replace me."

"You really going to sit in jail rather than do what they want?"


"I wish I would have had your balls when I went through my divorce. What I can do for you is promise you a job when it is all over with. Good luck."

That night I told Leslie what was likely to happen and she told me not to worry, that she would bring me a cake with a hacksaw blade inside of it.

It was eleven days before a man caught me coming out of work and served me with papers ordering me to appear in court. The appearance date was ten days away and I tossed the papers in the trash and ignored them. Meanwhile I heard (from Shelly) that Elaine had moved in with two other single Jehovah's Witnesses. Elaine called me half a dozen times, but I hung up as soon as I heard her voice.

Nineteen days after the court date that I didn't bother to show up for a deputy sheriff showed up at work with a bench warrant for my arrest on a charge of "failure to appear."

To shorten things a little when the judge asked me while I failed to appear I told him that we had been real busy at work and I had forgotten about it. He knew it was bullshit, but he moved on and asked me why I had failed to follow the courts orders. I told him of my verbal agreement with Elaine and that I had no intention of doing anything other that what I had agreed to with her. He told me that my verbal agreement had no legal standing, but that court orders had the full weight of the law behind them. He then ordered me to provide housing for Elaine and pay her the court ordered temporary maintenance including the arrearage. I told him no. I would not do anything other than what I had previously agreed to with Elaine which of course was now impossible since she had broken that agreement. He found me "in contempt of court and gave me fifteen days.

At the end of fifteen days I was brought back in front of him and I told him no again and got another fifteen days. After that I went back in front of him every fifteen days and got another fifteen. At the end of one hundred and forty-two days I was released. I was let loose because the divorce was final and there was a new set of court orders and I was told I'd better pay attention to them or I would be back. I just smiled and said:

"Save me a good cell."

I had given Leslie the key to my apartment and when I got the first fifteen days I called her and let her know. I knew once I got to court I was going to be there for a while and I had already set things up with Leslie. As soon as she got my call she cleaned out my apartment and put all my things in storage and then she went over to Woodbine and picked up my truck and parked it at her place.

When I was released I called her and she came and got me. As I waited for her I read the divorce decree. I was ordered to pay court costs, twelve hundred a month in alimony and Elaine's attorney's fees. I promptly paid the court costs, but that was all I was going to pay.

Leslie offered to let me stay with her until I could get back to work and get a place of my own.

"You do know what you are letting yourself in for, don't you" I asked.

"No. What?"

I've been one hundred and forty-two days without sex and I have needs."

"It has been the same amount of time for me too and frankly I'm not sure you have enough strength to meet my needs."

"A challenge? I like challenges."

I'm not ashamed to say that while I didn't fully meet her needs that night she didn't complain about it too much in the morning.

I called my brother to let him know I was out and where I was and he told me that Elaine had called him and had asked him to have me call her. Out of curiosity I called and asked her what she wanted.

"You are supposed to pay me twelve hundred a month and I would like to know when I'll start getting it."

"Well let's see Elaine. I just spent one hundred and forty-two days in jail and I don't have a job. So you won't get a dime until a couple of things happen. One, I need to find work. Two, I lost twenty-one weeks of work and that cost me over nine thousand dollars that I will need to recover. At six hundred dollars a week that means it will be 16 weeks before you get the first dime."

"Six hundred? You have to send me twelve."

"When we sat at the kitchen table I agreed to give you six hundred and that is all I am going to give you and you won't even get that if you bitch and I go back to jail. Jail isn't a hardship to me Elaine. I have a bed to sleep in, a roof over my head and three meals a day. What will you have while I'm sitting in there?"

"Why are you being this way Rob? You said yes to the divorce without any argument at all so why are you being this way now?"

"Because you fucked me Elaine. Because you broke the agreement we made when we sat down at the kitchen table to figure out who would get what. I told you the night you stuck me with that restraining order and closed the door in my face to remember that you were the one who fucked things up. Now you can live with it. Goodbye Elaine."

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