Anonymous Revenge
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Incest, Violent,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Writer's fantasy about revenge on an abusive reader.

The man used a pen name of Smirking Lurker for the erotic stories that he wrote. He wrote erotic stories just to sharpen his writing skills for some adventure novels he was attempting to complete and hopefully get published.

Smirking Lurker had just seen his latest story added live to the adult stories website. He sighed as he opened the feedback and saw the usual, "This is crap, stop trying to write, or lousy story" comments from anonymous critiques. The majority of the feedbacks were positive and some had good constructive comments for improving future stories. But there was always that group of obviously emotionally challenged people who just hated anyone trying to create anything.

As Smirking lounged in his easy chair reading through the feedbacks he suddenly sat up and smiled. The story website had a glitch! The feedbacks signed as "Anonymous" also had the real email address of the writer shown. Smirking now had real email addresses for several of his most antagonistic readers! He could tell they were the same previous anonymous commenters because of the tone and phrases they used in all of their feedbacks.

Smirking Lurker printed the feedbacks and also copy and pasted the accidentally disclosed email addresses into a file. That he saved for future reference.

He sat back and rubbed his hands together. Okay, I've got their email addresses, now what do I do with them?

His first thought was to send each of these anonymous assholes a private email telling them just what he thought of them. But that would just be a waste of this precious information.

He slept on it for a day and let the plan develop. He would make these jokers the object of a true story that he would tell to the world on the Literotica website! They would become center figures in the story.

Smirking contacted a friend he had in law enforcement and called in a favor. He supplied the friend with a list of the email addresses and asked her to find out who owned the email accounts and what their home or company postal addresses were.

It took his contact less than twenty-four hours to return the requested information.

Scanning the list, Smirking saw that two of the anonymous commenters were right in his own city. One lived less than twenty minutes away in a rather ritzy section of the city and other lived in the cheap seats on the other side of town. These would be his initial subjects.

He thumbed through the Yellow Pages for a Private Investigator and picked one that he had heard about from a friend at a party the previous Fourth of July. The friend had used this guy's services to get the evidence on his wife's infidelity.

He phoned the PI and set up an appointment at the PI's office for the next day. He then took his wife to great Italian dinner and, arriving back home, gave her a vigorous workout for dessert. He had found that she loved to read his stories and always wanted to try out some of the more interesting sexual activities he wrote about. That was a welcome bonus from his creative talents of coming up with erotic stories that she liked.

The next day, Smirking Lurker drove to the PI's office and handed him the information on the two local subjects and asked for a detailed biography on each to be developed. The bios were to include all relevant personal data about their jobs, associations, families, and even medical information that could be dug up.

Smirking paid the PI five hundred dollars and went home. The PI said he would email the results to Smirking within the week.

True to his word the files were delivered to Smirking three days after his meeting with the PI.

He opened the folder on the subject living on the other side of town first. The extra distance would be good in case something went wrong. Smirking didn't anticipate anything going wrong, but one never knew for sure.

He picked this one because this commenter had been particularly nasty. His remarks had included things like: You write this drivel because you can't get it up for real or You write like you fuck, not well, at least that is what your wife tells me, or Your wife must be terribly frustrated if you fuck like you write.

This subject's name was Randall Malloy. He was a forty-four year-old married night watchman, living in a seedy two-bedroom apartment with his forty year-old wife and her sixteen year-old son from a previous marriage. They had been married five years and were known to argue loudly almost every night.

Malloy had little education, was in a dead-end job (one of many he'd held over the last two years), and a fairly lengthy rap sheet from the local police department of minor crimes. And for many other reasons he was a definite loser. After reading his miserable life story the PI had provided, Smirking knew this guy's feedback comments were his lashing out at someone he saw as successful. Using the anonymous feedback gave this guy a sense of protection and allowed him to vent his own frustrations with his miserable life.

Smirking pulled the up photos from the e-mail's file attachment and looked at his targets. Malloy had the soft, red-faced look of an alcoholic. His wife wasn't a bad looking woman with shoulder-length red hair and green eyes. She looked somewhat worn around the edges and also had some telltale signs of alcohol abuse. But all in all she seemed to have generally taken care of herself. The file had a copy of her drivers' license, which indicated she stood five seven and weighed one twenty-five. Her name was Susan Anne Malloy.

Scanning through the bio on the Malloy's, Smirking noticed dear old Susan had divorced from her first husband for irreconcilable differences five years and three months ago. She had married Malloy five years and two months ago.

Smirking smiled. So Malloy was waiting in the wings for the divorce to become final?

This might be fun after all! Sweet Susan apparently had Mr. Malloy lined up long before she divorced her first husband. So, she probably screwed around on him with Malloy. A cheater, eh? Good! Once a cheater, always a cheater! She just needs to be properly primed!

Smirking began planning his attack on Mr. and Mrs. Anonymous Malloy.

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