Doreen's Story
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Rape, Slut Wife, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Pregnancy, Size,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Doreen and daughters are raped and gangbanged by a group of black men

Hi. My name is Tony and this is a story about my wife, Doreen and our three daughters who all encountered a major gang-bang due to a break- down that we experienced on a recent trip to Detroit. I am aged 50, and have a very small 4 ¾ inch cock, which is hard to believe considering when people see my wife, Doreen and our kids, they would wonder how I am able to satisfy her.

My wife, Doreen, is an extremely attractive 47 year old woman. She weighs only about 147lbs, has light brown hair, dark brown eyes, stands 5'8" tall and sports huge 46DD boobs, and a super hot 29 inch waist and 39 inch hips, as well as a perfectly shaved, bald, tight, hot pussy. She is one of those MILF's that you often hear about and dream about, but never seem to meet. We have three children, all of them daughters, all of whom are also extremely attractive.

The oldest daughter is, Jan, who is 24, stands 5'9" tall, weighs in at a meager 145 lbs, and has a killer 44DDD- 27-38 body, dark brown hair and eyes, and a shaved bald pussy as well. She is married to Jim, who has a really big 12" dick for a white guy and they have no children.

The other two daughters are identical twins. Jill and Jennifer. Both are 22 years old, have killer 44DD-27-37 bodies, and weigh a slim and tight 137 lbs each, both shave their pussys bald, and have dark brown hair and light brown eyes. They are both single and attend college nearby.

We had been on a Christmas Vacation to see some relative in the Motor City and were all on our way back home when we experienced a major automobile malfunction. We have a Chevy Van which was able to transport all of us, and broke down in a very rough part of town, some- where around 8 mile road.

Now, I don't know how much you may know about the Detroit area or the 8 Mile Road area, but it is not a very good neighborhood to be in if you are white and having car trouble. But that is where we ended up.

Getting the van to the side of the road, we noticed several black men walking towards us. One of them, a very large man, approached the drivers side of the vehicle and motioned for me to roll down the window, which I did. He then asked if we were having car trouble, to which I replied, "Yes, we are, could you help?"

He chuckled and smiled a large toothy smile and said, "Sure man, we'll be happy to help." Then he turned to his friends and said, "Come On Guys, lets push this van over to Uncle Bucks and get'er fixed up."

Soon, all seven of the black men were pushing the van down the road and into a garage. As soon as the van was in the garage, I unlocked the doors and everyone inside got out. I noticed the young fellow that had offered help checking out my wife and her huge boobs, and also noticed all the other black guys checking out my daughters as well.

Soon, a different black man appeared and identified himself as Uncle Buck. He towered over me at about 7'3" and had to weigh in at about 400 lbs. He was literally huge. Uncle Buck said to me, "Hey Tony, why don't you and Jim come on over here and lets figure out what we can do to help you out." He motioned for us to come over to a couple of chairs and desk off to the side of the garage.

However, as soon as we got over there, four other black men appeared that were almost as big as Uncle Buck and they grabbed us and started to tie us up, and then forced us to sit in the chairs and faced us so that we were looking into the center of the garage.

Meanwhile, the other seven black men had already started to strip down my wife and the girls. They were literally ripping off their blouses and pants, and were already sucking on my wife's huge tits and nipples. One of them was pulling at her panties while rubbing his big black cock against the back of her ass cheeks. There were two others who were stripped down to their boxer shorts working on her as well. Although all the black men came in different sizes and weights, one thing was quite apparent. They all had one thing in common ... huge black cocks, cocks so big that they made my son-in-law Jim's 12 inch cock look small by comparison.

As soon as Uncle Buck and his four friends were certain that Jim and I couldn't get loose and interfere with them, they also joined the other black men. Doreen looked terrified. In fact, all three of my daughters looked pretty terrified at the time, knowing that they were about to be force fucked, raped and gang-banged.

By now, Uncle Buck was staring at my wife's huge 46DD breasts and I could see that he was becoming aroused because the cock that was still inside his trousers was starting to bulge outward. Doreen, knowing that it would be easier on everyone if she and the girls cooperated, forced a smile on her face and reached down and started stroking massive Uncle Bucks cock meat through his trousers.

As soon as she touched it, the massive cock began to twitch and expand. It grew so large that the seams of Uncle Bucks trousers were bulging to the point where I thought that they were going to burst. Doreen managed to unzip his trousers and pulled the massive cock out with one hand and Uncle Buck forced her to her knees and tried to shove the huge cock into my wife's pretty mouth.

Uncle Buck's cock must have been about 17 inches long and about 4 inches around, and it wouldn't fit inside her mouth easily. But Doreen opened up wider and finally managed to get the bulbous head inside her tiny widely stretched mouth. As soon as Uncle Buck felt the head go inside, he started cramming inch after massive black inch of Alabama Black Snake down her throat.

Meanwhile three other black men were working on Jan. They had opened up her blouse and had removed her bra and one was tit fucking her huge 44DDD titties, while a second one was busy forcing his massive black cock down her throat, gagging her as he did so, and the third was finger fucking her tiny, bald, shaved snatch with his stubby, thick fingers.

Her husband Jim was obviously pissed off, but I could tell that he was also extremely aroused, because his 12 white cock was swollen and bursting at the seams of his trousers. Jim is struggling to escape the ligatures that have him bound, when one of the black guys notices this and come over and tells him, "Listen you fuck'n white asshole, you had best just calm the fuck down and let us fuck your white women or you are going to find your cucky ass getting a mouthful of black cock too."

Jan was groaning and moaning, but couldn't really say much, since the one guy had about 14 inches of thick, black, throbbing cock meat running in and out of her outstretched throat.

And the twins, Jill and Jennifer were equally occupied, as they were busy either being forced fucking in their mouths, having their cunts fingered, or getting their titties either fucked or sucked.

Doreen finally manages to take all of Uncle Buck's mammoth cock inside her throat and he is obviously enjoying her sucking his cock, and while she is busy gagging on his cock, she is hand jerking a couple of other black men off. One of these black guys has his hands down Doreen's panties, exposing her tight, bald freshly shaved snatch, and is busying sliding three of his stubby, thick fingers up inside her wet, dripping cunt.

I can tell that Doreen, while initially frightened by the idea of being gang raped by a bunch of massively cocked black guys, is now starting to enjoy herself. She is actually starting to become aroused, because her nipples on her huge tits are becoming erect and she willingly taking the entire length and width of Uncle Buck massive black cock all the way down her throat. Finally Doreen can't stand it anymore and she pulls his huge cock out of her throat and mouth and tells him, "UNCLE BUCK, YOU BLACK MOTHERFUCKER, I WANT YOU TO FUCK MY TINY WHITE BALD CUNT RIGHT HERE IN FRONT OF MY TINY DICKED, CUCKHOLD HUBBY AND GIVE ME A BLACK BABY!"

Uncle Buck has no problems with this and lays Doreen down and crawls between her wide-spread legs and starts to force his massive black cock inside her wet, dripping, gaping cunt. However, his cock is way to big to just slide in, so her has to push it in a few inches at a time, withdraw it and shove some more in, and repeat this process time and again, until he finally manages to get the whole 17 inch long, 4 inch thick cock buried inside her love tunnel.

Meanwhile, the twins are crying, but not able to say anything because they are getting their mouths and throats fucked by a couple of huge black cocks, and are riding reverse cowgirl style, impaled by two of the biggest, blackest cocks that I have ever seen in my life. Side by side, they are raising their tiny, wet, bald, shaved cunts up until just the black bulbous cock-heads remain inside and then they are forcefully shoving their bodies downward, impaling themselves on the massive cocks that they are riding.

Each of their tiny, tightly packed, bald pussys are folding inwards as the massive, throbbing black cocks that they are riding downward on push deeply inside them. And as they raise themselves upward, the cuntal lips and labia cling tightly to the thick, throbbing, pulsating, horse-sized cocks. There are traces of pre-cum showing on these massive black cocks that can be seen as the twins raise upwards on each stroke. But all I can hear is "GGGUUUUUHHHHH, GGGUUHHHHH, MMHUHHH, AAGGHHH," sounds because their mouths and throats are packed so full or cock that they are gagging.

And Jan is now getting her bald cunt crammed full of horse sized cock, doggy style by yet another black guy with a huge cock, while another guy is force fucking her mouth and throat at the same time, and there are other black men are standing around her, jerking off and spewing white wads of sticky semen on her face and back. There are tears streaming down her face as she is being roughly handled and raped.

Inch after inch of huge, black elephant sized cock is spearing into Jan from the front and back. One cock filling her mouth and throat while another black fuck-sickle is crammed roughly and deeply inside her tightly packed, undulating, cunt and uterus. Jim is beside himself, seeing these two black monsters shoving their massive cocks into his wife, knowing that he is helpless to do anything about it. Worse yet, we both know that soon they will be filling her overstuffed cunt and uterus with cum, probably giving her a black baby.

Doreen sees this and tells the girls to try and relax, because it will go much easier and they won't be hurt as much if they all cooperate, knowing that this is a very traumatic experience, especially for the twins, who have probably never had any experience with cocks as big as the ones that are fucking them and ravaging their bodies right now, let alone the fact that they are all black cocks.

Despite the fact that Doreen's pussy tunnel has been stretched out by the biggest cock that she has ever seen in her life, she is quickly getting to the point where she is about to orgasm. She is obviously loving the feeling of being so crammed full of black cock, because she has wrapped her thin legs around Uncle Buck's back and is actually fucking Uncle Buck back, bucking upwards into him as he slams his huge, massive fuck-stick into her tightly packed, quivering cuntal tunnel.


Uncle Buck groans and all I can hear is the slap, slap, slap, of his huge man-meat slamming into Doreen's gaping cunt tunnel. Finally, he grunts and shoves forward, holding his massive, thick, throbbing, pulsating cock all the way inside her cunt and begins to spurt forth his black seed, deep into her cunt and uterus, and Doreen's cunt is milking his cock dry, as she delights in her own orgasm.


I can see that Doreen is really into this now. Her huge tits are flopping forward and backward as Uncle Buck rams his massive black cock deep inside her cunt and releases a flood of semen deep inside her. My pathetic little 4 ¾ inch cock is hard and I am also about ready to cum, yet I know that Doreen will probably never be satisfied again by me.

Jim seems to sense the same thing and although he has a much bigger 12 cock, the two cocks that are currently filling his wife are so much bigger and thicker than his is, that he is also concerned that she will not be able to be pleased by him ever again.

Jan is closing in on her own orgasm as the massive black cocks ravage her body. Her huge pendulous 44DDD tits are swaying forwards and backwards as she gets one huge, hard cock in the mouth and throat and another one from behind, doggy style, in her cunt.

Suddenly, the guy fucking her from behind, shoves his massive cock forward, cramming about 19 inches of 4 ½ inch thick, black meat completely inside her cunt. He grips Jan's hips and holds his massive black cock deeply inside her and begins to spurt stream after stream of hot, sticky, thick wads of semen deep inside her firmly packed, tightly stretched uterus. Jan, feeling the spunk being released inside her, involuntarily experiences her own orgasm.

And the twins, Jill and Jennifer, still impaled upon the biggest cocks that I have ever seen, are now cumming as well. Their faces once smeared with tears, have now been replaced with determined and wanton looks. The looks of women who want to cum ... need to cum ... need to experience the biggest cocks of their lives cumming deeply inside them.

I can see the cum dripping out of their pussys and down the lenths of the massive cocks as they ride up and down on them. Their bald, hairless, shaved pussys impaled on cocks that have to be at least 20 inches long and probably about 5 ½ inches thick, with cum flowing out of them and down the shafts is strangely exhilarating.

Doreen, still lying on her back, turns her face to look at me as Uncle Buck continues to unload a flood of black semen deep inside her and smiles as me. I have seen that look on her face before. That glow. That look in her eyes.

And I know what it means. But that is another story.

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