Charlie and Karen
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, MaleDom, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Size,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - When Karen learns that Charlie has handed in his notice she makes him an offer he can't refuse and they begin a roller-coaster ride of hot, kinky, sexual adventures. He ends an on-off relationship with a boring lover who wants him back and she goes to some extreme measures to split them up. Join the ride as they team up with a virgin and her twisted parents, a porn film maker and other sundry characters. Story codes do not apply to all chapters. Specific codes are included in each chapter.

After a little over three years in his current job Charles Rhodes decided it was time to move on. It had been challenging at first but he was getting bored with the same day-to-day drudgery of liasing between directors and management. Only the two senior directors knew about his background and neither was surprised when he said he was resigning. Charlie's expertise had worked wonders in improving communication and the practices he had set up would continue in his absence. In short, he wasn't needed any longer and he knew it as well as they did.

Charlie was thirty eight, a confirmed bachelor with a number of failed relationships behind him. He had met and gone out with several women who claimed to be sexually liberated but only one had shown the potential to live up to his expectations and she had resisted all his attempts to get her into bed. He was fit and well built but no-one had ever, or would ever, call him 'drop-dead-gorgeous. At best he could be called handsome but that would be in a dim light.

He had an on-off relationship with Diane, a woman he met at a friend's wedding. It was currently on but they only saw each other a few times a month. She was boring in bed. For Diane, going to bed naked was almost kinky and any position other than 'missionary' was perverted. Charlie only continued to see her because sex with her was better than his right hand and she made very few demands on him.

Karen, one of the secretaries, was the only person who reacted when the news that he had resigned finally made its way down the grapevine. In her mid thirties, she was attractive but not what most people would call beautiful. She had wavy raven hair, slightly longer than shoulder length, a round face, high cheek bones, a delicate mouth and highly expressive brown eyes. She was slim, almost skinny - some described her figure as 'boyish'. She always dressed on the sexy side of smart, usually in a knee-length or slightly shorter skirt and blouse or jumper. She was very friendly, enjoyed a joke, even a risqué one, and to Charlie and a few of his male colleagues was known to enjoy flirting.

She had done a lot of work for Charlie and they had got to know each other very well. Their frequent conversations had often touched on their private lives and included intimate details of their various relationships. Whenever she had split up from her latest boyfriend he asked her out but they had never gone further than having a friendly drink after work. He felt certain that she was attracted to him just as he was attracted to her but whenever he suggested taking their relationship further she always declined and said she would rather they remain good friends. Charlie found it hard to understand why but she wouldn't elaborate on her reasons.

Their close though purely professional relationship and mutual attraction were the only things that had kept him with the company for the last three months. Finally, with no sign of her changing her mind, Charlie decided that he might as well move on to the next challenge, running his own business.

He wasn't surprised when, on Friday morning, Karen came into his office without being called. For quite a few moments she stood in the doorway, staring at him with her usual warm, sexy smile. "I just heard that you've handed in your notice," she said, leaning against the open door. "Is it true?"

Charlie nodded. "Yes, and I'm sorry but you can't persuade me to stay."

"That's not why I'm here," she said, closing the door. "I'm glad you're leaving."

A hurt expression darkened his face as he said, "So, you'll be glad to see the back of me then?"

"NO! Of course not. Don't be silly, Charlie, I hope to see you again and often. I'm glad because I can finally tell you what I've been wanting to say for ages. There is only one way to say this so I'm just going to tell you straight." She paused for a second then said, "I want you to fuck my brains out. I want to be yours. I want you to do anything you like to me. And just in case you don't believe me after all this time," she said, locking the door, "I'm going to give you something to prove it. Consider this the wrapping for a very personal leaving present from me."

He was still recovering from the shock of her bold statement when she leant back against the door and pulled her knee length skirt up until it was bunched around her waist. She was wearing black tights and, Charlie noticed, little black knickers. He was dumbfounded when she slipped one hand into the waistband of her tights and down into her knickers. Through the material he could see her fingers digging between her legs and into her pussy. Her back arched and her head rested on the door as her fingers moved slowly between her legs.

After a few moments she pulled her hand out and ripped the waistband of her knickers, first on one side and then the other. In one of the most erotic displays Charlie had ever seen, Karen slowly masturbated with the crotch of her knickers, pulling the torn garment up until the material was a narrow band between her labia lips. With one hand in front and one behind, she worked the tight strip back and forth over her clit. Her breathing became laboured as she used the crotch of her knickers to bring herself closer and closer to orgasm. With gasping breath and her eyes closed tight in concentration, Karen brought herself off while Charlie just sat there and watched in amazement, almost unable to believe what he was seeing.

Karen let out a soft groan then opened her eyes to watch him as she drew the torn knickers out from between her legs. She stood there, leaning against the door and dangling the ruined knickers from a finger for a few moments before walking over to his desk. Her skirt was still around her waist and Charlie stared at the dark bush of pubic hair through her tights. Without another word she bent down and gave him a soft, sensual kiss on the lips while stuffing the remnants of her knickers into his shirt pocket.

Standing just inches before him, her skirt around her waist, Karen spoke again, "You have no idea how hard it's been for me to keep turning you down but I think you know that I've always been attracted to you."

Charlie nodded as he said, "So, why did you keep turning me down?"

"I was just coming to that. I had a brief affair with a senior manager at my last job. It was a big mistake and a total disaster which led to all sorts of problems for me. I didn't lose my job but he made it so difficult for me to work that I ended up leaving. I like my job here and wasn't prepared to put it at risk for anyone, not even you. When I came here I swore I'd never get involved with a colleague ever again. That's why I've kept you as a friend when I really wanted you to be my lover."

"Oh, I see. Now it all makes sense."

"I don't know if you're still seeing Diane and, to be honest, I don't care. I can be yours now, if you still want me. I'll do anything your heart desires, anything at all, you can't shock me. I'll be your lover, your slut, your slave or anything you want me to be. You already know some of my tastes, I love to be used, used hard and treated roughly. Hurt me and I love it even more. I'm going home for the rest of the day, here's my address."

Karen took his hand and pressed it to her crotch saying, "It's up to you now." He could feel the heat and dampness of her pussy through her tights as she thrust her jutting pubic mound against his hand. She held it there for almost a minute before pulling it away, raising it to her face, sniffing his fingers and then licking them. Without another word she smoothed her skirt down, turned and left his office.

Charlie's mind was in turmoil as he watched her leave. There was no doubt in his mind about what she was offering but it was all so sudden. Her offer was just too appealing to refuse. Her willingness to satisfy any desire he might have was almost too good to believe but he didn't doubt her sincerity for a second. Often, during their frequent chats, Charlie had got a hard-on as he listened to her talk about her needs and desires. On more than one occasion he had contemplated throwing her on the desk, ripping her clothes off and ravaging her. Even though he knew she would enjoy such treatment, he hadn't done it simply because she had made it quite clear that they were only friends.

It was his last day and he had planned to leave at the usual time but the prospect of what she was offering changed his mind. He cleared his desk within minutes and, after a few hurried goodbyes, left for the last time. The drive to Karen's took a little over thirty minutes during which his mind ran wild with the exciting possibilities of what he would be able to do with her.

Karen lived in a modest semi-detached on a quiet street. Charlie parked in the driveway behind her car and rang the bell. After trying three times and getting no response he walked around the side and down towards the back garden. Over the gate he could see Karen lying face down on a towel on the lawn. She was wearing a red bikini with the top undone so she could tan her back and shoulders without leaving lines. Her slim arse was on display with the thin strap of the thong peeking between her cheeks. Her thighs were spread slightly leaving enough of a gap so he could see the bulge of her pussy filling out the crotch of the suit.

Wanting to surprise her, he tried the gate but it was locked. Karen heard the noise and looked over. She stood up as soon as she saw who was rattling the gate and went over to unlock it, leaving the bikini top lying on the towel. Her tits, two small, firm globes about a B cup in size, sitting high on her chest, were tipped with the largest, darkest nipples he'd ever seen. He saw that her areolae were well over an inch in diameter with the nipples standing out at least half an inch.

Charlie wasn't attracted to big tits, as far as he was concerned anything more than a handful was a waste. What did attracted him to a woman was large nipples that showed well through clothing. Karen had one of the best pairs he had ever seen and she didn't attempt to camouflage them with loose tops. As he looked at them in their semi-erect state he hoped they were as sensitive as they looked.

"Hi," she said as she opened the gate, closing and locking it behind him. Without another word Karen dropped to her knees at his feet and pressed her face against his groin. Her tongue snaked out to lick the swelling bulge of his prick through his pants before her mouth opened to nibble it gently. Still licking and nibbling, Karen reached up to undo his trousers and then swiftly pulled them down to his ankles, along with his shorts.

Karen looked straight up into his eyes as she licked the length of his naked cock. Smiling sexily, she opened her mouth wide and slowly engulfed his throbbing cock. Tilting her head back she bent forward and slowly, oh so slowly, devoured his cock all the way to the root.

He could feel the delicious pressure of her throat massaging his knob with talented muscles. Her tongue flicked along the underside of his prick as she pulled back before quickly pushing forward, filling her mouth and throat with the hard length of his cock.

Karen face-fucked him ferociously until she could feel the spunk starting to rise in his tightening balls. She quickly plunged a finger deep into her pussy and, pulling it out covered with her glistening juices, reached behind him to plunge it into his arse. It was too much for Charlie to resist and he started to come. Karen held still, her nose pressed into his hairy groin as strong contractions forced the spunk up his shaft to spurt in fierce jets deep into her eagerly swallowing throat. It was the most incredible blow job he'd ever had. The whole time he was pumping spunk into her throat, Karen was moaning and mewing and fingering his arsehole.

That was just the start of an afternoon that neither of them would ever forget.

Charlie didn't know how she managed it without suffocating but Karen kept his cock deep in her throat until it started to shrink. Letting it slip from her mouth, Karen held the softening cock up out of the way so she could bathe his balls with her tongue, stopping occasionally to use her lips to kiss and lick the underside of his half-hard prick. She used her hands to urge him to turn around and then, still playing with his cock and balls, she began to lick all around his arsehole.

Charlie groaned with pleasure when she concentrated her tongue action on his anus. No woman had ever done that to him before and he loved the increased stimulation as her long tongue pushed up into his rectum. She had never mentioned doing it and he wondered if this was the first time she had done it.

He was starting to get hard again and he realised it wasn't just her hands and mouth that turned him on. The pleasure was enhanced by the thought that Karen, the woman he'd fancied for years, was almost naked and on her knees in her own back garden doing kinky things with him. He couldn't help wondering if anyone might be watching them; that thought made his cock twitch in her hand and gave him an idea.

Karen had given him a fantastic blow-job so Charlie decided it was time to give her a little pleasure as well. He pulled her hands off his genitals and stepped forward to dislodge her tongue from his arse. Then, remembering that she liked it rough, he grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her to her feet.

The first thing he noticed was the look of lust in her eyes. Then he looked down and saw her nipples, they were stiffly erect and standing out almost an inch from her pretty little tits. They seemed to be begging for his attention.

A few of Charlie's girlfriends had been submissives who enjoyed being dominated and would allow him to practice bondage and spanking. He had never met a true masochist though he had often wondered how it would feel to hurt someone for pleasure. Karen had said she enjoyed pain, he wanted to see how far he could go with her and how much she could take.

There was a smile on Karen's face as she watched him take off his pants. Her eyes closed and a soft moan escaped her lips as he stepped closer and forced his right leg between hers. She immediately began to grind her crotch against his thigh. His hands came up to her tits and squeezed, another soft moan told him she liked that. He grabbed both nipples and squeezed them between fingers and thumbs. He was gentle at first but as her moans grew louder and her crotch jerked faster he crushed them harder. Seeing and hearing her response he began to roll them between his fingers, twisting them quite hard. "Oh yes, Charlie," she sighed, "that's it, hurt them."

He told her to lean back and her sigh became a gasp of joy, her head falling back as her tits began to stretch. Karen was really loving it. He could feel the pull of her body as she leant back further. Her hips began to jerk against his thigh and, with a sharp cry, she started to come against his leg.

One of Charlie's biggest turn-ons was to see, feel and hear the pleasure of his partner. Karen's amazing orgasm had brought his cock to full attention but his recent orgasm had satisfied his immediate lust so he continued to play with Karen's body, particularly her nipples.

She was still grinding the wet crotch of her bikini against his thigh and he kept a tight grip on her nipples, twisting them fiercely as she continued to gasp and groan. She had her second orgasm a couple of minutes later and, as it subsided, he used her nipples to pull her closer, their mouths met and they kissed passionately, hungrily devouring each other.

"I'm so fucking horny," Karen panted "Take me. Do anything you want to me, anything."

"I will," he replied, taking her hand and leading her out of the garden and onto the drive. "How do you feel about being out here almost naked?"

Karen's response was to push down her bikini bottoms, step out of them and flick them towards the fence before saying, "I think I should be totally naked if that's what pleases you."

They were behind her car, half hidden from the road, so he pulled her to the side where anyone passing who happened to look down the drive would be able to see her.

At a word from Charlie, Karen lay face down over the front of her car. His own car was still a partial block to a casual glance but neither cared. Charlie knelt behind her and pushed her legs apart to gain access to her slippery slit. His thumbs held the hairy lips apart as his tongue travelled up and down but never getting too close to her clit. Her juice was still flowing thickly, it tasted so sweet that he could have kept on licking her for ages but that wasn't part of his plan. He stopped after a few minutes and stood up, leaving Karen moaning in frustration.

"If you want to come again," he told her sternly, "you'll have to play with your pussy." Karen got up, turned to face him, and leant against the side of the car, spreading her legs wide as her fingers came down to her pussy. "If you put on a good show I might hurt your nipples again."

With a brief smile Karen started to rub her clit faster while Charlie crouched down to watch, resting his back against the house. Karen brought her other hand down to her pussy with the intention of sticking a finger or two inside. She realised that would block Charlie's view so she slid her hand under her arse and pushed two fingers into her pussy from behind. Charlie watched her fingers, slick with juice, slip out of her cunt and move back to her arse.

"Stop," he said sharply. With a deep groan of frustration she froze. "You will only do what I tell you to," he said with just a hint of a threat, "If you want to do more to yourself you have to ask me for permission."

"I want to play with my arse," she groaned. "Please Charlie, let me stick a finger up my arse. Please!" He nodded and she immediately stuffed a finger into her arse and started rubbing her clit furiously. Charlie stood up and grabbed her nipples, crushing them flat as she started to come again. He leant against her groin, trapping her hand against her pubic bone as she cried out with sharp little gasps of pleasure.

When she came down from her peak Charlie told her it was time to go inside. She led the way back through the garden and he followed, collecting their clothes on the way.

In the upstairs window of the house across the road, the corner of a net curtain was pulled back into place.

Watching her slender hips sway and her rounded cheeks wobble as she walked made Charlie wonder what it would be like to sink the full length of his rather large cock deep into her guts. He decided that was just one of the many things that he would do to her when they got inside.

As soon as the door closed behind them Charlie took off his jacket, shirt and tie. They kissed passionately for many minutes before he grabbed a handful of her silky hair and forced her to bend down over the kitchen table. As her nipples touched the surface he brought his hand down hard on her buttocks with a resounding 'crack'. Her pale skin quickly turned rosy where his hand had struck. Karen gasped but made no move to get up so he slapped her again.

"If you want me to spank you harder you'll have to beg," he said, stroking her stinging cheeks.

"Please spank me, Charlie," she whispered. "Spank me as hard as you can."

He did as she asked, spanking her reddening cheeks with increasing force. Karen gripped the edge of the table, crying out with a mixture of pain and pleasure each time his hand sent her body jerking forward on the table. When he stopped her pretty little arse was bright red and hot to the touch.

Tears of joy were rolling down her cheeks when she stood up, rubbing her smarting cheeks, "Thanks Charlie, that was great. It's been ages since I had a really good spanking. As I told you, my last boyfriend wouldn't do it, he said he didn't want to hurt me. He just couldn't understand how much I love it. You know, if you'd kept on spanking me for a bit longer you'd have made me come."

"You never said that you could come form being spanked," said Charlie.

"I couldn't tell you everything," she replied, "I always hoped that one of us would leave our jobs so we could get together. I was almost ready to give notice myself when I heard that you had beat me to it."

"You should have told me last year. I would have resigned immediately."

"Damn! I didn't know or I would have done. We've wasted a whole damned year!"

"I wouldn't say it's been a waste, at least we got to know each other. Anyway, we're here now and I want to find out everything about you. Can you come from other things that hurt?"

"It all depends but any pain to my tits or pussy can make me come. I always come harder when there's pleasure as well as pain."

"Have you ever done it yourself, come from hurting yourself?"

"Not just from pain, no. I've hurt myself while masturbating but I've always been doing something else as well. Do you want to see if I can." Charlie nodded and Karen said, "Can I play with myself first?"

He nodded again so Karen stroked her clit for a minute or two before grabbing her nipples. She squeezed them as hard as she could, gasping in pain as she pulled and twisted them.

"Tell me what to do, Charlie," she whispered. "Tell me how you want me to hurt myself."

"Squeeze your tits hard, crush them."

Karen released her nipples and grabbed her tits, squeezing them as hard as she could.

"Dig your nails in. I want to see you leave marks in your tits."

She did as he said, crushing her tits between her fingers and the heel of her hand, her nails sinking in deeply.

"Now your nipples," he demanded after a few seconds. "Dig your nails into them."

Again, Karen followed his instructions and tormented her nipples with her fingernails. Charlie saw the rows of crescent shaped marks left by her nails on her tits then watched her nipples turn white around her fingers as the tips turned a darker shade.

"Now pull. Pull them hard. Hard enough to rip your nipples off."

"Oh God! Oh God!" she gasped as she stretched her nipples out and dug her nails in deeper. "I'm nearly there," she grunted, adding a twisting motion to her fingers and making the muscles stand out on her arms.

"Now your pussy. Slap it. Slap it hard! Use one hand on your tits and the other on your cunt."

Her hand came down on her pussy and her back arched as the pleasure/pain shot through her body. Again and again, she slapped her pussy with her right hand while the left alternated between her nipples, pulling, twisting and crushing each tender bud in turn.

Through the thick bush of dark pubic hair, Charlie could see her pussy mound turning red. Her labia and clit were already swelling under the welter of blows she was delivering to her body and her hips were jerking up to meet her hand. She was close to coming when Charlie said, "Punish your cunt, bitch. Hit it hard. Harder! Harder!"

Those words were like a trigger and Karen instantly shot off into orbit, her hips beating out a staccato rhythm as they jerked and thrashed around on the table. She screamed so loudly that Charlie felt sure the neighbours would hear and come to investigate.

As soon as her orgasm was over, Charlie grabbed her hair and half dragged her off the table and onto her knees on the kitchen floor. Thinking that he wanted another blow-job, she immediately grabbed his cock and guided it to her mouth but he pulled her head back. He wanted to do something else but hesitated, he needed to know just how far she was prepared to go first.

"There's something I want to do," he began, still holding her hair. "It never came up in conversation so I don't know if it's something you're willing to do. I'm sure there will be many instances like this so I want to know now, should I tell you what I'm going to do before I start?"

Karen looked up with a mischievous grin and said, "Would you be looking for permission?"

"Probably not. Certainly not in this case."

"Good! That's the way I want you to be with me. When I said you can do anything I meant just that. Knowing what you are going to do would give me chance to prepare and might increase the anticipation but I do like surprises as well. I can't think of anything that I wouldn't try at least once for you but if it's really severe perhaps you should warn me first. Remember though, I want to be used hard and, to me, that means accepting everything you want to do to me."

That was all Charlie needed to hear so he moved behind her and arranged her body as he wanted it. In a few minutes Karen was kneeling down, grasping her ankles with her back arched and her head tilted right back.

"Keep your mouth wide open and your head very still," he said. "I'm going to fuck your face."

He stroked his cock in and out of her mouth a few times, letting her get used to the position, before driving down into her throat. The sight of her neck swelling as his cock drove down the tight sleeve of her throat was incredible. He stroked in and out fully a few times just to enjoy the sight of what his cock was doing to her.

A deep-throat blow-job wasn't the only thing he wanted to do. There was something else that he'd always fantasised about doing with a woman, something perverted. When Karen reiterated her desire to be used and her willingness to accept whatever he wanted to do, he was ready to fulfil the first of many fantasies. He pulled out of her mouth and left her kneeling on the floor as he thought about anything but her body. Slowly his cock softened a little and he stepped over her legs so his cock was pointing at her face. Karen had a sudden idea about what he was planning and straightened up just as his hand grasped her hair and drew her forward. With the head of his cock inches from her open mouth he closed his eyes and relaxed.

Determined to do it but unsure of how she would react, Charlie let only a short jet of hot piss squirt into Karen's mouth. It took her a few seconds to react but Charlie was very pleased to see her swallow the mouthful of piss and then open her mouth for more. He gave her another mouthful which she swallowed immediately.

"Oh yes, Charlie, piss on me," she sighed while waiting for more. "Use me as a toilet, piss all over me."

He aimed at her open mouth and let go, quickly filling her mouth to overflowing with hot, tangy piss. Karen realised that he wasn't going to stop again and swallowed as fast as she could, desperate to drink as much as she could. Between each mouthful the flow splashed off her face, running in hot trickles down her body where her hands spread at all over. Karen was without doubt, Charlie decided, the most exciting, kinky and, above all, willing woman he'd ever had.

By the time Charlie's bladder was empty Karen was drenched. It was in her hair, on her face and glistening on her tits and belly. There was no mistaking how turned on she was by being used as a toilet, her fingers were a blur as she rubbed her clit.

"Make yourself come then clean up the mess," he said as he stepped back.

With another idea in mind, Charlie went on a search through the kitchen cupboards and was delighted to find a basket of wooden clothes peg. He also picked up a bottle of cooking oil. When he turned back he saw Karen on her knees, lapping up his piss from the tiled floor. He had meant that she should clean herself but Karen took it to mean the mess on the floor. He decided not to correct her since she was enjoying herself and put the pegs and oil on the table while watching her lick up the mess.

"You must let me know when you've had enough," he said when she was leaning against the table, drying her body with a towel.

"I'll never get enough of this kinky stuff," she said, rubbing the towel over her pussy. "I love it! It makes me feel like a really dirty slut and that just turns me on even more." She looked at the pegs and bottle that he had placed on the table and, with a lusty grin, said, "I see you've got something else in mind. Should I guess or do you want to tell me?"

Taking the towel and wiping her neck where she'd missed a spot he grinned and said, "Why don't you guess."

"It's not that hard," she giggled. "I think you're going to put some of those clothes pegs on me, probably on my nipples and tits, maybe on my cunt as well. As for the oil, well, you know my cunt doesn't need extra lubrication so that must be for my arse. I think I'm about to get your wonderful cock up my arse. I think you're going to fuck the shit out of me."

"Close," Charlie said, still grinning, "very close. I'm not going to put the pegs on you, you're going to put them on yourself. And not just some of them, you're going to use every single one."

Karen didn't wait to hear if she was right about the oil before picking up a handful of pegs. She put the first one right at the base of her left nipple, moaning softly as the stiff spring crushed the tender, swollen bud between the hard wooden jaws. Enough nipple was left sticking out to put two more on and these made her cry out, especially the last one which crushed the very tip of her nipple.

"Why didn't I think to use these," she gasped as she started on her right nipple.

With three pegs on each nipple she started on her tits and made a circle around her nipples These didn't hurt as much and she only sighed as she clipped more and more onto the firm mounds. There were still quite a few pegs left when she had put as many as she could on her tits so she made a circle of them around her navel and then started a line down her softly rounded belly. She tried putting a few on her mound but they wouldn't grip because of her pubic hair and ended up on the floor. Sitting on the table with her legs spread wide, Karen put the remaining pegs on her thick outer lips, gasping as the jaws gripped and crushed her sensitive flesh.

When the basket was empty Charlie told Karen to get on the floor on her hands and knees. He then pushed her shoulders down and, apart from her heavy breathing, the only sound in the kitchen was the click of wooden pegs on tiles. Karen rested her cheek on the floor then arched her back, raised her arse up and used her hands to spread her cheeks, ready for Charlie to plunder her back passage.

She was right that the oil was going to be used to lubricate her arse but not for his cock. He said nothing as he opened the bottle and poured some down the crack between her cheeks. She giggled, saying it was cold and tickled but she stopped giggling and started groaning as two of Charlie's fingers began to work it into her anus. Karen's arse was hot and tight and clutched his fingers as he moved them around inside her. He poured more oil between her cheeks, spreading his fingers to open her up and allow the oil to run into her rectum. Karen sighed and pushed back, urging him to go deeper into her arse. She thought he was preparing her tight hole for his cock but, in all probability, it wouldn't have made any difference if she had know what was coming.

"Don't make it easy on me," she said when she felt a third finger going in. "Just fuck me. Ram it up my dirty little hole. Bugger me, please. I want to be used like a cheap fucking whore. Do me, do me now!"

Charlie smiled as he added his little finger. "Are you sure?" he asked. "Do you really think your arse can take my fist so easily?"

"Your fist!" she gasped, her sphincter closing reflexively. "Oh God! No, I don't think it can."

"Do you want me to stop?" he asked, screwing all four fingers around and around in her slowly relaxing anus. "Would you rather have my cock?"

Karen was still and silent for a moment. She loved getting fucked in the arse but with a fist? She didn't know if her arse could take it. "No," she said without looking back at him. "If you want to fist my little arse, carry on. I've never tried it but I told you I'll let you do anything. Go ahead, push your fist into my arse, just go slowly, please."

"That's the way I was planning to do it anyway," he said, working his fingers a little more forcefully. Karen did her best to relax and moaned lustily as she felt her hole stretching around his fingers.

"Oh yes, that feels good," she sighed. "It hurts a bit but it feels good."

She was pushing back against his plunging, twisting fingers, wriggling from side to side and panting faster. Charlie pushed harder and Karen squealed when his knuckles slid through the ring of her arse.

"Jesus Charlie, you're going to make me come," she cried a few minutes later. "Fist me, darling. Fist my arse harder."

Charlie decided she was ready for the final push and tucked his thumb into the palm of his hand. He pushed in until the base of his thumb was against the tight ring and then stopped.

"If you want my fist in your arse," he said, his voice thick with desire, "you'll have to push yourself onto it."

Karen's head came up as she straightened her arms. She started pushing back harder, increasing the pressure as his fist slid a little deeper. Charlie kept his eyes on her arse, loving the sight of the tight hole stretching around his hand. She started rocking back and forth, fucking herself on his fingers and getting them a little deeper with each thrust. She was a fraction away from taking it past the knuckles when her hips began to roll as well.

With one hard push she forced her arse onto his hand, screaming as the narrow passage was forced to stretch almost beyond it's limits to accommodate the widest part of his hand. With his knuckles inside, the rest went much easier. To Charlie it felt like her arse was sucking his hand in deeper. He laid his other hand on her lower back, holding her still for a few moments before taking over and slowly fucking her arse with his fist. She came within a few seconds, screaming even louder than before as his hard hand ravaged the soft depths of her raw arse.

After her orgasm Charlie eased his fist out but, before the stretched hole could close, he plunged the full length of his cock in and pounded her rectum like a wild animal. If he hadn't loosened her up with his fist he would have come in seconds but the gaping channel felt like silk around his prick and he was able to hold off. He fucked her as hard as he could for as long as he could, making her scream through three more anal orgasms before shooting his load, coating the tender flesh of her bowels with hot, thick spunk.

Charlie left his cock inside her as they both recovered slowly. He was pleased to feel her arse closing around him as he started to soften. After a minute or so, Karen pulled away and his limp cock slipped out. She turned around and used her mouth to clean it. While sucking the head, she got another short drink of hot piss. Then, using her hair as a handle, he pulled her to her feet and kissed her deeply, crushing her pegged body against his own.

"You can take the pegs off now," he said, stepping back. Wincing in pain as the circulation was restored, Karen took the pegs off her body and dropped them back into the basket. Deep impressions in her skin showed where they had been, especially on her tits and nipples.

"I love the marks they leave," he said, lightly tracing the ridges and hollows with a finger. "We'll have a shower now," he said taking her hand, "but first I want you to shave your cunt. A bald pussy looks so much sexier than a hairy one."

"Yes sir, what a lovely idea," she crooned sweetly. "Then I'll be able to put pegs all over my mound as well."

They went to the bathroom where Karen prepared hot water, razor and foam. Shaving took quite a long time but they weren't in a hurry and she wanted to do a good job for him. Karen looked at herself when she had finished and agreed that a shaved pussy was a lot sexier to look at and even better to touch.

"It feels strange," she said, but it's exciting as well. Having a bald pussy makes me feel really slutty."

They showered together with lots of touching, fondling and kissing, it was the perfect ending to a wonderful afternoon but it wasn't the end of their relationship, it was just the beginning.

"I'm taking you out for dinner to celebrate." Charlie said as he dressed. "I want you to look like a tart, short skirt, low cut top, stockings but no underwear. I want your body available without having to fight through layers of clothing. I want you to act like a slut for me, let people see that you're not wearing underwear by flashing your tits and beautiful bald cunt to anyone who looks your way."

"I'm getting horny just thinking about it." She paused for a moment then continued, "It feels so strange, "we've known each other for quite a few years and now we're having our first real date after the best sex I've ever had."

"I know what you mean but it feels right to me. We already know each other quite well and I've fantasised about you quite a lot."

"Really! Did I measure up to your expectations? Was reality as good as the fantasies?"

"No, it was better! A hundred times better," he said, hugging and kissing her. "How do you feel about getting fucked by strangers?"

"We haven't even had our first date," Karen giggled, "and you're already thinking about having other people fuck me. If it's what you want my dear Charlie," she purred sexily as she snuggled up to him, "I'll fuck anyone, anywhere, anytime. I've never felt this way about anyone else before ... Oh my love, I'll do anything you want so long as we can stay together."

"I need to go home and take care of a few things. I'll pick you up at eight."

"I can hardly wait."

"I'm sorry Diane, I have to cancel next week. In fact I won't be seeing you again."

"You're dumping me! Just like that. You bastard!" Diane slammed the phone down in disgust. "How could he do that to me?" she demanded of the empty room.

She was upset but she didn't cry over him. She knew their relationship wasn't great but she was hoping it would get better. Now it was over. Why? An idea occurred to her, maybe it was another woman? She picked up the phone and called him back.

"So, is she better looking? More money? Better job? Bigger boobs? What?"

"I don't want to discuss it with you. It's none of your business."

"Is it sex, Charles? Is she better than me in bed?"

"I told you I'm not going to talk about her."

As soon as the word was out of his mouth he knew he had made a mistake, a big mistake. Diane pounced on it.

"I knew it! It is a woman and this is all about sex! She lets you do all those disgusting, perverted things you wanted me to do!"

"If you really must know, yes. She is better in bed! She is adventurous and willing to try different things. Honestly, Diane, it's nearly the twenty first century, there's more than one way to enjoy sex. Good-bye."

Charlie didn't slam the phone down but he didn't wait to see if she had anything else to say.

Stunned, Diane put the phone down and started sobbing. After a few minutes she stopped crying, dried her eyes, washed her face and fixed her make-up. Taking his photo out of her purse she looked at it and said, "No-one dumps me and gets away with it, Charles. I will get you back, you'll see."

Charlie made a few more calls, had a light snack, sorted out some paperwork, watched TV for a while then had a shave and got dressed for his date with Karen, the woman of his dreams.

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