Two in the Bush
Chapter 1: Julia goes to Alaska to live alone in a remote cabin

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1: Julia goes to Alaska to live alone in a remote cabin - Julia goes to Alaska to live alone for a year in her uncle's remote cabin in order to write a book. It's located nearly fifteen miles from the nearest road with the closest neighbor three miles away. She thinks she's prepared for life alone in the wilderness; then she meets someone who truly understands what it means to be isolated.

The bush plane shook as it flew into a current of air. Julia gripped the seat, the blood leaving her knuckles.

"Just a little turbulence," the pilot said cheerfully, as if in response to her unspoken fear. "These little planes get tossed around more easily than the jets you're probably used to, but don't you worry. I've been flying out in the bush for twenty seven-years and haven't met a current yet that I couldn't navigate."

That calmed her a little. Julia took a deep breath and loosened her hold of the seat enough so that the color returned to her hands. She gave a nervous laugh. "Oh I'm not worried," she lied, betrayed by her shaking voice. "Uncle Ray assured me that you're one of the best, so I know I'm in good hands."

The pilot eyed her curiously. "I must admit I'm a little surprised that Ray would agree to let his young niece stay alone at his cabin for an entire year. You do know you'll be nearly three miles from the nearest neighbor, and a good fourteen miles from town with no road to get you there? It could get awfully lonesome in that little cabin those long cold winter months."

"Believe me, it wasn't easy to convince my uncle. It took me three years to persuade him, and he agreed only under certain conditions," Julia explained. "He'll be flying out here in September to check in on me, and then he plans to return in January as well. He's also made arrangements with his neighbor to stop by from time to time.

"Uncle Ray stocked up enough firewood to last me the whole year, so I have plenty of fuel, and I intend to have enough food on hand at any given time to last me for months."

Julia continued, "Besides, if worse comes to worse, I can always take his snowmobile, I mean snowmachine," she corrected, reminding herself to use local terminology, "into town and rent a room if living off the grid ends up being too much for me to deal with. That was another one of my uncle's conditions, and he arranged a place for me to stay if it comes to that."

"Well, it sounds like you have put a lot of thought into it," the pilot admitted, "and it's good you have a backup plan. My apologies; I didn't mean to pry. It's just that a lot of folks get these romantic ideas about living here, and those who aren't properly prepared..."

He said no more, and didn't need to; she knew what he was going to say.

"I know it's not going to be easy," Julia acknowledged. "I'd like to think I'm a resourceful person, though, and I do have wilderness and survival experience."

"Well, that's good. You'll likely need to use those skills before your year is up."

Julia nodded her agreement and turned her eyes to the window, soaking in the Alaskan landscape as the plane's shadow skimmed along the undulating, tree-covered surface below, following their path.

Even now she saw a moose rising from the surface of a shimmering lake that was bordered by a thick swath of trees. Far in the distance the snow-covered mountains rose bold and majestic, welcoming her to her new home. This was the romance the pilot was talking about, Julia thought in awe, a giddy grin splitting her face; this place was amazingly, breathtakingly beautiful.

It was some time before the pilot finally spoke. "Well, we're coming to it."

Julia looked up, her eyes following his pointing finger. A wide ribbon of water came into view from behind the trees. In the distance she could see a small clearing with a cabin and other small buildings on it, and then another. Must be her "neighbor", she thought to herself with a smile. Beyond that, a little further in the distance, she saw the buildings and homes of tiny Eagle Eye, Alaska.

The cabins, and then the town, seemed deceptively close together from this vantage point, but Julia knew she would be effectively cut off from them. Never had she lived so far from a town, let alone the nearest house. She felt a thrill of excitement for the adventure looming, right now, before her, and her stomach flipped a little.

"Hold on tight, darlin'. We're going in."

Julia braced herself with her hands, her whole body tight. A soundless prayer formed behind her lips. Breathe, she reminded herself, don't forget to breathe. Flying made her uncomfortable, it always had, but the worst part was taking off. And landing. Damn, that clearing looks awfully short.

To her surprise and relief, they landed and came to a stop with plenty of room to spare. Used to runways thousands of feet long at major airports, it was hard to believe any plane could land in a space that tight. When they had come to a stop the pilot turned to the woman with a smile.

"Now, that wasn't so bad, was it?" he asked.

"Best landing I ever had," Julia answered truthfully.

He grinned broadly. "Thank you kindly. Well, little lady, what do you say we unload your things and get them to your new home?"

The plane had landed about a half mile south of the cabin, and after several trips back and forth between the two of them, all her things were off the plane and inside the house.

Julia took a moment now to look around her. Even though she hadn't been here for close to twenty years, not much had changed.

The sturdy handmade furniture was a little darker in places from decades of hands touching the same areas over and over. And the woodstove looked newer than the one she remembered.

But there was the old kerosene lamp on the middle of the little kitchen table, and the porcelain wash basin and the steel tea kettle with the wooden handle on the kitchen counter. She could also see from where she stood that the quilt on the bed in the tiny bedroom was the same one Aunt Shirley had pieced together the first summer Julia stayed with them at the cabin.

Julia opened the shutters to let the light in.

"I'll have us a fire going in just a minute if you'd like to stay for a cup of tea," she said.

"Well, just for a minute. I don't like to say no to a pretty lady," the pilot answered.

Metal pail in hand, Julia raced to the river and filled it with water. Then she grabbed an armful of wood from the lean to and had a fire going in the woodstove in no time. She heated some water in the tea kettle and shortly thereafter, the two were enjoying their cups of tea as they sat around the kitchen table.

"I assume the neighbor your uncle was referring to was Ben Anderson," the pilot remarked. "Fellow lives just short of three miles southeast of here, following the river. We passed over his place on our way in."

Julia nodded. "Yes, my uncle said he's a bachelor, been living out here year-round for many years. Good neighbor. Uncle Ray told me he'd gladly help me out, to just tell him I'm Ray's niece and he'd take care of me."

The pilot smiled into his cup as he took a drink. "Yes, I reckon he'd give you anything you need if you only ask for it, a pretty girl like you."

Julia could hear the edge in his voice and cocked her head, looking at him. What was he implying? She didn't have time to think more about it before the pilot spoke again.

"Yeah, Ben's a decent fellow, real hardworking. Quiet, keeps to himself, naturally, but he'd give the shirt off his back to help a person in need."

Everything he's saying about this guy is virtually word for word the same things Uncle Ray said about him, Julia thought with some consternation. Decent. Hardworking. Generous, but keeps to himself. Glad to know he's a good neighbor, but couldn't they be just a tiny bit more descriptive?

And as far as his physical appearance, the most Julia could get out of her uncle was that he was "sort of a big guy, tall, with brown hair." Not that it should matter what he looks like, she reminded herself, but still it would be nice to know a little something more about her nearest neighbor for the next twelve months. For all she knew he was some wild-eyed freak, decent and hardworking notwithstanding.

Julia started suddenly at the squeak of wood on wood and her eyes focused to see the pilot standing up from his chair.

"Well, young lady, it sure has been nice talking with you, and I thank you for the tea, but it's getting late and I best be heading off," he said.

"Are you sure you wouldn't like something to eat?" Julia asked quickly. She had been looking forward to the solitude, but felt a small jump of panic in her gut at the realization that her last human contact, perhaps for some time, was leaving.

The pilot smiled, but shook his head. "Thank you very kindly, but I've got a date with my old lady. Haven't seen her in a few weeks and we're anxious to see each other. We've got a lot of catching up to do and I'm already late in getting started," he explained with a mischievous smile and a knowing wink, the wrinkles creasing around his twinkling brown eyes.

Julia laughed and felt her face flush shyly.

The pilot's face grew soft and he said quietly, "Are you sure you're gonna be alright out here, darlin'?"

"I'm sure I'll get along just fine," she assured him. "After all, Uncle Ray was right about you. I'd like to think he has good judgment about other things too."

The pilot grinned. "Well, you're right about that. Ray's a sharp bastard and I don't suppose he'd agree to this if he wasn't sure you were up to the task."

He wished her well and they shook hands warmly before the pilot disappeared into the woods south of her uncle's clearing. Julia sat in one of the wooden chairs outside of the cabin waiting for the plane to disembark. Before long she heard the rumbling of its engine. Julia shielded her eyes from the light reflecting off the river as she glimpsed the small craft lifting into the air and disappear from sight.

"Well," she said to herself, breathing in the crisp air deeply, "here I go."

Julia worked in the garden patch, pulling weeds from around the tiny potato plants. Her black hair was glossy in the warm sunlight, pulled back in a ponytail. A loose strand kept getting caught by her sweating forehead, the hair tickling her flushed cheek. Her body was drenched in sweat, her clothes sticky. Living out in the wilderness was hard work.

"Ugh," Julia grimaced. "I wish I could just take off my clothes and cool off in my bare skin."

Suddenly, it occurred to her that she wasn't living back in Seattle. It was funny how, even though she had been living out here in the middle of nowhere for the past two weeks, she still often thought in terms of civilization. Of course she could take off her clothes! She laughed aloud delightedly.

Wasting no more time, Julia quickly stripped off her clothing until all that remained were her soft leather moccasins. The cool air flowed over her skin and she sighed with pleasure. "That's more like it," she said to herself with a smile.

Julia loved being nude. Even as a toddler she would run away from her mother in the middle of changing her diaper. Over the years she continued to display a free-spiritedness which alarmed her deeply religious parents, and they worked hard to replace her openness with shame and humility.

But their only child chafed under their strict directives, and over time Julia's relationship with her parents grew strained and eventually they drifted apart. Julia found herself more closely aligned with the quirky older brother of her father. Uncle Ray didn't share her love for conversation, but they did have in common a deep affinity for the outdoors and living life on one's own terms.

She hadn't seen her neighbor since she'd arrived—she hadn't seen anyone since the pilot left—and, well, she didn't expect to anytime soon. Julia knew the guy kept to himself and she figured she'd maybe stop by his place one of these days to introduce herself. But she wasn't ready to do that yet.

To be honest, Julia felt she had something to prove. She appreciated that her uncle had gone to so much trouble to make sure she had people looking out for her, but she wanted to do this herself.

She had to admit it was unnerving when she first saw the size of the woodpile behind the cabin, and had felt some embarrassment while recalling how stubbornly she had tried to argue with her uncle about the extent to which he insisted he help her before he would agree to let her stay here.

Nevertheless Julia did have the firewood she needed. After a few trips into town, along with the supplies she had already brought in with her, she would have enough food and fuel to last her through to spring at least. Julia didn't see any reason to be in a big hurry to meet her hermit neighbor. Besides, he probably had better things to do.

A bead of sweat dripped from her forehead, stinging Julia's eyes. She wiped her hand instinctively across her face before noticing that her fingers were caked with dirt. I could use a bath, she thought to herself. The solar shower was out around back, but it only held enough water for a three-minute shower and her fingernails were encrusted with dirt.

It'll be cold, but I'll take a dip in the river; that'll get me clean, she thought. She put the trowel in the tool shed and made her way to the water's edge.

Julia quickly dunked herself under the surface knowing that it would help her body adjust to the river's brisk temperature. She let the gently flowing water wash the sweat and dirt from her skin.

Ben hiked along the trees just shy of the river. He was coming close to his neighbor's cabin and planned to stop by before making a trip into town. Ben wanted to see if he could borrow Ray's canoe; his own boat had sprung a leak and needed repair. If worse came to worse he knew he could drive his all-terrain vehicle into Eagle Eye, but he preferred the quiet of the river. Motorized vehicles seemed intrusive out here, and he tried to avoid using his whenever possible.

Besides, he had to go check on the old man's niece anyway, make sure she was alright. He'd seen her plane come in a couple weeks ago and had agreed to look in on her from time to time; he figured it was about time he got around to doing it. Apparently she had some wild notion of spending the year in her uncle's cabin. Ben wondered if she knew what she was getting herself into.

It seemed a little foolhardy to him but he wasn't one to judge, and he wished her luck. He just hoped she was as self-sufficient as Ray had assured him she'd be. He had too much work to attend to at his own place for her to pester him about every little thing she had failed to take into consideration.

Just before reaching the clearing he heard a splash coming from the river. His senses alerted, Ben proceeded cautiously, just in case it was a bear or some other large animal and not his neighbor.

It was no bear. It was a woman. She was shorter than average, with tan skin, and had shimmering black hair that flowed in wet, wavy strands about her shoulders. And she was entirely, utterly naked. His eyes grazed over her dripping body, lingering over her full curves as she left the water.

Her dark nipples were tight from the cold. He shivered and moved his eyes to her face. Her face, like her body, was rounded, with high cheekbones and full lips. Her eyes were dark brown with a slight almond shape.

This was his new neighbor? Ben felt his cock growing stiff in his pants.

The woman bent down to pick up her discarded moccasins, rewarding him with a flash of her full bottom as she shared, just for a moment, a glimpse of her pussy lips peeking from the dark curls between her legs. Ben's mouth went dry, his eyes following her body's every movement as she walked, hips swaying, toward the cabin.

She went inside for a moment, but to his amazement she returned outdoors with only a towel. After drying herself off she sat down on one of the wooden chairs.

Ben stood transfixed.

Suddenly, without thinking, he stalked closer to the cabin, his years of experience as a hunter allowing him to slip silently and hidden among the trees until at last he was not far from where she sat. He could hear her talking to herself if he concentrated.

Julia stretched for a moment and sat down in the wooden chair that her uncle had built. She sighed with contentment. "That was cold, but God did it feel good," she said to herself, running her fingers down her slightly damp skin.

The moisture cooled her body, raising goose bumps as she absentmindedly stroked her arms and belly. Then her hands slid to her chest, and cupping her breasts, she felt her nipples jutting almost painfully with cold. Julia shuddered in reaction to her touch and felt a twinge in her groin.

"Mmm," she murmured, pinching and rolling her nipples between her fingers. The bad thing about being out in the middle of nowhere is having no one around to fuck, she thought. Maybe I should go introduce myself to my new neighbor after all; both Uncle Ray and the pilot said he would give me anything I need.

Julia felt a throb and a surge of wetness. Sliding one hand slowly down her abdomen she continued with her fantasy. "Oh I wonder if you'd like that, wilderness man," she said aloud. "I bet you have even more pent up sex than I do, out here in the bush all alone."

Ben's head jerked at the words tumbling from the woman's mouth. "Wilderness man"? He strained to listen more closely as his crotch flooded with heat.

Julia gasped as her fingers slipped down to the patch of dark hair between her legs. She felt her pussy pulsate as she reached between her lips, slicking the juice from her slit to her clitoris. Julia's back arched and she groaned loudly at the touch to her aching clit. She then spread her legs wide and hooked them over the chair's arms so she could work on herself more easily.

"Oh yes, baby, lick my clit, eat my pussy," Julia begged her imaginary lover, rubbing her slick fingers round and round her clitoris.

Ben stood hidden, just a few feet away, his cock tightening painfully. He had gotten hard the first moment he stumbled upon this naked woman. But to see her now, wildly stroking herself, maybe even thinking about him ... He was ready to throw her on the ground and take her, right now, and it was only by sheer force of will that he remained where he was.

If he didn't do something soon he was going to explode in his pants. Quickly, but quietly, Ben opened the front of his trousers, his cock head straining out the top of his underwear. Grabbing at its base he began to stroke himself, up and down, in time with her increasingly urgent rhythm.

Lifting her ass off the wooden seat Julia moaned, "Ohhh, please fuck me. Fuck me and fill all my holes with your hard cock," as she ground her clit more and more furiously.

Ben grunted at her plea as his fist slid up and down his shaft, faster and faster to match her speed. "I'll fuck you anyway you please, baby," he muttered, his eyes glued on her sopping cunt. He could tell she was close to the edge now.

Julia stiffened and screamed with her orgasm. She screamed so loudly it disturbed the birds perched in the trees surrounding her cabin and they scattered about in confusion. As Ben watched her chest heave and her cunt twitch, his own orgasm came rumbling from his balls, his semen spraying the tree trunk. It took great self-control not to roar as he released, he was so turned on.

The woman sat resting, waiting for her breathing and pulse to quiet, her legs still wrapped around the arms of the chair. After a few minutes she began to return to herself and it was then that she noticed the air felt a little cooler than it had before. Well, I better go put something on, she thought to herself with a wry grin. After all, this is Alaska.

Julia untangled her legs, got up and went into the cabin. She slipped on a pair of knit pants and an old long-sleeved T-shirt. After picking up a comb she walked back outside, combing her hair, thinking about dinner. She had worked up quite an appetite.

Her musings were interrupted by the sound of a broken twig. Julia looked up quickly, and to her shock saw, from out of the woods, a man striding toward her.

He was well over six feet tall and appeared to be in his early to mid-forties. The man had dark brown hair peppered with a few silver strands, loose curls resting on the collar of his shirt. His features were strong and masculine, and dark stubble covered his square jaw.

His skin was tanned lightly by the outdoors, his body tightly muscular without being bulky. A rifle hung behind his right shoulder and a knapsack was slung along the left.

Julia's breath was stolen by this man's rugged beauty and her body reacted to him at once. It couldn't be the neighbor—could it?

"Hello," he said, smiling at the woman.

Julia blinked, breaking her stare at the glorious man approaching her. Then she remembered he had spoken to her.

"Hello," she answered, returning his smile as he reached her position.

"I'm your neighbor from downstream a ways," the man said. "My name's Ben, Ben Anderson."

Julia sucked in her breath sharply. Oh my God, it is him! Blushing at her obvious reaction, she tried to recover. "Julia," she burst out. Calm down girl, stay cool. "My name's Julia Harkensin. Ray Harkensin's my uncle," she added, holding out her hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

Ben smiled broadly at her shy awkwardness, the skin around his hazel eyes crinkling with the beginning of laughing lines. "Julia, the pleasure's all mine," he said, taking her hand. He shook it twice and then lifted it to his lips. Before kissing it, he took a fraction of a second to subtly inhale.

This was the hand she used to play with her clit just minutes before, he thought; indeed, he could still smell her juices on her fingers. He wished he could suck them clean for her as he felt his loins stirring again.

Julia allowed him to kiss her hand for just a moment before pulling it away. She had just fingered herself with that hand and didn't want him to smell it.

The initial introductions over, Ben and Julia chatted about Uncle Ray, Alaska, and living off the grid.

"So your uncle tells me you'll be staying here for the next year," Ben commented.

"Yes," she confirmed. "I'm a writer. I'm writing a book about living in the wilderness. Uncle Ray tells me you live out here full-time, not just in the summer like he does. Maybe I could pick your brain for insight into what it takes to survive the wild," she added with a wink.

Ben's eyes glinted at her appreciatively. "You are welcome to use me for research purposes. I wouldn't want your book to ring false."

Julia froze briefly upon hearing his reply. The way he said it had an edge that seemed vaguely sexual. She shook her head. No, you're just imagining things, she thought.

"I was just getting ready to put dinner on the stove, would you like to join me?" Julia asked.

"I should be having you for dinner," Ben replied. "After all, it seems like the neighborly thing to do with you being new around here and all."

"You can make me dinner next time," she promised. "Will you stay tonight? For dinner, I mean," she fumbled.

Ben grinned, his eyes barely containing his desire for this beautiful woman whose cheeks flushed pink with embarrassment. "It would be my pleasure," he answered.

Oh God, Julia thought as she felt a jolt between her legs, it's like half the things he says have a double meaning. She pushed the thought aside again. It's probably just my dirty mind; I need to masturbate more often. I just had an incredible orgasm and still I have sex on the brain.

The two feasted at the tiny kitchen table on a simple but delicious meal of fresh trout with potatoes, onions and carrots. Their knees kept bumping until they worked out a way of staggering their legs.

"How my uncle's family ever fit four people around this table I'll never know!" Julia laughed.

"Well, I think Ben Franklin once said that conversations around the table are much livelier when knees are touching," Ben smiled. Frankly, he was rather enjoying the inadvertent contact with her legs.

Julia began to tell Ben about growing up loving nature. "My family has always been outdoorsy," she explained. "I learned how to fish when I was five years old, though I didn't put the bait on the hook myself for a few more years," she admitted. Ben grinned and nodded, encouraging her to continue.

She shared stories about camping trips with her parents and the summer they traveled throughout the western United States visiting national parks. She spoke of spending the summer with Uncle Ray and his family at this very cabin when she was fourteen and sixteen as well as a few winter trips when they vacationed here over school breaks.

Julia told about going on her first backpacking trip, and of taking a wilderness survival course where she was dropped off in the middle of nowhere with only a map, a compass, and a knife, and having to make her way back to the rally point.

I can't believe I've never met this woman before now, Ben thought as he felt himself growing rock hard under the table. He was grateful for its cover.

"I'm surprised I never saw you before," Ben said, speaking one of his thoughts aloud. "I've been living here on my land going on sixteen years and I'm sure I'd remember seeing you. Have you not been back here since you were a teenager?"

Julia shook her head. "Aunt Shirley and my cousins died in a house fire back home when I was nineteen," she explained, "and after that Uncle Ray only came here alone."

I wonder why that is, Ben asked himself. Ray had never talked about having a family, though Ben knew he had had one once from the old timers in town. Since the old man never brought it up, the younger one left things well enough alone. He knew what it was like to want to keep some things to one's self.

As if she had read his mind Julia continued. "I think this cabin became his refuge, both to remember and forget. His family spent so much time here, it's a little like pieces of their sprits are still tied to this land. Uncle Ray and Aunt Shirley built this cabin by hand themselves.

"He never talked about it, but I think he might have been afraid that if anyone else close to him came here, people who were here when his wife and children were still alive, that it would destroy his one oasis, the last place where his family still lived, or at least the illusion of it."

And it took him seventeen years to let go and start living again, she added to herself. Julia fell silent, feeling a little guilty sharing such intimate details about her stoic uncle. She doubted he came up here each summer to bare his soul to the locals, and would most likely be mortified at the thought of her spilling her guts to his closest neighbor.

"And yet here you are now," Ben observed, interrupting her train of thought. "Will Ray be joining you at any point?"

"Yes, he's planning on stopping by every few months to check in on me, but probably only for a few days at a time," Julia answered.

It was a woman who finally released her uncle from his walking coma. Uncle Ray wasn't quite ready to bring her here this year, but he was willing to compromise and spend the summer on her ranch in Wyoming. His favorite niece, however, was more successful in persuading him to allow her to stay at the wilderness home he loved.

Ben sat quietly thinking about the new found information he had learned about his summer neighbor. He hadn't realized...

"May I ask you a question, Ben?" he heard Julia say suddenly.

"Of course," he replied, his eyes focusing back on her smiling face.

"So how did you end up out here, nearly twenty miles from the nearest road?"

Ben frowned as he considered his response. "Is this a question for your book?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh, no," she fumbled, flustered. "I was just curious. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to pry."

His gentle smile assured her no offense was taken. "It's a fair enough question," he answered slowly, "but it's also a long story for another time."

Julia was intrigued, but didn't press any further. His eyes looked far away, as if he were remembering something, or someone, from long ago.

"I do admit," she began again with a bit of a shaky laugh, "I am a little concerned about my own ability to keep from going stir crazy come February. Have any tips?"

"Well, it's always good to make sure you go outside on a regular basis, even when it's the last thing you want to do. I don't know if it's the air getting stale inside or just plain cabin fever, but staying inside all winter can make a person lose a few marbles." Ben paused, and then grinned. "'Course, you do have to be at least a little bit crazy to begin with to live out here, and I'm not sure there's a remedy for that."

They laughed heartily together.

"What about loneliness?" Julia continued after a moment, still thinking about her own future isolation. "How do you deal with that?"

Ben's eyes got that faraway look again. Oh God, she thought, I've done it again. She was just opening her mouth to apologize when he began to speak.

"I'm not sure I can offer you much insight there," he said quietly. "Sometimes I wonder if I took it too far myself, if maybe I shouldn't have allowed myself to remain isolated for so long. It can get to you after a while..." His voice trailed off.

Julia was lost in his eyes, filled with so many emotions. Suddenly she became aware that she had reached out her hand and was stroking his arm, and that their legs had become intertwined, touching, rubbing underneath the table. In the split second before she knew she would self-consciously jerk her hand away, she leaned across the table and, quickly, kissed Ben on the lips.

After a brief moment of surprise on his part Julia was relieved to find the man returning her kiss. Hungrily. As one, they untangled their legs and attempted to stand up from the table while still locked in their kiss. The wooden table and chairs squeaked as they jerked across the wooden floor, and one of the chairs fell to the floor with a crash.

Startled, they broke from their kiss just long enough to see one of the chairs lying on its side, then they laughed and pressed their mouths back together, sharing the smile on the other's lips. Well, at least the dishes managed to stay on the table.

Ben lifted Julia in his powerful arms and carried her into the small bedroom. Setting her back on her feet he desperately stripped off all her clothes until she was standing naked before him. Her breasts were tight, nipples hard and jutting, and she was breathing heavily. Already he could smell the perfume of her arousal. He could not, would not wait any longer to taste her.

Ben threw her back on the bed and without preamble spread her legs wide and kneeled in front of her pussy. Taking a moment to savor her scent he inhaled deeply before dipping his tongue between her swollen lips.

Julia gasped at the shock of his touch, his breath hot between her legs. He drew his tongue slowly from the bottom of her opening all the way up to her growing clitoris, picking up her moisture along the way. Teasing her clit, he nibbled in circles around it as he had seen her do to herself with her fingers only hours before, delighting in her cries of pleasure.

Ben gently pulled her pussy lips into his mouth, marveling at their incredible delicateness as he explored them with his lips and tongue. Then he slipped his tongue between them until they parted, revealing her wet opening. He tasted her before raking his tongue back to her clitoris, pushing her juices to it.

Pointing his tongue he drew lazy circles around Julia's clitoris. He heard her moans change pitch into cries, crying out his name, begging him.

"Oh yes, oh God, oh please Bennn..." she pleaded, her fists grasping tightly at the bed covers as she ground her hips into his face. She could feel her orgasm building; she was so close.

Ben brought two of his fingers to her opening and teased her entrance lightly for a few seconds. Just as he slipped his fingers deep inside her, he drew her clitoris into his mouth and began to suck.

Julia screamed as the orgasm ripped through her body like lightning, her hips rising off the bed as she bucked violently. "Oh fuck! Ohhh!" she cried. Every nerve in her body was on fire, radiating out from her cunt. As she rocked and heaved, Ben's mouth followed her body, determined to ride out the wave to its end.

Ben continued to suckle Julia's still pulsing clitoris, then lowered his tongue to lick up some of the slick fluid that was running down her slit and between the cheeks of her ass. He felt the aftershocks of her orgasm emanating from her pussy, occasional thuds that faded to flutters as her body recovered. Then he heard her calling his name, grasping at his hair, his shoulders, trying to pull him up to her.

Julia sighed as Ben, still fully clothed, came to her and settled himself on top of her naked form. Pulling his stubbled face to hers she kissed him deeply, tasting herself. She licked his lips, his chin, removing her juices from his face, reveling in her own taste as felt his scratchy stubble with her tongue. Breathing deeply his masculine scent, she licked under his chin, kissing and nibbling at his neck and collarbone.

Ben shivered under her soft sensuous kisses. They were tickling him, almost tormenting him. She worked her way back up to his head and drew his left earlobe into her mouth, making him groan. He could feel her smile against his cheek as she brought her lips to his ears.

"I want to feel your naked body on mine," she whispered.

Encouraging him up, Julia peeled off his shirt, taking a moment to run her hands and fingers down the length of his arms. She felt the strength of his muscles, well used by the demands of daily living.

Placing both hands on his chest, her fingers stroked the light scattering of hair. She could feel his heart pounding, and it aroused her to know she was having this effect on him. Looking up into his eyes, dark with desire, Julia saw his need for her. She kissed him and then kneeled on the floor to untie his boots.

After rising up from the floor Julia kissed him again, pulling him up to her. Both hands explored his back before lowering to his tightly muscled ass, enjoying the feel of his firm body against hers. With a sudden urgency she reached for the front of his pants, unfastening them and sliding the rough fabric down his legs, taking the underwear with them.

A gasp escaped her lips when she saw his thick, stiff cock, and she couldn't help grasping it in her hand, feeling the skin slip as she gave it a few strokes. "So beautiful," she murmured, not realizing she had spoken aloud.

She tore her eyes from his shuddering organ to look up into his face, full of lust. "I am going to suck this beautiful cock until you explode in my mouth," Julia promised. Ben groaned his acknowledgment. Placing her free hand on his chest, she pushed him back onto the bed.

Ben lay there anticipating her touch. As he waited for her to join him his mind strayed to his voyeuristic activities of that afternoon, and he felt a little guilty even as it aroused him immensely. Maybe I'm taking advantage of her, he thought. Maybe I should tell her that I...

The shock of Julia's hot wet mouth enclosing the head of his cock made him completely lose his train of thought. Ben growled at the exquisite sensation, and his hands reached down instinctively to her head.

He had wanted to fuck her so badly while he watched her touching herself; his balls had ached in agony with his need for her. Now she was bringing him dangerously close to coming, but he had an urge to fuck her, right now, to feel his whole body pressed against her soft skin as he filled her with his cock.

"Ahhh fuck!" Ben groaned as she drew his entire length into her mouth. She was not making this easy.

"Wait!" he practically bellowed, forcing himself to push Julia's head away from his cock. "I want to come inside your pussy. I have to fuck you!" And with that he pulled her up, flipped her over on her back, spread her legs wide and plunged into her, fully inside her in a single stroke.

Julia squeaked at the sudden fullness in her cunt and then she moaned, calling his name. Enflamed, Ben kissed her, crushing his mouth onto hers. He pulled his cock out of her pussy until only the head remained caressed by her lips, before thrusting into her deeply, over and over.

He reached his hand in between their bodies and found her clitoris with his middle finger. Covering the organ with the pad of his finger he ground it around in circles as he madly fucked her. Julia squealed under him, grasping his buttocks with both hands and pulling him into her more deeply.

Their breathing heaved in concert, the friction of their sweating bodies spurring them on, their scents mingling as their murmurs grew in intensity. Two bodies, pressing, grinding, they felt their shared passion building, climbing together to its peak.

Just as her orgasm crested, Julia reached down and scraped Ben's balls with her fingertips. He erupted inside her with a roar, his long-suppressed passion blazing through him, spewing his hot liquid deep as her convulsing cunt milked every last drop from his thundering cock.

Ben collapsed on top of her, completely spent. Julia loved the feeling of his weight on her, enveloping her. She stroked his sweat-damp hair languidly with her fingers and snuggled against his neck, enjoying his musky odor.

"Stay," she breathed in his ear. Ben sighed, more than happy to comply, and they drifted off to sleep with his cock still inside her.

Ben awoke first. He always arose early, even though the daylight patterns in the far north were enough to throw off most biological rhythms. He watched Julia as she slept on her side, her wavy black hair scattered in tousled strands around her head. Her breasts rose and fell with the regularity of her breathing. He still couldn't believe he was lying here, next to her, this woman who appeared before him only the day before like a naked goddess of the wilderness.

Although he had already woken with a stiff cock, it hardened further in memory of his first sighting of her. She was so raw, her legs spread wide apart, her feet hooked around the arms of the chair. Ben smiled, closing his eyes for a moment, remembering how her pussy was so soaked as she fingered her clitoris, moaning to be fucked.

Giving in to temptation Ben reached gently for a nipple, smiling to himself in satisfaction as it hardened immediately to his touch.

Julia murmured in her sleep, rolling to her back, presenting him with both of her breasts. Her legs lay askew, one foot hanging over the edge of the bed.

Ben leaned in as he sat beside her, unable to resist his sleeping beauty any longer. Kissing her lightly, like a butterfly alighting on the skin, Ben worked his way from her breasts, down her belly, and finally to her pubic hair. He breathed deeply, smelling himself mingled with her own special odor. Her scent drove him wild. Gently, trying not to wake her just yet, he parted her legs and crouched beneath them.

He ran his tongue gently along the full edge of her lips. They were pressed together from her sleep, hiding her entrance, but he could still taste the mixture of their juices from the night before. Julia sighed, murmuring in her sleep in response to his touch.

Ben stroked his tongue along her folds again, pressing against her soft skin with more pressure than before. This time her lips parted in welcome and he tasted her slick wetness.

She was much wetter than he expected her to be. Ben jerked his head up to look at her face, smiling to see her still asleep. Her body was responding to his touch of its own accord. This turned him on incredibly and quickly he returned his head between her thighs.

Julia roused from slumber to the feel of sweet torment in her genitals. Still not fully awake, thinking she was lost in a delicious dream, she undulated her hips slightly, offering herself to her tormentor. A tongue circling her clitoris responded to her unconscious request, jolting her awake with a cry of pleasure.

Fingers reaching for her aching nipples, Julia looked down to see Ben between her legs, eating her pussy, bringing her to a thundering orgasm.

"Oh my God Ben, oh yes, ohhh," she cried, pinching her nipples between her fingers as the orgasm washed over her like a wave.

"Good morning baby," Ben said huskily, looking up at her from between her legs, his lips lightly glistening from her juices. "I hope you don't mind if I went ahead and got some breakfast."

"Mmm, not at all," Julia laughed, the echoes of her recent orgasm still twitching randomly throughout her body. "Have you gotten your fill?" she asked naughtily.

"Not yet," he replied as he slid up the length of her body. "I'm definitely still hungry."

She could feel his hardness against her belly as he cupped both breasts in his large hands, greeting the woman with a deep kiss even as he smiled against her lips. She moaned at the taste of herself in his mouth.

"That's good," Julia answered when they broke the kiss. "I could go for seconds, or even thirds, myself."

"Oh God woman!" Ben growled. "Don't make me explode before I've had a chance to give you what you want!"

"Then give it to me now, wilderness man," she dared, whispering in his ear.

Ben groaned loudly, remembering how she referred to her imaginary lover by that name while she played with herself. She had been talking about him! Roughly, in response, he flipped her over on her stomach and then pulled her up onto her knees, bottom in the air. Without further hesitation he slid his cock between her folds. He stroked in and out of her sopping passage, tracing her clitoris with his fingers, his balls slapping her body.

Julia moaned her encouragement. "Oh yes, fuck me baby, fill me. Stuff me full with your hard cock."

Recognizing more of the words she had used while fingering herself, Ben moaned and leaned forward, covering the back of her body with his front. Wrapping his arms around her chest he covered her breasts with both hands before grasping her nipples and pinching them, causing her to cry out in pain-laced pleasure.

Placing his lips to an ear he whispered, his voice rough and raw with lust, "You want to be stuffed, baby? You want me to fill you in your tightest hole?"

Julia shuddered at his words and the feel of his cock pounding her cunt. "Oh God, yes baby yes, fuck me in my tightest hole!"

Pulling his cock from her pussy, he reached inside her dripping opening, coating his fingers with her slippery liquid. Pausing at the puckering star between her cheeks, he pressed, slowly but steadily until she opened, granting his finger access.

He slowly worked his digit in, one knuckle at a time, until her body accepted its full length. Julia sighed in response to his finger deep in her ass, and as he stroked his finger in and out of her tight hole her pussy grew even wetter.

Ben fucked her pussy with the other fingers of his hand as he fucked her ass with his index finger. A few moments later his slid his finger from her asshole, only for it to return with a second finger, and then, later, a third.

Confident she was ready for him now Ben removed his fingers from her body and thrust his cock back into Julia's pussy, coating his shaft with her slick juices. After stroking in and out of her several times he pulled out again, this time coming to rest the head of his cock on the pursed entryway of her ass.

Taking a deep breath to aid his control, Ben pressed forward, his cock seemingly blocked by the tight ring of muscle. "Breathe out baby, relax into it," he encouraged, and Julia willed her body to relax for him. She had to have him inside her.

Ben could feel her release and in turn he began breaching the entrance of her ass. He watched as his cock stretched her asshole obscenely wide and groaned. God, she was so tight.

His cock head was past her ring now. The hard part should be over, almost there, baby, he thought silently as sweat formed on his brow from the effort. Ben pressed on, holding Julia's hips for leverage, slowly easing himself deeper into her tight passage until he was fully sheathed, his balls resting on her pussy lips. He waited for the muscles of her asshole to relax as they got used to the invasion.

Julia gasped, speared by his impossibly thick organ, feeling her distended asshole stretching and then finally relaxing. She pulled herself up onto her hands in anticipation.

Feeling her readiness, Ben began sliding his cock in and out of her hole with slow, steady strokes. Although she had loosened slightly from when he first entered, fucking Julia's asshole was incredibly tight and he wanted to be careful. Her ring squeezed him, massaging his shaft as it sliced in and out of her ass.

Julia was following his rhythm now, pressing against him on the down stroke, moaning his name, pinching her nipples, playing with her clit, and then grabbing her breasts again.

"Oh yes, you hot assfucker. Fill me, fill my tight ass with your hot come," Julia urged, the words tumbling uncontrolled out of her mouth.

Shaking at the depth of her abandon and feeling his climax beginning to rumble in his balls, Ben reached around to her cunt, his fingers first sliding in her sloppy juices before reaching higher for her clitoris, hanging heavily from under its hood. His fingers squeezed the sensitive organ and slid slippery round and round its base as his thrusts into her backside grew longer and deeper, harder and faster.

Groaning her name Ben erupted, his semen spraying inside her. Feeling him pulsing deep in her ass sent Julia over the edge. Their sweating bodies shuddered and convulsed against each other, both overtaken.

The couple dropped to the mattress together spent from the exertion, the front of Ben's body covering the back of Julia's, his cock still twitching inside her ass. Their hair stuck to their skin, damp with sweat. They remained this way for several minutes, pressing their bodies together, as their breathing slowly returned to normal.

Ben's softened organ slid out of Julia's leaking hole and she murmured a wordless protest at his exit from her body. Ben nuzzled Julia at the curve between her shoulder and neck, rubbing his stubbled lips on her smooth skin and making her moan with satisfaction.

"What do you say to a dip in the river?" he asked, "Then, would you be up to a trip into town?" He paused; Julia could feel his lips forming a smile on her neck. "Can we take your canoe? You can steer."

The woman burst out laughing at the comical sound of his voice and wriggled herself under him until her body and face were facing his own. "Sounds like an adventure," she replied, her eyes shining with delight. She kissed him quickly on the lips. "Let's go."

The sun was bright in the impossibly blue sky as the pair paddled upstream along the river in Julia's canoe, knowing it would lead them to town. Although they traveled against the current and at least one of them had to paddle at all times, the river was wide and lazy, providing only gentle resistance to their craft.

Despite his earlier offer for her to navigate, Julia thought it best if Ben take the rear of the boat on this first journey. He had traversed this river many, many times and knew it far better than she. She'd paddled along its length many years ago, and her uncle had provided her with detailed descriptions of any potential trouble spots along the way, but there was nothing like an experienced guide who knew the waters intimately.

Each had packed a rucksack with a change of clothes, food, water, and some emergency supplies. The weather was beautiful and they expected to arrive in town by mid-afternoon, but this was the wilderness and it was smart to be prepared for anything.

As Ben alternated the strokes of his paddle from left to right along each side of the canoe he silently watched the woman in front of him as her paddle neatly sliced the water. Julia's thick wavy hair was gathered on a loose ponytail at the base of her neck, the sunlight making it shine like obsidian. Her softly curved arms displayed a hidden strength as her shoulders flexed with each stroke.

God she's beautiful. He felt his cock twitch in memory of their early morning lovemaking. Our arrival is going to attract quite a lot of attention, he thought with a wry grin, imagining her impact on the locals. Especially the men.

Ben's forehead wrinkled in a frown.

The ratio of men to women in Eagle Eye was disproportionate compared to most places, and worked in the women's favor. An unattached woman needn't remain that way around here for long, and most didn't. A few enjoyed the variety of keeping her attachments loose, but in a town of six hundred there were only so many potential partners.

A new woman was going to attract a lot of attention, and one as exotically striking as Julia ... Ben's mind trailed off, not wanting to consider the implications as he felt a little stab of jealousy.

Julia sat thinking as she found a rhythm to her paddling. She felt very natural, at peace and one with the river. She was considering the turn of recent events. Less than twenty-four hours after meeting her neighbor for the first time, they had made love, more than once, and now they were paddling along the river together, as naturally as if they had done so a hundred times before. A sudden shiver quaked through her as her body remembered his touch.

Looking ahead she saw the river bending to the north. This must be the spot her uncle was talking about, Julia thought, remembering his vivid description of the route. He suggested this as a good place to rest, because up the river from the bend the current grew a bit stronger for a stretch. Her arms did need a break, and she could feel blisters forming on her hands where they gripped the paddle.

They broke the silence simultaneously, speaking at once.

"I'm sorry, you go first."

"No please, go on."

"What do you say we take a break up ahead by that bend in the river?" Julia suggested. "Uncle Ray mentioned a section of the river past this area where the current becomes swifter, and my arms could use a rest."

"I was just going to suggest the same thing," Ben replied. Julia could hear his smile from his voice. "I stop here to rest too."

The pair paddled toward the bank on the wide side of the bend until they heard the canoe's metal bottom scrape gravel. They got out of the boat and pulled it up out of the water and a good distance up the gravel bank.

Both of them stood tall, stretching out their limbs. The stretch felt good after sitting in one position for so long. Afterwards Julia went back to the boat for her rucksack, rummaging through it for her first aid kit.

"Blisters," she explained when she saw Ben's questioning glance.

They sat down beside each other at the top of the bank, a light breeze cooling their sweat-damp skin. Ben picked up one of Julia's hands, examining the forming blisters. He lifted her hand to his lips and gently kissed her palm. The sensation sent a tingle straight to her spine and she gasped quietly at his effect on her.

"Thank you," she smiled once she could catch her breath, "I do believe that helped." She turned a bit toward him. "Would you mind giving the same treatment to the other hand?"

Ben laughed aloud and did as she asked, and then, grasping her arms, in one swift movement he pulled her on top of him. Julia marveled at his strength and in response to the thought, brought her hands up to feel the bulging muscles of his arms.

"Mmm, you are rock solid," she murmured in admiration.

"That's not difficult when you're around," Ben responded with a grin, his eyes full of desire for her.

Holding his gaze steady, Julia reached down between them to the bulge in his jeans, feeling the heat emanating from his crotch with her hand.

Reaching for the fastenings on his pants, Julia leaned in and kissed him, her tongue exploring his mouth. Then, giving him one final lusty stare, she slipped down his body until her head was between his legs. Sliding his cock and his balls out from the open front of his jeans, Julia ran her hands along his length, almost tickling him with her fingers.

She smiled with satisfaction when she felt his body jump involuntarily to her touch. Gently stroking his wrinkled pouch, she lowered her head to taste it with her tongue as her fingers lightly explored his shaft. Hearing Ben's groan of approval, she gently drew one sac into her mouth before doing the same to the other.

Julia shifted her attention to his cock, running her tongue the length of it from the base to its head. She saw the fluid that had leaked from its tip and she dabbed her tongue in the tiny hole, tasting his liquid. Guiding the head of Ben's cock into her mouth, she explored it with her tongue while she slid her grasping fingers up and down his shaft. She heard him moan her name and felt his strong hands on her head, his fingers grasping her hair and lightly pressing down.

Julia felt every curve, every vein of his cock, licking and sucking and stroking, up and down his entire length. Opening her mouth as wide as she could she took in as much of him as she dared, but he was long and very thick and she didn't want to gag or scrape him with her teeth. She repeated these actions, growing more daring, more forceful as she felt him beginning to lift his hips to thrust himself further into her mouth.

She freed a hand and reached down to tend to his neglected balls, caressing the loose skin between her fingers. Julia squeezed them lightly and felt them tighten while feeling the cock sliding in and out of her mouth stiffen just a little more.

Ben grunted and groaned, pulling gently but firmly at the roots of her hair that had become wrapped around his fingers. He was on the brink, ready to crash, and suddenly Julia felt the underside of his cock bulge and a spurt of hot semen strike the back of her throat. Ben untangled his fingers from her hair and his hands dropped to his side.

Ben reached for Julia, his powerful hands pulling her up on top of him. "Thank you," he smiled, holding her face in his hands.

"My pleasure," she answered, returning his smile, moving to press her mouth onto his. As they kissed, Ben rolled her onto her back. He began making his way down her body, sliding her pants off her hips.

After their pleasures they treated Julia's blisters with first aid cream and covered them with bandages. Next they had a quick lunch and headed back to the water, feeling refreshed and relaxed and ready for the final leg of their journey.

They passed the most rapid section of the river without much difficulty, and shortly thereafter the river widened and grew calmer again.

"We're almost there," Julia heard Ben say after they had paddled in silence for a while. She nodded in acknowledgment.

A short time later Julia spied the first signs of the approaching town. A building here, a house there, the bark of a dog. Then she saw the public pier.

They got out of the boat and tied it off. Picking up their bags they walked up the hill into town.

"Does it look like you remember?" Ben asked, breaking the silence.

"It does," Julia answered, looking around her. "Though it's been a long time and I didn't come here often back then, so I don't remember a lot. Usually we stayed at the cabin."

As they approached the main street it seemed to Julia like every person they came to stopped to say hello and exchange pleasantries. She was impressed, but also a little unnerved at first by their open friendliness. And all of them were quite curious about her, especially because she was with Ben Anderson, a man who apparently was not known for fraternizing much with the ladies, and especially when they learned that she was Ray Harkensin's niece. Julia felt like she had told the same story over and over so many times that after a while she wished she could have played a recording and been done with it.

But the residents were quite kind, and she had to admit it was nice to be around such welcoming people after having been alone for the last two weeks.

They stopped at the post office, talked to some more people, and the hardware store, and talked to even more people, before eventually making their way to the mechanic's shop that Ben's best friend owned.

"You'll like Alrek," Ben promised. "I've known him nearly fourteen years now."

They entered the bay door and Julia saw someone in dark grey coveralls bending over the engine of an old truck, his head hidden by the vehicle's hood. Winking at Julia, Ben knocked loudly on the hood of the truck.

"What the fu..." the man swore in irritation, jerking his head up. Julia heard the crack of skull against metal and gasped. That had to hurt.

"Ow! Okay you son of a ... Ben! I should have known it ... Well, hello there."

Julia couldn't help but giggle at the shift in the man's tone from anger to mock exasperation to smooth seduction all in one sentence. She liked him immediately.

He was wiping his hands with a greasy rag. The man was even taller than Ben, and leaner, with short, white blond hair and vividly blue eyes. He had a young, freshly shaven face that seemed at odds with his deep, husky voice.

The man bowed to Julia slightly, then straightened and said, "I'd shake your hand, ma'am, but I'd hate to soil your lovely skin with the grease from this engine."

"Julia, this is Alrek Bjerke. Alrek, Julia Harkensin," Ben said, grinning.

"Harkensin, Harkensin," Alrek considered. "You any relation to Ray down by Ben's place?"

"Yes," Julia confirmed, "Ray Harkensin's my uncle. I'm staying at his cabin for the next year."

"Well, that's certainly a lucky bit of fortune for the town of Eagle Eye," Alrek replied. "Though, if you don't mind me saying so, it would have been even luckier for some of us if you had decided to settle in a little closer to town."

Julia laughed, her cheeks flushing.

"I wouldn't suppose you have an old junker that needs some work down at your place?" Alrek pressed on, his bright eyes glinting, betraying his desire.

"No, but my uncle does have a snowmachine he probably hasn't used in years," Julia answered, smiling broadly. "But I don't think there's any way I can get it to you for a tune-up until snow flies." She had begun self-consciously toying with a lock of hair between her fingers.

"That's okay. I can make housecalls," Alrek countered, flashing her a devastating grin.

Julia laughed again and felt a tingling in her groin for this strikingly handsome man who unabashedly flirted with her. If she hadn't met Ben first...

Ben stood quietly, observing the interplay between Julia and his best friend. He'd known Alrek long enough to recognize that this sort of banter was typical for him. Put the man in a room with a beautiful woman, and he'd likely leave that room with her shortly thereafter. Ben had always found this a source of great amusement. But then, he had never had an interest in the objects of Alrek's attention before.

Alrek paused with his flirtation to look up at his old friend. "So how long you in town, buddy?"

"Not sure," Ben replied, putting his hand on Julia's back, subconsciously claiming her, "probably just a night or two."

"Well, it's pretty close to quitting time, so let me go ahead and close shop. If you'll wait for me to clean up, we can head on over to Mary Jane's for some beers and a bite. My treat," Alrek offered, smiling at them both.

The red metal door closed heavily behind them as the trio entered Mary Jane's Tavern. The hearty confusion of multiple threads of conversation erupted for a few minutes while old friends greeted each other and new acquaintances were made. Ben, Julia, and Alrek were joined by two other men at an enormous wooden booth, with Julia sitting between Ben and Alrek and their friends facing them across the table.

The man on the left facing Julia was Isaiah. He was tall and slim and had high cheekbones on his narrow dark-brown face. His tight curly black hair was cropped close to his head. Next to him was Jim, a shorter, broad-shouldered, beefy man, with bushy red-brown hair and an even thicker beard covering half of his ruddy face.

Isaiah and Jim, respectively, were a lumberjack and a fisherman by trade, and Julia had to suppress a small smile at the juxtaposition of their professions. Because of their builds she would have thought they'd have the other's job.

Julia once again told her story, relieved that at least this time she could relay it to multiple people at once. She was in the middle of telling them about the book she was writing when a woman with dark brown hair approached the table and interrupted her.

"What'll it be boys?" the woman asked flatly, thumping down a pitcher of beer and sliding the glasses into the middle of the table.

Julia looked up at her smiling, ready to introduce herself.

"Hi, I'm Ju..." she began.

"Julia Harkerton from down river," the woman interrupted dryly. "I heard you already."

Julia's smile faded. Had she done something wrong?

"Harkensin, Mary Jane. Harkensin," Alrek corrected with a laugh. "You must not have been listening that well." The men around the table laughed.

The woman looked at the blond-haired man with a withering glance. She had deep-set, icy blue eyes and her straight hair was pulled tightly into a ponytail. She was pretty, Julia thought, but she pulled her face so taut it gave her a severe look.

They made orders all around, and though Julia wasn't familiar with the food on the menu, she didn't dare ask the woman to see one. She ordered the same thing as Ben.

"Did I do something wrong?" Julia asked quietly after Mary Jane had left the table.

Jim took a drink from his beer. "Only if you consider a beautiful stranger walking in here with Ben Anderson wrong," he replied, wiping the foam from his mustache. Ben's friends erupted in another round of loud laughter. Julia looked up at Ben and saw his face flushing slightly, and she smiled a little in confusion.

"Mary Jane's been trying for years to get Ben to settle down with her," Isaiah explained, "without much success."

"You're overstating, Isaiah," Ben said, taking a swig from his glass. "By a lot."

"That's right," Alrek agreed, lifting a scolding finger at Isaiah, his voice low and serious. "She only goes after him when she's in between boy toys."

The men shouted in laughter again. Julia smiled, but felt badly that they were joking at the woman's expense. She decided to change the subject and asked them how they came to know each other.

Julia's attempt to divert the conversation worked, and pretty soon the men were joking and sharing stories of their many antics over the years, each trying to top the tale before it. When the food arrived they ordered another pitcher of beer, and after that, two pitchers more. Julia could feel her words beginning to stick in her brain and slur as they left her lips.

The men's subtle flirting grew more overt as the night went on, and Julia was giggling and glowing under all the attention. Alrek, especially, turned up the charm, and she felt the heat coming from his thigh as it pressed, ever harder, against hers.

She felt a hand sliding slowly between her legs, fingertips pointed straight for her heating crotch. Julia squeaked as she tried to suppress a gasp when the fingers found their mark. They were tracing her pussy lips through the material of her lightweight knit pants and she bit her lip to keep from moaning. She looked up into Ben's passive face for acknowledgment, but he continued on with his conversation as if he were talking about the weather with his grandmother and not fingering Julia under the table.

The hand slid up her stomach to the waistband of her pants, and now she knew without a doubt that it was Ben's hand as it slipped under the fabric and back down to the space between her legs. This time she wasn't able to control a small gasp from escaping her lips when his fingers began tracing her opening as before, only this time it was directly skin on skin. His fingers were rough with calluses and the contrast against her most delicate skin made her muscles clench as Julia felt another jolt flash through her body.

One of his fingers was reaching inside her now, and she couldn't help but lift her left leg up onto Ben's right thigh to give him easier access. He felt her shift up onto him and he couldn't resist pressing his cheek to hers for a moment so she could hear him chuckling softly in her ear.

His finger found her wet, and he dipped it gently inside her, only slightly, up to the first knuckle. He then pulled the fingertip out and resumed his tracing of her lips. Julia made a noise that sounded like a strangled hiccup when his fingertip found her clitoris.

"You okay, Julia?" she heard Jim say.

She coughed emptily and cleared her throat. "Ah, yes, Jim, I'm fine, thank you."

Julia reached her hands under the table, grabbing Ben's forearm, trying desperately to not appear obvious as she attempted to extract his hand from inside her pants.

"Alrek, will you excuse me? I need to use the ladies room."

Alrek stood up and Julia slid out of the booth, her cheeks pink. His nose twitched a little as she slipped past him and he felt a surge in his groin. God, he thought with a slight shudder, the sex is just dripping off that woman.

When Julia returned from the bathroom Johnny Cash was playing loudly on the jukebox and two men and a woman she hadn't met yet were standing at the end of the booth, talking with the men sitting around the table. Ben gave Julia a nasty grin as she slid back into the booth next to him.

After a short time Alrek got up again from his seat, and this time he asked Julia to dance. Pretty soon they were dancing and laughing as he twirled her on the dance floor. Then someone would cut in after a time, and then another, until Julia had danced with all of the men she had met that night, ending with Ben.

Drunk with too many beers, the couple, their steps uneven, made their way to the small inn, the Moose Lodge, a block and a half west of the tavern. Warm light shone from the screen door. A silver-haired man in a plaid shirt wearing reading glasses looked up from his newspaper when he heard the door slam behind the arriving visitors. Recognizing Ben, he stood up from his stool behind the counter.

"Ben! Good to see you. This is a little sooner than I expected to see you again. How're things down at the homestead?" Without waiting for an answer, he continued, "And who is this lovely young lady?"

Removing his glasses and placing them on the counter, the old man's warm brown eyes shined with delight as he looked appreciatively at Julia. "Welcome to the Moose Lodge. My name is Gerald Jenkins, owner and operator," he said, holding out his hand.

Julia took his hand. "Pleased to meet you, sir. My name's Julia Harkensin, I'm staying down at my Uncle Ray's place southeast of town along the river."

"You don't say!" Gerald exclaimed. "Sure, I know your uncle. Been staying at that property almost every summer for going on thirty years. Now that I think of it ... you ever stay down that way when you were younger? I seem to remember a pretty little thing with black hair like yours, what, twenty years ago?"

Julia affirmed that she had indeed come to the area for the summer when she was a teenager and indicated that this time she would be staying for the whole year.

"Well, that's good news. Welcome to Eagle Eye, young lady. You'll be staying in town for a spell before heading back to the homestead, won't you?"

"We're not sure yet, Ger," Ben said shortly, in no mood for small talk at the moment. "It's been a long day; room available?"

"Of course," Gerald replied, turning around and taking a key from its hook. "Number four, corner suite. Biggest room in the lodge," he added, looking at Julia.

"Thanks Ger," Ben answered, turning toward the stairs.

"See you at breakfast I hope? Emily's got fresh eggs and hotcakes on the menu," Gerald called out.

Without looking back Ben waved in response, and Julia turned her head briefly to smile at the innkeeper. "See you in the morning, Gerald. Nice to meet you," she said, her hips swaying from drink as she followed Ben up the stairs.

The old man lifted a hand in acknowledgment, winked at her and returned to his paper with a smile. "Lucky bastard," he muttered, adjusting his glasses and turning a page.

The room was simple but clean, decorated with a mixture of western and country décor. True to its name, a set of enormous moose antlers hung over the door. Julia went to the restroom, her steps stumbling a few times from the beer inside her belly. When she returned she found Ben sitting on the edge of the bed looking out one of the windows wearing only his jeans.

He felt her steps and the warmth of her body as she gently touched his shoulder. "Everything alright?" he heard the woman say.

Ben sat quiet for a moment before shaking his head, as if he was trying to expel some thought. He turned his head to her and smiled. "Everything's fine," he answered.

His lips smiled but Julia could see in his eyes that he wasn't being entirely truthful. Ben stood up and took off his jeans until he was only dressed in his underwear.

Julia caught her breath at the sight of his masculine form and was compelled to touch him. She placed both hands on his strong chest for a moment, tickling his nipples with her grazing fingertips before reaching her arms around to his back, pulling his body close to hers.

She felt his hands snatching at her shirt suddenly, practically wrenching it up over her head. "Take off your clothes," she heard him say hoarsely, the edge of a demand in his voice.

Julia knelt down to untie her boots, fumbling with the knots. She had just managed to remove them when she felt Ben seizing her hips, too impatient to wait any longer.

"I need you," he stated gruffly.

He swiftly pushed her backwards onto the bed, then, grasping her pants in his large hands, he ripped them, along with her underwear, down her legs. Now bunched at her ankles, he threw her pants away and tore off his underwear. Julia looked up into his eyes, dark with lust, and gasped. She was both startled and aroused by his urgency.

Ben crawled on top of her. With the full weight of his body on hers, he crushed her face with his kisses. He grabbed harshly at her breasts, pinching her nipples hard. A cry escaped Julia's lips and she felt a surge between her legs.

He pressed his stubbled face to her cheek, scratching her skin with its abrasiveness as he suckled her earlobe, drawing a moan from the woman beneath him.

"They all wanted you, you know, all those men in the tavern tonight. You could've bent over the booth, spread your legs and they all would've gladly sucked and fucked your pussy and then lined up for seconds," Ben growled in her ear. Julia gasped at his words.

"You know it's true. And you liked it. I could see the effect their attention had on you, the way you blushed, and how your nipples grew hard under your shirt, and the way your cunt was all wet," Ben accused, yanking her legs apart with his powerful hands. One callused hand reached for her opening, finding her soaking wet.

"That's what I thought," he concluded, as if her current wetness further proved his point. She moaned in response, too stunned and drunk to answer.

Ben got up on his knees between her legs and, grabbing her ankles, he pulled them above the height of his shoulders, exposing her pussy. His cock thrust into her, hard, taking her breath away at the force. He put her ankles down on either side of him until her legs hung bent against his hips. Placing one hand under her ass for support, with the other he reached between her legs.

Massaging her clitoris between his rough fingers as he drove in and out of her, Ben continued, "Would you like that, baby? Would you like them to taste you, one after another? Would you like to sample them all? 'There are never enough women around here, and even fewer as pretty as you, '" he said, repeating Isaiah's words from earlier that evening.

"Oh!" Julia cried out, arching her back upwards.

It was true that she enjoyed the attention she received today, and had found some of the men quite attractive. She'd felt incredibly desirable, all woman. But as much as it turned her on hearing him speak of her being taken by multiple men, she had who she wanted; he was inside her at this very moment, tormenting her clitoris as it spilled over his fingers.

Suddenly Ben removed his cock from her pussy and, holding her legs by her ankles again and pushing them toward her body, started pressing against her asshole.

His entry into her tight passage was rougher than the last time; he was too urgent in his own need to patiently tease her open as before. Julia moaned in discomfort when his thick cock head breached her barrier. Successful, he continued pressing deeper, forcing his length into her ass until his balls rested on her cheeks.

Holding himself in her depths Ben leaned forward, stretching her legs back with him until her ankles touched her shoulders. He gnawed on her ear and hissed, "But I don't think I'd being willing to let anyone else taste you, baby. You're mine," the last sentence punctuated with the force of possession as he squeezed her clit, causing her to explode in orgasm. Julia cried out, trying to writhe under him even as she was bent in half.

"Oh yes, Ben. Oh yes," she panted, the first words she had spoken since this all began. "Please, please fuck me," she begged.

Ben growled deep in his chest and began pounding Julia's ass with his cock, the headboard slamming the wall with his thrusts. If the others in the motel weren't awake already, they would be now.

"Fuck yes, baby. You're mine, do you understand that? You belong to me," he grunted, grinding his hips deep against her cheeks as he drilled her. Her ring squeezed him tightly as he sawed mercilessly in and out of her asshole.

"Yes, oh yes," Julia moaned, feeling another orgasm building in her throbbing cunt.

"Then say it!" Ben ordered through clenched teeth, sweat dripping from his brow.

"I'm yours, baby, I'm yours," she cried, her voice high from the impending orgasm.

"Who do you belong to?" he demanded, his thrusts fiercer and more determined. He was close too.

"I belong to you!" Julia screamed, bucking, her stretched asshole clenching his cock as she came.

Her orgasm triggered his and with a rumbling groan, blinded and rutting, Ben unloaded his come deep into her bowels.

Pulling himself out of her, Ben lifted his body and straightened Julia's to a more comfortable position. Then he collapsed, partially on top of her, and they passed out into a drunken slumber.

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