Chapter 1

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Space, Oriental Female,

Desc: Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Ray and two women are mysteriously transported to an uninhabited wilderness.

I was out on the first day of a five day hike in the Sequoia National Forest, well away from any cities or towns. Even my cell phone did not get any signal so it was stowed away in my pack. With my tent, sleeping bag, supplies, and other odds and ends I had a pretty good load but I wasn't in a hurry to get anywhere. I just wanted to enjoy the sunlight, exercise, and solitude.

Suddenly my vision flickered and I felt very dizzy and was forced to stop walking. Everything spun wildly and my semicircular canals did a short dance before settling down again. With the heavy pack on my back I almost lost my balance and fell but I was able to catch myself after a couple of staggered steps and remain upright. At the same time I noticed that things around me were suddenly different.

The first difference was it was now noticeably warmer and the sunlight seemed brighter also. Looking around me I immediately saw that somehow I was now in a completely different place than I had been before. Nothing in front of me looked like anything I had been seeing just a moment before now. I immediately stopped walking so that I could try to figure out what was going on.

"Hey, what's going on?" I heard behind me in what was very definitely a female voice.

I turned around and immediately saw two women, each of which was standing about five feet from me as well as the same distance from each other. Neither one of them was dressed for being outdoors as far away from civilization as I still though I might be. One was dressed for running, in shorts and tank top, and the other wore a business suit and still held the handle to a roll-around laptop computer case in her hand. However the woman got here she didn't do it by walking. Towing that laptop case through the dirt would have been a big problem. The other girl would not have had any problem walking here but the weather and insect life might be a problem.

The woman towing the laptop was an Asian woman, probably Chinese if I wasn't mistaken. The one in the running shorts was blonde and slim.

The two women were silent for a moment, still in shock from finding themselves suddenly in a very different place from where they had been just a few moments ago. This gave me a little time to look around and take stock of the situation. Everywhere I looked there was nothing that liked familiar, everything was different from how it was just a few minutes ago. Somehow, some strange way, I and the two women had been transported to this strange place.

I pulled out my GPS and I was shocked to find that while it powered up just fine there were no satellite signals at all being received and therefore I was not able to get any indication of our location. This was very strange since I know that the GPS system has worldwide coverage and there did not seem to be anything around that might be blocking the signal. Except for the lack of any signals the GPS seemed to be working perfectly.

Putting the useless GPS away I next looked down at the tracks I had made during the past several minutes since arriving. The tracks were even more of a shock than the GPS because I could only see my tracks for a few steps back and then no more. The tracks looked just as if I had suddenly been transported to this place in mid-stride. Moving to look at the tracks of the two women, I could see the situation was exactly the same for them. Somehow it seemed, no matter how hard it was to believe, somehow the three of us had been snatched from wherever we had been and then put down where we were now, wherever that was.

"Where are we? How did we get here?" one of the women, the Asian, asked.

"My GPS is not working so I have no idea where we are. As for how we got her, I haven't a clue. Your guess is as good as mine." I replied.

"What can we do to get back? I don't want to be left out here," the blonde said.

"You will have to ask that question of whomever or whatever sent us here. I don't know anything more than you do," I replied.

"What can we do then?" the Asian girl asked.

"There is nothing we can do about getting back to where we were right now," I replied. "All we can do is to make ourselves comfortable here until either someone finds us or we figure out how to get back."

I started looking around the area to see if there was anyplace suitable to make a camp while allowing us to remain near this same spot. The area where we had been transported was a small clearing in a larger forested area of perhaps a hundred feet in diameter. If anyone was looking for us from the air I wanted to stay within the clearing, this was just standard survival lore.

Scattered through the clearing were several clumps of trees and I thought one of these might be a good place to set up a temporary camp. At least long enough to take stock and see what we had to work with. From what I had seen so far it looked like most of the equipment and supplies we needed to survive until someone found us would have to be supplied by me.

Except for a half empty water bottle, music player, and her clothes the blonde woman did not seem to have anything at all to use for survival. The Chinese girl had a bit more clothes, a purse, and that laptop case, but nothing much of value in the wilderness. We would need to take a detailed stock of everything we had and decide what the best way to use everything was.

I looked around the clearing trying to decide which of the clumps of trees would be the best one for setting up a camp. How long we could stay here would depend upon if there was water close by but at least we could sit in the shade and take stock of what we had. I picked out a clump of trees that was on a small hill and decide that one would be the best one to head for.

"Ladies, lets go over to those trees. We can get out of the sun and talk a bit more comfortably," I said, pointing to the clump of trees that I had picked out.

The two women looked at each other and then the Asian girl said "OK."

I turned and started walking toward the clump of trees; they were tall pines with a nice carpet of needles under them. I could hear the Asian girl's laptop case dragging its wheels in the dirt behind me as we walked.

When we got to the trees I started looking around for a good place to stop and found it almost immediately. Underneath one of the trees there were five rocks large enough and rounded enough to sit on, that seemed to be a good place to rest and have a talk. I walked over to one of the rocks and set my big backpack down beside it before sitting down on the rock. The two women each found their own rock and seated themselves. They both looked at me, apparently expecting me to try and explain what was happening.

"First, let's get out names. I'm Ray Jennings," I said to start things off.

"I'm Kathy White," the blonde girl said.

"Susan Li," said the Asian woman.

"OK, now that we have introduced ourselves I would like to talk some about our situation here." I told the two women. "I would like to talk for a couple minutes without any interruptions and then you two can ask any questions or make any comments you might have. Would that be OK?"

The two women nodded their acceptance so I started into my spiel:

"Good. I don't know where we are or how we got here. Before this happened I had just started out on a hiking trip in the Sequoia National Forest. Because of this I have a small amount of supplies and equipment suitable for survival in the outdoors, but only for one person for a few days. Even so I think we are very lucky to even have this much to work with."

"When I checked our position with my GPS a short time ago I wasn't able to get any satellite signals at all, even though the unit seems to be otherwise OK. I'm hoping that the GPS is busted because the alternative is pretty scary, that we are no longer on the Earth. Until I have more information I'm going to assume that we are still on the Earth and someone might find us here if we keep our heads and survive long enough for it to happen. And that course of action makes sense for the scarier alternative as well."

"The first thing we need to do is take a complete inventory of everything we have, all three of us, and then pool our resources for survival. Anything that we have brought with us here must be carefully saved and used as little as possible. Every supply must be stretched to last as long as possible, and we need to live off the land as much as we can. There don't seem to be any stores here where we can go buy anything. So, for now at least, we are on our own."

"In order to survive here with our very limited equipment it is very important that we cooperate as much as possible. We will need to find food, water, and shelter very quickly, and every one of us work together to do that. That is all I have to say for the moment, now it is your turn," I finished.

"You really don't know where we are?" asked Kathy.

"Yes. Do you want to check the GPS for yourself?" I replied.


I pulled out the GPS and passed it over to Kathy. Susan moved over to stand next to the other girl so that she could also see the display on the device. Kathy turned on the GPS and studied it for a minute, and then worked the controls for a few seconds. Then with a frown she passed the device to Susan, who also tried to get a location. Neither girl was able to accomplish anything with the GPS so after a minute more Susan passed it back to me. I turned the GPS off and put it away.

"Now you know as much as I know about where we are," I told the two women after I had put away the device. "If either of you have any idea where we are, please tell me."

The two both looked at me blankly; obviously they had even less of an idea of what was going on than I did. So I took that as the signal to proceed. I pulled out the ground cover for my tent and spread it flat on the ground, setting my backpack down next to it. It was time to see what we had to work with in trying to survive here.

"Ok, what we need to do next it take a complete inventory of everything we have with us. Kathy, since you seem to have the least amount of stuff, please set everything on the tarp," I told the blonde girl.

Kathy hesitated for a moment and then started setting her meager possessions out on the tarp. She had:

• A half full plastic water bottle.

• A digital music player

• A cell phone

• A set of keys

Kathy also had a pair of shoes and socks, her shorts, shirt, and sports bra. That was the sum total of her possessions.

"OK Susan, now it's your turn," I said turning toward the Chinese girl.

Susan pulled her laptop case over to the tarp and opened it. Inside she had a rather nice business laptop computer with accessories, though how long it would continue to work without AC power was a question. She also had several file folders from her work which were useless here, except perhaps as scratch paper. She also had the lunch she had been bringing to work, two cans of soda, and a full unopened bottle of water.

"Your purse, too, Susan," I prompted when she hesitated a moment.

The Asian girl dumped it out on the tarp and it was a fairly large pile since the bag she was carrying was pretty large for a girl her size. In the pile the Asian woman had:

• A pocket pack of tissues

• A lipstick

• Cell phone

• Makeup kit

• Comb

• Hair brush

• A tin of breath mints

• Mp3 player and headphones

• wallet

Finally it was time for me to lay out my stuff. Of course I knew what I had already but it would be good for the two women to see also what we had to work with. I had the following items:

• A lightweight 3 man tent with 2 ground covers

• GPS unit

• Sleeping bag

• Small travel blanket

• Small pillow

• Cell phone

• Small camp stove with lightweight cook set

• Light travel blanket and small pillow

• Grundig Model G5 shortwave radio

• Folding solar cell battery charger

• Light weight miniature laptop computer

• SD card wallet with my data card collection

• 3 disposable lighters

• Belt canteen full of water

• AR-7.22 caliber survival rifle

• 3 loaded magazines for the AR-7

• 4 50 round boxes of .22 cheapo ammo I had intended to use for plinking

• 9 MM Glock semi-auto pistol

• 2 loaded magazines for the Glock

• 1 50 round box of 9 mm ammunition

• Portable DVD player and headphones

• Sheath knife

• LED flash light

• Candle lantern with 3 candles

• 5 days of dehydrated food for 1 person

• "Combat Survival Tin" containing a small survival kit

• First aid kit

• Folding entrenching tool shovel

• A little book called "SAS Survival Guide"

• 5 DVD movies

• My other, more extensive survival kit in its own separate carry bag

• 2 spare T-shirts

• 2 pair of underpants

• 4 pairs of socks

• 25 count container of wind/waterproof matches

All in all it didn't look like much to support three people in the wilderness, especially if we were stuck here for a significant period of time. The two firearms were pretty light for any serious wildlife problems though I felt I was lucky that I had brought them. The women hadn't immediately realized that I was armed with them, and they looked at me a little more carefully for a little while after seeing them for the first time.

I let the girls put all their stuff away and I started looking for a good spot to set up the tent, quickly finding a fairly level spot just a couple of feet away. I started tossing away all of the small sticks and stones that happened to lie in the area where the tent was going to do and I scraped away the fallen leaves so the ground cover for the tent would be on bare dirt. Then I laid out the ground cover and set up the tent over it. I moved the other ground cover to make a porch like space in front of the tent so we could crawl inside without taking too much dirt along with us.

With the tent set up my next task was to start collecting firewood since it was going to be necessary to keep a fire going almost all the time, especially at night. Considering how light the weapons were I had available a fire was strongly needed to help keep any wildlife at bay. And my little stove only had enough fuel for a few days so the fire would be used for cooking almost immediately. Fortunately there was a lot of deadwood laying around that I was able to collect for the initial firewood supply.

After collecting some wood and piling it near the tent I did not start a fire immediately. I remembered suddenly that it would be good to try to see if there was any water nearby. Running water in a stream or river would be best, though any water we drank would have to be boiled or purified first. I thought it would be a good idea to take a quick look for water while it was still light. Otherwise we only had what was in my canteen and the girls' water bottles.

"Girls, I need to take a quick look around and see if there is any water nearby. I won't go too far, just to the edges of the clearing. Please stay here until I get back, it will only be a few minutes," I told the two girls.

"OK, we will wait for you here," Susan said as Kathy nodded her agreement.

"I will be back shortly," I said as I got up and started toward the nearest edge of the clearing.

The edge of the clearing looked somewhat like it might be bordering on a small stream or river and the land sloped gently in that direction. It was about 50 yards to the edge of the clearing and the underbrush seemed thick on that side, just like what you would expect to see along the banks of a small stream. As I approached I was happy to hear the sound of running water and pushing through the brush I could see the creek.

The stream was nearly ten feet wide and moving fairly swiftly and might even be large enough to contain fish and there were also likely to be frogs to be found near it. If we weren't picked up soon I decided I was going to make up some fishing gear from what I had in my survival kits and see if I could catch anything. If we could find fish it would make our stay a lot easier and more enjoyable. Satisfied we would have access to water nearby I walked back to the camp. As I walked along I noticed and picked up a few more pieces of deadwood and took them with me back to the camp.

When I got back to the camp I dropped the wood onto the pile with the rest that I had gathered earlier. Then I scouted the best spot near the tent to put the fire and started brushing aside all the leaves and twigs from that spot so the fire wouldn't get out of control.

"I found water, there is a stream right at the edge of the clearing," I said as I worked on getting the fire area ready.

"That's great, Ray. But I need to go to the bathroom, what should I do?" Kathy asked.

"If you need to pee, for now just walk a ways away from the camp and do what you need to do. Otherwise you will need to use this," I said, indicating the entrenching tool. "Later I will make a better privy for us to use."

"I need to go, too," Susan added.

"You two should go together. Shout if you need me," I told them.

The two walked off leaving behind the entrenching tool; I guess they didn't need it this time. While the women were gone to pee I pulled my AR-7 survival rifle out of my backpack and put it together. Since it was only a .22 it wasn't so much use for larger animals but it would do for hunting small game and in any case it was better than nothing. So far I hadn't seen any large or dangerous animals but that could change at any moment.

Setting the rifle aside for the moment I started building a fireplace. I searched around and was able to find a number of smaller rocks to use to line the fire area and help confine it. At the same time I also picked up occasional pieces of dry wood of various sizes as I searched around. Then I noticed the two women returning as I was gathering the rocks and wood. The two moved back to the rocks they had been sitting on before and sat down. They watched me in silence as I continued my efforts to prepare a fire for the camp.

As I worked on the fire I considered what we were going to have to do for sleeping arrangements tonight. So far the day had been quite warm but even if it was summer here the night was likely to be much cooler. The two women had nothing to sleep in except the clothes on their backs, and in the case of Susan her clothes were likely to be very uncomfortable to sleep in. In any case the whole issue of clothes and shoes for the women seemed to be a problem, especially for Susan.

For sleeping I only had one single size sleeping bag, a small blanket and pillow. There were also two of the "space blanket" things that might be useful, though I had never tried those before. Depending on how cold it got in the night it seemed the best idea might be to open the sleeping bag and then we could all three sleep on that. I decided I would talk to the women about it later when it came time to get ready to sleep.

With the area for the fire cleared I started laying it out. At the bottom I placed the tinder, then a layer of larger sticks, and above larger wood. I had plenty of extra kindling lying off to the side if I needed to add more to get things going. I pulled out one of the disposable lighters and applied the flame to several locations in the tinder and quickly the fire was well alight. After a few minutes I threw some of the largest pieces of wood onto the fire, they would burn down to some nice coals for cooking after a while.

"Has either of you two ever been camping before," I asked the two still sitting on their rocks.

"No," was the simultaneous answer from each of the women.

It seemed they were going to get the chance to go camping for the first time then, for tonight at least and longer if we weren't found soon. They would have to get used to sleeping on the ground without any padding or mattress and considering the available bedding, not much covering either.

"I see. There aren't any soft beds out here and we don't really have much in the way of sleeping gear. My sleeping bag is only a single and the only other thing I have is a small blanket and two space blankets. So our only choice is to share everything, otherwise it will be an even harder and colder night than it needs to be. There isn't any room for modesty or shyness out here," I said.

"Will you help us get through this, Ray? I'm feeling scared," the blonde girl asked.

"Of course I will. I just want you both to understand how serious the situation is we are in," I answered.

"Thank you, Ray!" Kathy said.

"We need to put everything we aren't using into the tent so it will be protected from dirt and the elements," I said.

We spent a few minutes putting all our meager possessions and supplies into the tent. I kept aside the solar panel and unfolded it in a sunny area near the tent. I ran the cable back into the tent and plugged it into the DVD player. Maybe the girls would feel a little better if we watched a movie later. Later I would switch the panel over to charge my laptop computer. If we ended up staying here for a while I needed to look at Susan's computer to see if I could charge it with my solar panel.

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