The Destroyers, Book 3: Civil War
Chapter 1; The Beginning of the 2nd American Civil War

The Beginning of the 2nd

American Civil War

December 23rd

USS Florida

Jonathan Brewer walked down the narrow aisle of the sub He was carrying a plate of sandwiches, and a six-pack of water. After two weeks of being on board, he has come to respect the submariners who spend thirty days at a time in the boats. Passing through the sleeping area, he stepped into where the missile room once was and came to a stop outside one of the twenty cells. He looked in at the man and three children inside the small room.

"Open the door, guard," he said.

"Yes, Sir," the Marine said.

He swiped his card through the reader and entered the cell's code. The door unlocked, and he pushed it open.

"Here's your food, when you're finished--" Sneering at the children to scare them, he continued, "--you get to send a note to your mommy. If she is being a good girl, you will get to see her again. Right now, she is seeing a video of us loading you spawn into the torpedo tubes and us threatening to fire you out as we did that other family. That stupid fuck should have agreed to work with us."

Timothy Lawyers glared at the man and took the plate and water. 'How he wished he could beat the fucking crap out of the man who threatened to kill his children.

With a snarl he snapped back, "You people had better run and hide. Because when the Admiral gets back, he is going to hunt every last one of you down and kill you."

Jonathan looked at the man in surprise. It was the first words he has said to him, since they threatened to jettison his two-year-old daughter, unless he did what they told him to do.

"Admiral Thompson is dead, or he will be in a few hours. Our companions should be taking control of the ships of his fleet in the next few hours. When they get back, anyone who sided with him will be shot. So, you better hope your wife keeps playing along with us. If she doesn't, then we have no use for you or your spawn."

"You people disgust me, threatening children the way you do. You want a fight, how about you and me right now." Timothy said in anger.

"If Admiral Thompson gets back, and he is alive, he won't be able to function, we just killed his family less then ten minutes ago. Just so you know, we are on time for the takeover. Next it will be the world," he said as he started laughing and walked out the door.

December 24th 2005

Federation battleship Yamato

Anya Lawyers cried out in agony as she looked at the image of her daughter being forced into the torpedo tube.

"Look bitch, do what the Commander says or she and the rest of your spawn are dead," the voice from the data pad said.

"What do you want Commander?"

"Show me where the interface is."

"I am right here Commander and I would suggest you surrender."

"No Miss Dwight, you see—" he said as he turned to face her, "--if you do not do what we say, your family is dead as well. We have your mother and sister locked up in a secure facility," he said as he pulled out two photographs, and set them on the table. Each photo showed a woman with a large gun to their heads.

"So now you see, it is you that should surrender."

"I am sorry I cannot. Even though I love my sister and my mother, I cannot betray my oath."

"You will or even her kids will die—" turning to Commander Lawyers he continued, "—show this foolish child. What will happen to your family?"

With tears running down her face, Anya turned the pad so Nancy could see the video, "Please, Nancy, do what they want."

Nancy watched the video, and her heart broke for her friend.

"Please ... oh please, Nancy," Anya begged of her friend.

"Anya..." she said, and then stopped.

"Help them, damn it. They're just babies, children you have met and held in your arms," Anya screamed at Nancy.

'She wanted to help, but her Alpha programming prevented her from doing what they want, ' she thought to herself as she looked at her friend's children and then said the words that would condemn them to death.

"Anya, I'm sorry I cannot. It's not that I don't want to—" looking at her friend, she continued, "—it is that I cannot. I have safety protocols to protect the Federation built into me."

"Look, bitch, the Federation is not real. You are an American citizen you will do as the government says. Now where is your capsule?" snapped the Commander.

"Sir, I am sorry. If my mother and sister must die, there is nothing I can do about it. Commander Lawyers, as to your family, I can only say I am sorry as well."

Suddenly, the com speakers came on line, and Nancy's voice was heard, "Attention all hands, abandon ship! This is not a drill! We have a containment leak in one of the missile storage rooms. You have five minutes to abandon ship. Attention..."

Commander Warren Abrams felt his skin crawled as he thought of the missiles going off.

"What the hell did you do?" he screamed at the AI.

"I am shutting down the containment fields to all the missiles. If you wish to live, I suggest you leave, and leave now. Goodbye, Anya, you have been a true friend."

"No, Nancy! Don't do this." Anya screamed at her friend.

"I have to, it is the protocol. We cannot allow a warship like the Yamato to be captured by any government of the Earth. Now please go. In ninety seconds I fold beyond Pluto's orbit, where I will self-destruct. I am sorry." As the last words left her mouth, she vanished.

"God damn her. She just killed her mother and sister."

"Commander, if you wish to stay here and die, then be my guest. But I am leaving," Anya said as she walked towards the door."

"Commander, no you're not, you will take me to the bitch, and then I am going to kill her. That will stop this bullshit."

Anya turned and looked at the man, "You are an idiot! I do not know where her body is. The only one who does, is the Captain."

Turning she stepped out of the room and headed for the main doors when a gunshot went off, and she felt a sharp pain in her back. As the deck came up towards her, she put her hands out to try to stop herself, but hit with such force that the air was forced out of her lungs.

"I told you, bitch. Now you can stay and die!" Warren said as he walked out the door and through the nearest hatch to get off the ship.

Nancy watched him leave the ship, as her spiderbots carried Anya to medical, to help heal her from her wound.

"Heal, my friend. I will do what I can for your family," she whispered as she looked down on her.

Doing a quick scan, she saw that the crew had left the ship. She began disconnecting the ship from the Space Dock. Moving the ship away from the dock, she brought the fold engines online, and folded to the Kuiper Belt. There she jettisoned three magazines of anti-matter warheads at a large asteroid as she activated her stealth field. Shutting down her beacons, she then folded again to a different location in the belt. Behind her, the explosion lit up the system, showing all who were watching that a ship had exploded, never to be seen again.

December 24th 2005

Washington D.C.: 10:14 PM

President Thomas Kincaide watched as the shuttle flared and landed on the White House lawn.

He grinned, and said, "Today is the day we defeat all our enemies."

Walking up the ramp, he boarded the shuttle and looked around the pristine compartment as a young lieutenant came forward.

"Sir, please follow me. I will get you strapped into a seat."

Looking at her name on her uniform, he nodded his head and smiled again at the woman, "Thank you, Lieutenant Salem." Walking behind her, he admired her ass, 'Damn, I wonder what her ass would look like strapped over a chair, and how it would feel to fuck her, ' he said to himself.

"You can sit here, Sir, that way you can see into the flight deck. After we lift off you can come up to the deck and see space," Samantha said as she helped the President fastened his safety straps.

"Thank you, Lieutenant, please see to the rest of my people. Later, maybe we can talk some more."

"As you wish, Sir," Samantha said, just barely hiding the disgust in her voice, as she said to herself, 'Come on, Admiral, get back here so you can teach this asshole a lesson he will never forget.'

Turning she walked over to the door, and started directing the secret service, Marines, and politicians to their seats. Eventually, all five hundred seats were filled, and the ramp went up, sealing the ship.

The shuttle lifted off and headed into space. Ten fighters surrounded the craft to protect it, as it headed for Space Dock One and Two.

Ten minutes into the flight, Thomas got up and walked onto the flight deck. He watched as the ship headed for the docks. As he looked at the space docks, he noticed the Yamato starting to pull away from the dock.

"Where is my ship going?"

"Sir, I don't know, I will find out," turning the com on, he started speaking, "This is Air Force One to Space Dock One. Where is the Yamato going?"

"Space Dock to Air Force One, the Yamato's AI has taken over the ship and is leaving. She has started a countdown in the main magazines to detonate the anti-matter warheads stored there."

"What? Stop her."

"Sorry, Sir, all we have is ten destroyers and the almost completed carrier Ark Royal, plus fighters and bombers." said the voice over the com unit.

"Where did she go?" Thomas said as he watched her vanish and then a bright light flared up deep in space, on the com screen.

"She just blew up, Sir. I estimate she was in the Kuiper belt, just like she said she was going to do."

"All right, we have three weeks until the fleet of traitors start arriving here, start the docks to finish building the six remaining battleships. They are to have them completed in ten days. I want crews to start training on the simulators as soon as possible." Thomas said with anger in his voice.

"Yes, Sir, Mr. President. As you command."

"Sir, please go strap in, we will be landing in five minutes," Captain Samuel Holden said as he went to full power.

Five minutes later the shuttle landed, and the ramp came down. Getting up, Thomas walked to the ramp and started down it. At the bottom in full Navy dress whites, stood Admiral Kevin Farragut.

"Mr. President, may I welcome you to your Space Dock One."

"Thank you Kevin, how did it go?"

"Sir, we have captured or killed eighty percent of the command staff, including Commodore Thompson, his wife, and his senior officers. Unfortunately, General Polk and Ambassador Chandler were off station at the time. We are currently looking for Commodore White and his wife, along with his aides and five of the destroyer captains. Most of the Marines were taken out, when we blew their barrack's outer wall to space. However, we still have some running loose in this twenty-mile long dock. Sir, we need more men. The dock is just too big for three thousand Marines to take and search, especially with them knowing the place as well as they do. We have captured all ten of the destroyer, and we'll soon have the carrier. Unfortunately, the Yamato's AI decided to blow herself up in the Kuiper belt.

"I have also ordered ten Mech landers to load up and head to the moon to take out their Alpha base. As soon as I can get some more mechs built, I will begin an invasion of Mars and take that base. Pluto base can wait until we are ready to take her. We have already started construction on the six battleships. We will launch them in ten days."

"Good. Let's get our people up here, and the traitors down to the planet. I do not want a single one of the traitors up here. The prisons are all ready set up in Alaska for them," Thomas said as he started walking across the landing bay when the Admiral caught up to him.

"Yes, Sir. It's going to take about fifty shuttle trips to move them all out of here. What do you want to do about the high ranking officers?"

"Execute them," Thomas said without stopping.

"Sir?" Kevin said in shock.

"I said put a bullet in their heads, so they cannot cause any trouble for us. Now take me to see the Thompsons' bodies. I want to see them for myself."

"Yes, Sir. Follow me, Sir."

Leading the President across the park, and to the main residence they enter the huge dining hall that had been converted into a make shift morgue. Walking past the stack of bodies, he stopped near two covered gurneys.

"Here you go, Sir," he said as he flipped the sheets back showing John Thompson and his wife Martha.

Thomas stepped up and looked down at the father of the man he despised and grinned, the hole in his chest was big enough to put his fist in, and he can see the metal of the table through it. Looking at the mother, he saw her throat was gone and that her head was just barely attached.

"Let me guess ... he tried to push her behind him?"

"Well, we found him on top of her, so that is what we are assuming."

"Good, now dispose of the bodies. I do not care how. Now find me the other traitors' parents. Kill them if you have to. But I would rather like to have them alive, if possible." Looking back at the father, he spat on his face.

"Traitor," he said.

He turned and walked out of the morgue and across to the communications tower. Passing between the Marine guards, he went into the main communication room.

December 24th

Space Dock One: 10:39 pm

Andy led his wife and several others through the warrens of the Dock, picking up survivors and stashing them with weapons. Using his command override, he had several spiderbots building hidey-holes for the three hundred people he has rescued. Each hole would hold forty people and had a replicator and weapons for them. It should keep them safe until the fleet got back.

"Andy, I wonder if Martha and John are okay." Maria said, as she rubbed her swollen belly heavy with child.

"I don't know, my love, but I fear not. I think their party was the main target. If we had not been at the hospital with your pregnancy, we would have been there. I believe we would be dead as well. These bastards will pay for what they have done. I swear on my best..."

Suddenly, the com systems came on throughout the base, drowning Andy's comment out.

"Commodore White, I would advise you and your wife to surrender. We now control both docks, and soon will control your moon and Mars bases. If you surrender now, I promise you both will be returned to the United States to stand trail along with Commodore Thompson and his wife. I also promise, as the President of the United States, your wife will be spared to raise your unborn children. Only you will stand trial if you surrender. If you do not surrender, you will be hunted down as terrorists and shown no mercy. The decision is all yours."

"Like hell I will. When Ken and the kids get back you son of bitch. You'd better run and find the deepest hole to hide in that you can, because he will kill you."

Looking at his wife, he smiled at her, and said, "Come on, honey, let's get you into the new hidey-hole, and get you and Vickie safe. Then I am going head hunting, President Kincaide just pissed off the wrong Force Recon Marine."

Leading his wife and fiancée into the new secure facility, he kissed both of them.

"I love you both, now you take care of each other, and for Gods sake, keep our future generation safe as well," he said. Looking over his shoulder at the three Marines, he continued, "I want you three to keep them safe for me. I will be back when I can."

"Sir! Yes, Sir! We will keep them safe," replied the corporal as she adjusted her plasma rifle in her arms.

"I know you will, Janet. Now one more thing to do," he said as he walked over to the wall. He activated the computer system and said, "This is Commodore White access code, Alpha Bravo, Bravo niner-seven."

"Hello, Commodore, what may I do for you?"

"I am going to input some data into you, I want those areas classified Admiral Thompson's eyes only."

"Acknowledged, please proceed with data transfer."

Inputting the hidden locations of the survivors in to the computer, he also downloaded all the audio and live footage from the occupation that he has picked up at that time. So Ken will have the evidence he needs, "Computer can you locate Commodore Thompson?"

"Yes, Sir. Commodore Thompson is in the main dining hall. His life sign readings indicate he is deceased. Would you like to see footage of him?"

Tears ran down his face as he looked at the screen, 'does he really want to see the man he considered his brother?' and then he decided, "Yes. Please show me all visual records of Commodore Thompson for tonight, starting at nineteen hundred hours.

The screen came on, and it showed John dancing with Martha on the dance floor. Around them the stations crew and the Yamato's officers having a good time because it was Christmas Eve. The image shifted to everyone sitting down to dinner and enjoying a good meal. Then John leaned over and said something into Martha ear and her eyes got big as she looked down in her hands at a small box that John had placed there. She opened the box and her eyes went wide, and then she was in his arms kissing him.

That was when the door opened and John turned to look, and saw the armed men, as he shoved Martha behind him, they opened fire as soon as they had targets. The rounds hit John in his chest, punched through his body to hit Martha in the throat.

Maria cried out beside him as she watched the death of her best friend, and she turned away to be held by Vickie Marlow, "Martha, my friend..."

"I know, Maria, I know. I am so sorry." Vickie said as she guided her future wife to one of the beds and got her to sit. Kissing her head, she rocked her in her arms. Looking at her future husband, she saw him punching the wall.

"Andy! Stop that. Take it out on the ones responsible. Now go kill those fuckin' traitors and come back to us."

Andy stopped in mid-swing, and looked at Vickie. His mind finally registered what she said, and he nodded his head. He felt his body go ice cold as he looked back on the screen and saw the Admiral looking at his best friend. Then outrage came to him as the Admiral spat on the corpses.-

"You son of a bitch you are a dead man—" he stopped talking as he saw the second man step into view and his eyes narrowed, "—so you are the main traitor? Well, you'd better hope I don't get a hold of you, Admiral Kevin Farragut."

Major Thomas Brown looked over at the Commodores words. He came over and saw a man he once respected being the pawn of the President.

"That son of a bitch! I will kill him."

"No, Thomas. I want him alive for Ken and Jenny. It was their parents he murdered. They should have the satisfaction of dealing with scum like him."

"I agree, Sir, but what about the President?"

"He will stand trial when we capture him," Andy said, as he looked once more at the man he now hated more than the Crytherians.

"Yes, Sir. A nice trial for him and then we jettison him from an airlock."

"Computer, I want you to send the following message to Alpha base on the moon, 'Colonel Whitman, this is Commodore White aboard Space Dock One. This facility and Space Dock Two are to be considered hostile territory. Forces loyal to the United States Government have betrayed us. Commodore Thompson, his wife and most of the command staff have been murdered on the direct orders of President Thomas Kincaide. Admiral Farragut was responsible for the take-over.

"I currently have three hundred Federation personal hidden on SD1, and we are starting a resistance movement. I believe you and General Polk will be the next targets. He may have the Yamato, and at least ten destroyers at his command, the carrier Ark Royal is at 91% completion, and is due to launch next week. However, I do not think the AI will allow them to get her. Speaking of AIs I think he will not have the Yamato, either.

"So, like I was saying, prepare for an invasion. I believe they will attack you because you are in their backyard. They will be able to launch attacks on you from the dock as well as from Terra. I want you to bring Alpha base to condition red, and bring all defensive stations online. Commodore White, out."

Andy thought for a minute on the message to Victory Base and then started talking again, "Computer, send the same message to General Polk at Freedom Base on Mars. Notify them that the Docks have been taken, and that Commodore Thompson has been murdered by Admiral Farragut. I expect attacks on those two bases. Please relay the message to Pluto base, and to the carrier America. I want the America to protect the Pluto base.

"I am beginning a resistance movement, now. Computer this is an Alpha-Omega command, you are also to shut down all internal sensors and locator's bacons for my people, inside their hidey-holes. Major Brown will input the names of all of our people. You will not accept any orders from anyone, unless the orders are prefaced with the following phrase, 'Death to the betrayers, long live the Federation.' Also I want you to start saving and storing all video logs in a secure location. They are to be used as evidence. When the Washington returns, you will upload the logs to the AI/Interfaces for the battleship. End orders, for now."

"As you command, Commodore, it shall be implemented. Messages sent, video logs being stored in a secure location."

"Good. Now find me Admiral Farragut."

"Admiral Farragut is in the main communications room, he is sending messages to space Dock two."

"Break in. I want to say something to him. But don't let him know I am there, until I say so, and no visual. Route the conversation all over the Dock, so it cannot be traced back to us."

"Yes, Sir."

December 24th

Space Dock One: 10:41 pm

Kevin looked at the young major. His blood pressure was elevated as he was getting pissed off at the man. As the anger built up, he snapped at the young man, giving him his orders.

"Look, Major Bristol, find that AI/Interface, and capture or kill her then it doesn't matter to the President. But get that carrier launched and ready for combat. When you have them disabled or working for us, you will lead the assault against Mars, and then we will start..."

"I don't think so, Admiral. In fact, I guarantee your days are limited."

"Who is this?" Kevin said as he tries to get the holo-interface to show the other person.

"Admiral, I am your worst fuckin' nightmare. You screwed up, big time. First, you killed my friends, and their wives. Then you betrayed your oath to the Federation, and the hope for our planet to grow out of its pettiness. But the worst thing you tried to do, was you tried to kill my wives. You, Sir (and I use the term loosely), had better run and hide. Because, if I don't kill you, then Admiral Thompson surely will. Your little rebellion will not succeed, and I will watch..."

"White!" Kevin blurted out as he finally recognized the voice.

"Yep. Admiral, you pissed off the wrong Force Recon Marine. You should have looked up my military history. If you had, you would have gone after me first, instead of Commodore Thompson and his wife. Now you don't have any choices left. Except surrender or die, those are my only terms."

The com unit went black as the connection was cut.

"Why that son of a bitch! I want him dead! I do not care what the President said. Kill them all." Kevin screamed at his Marine guards.

Down in the hanger bays the ten captured Mech landers started loading up their complement of mechs, for deployment to the moon. Ten assault shuttles were loaded with Marines in battle assault armor.

December 24th

Moon Base Alpha: 11:26 pm

Colonel Susan Whitman, Federation Marine Corps, was sitting in her chair going over the base reports when the alarm sounded off. Reaching over to the com unit, she hit the speakerphone, "Command deck, this is Colonel Whitman. What's going on up there?"

"Ma'am, we are receiving a message from Space Dock One from Commodore White! Your eyes only!"

Her left eyebrow went up in surprise as she responded, "Thank you. Please transfer it down here."

The image came up. As she listened to Commodore White, her black skin went very pale. She looked at the gruesome murder of Commodore Thompson and his wife. Slapping the freeze button, she turned the com on.

"All hands, red alert. Man your battle stations. Bring defensive weapons online. Sensors, if any craft is detected approaching the base they are to be blow out of space. They are not to land. Hostile forces have taken both Space Docks, and Commodore Thompson and his command staff are dead. The Yamato has blown herself up, to prevent capture by the enemy. Commodore White is leading a resistance on SPD1.

"I want any craft leaving the docks to be tracked. I am sure they will be taking our people off the construction docks and replacing them with theirs. Get all of the Goliaths out on patrol. That is all for now."

Closing the connection Susan got up and started walking towards the command deck, her mind already racing, as she started wondering how her family was down in St. Louis.

December 24th

Strike Force Avenging Angel: 11:35 pm

The forty-Mech landers came down across the Sea of Tranquility. They were heading for the backside of the moon when the defense stations opened fire. The first barrage of defense fire caught ten of the landers dead center, and they exploded under the massive firepower of the bases hidden weapons.

Captain Jimmy Daniels, United States Army, checked his mechs systems. He brought his weapons online, and powered up the ninety-ton Death Stalker.

"This is Captain Daniels, code name J.D., I am online and ready for deployment."

"Roger that, Captain, we are going to have to drop you early. We are taking heavy fire, and ten landers are down so far."

"Drop us, now," Jimmy shouted into his com unit.

"Roger, dropping you now. Okay, everyone, hold on to your underwear! You're on an elevator to hell."

The lander flared their emergency thrusters and the iris opened, the three mechs dropped out as the lander took a direct hit, which punched through the hull and hit the hydrogen reactors. The resulting explosion caught the third Mech and ripped it apart. Killing the pilot with the expanding fireball as the other two mechs hit the moon's surface and started running towards the defense stations blowing them away as they closed.

Jimmy checked his scanners, and counted only forty-eight mechs in the attack wave, and as he watched, three more scout mechs blew apart under twenty railguns that fired on them.

"Spread out don't bunch up, take out the long range weapons and then the in close one." Jimmy said into the com system.

On the surface, the mechs spread out and start engaging the defenses from a distance. Ten mechs crest a small ridge and then descended out of sight.

Jimmy turned his Mech, targeting a laser platform, and he started firing his main weapons hitting them with direct hit. The explosion shattered the weapon into hundreds of tiny pieces as his com crackles to life.

"This is third division under attack..."

Jimmy listened to the silence from third division, and pulled them up on the sensors and saw where they went over the ridge to his east. Then it lit up as forty more signals suddenly came onto the scan, and he turned his Mech to engage the enemy. His eyes locked onto the readout, and he gasped in surprise, the mechs were huge, at least seventy feet tall and must have weighed in at two hundred tons.

"All units engage those mechs!"

Thirty-five mechs started firing at the huge mechs. Explosions detonated off the shields as they turned and started picking off the smaller mechs with precision hits. Then the first enemy Mech staggered as a spread of heavy missiles slammed into it. The shields went down and then six heavy lasers hit it and the right arm exploded into a shower of sparks.

Jimmy watched as three of the mechs targeted his Mech and he screamed as thirty heavy lasers hit him and his shields went down as his Mech started exploding around him. Then, in another series of hits, and his legs were blown off. He went down under the hits.

December 24th

Moon Base Alpha: 11:39 pm

Susan watched the landers coming in and then looked over at her weapons officer.

"Lieutenant Keller, you may open fire."

"Yes, Ma'am. Opening fire now," pressing the command icon, the heavy weapons opened fire.

December 24th

Moon Assault 11:50 pm

The ten Mech landers hurled through space towards the moon, flying at full speed with her hulls crammed with mechs and Marines. Shields up, they bore down on the moon. The base opened up with their ground to space weaponry and the first of the ten shuttles exploded as they all ducked behind a large mountain and started landing their mechs. The twenty-seven mechs and eight hundred Marines started moving towards the base, engaging the defenses as they went.

December 25th

Moon Base Alpha 12:02

Ambassador Chandler walked into the command deck, and watched Susan working. He hated to bother her, but he had no choice.

"Susan, what's going on?"

"We are under attack by forces of the United States. It seems your friend thought he could take us over. Well, he is seriously wrong on that account. Launch the fighters, I want those landers destroyed."

"Launching..." the resulting explosion from the fighter base, was felt through the ground. Every fighter exploded in huge fireballs that were snuffed out by the cold void of space. Eight hundred and thirty navy personnel died.

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