Living the Dream
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Drunk/Drugged, Science Fiction, MaleDom, Polygamy/Polyamory, Anal Sex,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sean Mac Chen came to Phoenix on a scholarship, but found himself on a downward path. Now, he finds himself with new responsibilities. Can he save himself and those who now depend on him?

I woke up with a terrible hangover, not for the first time. And I didn't wake alone, also not for the first time. Last but not least, I was naked, which was also not unprecedented.

But I had never woken up with two bed partners before, and in particular, I'd never awakened to the feeling of furry heat pressed against my naked chest.

Sean Mac Chen at your service, citizen of the Celtic Republic, proud descendant of Irish Kings and Chinese Emperors. At least, that's what the drunken sods who'd given me birth claimed. Personally, I suspected my paternal ancestors had been criminals escaping the collapse of the New Heavenly Empire as it transformed itself into the New Chinese Republic. And I didn't think nearly that well of my maternal ancestors.

I'd dragged myself out of the illiterate hell-hole I'd been born to, mostly by an unquenchable thirst for the written word as found in the moldering libraries of Glasgow, and for the rather ancient texts that could be found on the free parts of the Worldweb. Applying myself at what was laughingly called school seemed pointless, so I'd studied other sources instead. My studies had had a number of useful effects and some that were less helpful. On the unhelpful side of the ledger, I tended to speak and write in a fashion that led my so-called peers to refer to me as sounding like a 'bloody antique toff.'

On the plus side, I'd managed to acquire a scholarship to the University here on Phoenix, as the Craxill home world called itself these days, to study biological engineering on a planet with three distinct genetic systems interacting in a single blended ecological system. The Craxill had 'invaded' first, bringing their food crops, livestock, pets, and favorite decorative plants to their new home. There'd been an interesting series of adaptive events, reminiscent of the introduction of kudzu to the southern part of the old United States.

Later, humans had come to the Craxill planet, bringing their own crops, and so on, and creating another wave of ecological upsets. There were still purely native ecosystems on some of the currently uninhabited continents, but wind-borne seeds and tourists were likely to spoil that purity eventually.

Having three active genomes to study, plus the records of the Hundmill, who the Craxill had traded with briefly centuries ago, the biologists of Phoenix had a unique insight into the nature of life, allowing them to easily identify which things were fundamental requirements of carbon/water-based life, and which things were mere historical accidents.

Unfortunately, of late I'd gotten myself caught up in a deadly feedback loop. Poor study habits and excessive drinking led to poor grades, which led to depression and feelings of incompetence, which led to more drinking and less studying, and so on around the circle. I was in serious danger of washing out, leading to the revocation of my student visa, and my repatriation back to Earth, where I would find myself unemployable.

I'd been celebrating a particularly poor set of examination results last night, with a group of fellow sufferers whose identities were still rather fuzzy. I remembered drinking far too much, and not much after that. And now, I was very much afraid that I'd done something very very wrong.

There were two naked Craxill lying on top of me, each with an arm across the other's back. Each one had their crotch pressed against one of my thighs, and to my distinct discomfort, one of those crotches was applying a disturbingly lumpy pressure. I was, as a former roommate once put it, disgustingly heterosexual, though I didn't consider myself homophobic. I was really starting to be afraid of what I'd done last night.

The furry form on my left began to stir slightly. She sighed, and the long tangled filaments of her tongue darted out as she sniffed me. Craxill didn't have noses; they smelled by drawing air through their tongues and 'tasting' the scents that rode the air. I sniffed myself, and flinched a bit at the odor of my alcohol-poisoned sweat. I found it difficult to imagine that my bed partners would find my current scent appealing.

The young female raised her head to look at me, with an unfamiliar expression on her face. "Good morning, lord," she said sleepily.

"I am no man's laird, nor woman's either," I snapped, then paused, aghast. In the English dialect in common use on Phoenix, 'lord' was the term of address used by a Craxill to his or her Alpha human. A married human couple, and a mated Craxill pair, joined to form a bonded quad. Husband and wife were lord and lady to the mated pair, who were called their brides. In very rare circumstances, the human female was the Alpha, and in that case she was the lord, and her husband the lady, which caused a great deal of consternation and amusement among the less sophisticated Earthers.

The young woman looked upset at my outburst, and I stroked her back to calm her, and said, "Forgive me; I spoke without thinking. I was very drunk last night, and I fear I have done something ill-advised. But if it is done, then it is done; I will not cast you out. I have never yet evaded a responsibility, and I do not intend to start with you.

"By your form of address, I take it that I took possession of you last night, making me the Alpha to your Beta. I am of Earth and not of Phoenix, and I admit to ignorance of the details of custom in these matters, but if you instruct me in my duties to you, I will fulfill them to the best of my ability."

Somewhat calmer, but still apprehensive, the young woman looked at me and said, "Yes, lord, you took me last night. But I am not a Beta as you believe, but a drone. I too was intoxicated last night, as was Naltort, and I fear that I too have been ill-advised. I love him, and he loves me, but I am a drone and he is not, and love between us is forbidden by ancient custom. I remember last night well enough to know that you took me, then bid him to take me as well. When he did, he bonded to me, even though as a drone I did not and can not bond to him in return."

I shook my head, and said, "And I don't suppose there's such a thing as a morning-after pill for either of you, is there? A magic potion to undo the damage done to your lives by my drunken lust?" I was sliding deeper into depression; bad enough that I'd ruined my own life, now I'd ruined two more. Only the thought that this beautiful creature would no doubt take her life if I took mine kept thoughts of suicide at bay.

I was woefully ignorant of the subtleties of Craxill expressions, but she seemed all too familiar with human ones. She touched my face soothingly and said, "You have done me no damage, my lord. You have filled a void that has grown in me since I became an adult, a void I thought would never be filled. So few of your people accept drones as their brides that I feared I would have to remain part of the clan to which I was born; and Sminran has never treated their drones well.

"While my love for Naltort is forbidden by ancient custom, the modern customs given to us by Lord Phoenix are silent on the matter, other than the mandate to treat Beta and Drone as equals except as required by our biology. That mandate, however, would not have been strong enough for most of the humans of Phoenix to set aside ancient custom and allow Naltort and I to be together."

Stroking her back again, I said, "I'm admittedly vague on the subject of drones, but I like to think that I am properly egalitarian, and if you believe that you and Naltort will be happy together, then I am glad that I was able to help you. I only hope you do not regret what I have done.

"Speaking of regrets, I have one to share with you. I was so drunk last night that not only do I not remember making you mine, I don't even remember your name."

"She is Tarmant, lord," came a quiet voice from my right. "I have loved her for months, and dreaded the thought of having to leave her to become mated. Now I am hers, and we are yours, and I could not be happier."

I turned to look at him, and winced as the top of my head tried to come off. Both of my furry bed partners looked concerned, and I spoke reassuringly to them.

"I don't know what kind of poisons your species uses to get drunk, but ours have pretty nasty aftereffects, especially if you overindulge, like I did. I'm in a lot of pain, but I'll be fine after a few aspirin and a lot of water."

Naltort glanced at Tarmant, and moved away from me, then got up and left the room. I watched him leave, his gait just a bit unsteady. He didn't seem to be in pain; I still wondered if I'd buggered him like I was sure I'd buggered his new wife.

He was back quickly with a large glass of water and the aspirin bottle from my (filthy) bathroom. I shook out a minor overdose and washed them down, then lay back while I waited for them to work. "Thank you, mate," I said with a sigh. "That will have me sorted soon enough."

"Mate?" Naltort asked, confused. Tarmant looked puzzled as well.

"Sorry, cultural differences. Words mean different things back home than here. Back there, a 'bride' is a newly married human female, not a Craxill. 'Mate' just means 'friend, ' usually used between two men. There are other differences too."

Tarmant sniffed me again, breathing deeply, then said, "Forgive me, lord, but I must leave you for a moment, I have to use the bathroom."

My bed (which I never would have expected to hold three) was placed up against the wall, and Naltort had been on the open side, so Tarmant was going to have to climb over me to get out. Other than my head, I wasn't in any serious discomfort, so I merely said, "A kiss for toll, then, and climb over me. I'm not in dire straits yet, and I want to let the aspirin do their work."

Tarmant kissed me warmly, then licked my no-doubt scratchy cheeks before crawling across me and heading for the bathroom. Her lovely but slender ass looked undamaged, but she moved much more gingerly than Naltort had, if a bit less unsteadily.

As the bathroom door closed, I said to Naltort, "As I told your mate, I am ignorant of the customs, but I plan to do my utmost to fulfill my responsibilities towards you two. I do know a few things, and suspect more. One of the things I suspect is that Tarmant is going to be reluctant to deny me anything, even if she's in pain. I think I buggered her pretty hard last night, and I think she's going to be sore for a while. I want you to keep an eye on her, and if I start acting frisky and you don't think she's healed, I want you to say something.

"I know denying me will come hard to you, but you'll be obeying my orders, and protecting your mate, and that should be enough to help you do what I ask."

Naltort looked at me carefully, and said, "I will do as you ask, and I thank you for your concern. We hear bad things about Earthers."

"Your government, such as it is, only lets the best-behaved of us come here. You're right that there are a lot of hard-hearted bastards back home, but most of humanity is really not that awful. There have been a lot of problems throughout history with people scapegoating those who are different, but I seem to recall a serious prejudice against people like your new mate in Craxill history as well."

Craxill gestures and facial expressions were of course completely different from the human variety, but I'd been here long enough to recognize reluctant agreement on Naltort's face.

"If by history, you mean yesterday, then yes. We still get hassled when we're out together, and it will be worse, now that we're mated. It's obvious to our people, and yours tend to be pretty perceptive as well.

"On the subject of the limits of your understanding of what happened last night, I think I should tell you that what formed between you and I last night was an Alpha bond, where I mated with Tarmant under your direction, with the result that I have formed life-long bonds with her and with you. My connection with her is both emotional and sexual, while my bond with you is purely emotional, unless you choose otherwise. If you wish to use my back passage, you will find me compliant, but I do not need you to do so if you do not wish it.

"My bond to Tarmant and my bond to you are both fully formed, and need no further development. It would be best for me to spend as much time as possible in your presence today, but beyond that, I need only to see or speak to you every few days.

"Tarmant on the other hand, is a drone. Rather than forming an Alpha bond, she has Attached to you as her Clan Lord. She will need to be close to you, almost intimate, for most of the next several days. Even a few hours without your scent will cause her discomfort. Within the week, her link will complete, and from then on, she will be able to leave you for days at a time without issue."

Naltort fell silent as Tarmant came out of the bathroom, and returned to my bed. She licked the cheeks of her mate as she returned to us, then draped herself on top of me, drawing several deep breaths as she did so. She'd seemed just a bit tense as she reentered the room, but she was relaxed and smiling the second she got a whiff of me.

"Stock up a bit, darling, I need to go piss in a moment, and I don't do well with witnesses. Then I need to shower, badly. The stall's too small for company, no matter how lovely. Once I'm clean, you two can do likewise, and then it's time to break our fast and discuss exactly how many different laws, customs, and rules of etiquette I pissed on last night.

"Crappy as the place is, the soundproofing is pretty good, so if you want to celebrate your honeymoon, feel free to do so."

Tarmant drew several deep breaths, then licked my cheek and said, "I'll be fine, lord, you go right ahead."

I pulled her to me, kissed her soundly, and patted her on the ass. "Have a nice time with your mate, love."

I rolled out of bed, and headed for the bath. I looked back before leaving, and found the two of them kneeling on the bed, face to face, as they gently stroked each other's face with their fingers.

I took a piss and a dump, brushed my teeth, and stole a quick peek. Tarmant was on her back, and Naltort was between her legs, pumping furiously. With a smile, I backed away, and went to shower.

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