Peter Is 26: Gwen
Chapter 1: Beginning

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1: Beginning - She is not the girl of his dreams. And she's not perfect. But Peter's track record is 0-and-5 so when love calls he has to answer!

I never noticed Gwendolyn. I mean, I saw her in class and I spoke with her — I don't mean I was rude or she was invisible. I just mean it never even occurred to me that my future wife would be a short, thin, pale, blonde woman.

Gwen was my Biology 101 lab partner. Neither of us were science majors — I had settled on Physical Education and she was studying Business Finance — so the class was purely a general studies requirement and not something either of us was looking forward to. It was filled with a lot of experiments measuring nothing and tests to show us the glories of scientific method. Gwen was smart and had a sense of humor and we had a lot of fun proving that neither of us was cut out for science.

She was a bit reserved but not shy. We didn't talk too much about our personal lives but the semester was long enough for her to see me cycle through several dates; she knew I wasn't used to sleeping alone for long just as I knew she wasn't 'that' kind of girl.

It was a Tuesday night and part of the homework was to go to the library and view a DVD on mitosis. We got there early, we thought, only to find the disc in use and spoken for for the rest of the evening.

"I guess we'll have to watch it tomorrow." She sighed.

"Wednesday's are bad for me. I gotta work." I looked at the clerk. "I don't suppose there's a copy that can be checked out 'round here?"

He checked. "No. Not on DVD."

"But in other formats?" I perked up.

"Yeah, we've got a VHS tape still."

"Oh, God!" Gwen laughed. "Who still uses those?"

"My Grandfather, for one." I said happily. The clerk got the tape for us and Gwen and I picked up a pizza before heading over to my place.

The VCR was hooked up to the big screen in the living room so Gwen and I spread out on the floor to watch the three-hours of excitement.

Alex came home about mid-way through. He stopped in the doorway and I watched his expression change from tired to livid. "What's this?" He asked gesturing to the TV.

"Cell biology." I answered. I was actually a little off-put by his attitude. Alex was supposed to be my submissive and usually pretty dedicated to the roll. "What up?"

"Where's my game tape?" He asked, ignoring my tone.

"Game tape?" There had been a tape in the player but I pulled it out.

"VT's playin' ESU tonight. I'm tapin' the game. For the team."

He had mentioned that, but I'd completely forgotten it. I got up and pulled him into the hallway. "Alex. I'm sorry, I forgot." I whispered. "I'll make it up to you, I promise."

He sighed and tried to get over it. "I'll deal. It's cool." His brow knit.

"It's not cool. I'm sorry." I kissed him softly knowing that that would win a smile faster than any apology. I kissed him again when the first one worked.

"Quit it." He mumbled, not meaning it.

"Forgive me?"

He snorted, "'Course. I got friends at VT; I should be able ta get a copy somehow."

"Good." I gave him a sharp hit to the shoulder — which he probably liked more than the kiss — "We got pizza, you want a slice."

"Nah." He chuckled. "I wouldn't want to cock-block." He glanced toward the living room. "Kinda skinny, ain't she?"

"Relax. She's a classmate. This is homework. That's all."

"Right." He snickered all the way to the kitchen.

I went back and sat down. "What I miss?"

"Nothing." She handed me the remote and I realized that she'd paused the tape while I was gone.

"Ah. Thanks."

"You're welcome." She looked at the door. "So, who was that?"

"Alex? Oh, my cousin. Granddad let's us both use the house."

"I see. The game?"

I shrugged. "He was planning to tape it. He'll get over it." I re-started our tape and shifted to get more comfortable. Gwen shifted and I grabbed a cushion off the couch. I little while later, I noticed her shiver, realized it was a bit cool in the room and grabbed the throw from the back of the couch. When she was having trouble taking notes, I shifted closer so she could use my notebook.

She was shivering but her arm was warm next to mine. She smelled nice, I noticed as well. Lilac? Something light and floral. I caught myself putting my arm around her. Was I actually trying to put a move on her? No, I told myself. Gwen wasn't that kind of girl. She pulled a little closer to me and I thought, maybe, she could become that kind of girl. Or maybe she's just into mitosis. Whatever the catalyst was, she was warm and smelled great and I found myself leaning in just a bit closer to see if it was her shampoo or her soap.

I don't know whether she moaned first or I kissed her neck first I just know that both happened. Several times.

"Peter." She whispered.

I worked my way around to her lips. "Do you want me to stop?" I breathed. "Say no."

"No." she replied softly and leaned back. We rolled off the cushion and I awkwardly got it back on the couch and out of our way one handed.

We kissed for a while. Her reserved exterior dissolved as a passionate interior emerged. I found myself being nearly overwhelmed. I decided I liked that. I decided I liked it a lot more when she started unbuttoning my shirt. I rolled over so that she was on top of me and began returning the favor.

"You don't have to do this." She said stopping suddenly. "You don't have to pretend you want to fool around."

"Who pretending?" I asked getting her shirt over her creamy white shoulders. She looked like one of those statues of Greek beauties sunbathing. I made short work of her bra and rolled her back over so that I didn't have to crane my neck to make a meal of her breasts. Ordinarily, I'm not a tit man. Don't get me wrong, I've never said no if they were offered to me, I just prefer the offerings downstairs. But Gwen held my face to her and groaned as I sucked them and I thought it would be rude to just move on under the circumstance. Her hips grinding against mine while she held me there added some incentive to stay put as well.

Finally, I was aching to taste her and I got my hands between us to start working on her jeans. It started a race to see who could get naked first. I didn't really care who won. I slid down a bit, opened her thighs and lifted her hips.

"Rubber." She gasped.

"Rubber?" my pre-occupied mind tried to connect the word to anything.

"Before we do it. A rubber." She looked a little pensive, a little earnest and a lot sexy. I suddenly realized that she wanted to skip the pleasantries and get straight to business.

"Rubber." I thought for a minute. I had used the one in my wallet and hadn't replaced it. There were plenty in the house. There was a supply in the bedroom and a second stockpile in the basement bondage playroom. If I had thought it wouldn't give her time to change her mind, I'd take her to one of them. I glanced around the room and spotted Alex's bag. "Yes!" I got up, grabbed it and dumped the contents on the floor — even if Alex was pissed about that, he wouldn't say anything.

Sure enough, there was a whole box of them. I fumbled it open and got back to her.

"Shouldn't you..." she started but I kissed her silent.

"Later." I got the damn thing on. They should come with easy open pull-tabs — they know guys are working with limited brain power when they do this. She held my cock and guided me in and I was thrilled for a moment. I pushed all the way in and lay there kissing her. "Oh my God." I whispered.

"You're so big!" She moaned.

I laughed. "Really?" I'm not even the biggest guy I've been with but I won't deny that it was great hearing her say it. She was, however, very tight so maybe for her, I was. I pulled back and slid in again. "Say it again." She moaned. Another stroke and she wrapped her legs around me.

Stay slow, I told myself. Just stay slow, keep it easy. She kept moaning in my ear, whispering how deep I was, how big I was, how good it felt. After a while, I had to kiss her again just to get her to stop saying it. It was driving me crazy and I was having a hard time staying slow and sensitive with her making me feel like a stud bull.

"Peter!" She arched her hips against me and squealed. "Oh God, I'm so close!"

"Yeah?" I panted. "This help?" I pulled back — not out just back — and rubbed my pelvic bone where I was hoping her clit was. She gasped something unintelligible and bit my shoulder as her body shook under mine. Her teeth hurt like hell but feeling her pussy cuming around my dick felt like damn near heaven.

We lay there for a while. Then I just decided that I wanted to wake the neighbors. I wasn't worried about waking Alex — he was likely watching us. But I wanted to make her cum again — loudly. I propped her ass on my thighs and held her legs open and drilled her like that until she began sliding across the floor. We changed position, doggie style with her on her knees and me behind her banging as hard and fast as I could. She did cum again and I stopped banging long enough to enjoy the feeling.

"My knees." She gasped. In truth, the carpet was pretty rough on mine too. We moved on to the couch. She sat in my lap and I sucked her tits and we bounced around until I was ready to stop playing and get off. Roughly someplace around fifteen minutes.

Then I pushed her over on the couch and fell on top of her and we kissed and fucked and finally, I came. She inhaled sharply and came again. I realized instantly that the condom must have slipped off because I could actually feel her this time. It would be a lie to say I was in anyway sorry about that. We lay on the couch for a while. Then I realized that she might not be in the most comfortable position.

I sat up and took her hand. "Come on."

She took it back. "I should, uh, I think I should go."

"You sure?" she grabbed the first article of clothing she saw and held it against herself. "You don't have to. We have a guest room. I promise I'll behave."

"No. Really. I have to be up early anyway." She wouldn't look at me.

I gave in. "Ok. Look, we've got a bathroom down here if you want to freshen up. Just down the hall. I'll be right back." I hurried up stairs to give her a minute to get there without stressing too much about being naked. I dressed in a rush and poked my head in Alex's door. "I'm takin' her home. Be back soon."

"Huh." He didn't look up from his book. "That much noise, I figured she'd be stayin' the night an' wakin' me in the morning."

"Funny guy, you know that?"

"I'm just sayin'."


Gwen was already dressed when I got back down stairs and waiting by the door. I grabbed my keys and took her back to campus. She pulled back when I tried to kiss her good night. She laughed lightly when I promised to call her.

I did call. I called Wednesday twice before lunch. And again at lunch. And again after work. I got her voice mail every time. I swung by her dorm as soon as I could just to make sure someone had seen her.

"She's, um, out." The girl at the desk told me. "But yeah, she was here today." I had the distinct feeling Gwen was hiding under the desk.

Thursday, she showed up for class as if nothing had happened. Her greeting was as friendly as always and if the smile hadn't slid off her face every time she looked away from me, I might actually have believed that she felt as casual about me as she pretended. I gave up trying to discuss anything but class after she said "Hey, you don't have to try to be more than my lab partner, ok? I'm not that lame — I know a booty call."

It must have been the first time in her life she'd said the word 'booty'. I smiled and laughed and I think she thought I agreed with her.

While our experiment was simmering over a Bunsen burner, I tore out a piece of notebook paper. I wrote the question 'do you like me?' and put check boxes next to 'yes', 'no' and 'maybe'. Then, I folded the paper into as many squares as I could and slid it to Gwen's side of the table. Then I got up and checked to see if our neighbor's had gotten the same boiling point that we had.

When I got back to the table, Gwen was adjusting the test tube and the burner. The note was re-folded and sitting on my notebook. I realized that there was no subtle way to play high school games so I just picked it up and opened it. I wondered if you ever outgrow the warm fuzzy feeling of seeing a large check mark in the 'yes' box. She had even pulled out her red pen to do it. I put a second set of check boxes down and added a second 'like' in uppercase above the first. Then I refolded the note, chucked it to Gwen's side of the table and tried to look casual. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched as she looked at the note and blushed — a good sign — then picked it up and grinned. She picked up her red pen again and turned to the table behind her to write her answer. I busied myself checking the volume of sediment at the bottom of the test tube. I tried not to notice when the folded note bounced off my leg and under another table. "John, Hey. Get that for me, huh?"

"Trash?" He asked getting ready to toss it.

"No!" I nearly dumped the test tube contents trying to get the note back and John raised an eyebrow but went back to his own work without asking.

Gwen looked away and blushed again as I handed the equipment to her and opened the note. The all-caps 'like' was underlined with a star next to it. A large red check mark was in the second 'yes' box. Two red boxes were added and arrows pointing to 'ditto question #1' and 'ditto question #2'. The paper was getting pretty cramped. I started to just ask aloud but decided to see how long she'd keep playing the game. I covered the paper so she couldn't see me put two large x's in the two new 'yes' boxes. Then around the edge of the paper, I wrote 'do I have to get a second sheet of paper or can I ask you out normally?' I put in 'yes' and 'no' boxes — but no 'maybe'.

I watched her read the note and pretend to think about her answer. Then she blocked the page with her arm and wrote another message. I smelled smoke and realized that we'd left the burner on and toasted our experiment. I turned it off and copied the answers for the last six assignments from John. By the time I turned around the note was back on my side of the table and Gwen was cleaning up.

The 'no' box was checked. A new message read, 'How about after class at the Mexican place on Fenton?' There was a 'yes' box only — no 'maybe', no 'no'. I put my extra large x in the box, put the note face up on her notebook and helped clear off the desk.

After that, our relationship just fell into place. It was as if we'd always been together and we'd always be together. She started coming to swim meets; I started attending jazz concerts with her. She came to the house for church on Sunday. When she moved in, I felt like I was finally getting my life in order.

And the sex. Sex with Gwen was like being on a storm in high seas — stunning and intense and beautiful yet frightening at the same time. After our first night, we got tested for everything and she by-passed the pill in favor of an IUD and we did nothing but hold hands and kiss until the results came back. I told her point blank that if she was already pregnant, I was marrying her on the spot. She didn't take me seriously. When the tests came back clean, we celebrated by spending an entire day in bed.

Her pussy was the tightest thing I'd ever felt short of her ass. Her mouth was similarly talented. We used all three on a regular basis. She'd let me eat her all night if I wanted, literally falling asleep and waking up with her pussy with in reach of my tongue for hours on end. We covered every inch of each other with lips, tongues, and fingers. No time of the month was off limits and no physical location was out of bounds.

She wasn't always in the mood, though. When she was, Gwen and I could fuck for hours. But when she wasn't, she didn't want to be touched period — no holding hand, no cuddling on the couch, no playing footise under the table even. All or nothing. For a touchy-feely guy like me, it was incredibly frustrating.

Before Gwen, my method of handling sexual frustration was to bang Alex. He was always willing and his need for a Dominant was satisfied by it. I had reconciled myself, I thought, to the fact that no woman was going to have my sex drive and I was going to need some kind of outlet. Alex had been it. Now, Alex was seeing Ame and I was seeing Gwen. And Gwen didn't swing. Period. I had broached the subject once and she made it abundantly clear that anything between one man and one woman was up for consideration but everything else was out of bounds. Almost a year into our relationship, I learned that not only would she not swing, but that she was severely homophobic.

"They're just gross." She said flinching. "The whole idea turns my stomach." We'd been discussing my younger brother Robert who, at 14, was facing the NiS program as an Out teenager. "I mean, this, hopefully will fix him. He's too young to know what he's saying; he..."

"He didn't come Out to my father 'cause he didn't know what he was sayin'." I interrupted. "He's gay. Really. It's not a big deal."

"It's sick and perverted. He's just trying to shock people. You shouldn't indulge him."

"My Aunt Hanna's married to a woman. Is that sick and perverted too?"

"Yes, and don't say 'married'. We'll be married. Homo's can't get married. They have commitments or whatever they call them." She tiled her head. "You don't think they're relationship is like ours, do you?"

"As a point of fact, I know it's exactly like ours." I lowered my voice. There was no need to shout at her. "Jen and Hanna are deeply in love. Trust me, when you meet them..."

"Oh, I'm not meeting them!" She looked indignant.

"Hell yes you are. They will be at the wedding and Robert's gonna be one of my groom's men."


"Ah, yes."

"No." She said and left the room.

I followed her, grabbed her arm and yanked her around to face me. "Nah-uh. You ain't walkin' out like that." I snarled. "You best be clear on this one. My family ain't perfect but they is my family an' you gonna treat 'em like family or you best pack up an' move now." Her eyes and mouth were round with shock. "I don't care if they black, white, gay, straight or panda, you best keep yo' damn opinion to yo'self. Are we clear?" I stared at her until she whispered a faint yes. Then I let her go and stalked out of the house.

It was the worse fight we'd ever had. I walked the mile and a half to the nearest Starbucks and got something dark, hot and sweet served by someone sweet, hot and dark. I could be bonin' that, I thought, instead of one of the world's biggest bigots.

Twenty minutes later, my phone rang. "Dude, what the fuck you say to Gwen?"

I bit back my first response. When Alex was my submissive, he wasn't allowed to swear or call me 'dude'. He's not my sub anymore. "Why?"

"'Cause she cryin' her eyes out. She says you want her to move out. I told her that's not true but..."

"Yeah, well if she can't get past Robert, then it is true."


"Yeah, she doesn't want him at the wedding because he's gay." Alex laughed. "She thinks it's sick."

"She has no fucking clue!" I let him get it out of his system. I'd likely be laughing at the absurdity if I didn't feel like my life was falling apart. Again. "Dude, chill. I'll talk to her."

"There's no point. Good luck." I hung up and sipped my coffee. The dark, hot girl walked past me picking up trash and wiping tables. She took extra care and moved slowly. If Gwen moves out, maybe I'll drink more coffee. She smiled; I smiled back. She spoke; I replied. She sat down and I sat up. We chatted until my phone rang again. Gwen. "My, uh, fiancée." I said a bit sheepishly. She left as I answered the call.

We argued some more but ultimately, she gave in. She agreed to at least keep her opinion on this topic to herself and I agreed not to flaunt these things in her face — stick to a don't ask, don't tell policy around the house.

I went home. She was waiting on the porch. I hugged her, kissed her and told myself that it would all work out.

And it did.

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