Big Paul
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Big Paul is getting divorced from his cheating wife. He is fed up with women. Then he rescues a young woman in a wheelchair from a gang of thugs

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   Violent  

Me — I am Paul, Paul Windles, known by all my mates, and my enemies, as BP. I think BP stands for Big Paul, but it's also a reference to British Petroleum, they are pretty big as well. I weigh twenty four stone, stand six foot four inches tall and wear a full beard. I am forty eight years old but I am still very fit as I spend half my working life outside; people don't mess with me. I have even been accused of scaring children! I work on the petrochem sites as a clanky, that's a mechanical engineer to the rest of you.

Dressed in my site gear; yellow reflective jacket, yellow over trousers, hard hat, and in north-east Scotland in winter, gloves and a balaclava under my hard hat, I look like a larger version of any of the other construction workers. I might look like them but I am a specialist; I design and commission compressors and turbines, the things that actually pump the gas to your house.

My personal life is a mess. I have a cheating whore of a soon-to-be-ex-wife and there is a restraining order preventing me from going within a mile of the house that we shared until about eighteen months ago. Not that I have any intention of ever going near the bitch again!

I caught her in bed with one of the local magistrates when I returned home unexpectedly late one night. OK, so I beat him to a pulp and broke his arm, but he did have his dick in MY wife. The police got involved but he wouldn't press charges. I explained to him that the pictures I had snapped on my phone as I entered our bedroom would be e-mailed to everyone who was anybody in our home town. He didn't want his nasty little affair to become public; it's not good for the image when you are sitting there in your dark suit looking down and passing judgement on the local riffraff. I did tell his wife how he came to have a broken arm and cracked ribs. And I gave her a copy of the pictures I had snapped before I rearranged his body a bit. He will soon be free to pursue his little fling with my soon-to-be-ex wife without fear of any consequences as he will also be getting divorced.

When I first suspected my slag of a wife was giving it away, nearly two years ago, I took a few precautions. I bought a small run down single story farm cottage about twenty two miles from Aberdeen, the area where most of my work is these days. Maybe run down is the wrong word, there was no electric or running water and the roof had more holes than a fishing net. But hard work during the summer has made it habitable; its nowhere near finished but that's another story. The property is in my Mum's name and the whore (wife) knows nothing about it, she thinks I am renting. It was paid for with a re-mortgage on the marital home. The cheating bitch didn't bat an eye lid when I took the mortgage out because I bought her a new car out of it. Anyway, she will have to sell up but even with the recent economic problems there will be enough left after the mortgages are paid to buy her a place and leave me some cash. It just won't be in a snooty area with two garages and four en-suite bedrooms, which is what she has got used to.

As you can probably tell, I am sick of women. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy sex, in fact I need a shag, I just don't like the mind games that seem to go with it. As a result I have taken to trawling the pick-up bars as I find the tarts off the estates will put out in return for a good time which, in their eyes, is a skin-full of booze paid for by me. I never take them back to my place or stay over at theirs. I either shag them in the car or at their flat (if they don't have a boyfriend or kids at home) and then go home. Every so often one will try to get her hooks into me but at that point I drop them like a hot coal and keep well away from their usual haunts. I am not above paying a whore from the docks area if she doesn't look too drug infested. I never force them to do anything they don't want to and avoid the ones that obviously have a husband or boyfriend.

I have never hit a woman and never would. Even when I caught the slag in bed with dick-head I never touched her. I shouted at her and she was scared out of her wits, after all she witnessed the beating I gave dick-head close up, in fact she pissed herself, but I never laid a finger on her.

Anyway, back to the story, I am currently working in one of the design houses as a specialist, contracted in for six months or so. I like to get into Aberdeen early, the traffic at rush hour is evil, and I have taken to having breakfast at a little cafe I usually park up at the office at about ten to seven then walk the five minutes or so to Jock and Betty's, they open at six-thirty. There I have a 'Full Fried Breakfast' and get back to the office around quarter to eight. Once you go into a place like this on a regular basis you get to know people and I soon got chatting to the proprietors. Jock would call me a 'bluudy sassanach' and I'd call him a 'Scots bastard' but it was all in good fun and they were a lovely couple. They were in their late sixties and had been running the place since they married, that was over forty years ago. The stories they told of their times running the place over the years were always amusing.

There were also other regular customers. When I arrived each morning there would be two council workmen, a couple of IT people from the local offices, a girl in an electric wheelchair, also in IT, and, while I was eating, a few more office and dock workers would arrive. We each sat at our own tables unless a few occasionals, as Jock called them, came in, then we would double up. We used to talk about everything; sport, politics, work, women, and the girls about their men. It was like a little social club and the nice thing was it crossed social boundaries as well.

One morning as I walked along the quay towards Jocks I heard a scream from a dead-end side street with old warehouses on either side. It was a woman's scream and I went to investigate. About fifty yards up the street three youths were surrounding Shona, the lass in a wheelchair from the café. They had tipped her out on the floor and I could hear one of them saying, "She doesn't have any legs, I wonder what a twat without legs looks like." They were pulling at her clothing and she was trying to punch them.

They hadn't seen me as they were paying attention to the girl on the ground, who was trying to fend them off. I charged at the one nearest to me and he went down, his leg making an ominous crack as I fell on top of him. He screamed in pain. As I fell I grabbed one of the other scum-bags and took him down as well. The third one legged it.

I left scum-bag one where he was and held on to scum-bag two. I forced him against the wall and held him by his neck. His first comment amazed me. "You can't hit me I'm sixteen." I saw red at this point and buried my fist in his stomach, hard!

Scum-bag one was trying to drag himself away and I shouted to him, "Stay where you are or I'll break your other fucking leg." I then concentrated on number two again. He had got some of his wind back and I asked very quietly, "Who was your mate, the one that ran off, I want a name." At first he looked defiant but I think he realised I was serious when I grabbed hold of his ball sack through his trousers, quite gently, but with the threat of worse pain to come. He gave me a name. I then released his balls and brought my knee up hard where my hand had been. He was out of it.

This whole scene had taken less than a minute. I turned to Shona who was on the ground. She had dragged herself to her wheelchair but was propped up against it as it was still on its side. I lifted her up, she had amazingly strong arms and she held on to me while I righted her wheelchair, I then set her down in it. Fortunately there appeared to be no damage.

"I can't thank you enough," she said. "I think you saved me from a possible rape. Aren't you going to get into trouble, that kid looks badly hurt."

"I don't know, let's go talk to him."

I went over to scum-bag one and rolled him onto his back roughly with my foot. He screamed as his broken ankle got caught but I didn't care. I bent over him and got right in his face to say, "As I see it you have two choices. One, you make a complaint to the police about me, but Shona, my girlfriend, will make a complaint of attempted rape. I may or may not get away with it but either way, bearing in mind the circumstances, I won't go to prison. You'll get sent down and when you get out I'll find you and finish the job. When I'm finished you won't need a doctor, just an undertaker. Two, we call an ambulance, you say nothing, you make sure you and your two mates are never seen around here again, and accept the broken ankle as the cost of attacking and attempting to rape my girlfriend."

As I was talking he shit himself, literally. I heard the unmistakable noise and the smell hit me within seconds. It was the 'my girlfriend' comment that scared him. He very quickly decided that option two carried far less opportunity for pain and suffering and I rang 999.

The ambulance arrived in a few minutes and carted off scum-bag one. Scum-bag two had legged it as soon as he saw that my attention was on his mate.

As the ambulance pulled away Shona came over and said, "Come on, I'll buy you breakfast today. What's that about me being your girlfriend?"

"I wanted to make it personal with him so that he believed my threat to harm him if he went down the legal route. It worked didn't it, he actually shit himself, didn't you hear it or smell it. Anyway, what the hell were you doing down this alley?"

Shona explained that she was delivering some work to a company that had offices in the converted warehouse. She had dropped it in their letter box when the three thugs attacked her.

We went down the quayside to the café together. By the time we got there the shock of it all had hit Shona, she was white and shaking. I immediately explained the situation to Betty and she took Shona out the back to dress her hand which was grazed, and comfort her. All the regulars were curious but I played it down, I didn't want the attention.

Shona came out of the kitchen about ten minutes later looking much more composed. One hand was bandaged and the other held a cup of coffee which was definitely laced with some 'Scottish water'. I was eating my breakfast and she joined me.

"I really can't thank you enough," she said. "Those three have threatened me once before. I'm sure they would have raped me if you hadn't turned up."

I told her that anyone who hit a woman was beyond the pale as far as I was concerned, and to pick on someone in a wheelchair was even more despicable.

"You seemed really scary when you first started coming in here. The two lads on the bins told Jock that they wouldn't dare call you a 'bluudy sassanach'. But then, as you talked, everyone realised you were OK. Still, after what you did to those two that you caught, I wouldn't want to be on the wrong side of you." She paused for a minute then said, "What's your problem with women though, you seem really bitter, why?"

I didn't want to open up about my personal life so I just said, "Oh, some shit at home but it's sorted now, and I'll be a free of it in six weeks." The divorce was in the court system now.

"OK. Well I owe you one, probably more like a hundred actually. I've seen you round town on a Thursday night a couple of times, if you ever want to talk I'll be there for you."

The comment about Thursdays surprised me but I let it pass.

I had a chat with the two council lads and told them if they ever saw any of the three scum-bags hanging around the area to let me know. They had seen them around before and knew who I was talking about. But they were never seen again.

I was back at my usual time the next day but not at my usual table. Jock brought my mug of tea to Shona's table and I shared her table from then on.

We would talk and, bit by bit, we found out more about each other. One day she told me how she ended up in a wheelchair. She lost her legs in a car accident when she was fourteen, twelve years ago. She was the passenger in a stolen car. She now did occasional voluntary work for a charity who tried to help young delinquents.

"So, did my reaction to those three that day shock you?"

"No," she said, surprising me. "If more of them came into contact with someone like you they probably wouldn't go off the rails. After all, do you think those three will ever try anything like that again?"

I just shrugged. "I guess they wouldn't want another run in with me but I don't think they'll change their ways, just be scum-bags somewhere else."

"I learnt my lesson the hardest possible way," she said softly with a touch of sadness. "Look at me now, a cripple in a wheelchair. Before the accident I was out there mixing with the bad ones and sexually active. Yes, at fourteen I would have sex with anyone if I liked the look of them. Then bang, I'm in hospital for months and when I come out I need help with everything, even going to the loo. I've only had sex a few times since.

"But I stuck at my school work, passed my exams, albeit a year late, went to uni, got a degree, a job and my own place now. If I hadn't had the accident I would probably have been another notch on your Thursday night bedpost." I looked shocked but she carried on, "From my contacts I've found out who the lad with the broken ankle is, he's back at school and studying hard. When you dealt with him he saw the dark side, the same as I did twelve years ago. The trouble is we pussy-foot around with these yobs but we're not doing them any favours. My story has turned around more lives than all the other volunteers put together, and that's not me bragging."

We had talked non-stop for half an hour and I realised the other regulars had been listening.

"God! It's twenty to eight," I said, breaking the spell. "I need to be in work now."

"Why don't you talk about your demons," she said with a warm smile as she handed me a piece of paper with a phone number on it. I put it in my pocket and forgot about it.

When I left work I went for a pizza then started a trip around my usual bars and thought I had struck lucky in the second, the Scotsman. There was a group of six girls around a table, it looked like a birthday party. Two looked half decent, two were fair, and two required thick beer goggles. They seemed to be aged between twenty and thirty but it was hard to tell with the dull lighting in the bar. I went to the barman, Stu, and ordered my usual, a pint of lemonade with a dash of Guinness. It looked like beer but was actually almost non-alcoholic. I asked about the group of girls and he said it was a birthday party. I told him to send a round of drinks over and tipped him as I always did. He charged me for seven drinks and I looked puzzled. He said, "One of 'em's in the loo." Usually the trick worked with a group like that, one of the 'available ones' would detach herself from the party and join me at the bar.

At that point I got distracted, Stu had left the bar for a few seconds to gather empty glasses, he always liked to make sure there wasn't a ready supply of ammunition if anything kicked off. To be fair, since they had employed a doorman, things had calmed down a lot. I had only put the Scotsman back on my 'list' when they took on a doorman, previously it had been like dodge city on a Thursday and Friday nights. As he picked up a glass from a nearby table one of the lads sitting there kicked off, claiming the glass he had just picked up was half full. It was a standard trick to get a free half pint. Stu just said, "OK, cool it down, I'm not that stupid." He looked over to the door to see where Baz, the doorman, was and as he turned away, the lad picked a bottle up and prepared to smash it on Stu's head. I grabbed an ice bucket off the bar and slammed it into the side of the face of the pillock with the bottle. He ended up falling over the table spilling all their drinks.

At this point Baz came in and headed towards me. In an off-handed manner Stu said, "I owe BP one, that prick was going to bottle me."

Baz got hold of the pillock and said to his mates, "All of you out now."

Baz was my size but a good few years younger. With both of us facing them the fight went out of the other three. He marshalled the three others ahead of him and dragged pillock behind him. As he threw pillock out of the door into his mates he told them they were all barred.

"That's the second time you've saved my arse," said Stu as he went back behind the bar.

"If I get lucky with one of the lasses over there I'll forget it," I said. "If not I'll take it out on your arse." He knew I was joking and we both laughed which dissipated the tension.

As I sat back on my stool I heard a voice beside me, low down, "Causing trouble again BP. Thanks for the drink by the way."

I looked down and saw Shona, in her wheelchair, at my side. "What are you doing here?" I asked.

"It's my sister's birthday," she replied, "I'm with her and her mates. Come over and join us."

This was not how I planned it, but I didn't see how I could now get off with one of her sister's mates, or even worse her sister, without it getting complicated. I thought I may as well join them and enjoy a drink with them.

Two things struck me as I sat down with them. How trashy the other girls looked compared to Shona who was, by far, the nicest looking of them all. And how my vision was going, I was starting a fucking migraine! I suffer with them from time to time. All sorts of things can start one, stress is one of the triggers.

I knew it was going to be bad one when the nausea hit me about fifteen minutes later. Shona must have noticed because she said, "Paul, you look terrible, what's the matter?"

"Oh, must be something I've eaten," I said as I got up and went outside to get some fresh air.

As I went out Baz said, "Fucking hell, BP, you look awful."

With that my tea hit the pavement. I leant against the wall, half my vision was ragged and my head hurt. Baz brought me a glass of water and said, "You look like shit, mate, I'm putting you in a taxi, our treat, we owe you one. I don't know what's the matter with you, I know you don't drink much, but you can't drive in that state."

"I've started with a migraine and it's a bad one. I'll be OK."

"Maybe," he replied, "but I am not taking any chances. I'll get you a taxi."

As he finished there was a whirr and Shona's voice piped up, "You don't need to, I'll take care of him and I promise he won't drive." She turned to me with her hand out and demanded, "Keys!" I really wasn't in any state to argue and handed her my keys. "Wait with him while I fetch my car," she said to Baz before zooming off.

Stu had brought a chair out, and I sat on it. By now there was a little crowd round me and one of Shona's party said, "Do you think we should call an ambulance?"

Another, I assume it was Shona's sister, said, "No, he's a mate of Shona's, she said she'd take him home." There were a few ribald comments and giggles. All I wanted to do was lie down and shut my eyes, but I knew they meant well.

No more than five minutes later a silver mini-mpv pulled up at the side of the road and Shona said, "Come on, get in." I got in the passenger door and sat down. As I did so I noticed she was still in her wheelchair. The conversion allowed her to drive her chair up a ramp at the back and into her driving position.

As soon as I had fastened my seat belt Shona said, "Right, where do you live?"

"Breaside Farm Cottage, Kirton of Tough."

"Where the hell is that?"

"About twenty two miles out off the A944, just before Bridge of Alford."

She looked at me and said, "OK, so you're coming back to mine, no arguments. I know roughly where you mean but there's no way I'd find my way back even if you directed me there."

With that she set off.

The drive to her place took about fifteen minutes. She pulled into a short cul-de-sac in a new estate on the north side of the city centre. There were three bungalows and, by the look of them, they were all adapted for disabled people. She parked up and I got out. Quicker than I'd expected, she was at the front door with its lock at hip level rather than higher up. She let me in and it seemed like any other bungalow except everything was at a low level.

"Go and sit down," she said in a firm but soft voice. "Do you want anything?"

"Tea please, milk and sugar." I could hear her in the kitchen, and I was glad to just sit in the quiet. I didn't put a light on.

Shona gave me a mug of tea then pulled herself out of the chair and sat by me on the settee. "I know how you feel," she said quietly. "I get migraines as well. Finish your tea then go to bed, you can use the spare room. I'll take you back into town in the morning. Where's your car?" I told her I left it at work.

The thought of lying down appealed to me, my head hurt like hell. Shona showed me where the bathroom was, it was all very low for someone of my height but I managed to pee without missing then went to the spare room. I undressed down to my underpants and got into bed. It was only eight o'clock. What a lousy evening. I must have dozed off quickly, I think I heard Shona check on me once.

The next thing I remember is Shona coming in around eleven-thirty.

"Are you awake?"

"Yes," I mumbled and added under my breath, "I am now!"

"My sister has just rung. She's as drunk as a skunk and has lost her taxi money. Her mates have abandoned her and I need to pick her up, you can stay here."

About an hour later, I had gone to sleep again, Shona reappeared and now seemed well and truly pissed off.

"She's fucking well passed out in the car. I couldn't get the stupid bitch out when I got to her place. The kids are at their dads, not that they would have been able to lift her, the oldest is only six, so I've had to bring her back here. Can you come and give me a hand please?"

"OK, let me put some clothes on."

Shona grinned as she said, "No free show then!"

I laughed and she left the room. I put my trousers and shirt on and went out. Her sister was slumped in the front seat. She stank of booze, I think she'd pissed herself, and her make-up was all messed up.

I got hold of her sister, dragged her out of the car then picked her up and threw her over my shoulder. As I did so she was sick all over me. Shona just sat there and cried, "The mucky cow! Why didn't I just leave her there."

"You couldn't do that. It doesn't matter." Well it did, but she was upset enough without me kicking off. "What shall I do with her?" Shona seemed to be at her wits end so I said, "Have you got a plastic sheet or anything, bin liners even, to cover the spare bed and around it?"

Shona ferreted around and found a large plastic sheet left by some decorators and deftly covered the spare bed and the floor. I kept hold of sis until she had done then dumped the unconscious girl on the bed. Shona grabbed the kitchen bowl and put it by the bed.

Shona had now regained her composure but was still angry and said, "Leave her there, I'm not even going to bother to undress her. You, bathroom, now! Let's get you cleaned up and back to bed. You can use mine, I'll have the settee."

Shona gave me a bin liner for my clothes and said, "There's a clean towel for you to wrap yourself in, go to my bed when you've done. I'll put your clothes in the washer and dry them when I get up in the morning."

I got showered, dried off, and made my way to her room, there was a nice double bed set very low on the floor. As soon as I was under the covers Shona came in and said, "Thanks."

"What a night!" I replied.

Shona laughed as she left and said, "I'll wake you just after six in the morning."

I woke up about five and realised that there was something in the bed with me. The something, once I had opened my eyes properly, turned out be Shona. My movement woke her and she said, "I hope you don't mind, sis was retching in the spare room and it was keeping me awake. If it bothers you I'll go back to the settee."

I couldn't really make her do that, so I said, "No it's fine, you just gave me a bit of a shock, that's all." I settled down again but turned away from Shona, I didn't want her embarrassed by my early morning hard-on. I noticed she cuddled up close behind me as we both dozed again.

By the time I woke again, about three quarters of an hour later, Shona was already out of bed. She brought me a cup of tea and said, "Your clothes are in the dryer, they'll be twenty minutes or so. Budge over." She lifted herself onto the bed using one of the ropes that hung down from the ceiling. She sat next to me and drank her tea.

"What are you going to do with your sister?"

"Nothing. I'm leaving her here to sober up with a note to tell her to make sure the spare room looks like it did before she arrived."

"Have you looked in on her this morning?"

"Yes. It's not a pretty sight!"

We chatted away and I apologised for ruining her evening.

"It's OK," she said, "I had only intended staying for one drink, they're not really my crowd but I had to be sociable. Anyway, what about you, how do you feel this morning?"

"Fine." Even with the interruptions, I had eight hours sleep.

"You looked awful last night, do you get migraine often?"

"No, not really, but I think the shit at home hasn't helped. I've had more in the last two years than in the previous ten."

"Do you want to tell me about it?"

Well, I told her about my ex, how I caught her in bed with dick-head, the outcome, divorce, and how I had bought the cottage up here.

"You're better off without her," she said when I had finished. "Don't be bitter, there are decent women out there, it's just that you didn't find one."

She then sat for a minute, staring at the news on the TV but not really taking any notice. Then she started talking again, "Why don't you see if you can meet a much younger woman, not just for a shag but as a keeper, you don't act or look forty eight. I know what you mean about forty something's having baggage, if they aren't dykes they'll probably be divorced and have kids."

"Fine, but where can I find a twenty something. Won't they also think I have a lot of 'baggage'?"

"Well, there's one sat right next to you," she said, surprising me so much that I turned to look at her. "OK, I'm a cripple. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that." Then she started crying. I hated to see her cry and lifted her up and sat her on my lap to give her a cuddle. She felt good against me, I had to admit. I was getting a boner and I wondered if she could feel it.

"I wish I wasn't crippled," she sobbed. "I'd give anything to be able to jump your bones right now."

"Does the disability stop you then?" I said without thinking.

There was a flurry of movement and before I knew it Shona was on top of me. She was naked and she was kissing me. "Someone is pleased to see you," I said as my hard-on dug into her tummy. I returned the kisses and felt her boobs, they were firm and just the right size.

"Unless I get another rope put over the middle of the bed I can't ride you, so this morning will have to be missionary."

I soon got with the program and within a few seconds I was sunk balls deep into a very wet, but tight pussy. I didn't last long. It was just as well Shona was as worked up as I was, we both came together.

As I hugged her, I thought about how she had felt. It didn't really seem any different to a normal girl, just no legs to pull me in, but not all girls do that anyway. She broke the spell when she said, "Come on or we'll be late for breakfast."

She shot off the bed, naked now, and I got out of bed to have a wash, not bothering to hide my nakedness. We got dressed quickly and set off into the city centre in her car. She parked at her workplace and we went into Jock's together. Just before we went in I said, "Can I take you out to dinner tonight, your choice of place as you know who caters for your chair best."

"Yes, I thought you'd never ask. OK, so we did sex then dinner, not dinner then sex."

"I enjoyed it anyway."

"Yes, so did I. Stay with me again tonight, please. I can do more than just lay there you know." We ate our breakfast and chatted, I don't know if the other regulars detected a change, but if they did they didn't say anything in front of us.

We arranged to meet after work. I thought of nothing else all day, I knew straight away that I didn't have a problem with her disability, she was leading an independent life, all be it with a few aids to help her along the way. She wasn't ugly, inside or out, in fact I found her attractive. The problem was me, was I ready to get involved with someone so soon after having my fingers burnt badly. I could also see that the usual hints to move in on the third date wouldn't be a problem, Shona needed a house to be adapted for her needs, so she wouldn't be looking to move in with me just like that. Also the age gap, twenty two years, would that be a problem. Having wasted half the day mulling over it all and got nowhere, I decided to let things take their course, mainly because I couldn't answer most of the questions. I decided that she had got under my thick skin, I liked her attitude, and her determination.

We met outside her office at five and I asked her where we were going.

"To my car, and then to a small restaurant I know on the Stonehaven road."

The restaurant was an Italian run place, not the 'plastic' Italian of the big chains, but real Italian food, cooked by a proper chef using fresh ingredients. Shona was obviously known and the chef came out from the kitchen to welcome her.

"Who is this mountain of a man?" he asked.

Shona's reply made me smile. "My boyfriend."

"Look after her," he said to me, "she's a good girl. We have the house speciality, garlic oysters," he added with an exaggerated wink.

"Judging by the way Paul behaved this morning," Shona giggled, "it's me that'll be needing the oysters."

The chef laughed and I felt myself blush. As soon as he had returned to the kitchen Shona said, "I do believe I've embarrassed you. Look, I could do a piece of toast on your face." I said nothing.

We both ate far more than we should. Shona drove me back into town and dropped me at my car, she told me to follow her. We got back to her place about nine-thirty and as soon as we got in the front door Shona made for the bedroom and was naked in a flash.

"Come on, hurry up," she called from the bedroom. "This morning was the first time for a year and I want a repeat."

I joined her and looked at her properly for the first time, naked. She had a pretty face, long almost black hair which reached down almost to her bottom and nice firm, perky boobs. I am no good on cup sizes but they were big enough to make a nice cleavage without being so big as to be floppy. I later found out that she was D cup. Her upper body was well toned and, in fact, you could see the muscle definition. After all, she used her arms for everything. Her skin was pale and flawless. It was just that, after the black triangle below her tummy, there were only two little stumps, maybe six inches long.

She also smelt hot, that woman sex smell is unmistakable, and I could smell it as I joined her on the bed.

"Lie on your back," she said, "I'm in control tonight."

As soon as I lay down she scooted on top of me whilst pushing her pussy into my face and taking my already rock-hard dick in her mouth. I knew immediately what she wanted and pushed my tongue into her already wet slit. I found her clit and started to lick and suck it. The moans and gasps as I licked her told me she liked what I was doing. She had a small orgasm after only a few seconds of me licking her clit.

After she came she said, "At least you don't mind doing a sixty-nine with me, my last boyfriend wouldn't do that and didn't like going down on me at all."

"I think if two people are comfortable with each other and in a sexual relationship then sucking your partner is a natural thing to do. I enjoy doing it, the smell of an aroused woman turns me on, cant you tell?"

"Oh, is that why there's this iron hard rod in front of me." And with that she completely swallowed my dick, her lips were in my pubic hair.

I had never been sucked that deeply before and I lost it there and then, the feeling was incredible. I warned Shona I was coming but she just carried on sucking. Once I had my senses back I started again on her pussy and clit.

I asked Shona to ease off for a few minutes after I had come, as I am really sensitive after a big come and it can almost hurt.

She had another much bigger orgasm from my sucking, and I was now getting hard again. Instead of deep throating me she was now licking all round my dick, paying particular attention to the head. This was turning me on and after about five minutes she said, "And now for my next trick." She hauled herself up using the ropes anchored to the ceiling over the bed. She then impaled herself on my dick and proceeded to lift herself up and down using her arms, fucking me slowly.

The feeling was incredible, she was rippling her pussy muscles whist she was riding me. I was able to nuzzle her boobs and suck her nipples which got her even more turned on. I hadn't come, I was hard but with my earlier come I wasn't going to come quickly.

Shona eventually came, and collapsed on me. I held her tight and we remained in a sort of reverse missionary but I found I couldn't really fuck her properly like that. We must have cuddled like that for ten minutes or so. I was able to wiggle my dick in her enough to keep me hard, but not enough to come.

After a while I flipped her over and finished off with a missionary fuck.

We then just cuddled up and went to sleep.

I must have woken at about two in the morning in need of a piss. Shona awoke too, she also needed to pee. I was still peeing as she dragged herself in. As soon as I had finished she heaved herself onto the loo. She peed in front of me, we were comfortable with each other. I carried her back to the bedroom

When we got back to bed we cuddled some more and got turned on again.

"Let me try something," she said, dragging a pile of pillows into the middle of the bed. She lay down on them, belly to the pillows and said, "Can you do me doggy style like this?"

Well, with a bit of shuffling I was able to get into her easily, and soon got a rhythm going.

"Oh yes, don't stop," Shona gasped. "You're getting right up me, it feels so good."

A few moments later she started moaning and was soon coming. Although I was rock hard I hadn't come and Shona said, "Help me straighten the bed then I guarantee I'll make you come."

When the bed was straight she told me to lie on my back. I did and she started sucking me but this time she was facing me with her body between my legs. When my dick was wet she started to rub it between her boobs. This turned me on and I started coming. As I tensed to come she put my dick in her mouth. I came and she swallowed.

We then cuddled up and went back to sleep. We woke again at about six-thirty.

Shona was visiting her Nan in Nairn over the weekend so we got up, had breakfast followed by a very long and deep kissing session before we left, me to go home and Shona to drive to Nairn. We arranged to meet again on Monday morning at Jock's, Shona said that she would be home late on Sunday evening.

We spoke on the phone twice over the weekend.

Monday morning, we met at Jock's, and as I went to sit at Shona's table she pointed at her lips and pursed them, as in "I want a kiss". I bent over and was rewarded with a full on deep kiss.

"Hey you two, get a room," Jock called out.

"We don't need to," Shona replied, "we both have our own place. Anyway, we're just warming up for later."

Jock brought my breakfast over and said, "OK then you two, spill it. How long have you been going out?" Shona described our meeting at the bar last week and some of what followed. Jock said, "Well, I'm very happy for you both, and Shona, I'm glad you've been able to get though that thick skin on BP."

We met again straight after work and I followed Shona back to her house. She cooked a really nice lasagne which we ate in the living room while watching TV; quite the old married couple. However, as soon as we had eaten, Shona came to sit in my lap and one thing led to another very quickly. My dick was soon buried in her pussy. Shona told me about her visit to her Nan. She said that Nan overheard one of our phone calls and starting asking lots of questions.

We slept together again that night. I was going down to Newcastle the following afternoon for meetings on Wednesday, getting back Thursday morning. Shona had to work late on Thursday so we agreed to meet up at Shona's house at about nine on Thursday night.

I told Shona I wanted to take her to my house and we decided that with my help she could manage. So we planned to go to my place after work on Friday and spend the weekend there. It seemed that we were very quickly reaching the point where we spent every night together that we could. The speed that we had got to that point had caught me unawares.

I asked Shona about her sister as she hadn't mentioned her since Friday morning, and her face clouded as she said, "I went home at lunchtime to check on her. She had gone but hadn't made any effort to clean up her mess. I had to get my helper in to do it. I had a big row with Janet (sis) about it, we aren't talking now."

I asked about her helper, and she said that an able bodied woman was allocated to her as part of her disability support to do any tasks she couldn't do herself. She continued, "How do you think the ropes over the bed were re-threaded so that I could ride you the other night?" I hadn't thought about it at the time, but my mind was on other things.

So we went our separate ways after breakfast on Tuesday. The meetings in Newcastle were boring but necessary and I got back to the office in Aberdeen at lunchtime on Thursday. I was looking forward to meeting Shona later that evening.

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